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  1. I'll just drop this here
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    Today I did a pretty nice amount of improvements and such. Made the code neater here and there as well as written some functions to keep things tidier. I've also spent a quite long while balancing things and planning potential features I might implement. There's not much to show other than the fact, that leveling up now raises maximum energy a bit, as well as its speed at which it regenerates. So yeah, visually not much, but behind the scenes quite a lot. And with that, it's time to go to sleep! Goodnight!
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    Why don't we finish the day with some beautiful fan art? Goodnight everypony! See you all in the morning!
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    Million dollar idea! @Megas A show about robots that change into everyday objects like cars and radios who battle other robots who change into everyday objects like cars and radios! I'm calling it "Change-O-Bots"!
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    Have you ever wondered if your favourite weather was the same as the weather on the day you were born? I just googled it and it turns out, it was raining heavily when I was born! Go figure! Bit of a random thought but I thought I'd share and maybe some others would find their own results interesting
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    Good afternoon, everypony! I got a flu shot today, so my left arm's a bit sore, but other than that I'm doing well.
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    ‘It’s true some days are dark and lonely, and maybe you feel sad, but Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn’t that bad.’
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    This. Picture. Is. Beautiful! Good morning everypony! Let's try to make Monday a great one!
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    Chrysalis and Tempest... Yes please!
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    Cooking a nice dinner.
  12. played in a short film/music video, so here's what that looked like(it's not out yet so no links)
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    All the error messages today reminded me of back when I was on tumblr almost a decade ago and it went through a stint where it’d constantly go down it seemed, then instead of going to do something productive I’d refresh every two seconds because I enjoyed keeping up with it and the friends I had. And now I’m off to bed. Goodnight friends.
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    Nighty night to all of my friends!
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    It's Monday, so therefore it's time for ....... Random picture of the week ... [image] Tours\Cholmondeley Castle 2020-08.jpg No Entry
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    Oh T-Tempest... Hi there.
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    Hello there, my crowd! Welcome to my Weekly Musings: Red Edition. [I ❤ JAPAN] -- [I ❤ THE COLOR RED] -- [I ❤ CELESTIA] Welcome everybody to my weekly musings! What is this, you may ask? Allow me to explain! Expect a long read, my crowd. (Also, I am thinking of moving this to LiveJournal since the forum was really glitchy lately.) Back on DeviantArt.com, I would always post a new Journal at the end of a Sunday night to go over how my week has gone. I start off up here with a random thought, the middle is filled with bullet points of stuff that happened over the week, the bottom ends with a random word of wisdom, and I leave you with something I found on YouTube. This week is the RED EDITION, meaning I leave with a song or piece of music. Next week will be the ORANGE EDITION, meaning I'll leave you with an interesting video. And it'll keep alternating each week like that. DeviantArt.com has made it nearly impossible to format the journals the way I liked so I'm doing it here instead, but if you're interested, you can read tons of old journals at my account: CLICK HERE! We start off by talking about the biggest thing that happened to me or my family this week. The biggest thing is: I went to see a doctor about a pain in my side that I've had off an on for a few years now. I am on medicine for it, and it seems to mostly be doing a good job. However, I'll be going to get an actual scan and some blood work on Friday, the 18th, to make sure the medicine is actually doing what it needs to do. Then I'll have a follow-up visit to my actual doctor on the 25th. It's a lot of work, but don't be worried about me, my crowd. So far, things seem to be going okay. Next off, I normally talk about movies I've seen each week. Right now is not a good time for that, unfortunately. (Don't worry, I have a huge list of movies to see.) I'm busy catching up on an old Tokusatsu TV show, Kamen Rider Decade. I'm about half-way done with the show, give or take. But I will gradually share my thoughts. I also have some other things to catch up to, but I should start clearing up some time when I finish with Decade. For now, I am compiling a list of TV shows I have either completely missed and NEED to see, or shows that I temporarily stopped watching. Let's see what I have here... Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Netflix Transformers, Ducktales reboot, Gravity Falls, Pony Life... There's probably more I need to add to my list. Speaking of Decade, I want to talk about what I think of some of the Alternate Reality worlds he travels to. They are suppose to represent the old TV shows that came before, but how good of a representation are they? They change some things because that's how mutliverse works, but were they good or bad changes? Round 1, the first 4 worlds: KUUGA'S WORLD. A.R. Kuuga is surprisingly similar to the original Kamen Rider Kuuga show. Sure, they gender-bent his cop friend, and they gave him a new ultimate super villain (Decade is famous for making new monsters that would fit-in with the old shows, I call them Decade-Exclusives). However, the spirit of the show is mostly there. You can say what you want about how Kuuga's actor was recast and how he was told to play the role, but for the most part, this representation is just fine. None of the changes are big enough to say otherwise. ✔️ KIVA'S WORLD: They tried, but this world really makes too many creative changes, even for an alternate reality. I'm okay with Wataru being a kid and most other things, but they ultimately ruined his reason for avoiding humans, and they utterly destroyed his relationship with his father for a cheap, over-done trope. The bonds of family was a major theme in the original show, and they did NOT do a good job representing that here. X RYUKI'S WOLD: This one is hard because it doesn't really touch on the main themes of the original show at all. Instead, it replaces the battle-royale, Highlander-esque setting of the original show with some kind of weird legal drama that involves fighting. It's kind of sad. But outside of that one glaring difference, everything else would be perfectly fine. Still, if I was a kid and saw this first, I think I would get the wrong idea about the actual Kamen Rider Ryuki TV show, so I have to say it fails. X BLADE'S WORLD: I REALLY wanted to give this my approval, but I just couldn't. The episodes focus on super heroes that work for a company, but in the original TV show, the company "BOARD" was kind of an afterthought. They give away too many plot details from the original show to the point of spoilers, and retconned other details, making things completely inaccurate. Once again, another failure. X YIKES! Not looking good for Decade so far, but there are still 5 more A.R. worlds to visit, and some bonus worlds too! I'll try to watch more episodes this week. Hopefully next week, I can get to Round 2 and cover the next 5. Next, let's talk about random news. I got some new elastic laces for my shoes (they're black laces). I also got a new USB thumb drive too. Thankfully, there's no negative news to report about my family. Not much to report on any pop culture stuff that I keep up with, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Doctor Who or whatever. I am thinking of starting a new blog to help keep notes on Tokusatsu Fansubs and Official Releases. It will have links, where to buy, who you should avoid at all costs, etc. I wanted to make a podcast about it, but there's just so much information to keep up with, I may have to rely on something text-based instead. That's it for now. For the next few bullet points, I am going to talk about shows I am currently watching and keeping up with... WARNING! SPOILERS!!! Transformers Cyberverse 324: War is Building! After seeing how useless the last episode was, this one more than makes up for it with its two story lines. We’re down to the last two shards of Windblade’s soul, and one of them resides in an angry titan at the bottom of the sea. The other resides in Megatron’s matrix of leadership. Speaking of, Prime has been given the mission to destroy it. Seems they really are diving into prime lore after all, and Maccadam is a prime also! Nice. Saber 01: Cutting Right to the Chase! A new Kamen Rider TV show begins yet again. It's 2020 and the annual tradition carries on! That episode was a HUGE cluster of events all at once. I feel like I need to watch it more than once just to absorb all the subs, but I got the gist of it on the first viewing. Just as the trailer showed, this year’s Rider is going to be very CGI-heavy. I wonder how long they’ll keep that up. I do get tired of it after a while. Tokusatsu should focus on practical effects more. I like that the main hero is joyfully quirky, probably related to his previous life somehow. He’s like a jolly version of Tsukasa/Kamen Rider Decade. I am sure the show will explain what is going on in better detail as it unfolds. As for the arguments I’ve been seeing online, I can see why people think the ED theme should be the OP theme instead. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a theme song that actually calls the Rider by name! Regardless, I’m just glad we have it at all. Most of the time, Kamen Rider doesn’t have ED themes. Kiramager 22: A Setting Moonstone! All’s well that ends well for this story arc. It’s good to see that Silver has taken on a full-fledged hero role because of Mabusheena. I think he finally feels like a complete, fully fleshed-out character. I just hope they don’t regress him back to his old habits in future episodes. It was great seeing the new robo. King Express Zabyun is way better than the first King Express. The head is better, and the body isn’t this distracting black & white two-tone. And now I look forward to seeing how messing with the past changes the present! And unlike what is happening in Kamen Rider, this show is a PERFECT example of how to use CGI correctly. Sure, there was a big amount along with dynamic camera angles that could give you motion sickness. But it doesn't sacrifice practical effects to make it happen! Instead, it enhances the practical effects, makes a fight scene look WAY more intense, and makes the giant monster look like he's actually destroying the city while our heroes helplessly watch for a while. It's like I always say, if one of these shows isn't doing it for you, the other most likely will. And to finish off these musings, I usually end with any important or unimportant final thoughts. I don't have any important news right now, but I did have a weird dream lately. I dreamed about an anime, of all things! I'll save some of the more complicated details and try to summarize things in simple terms. There is a shy high school boy who has the power to alter reality, but only on a small scale (little objects and stuff). He doesn't want the power to go to his head (think of Mob from Mob Psycho 100), he just wants to live a normal life, and also it physically hurts him to try and change reality on a wide scale (the entire world/universe). He attracts different friends, friendly rivals, and women for various different reasons. He also attracts a few enemies with super powers. The final boss has a power very similar to him, but the main character is able to beat him by sharing his powers with his friends. Doing that unlocks the full length of his powers without feeling any of the physical pain. Yay friendship! That's all for now, my crowd. Take care, and remember, life is what you make of it. And now for the music! Recently, someone reached out to the makers of the Sonic OVA. On top of unearthing the long lost full version of "Look Alike", the OVA's theme song, they also managed to get a BGM soundtrack! Granted, it's not the one that was actually used in the OVA. This is more like a placeholder soundtrack for the final draft of music that was used in the OVA. Still, it's better than nothing! And wow, does it have some nice gems. Here's "Sonic the Hedgehog OVA OST - Official Soundtrack ~Production Demo Recording~" uploaded by Mefiresu.
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    I forgot just how fun Diablo III is. Me and my boyfriend finally went back to it after two years and we are loving it. We both have zero clue as to why we stopped in the first place.
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  22. Hello @Samurai Equine, it's me again. I was thinking about my involvement in this RP, and decided that it would be better if I have two characters. So if you don't mind, I would like to also control this one: NAME: Tree Song AGE: Young Adult GENDER: Female SPECIES: Earth Pony OCCUPATION OR DESIRED JOB: Druid's Apprentice ABILITIES/TALENTS: She can sing beautifully. Her song can also be used to communicate with plants to some degree - she can acquire information about the general condition of the plant and what's "bothering" it. PERSONALITY: Curious, talkative, outgoing. She loves to explore new places and learn new things. ANY OTHER IMPORTANT/RELEVANT INFORMATION: She travels with the druid known as "nopony", hoping to learn from him and someday become a druid herself. DESCRIPTION AND/OR REF IMAGE: This is what I managed to do in the Pony Creator (cutie mark drawn by me), donut steel
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    This is what I get for Sleeping on the job...
  24. The very first season of the show! What was your favorite episode of the beginning of this new series?
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    RD dressed like her wife
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    If I may, I'd like to take a moment to thank someone who's been working tirelessly to help illustrate some scenes for my story on Fimfic. Rutkotka, an artist of excellent quality, has produced multiple artworks for Obsidian: Daughter of Sombra, and I'd love to give her props where props are due. Here's the art in question: Chapter 25: Chapter 29: Chapter 30: And HERE is where you can see more for yourselves... or even commission stuff, if you feel so inclined! https://www.deviantart.com/rutkotka Thank you, Rutkotka - your artwork helps bring life to my words.
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    Two more sisters for Moondancer, possibly?
