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    I summon all 99 of my followers to this status update! You are all awesome! I also need to ask you all a favor - can you all please tell @DivineNightmare1000 how awesome they are down in the comments of this status update? They've been telling everypony else how awesome they are, including me, so I've decided to return the favor! Thanks for answering the summon, and have a nice day! @Allen @AppleButt @applesjck @Arc Flash @Bastian @BoopMan @Button Feri @Cable Cooper @Christmas cheer @Cl0udChaser @Cocokoru @CosmicSpark @Crimson storm @Dark Horse @Dark Qiviut @Deae Rising Shine~ @Derpsieh @Derpy Pon-3 @DivineNightmare1000 @DixonTheAdversary @Crystal_bar @DJ Wolfe @Eniac @flurry @Fluttershyfan94 @Flutterstep @Flying Pencil @Ganondorf8 @GlimGlam @Goofyg24 @Heasol @HeavenSunset @King of Canterlot @Kitty Rose @Koncova @Kujamih @LegoDashie @Libra @Lord Midnight Madness @Luminous Night @LyraLover 💚 @Mellow Mane 🍀 @Merry Dashie @Midnight Danny @Midnight Solace @MikaCondria726 @Mirage @Miss @Muffinnz @NeighingMare@nighmare glim2 @Nsxile 🔥🐲 @Oblivion @Pandora 🐼 @Partialgeek514 @Phasereale @Phosphor @Pip Plup III @Pip Plup V @Princess_Bellalatanya @princessxrainbowdash @Prometheus @Rainy Day @RaraLover @RDDash @Rikifive @Rising Dusk @Samurai Equine @Scar @ScaryStorm @ShadowBolt @Sherbie-kun <3 @SnowyBlossom @SolarFlare13 @Sonic Shimmer @Soren Peregrine @Sparklefan1234 @SpittyPie2005⚡️⚡️ @Splashee® @SpongeBobsLittlePony @SpookyEmerald @StarrySkyDash @Stone Cold Steve Tuna @Tacodidra @TheRockARooster @TheTaZe @TomDaBombMLP @TotallyNotNyx @TotallyNyx @Treeglow Flicker @Twilight Luna @Twisted Cyclone 🚓 @tylad @Vefka @VinylWubs @WWolf @Xoomy228 @Yakamaru @Yoshi89
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    Anyone else having trouble getting their notifications and DMs box to open up? I haven't been able to for a few hours now. Kind of annoying seeing as I have unread notifications and DMs stacking up! Hopefully it resolves itself soon. For now, here's a thingy I did today. New headshot of me!
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    Edit: DAH! Why has half of this been crossed out?! It won't let me fix it! Well, like I said before, apologies for forgetting, my mother and I watched ‘The Return of Harmony’ last night and ‘The Cutie Mark Chronicles’ the night before. Believe it or not, she was the one who asked to watch it, instead of it usually being me. She said she ‘actually really likes it!’ Part of me exploded when she said that. Both episodes were tons of fun. She pointed out the fact that I was literally trembling with excitement while we were setting it up and I was trying to explain who the CMC were. (Yep, I really do adore this show.) We laughed a lot with it, especially at Spike’s line, ‘When did you get so cheesy?’ The thing that made me lose it with laughter was when she told me, ‘Why don’t we just call the Cutie Marks bum tattoos?’ ’The Return of Harmony’ is always an emotional adventure for me. Being the Mane Six lover that I am, the bit when they split up understandably always gets me a lot. It took me a good five minutes for me to explain what the Elements of Harmony were and who resembled what. The big moment though was when I got extremely emotional at a certain scene. After laughing a lot at the library scene, especially at the fact that Rarity’s ‘diamond’ had the same name as me and the ‘Your face’ moment, the bit where they all split up, Twilight turns fully grey and a single tear lands on the ground in the shape of a broken heart, got me. It got my mother a bit too though as well. She giggled at me a little bit but she knows the personal connection I have with this show so she understood completely. I wasn’t a blubbering mess like I am in private but it was still pretty obvious. As it happens, this post is actually way longer than I thought it would be. The bottom line is, we had a great time watching the two (technically three) episodes together and it sure was a great way to spend a Sunday night!
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    Good morning guys! My "weekend" has arrived! Have a good start to your week with a cute Derp pone.
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    Just saying goodbye to my pony friends before school starts trying to take me away from them. Good morning everypony! Let's make our day a great one!
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    Them ponies won’t stop!
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    Today I learned that hand sanitizer is excellent for removing stubborn nail polish when you don't have any actual nail polish remover on hand. Which I've found useful to know.
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    Hearts and Hooves Day came early!
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    Good morning everypony! Hope you have a wonderful day for all of you! Now time to drink some tea, yaaay! *drink some tea*
  11. In the top right corner of the notifications is not loading in the list when I click on it. It just keeps loading and I get errors. I already tried refreshing the page, I closed the broswer, and still I got nothing. I can't even view the whole list of notfifcations. Is this happening to others or is this just an issue the forums is having?
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    Is anyone else unable to view their personal messages?
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    It's just gone past midnight and my stomach is making very loud growling noises. If I still have chicken in the freezer, I'm making a curry. It's never the wrong time to make and eat a curry.
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    Finally! I said I was gonna do it, and I did it. I'm starting an MLP rewatch blog series. Here is my first entry of many (I know it's bad and there miiiight be a couple typos yes BUT, I am no way a professional writer at all so...shush. Lol). Here I followup on episode Friendship is Magic, Part 1. ***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***
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    Huh, sounds like the forums have been having problems today. Stressful. My internet’s been fading in and out all day at important times, so maybe today’s just unlucky.
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    Radiant Rainbow!
