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    When it's doe time..!
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    Day 14: Favourite scene
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    So drained but it's 7:37 pm >~< aahh doe needs her bed soon!
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    Sunshine, my only sunshine!
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    Day 15: Funniest moment! That whole episode (Twilight’s Seven) was funny to me though.
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    I love Luna to the Luna and back Luna!
  7. Well, I caved!! Here’s the voice of ShadO!! https://voca.ro/a5Bsr2Twelp
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    Did I mention I also do digital edits? I never do Twily stuff so I decided to change things up a bit and make a couple Twily edits.
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    The more I think about the creators making Applejack a city Pony the more annoyed I get, WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT CITY FOLK!!!!! Fuck!
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    Okay so I have a burning question to ask you guys and this is probably a long shot but here goes: Were any of you on Pony Town like 20 minutes ago interacting with me? There were two ponies who I thought were strangers but they called me by my irl name. And then left real quick. Was it one of you? I’m too curious as to who they were and how they knew my name.
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    Microsoft® Glimmer® XP. Equality Operating System:
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    I don't remember drawing this at all.
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    Good morning everypony ❤
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    Hi friends! 💖
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    The perfect way to start my day off!
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    Day #4 Honestly, background characters aren’t really something I’ve just paid a whole lot of attention to. Derpy is cute though, and funny. Also anyone who likes muffins is okay in my book. I’m eating a muffin as I type this.
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    Morning friends 💖 how are you? 6 am shift is starting in a few T^T I’m tired even if I went to bed in time
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    Me when I see a second gen Dodge Ram. Anywhere.
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    Our beautiful and amazing princess deserves only the best comfort!
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    I noticed I havent posted any scrunchy faces in a while O.O This simply wont do. O3O Here's a couple of my favourites >:3
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    Goody good day pone friends. Hope all is well. I completed a new sig, check it: Once again I am quite pleased with how this one turned out.
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    Hyperventilating ponies and creatures.
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    So take these two colts of character: And then take into consideration the following nursery rhyme. What are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That's what little boys are made of. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice, That's what little girls are made of. Did Snips and Snails have a friend named Puppy Dogs Tails somewhere?
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    Guess where I’m headed off to! (Again ).
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    I never want to hear my deadname again. It grates at my mind everytime I hear someone use it.
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    I just now woke up it issss 10:40 pm!!!
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    You guys are all superstars to me!
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    Day 12 Season 6. Lots of episodes I really enjoyed.
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    The stars in Luna's mane look absolutely beautiful!
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    Going commando!
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    Just like you count to three, you can count on me!
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    I’m slowly getting better with the drawing tablet.
  35. https://voca.ro/20uxCa8ge0f But how does one know for sure this is me and not just a recording?
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    watching an anime video online I just realized it wasnt subbed after like 10 mins, wooooow im a weeb lol!
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    Day 9 - least relatable character probably RD or Rarity, I’m like the least athletic person you’ll find, and my fashion sense would drive Rarity mad
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    Well said Spike FullSizeRender.mov
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    A traumatized survivor “T-There's no way we can survive this. W-Why do we have to go and seek shelter in the School of Friendship? T-There are probably more of them inside that school, heheh”
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    I’m still alive.
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    Hellooooo! Good morning!
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    I don't have any word for this
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    My little brother got my mom a 4K Smart TV for Mother's Day.
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    Whenever I hear a champion vacating their belt it's never a good reason, but for once we have an exception. Congratulations on the new baby Becky Lynch
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    Good morning everyone
  46. That pony. That pony, everypony, is clearly provoking. Provoking to deliver a boop to that purple nosie of hers. And that's provocation I feel like falling victim to >:3
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    Hey... who wants to hear my voice?
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    Well I’m off till Friday. So that’s awesome. Except on Friday I get to make that three hour drive to the other job site and stay for the weekend. You know... that once a month drive that my boss told me I wouldn’t have to do anymore... Thats what I get for believing that. On the bright side it’s an apartment I stay at while there, and it’s nice to have a place on my own for the weekend. Boss also said there’s a refuge nearby there with a lot of alligators in it. Gonna go check that out while there, and hopefully I can get a good pic of one!
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    This is Day 2 of the MLP 30 Day Challenge! Also, to keep things a little organized, previous days will be linked below at the bottom of each status. Day 2: Favorite CMC This one got easier over the course of the series. Like Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo didn't really have a fleshed-out personality for most of the first season, her best appearance coming from Chronicles. And in the second season, she didn't really shine. Come her first solo episode via Sleepless in Ponyville, we really get to see her character beyond her passion for scooters and devotion for Dash. It was more than that. She was very adventurous, insecure about opening herself up to Dash, and feared to admit being scared to look strong. Two episodes later on explored another stinging point for her: her disability. Unlike other pegasi even at her age, she couldn't fly. Apple Bloom's and Sweetie's lack of reactions from DT's and SS's bullying relay to the audience they and Ponyville as a whole are aware of it and don't care, and Lightning Dust exploited Scoot's weakness by suggesting that anyone could participate in the Washouts just to manipulate her and Dash. Both times, their tactics got to her, the former by straying away from their acrobat routine, the latter by defying Dash's warnings and joining Dust's group. The Washouts — Dash's best episode — really went into depth Scoot's sisterly relation with Dash, Dash's ego hurting her good intentions, and how Dust was able to subtly take advantage of the conflict. In terms of which episode associated with her to talk about, I'm gonna do The Last Crusade. Mane Allgood and Snap Shutter are two of the most important ponies in all of Equestria. No one's as good at researching, exploring, and studying animals and potential medicine better than them. Every day, they risk their lives to do so. However, they're not good parents; the episode and parents themselves know this. But despite being busy constantly, they try to be good parents and be with Scootaloo whenever they can, hence the constant contact with her, Lofty and Holiday (who in turn make babysitting arrangements). Scootaloo loves them, knowing how hard they try to juggle between parenting and saving lives. Mane and Snap love her, too; and want to be around her way more than normal. Their solution to bring Scootaloo to Shire Lanka meant spending quality time with her while also working on their occupation. Unfortunately, they didn't understand that Scootaloo and the CMCs as a whole made such an impact while living in Ponyville before making their decision to move out, and it's made worse by them making the move official before giving Scootaloo any input beforehand. (It also doesn't help that Derpy dropped off their postcard to Scoot's house, thinking her aunts are still there and not back home. This accident led to a lot of unfortunate chaos that could've been sorted out if Derpy hadn't dropped it off late.) All of this culminated with one of the most emotional moments of the entire series. Lofty, Holiday, the CMCs, and Ponyville as a whole worked together to show Mane and Snap that the CMCs changed so many lives. Not only to the folks living in Ponyville, but those outside, too, like Gabby and Terramar. Their strong, proactive act in support for Scoot made them understand that splitting her away damages not only her relationships back home, but future ones too. Moving her away would do more harm than good. As unrealistic as her staying in Ponyville and her aunts moving to Ponyville permanently are, they make sense and gives Scoot the happy outcome she sorely needed. Day 1: Favorite mane character.
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    Okay, I JUST FINISHED by first final. Now there's math to worry about...