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  29. It’s a tie between “Winter Wrap Up” (Got me into the show in the first place) and “Sonic Rainboom”
  30. There were a lot of great episodes in season one. I'd say it's at least my third favorite if not my second. Some say it was to simple and basic, but I thought that the episodes were actually very well developed. A great way to start a great series. It was close, but my favorite episode was "Sonic Rainboom". First off, it focuses on my second favorite character in the show: Rainbow Dash. Along with that, my favorite, Fluttershy, did have a decent role throughout it (Like her trying to cheer on Dash and her trying to act assertive around those bullies). This episode had some really great character development for RD. It showed that she has a softer side and that she has a fear of failure. It made me like her character even more than I had before (and I already liked her character before). Seeing her actually pull off the Sonic Rainboom after freaking out the whole episode was real satisfying. Along with all of that, this episode gave us some great world-building with the pegasi. It established that some pegasi actually live in the clouds, and it showed that they actually make the weather in a factory. Plus, Cloudsdale is still my favorite canon location we got in the show. The mix of Greek-Roman architecture with clouds is epic! The runner up would be "Dragonshy". That episode is what made Fluttershy my favorite. She was so adorable, and seeing her really pull through in the end was great. It showed that while she can be shy and fearful, Fluttershy will be there for her friends.
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    Not me publishing another chapter of my fanfic! All jokes aside here's the newest chapter of my fanfic! I'm fairly nervous about this one as it's a decent mite longer than the previous chapter and features way more dialogue which I would say is not my strongest suit. I hope you can give it a read! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/477654/2/a-chance-of-rain/getting-to-know
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    starting my first (proper) day at college tomorrow
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    I had the most amazing dream last night!
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    Good (very late) morning everypony! Hope you have a wonderful day for all of you! Yeap, sorry for being too late, that error comes again and because of that i couldn't login ...
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    Good morning everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    Had a lil hangout with a friend somewhat for Mexican Independence Day! Heading home and seeing all the Mexican flags waving was awesome!
  38. Post your best picture of your favorite pony couple!
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    I think it is important to understand that in this world, you will run into people that make mistakes all the time, and don't even bother to try to correct themselves, and people that make mistakes and do their best not to repeat them. There is no one out there who doesn't make mistakes. It might not be okay to make mistakes, that's why it is called a mistake, but everyone does it, even the ones that cannot see themselves or their actions. That means, you will also have two kinds of people who will comment or fight your mistakes. The ones who don't accept mistake will get mad at you. And the ones who accept mistakes might give you a break. But you cannot avoid bring imperfect in an imperfect world. Try too hard and it will push you down. If you don't try at all, you are doomed to fail (you can always pick up where you left off). You simply have to accept every and all situations, and just do your best, without letting others push you down.
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    I did a thing: https://www.deviantart.com/kyoshithebrony/art/HH-Angel-Dust-Gets-A-KO-Signature-Banner-855072643 @Woohoo
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    Goodnight everypony! See you all tomorrow!
  43. Look Before You Sleep! Fluttershy is great and the CMC shine!
  44. My favorite was "Winter Wrap-Up", that episode was amazing!
  45. For me, 2 favorite episode from season 1: "Look before You Sleep" and "Sonic Rainboom"!
  46. You’re putting Rarity and Tempest Shadow in a “get-along scarf”?
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  48. There has been fandoms out there that didn't have any new content for a decade, and still managed to survive. What they did was force the company to bring them what they wanted, by starting fan projects that completely blew everyone's minds. If people want G4 to survive, all the designs and story are available to us and if we need a spin off, there is always the Kirins!
  49. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's outright dying, but I do think it's fair to say that the forums have slowed down a bit. I think some of it has to do with the show being over and some people have just moved on, I also think there have been some past controversies on the forums itself that have driven some users away, and I also think that with Discord being a thing, many just find it much easier to communicate on that than it is to on here. It's a variety of factors, but I do hope that this place can pick up again, hopefully with a G5 reboot we'll bring in some new members and maybe some older members will return, that's what I hope for at least That's because Pony Life sucks ass. Even well-known Brony reviewers like Doctor Wolf have admitted to losing interest in Pony Life as it goes on.