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    Just got home from work. Even though my shift was only four hours long, it felt like forever!!!
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    Happy Huggo de Buggo day everypony! I bet you thought I was gone right? Well that ain't happening anytime soon. Hopefully I will be more active soon.
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    It's nice to see so many active new users on here. Really keeps this place going strong Alright pones. My long holiday break is coming to an end and this week's work schedule is set for full throttle. See ya next time!
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    Randi has been busy on the moon after his banishment
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    I just huggo'd a buggo & they gave me a flower.
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    Considering to stay inactive for most of today, still not feeling too great but.. have a deerie on the beach
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    I need a hair dryer!
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    The only thing I need in life to make me happy are Mlp plushes. Now I just have to wait for my Luna plush to come in!!!
  9. Hello! And i hope you all had an amazing Holiday. The new year has brought in quite the movement for us all. The movement into the 20s! (you know 2020!) If anything i wanted to introduce myself as so many others had before onto this board and give a blurb about what i do and so forth. Maybe make contact with new people. Maybe figure out some more crazy fun. Who really knows~ So where to begin.. Well im a writer of sorts, a game master and a player in my current sorta of twisted universal based game rp that is going on. Mostly done with just me and my friends. It may sound odd but i say this only because we are currently in a alternate reality of Equestria girls. Aside from that i usually actually write horror, gore filled and dark content. Leading to many people losing themselves or choosing to leave whatever it is i write or work on. My fan fictions i tend to call world fictions. Mostly because the way i write is i try my best to make whatever creation fall perfectly into the world that i am writing in. having finished really only one fan fiction, which i wrote in 1 month, i generally tend to fall flat on my consistency at times. But I do have currently 3 active stories on top of the 2 games i am working on, and the countless other stories and the like that i am currently aiding people on. With music itself i have to say I'm rather diverse. I range from Disney based music which i've known and sung all my life, to metal. I actually have a great dislike to country to say the least though sadly. I understand how people can like it. I just for some reason don't. Sad but it's one of the few things i can't listen too. I used to be part of a death speed metal band that was kinda tossed together during my high school years. I also participated in drama and some random singing events with my friends and other people in my school. i was seen as a murderer and death in my school probably because of many things that occurred in my time there but that's fine. People are allowed to have their perspectives on things. I used it in my own way to filter out people whom wouldn't be worth my time, and i would do what i could during that time to help others whom where being bullied or such. When it comes down to shows and the like i tend towards things that hold onto the darker aspects of the genres. Comedy i do fall into occasionally but for the most part i tend to keep to my sorta roots. I will however, watch certain shows that hold more than one story and have a very nice form of diversity which is what kinda made my hooked onto mlpfim as a whole. When it comes to the show itself i have a very split up perspective on whom i see as my fav. I enjoy Celestia(And her counter part in the show) for certain, Rarity from the mane six (Though they all are interesting in their own way.), Sunset, Vinyl. Though I have a likeness towards Luna too but i tend to keep away from it as she seems to be one of the major favs :P weird i know considering the fact that Rarity is on my list but still. Pinkie is somewhere up there too but still over all i guess those kinda fall into my top 5. I have spent time in the creepy pasta verse of it, and have actually used that in the current rp im doing so it's funny to see that entire magical adventure. Anyways! My favorite season is winter (from the north). I actually like rainy days over sunny ones, and prefer the night mostly. Though i did to alot of stuff in my teen years and early 20's which have made my perspective on the world to be different than some others. I just like to say hello to everyone here, and am open to any form of questions! feel free to ask away. Pleasure to meet you all! OH right totally forgot. Hizumi or Darksword66 works for names for me. And i'm male! not that it really matters i guess, and i am over the age of 21 so i can totally drink in the states XD
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    Red Blood Cell and Platelet
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    Well morning or whatever.
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    Goodnight all. ^^ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ More hearts
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    Doe is calling it a night, goodnight friends 💕
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    Doe has flowers for a friend (a ych by shininglovelystar)
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    My Mom generously bought me coffee so I can pretend that I'm actually awake.
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    If you ever want to win a day, give @RaraLover or @Tacodidra a holler.
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    The estate agent has just visited. The value of the property has increased £20,000 since last year! He also said that they recently sold a property similar to ours in the area for the full asking price with several people missing out on it. Which means there could already be potential buyers waiting (No sales move. He be genuine). After double checking everything that he wanted me to sign, I signed everything to approve them putting it on the market for sale. All they need is my brother's signitures. If he refuses to sign out of some contrarian conspiracy theory, I'm going to set fire to his football shirts. Don't fudge this up for us, dear brother! Glorious-glorious freedom is at hand!
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    How good does this minty masterpiece look?
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    I just found out that the Pokémon, Appletun, is like... ACTUALLY the circumference of an apple pie... That’s hilarious. I think that actually makes it the smallest evolved Dragon type. XD
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    You are beautiful.
