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    I'm very sorry to hear that! While I may not be able to help much, there's one thing I want to say. You said you've tried to be a good person. From what I know, I definitely think you are one! You're always friendly to everyone here. You're always there to reply to our statuses – and at least to me, it means a lot when people do that. Even if you don't see it yourself, I think you're an amazing person and friend (and I'm sure everyone else here feels the same). Even if you don't think it's likely at the moment, I really hope things get better for you. You definitely deserve it!
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    Depression shows no mercy; it wants to tug you more and more. I wish it on nobody, and it's heartbreaking to see it in action. I'm really sorry, and I hope you're getting the help you need. Since I never had depression, it's uncomfortable for me to give any advice. But I think there may be something a little helpful in your battle. Two years ago, a fan suffering from depression asked Rick & Morty co-creator Dan Harmon for advice, and he gave a beautiful response. Check it out once you have the time: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dan-harmon-tweet-depression-advice_n_5a215534e4b03c44072ced2f
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    This song and Blink-182's self-titled album are more serious and I really like that. Not that I have anything against their joking side, I just find I relate to the more serious stuff better. I was never as downright zany as those guys. And this song in particular speaks to me as someone who was once pretty darn depressed as a young teenager.
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    Though I have a bit more nostalgia for a few of their other songs, I absolutely agree, when all is said and done. Truly, no matter who the artist is, I find that the most sincere works are among their absolute best.
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    Great review and analysis! Very good point about "Lesson Zero" being more for Mane 5 than Twilight. About the humor the only jokes I really liked was the Applejack and Rainbow Dash jokes, and the one joke where Pinkie Pie swallows the plate along with the food especially since its been mentioned in other episodes like "Cutie Map" that Pinkie has inadvertently swallowed non food items in the past. Twilight was awful in this episode and deserved her karma.
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    No student abuse in this so it's fine. I'm glad that Starlight doesn't have to witness her mentor's most embrassing moment yet.
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    1. I was NOT a fan of Twilight Sparkle's behavior in this episode. This episode made Lesson Zero Twilight look sane. 2. "Winning isn't as important as having fun." felt like more of a Rainbow Dash lesson than a Twilight Sparkle lesson.* *That's just how I interpreted the lesson of the episode. 3. Applejack giving a similar look to this to Granny Smith when she brought up the apple question.
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    Almost all of the new writers in the last couple of seasons have done an amazing job already on their debut (and this episode was no exception to that)! Another great episode after a slow start to the second half of the season. I'll be surprised if "Phyllis, no!" doesn't become a meme in the fandom! @Sparklefan1234 It runs in the family.
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    "If I pop Twilight then, I will become the new Princess of Friendship!"
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    I Took My Time, I Hurried Up The Choice Was Mine, I Didn't think Enough There is similar line in Nirvana's "Come as You Are" song. I don't know if the line was just a coincidence or if they are in fact referencing Nirvana in the song. The line in the Nirvana song goes Take your time, hurry up, choice is yours don't be late.
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    I agree completely; that is why I always say that sincerity is the key to good music, regardless of subject or premise. I think that many, many people are more capable or writing profound music than they realize, they just never have the interest or drive. That said, I am terribly sorry that you endured those things in your earlier years. I am very glad that you have managed to pull through, though.
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    "Adam's Song" is one of my favorite Blink-182 songs.
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    Seem like a lot of people dont like Rarity in this ep.
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    I'll give this episode one "plus", Gabby wasn't nearly as excitable/annoying as she was with her debut appearance in "A Fault in Our Cutie Marks". In my opinion.
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    Here's an interesting write-up of an study on the subject that found that "the differences we find between men's and women's ability to be funny are so small that they can't account for the strength of the belief in the stereotype." It did found some interesting things though, like how captions deemed funny were more often misattributed to men whilst those deemed unfunny were more often misattributed to women. Also, said study also found that men rated other men's comedy higher than women did so it certainly doesn't support the idea that men evolved to be funny to attract women. Of course, the study in question aren't perfect but at least it's better than just looking at what actors/comedians/etc you personally like.
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    Thank you for your kind words! Truthfully told, I don't consider myself a direct music lover either... but this is one of the rare pieces of music that truly spoke to me. As you said, however, there is no correct or incorrect way to interpret a song; that is the very nature of art. This is merely my interpretation of what he wrote. Who knows? Perhaps this was intended as a parody of sorts.
