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    New signature and profile banner!
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    I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did and a great Mother's Day as well. Here's to a great start to the new week too. Goodnight everypony! (while it's still Mother's Day for a little longer, let's not forget Equestria's most important mother)
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    Whenever I see Luna, I just feel so safe and warm inside!
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    Night. *leaves the room*
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Check Moonday off the list and we've had five days of absolutely beautiful weather in a row. Now, to tackle the mountain that is Tuesday.
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this terrible Monday morning?
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    It’s B-day!! oh boy... Praying for a easy and safe delivery
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    Now it’s 20% cooler Thank you Amazon Alora is either going to love it..or hate it..lol
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    Who needs a starry night when I have Luna.
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    Can’t believe I’ve Known some of you for almost 2 years I miss this place honestly.
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    One trick amateur astronomers can do to minimize atmospheric turbulence is to record in Near IR light. Longer wavelengths are less affected by our atmosphere, but there is a small resolution penalty. On really turbulent nights like tonight, I would just stay in and play video games or something. Anyway, here's a couple video clips of the Moon I recorded this evening. Much less turbulence should be seen in the 2nd video clip. Enjoy! 1st video: Visible spectrum 2nd video: Near IR 3rd: Near IR Moon_192649_Vis.mp4 Moon_193454_NIR.mp4 Moon_194223_NIR Scan.mp4
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    Greetings, mine friends! Shortly hither and... I have a question for you already *giggles* Do any of you have problems resizing images withing your reply boxes, or... I'm again lucky with mine browser update, etcetera? *hugs everypony*
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    I have to redo all of this because the project file I spent two hours on decided to corrupt itself. Have a listen anyways, I guess.
  16. When aren't you disappointed? Why are you still watching the show? Every season you're constantly doommongering, saying your getting ready to quit the show, yet you're still here This isn't a fucking anime. None of these episodes are filler, 90% of the entire damn show are simple, slice of life episode
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    Celestia: I'm blocking the sun? I am the sun, silly.
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    Just got done seeing detective pikachu with my mom and we both thought it was great. Now we’re gonna go home and relax. Anyway how are you guys doing?
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    Ah, the Royal Pillow of Celestia!
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    Of course Celestia has to hog the PS4!
  21. I'm kind of disappointed by S9 so far. I was hoping for episodes that would tie up the loose ends, being the last season of the show and all. Instead, we're getting the same slice-of-life episodes we've been getting in previous seasons.
  22. What loose ends are there to address? To the best of my memory, Spike's parents have never come up as a topic of scrutiny. His character isn't at all defined by his parents' status. MLP's arcs are usually contained to a single season. Overarching closure is less an issue here than in, say, Endgame or Steven Universe. Seasons 1-3 culminating with Twilight becoming a princess was about a close as we came to narrative bookends.
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    My wee little chihuahua is a hunter warrior! She nabbed 3 varmints out in the garden today. :3
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    The after-party has begun! Grab the glow sticks @Mirage! We’re hitting the decks.
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    Happy Apple Pie Day, Everyone! Wait... Much better.
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    Good morning! (or afternoon) whatever.
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    Winona must *love* trees. In her profile, it says one of her interests is "bark".
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    I have officially graduated with my BS in Geography from WIU. hallelujah!
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    Anyone still up? Goodnight if you are . Only one I could find of Luna. So, um...
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    My love for Celestia burns brighter than the sun!
  32. How are the slice of life episodes "Filler"? The show has always been primarily slice of life, they aren't really filler. Just gonna point out, that's basically what Yona asked for. Rarity originally wanted to make her stand out but Yona requested help with "Fitting in" so that's what they did. It's not like they tried to push anything on her she didn't specifically want.
  33. What is exactly wrong with slice of life episodes? To be heavily honest with you, the only dissappointing episode this season for me was the previous one. I felt that they just forced a ship onto Yona and Sandbar and just went with it. The ponies were trying to make her more pony-like even though she is a... yak.
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    Greetings to you all Sorry for MIA again...just got back home after a long weekend.. Feels good to be home Hope you all are doing well!!
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    Celestia: Did she now?
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    Good afternoon noon everypony how everypony doing on this very hot Monday afternoon?
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  38. *boops le snoots of @Dusklicious, @Nature Tune, @CinnamonPop, @Phosphor, @Totally Nyx, @Mirage, @TheRockARooster, @Treeglow Flicker and @Renegade the Unicorn*
  39. What can be hotter than the Sun?
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    With the Stanley Cup playoffs underway and almost decided, I always think about my favorite Russian, Vladimir Konstantinov (Владимир Николаевич Константинов). Even as a little kid, watching him was the most impressive and inspiring show of bravery and strength I've ever seen in sports. Vlad will always have a special place in the hearts of Detroiters and Red Wing fans. He, among other great Russian players helped to win the Stanley Cup for Detroit in 1997, their first since 1955. I don't remember the Cold War, but now I realize how incredible it was that these Russian players were here in the States, sacrificing through an absolutely grueling sport to win a Championship with North American players - as brothers. In the video below, you'll see a snapshot of his career, and a horrible tragedy that beset him, shocking all the Hockey World. He still bounced back, from impossible odds, and held the Cup again with his teammates in 1998. The clip with him in his wheelchair being cheered on by Sergie Federov always hits me hard. I don't know how things such as world peace and love among all men can be achieved, but what do know is that it is possible...and the Russian 5 was just another Miracle on Ice for many of us to witness.
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    I can't believe videos like this need to be made in this day and age. It's incredibly sad that people are willing to say they know better than doctors and medical scientists.
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    Pinkie pie is happy are you happy to?
  43. She's indeed the textbook definition of angelic.
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    My mother enjoys birds. I got her this. It plays a little tune
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