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    How can you say no to that face?
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    Oh, my Queen! My beautiful Queen!
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    Good evening all. ❤️ How are you?
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    She’s stepping into our world!
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    Good afternoon everypony how is everypony on this very hot Monday afternoon?
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    Trixie is pumped because, it's almost time for another "Trixiependence Day" celebration!
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    She's coming at you like a tidal wave!
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    Can you feel the sunshine? Does she brighten up your day?
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    Goodnight all. I’m gonna be going to an appointment tomorrow and won’t be on long. Well, take care and much love.
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    I used to brows 4chan occasionally and looked into the fandom now and then to check in on it. I want to be part of the fandom a bit more and not just enjoy the show. I have a big list of youtubers to watch, a few brony songs but I want to expand my knowledge. Ive read Rainbow Factory and a bit of another thing about some black liquid destroying the planet too. I'd like some more stuff to endulge in and some Brony friends to share the expierence with.
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    I don't care if Sunset Shimmer goes back to Equestria or not, I just want to see her graduate from CHS.
  16. This is me at the Suplex Pro Wrestling show with a giant of a wrestler, Giant Kyote.
  17. I mean we pretty much had Gen 3.5 Cheerilee by design: She's even a librarian, so she'll read you a story too
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    A couple of updates with my overall episode list. Sometime ago, I upgraded my placement for Between Dark & Dawn, from #25 to 23. Rainbow Roadtrip added and given a B grade, snugly placed at #80.
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    In case you're wondering what i'm up to, i'm making some pretty big changes. The avatar/name will remain at its current state (please hold me to this.) And the blog will be getting changed as well. Instead of like a public display of my (sometimes negative feelings), the blog will be instead focusing 100% on the things that bring me joy in life (and hopefully you!) SADLy, i cant gurantee when the first blog entry will be released, but i'm hoping for a july post. Not changing the bio because i'm lazy. I'm really looking forward to these changes.
  20. Happy Canada Day... To Celebrate my Countries Birthday. I Illustrated my Character Blossom, ( From my First Novel In the Series " Blossom and The Dragon '' ) Holding My Home countries Flag. I was Born in the Province Newfoundland. So was my Spouse and first Child. Moved to Alberta there we had of 5 children. Then we finally Moved to Ontario. mortgaged a home in the country to settle down. Sure we traveled and seen much of Canada. Ocean Ferry Boat Ride Made me sea Sick however Still Fun. However Canada is and Will Always be my home. Hugs Everyone. Laurie Ann Garland.
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    A simple animation of Jupiter's rotation I made last night. The air was fairly calm, but transparency was poor. That's typical for this time of year. Hope ya enjoy! Between the dwindling free time and need to sleep, I haven't been active much. Striking that balance between sleep and my hobby in astronomy has been difficult. The last several weeks were cloudy/rainy, so I was able to get plenty of rest. Jupiter_6-30-2019.mp4
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    Just sit back and chill and relax and be awesome.
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  24. For anyone wondering, here's Speedy. She's incomplete, but looks wise she's basically a much smaller and younger version of Lektra Right now Speed is her assistant and works at Ponyville market taking orders for the company. She specializes in speed running and teleportation Speed also talks very very fast. This is signified by how all her words in text are combined together. Unless you know her, you will have a hard time understanding her. She also has a hard time just slowing down her speaking, only doing this if she really has to
  25. I would love to see SoarinDash become a thing! Speaking of SoarinDash...
  26. Not from Canada but...Happy Canada day
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    Ya know what could be a thang for Halloween...DIY Dark Web packages. It's a thing now, but more for the occasion.
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    Good morning all. I'm gonna be on and off, this morning. Hope you're all well.
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    Man, this is certainly gonna be an interesting weekend O.O I've got the DTM and the V8 Supercars as well as the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. I've got SO much to watch!!!
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    oh hello there and good morning and how is everyone doing? I am doing okay.
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    It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty busy the past two weeks. I hope everyone’s doing good and wondering what everyone’s plans are for the forth.
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    Haven't been on here in a while. How many of my followers are still my friends? :p
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    I know what ruue's legacy will be. She has used a friend's gift as a token of friendship to another. Then used that token to pass to a new friend. Kaede' s mithril pen was gifted to the elder water elemental who gave her a pearl. Then used said pearl to trade for the orb thus making friends with the azatas which in turned lead her to meet the Herald of a good god, which lead to the dragons now. Down the line they will all recall a time they met a small frog who met them and gave them a gift just because she was nice.
  35. I wasn't around here when the website featured a friend system, but it sounds like a system which has a lot more meaning to it. In that regard, I wouldn't mind seeing it make a return, as it makes a lot more sense, given the show this forum is a medium for.
  36. Happy Weekend Mine Friends! Have A Boop! @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARooster And For Team Moon @BornAgainBrony @Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmareLuna1996
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    Happy Canada Day, everypony! I decided to try this name on for today to celebrate where my IRL parents were both born and raised
  38. @Emerald<3 Hey and I’m sorry if I can’t reapond right away. I’m about to head back to work. I’ll be able to respond on my next break at 2:00 pm est. see you guys later
  39. I doubt anyone will be an Alicorn, except maybe as a temporary transformation. It's really hard to tell and we're most likely going to branch a lot from how the show ends since we started in the mid season
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    The whole day where I'm at: Sunny. Rain. Sunny. Rain. Sunny. Rain.
  41. Good point, but that wouldn't be a problem - there was an optional setting to approve friend requests manually rather than automatically, so no one could add you if you didn't want them to.
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