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    I don't think I can say anything other than "wow." You really have an eye (or rather ear ) for detail! I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to dissect and analyze lyrics, bring such meaning to an already meaningful song! I'd consider myself a music lover, but I focus on the musical composition more than the lyrics, while you can both. I think your analysis does full justice to the song, it's really amazing, my friend! I have never interpreted the song the way you did, how you seem to completely grasp the songwriters intentions. I know there's not a wrong way to interpret a song, but the way you explained it, it really seems like you fully understand it. I'm really happy that such a song can bring you such love.
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    I imagine I did; I have a practically unhealthy obsession with this song. Sincerely, however, if my words are anything to go by, it is truly an amazing song, and well worth the time it consumes.
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    Nice essay, my friend! I doubt I'd be able to say so much about a single song, even one with a duration of ten minutes. Nostalgia can be very effective – it tends to be one of the things that impact me most in music, whether it's due to personal nostalgia related to the song or the lyrics evoking that emotion. I think I've heard this song before (I think you posted it as a status reply or something), but I'll need to take another listen to it at some point!
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    1. The dazzlings were still relatively weak, but it's clear that they were still strong enough to manipulate them. 2. Well later in the movie Sunset explains how everything was getting to them and how they were starting to crack and letting things get to them. So the fact they were really angry with Sunset after "Awesome as I wanna be" totally makes sense because they were also being affected. 3. I agree in forgotten friendship, but I don't think the special was trying to imply that Sunset was wrong or Wallflower was right. I think it was more so trying to get at the fact that hey "Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness." But yea totally, a punch right in the face would not have been a bad move, but at the same time there is the whole idea of making peace and redemption etc. 4. For rollercoaster of friendship that was just fun. That really doesn't show anything. It's just a little game. They didn't know they were going to get that angry playing it XD 5. Totally agree here. Maybe if there was some link that Pinkie Pie got her the tickets or something like that. But I know if my favorite artist was playing somewhere and I happened to be going with a friend, I would be sure to let them know I'm sticking to a plan to get to the front and nothing is holding me back.
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    In case of Rainbow Rocks, it was around that part where the Rainbooms were starting to get affected by the Dazzling's Magic. It becomes more apparent when they were trapped under the stage
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    I listened to it shortly before, and...wow. These guys do a lot of historical stuff; the only other piece they've done that I had a chance to hear, though, was about the Battle of Britain, their Aces in Exile number.
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    That's good advice. Kinda sounds like Harmon's had some personal experience with the subject. @Cash In, I'm really sorry you're dealing with this. I've had severe clinical depression my entire life. (I'm almost 34 now.) Rather than regurgitate a bunch of platitudes about hanging in there because it gets better, I'm going to give you some advice that's helped me a lot. People look at happiness and success the wrong way. We measure ourselves by the success that we think we're supposed to achieve, and we're on an endless quest for a sustainable state of happiness that we think is supposed to exist for successful people. This isn't how reality or happiness works. Traditional measures of success are largely meaningless. Happiness isn't a destination that we can reach. We're all miserable in some sense. Life isn't really about finding happiness; it's about mitigating suffering. Happiness comes from finding moments in time when you can cease to feel like a self in your head, talking to yourself, and simply be, simply exist, and focus your attention on something you enjoy. This sounds like distraction, but quite the contrary--it's a state of being in which pay a higher quality of attention to what you're doing, recognize thoughts as thoughts, and cease to be swept away by the next negative thought that arises. This is basically a rudimentary description of mindfulness. You don't author your thoughts. You don't create them, and you don't have to listen to them. Mindfulness is largely about learning that consciousness in each moment can be enough. I highly recommend reading Sam Harris's Waking Up. It helped me a lot. If you can't afford the book, there's an audio book version of it on youtube here. But I know that this sort of thing is extremely hard to digest when you're in a crisis at rock bottom. For a much easier, short term bit of advice that you can put into practice quickly and easily, and use to hoist yourself out of the lowest pit of misery, try this: Dan Harmon's advice was also really good. Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up for feeling the way that you do. Your feelings aren't your fault. Forgive yourself for your feelings. It's okay to feel them. You have permission to be sad. Allow yourself to feel them, don't fight or push away the feelings, but just let them be, and then let the bad feelings pass away. I wish you the best of luck.
