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    Hope you all are doing well! Sorry I haven't been on much..just been too tired..or too busy trying to play catch up with everything...
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    Oh the sound of rain...wait..that’s not rain..it’s a monsoon Today is a day I’m staying inside
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    Here's the Chrysalis plushie I'm getting next week! I'm so excited!
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    Twilight, Jupiter's opposition is tomorrow night. I suppose I can show you how an atmospheric dispersion corrector works. Jupiter is the perfect planet to use it on.
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    thanks to the thoughtfulness of my significant other, I now have the full version of Final Fantasy Online with all the expansions! thank you @Psychie dearest We ended up dungeoning it up with a couple of close friends for a few hours before heading to bed I was also able to get my guitar all cleaned up and ready to sell- she's shining like a true collectors piece now! I'm Just here at work now, punching away a computer keyboard, summarizing emails How're you my lovely pones? <3
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this terrible Monday morning.
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    As @Rising Dusk says: The Lavender Overlord!
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    3 years on MLP FORUMS! Written in font with size set to 33! NOW IN PINK! Kinda forgot about it in the end, but about 1.5 days ago it was my third anniversary of being here on the forums! 3 years... and I think I've been online every single day, as I don't recall ever taking a day off! Maybe there was that one time, that I don't remember..., but for the most part I was always watching! Most likely I will have something to announce, but it has to wait for some time. For now though, let's end it with YAY Thank you everyone for being here, these three years were AWESOME! Also sorry for not reacting, nor commenting to your status updates and stuff. It's not that I don't care, it's... something else.
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    Probably most prized possession is my lifesize RD plush. I just love cuddling with her.
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    Ah finally I get to drink some water today. Machine still not fixed but my mom just came home and brought lots of bottles of water.
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    The smile that brightens up every day!
  16. @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @TheTaZe @Lord Valtasar @Lord Midnight Madness @Treeglow Flicker @AJ2489 @Nightmare Mirage @Lucky Bolt @Rising Dusk @BornAgainBrony @R.D.Dash @Bakugou Is My Man <3 @Randimaxis @PathfinderCS @Odyssey @Kyoshi @Cash In @CosmicSpark @CypherHoof @FalconBrony @Sweet Scoop @Berry-Bliss-Sundae @Valencia @Arc Flash @Deae Rising Shine~ @CloudMistDragon @The Recherche @Mellow Mane @Partialgeek514 @lyrabetes3939 @Azul Maya @Twilight and Starlight @Dynamo Pad @Denim&Venom @EpicEnergy @Dark Horse @TheRockARooster @Sondash Studios
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    Goodnight all. Take care and see you next time.
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    They're all just too beautiful! My heart can't take it!
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    So graceful. So elegant. So... Divine.
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    I just realized I haven't been on here much recently. I guess I've been preoccupied with other things, like overthinking dating.
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    Come here you awesome pony!
  22. If some have noticed a massive delay in projects and replies, I personally apologize. I didn't want to make an announcement about this, however there have been recent complaints internally and externally that things are not getting done in enough time. I'll briefly explain my end of this equation. My youngest daughter recently graduated, and is starting college soon. Around this time I initiated a treatment plan for a malignant grade II diffuse-astrocytoma. Basically ... glioma based brain cancer. As of today I finished a full round of chemo and also 10 bloody sessions of directed radiotherapy. I played it down to staff, but I felt like garbage, and the effect was rather significant physically, emotionally, and has even impacted my ability to pay for a trip for a friend. I tried to do what I could here and could only work for very short periods. That led to some things I took ownership of going to pot. I owe you all an apology if I ignored anyone, or let anyone down. While I will be waiting a few weeks for the final results on the treatment (and whether I need to undergo surgery), I will be working my ass off to catch up and get the projects back on track. I do not feel sorry for my situation, it's no big deal. It's just another hurdle. I gots my jumping boots on. There are some things that I may struggle with at times, but taking days off at a time is something I that I am done doing. Breaks over. Jeric is back, and anything I didn't do I take full responsibility .... broken brain or not. Let's get things done! Office Hours are open And yes I have seen the recent episode. I know what you are thinking. Shush.
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  26. I love all animals! Horses are gorgeous creatures and I always wanted one as a child. I also rode professionally for five years.
  27. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are my favorite! A lot people don’t like them, but they’re the bomb when it comes to cookies!
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    Why isn't Muffins named "Bubbles"? She has a "bubbles" Cutie Mark.
