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    I miss the fandom at it's peak when stuff like this was created.
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    Today was quite nice, 70°F and sunny with a lil bit of pollen on the cars. Looks like Spring is coming early! How was your day?
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    I’m probably going to be watching BTS blu-rays i have UwU they make me feel a little happier + i am tired also.. have a smoll Mochi bear aka Mimi, my oc Artist: Ipun
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    Judging by their expressions, I think we can see which friend/sibling dislikes Pinkie Pie the most.
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    Morning friends 💕 i hope your day/ night goes well. How are you? I love you & have a image of my cute bear ponies 💖 (drawn by blastart)
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    I just love it when Celestia and Luna look so precious!
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    *sees @RaraLover and @Tacodidra online*
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    Yes, Twily. We can read a book before bed.
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    Another day ends, see y'all tomorrow!
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    Psst. My crowd, don't tell Twilight about Gumby. Flash and Timber were bad enough. The last thing you wanna see is a purple pony trying to make out with a piece of clay.
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    Goodnight y’all. I’m gonna finally post the next Godzilla design tomorrow, sorry for taking so long.
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    Okay well I have finally completed my list of favorite anime girls (as well as the honorable mentions)
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    Nini friends, Ik i haven't answered DM's yet.. i'll do that tomorrow or wednesday
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    I finally got a job! It's basically doing various things in manufacturing, and I will be going to training in a few days. Hopefully the job will turn out to be decent.
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    At least I know I'm passing math
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    "So, your name's "Cheerilee" because you like cheering?"
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    Good afternoon/morning/evening everyone. Schools here are so good. Im in school but we are not in class for some reason, seems like the teachers are too tired. Not that it matters to me anyway. Cards forever!
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    Got my chamomile tea, candle, and soft piano music. This'll be a good late night <3
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    I've been working really hard today so I'm gonna take a break and finish the rest up tomorrow
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    Did Violet have a superhero name in The Incredibles? I can't seem to find it.
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    Time to runnnnnnnn
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    I swear to Celestia, this is me...
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    I’m not sure if I’m gonna follow the NFL anymore.
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    You and @Deerie are so much alike! Thanks a lot, really.
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    I recently took some pictures: Do you like them?
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    Sundays and Moondays!
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    Someone just asked me why I was wearing my Ouran High School Host Club shirt to school... I mean, I like the anime, and I look cute in the shirt. Isn't that enough?
  32. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/487108-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic
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    Hey every-pony ^^ how are we all doing today?
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    …why is it TOO DAMN HARD to just use paper to tally the Iowa caucus totals? Why rely on a vulnerable app created by a "company" funded by dark money and paid for by the Iowa and Nevada Democratic Parties and Buttigieg's campaign?! The total incompetence of the IDP, the app's shutdown, and company's acceptance of Mayor Pete's funding completely creates the theory that Shadow and Pete conspired to rig the caucus! Jesus Christ!
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    Did you know! The difference between sauce and jam (jelly for y'all illiterates) is not determined by their constituents (sweet or savoury) or their method of delivery (squeezed or spread), but in fact by their method of manufacture! Sauces are made by liquefying ingredients before combining them, whereas jams are made by mashing up solid and liquid ingredients into a sort of sumptuous slurry! As such, 'chocolate sauce' is indeed a sauce despite being sweet, tomato sauce (ketchup y'all) is a sauce even when stored in a jar and spread with a knife (people do this), and marmalade is in fact a sauce due to being made via liquefaction of ingredients! In fact, if you shake a can of baked beans until it all mushes together into tasty mulch, you have yourself a technical jam!
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    Rainbow: The ponyme looks like look at me I look amazing
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    Preparing for work, bye
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  41. Hey, welcome to the forums! Hope you make lots of friends and have an awesome time!
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    Really happy to see Wonderful 101 killing it on kickstarter. That game deserves more love
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    Hey there! Welcome to the crowd.
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    Kinda regret deleting my MLP wallpaper collection... Hopefully I can still find the majority of the wallpapers I had, I'd hate to see any of them become lost to time.
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    Princess Luna, I say this with all the affection that I can muster: I. LOVE. YOU!!
  46. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/487092-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic
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    So many brohoofs I can't store them anywhere!
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    A friend (wanted to be anonymous) sent me this surprise: Thank you, anonymous!
  49. you know what? what fun is there in following the rules?, this is an event and events are my thing or something along those lines, so you better prepare yourself for some pie @KH7672 you'll be the actual last one to get pied this year have fun
  50. https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=487105