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    Hello there, my crowd! Welcome to my Weekly Musings: Orange Edition. [I ❤ JAPAN] -- [I ❤ THE COLOR RED] -- [I ❤ CELESTIA] Work, work, work is all I seems to know... Let me tell you about it, my crowd. I guess the big thing that happened this week is medical stuff. My health insurance doesn't want to pay for a CAT Scan. I got some lab work done on Friday, so maybe that will be enough to convince my health insurance to pay for it. If not, then I may have to either consider paying out-of-pocket for my medical expenses, or I may have to put a stop to all the progress I've made so far. Either way, I am now tightening my belt on all my finances, cutting corners where I can to save money. At least some good things happened this week! I was given artwork of my OC, mother gave me an early birthday gift (trench coat), and I reactivated the service on my cell phone. To top it off, I also managed to post two new entries to my LiveJournal, one of which took WAY longer than I thought! I guess compiling 15 episodes worth of information is harder than I thought it would be, especially when I am having to rewrite the info so it all reads better. But it's up, and I can begin working on the next blog entry, which is notes for the last 16 episodes. My window was broken by a neighbor's kid. I'll have to get that fixed, even if I don't have the money for it right now. My mother is about to lose her renter, so that will mean she'll be going a while without additional income. My arm has been feeling weird since I drew blood on Friday. Long story short, there has been so many incidental things happening that this week I just finished was not a good one. In fact, I've been so distracted that I wasn't able to start watching any other TV shows like I said I would, and I think Carmen Sandiego just started another season on Netflix... I'm sorry, my crowd! I promise, I'll do a better job this week. I'll schedule my time better, somehow. In related news, I am almost done with Decade! I should have been done by now, but that last blog entry really slowed me down. Good thing is, I'm only one episode and one movie away from being finished. That will definitely give me more free time to catch up on other things. Like I said before, the next blog entry will cover the last 16 episodes, so that might also take a while to write up. But it's all coming together really nice, and end goals are finally in sight! Saber 04: Dark & Light! Wow, amazing what actual communication can accomplish! After getting to know Saber and learning to trust him, Buster became a way more enjoyable character. However, it seems like all kinds of characters are coming out of the wood-works all at once! The evil Rider Calibur, the gold Rider Espada, and a threatening monster called Desast. (Short for Disaster, maybe?) With his reputation of slaughtering other swordsmen, could it be that all of the previous ones only had one Wonder Ride Book each? Might explain why this one monster defeated so many. Kiramager 25: Scratched by a Cat’s Eye! Talk about an plot bomb. So much happened that really should have been spread out over the last few filler episodes to make this one easier to follow. We have the hunt for two granterstones, a new general that can make the Muddies into zombies, and a plan to make a wormhole tunnel that connects Yodonheim to Earth. Also, gotta say that evil emperor is rather narcissistic, isn’t he? Emperor Yodon, secretary Yodonna, the land of Yodonheim... Guess it makes it easier to memorize, but still~! That's it for now, my crowd. Take care, and keep winning combinations in mind. Over the past few years, I've learned about these underground, 3rd party, off-brand consoles that sort of act like these mega consoles. Basically, they can read and play a bunch of different games all at once, they can use memory cards and save-states, etc. The latest thing that I have discovered is the Polymega. It can play games for the Sega Saturn, NeoGeo CD, and other formats that have become really hard to port. The best thing is that this off-brand mega console seems to be just as smart and high tech as anything coming out right now. Only the newest XBOX intrigues me, but if I had that kind of money to drop, I might consider getting THIS instead. This is "Polymega Review - Is it worth $400?" by MetalJesusRocks.
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    My parents returned safely from California
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    Just a quick shout out to @TheRockARooster @ShadowBolt @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine I love you
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    Good afternoon, everypony! How have you been doing today so far?
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    Version 1 Version 2 Tepe (“...I'd rather not talk about it”) - Tepe is the only male member of the three siblings. He is easy-going and caring, just like Thamani. He, however is bashful and much more cowardly than his elder sister. His reasons for supporting Fidhali'a suggest to move to Ponyville involves forced last 'private moment' with lions since he is a male.
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    Well I guess that's "Summer" over with, we had 3 days of dry weather and now the heavens have opened haha. Oh and the puppy decided she wanted my coat for her tea last night so now I gotta go and buy a new one... ugh! Anyway, how are we all?
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    So my sister and I went to that haunted road and.... But anyway. Goodnight guys! Love y’all
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    Once again I feel like am failing to be as active as I should be. Gonna try to fix that.
  26. Go home Twilight. You're drunk.
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    I coded a spell that won't be used in game for lols and it's pretty funny lmao
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    My sister and I are gonna drive down a supposedly haunted road tonight where people claim they’ve been chased by a ghost before. My sis says that the only condition is that I drive.
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    *When I'm trying to help get @Treeglow Flicker 's "like" count up but I notice a majority of the posts in her profile feed are status update conversations between the two of us*
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    And the new rank received, yaaaay! Btw, in real life l really love bunnies, they are sooo adorable and so good for hugging! And now it is my time to rest a little. Goodnight everypony! See you all tomorrow!
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    Their smiles are contagious! Goodnight everypony! Sleep well and I'll see you all in the morning!
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    I can access my attacthments? Thank You, MLP Forums staff!
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Ah Tuesday, the cursed day that plagues this pone Not sure I slept very well, feeling all groggy and unfocused so far Playing through Divinity Original Sin 2, such a great game, in preparation for Baldur's Gate 3
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    Happy birthday, my friend! I hope you have a wonderful day today!
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    Good evening. *yawns*
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    Rainbow Dash makes the best faces.
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    The maker of the Tempest plushie just contacted me and said that the plushie will be here by the end of the month...
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    To think that we're almost at the tenth anniversary of FIM (and also the one-year anniversary of the glorious series finale).
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    Good afternoon, everypony!