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    I'm taking this weekend off from school. I passed my exam today, and I have an essay due next week, but I wont start working on it until Monday. This pony needs a break.
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    Hope everyone has a good start to the weekend~! Just one more to go after this before Christmas. I'm off to my workplace Christmas party this evening. Nothing too crazy planned, but looking forward to dinner nevertheless. It is up in the mountains, though... better remember to wrap up.
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    Pretty late to posting this (as in like, a day) but @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ drew this headshot of Fable for me and she couldn't look more gorgeous.
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  5. Welcome To The Weekend Friends! Have A Boop! @Blivy, @Samurai Equine, @Batoloratura, @Dynamo Pad, @Ninetales, @FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARooster And For Team Moon @BornAgainBrony @Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmareLuna1996
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    Hello everypony, and once again, many congratulations for surviving another week! It's been a long week in general (Survivor fans know), and I'm so ready to finally wrap this school term up. Driving up to Chester after college to pick up my sister from university, which should be a...long trip to say the least. Oh well, there are no rest for the weary, I suppose. Anyhow, enough about me. Enjoy your weekend everypony!
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    *tries to resist... but can't* Happy Friday everypony!
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    My friends are the most important thing to me! I love you all and I am so happy that I can talk with awesome friends like you all! Friendship truly is Magic!
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    Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.
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    Time to play Super Mario 3D World! Anyone remember this game?
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    Just watched MLP S1Ep01&02 Feeling weird, yet joyful at the same time now Getting back to the good old days, watching MLP in the middle of the night
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    Do you guys know mimics? The fantasy creature that transforms into objects to lure in prey? I really like them, and I REALLY like the idea of tiny mimics. You're walking through a dungeon, you see a sparkle on the floor. It's a ruby! You walk over and pick it up... CHOMP! The jewel has sprouted teeth and has bitten you on the finger! XDD
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    *Watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas”* *Thinking* “If you don’t respect Charlie Brown’s authority/position, why in the world would you ask him to direct the Christmas play in the first place?”.
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    I need a good way to get rid of writer’s block and a way to get my motivation back. I have been on hiatus from writing fan fictions and my followers are sad
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    I found another amazing view when I was playing Destiny 2! I took it on Earth after I completed a mission. I'm not entirely sure what the large and broken object is though, but it still looks cool.
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    I can relate to this song waaay too much considering how I tend to, literally, drive away from my problems. I admit....my truck is the only one who has heard me cry.
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    It comes... ... ... The pizza, I mean.
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    So much cuteness in this picture.
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    Oooh, good day for clothes shopping. Buy one, get one 75% off. And I still have a $20 off coupon for my birthday. X3
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    Good morning everyone! its a good morning to wake up to some coco
  25. I literally do not care about Xbox anymore. It looks horrible. They're just making the same mistakes by not using their first parties and putting all their games on PC. The ps5 will probably kick it's ass again.
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    Let's go and have fun today, everypony!
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    Yes! Rainbow can run in that dress. I counted five Trixies
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    If you ever feel like a failure, just remember The Game Awards decided to end their show with a shitty Fast And Furious game, despite debuting the new Xbox on the same show
  30. I was messing around with my Black Friday Week camera and took a picture of the moon. There was a little bit of a process but it turned out pretty good!
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    Time for this sleepy pony to head off to bed, but not before dropping in this jewel. (I know I post it a lot, but it's worth every time ) Goodnight everypony!
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    Wow I have quite literally never been on here since this morning. Finals has me Cooked.
  33. https://derpibooru.org/483964?q=megaman
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    Brexit is back on the menu lads.
  35. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/483957-you-are-already-dead-omae-wa-mou-shindeiru
  36. Starswirl is incredibly impressive...for his time. Keep in mind, the guy has been trapped in Limbo for what, over a thousand years? It's only natural that in all that time, magic would progress and knowledge would grow. Starswirl wasn't exactly studying, or learning, or practicing while he was gone for all that time, he was just in stasis doing nothing. In terms of raw power though, I'd point out that when Twilight and the Pony of Shadows initially had that little magic struggle, the Pony of Shadows commented "This one is almost as strong as you, Starswirl" implying that even as a unicorn, Starswirl is still more powerful than Twilight. So, that's the deal. The whole world has had over a thousand years to move on and improve their magical skill and knowledge, while Starswirl was just floating in Limbo, staying exactly the same. It's only natural that when put in the more modern setting, he's not going to be quite as impressive as he once was, though he's clearly still quite the skilled unicorn if he still has more raw power than Twi.
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    I knew that Vinyl played with herself...
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    Another update on my package: It's in Pennsylvania now... still waiting for it to come back to Cali. Delivery date was supposed to be yesterday. Life's great! /s
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    This place seems dead today. (Checks my calendar) Oh, it’s Friday the 13th
  40. I made this! Well didn't actually make the case, I assembled it, it's a kit ... . .
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    Hello everyone! I just got off work and I am so happy I was able to leave, today’s shift was rough!!! Can’t wait to go home and do nothing.
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    That was a pretty shitty Game Awards, despite a good GotY choice
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    Event horizon of black hole Cygnus X-1a.
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    Have a cute Twilight, my friend.
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    My buddy is out of the hospital.
  48. Human Fluttershy through the years.