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    Goodnight, everyone! I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow... at least it’s only a four hour shift.
  22. I see both as pathetic marketing scams. One promises eternal bliss as long as you follow all the rules and stay subservient to the religious sect and the other is eternal agony of horrendous torture because "boo". Both don't make the slightest bit of sense in my mind, hell especially. A deity of endless love and compassion happens to also create a little infinite torture dungeon for people said deity doesn't like. Makes a whole lotta sense.
  23. I can't let you go bananas over someone suggesting Celestia. Might I suggest we use this as an emote?
  24. I hope you're all satisfied with this. It's your turn @Jeric.
  25. In January of 2012 I stumbled across a depressed Keanu Reeves eating Lyra, then Bon-Bon, then Fluttershy, and I distinctly remember thinking that their art style was pretty cool and was great fanart, and that ponies would have done well had they looked like that. And then I saw a partial episode, "A Dog and Pony Show" specifically, after that my first full episode was "Fall Weather Friends", and then I found myself searching for pony related content and stumbled upon my first fanfic: Of Heroes and Ladylike Behavior which actually shipped Rainbow Dash and Rarity in a very believable way, and it was very well written, and so I started looking for more. I found myself falling into a pattern of reading sadfics and shipfics, and shedding copious tears all the while as I watched new episodes and posted memes on MyLittleBrony. I never looked back. I fell in love so fast, and so completely. My OTP is FlutterJack, with a side order of TwiDash. I have absolutely no problem with Twilicorn, and my favorite episode was The Perfect Pear followed very closely by Between Dark and Dawn. Though for music, "On Your Marks" gave Michelle Creber the opportunity to flex her singing chops, and I loved that too. Fav Princess is Luna.
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    I finally got to see my best friend for the first time since thanksgiving day. I gave her a gift card, and a t-rex pin because she loves dinosaurs. Kind of lame, but my mind wasn’t really in Christmas mode after international travel. Anyway she got me the coolest friggen Christmas gift ever. Or rather made it for me, and I love them. She made our OCs as miniatures. My OC is a unicorn, and hers is a pegasus, but it was so incredibly thoughtful that she bought the figures, and painted them, and had to ask my husband for a reference of my OC. I love them so much. Plus the eyes on hers are hilarious.
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    Might draw a sketch of Red Blood Cell today because she is so cute, and probably Platelet too.
  28. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/485646-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic
  29. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/485637-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic
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    Goodness me, I've had 354 notifications on my next visit!
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    Heya yay, the technicians idea worked, that the cable in the basement broke, he replaced it today while i was at work and now i can watch tv again! <3
  32. And yet another topic about underwear... And yet another topic I read without questioning it... I agree with @Tacodidra and @Bastian, it would just make me feel uncomfortable not to wear them.
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    I think some ships are better when they're not Canon. I can't really explain why...
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    preparing for work, bye
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    Clearly, the consequences Discord suffered during Ending Of were too light. His plan to make Twilight “achieve” her confidence was boneheaded, dangerous, and manipulative. However, be realistic. Punishments like time in the dungeon or returning to stone are terrible ideas, as he didn’t technically commit any of the planned crimes. Cozy, Tirek, and Chryssie deviated from all of “Grogar’s” ideas and made them their own. Make the consequence fit to repel the manipulation surrounding his plan. Something like the Terrible Trio forcing him to watch helplessly as his friends get manhandled or become part of the group that almost gets destroyed could work, because it balances the scale of the plan that Discord never planned ahead to how poorly his idea backfired on Equestria and Twilight’s psyche.
  37. Hm. We picked up a signal from the Moon. Sounds like Randi may be homesick Randi’s Prison
  38. Shhhhh....Don’t wake the sleeping Flutters.
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    I'm hoping Bernie runs for president and beats Trump, because he seems like one of, if not THE only trustworthy candidate.
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    I hope that the end of Friendship is Magic means the end of Discord. Meaning they don't decide to bring him back in future iterations of My Little Pony.
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    There is no Grogar! He exploded!
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    Morning, Everybeing!
  44. Nice intro! Welcome to the forums, new friend! I really hope you have a good time here and make lots of friends, we're all very friendly!
  45. Personally, I'm a little more used to seeing Pony Elsa portrayed as either a Unicorn or an Alicorn. Then again, Pegasi ARE the ones who control the weather and the thought of Fluttershy becoming a queen is all the more comforting to me.
  46. Hello, welcome to the forums! I hope you have an awesome time here.
  47. Both of those pies were wonderfully done. And @applesjck thanks for being such a good sport and jumping into this thing. MCM glis what convinced me to join the forum...4 years ago? Is that right ?? Thanks guys
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    everyone hates Sunset in the first movie but than you've got me whining about her in the third movie..