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    *Yawns* Ugh. I feel suddenly overtaken by an urge to fall into bed. Guess my body's telling me I should sleep. G'night forum folk! Pleasant dreams, and see you all in the morn'.
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    Rara loves her fans!
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    Here I am sitting in my bed in the dark half asleep at 2 am posting this update. Why? What is life....why am I doing this.....OH. Right. Our electricity got knocked out and is not expected to come back on for another 2 or 3 hours. Apparently our whole half of the city is in the dark right now because we had a gale that knocked out the main line. Where’s Lil’Cinnamon when we need him?? (and why can’t I mention him.....) Anywho....I would like to get some sleep....so imma lay back down.
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    Ponies are always the best!
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    We hitted 2000 brohoofs! Thank you everyone, really appreciated!
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    Get me the butter!
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    Well, goodnight, my mother is screaming like crazy! See you all tomorrow!
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    Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide! I'm gonna find you and make you love me!
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    I love this derpy banner we currently have!
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    What's better, the unexpected surprise of a coworker bringing in free pizza for everyone or being the one who buys pizza for all your coworkers and knowing you made their day that much better? That just happened a little while ago, someone brought in pizza (not company supplied), and one of these days I intend to do that myself.
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    YaaAAAaAaaAy! It's Derpy Day! (Derp Day comes along several times a month!...oddly enough) Has some Derp!
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    @Rikifive This is for you, my BFFFF!
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    The golden rule of driving: the driver makes the rules. And in my car, we listen to Past Sins audiobook. Well... until I finish it in a few days.
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    In school there was this 7th grader who is an annoying arrogant who believes that he's better than everyone and likes to give orders. We were in the same class with the visitors from the USA and it felt delightful to show my english superiority to put him in his place. Now that I mention it I gave such a speech that made one of the visitors drop a tear and hug me!
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    Is there any way to delete attachments from your "My Attachments" list?
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    He's a lean, mean, anger-filled, flying machine. He's the UFO...…………………….. ROSWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay out of his way.
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    Looks like 2020 is gonna be a big year for Sonic!
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    First day back at school and I already have homework... Gotta go work on it now. See you soon (I hope)
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? I think the holidays really messed with my sleep schedule. I've been staying up a lot later than I use to, even if the time to get up is the same. Too easily distracted by videos. I fear the crash that will inevitability happen. Have an AJ!
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    Took this picture on lunch yesterday: It was frozen in time.
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    It so cold! Why it so cold? D: Can I snuggle in my blanket at work all day?
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    Goodnight everyone and have a great rest of your day.
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    It's a shame that I can't find many topics that I want to post in because I love looking at my DuckTales sig.
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    gtg to bed now, yay. I'm still crying...
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    Half of the stuff the teacher's having us do isn't anything I've ever learned before. When I asked her this she said that we wasn't planning to explain or go over it in class because it was an individual assignment. It's due next Tuesday... so I'm kinda worried :'(
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    Happy Derpy day!!! I'm getting a derpy Funko Pop to celebrate
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    I'm smarter than the average pony!
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    Hello, I apologise for my absence! Life is kicking my butt! In good news, my Luna plush finally came in! She’s gorgeous!
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    Good morning everypony
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    Yay! Finished my first two fanfictions!
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    Yes Twily, I’ll take you to the bookstore.
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    Tulsi Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton. Not a fan, but do I even need to explain why I'd root for her over Hillary Clinton any day?
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    Good afternoon everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    I just downloaded Sounds of Silence in 4K to my laptop Now I can watch it at school whenever I have the time
  42. It's not as difficult as it could've been but then I wasn't trying to make it hard.
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    preparing for work, bye
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    I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since Derpy first spoke. That day broke the fandom in more ways then 1
  45. https://derpibooru.org/486512?q=assassin's+creed
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    Are you quick like a rabbit? Are you strong like a tank? Let's see if you're at least genius enough to figure out this week's reference. This everlasting sky spreads out endlessly with nothing else to block the view What I want to protect is under this everlasting sky: A future where your tears will dry. When the night falls on our sky and the light fades out... Don't you worry, we can fly. I want to keep looking for it. Just find a brand new day shining so bright into the distance.
  47. And so, I promise, and I deliver... and reward those who have been waiting patiently: @Alastor, you're next. N-joi. (Happy Derpy Day!)
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    (Still doing hw but wanted to share this for whatever reason) I told my friend that it was the 15th anniversary of American Dragon Jake Long because I knew that she liked that show. She was surprised that I knew, given that she only told me once like a million years ago.
  49. Apparently I made this account in 2018?!? I certainly don't remember making it. Anyway, hello there! I am currently a college student in computer science (because I like to torture myself apparently). I've been a fan since 2015 and have just been lurking about until I finally decided to be (or try to be at least) active within the community. I like playing PC games *cough* PC master race *cough*. I'm a pretty casual gamer though and don't take things too seriously. Right now I've been playing Halo Reach on MCC, The Outer Worlds, and Jedi: Fallen Order. Speaking of games, I love me some good ol' board and card games. I have plenty of deceit games mainly because I like lying in front of my friends' faces (e.g. Coup, Salem, Secret Hitler, etc.). I have also recently gotten into D&D. I've managed to play a few games, but I was soon thrust into the position of the DM, so I can kiss my playtime goodbye. It's not all bad, though, and I do enjoy moderating games and seeing what stupid things my players will do, but I just wanna use my dragonborn ranger ;_;. I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (though it has seen better days don't text) and I also am a big fan of Achievement Hunter from Rooster Teeth. They're the reason for my sarcastic humor so blame them. That's about all I have to say about me. I hope I can stay active here, but I guess we'll see!
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    Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!