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    Rarity learned to play guitar from her BPFF, Rapunzel.
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    I can’t wait for these fires to end.
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    Just me and my peeps (and my pones)!
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    Hello, good morning! I forgot to charge my phone last night, whoops. Also! Thank you all for 5000 brohoofs!
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    Morning friends 💕 how are you and what are you up to today?
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    Starlight is always listening!
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    My fluffy pillows!
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    124 followers... 123 days won... 30220 brohoofs... HOW?!
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    I just learned about Charles Manson and his murders. Really creepy but I at least learned something new.
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    Night friends, hope you have a lovely day/ night i might be a little inactive tomorrow idk it depends. I am currently experiencing breathing issues a lot they first occurred after a car accident i had when i was young but right now i keep having trouble. My air just vanishes entirely and i get it back later but it’s unsettling and most likely just still a trauma but i haven’t dealt with this in a long while. Have a cute doe drawn by Thieftea :>
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    Luna is my dream pony!
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    Currently on my lunch break after a morning full of classes, I also won an English contest so there's that. The other ones didn't knew as much English as me so It was easy.
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    It's pretty early for me, but I think I'm gonna head off for the rest of the night. I've been feeling pretty off all day, but it's nothing a good night's rest can't fix!
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    Haven't been here since 2018. It's great to see many of you are still alive! How are y'all doing?
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    Lemme get this straight! Bernie Sanders… Fought for women’s rights since before the Roe v. Wade decision! Stated at least twice in the ‘80s that he wants not only more women in office, but a woman president! Has a 100% record on abortion. Wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment. Has a close friendship with Warren and similar legislation record. Lobbied Warren to run in 2015 and only decided to run for president himself when she declined. Campaigned aggressively for Hillary Clinton, making 39 campaign stops to rally supporters to elect her over Trump. Never attacked Warren in any way throughout this campaign, even going as far as sticking true to their pact and defending her during debates. And in a span of two days, Warren decided to not only burn bridges with Sanders (and reinvigorate the false “Sanders is divisive” talking point from four years ago), but double down on what looks like a lie by the campaign and published by CNN (the host of tomorrow’s debate) claiming that Sanders told her directly that he doesn’t think a woman’s ready to be president? Sorry, not buying it!
  17. 485,961 I wonder if any of y'all remember me? "by INowISeeI"
  18. I can understand where you are coming from. If you cant find something for yourself that makes your life worth Living, you can still Focus to help someone else and make that your Goal. Support your favorite Artists for example, stay true to a Franchise, help People in Need, so even if you dont find something in life that you enjoy or find that important ( which is kinda the case with myself ) you can still live for someone else. Unless you think thats pointless as well, than i got Nothing. But the Point is we are all forced to be here, so might as well use that life we already have to help/support someone else and at the very least make their lifes better. It might be pointless as well but at least we can make sure that someone else has it good. At least that is what keeps me going.
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    Well, it's official! I've been selected to sing a duet with @Odyssey! Now it's time for y'all to nominate the song y'all want us to sing!
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    Who wants pancakes?
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    Thank you everyone that wished me happy birthday yesterday, it means a lot.
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    Well, time to hit the hay, see you all tomorrow!
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    All the sudden I'm thinking about how much I disliked Legend of Everfree
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    I've been drinking matcha green tea all day and I love it because it's been keeping me so relaxed
  25. Must one live "for" something? And even if one must, why need it be something permanent?
  26. "the meaning of life is to just be alive. it is so plain and so obvious and so simple. and yes, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves." - allan watts
  27. I agree that life is essentially pointless by default. But it’s not a bad thing, because you can decide what’s the meaning of life for yourself and set some goals that will be enjoyable to achieve. Even if the results will fade away, you might enjoy the process. Also, endorphins. Just find some things that make you happy - they are different for different people. Life definitely offers a range of pleasures worth living for.
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    Well, it's time for me to go to sleep ^^ goodnight every-pony
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    My uncle’s book goes really in depth on the training he got. At one point he describes parts of the helicopter and one part is called the Jesus nut. It’s the nut that holds the rotor to the chopper body. It’s called the Jesus nut because if it comes loose that’s who you’re going to meet.
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    I'm off to sleep, goodnight everypony.
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    Happy Birthday @Deae Rising Shine~
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    Goodnight everyone and have a great rest of your day.
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    @Renegade the Unicorn I will admit I am insanely into the K-On! theme song.
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    Well, he’s home.
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    Dang! I'm one point behind! Go vote for me, and quick!
  36. Being different allows you to incorporate new ideas and to find a larger audience. Not only that, but that audience can also deviate from gamers who use different consoles. Sure, it doesn't always work, but Nintendo have seemed to be mostly successful with their different approaches. As for third party support, from what I've seen, they've been doing alright with that recently. They did struggle during the lifecycle of the Wii U, but there has definitely been an improvement since then.
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    Woo-ooh everything came back negative
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    Okay this might be TMI....BUT, the past couple months I’ve been I feeling as if I’m going through some sort of round 2 of puberty. Is that normal? Does puberty happen twice in your life? AT 19 YEARS OLD???
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  40. My besties, the fam, y'all users, Starbucks, kiddos, anime, bagel sandwiches, pasta, foods, smiles, TV, Amazon, and anime. oh, and drawing.
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    Goodnight everypony
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    my favourite tiktoker said rainbow rocks was boring and that the friendship games is better......... what? who? where? why? what? how!? i'm sorry, but rainbow rocks was the shit!!! kinda wanna cry over this, ngl..
  43. https://derpibooru.org/485968 g'night
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    I like how Disney is giving live-action remakes to some of their most beloved movies that don't need remakes, yet they aren't doing the same for their movies that need it, like The Black Cauldron.
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    Okay so I've been watching an anime that only JUST came out. Like, there are only two episodes. It's called Murenase Seton Gakuen and it's really good. I've been watching it on YouTube. I'm really into it, and the cute little wolf girl has already stolen my heart.