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  30. I am now 28 and still enjoy the series. I have watched the movie and I greatly loved it.
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    Ayy!!! Shoutout to mah boi Scott McLaughin. ^^ It's my favourite drivers birthday today. I hope you defend your championship crown and you win this years championship
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    Eating cinnamon toast crunch w/chocolate chips like the grownup I am
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    On a night like this, I'm afraid the only option is to pack up the telescope and bring it inside. Not even low magnification can make this look better. The atmosphere is stirred up tonight. Next time, Twilight. Jupiter_6-9-2019.mp4
  34. I love horses! I've never raised any before, but I hope to get a couple when I buy some more land. I simply loved feeding them from my hand when I was a kid.
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    after years of waiting, Starlight Glimmer becomes a siren
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    Shoto Todoroki ... My icy hot❤️
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    Happy Father's Day everyone. Go spend time or wish your dad a great one.
  38. Watched this when it was released early. This was the opposite of what I expected out of Starlight’s episode. Given one of the synopses released sometime ago, one could guess that it’d be a low-stakes episode, or a possible repeat of a Every Little Thing. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Starlight’s schedule just before Spring Break was so hectic that she not only got many ponies lined up, but Silverstream came over several times for very small problems related to an unnamed project. SS’s appearances and the schedule got so bad that Starlight couldn’t help Trixie gather the right objects for Maud and Mud’s spring equinox party the next morning (with Sunburst invited, too) and Trixie had to do it all by herself. Additionally, Twilight, Spike, and the other teachers are out for the break, so Starlight is running it herself. Her hectic schedule’s stressing her out and Trixie out. At the end, when a Silverstream asked for help one more time, Starlight turned her away and took off her alarm bracelet until the Break ends. During the equinox party, Terramar alerted Starlight that Silverstream was never on the train, and they went to search for her, leading to the Everfree Forest, flying away from a flock of cockatrices, trying to escape from them (with a petrified Mud in tow), and eventually finding Silverstream in the treehouse with a cockatrice she befriended and helped her with the project. Because Silverstream vanished, Starlight blamed herself for the whole thing. By turning her away, she took all the blame and felt incredibly guilty, even after they realized SS was safe and sound. Starlight’s schedule put a big strain on her and Trixie, and the episode spends a good load of time to show its progression and impact, ending with Trixie waiting crossly for her in her office. Trixie was also quite funny, and her anger was understandable. By being so distracted by her job, Trixie had to do it all herself, including getting the cake recipe, and then spend all night with Starlight baking it. She wasn’t having it with any nitpicks or “corrections” from anyone, especially Mudbriar. The lesson has some similarities with Zeppelin, but they’re not the same. In Zeppelin, it’s about how it’s not selfish to have time with yourself. Here, it’s about not getting bogged down with a very stressful job to spend quality time with others. It’s a really good lesson. There are two problems. When Starlight and the others made it inside the open ruins of the sisters’ castle, they assumed the cockatrices won’t fly in and only surround. One big problem. Cockatrices can fly high, and they got too close to a flock of migrating ones by watching them from a cliff above. What if the provoked cockatrices decide to fly over the walls or through the old windows? They were just as vulnerable inside the ruins as out, yet the episode lowers the stakes a bit here and assumes they’re safe. It was really dumb of everyone to gather and breathe there. At the very end, Silverstream admits to Starlight that her advice didn't amount to anything in the long run. First off, the joke wasn't funny. Secondly, it all but made Starlight's stress over doing her job pointless and marginalizes the moral. Had Trixie not interrupt, Starlight would've completely lost her temper and given her the riot act. That said, it’s really good, and given the fact that Starlight’s takeover of the school may be inevitable, she really needed this episode. Good work, Haber!
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    Here is Star Spirits' Request from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Good afternoon everyone and how are you all doing?
  41. Hmm... I like Sugar Cookies, Cookies with Macadamia nuts in them, Chocolate Chip cookies, and even Oatmeal cookies! There are probably some more that I don't know right now exactly.
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    Hate how I really don't have time for myself anymore these days.
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    Just sitting on my bed with my tiny kitty... ...who’s so curious how a face works, that she’s shoving her little cat snoot as far into my nostril as she can.
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    Good night everyone have a good rest of your day.
  45. I really like apple pie.... but also ice cream cake..... Might have to go with cake on this one just cuz i love icecream cake too much
  46. I've got to go with cake on this one. I don't think a pie could match the decadence of a particularly chocolatey cake.