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    Can't slow down! Full speed ahead!
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    Welcome to Sparkle Island!
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    Look at the Twily and you love the Twily!
  4. This is taken from a Swedish newspaper right now. Here is a translation: As a collector, I will be careful not to eat the toys. What about the children?
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    Wish there was a way to block myself from seeing a certain sub-forum. Really don’t want to see it, or be tempted to engage in it. Even though I probably wouldn’t actually block myself from it anyway. Anyways I started my adhd meds today. He prescribed Adderall. Of course it’s too early to tell if it’s right or not, but I really like the way it’s made me feel so far. I’m more energetic, and seem more focused than normal. It’s definitely boosted my sense of hope. Hope all you guys are having a wonderful day, mine has been great so far.
  6. Hello everypony! I just found this site and it looks very interesting :’D I’m new obv and this seems like the right place to not be judged for liking mlp even tho I’m nearly turning 15 uhhh what do I type eee My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: fluttershy or rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: googling random mlp things How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I’ve always liked the show when I was younger, and recently I got back into it. Some people called me weird for it so I hope I don’t get judged here ^^ Brony for life! <3
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    Good morning everyone! We officially hit that midway mark of the week. I hope you all have an awesome day today. I'm feeling a bit better this morning, you guys are great. Just want to let you know that. Today I'm hoping to finally be able to finish up that TRUCK PAINT PROJECT that I have started a week ago and never finished because of the damn rain. Just for laughs when I searched "mlp hump day" in Google this was one of the image results. Enjoy.
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    Good morning from the Princess of Friendship!
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    Finally. Paint project is done! @Le Trotteur Sauvage here is your masterpiece come to life. I added my own sparkle to the front end, instead of leaving the chrome I painted it black. I’ve been working on this all morning. Its time for a shower now. What do y’all think?
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    Twilight is indeed a very beautiful princess! I love her so much!
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    Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday today! I did have a fantastic day today! Right now I'm going to sleep since I got work in the morning, goodnight everyone!
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    Things would be *so* different if her name was "Flaps Angrily".
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    3.141592653589793238462643383279. Pinkie Pie.
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    This is what I get for sleeping on the job!
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    Everyone! Big announcement! I... Joined discord. Oh yeah, because why not.
  16. Well, guess my plastic horse-eating days are over then.
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    Twilight and Starlight = Adorable!
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    Magic and mystery awaits you!
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    Lol I love a good banishment. Some people are just outright obnoxious and thoughtless. *sips tea*
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    Just noticed that I reached the rank of griffon here on these forums!
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    i dont know why and i dont know how but this song is relatable
  23. Shadow Trail and her ominous shadow.
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    Thank Celestia and Luna that we’re all okay!
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    Today at work I had an idea for two new OCs! Forgetmenot ("Myosotis Sylvatica" is her real name but she H A T E S it haha) And Insomnia! She's soooo tired.
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    People complained about Chick-Fil-A pretending not to be homophobic and now they're complaining about NASCAR abandoning racism? When will the snowflake-y hypocrisy end? Also people saying the flag represents southern pride are beyond ridiculous. Proud to be traitors to the union because your ancestors couldn't own slaves, but yet at any moment complain because people don't do everything but the Nazi salute in front of the American flag... Seriously what side are you people on?
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    People getting mad about the Confederate flag being banned from public display crack me up, honestly.
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    Finally got around to setting up a discord account. It's on my profile.
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    Hi, everypony! I won't be around for the rest of this evening and tomorrow evening because I'm heading to the drive-in theatre for the night. They're playing Willy Wonka and three episodes of Father Ted. I hope everypony has a great night. See you all tomorrow!
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    She's so FLUFFY!!
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    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodnight y'all. I'll see you tomorrow, much love.
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    Oooo 4 days till my next name change Any ideas?
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    May the Force be with you.
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    I decided to jump on the posting Twily bandwagon.
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    Okay so me and my friend are randomly texting each other words we find funny. So far here's the list: linguistics linguini flabbergasted cattywampus knickerbockers malarkey fluffernutter snollygoster Fancisco kumquat lollygag dilly dally fllibbertigibbet taradiddle canoodle
  36. I think flight but then again that is what I would want, though usually what is impressive is super strength. So you know I feel like intelligence is a stronger superpower as you could strategise and be like Tony Stark in a sense. Though I don't know if that would count as a superpower really. So yeah either flight or super strength preferably both of them.
  37. I'll take the power of flight, so I can fly far away from here and finally experience freedom. The world has always looked better from the sky.
  38. I just found this Rainbow Dash on Derpibooru, thought it looked cool & decided to share it. Rainboom 769319 (1 Today) BY DDdreamdraw | WATCH
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    Imagine spouting intolerance and then complaining when somebody else doesn't tolerate it. Some people...
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    Hard to look up anything about the show you’re watching without the possibility of spoilers. Man it got dark .
  41. Eaxctly lmao. I'd choose that If not. It'd be teleportation. Space-time teleportation
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    Low key form Toxtricity is better than Amped form Toxtricity. Fight me.
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    >mfw people find out Rage Against The Machine is political Like, what the hell did you think that name stood for?
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    Everyone loves the Transport Stick
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    Happy Birthday!
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    It's time once again to play... REAL or FAKE! Sharing Kindness Edition. Can you spot the fake? Can you spot the real? Can you make me laugh? Can you make me feel? Points for commenting, points if you make me laugh. Points if you make me confused, points if ask. The points don't matter, but you get the most if you win. So everyone do your best, and let the games begin!
  47. I don’t trust myself not to abuse having telekinesis, so I’d pick either flight or the power to see up to a month into the future.