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    Glad you liked it. I was introduced to it when it was requested, lol. It indeed does have lyrics. Heck, the original song is just as great:
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    I'm glad you introduced me to this song; it's catchy! This definitely sounds like something that had lyrics, judging from the rhythm...
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    Great to hear you've been making progress! Twily looks very cute so far!
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    Thank you very much! I know not many people care about it, but I find it therapeutic nevertheless, especially since a select few people enjoy reading this series as well. Either way, there is no shame in not being able to ramble on and on about music; it only means you have your priorities straight, unlike me.
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    This song is much more familiar to me than the previous ones. Not to say it isn't worth another listen anyway – I tend to pay more attention to music than lyrics, so there will certainly be some new sides of it for me to discover (though I've been aware of its general meaning). It's definitely been an interesting series so far, and I'll be sure to read the rest, as well. Even if I might not always have much to say myself.
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    One of my favorite episodes in season 9 (especially the second half). I was very happy to see Gabby again – she's such an adorable griffon! And dramatic Rarity is best Rarity, as usual. Gabby's reaction to her apologies was priceless, too! Also, the scene with Gabby and the camera was heartbreaking. Yeah, I guess it isn't that hard to see which character I thought stood out the most here.
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    This song + his illusion powers = one ravey king.
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    No. Not really. But I do think it's important to talk about. I want to focus my attention on more positive things that I'm interested in, but then I think that if nobody ever fought against irrational ideas, then we'd still have a medieval world where people are tortured and burned for heresy. I go back and forth on it. I try to strike a balance. Write an essay, speak my mind, and then move on.
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    There are some nice games made there yeah. I really, really wish I could say something interesting about my job, but sadly it is what it is. It's just a pretty typical job, nothing to be proud of. ;-; At least I can afford some air, so I won't suffocate. In programming area --- Well I took few commissions in my free time in the past and earned some money through programming things for others' games. Does that make me a pro programmer? jk, jk, to be honest I'm not sure if I'd be a good programmer, professionally, that is. YAY! Heh yeah, to be honest I haven't watched Transformers much, either the new ones or these old schools.
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    I liked the game, and I LOVED the video! In fact, the only thing I didn't like about your silly video was that, when Twilight was hoping for a "spark", a Beast Wars Transformers-type spark didn't appear. ...Then again, as a child of the 90s, I might be the only one who would get that one...
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    Looks awesome! I am assuming you use any kind of game engine and didn't start building from scratch? Which one?
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    I won't disagree with the fireplace, except to say a "stateless free society," rather than laws, should handle things. But I would say that fighting religion is not the best use of your time. I used to be like that and then I realized that Christians going to church on Sundays is not the worst thing in the world. Is that really the hill you want to die on?
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    I love this underrated song
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    That’s a beautiful story... FiM truly is a phenomenal show.
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    "OTOH, this episode takes place inside a nightclub" ......Uh, no. It's the Hayburger.
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    Are you ok with your money situation, or do you still need help?
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    There's a comedy program I like to listen to called 'The Unbelievable Truth', where contestants (who are comedians) need to speak on a topic speaking nothing but lies - apart from five true facts that need to be slipped in. Strange and eccentric US laws being smuggled in as truths are so common that it's a running joke. That said, there are some entertaining ones from the UK as well - it is illegal to wear a suit of armour in parliament.
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    I have to wonder what other weird laws some places might have.
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    Thank you for your comment and especially for what I just quoted above. That is a really good point that I might consider adding to the blog. While crediting you of course. XD I’m glad you enjoyed it too.
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    I loved the special but I can see why you felt this way. In general, the Mane 6/7 seem to be quite forgiving. I guess it's a testament to their character, as in some of those situations, there was no way to prove the villain had really learned their lesson (Discord in "Twilight's Kingdom" being an obvious example – what would have happened if Tirek hadn't betrayed him?). As for Sunset not having done anything to hurt Wallflower, that was a problem that could have been solved quite easily. As it has been established many times (including in this special) that Sunset used to be mean, it would have been pretty easy to include her having been mean to Wallflower at some point in the past. Maybe the upcoming YouTube version with a few additional minutes might clarify a few things, though it's probably unlikely. In spite of these flaws, it was still my favorite EqG special to date.
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    Not read the book, but perhaps there is some other reason Wallflower is fixated on sunset-sempai?