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    M-must resist urge to cuddle with Tempest...
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    I can safely say that today was the best day of 2020 so far. Goodnight, everypony! May your favorite pony keep you warm tonight!
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    Goodnight everypony!
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    Inspiration can come from strange places, sometimes it's a 12-minute napkin sketch because you were bored on your lunch break. Well now it's an actually art.
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    I am in the process of making a new OC alongside my ponysona, all while fitting some early-morning studying in at the same time. Let me tell ya...there's an advantage to going to sleep early at night...I really like being able to get up early and get a headstart on the day before the morning rush begins. Plus watching the sunrise with a coffee and my textbook has become one of my favorite things to do. Also...does anyone else love hearing the far-off sound of a freight train during the early morning? or am I just weird. Anyways good morning to y'all and I hope you have a good one today!
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    Woke up to the sound of heavy ping pong ball-sized hail. Damn, that was horrifying! Nah, I'm not going back to sleep
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    Beauty of the Night!
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    Got the satellite internet issue resolved. Turns out I was still under a grandfathered plan and I had reached the 12GB cap. I was paying about the same price as an entry level unlimited plan. I need to keep up with plan changes more often! How's everypony doing this evening?
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    This very day on the year 1960 a ship called La Coubre exploded in the seaport of Havana, it brought weapons for our government. It exploded with such power that it could be heard dozens of miles away. It exploded twice, the first time that killed some people and left a lot of injured ones. After it a lot of people came to rescue the injured people, hundreds of people were there, helping and being helped, and then the second explosion happened, killing at least a hundred of citizens. History lesson with Bastian.
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    Tis quiet here today. I like this, we can read. Shall we?
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    Zecora is such a beautiful zebra!
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    She just tugs at your Heartstrings, doesn't she?
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    Nini friends frustration once again pops up because yeah.. ugh I’m thinking of switch username for a moment with oc also I’ll be home early tomorrow 💖.
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    How do you make Rainbow dash? You tell her Applejack is Best Pony.
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    Scarlet Flames, Chrome Streak and Capri Blitz are a terrible trio. They are quite possibly the worst students to ever attend Crystal Prep. They hardly ever did their homework, routinely skipped class, and vaped in the girls' bathroom. Eventually, Principal Cadance had had enough and expelled all three. Nowadays, they make a living as recreational racing drivers, and each have their own sports car. They cause trouble for everyone, both on and off the road.
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    Let's blast through with Sonic speed!
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    37000 brohoofs?! Unbelievable!!
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    Remember when Pinkie Pie thought a dessert could solve a Crystal Empire-sized problem?
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    Well, today is the day.
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    You there! Your Princess requires your aid!
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    Went to the zoo, saw a bunch of cute animals again! cheetah close to the face and going home I bought myself some things
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    Through the Generations!
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    Freshly washed sheets are the best to snuggle up on~
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    @DivineBlur1000 helped indirectly helped me remember my all time favorite PMV~
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    Happy birthday, Totally Nyx! May your day be an amazing one!
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    Because somepony here asked for a winter wrap up, here it is.
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    254 notifications thanks @RaraLover
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    I'd love to swing dance with Lyra while this music plays in the background.
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    If you think about it...working the weekends is BS, because it makes you have no life, even on here when all my friends are playing games and chatting on discord etc herp derp HAVE TO WORKKKKKK F**** youuuuuu! haha, it's just getting on my nerves a bit honestly.
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    With weird official content having a good and comfy headcanon helps one to keep the sanity.
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    Luna has the right idea.
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    I've just slept for more than 12 hours. Possibly 14 or 15 hours. I can't remember exactly when I went to bed last night. I shouldn't really be surprised considering that I didn't go to bed the previous night. But at least I know I'm well rested enough to work through the night on stuff!
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    What you see is what you get: just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
  37. ♡ What I ♡ about the forums are all the wonderful folks who frequent here; the way they share their time with others, the way they help each other to laugh and the way they proverbially hug each other when they cry. I ♡ how I've watched people grow, learn and ultimately change for the better because of their interactions within these hallowed halls. I ♡ the conversations I've had here, from the highly ludicrous to the intensely emotional - and everything in between. I ♡ the little idiosyncrasies we all share with each other, as well as the ones that are unique to certain individuals. I ♡ how we support each other and others, from hug emojis to MCM events. I ♡ this gathering of fans for a show about multi-colored magical ponies, and how we take it so seriously, yet have so much fun joking about it as well. I ♡ all the various personalities here, from the sweetest, diabeetus-inducing cute ones to the grumpy-with-a-heart-o-gold ones, and everyone in between. I ♡ the roleplays I've been a part of here, and all the incredible and creative folks involved in them. Mostly? I ♡ ALL OF YOU... because I've never, in my entire life, had the wonderful feeling of belonging somewhere before... and there are so many of you that have made me feel not just welcome... but wanted here. And that, fellow Ponyites, is a joy the likes of which I shall treasure for the rest of my life. ♡
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    Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!
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    Hey guys. Sorry about not being on. Been busy with work stuff and enjoying some downtime before MLB the show 20 comes out a week from Friday. How's everyone been?
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    Well I'm off to bed, g'night every pony
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    Have to go now all. Bye until next time.
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    Merry birthiversary, my friend! I hope it's a good one!
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    The weather today is so nice: 65 degrees and sunny! I took advantage of this beautiful day by visiting World's End, a peninsula in Hingham, Massachusetts. It's my favorite park because of its amazing coastal views. The picture below was taken today by yours truly.
  44. Just Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom on a swing.
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    I hate it when I want to post in a topic but I'm worried that I misunderstood the point of said topic.
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    Happy Birthday, Totes!!
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    preparing for work, bye
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    @Totally Nyx Happy happy birthday to you! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!
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    EveryPony celebrate! Happy! Happy Birthday @Totally Nyx! PinkiePie wants to throw you a big party!
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    Aww. Thanks for the kiss, sweetie.