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    How am I evil? Is it because I imprison people in the sims and Animal Crossing? Because I intentionally lure massive hordes of zombies to random settlements In State of Decay? Because I make people drink sewage in cities skylines? Where did I go wrong? I can be a good sometimes! Like that time I, uhh... you know. When I... I uhh... remember that time I... ...hmm.
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    So, how have things been here? Did I miss something?
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    Good morning y'all. ^^ Came on to let you know that I'm alive. Hope everything is going well for all of you.
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    I'm being so serious right now!
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    I got to work my 12-hour shift tomorrow and the day after that, so I won't be online much for the next 2 days. I'm about to go to bed right now so I can be well-rested for tomorrow, goodnight everyone!
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    Here's a collage of my favorite girls.
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    I have only one word for you all...
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    I need this in my life!
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    Hey Tempest, did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?
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    Just a few years ago, TLK was considered to be overrated, but this fad of attaching that tag to it has dissolved over time. Gotta wait when Frozen, an excellent film and certain classic, will no longer be called โ€œoverrated,โ€ too.
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    been planning to do this for a while and finally got around to it, i have to say it came out better than i thought it would
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    I remember them playing this show all the time on PBS Kids
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    I came up with family members for Ahuizotl and Daring Do. Now Iโ€™m brainstorming some for Dr. Caballeron. Iโ€™m thinking of giving him a pair of younger, trolling twin sisters. XD
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    Maybe I should stop adding every.single.pony.pic on MLPF to my download queue. While I do use an external download app and just have to copy the link, because this PC has not enough RAM to have that app, Firefox with TONS of tabs and a game running, I end up just adding all the pics as additional tabs and then copy each image URL roughly one time a week or every few days in order to add it to the app - and these "copying" sessions can easily take up 50 or 100 images...t And time, obviously, also because I have images somewhat categorized. Of course, once I can finally get my ass up in order to search for a new PC machine, the issue might be gone because I can run all these apps parallel and add them on-the-go.
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    Good night, everypony! May you all dream of your favorite ponies tonight!
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    Gaming and a drink.
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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes friends! Have some leftover cake!
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    I've got something special in store for my awesome friends!
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    Just for fun, and to pass the time, Iโ€™m going to try this 30 Day MLP Challenge I found on Instagram. Every day Iโ€™ll post a status relevant to the number of days itโ€™s been as shown on this challenge. So without further ado...Day 1: My favorite main characterS ....
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    Okay but did anyone ever watch THIS show as a kid? It was my favorite show on PBS Kids
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    Well, it's time for me to go to sleep ^^ goodnight every-pony
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    Even though I'm not a fan of the rain, it's probably for the best so that people don't go out. Unless it's...
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  33. I find it embarrassing that Teen Titans Go is still hated after how many years. You can dislike it sure, but some haters just hold on to it like a petty grudge rather than have it take over their thoughts. What I'm trying to say is, if Pony Life does turn out like TTG, then it's not a show for you. Best focus on things you love instead of things you hate.
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    During the time when princess luna was banished to the moon, how did princess celestia raise both the sun and the moon?
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    I feel so much better now thanks to my awesome and amazing friends! Thank you all for always being so awesome and amazing!
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    Me: I should reply to a text/post/message/etc. Also me: I have no idea what to say.
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    I just want people to like me... I don't mean to irritate or annoy anyone. Im sorry if I do.
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    so I can sing Gallus and Smolder's part in The Place Where We Belong. why must i have been born this way? i wish i could hit Silverstream, Yona, Sandbar, and Ocellus's high notes, but nope! i have a scratchy-ass voice that sounds like a mixture between a sassy dragon and a grumpy griffin.
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    I think Iโ€™m gonna go out and do a little more stargazing before bed. I love looking at the sky at nightfall. And daybreak.
  40. How do you like your cookies? I prefer chewy cookies over crunchy ones. Always.
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    Im in time! Happy birthday! Have a great one!
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    Who wants milkshakes?
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    Oh ship happy birthday
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    Good morning, everypony. How is everypony doing? Time for coffee.
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    I hope this isn't too controversial, but I think human rights are a philosophy, and I don't think that just because the UN or whatever says something is a human right, that doesn't make it an "objective" human right. Sure, it makes it a LAW, but I don't think it necessarily makes it a human right.
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    Chatting with a good friend always helps the mood.
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    Merry birthiversary, my friend!
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    Yay happy birthday!
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    @Flutterstep Happy happy birthday to you! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!