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    Ah...I need to check this more....im so behind.... I did get all the printing done!! Next will be sanding, and maybe painting....maybe...
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    Goodnight, everyone. I can't wait to cuddle up under the covers and get some shuteye!
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    Goodnight everyone.
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    Hi everyone! How is everyone doing today?
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    I know your heart's desire...
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    So tired but dont feel like sleeping lol
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    And back. Sorry for the lack of updates. Got NBA 2k20 for christmas and been playing it a lot, along with my other collection of games. How's everyone's 2020 going so far?
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    Using this YCH as my profile pic, thanks again @Deerie for having this art done, it truly means a lot to me!
  9. Literally been non existent for like ever. Just got around to watching the big ole finale + actual final episode. The statue in the final episode in the “future” was actually pretty cute so I had to redraw it. I think it would look dope as like a sticker decal thing or an enamel pin. \(.-.)/ not perfect but eh I wanna digitize it whenever I get around to buying a tablet. Which will be forever from now lmao.
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    Welp, I've been struggling with this the whole weekend... While things were working fine all the time, I've implemented .. let's say, "limitations", to make it more accurate to the pixel environment and stuff. So, first things first, Twilight's position (x and y coordinates) are no longer float numbers. They always are integers now, so Twilight won't be able to stand between pixels anymore. These integers are used for collision calculations, so that should be pixel perfect now as well (and maybe make stuff easier for the engine? idk). For that I had to make the code a bit more messy by adding more variables and calculations (because just flooring/rounding her coords would be asking for troubles)... There are variables that store fractions and once they'll gather 1 or more, the integers are deducted and added to the distance the character is about to move. Soooo, if you'll press a key for a liiiiiiiiittle moment, Twilight won't move, but that tiny speed will bump the fraction. If you'll keep doing this, the fraction will eventually gather an integer, passing it into the distance variable, making Twilight move by that one pixel, if there won't be a wall, that is. Making her pixel perfect wasn't hard. What I had problem with is the camera movement. If I'd stick the camera to her (like in Terraria, for example), everything looks perfect even when she moves that 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 pixels per frame. However, the camera in my game moves smoothly (but its position is also all in integers ofc), following Twi and the direction she is facing. The longer the distance, the faster the camera moves (like in Cave Story, for example). That generates problems in such tiny pixel environment, because 1 pixel is rather big, so when Twilight moves between pixels and the camera follows her with a bit of delay and not fully static speed, then at certain speeds the camera isn't synced well with her, making Twilight shake between frames, if I could name it that way. Camera doesn't have collisions, so I was just flooring/rounding the coordinates to full pixels, but that made its movement less accurate, so I decided to do the same thing as I did with Twi. The camera also has separate variables for fractions, so that its movement is pixel based, thus more accurate to the one Twi has. This... Partially solved the issue, at least she's not shattering at full speed anymore and that was the worst case, so that's kinda a win. When she's just starting to move and her speed changes, there may be occasional desyncs, but I think it's acceptable and I guess that's something I'll have to deal with if I want that camera to be smoother. I recall Cave Story being a bit choppy as well. Welp, that's what I could do for now I guess. I wonder if there's a trick to sync that camera to her, but I was trying and trying and every approach resulted in the same thing. That smooth following is what clashes with the pixel environment, but at this very moment with what I have it's not that bad. In the end things work, so that'll do for now.
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    My car is all better now! She needed a new radiator and hose but now she’s good as new.
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    Okay so this is what the anime Cells At Work! has taught me about the body: -The circulatory system is very complicated -Eosinophil is really hard to pronounce, and is a weaker than a regular white blood cells. -Platelets are super tiny -Killer T Cells are heartless assassins who don't like it when Immune cells make friends with non-immune blood cells.
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    Hooray! Today is Chrysalis Day and I'm gonna enjoy it... very very much!
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    Now I have 1591 notifications! What in the world's happening here!?
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    I hope you all had a good Monday to start off the week. Mine's coming to an end, and that wonderful bed is calling. Goodnight everypony! Have an art I found. (I wish I could draw that type of picture )
  18. Hey, not much to say about me. I came here to ask about a couple of peeps who got bamned, "Cyan Blue" and "Doc. Volt". I was really curious as to why and since I coild find no answers... I decided to join. Me being me I'll probably linger and lurk on this forum for a while if I like it enough ^-^
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    Doe is homeee ! Hi friends, how are you?
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    So MLP season 9 is on Hulu and Amazon, not Netflix? I hope I can watch some episodes tomorrow. I hate streaming. It is so confusing trying to find shows because there are so many services. Just sell me a disc!
