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    First day of classes today! I hope I don't fall asleep.
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    Goodnight everyone
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    Havin’ tacos for dinner!!!!
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    I don't want it to be 2020 anymore. Bring me back to 2010.
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    I would like to thank @Deerie for the cute drawing of Lucky Bolt in my profile picture. <3
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    Just spent about 4 hours painting the hood of old Matt. Looks pretty good. No more rusty or chipping spots. Oh, and this happened a few days ago. (Yes I KNOW. Matt is due for a wash.)
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    What is everyone up to? I’m going to eat at a restaurant
  9. And so... First off, my trip was somewhat successful in helping me to get a better view of things... heh... Secondly, I find myself grinning from lash to lash over so many horrid wonderful eye puns and jokes... brings a tear to me. Thirdmost, Luna says hi - and the sno-cones were delicious. We had quite a chat over some of the folks here... and seriously? Y'all have some TWISTED dreams. I'd relate who's got the worst... but I swore myself to secrecy, so unfortunately (or fortunately, you sickos), I can't say anything about it. But she and I are besties now, and she's offered to be my Backpack Healer in Overwatch, as long as I do the same for her when she plays Tournament matches. Fourthforth, I wanted to let you folks know I missed you all, quite dearly. It feels good to be back. And fifth... *chuckles evilly*... @Osoka_Topez, eye thought it was kinda funny... and honestly, eye'd been wanting to 'win' this particular vote since eye started on the site... and now that eye have, eye NEVER want to be that far from the forums again. @Bas, eye honestly have no idea; eye'm just zis guy, you know? Plus, if you look closely, you will find the i in TEAM; it's in the a-hole. *snicker* And round, bally things are what we use in pinball. And eye thank you kindly; eye've been a big ham since eye was a bacon bit. And eye didn't find his eye... but maybe this moon rock eye brought back will do, eh? @Rikifive, that was awful... you may yeet yourself right out the door for it. And eye saw you and what you did - stop that, or your face will freeze that way. @Jeric , do you mean the one singing the main parts, or the two doing the 'doot doooo doodoo doot' parts? (Because of course I know of them.) And y'know, come to think of it, eye swear something passed by me on the way through the portal... @PiratePony... wait... do eye know you? Regardless, eye am NOT Eyenhorn; eye haven't cross-dressed in at least a decade. And eye'm no Andy Kaufman - he was one of the best. And yes, they are... and they are all watching YOUUUUUUU... @Will Guide... you can run ALL the circles you want, but this guy has 360 degree vision. Maybe that's why eye'm such a hot ticket. *chuckle* And thanks; always nice to be seen as a... well sung guy, har-de-har-har! @Nsxile - awwwww... YOU are best pony. *hugs* @TheTaZe: Careful what you wish for, Tazer... }:D @Sparklefan1234... eye see what you did there. ( o ) And an entire album? Well... eye possibly could... but who would buy it? And Sweet Luna's Crown, that song bounced in my head for YEARS after eye beat that game! @Anti-Villain, eye've actually DONE that to folks before... maybe eye'll show you folks sometime soon, eh? @Lord Valtasar, it most certainly doesn't; Luna destroyed all of them as Nightmare Moon, because she couldn't stand the idea that Celestia made her 'sit in the corner'. @C. Thunder Dash, eye'm here to tell you that eye DID get to fly; Luna is as awesome as everyone thinks she is! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! And eye agree. @Renegade the Unicorn... good song choice. Maybe eye should sing this for the forums, too? @Totally Nyx! How did you know that the Space Core was my favorite!? @Ganondorf8, of course we want you; you have the pieces of the Triforce we need. };p @Brony Number 42, eye am humorously disgruntled at your amusement. @Quinch, eye didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything, the sheep are lying and eye burned the negatives. @TheRockARooster, well then... here eye am. Come at me, brony! }:D There. Now eye'm done. It's good to be back. Thank you kindly, one and all, for your donations; they make a world of a difference. Even if it IS another world... Excelsior, fellow Ponyites! }:)
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    I know I am hella late to this but Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Side of Dimensions was an awesome movie. This is the send off the series needed.
