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    Ya know, until very recently, I didn't know one could post videos on here. Here's Mars from last year during the height of the dust storm. You can definitely see the effects of atmospheric turbulence. I have LOTS of video i can post if yall enjoy those Mars_002406_x264_x264.mp4
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    There's a few thin clouds out and about, so I'll hang around here for a bit. Got up early this morning to look at Jupiter and my favorite planet: Saturn. The atmosphere was unbelievably calm this morning! Check out the short video clip from my camera. Also got to see the Summer Milky Way stretching across the sky, along with the 3rd Quarter Moon Jup_052814_x264_001.mp4
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    Delicious fried Zucchini sticks with Ranch yummy.
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this beautiful Sunday morning?
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    You what I just realized? MLP FiM is going to be 10 years old next year!
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    Princess Lulu a.k.a Moonbutt!
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  8. Just relax. No way is this legit. Read the following again, slowly.
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    *Looks at clock Good night, everypony!
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    Lol that face pinkie makes.
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    This has been a long, emotional day. All the right emotions for all the right reasons.
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    It's Fluttershy day! And I feel better today! And I'm about to hear an apostle of the Lord speak! Thanks for the support yesterday every pony! *hugs*
  13. Hugs @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Phosphor @PoisonClaw @Rikifive @TheTaZe @Lord Valtasar @Lord Midnight Madness @Arc Flash @Partialgeek514 @lyrabetes3939 @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage @Cash In @Mellow Mane @R.D.Dash @Dynamo Pad @Sondash Studios @PathfinderCS @Treeglow Flicker @Rising Dusk @Deae Rising Shine~ @Tropical Melody @BornAgainBrony @CosmicSpark @The Recherche and @Fluttertastic 16 Thank you all for always being awesome and friendly to me! You are all my best friends!
  14. For the benefit of anyone just finding this thread.... So... fight sexism by being a sexist. There's a wonderful idea.
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    I would LOVE if the series finale had Twilight Sparkle declining Princess Celestia's "offer" to take over as ruler of Equestria & instead, Twilight decides to go back to being Ponyville's librarian.
  16. I've said before that I have a soft spot for Twilight freaking out about things, and that's because I see so much of myself in her. The show has been double-dipping a bit much with that, but I think this is possibly the best version of it yet. The major difference for me is that everything reinforces her anxieties, that she's given all sorts of reasons to believe that, yes, not returning that book did cause problems. That's what perfectionism is to me: it works out so often that when something goes wrong, you can only assume the worst because you don't really know what will happen, and you start seeing proof of your failure everywhere. Like Twilight, I can still use reminders of that, and I often still find it hard to know how to keep my expectations in check. It was nice, too, to have so many balances on Twilight's perfectionism: the more reasonable concern about late fees was the kind of sitcom-y running gag which this show could do more of, and I really liked how Spike provided counterarguments to Twilight while still being sympathetic and understanding. Yes, this is returning to the well one too many times. But it's the kind of heavily expanded, somewhat more mature take on established characterization that this show is best at. Plus it's absolutely hilarious. I think this is one of the best episodes ever. If this season continues like this, it might be the best this show has ever been. Additional thoughts: Moondancer giving Twilight a gift confused me because I'm still not entirely sure why Moondancer thought they were particularly close. I kept thinking that it was silly to think a retired person would want to go back to work. I wonder if Twilight would ever want to retire, given that a lot of what she says in this episode is projection. Of course Twilight would take pride in having her picture in a library. Of course she would. "This place is-" "Terrible, I know. There's not a single bookshelf in sight!" - the single most Twilight Sparkle line ever? Compare Twilight Sparkle's enthusiasm about the job of a librarian compared to her displeasure with being named heir to the Equestrian throne. At this point I would really prefer if she rejected Celestia's offer outright; nobody ever seems to consider what she wants.
  17. Hi everyone ^^" This time, I want to share some doodles I've done last Friday with my Bic pen about Celestia, Applejack and Fluttershy. I really like drawing with my pen and testing with new and different styles I hope you'll like this doodles PS: I don't know why, but the images looks quite blurry I hope now they look okay
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    As the title pun suggests, this week I've been working pretty much exclusively on drawing hair detail in manes and tails. I've had. . . well, mostly failures. But I had one success. Sure it doesn't look fantastic, but considering how hard hair is and I've only just started with it, I'm really really happy with it. I think a few of you have seen this one already, but let's see it again anyway.
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Mine was super relaxing, full of video games and ponies as suggested. Speaking of ponies and new episodes... It was rather interesting with how much I've talk about it, after my relatively recent discovery and @Lord Valtasar's even more recent conversion, that the show would reference Naan bread! My status updates are being spied upon! Haha, JK. Have a Kirin!
