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    I love you all and I thank you for all your kindness and friendship! *hugs for everyone*
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    My guineapig was so greedy for treats today she almost lost balance and was about to fall on her back until she could pull herself back at the apple she was given 💖
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    Physiology of the heart is extremely fascinating to me . It's amazing how this big bundle of muscle tirelessly never stops beating until it's your time to go. Anyway, heh, good morning everyone. How are you all today?
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    Doe - everyday 🌸
  8. That is, without a doubt, the stupidest thing I've seen all day.
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    *zotl face peeks out from under blankets* ... Henlo frens...
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    Wait just a moment! There's two beautiful and fluffy princesses before me... and I'm doing NOTHING?! Come here, gorgeous angels!
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    Goodnight pones~
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    Hour before we open and the line is even more massive than yesterday. I no longer see them as people. I just see check and cash consuming beasts.
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    Well, I'm gonna do the outlines of my custom Godzilla/Zilla. I really hope it turns out well.
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    I'm insanely bored and have no motivation to do anything.
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    Goodnight y’all. Take care.
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    Good morning!!
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    Oh wow an empty swimming pool is kinda spooky and also 12 ft looks like a long fall!
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    Time for me to go to bed, goodnight everyone!
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    Just went through a tornado warning... Everyone is okay though!
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    When i think of all of my friends this is where you all are
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    *gives you all a BIG cuddle* ^^
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    I hate to admit it, but this coronavirus actually has one benefit for me - it keeps me out of work.
  25. Hello everyone! Im Gammy, I was last here 5 years ago- With everything going on in the world, I kinda fell back into the fandom. It’s really comforting in this quarantine.. I hope to make some new friends and find more awesomeness!
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    Silly you say?
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    actually.. I can’t sleep who’s got something good to fall asleep with or to? My internet is down btw, using 4g cute things also appreciated 💖
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    You ever get the feeling that somepony's following you?
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    I think I wanna spend time with my awesome friends and beautiful ponies today!
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    Spring is coming. Not for these guys.
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    Hopefully @RaraLover is okay haven't seen him in here in a while.....
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    Well im going to sleep now so goodnight everypony :3
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    Would any of y’all like a huggy?
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    I think Sour Sweet might be my Equestria Girls crush.
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    why cant The marvel and DC live action movies be as awesome and well thought out as some of the comics? It seems like the movies always water down characters.
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    I miss the State Fair... I wonder what new fried foods they'll have NEXT year!
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    I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again....I love Nickelback.
  38. Or maybe she is. Honestly, they’ve never addressed it in the show (and probably never will), and you can’t tell what someone’s sexuality is based on their personality or physical appearance. However, many people have ranted about that in the past and will continue to until all stereotypes go away forever, so I’m here to discuss a different aspect of this issue. Since this is the Internet, there are bronies making rash assumptions based on our favorite ponies’ superficial features. One of the more popular ones is that Rainbow Dash is a lesbian. Whether or not she is is irrelevant. What I want to know is why all the bigots picked her to be the automatic lesbian of the group when there is somepony else who fits the stereotypes so much better. Let’s look at Rainbow Dash first. Yes, she is tough. Yes, she is athletic. She is not, however, the be-all-end-all butch character. The next sentence may shock you, so those with weak constitutions please stick around anyway. Rainbow Dash has never…I repeat, never…expressed any sort of dislike in anything girly. While this could be because there isn’t much girly stuff on the show (and thank Celestia for that), there is one major item that has come up repeatedly: dresses. And no, she has never voiced any distaste in wearing a dress. “Yes, she has!” you say because you’re rude and like to interrupt people. “She didn’t like the dress Rarity made for her in ‘Suited for Success’ or 'A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1’!” True, but that wasn’t because either one of those were too “girly”. She didn’t like her Gala dress because it wasn’t cool enough, and she didn’t like her bridesmaid dress because it wasn’t very aerodynamic. She has never, though, complained about the actual act of wearing a dress. She even does girly things on occasion. She squeals with delight when Spitfire invites her into the V.I.P. lounge at the Grand Galloping Gala, she ohmygoshes uncontrollably when she meets the Wonderbolts at the Best Young Flyer competition, and she does the cutest little leg-wiggle at the end of “Read It and Weep” over the Daring-Do books. There is somepony else, though. Somepony who has complained about wearing a dress. Somepony who hasn’t done a single girly thing in the entire show’s run. Applejack. No, seriously, it’s Applejack. Check out this transcript from “Suited for Success” when Rarity offers to make Twilight Sparkle and Applejack dresses for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala: She would rather wear a work outfit than a dress, doesn’t care that she should wear a gown to a formal setting, and speaks her disgust of something “froufrou-y” in only three lines. Applejack is very butch. She works constantly, loves getting down-and-dirty (remember the “garden party” bit from “Sweet and Elite”?), and competes in athletic competitions (e.g. the rodeo from “The Last Roundup”). She also hates dresses (for another example, see the truth-or-dare segment of the sleepover in “Look Before You Sleep”). Why did everyone pick Rainbow Dash to be the lesbian over Applejack? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Rainbow Dash’s voice cracks all the time. Maybe it’s because Applejack is the typical Southern country girl, and the typical Southern country girl is straight. Maybe it’s because rainbows = gay. I’m not sure because I apparently missed the meeting where everyone decided who the lesbians were. Look, I’m not saying Applejack is lesbian (though she could be). I’m not saying Rainbow Dash is straight (though she could be). I’m just saying that your stereotypes picked the wrong pony to be the token lesbian in the group. It is A "KIDS SHOW" AFTER ALL. the tomboyish personality and rainbow mane doesn't make her lesbian lets just say Rainbow's asexual.
  39. It was left open at the end of the show, so we can't really say anything is canon. Appledash is by far my least favorite ship put out by the community for a multitude of reasons, but it's just that. A community ship. The only mane 6 ship that was explicitly shown was Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, so everything else is open for people's headcanons.
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    BigMac WHAT THE HAY mlp friends forever 5
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    Ooooo I'm excited for this new drawing event.
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    Just watching a dutch tv show called "Idioten op de weg" ("Idiots on the road" in English), really good ^^
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    Applechord and Rara
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    Finished with the outlines.
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    So I found out today that one of my half-sisters is a furry too, and after talking for a while, we actually have a lot in common. I can't say I expected anything like that to happen today.
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