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    Did not know this!
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    I may be betraying Applejack by changing my pfp to a character that isn't her... but this GIF of RD was so cute that I just couldn't resist!
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    If you thought Twilicorn was a big change, then get ready for Twilicron!
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    Idk why, but I've loved poision dart frogs since I was a little kid.
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    Yay, phoenix rank!
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    Some pretty Coco Pommel for everyone!
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    Good morning, everyone! I slept in so late.
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    I wonder if this forum will have an official speed trivia game, on the one-year anniversary of “A Trivial Pursuit”
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    I wonder how the donkeys feel about being ruled by ponies.
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    It's just about that time for fabulous ponies to get their beauty sleep and refresh their tired brains. I'll see you all in my dreams. Stay happy.
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    Goodnight, everyone! I hope you all have had an awesome day.
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    It's almost my bedtime....why do I all of a sudden wanna watch Shrek 2?
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    Just a small PSA: it isn't very cool to pretend to suffer from a mental disorder or a condition that you don't actually suffer from. There are real people in the real world who actually have to deal with said conditions on the daily, and it isn't fair to them to do that kind of stuff! This isn't directed at anyone here, of course. It's just a general statement.
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    My favorite anime girls- Red Blood Cell Duck/Ahiru Kagome Kagome is bae Lucy Shera Miia Ami
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    He is so dark. You can barely see him
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    I bent my neck and it POPPED LOUD and felt just godly amazing, then it started hurting again. FML
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    I'm really nervous for an interview I got Friday, I'm hoping I don't have a panic attack.
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    What are you not good at online? For me it’s sending a first DM to users, usually i wait till others dm me but once they do i usually don’t shut up unless i can’t get on my pc
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    I am awake! Yay! Morning, people!
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  32. On forum: @Blivy, @Dynamo Pad, @Splashee, @applesjck, @Totally Nyx, @Dark Horse And many more (please don’t hate me if i forgot your name i’m a forgetful person) off site- my favorite artists: BTS, got7, Seventeen, SHINee etc also a fan of all the positive people who do good and make the world a little better
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    Bad doggo, doesn’t listen -he’s still cute tho-
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? The dawn of Friday-Eve, er wait... Sun isn't up yet... Umm... The twilight of Friday-Eve, yes that's better. Winter took an interesting turn as after eight inches of snow, it then decided to rain all Hump Day. Pouring freezing rain for 24 hours straight... the roads this morning are going to be a treat. The Mean Six got nothing on the Nightmare Six.
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    Adding @Dreambiscuit to my friends list because she's awesome
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    I wish I was Godzilla.
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    My PC isn't aging well :(
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    Should I or should I not digitize this? 🤔🤔🤔 Princess Emerald
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    CBS news about Iran's quite balanced response to us assassinating Qassem Soleimani: "They may have crossed a line" Don't you think we crossed a line when we ASSASSINATED one of their top generals, CBS, NBC, and every other mainstream outlet (literally all of them love this $#!+)? Or is it somehow not terrorism when America pushes the button instead of somebody else?
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    Did you guys hear about Abraham Lincoln? Someone shot him.
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    This song was my sh** in middle school
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    It just occurred to me I don’t think there’s an episode with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie as the central focus You can argue Buckball Season but Applejack and Rainbow Dash also share the spotlight in that episode
  43. Rarity’s styled mane is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.
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    I ordered this Articuno plush back in April 2019 and it just arrived yesterday
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    Okay so the anime I'm watching is just basically the main girl fangirling over anime, collectibals, and manga while she has four guys and one girl trying to get her to be their gf. Couldn't have asked for a better anime.
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    Here's some words of wisdom that I like to live by... Keep a shining blade of courage in your heart. Hold it close to you. That's the blade that will show you your inner strength! When you awaken that strength, it will bring you to a future where all sorrow ends... That's the only ace up your sleeve that you've got!
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    Ooooh... they got pad thai in the cafeteria today!
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