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    Same to you. @Cash In @Tacodidra
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    It's alright, my friend – sometimes we need a break from things! I'm glad to hear things are going fine. I hope you have an amazing Christmas!
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    We can put the past behind us and work towards improving ourselves, as we move forward. Whatever said, it's great to see you back again. Enjoy Grade 10 while you can. It zipped passed like nothing, when I was in it. Work, but enjoy yourself.
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    Some advice I had* once was that you can use up to three numbers in a paragraph before people just switch off and it all blurs together in a haze of meaningless figures. If you were to apply that to different sections of the HUD then the last image is the most accessible, and certainly that's the one that I think is easiest to look at. Have you tried putting anything around the cursor? I've seen a few games (especially fast-moving shooters) put ammo or energy around it - if you then tinted it the colour of the element you're using then you needn't have the elements on-screen at all. Scroll through with the mouse wheel for on-the-fly element changes without losing tracking on your target^. One other question I have is why is Twilight's head there? It looks very nice, but if you're having crowding problems in the HUD then maybe it needs to go? Needless to say, don't attribute too much weight to this; I am no expert on displaying information effectively, although I do think that well-displayed information is a thing of beauty"". *about how to write technical stuff for non-technical people, rather than game design, but the idea should still hold ^I'm trying to remember the games that did this. I know Half Life 2 did it with ammo, and I'm sure there have been a few top-down shooters that used it to good effect as well. ""One need only look at the magnificent graphs of the late Hans Rosling to get an intuitive grasp of what is a vast array of data points.
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    Are there some prototypes of the game that we can try out with the different display setups, so we can try them out and see how they compare in practice?
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    I like the bottom one, is not that invasive to the eye :3!
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    RIP Lightwing, you'll be missed
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    Lighty, regardless of where life takes you, you'll always have your legacy imprinted here on the forums. I mean, there's just no erasing certain things... I know you'll do well for yourself out there, but should you ever feel the need of some good old fashioned love and support, you know where to find us. Don't be a stranger. <3
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    "May we meet again in another time and place..." -- Super Paper Mario
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    The Kaiser bids you farewell. Safest of journeys my bastard 'Dutch' cousin <3
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    Can’t wait to see what you find this year. Keep up the great work. Twily is a great assistant for you.
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    I'll miss you man, here's to hoping you lead a happy and shipfull life
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    So... are you saying you are voting for the "No Pineapple on Pizza" Party next election?
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    Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the game a lot too honestly, but it is just the sometimes crazy A.I and that damn spirit board that is giving me a lot of headaches. I recommend avoid the spirit board like the plague.
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    Thank you guys! Yeah it's pretty crazy what can come up out of nowhere. I'll probably post again after the surgery saying how it went. Thanks again
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    Might give this a try. I've used it a few times before. https://www.politicalcompass.org/ Rough guess, center-rightish
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    Definitely a lot of overlap with my political views. I usually consider myself to be a right leaning libertarian. Definitely agree with you on immigration. I'm a strong supporter of capitalism, but very large corporations are beginning to get my attention and not in a good way either. I pretty much take the generic libertarian position on social issues. I do have a problem when groups turn authoritarian, tho. On guns: well it's no secret that I'm a gun nut. I love guns!
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    I honestly feel inspired to make my own blog about this.
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    @Kevin Tang I'm just not tired I guess. Or maybe losing track of the time? I've never had a teacher leave in the middle of the year before. Now I'm so confused and worried about what's going to happen for the rest.
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    Never knew that before. Cool. Other than that, how did you like this organ cover/arrangement?
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    Sometimes we expect more from others, because we would be willing to do that much for them...
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    Actually, not all sitcoms have live audiances. Their's a person that presses a button to have that "woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaawwww" sound. Drake & Josh for an example
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    That's pretty much what happened to me, half way through S4 I kinda lost interest, but S5 has drawn me back in just as strongly as before
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    That's a good question. It might have to do with the fact that femininity is often shown through delicacy. For example, butterflies are often viewed as feminine creature, because of their beauty and fragility. Maybe long eyelashes are considered feminine for the same basic reason, they're a sign of beauty and they themselves are delicate. Does that make sense? I'm just kinda spitballin' here.