  20. Slapstick victimized Spike quite a bit here. That said, they were really funny and not Spikeabuse. Why? The slapstick wasn’t written to punish Spike or mock him at his expense. Each time, it was coincidental, quick, and didn’t end up with him in pain. The episode not only sides with him throughout, but also proves him correct. Twilight was justifiably worried that her mistake got her fired, but Spike (representing the audience) acted as the voice of reason throughout. His reactions mirror the audience’s, and he stays by her to keep her conscience straight. He eventually realizes that Twilight wanted to rehire her in a minute part due to her guilt of losing her spotless record and later keeps her composed when she begins to fret over losing her Best Book Borrower title.
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    Omg I just realized today is Fluttershy day I cant believe I didn't remember sooner Happy Fluttershy day everypony. I wonder if there will be trivia today.
  22. Boops the snoots of the @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Rikifive @TheTaZe @Arc Flash @Lord Valtasar @Lord Midnight Madness @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage @R.D.Dash @Dynamo Pad @CosmicSpark @Cash In @PathfinderCS @Tropical Melody @Rising Dusk @Deae Rising Shine~ @BornAgainBrony @The Recherche @Sondash Studios @Treeglow Flicker and @Fluttertastic 16 You cannot escape the boops!
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    Good morning ponyville and surrounding areas Wow it’s been a crazy day yesterday...but got a ton of stuff done to the point, I actually don’t have anything left to do today Hope you all are doing well! Also, you all rock no matter what anyone else says
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    Wow, 1000 subs on my channel. That's something I never thought I would see.
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    Well, the Rooster is leaving for the day but will return tomorrow, take care all and stay safe. I love you all. <3 *hugs all of my friends*
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    Anyone wanna join me for an awesome party?
  29. Does this count as an undefeated/automatic win?
  30. Dusty didn't get fired - that was just a rumor that Folio had mistakenly believed. Dusty's record being tarnished allowed her the freedom to quit and get away from the library and try other things life had to offer. Very possible. I like the idea that Moondancer's self-imposed isolation may have led to several books being returned late, and that's why she got to know Folio. Maybe there was even some hurt feelings between the two of them because of all the late returns and Moondancer took the initiative and patched things up after Twilight and her friends fixed things back in S5?
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    Celestia: I'm totally awake right now.
  32. Two reasons that I can think of for that cutie mark: one is that candles can be made from beeswax, and candles are used to read and write at night. Also, historically, some early writing tablets were made from beeswax, so the substance was critical for early writing. I’d also say parchment wax, but another wax was typically used for that.
  33. Here is my last minute entry. This creature has the first-half of a pony and the second-half of a griffon, plus a dragon's tail. (Yeah I know, it's terrible and I suck at drawing )
  34. Ok. If you're going to troll, you really need to do better than this. I mean, this is just uncreative. No work was done here. You have the "shocking" title to bait people in, but the follow through is just vanilla and unimpressive. I've seen it all before.
  35. Yep... time to get Celestia to bring out the ban cannon. This literally just turned into a thread about genocide.
  36. The OP did not get the memo. Biological womxn can be physically male too. I have reported your heresy to our intersectional overlords and let me tell you: they are literally shaking right now.
  37. Segregation is not politically correct. People who think like is are exactly the reason less and less people who believe in equality are still willing to identify themselves as feminists.
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    I have to say, you're making progress really quickly! Keep it up!
  39. Yellow pony enjoys wonderful weather ...and is gardening.
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    Happy birthday Flutterstep! *gives you cake and noms your tail while you're distracted*
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    I recall many detractors of ABU complain of Trixie’s haughtiness. Trixie has reason for this. Until now, she never achieved even simple magic beyond illusions. Whereas SG, Twi, and even Rarity can, Trixie can’t. So imagine yourself as a unicorn, and you transform any object for the first time. How would YOU feel? For her to succeed, much less teleport the castle map, is a HUGE feat, and one to feel proud of.
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    Maybe so, but I know I can do better. I simply must! :3
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    I’m not really feeling very tired, but with school once again approaching (bleh), a rational sleep schedule is an absolute must. Besides, I’m about ready to shake this accursed sickness once and for all. Goodnight everypony! Sleep well and sweet dreams!
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    Hmm, today's been a slow day. Everybody doing their business as always. Not much I can do today. Still is there anyone out there I could talk with today? Sure do hope so but I wish there's somewhere we can do it. With some good music, nice scenery and etc. Well a friend of mine suggested to play a game called Pony Town. Has anyone heard of it before? Maybe I've been under a rock for too long ^ ~^" yeah, you can create your own OC here. (It doesn't have to be a pony tho, there's a lot of option but you gotta make it yourself ^^") P.S : If you do play it, just give me holler. There's a lot of things I don't know about it. Maybe have a chat or two? > w<
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    Yay! Got my linear algebra homework done for the week! Only 12 more weeks of it to go!
  48. Any form of gay relationship. Obviously I would love for this to happen in a proper way and it would be wonderful to see, but it simply will not happen. Never thought it would happen and it never will now. You know what else will never happen? Best pone returning. Who would that be? Friggin STAR TRACKER. I want to see him one more time at least.