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    This forum is still one of the most active forums that I've visited on my time on the internet. Most of the older forums I was active on back in the early 2010's are just dead.
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    Um, Twilight. Don't ya think this is overkill for the Moon?
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    A new convenient icon to create status updates while on mobile? Yay development!
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    If there is anything positive to come of Tornado Watches and such, it is the relief you feel the following day when you don't have to monitor the weather forecast throughout the night for your own safety. Needless to say, staying up until 4AM assuring that you aren't subject to a tornado isn't quite my idea of a restful night.
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    Damn, so happy right now. I spent like 3 hours straight slamming out a final for a class and it's finally done!
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? This week is zipping by really quick! How pleasant. And we got Cherry Blossom Festivals starting to pop up around the area that deserve a weekend visit for sure. Oh, and I discovered Curry Tacos on Tuesday, this made for a good Tuesday
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    Good afternoon everypony! Just went to the dentist for a semi-regular checkup, everything is up to code thankfully. I bestowed a Frozen sticker upon myself for being such a good girl, which is pretty great, though I’m not allowed to eat for an hour for some reason, which is not as enjoyable, particularly with the surplus of confectionary treats currently residing in the fridge.
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    Good morning ponyville and all surrounding areas!! It’s looking like a absolutely beautiful day today In other news, today is the day I change the sump on the reef tank, it looks like it’s going to be a nearly all day process...worst case would be as I remember a brace to get more access to get the sump out..there is a chance it could collapse...I’m really hoping for it not....
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    Enjoy a Moon crater pic. The crater's really pop out with a green filter on the eyepiece! With that said, I must call it a night. Got off work late, and I'm too exhausted to look at Jupiter. Next time. Good night, everypony!
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  11. They saved enough of it that they will be able to rebuild. Donations will be accepted from everywhere apparently. https://twitter.com/phl43/status/1117907022417027075 The idea that rebuilding it anew wouldn't be the same doesn't hold much water to me. The only reason we think this is because it's us living in the now. It wouldn't be the same TO US. To our descendants, different story. Much of the art was saved, and new art can be made. What is a major tragedy for us now will be seen as an interesting part of the history of Notre Dame for our posterity a few hundred years down the road. Chin up lads.
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    Well, would you look at that I managed to get 7 Four Leaf Clovers in only a couple of mins
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    Thanks @Rikifive for this meme. I will put it to good use!
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    Sorry for all the status updates, but there is a way around the broken ones. Just edit it after you post it and boom!
  16. We brought IP.B back to the current version thanks to @DDR and his capable hooves. As with any upgrade there are features and elements of our themes that tend to break. We have noticed issues with Prefixes, Status Updates, navigation bar missing, and colors for usernames. Please advise if you notice anything besides those. Thank you.
  17. Who wants some more Fluttershy? I do! https://www.deviantart.com/dormin-kanna/art/Fluttershy-603691183 https://www.deviantart.com/rosycanvas/art/Futtershy-533570761
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    I love how smooth the forums seems now.
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    Good morning to all and to all a happy Tuesday! Oh, and you know what day it is don't you?
  21. Just want to hug her. Such purity and adorableness
  22. Uh, where did my stuff go?
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    If you edit your blank status update you can then post it so it is visible
  24. (Whispers softly) Sleep well, my love.
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  26. Please do not disturb young little Flutty
  27. Another daily dose of Flutters! https://www.deviantart.com/takua770/art/Fluttershy-216796453 https://www.deviantart.com/glancojusticar/art/FLUFFYSHY-254655260 https://www.deviantart.com/ctb-36/art/Even-her-laughter-is-graceful-255205652
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    These are really pretty in UV. Can anypony identify these? I am no expert on flowers.
  29. Oh, I don't know. Everyone seems pretty awesome! Though I would say I've had some pretty good interactions with @Phosphor, @Midnight Solace, @DivineLight1000, @lyrabetes3939, @Lucky Bolt, @TheTaZe, and @Califorum. Though those aren't the only ones!
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    That's my ADOWABLE Dashie!
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    So, kind of funny, or maybe just annoying story. My province back home is having an election today, and since I'm away from home at school, the only way I could vote was through a special mail in ballot. I requested one the day the election was called, but I didn't get my ballot in the mail till just barely a week before the election. I went to mail it back as early as I could, but I still had pay 44 bucks to get it back to the electoral office in time. Probably a bit much for a single vote, but I was already at the post office, so I just did it. Seriously though, be grateful if you can just vote on your way to work.
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    I am never positive , but I still have something to give that is positive, here: +
  33. Wonder if we'll ever know how she died?
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    My cat's life. Ask for wet food when human wakes up. eat go to box with kitten and sleep come out of the box and sleep ask for attention and wet food now and then and eat dry food in box out box in box out box in box ... ask and get wet food around 9 pm in box out box .... be petted and all that joy on humans chest when he goes to bed. Repeat.
  35. Well, napping is more of a Dashie thing, but she *does* look adorable sleeping
  36. This pony is very sleepy today. *yawns*
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    Well hello there! Let's start from the beginning.
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  39. I don't live in USA or any north country.
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    insert Ducktales NES music here 2019-04-16 15-26-14.mp4
  41. You guys are making me sleep with fluttershy every time I see fluttershy sleeping lol.
  42. Besides, it's not gone, but just not displayed at the moment. Everything still exists, it's just not shown in the (recent) activity.
  43. I majored in architecture in college. This is such a huge loss. It hurts me inside. One of my favorite stories one of my professors told went like this... "During the construction of Notre dame cathedral a carpenter was working on a relief on the roof. Another worker asked why he was adding so much detail, "no one from the ground will ever see this why does it matter." The carpenter replied that God sees. Its a testament to what a true work of art Notre dame was. Famous architect mies van der rohe famously said; "God is in the details." Notre dame connected people to God for over 700 years. Humanity truly has suffered a great loss today.
  44. Somewhat true but the value itself will still be lost, so the “ real thing” won’t be quite the same. Maybe with the new revision the new “ value” will be made in the next 80 years. But the value that made this building what it is for many years, is lost. Best not to delude ourselves to think yeah “ we can rebuild it again no big deal”. That’s great and all, but it’s like an artist who draw his first art and put a lot of value to it. Then was asks to make a copy... 50 copies later the value is no longer there. But I’m just grateful though that all is not lost.
  45. v4.4.2 had some issues with my sites...not sure which version you went up to here, but 4.4.1 broke a heck of a lot since they made so many updates to the core. However, my prefixes didn't break, although I'm sure you use different custom themes than I do. I'm sure y'all are fine but if you ever need a hand, I own two IPS sites myself.
  46. Sometimes, I don't think AJ gets enough appreciation. https://www.deviantart.com/whitediamondsltd/art/Hey-Sugarcube-404358831 https://www.deviantart.com/suplolnope/art/On-the-swing-443729669