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    Sorry for the lack of me being on here the last few days. Been extremely busy with work this week.
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    Good morning peeps! I liiiive! Uuuurgh! *Frankenzotl shambles off*
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    Just witnessed a minor car accident literally right in front of me in a Walmart parking lot. Anyways.....I picked up the rest of what I need to finish Matt's paint job. I'm starting to think he doesn't like the pink though, he's been playing transmission games with me lately.
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    Good afternoon everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    *Leaves for work early to beat the rush hour traffic* *Gets caught in traffic of people trying to beat rush hour traffic*
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    Goodnight all. ^^ Take care and behave yourselves.
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    He he. I also watched the official trailer to Pony LIfe. Not sure what to think about it. Art style is cute, but it definitely has that Teen Titans Go vibe. My lil sister is obsessed with that show, so she'll probably like this one too.
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    I just realized how much like a dog I am, I’m always down for an adventure. β€œLet’s go for a drive!” are my favorite words to hear
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    OH forgot to mention, this was on pc!!! Also posted again because much higher resolution! I'll forever be a halo fanboy! With that being said going to play some counterstrike since it went ftp
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    Two days until my next Spartan Race. This one will be outdoors and involve water and mud... nervous about the cold and being able to do so many burpees when I fail obstacles..
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    Got some Math stuff done today, gonna work on my papers tomorrow. Goodnight, all!
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    If you feel like you’re having a bad day, just remember Theodore Roosevelt had to watch his mother die, then watched his wife die a few hours later.
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    Going to bed. Good night, and may Princess Luna watch over your dreams.
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    They are like cats Really cute Rarity.
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    When you get bored at work so you make a counterfeit $100 bill. I know, I know. It’s realistic. Not everyone can be this talented.
  18. I've heard about this, and it basically KILLS a LOT of content creators channels. Like almost EVERY channel that creates Pokemon content would be totally killed off if the COPPA were allowed this. Most channels covering Nintendo-centric content would be done. I mean the list goes on, but the point is, this harms a LOT more people than it could POSSIBLY "protect." Not even to mention I think COPPA forgot that freedom of speech is a thing that EXISTS. And it's even in our BILL OF RIGHTS. Stated QUITE EXPLICITLY. I'm glad I don't have to watch this video to know what they will do, or my laptop may not work right now thanks indirectly to these dip$#!+s.
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    Good morning, everypony! Turns out that rest was just what I needed, and I feel a lot better!
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    Good morning everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
  21. I have a really general Australian accent like it's not too regional but not too posh either. I really like English accents
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    Man, I’ve been here for a long time. I need a cane.
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    Hello everypony. Today was the best in my school life. Or any student's school life. Today, the final test results were given out and I scored straight As. Well, all I wanted to say is: thank you everyone on the forums for giving me the best time for-five-ever in this lovely community. I know without you guys, I'd probably never score this great. You guys matter just as much as my teachers, friends and family who had taught me throughout my years of studying. (Well, I didn't actually study much,) so I'd like to dedicate this win to everyone I know in this great life of mine. Again, thanks so much for the fun time here! Spending time on the forums really lets me forget all the bad stuff that had took place in my studies.
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    A user on Twitter is animating OCs for free, so I'm using Conch Shell. I said I would voice her as well, but am still trying to figure out what she would even sound like. She's very calm, but isn't as quiet as Fluttershy.
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    Goodnight everyone and have a great rest of your day.
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    As most of you know by now, I've not been active due to other interests and other communities I'm in taking precedence. I just wanted to let you know that I try my best to check in when I can but don't expect to be everyday all day like it used to be.
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  28. Actually, I never have. I just talk to myself a lot... Although I do have a totally different kind of imaginary "friend" that I wish was real May, umm, spice things up a bit.
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? That's right, this unicorn is back to the usual schedule. Not in the most graceful of manners sadly, as in management's infinite great wisdom, after a hard worked shift we get the "Good job! Go get a couple of hours of sleep and be back on days." Because flipping one's sleep patterns in less than 12 hours is totally healthy. Distractions... distractions... Oh look, Autumn Blaze!
  30. Banned because a TV *can* be a portal - which is worrying if there is a well and a creepy girl....
  31. you have an Aussie accent, I cant tell difference (being half the world away), I pretty much just expected that voice but like half an octave deeper
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    Just looking through some of my old art... man I'm still really proud of this one... I really need to start up my Daring Do 100 Themes Challenge again one day.
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    The next time a band announces their farewell tour...
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    People in my YouTube comments can be weird...
  35. Yeah... It happened after I slammed into a mountain while I was trying to get away from- Hiya, Dashie! Gotta go! *Zooms off*
  36. Pretty much is the solution @RaraLover. If you don't do this the software will embed videos and pictures again if they are still in the attachment but not in the post.