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    Good morning everypony! Are you all ready for another day? This is how early my morning posts are gonna be on weekdays because I have to get up super early for school. Wish me luck!
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    This banner is truly dazzling, as our favourite fashionista pony would say!
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    Who wants to give me my 20,000th brohoof?
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    I just ran out of batteries for my phone. Need to charge to get to 8000, very annoying
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    1437 notifications..... yep I gotta think to turn them off when I leave for a month.... And I love you all but there's NO WAY I'm going through all those 1437
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    Oh neat, three months till my birthday. X3
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    Planning to head to bed now. Goodnight everyone!
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    mmm so it's the fashion week... I guess it would be a nice time to make some progress with the puzzle game (art of the dress). I initially started working on that project during that time - a year ago, so it would be nice to throw an update to celebrate it (the fashion week itself and the birthday of the game (3rd Sept. 2019), so to speak). Hard to believe it's been a year already ... and that within that year I didn't do much. I'm not proud of myself. I drastically slowed down after the virus boi appeared. It kinda led to some things, that keep me distracted to this day, heh. Don't worry though, everything is okay in general. Also back then around March I started a yet another project (im a genius when it comes to be dumb ). This one was meant to be about Trixie, but for the same reason I stopped working on it shortly after. All I have is some art and concepts I've made (but not much tbh) What it was going to be about and stuff, I won't be getting into details, because I kinda aimed to not spoil too much and keep it as a surprise. Although at this moment I'm not sure if I'll be working on it anytime soon, so lemme just drop, that something like this exists somewhere in my hideout. Though I'd like to mention, that the initial idea associated with that game was to release it during Trixie's day or something like this (similarly as I did with the poo poo game, "the bookhorse", which was released on Twi's day) and award users with forum badges for beating it, for being good Trixie's assistants and stuff. --- of course if Event Coordinators would agree. But well... I'm having tons of plans, ideas, desires, but I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything, for what I hate myself. I think it's mostly because of the afternoon shifts I have all the way. I just cannot really work with the time I have, as it's all over the place. Going to sleep after work; in the morning being tired, bit stressed and busy with other things before work... Oh I kinda miss the times when I was jobless - I worked on stuff every single day!
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    When confronted by someone who is hostile towards you. Never forget to put your foot down with a firm hand and tell them not to look at you with that tone of voice.
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    I had went outside because I wanted to see a helicopter that was flying over. The little hook of the door came down and I was locked outside when nobody else was home and so I had clime through the laundry room window.
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    Alright, it’s that time again. Let’s get this started with a multiple choice question: Who of the following was not killed at the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral? A. Doc Holliday B. Frank McLaury C. Billy Clanton D. Tom McLaury
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    Good evening to my friends on the forums. ^^
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    Spooky Emerald will be coming your way very soon...
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    Behold! The cutest vampire you will ever lay eyes on!
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    Happy Monday everypony!
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    Looks like somepony wants belly rubs!
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    The bright light of the Sun!
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    update: The Fox and The Hound still makes me cry
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    Happy Celestia Week everypony!
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    You know what? Imma try to come back here more often. Over the past year or so I've barely been visiting, only really showing up roughly once a month and not much else. But this place is still going strong, still some good folk sticking around, so I might as well keep at it. How's it going for you guys anyway? Hope you're all still keeping safe out there. πŸ‘
  27. 499452 I want some bacon. Morning peeps.
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    To thee I say a valiant message: Good morning. :3
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    I'm going to bed, goodnight everypony!
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    preparing for work, bye
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    @Lazy Ferret Fable is a Greek Goddess Emerald Heart is a witch Conch Shell is a vampire Mariposa (brown Pegasus) will be wearing a shirt that says "Costume" Hot Cocoa (brown Unicorn) will be dressed up as a princess Ursa (blue Unicorn) will be dressed as a firefly. Think you can do that?
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    This place seems pretty quiet.
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    Good evening, everypony! I hope everypony's day was good today!
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    cover photo is temporary
  37. Make a theme park that will never open because it is 2020. Fight as a Chinese warrior "KOing" 15 trillion other Chinese warriors with various lethal and completely non-lethal weapons. Simulate an Italian plumber's acid trip by jumping on mushrooms and turtles all for a cake. Die a bunch. Live life without the misery, all with other sentient beings while being in debt.
  38. Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland). Never been attracted to a cartoon character, ever. But Peter Parker is just so adorkable I love him.
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    I'm giving myself a new name soon, TheRockARooster has run it's course.............. don't you think?
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    Does anyone else find it easier to say "I love you" to a beloved pet than it is to a fellow human? (i.e a partner)
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    The best classical pony