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    I already want this week to be over >.< Honestly I wouldn't mind if the next few months are over, I need more money >.<
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    YEAH, I need a can of air duster! My pc is getting stupidly dusty!
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    Goodnight pony pals.
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    "First one to blink cleans the library."
  26. I'm not really one for introductions and I like, never join communitys, so, sorry if I'm a total mess! From the beginning: I've been a fan since the early days of the show but never really participated much in the community. Mostly lurking. I posted in an advice thread on an older pony board about my various issues when I had nowhere else to go. I was shown a kindness and understanding I never expected from a group of strangers. I stuck around for awhile but eventually drifted onto other things, I still kept watching the show through the years. I've seen every episode and been an admirer of fan works. After hitting a personal rough patch and rewatching the series, I've decided to stop being isolated and join a community. Why not? Aside from ponies, I like video games (especially retro games), music, movies, cartoons, anime, and weirdly, pro wrestling of all things. I'm crazy, stupid, and cats are my spirit animals. Hope this wasnt too bad of a hello and I can have a place here :3
  27. Welp, I done did the thing. Whip cream style .... with cool WHhhhip! The post pie comment is fully improvised so my apologies for bad impressions! @Troblems .... you’re it!
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    I finally got to see my best friend for the first time since thanksgiving day. I gave her a gift card, and a t-rex pin because she loves dinosaurs. Kind of lame, but my mind wasn’t really in Christmas mode after international travel. Anyway she got me the coolest friggen Christmas gift ever. Or rather made it for me, and I love them. She made our OCs as miniatures. My OC is a unicorn, and hers is a pegasus, but it was so incredibly thoughtful that she bought the figures, and painted them, and had to ask my husband for a reference of my OC. I love them so much. Plus the eyes on hers are hilarious.
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    This is the funniest episode from YGOTAS to date.
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    I keep getting these and my name is not Jose. Whoever Jose is I want to smack him.
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    Good morning, Fillies and Gentlecolts! While you're out and about today, remember to spare a hug for your nearest amazing technicolor Buggo! @~C. Discord~ is an especially good target. Feed him lots of love! As for myself, I've just come back from my annual clothes shopping for the year. Got some pretty good bargains in the January sales, including a new bathrobe that is ridiculously warm and soft. Even better for providing great hugs! Also looking at booking tickets to go and see the movie "1917" which is set to release here next week. Saw a trailer for it a while back and I'm super intrigued by its singular shot cinematography style. Hopefully that along with its historical WWI setting will make it a good movie to go see in the iMax. How are the rest of you keeping this Tuesday morning/afternoon?
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    Good morning everypony! Well, I'm back to work at college once again, and although that situation seems rather morose, I'm really attempting to enter the 2020's with a fresh and vibrant sense of optimism. Anyhow, good luck with your own endeavours everypony!
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    Y’know... Arson is a wonderful thing.~ It’s, like, releasing the Energy, The Spirit of a thing free to mingle with the Ether of the world, Man! You burn a building down, all the disparate things that went into it no matter how it got there all become one in a beautiful flash into ash! We should burn eeeeverything!~ Thoughts of Widdershins are not condoned by the whole of the Entity. Please do not give the Draconequus any gifts of lighters or matchboxes.
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    It's Huggo de Buggo Day? Awesome! You know how much I love the Changelings! Especially Thorax!
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    Did you guys know my childhood nickname was “Doodlebug”? Well today is Huggo de Buggo day...
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    Who wants fluffy princesses?
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    @Blivy Done. Nyx is back, back to stay for a little while.
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    pfttttt, my 14-year-old ass...
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    Does anybody think this song fits me?
  40. Yeah a thing happened today. My friend gives me the ideas for cringey white girl Instagram photos
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    I'm a clumsy mess like Loony Toons bad. I've even had my own "Banana slip" moment, except instead of a banana it was my binder and I slipped on it and fell down the choir risers in high school.
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    Oh damn, my flatmate Jenny will be back from the US tomorrow, I better don't go naked between the bathroom and my room anymore, especially not by accident.
  43. https://derpibooru.org/485663
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    “What the heck is with this School of Friendship crap?” “Personally I preferred it when Twilight was still a Unicron...”
  45. CAST I am the Queen of finding an image to match the word!!!!
  46. Fluttershy and Spike have the worst singing voices in my opinion.
  47. Spike. I never really liked his singing voice. Oh, and @Jane has a point. Twilight's singing voice is kind of... boring.
  48. Hello and welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of new friends!
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    This is at least a year old, but I want to honor the buggo.