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    Rarity asked me to make a fabulous signature for her. I hope this is up to her standards.
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    I just realized something: Celestia is the first pony you hear at the beginning of the show!
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    my favorite girl 💖 sayuri the dwarf pony :3 another oc of mine
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    10K brohoofs! Thank you everyone!
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    Pls hug me when I feel down or buy me a chimcken nuggettt~
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    Goodnight y’all.
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    Fluttershy says good morning!
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    I feel like this sig is "good". @DivineKnight1000
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    I’m gonna share a faith in humanity moment. So this is a Cessna Caravan owned by a pipeline patrol company. Most Cessna Caravans I have to get a ladder and fuel them over the wing with a squeeze nozzle. However, this one was converted to be able to be refueled with a single point nozzle. Which is where you plug in a hose to a port on the plane, and hold a button to pump the fuel in. They converted it because a pilot told the company that a refueler almost fell off his ladder trying to fuel the plane, so the company converted their planes to be fueled this way instead, even though they wouldn’t have been liable for what could have happened to that refueler. We need more people like that in the world.
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    Ooff I have so many albums of the group I love ((bts)) I cant store them anymore lol! U//w//U sue me but I love them. They help me get through the day!
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    Day 4: Favourite background character in TFP I don;t know if he's regarded as a main or background character tbh, but I'll choose:
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    I had steak for dinner. Now we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
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    Celestia is an absolutely beautiful, strong and amazing pony! What I wouldn’t give to meet her in person...
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    I love this beautiful pony and her beautiful scars!
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    @flurry Feel free to enable your status updates (first option) after birth date in "Edit Profile". That way your friends and yourself can post in your profile
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? A pleasant Moonday for ya'll? I'm ready to battle Tuesday So Pony Life premiers next weekend June 13th, I wonder how it's going to do We'll just have to wait and see Let's go fly a kite!
  19. From some days ago! The Tempest one was a super quick one to try drawing her. She still deserves a drawing I actually will put effort into haha. The other one is a playful one of my OC Moondrop in her revamped design.
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    The MLP YouTube channel put this up this morning. I had quite a fun time listening to it. They're only FiM songs, which, for me personally, is exactly how it should be.
  21. I have a request board already, but this looks like a nice place to dump other work that I’ve done as well as some requests here I was really happy with enjoy everypony! (attached is one from my Instagram)
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    Tempest’s smile is the most beautiful thing ever!
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    I think that might've been the hottest day of the year. Goodnight, everypony!
  24. Just took this today to use as a profile picture on another site, figured I might as well post it here too. I've been clean-shaven most of my life - just grew a beard recently since I've been working from home. My cheek line could probably use some refining though (it was nearly up to my eyes before I shaved most of it earlier today).
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    *Singing* I've got SUNLIGHT on a cloudy day!
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    I just realized.. how scary our way of wording things can be for people with different language like.. English lol “Mama, die, die, die.. “ Aka “mom, this, this, this”
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  28. I’ve been debating whether or not to post this one here buuut....aw what the hell I’ll do it. Photo courtesy of my bf
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    Day #28 When Twilight yelled at Pinkie Pie. I remember watching the movie in theaters with my girlfriend at the time, and when this scene came my girlfriend and I just looked at each other mouths open after her reaction to Pinkie. It was a very emotional scene to me.
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    So I just found out that from Monday I will be back to work and no longer Furloughed... Not sure how I feel about that!
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    Good morning and stuff! Your fortune from my hat today is: "Although putting a landmine in your garden may seem like a good idea to give it that element of surprise. In hindsight, it won't go over too well in the long run." Have a fantastic day!
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    Well so begins a boring few days of team calls and power point presentations... Wish me luck! I'll be on here a lot though so say hi, I'll be around!
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    People sure are something. Some cause injustice to protest injustice. Some are unfair because they think it’ll make unfairness balanced. Some are afraid of being outside, and some are afraid of being at home. Be angry, but don’t always let anger dictate your actions. Fight injustice, but don’t be unjust. Don’t be a jerk. And take breaks from your problems to clear your head. I don’t know where I was going with this. It’s midnight. Uh… wash your hands, and goodnight. (Good morning?)
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    Applejack or Pinkie Pie? /
  35. Here's one from today. Keep your 6m long swords away.
  36. This was posted in the request thread, but I was really happy with it! ill be doing all of the mane 6 Nightmare Applejack was next!
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    Good morning. Have an appointment today, woohoo. I hope you’re well, y’all.
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    Dashie Dashie Dashie!
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    One of the things making signatures has taught me is how to use forced perspective. Forced perspective is a technique which employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.
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    ya'll wanna hear a bad joke? what's a rabbit's favourite book?
  42. Heh I found some old photos from like 10 years ago. I looked pretty messed up even as a child lool
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    Good morning everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    Whenever someone asks you where you stand in terms of the George Floyd protests, consider the following:
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    Decided to rearrange my shelves my TF shelf is so overfilled some of them invaded the Pony :p
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    I’m on opening shift this week. After being on closing shift for a straight year, waking up at 5:00AM is gonna take some getting used to, again.
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    My princesses need all the hugs and I will give them all the hugs and my heart!
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    I could stare into Celestia's mesmerizing eyes for hours!