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    People are not going to be inspired by being told what idiots they are for disagreeing with you, especially if they have rationale to back up what they believe. You doubt your own self-worth...so you're trying to inspire other people...by complaining and being negative. Also, if you don't have money, you can get a job (I know it's hard, but well more than possible, especially with all the jobs that have recently been created by Satan, as well as something everyone has to do), save up, and work to get your mind off of negativity. That's just my advice, you don't have to listen. However, when you send mixed messages like this, telling us we can just ignore you after lamenting that nobody cares...don't be surprised when you get replies like this with your dissenters at least explaining themselves.
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    What the hell does this have to do with anything? And yeah, no shit people died on WW2. In fact, since you brought up Russia, they has far more people die than the US and it was on their own soil. Yet Americans act like they are special snowflakes these days because of stuff they didnt do. You know why I complain so much? Because theres nothing else I can do. I hold literally no power and I cant convince hundreds of millions of idiots by myself. You seriously think I could change anything? Thats delusion in its purest form. So I complain to hope to inspire others, but nobody cares. Trust me, I woud leave this country if I could. Theres a little issue called money though. Apparently nobody has ever heard of it. So I am stuck. Theres nothing I can do. You dont like me pointing out tje many, many problems of the US? That is your problem, not mine. You can easily ignore me.
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6941161/Trump-campaign-donations-soar-Mueller-report-1-MILLION-flooding-in.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ico=taboola_feed Check out that hate. Now there are some people who know how to throw money at all their problems. There is no viable alternative to Trump right now. If you hate him, good, but if you hate this country and the people of America that much, no one is forcing you to stay in America and put up with us. End of story.
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    Exactly, and to add onto that the economy is booming under Trump's presidency. I am really tired of people who cry about this country America, while sure, it has it's issues, everyone else does. You are free, get over it. Would you rather America have never gotten involved in world war 2, for freedom? Would you rather deal with the Socialists and communists of the USSR, if our country didn't stand up for what was right? Or the worse, National Socialists in Germany, or the Empire of Japan? People gave their lives to put them in their place. Complaining constantly about the situation will never help it, nor will it make you appear worthwhile to listen to. Your words will become white noise if all you do is sit and complain on an online forum about the situation, so why don't you do something about it? And like CloudMistDragon said, nobody is forcing you to be in America, nobody is forcing you to get yourself involved in these things, in the end, it's all your choice and choices have consequences.
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    It doesn't matter to me what "could have been". Hillary is not the president and we can spend all eternity making claims of what she could have done, but those claims are worthless now. Trump is president, he is the one making everything worse. Oh sure, he isn't starting a world war, even if he got pretty close, but he is showing the true ignorance of at least half of the American people. He is allowing them to show their true, putrid colors. No matter who we get next, things are basically fucked. Trump has shown us all just how divided everyone is and that will only get worse, never better. The US is a self-made dumpster fire that will rage on because of the people themselves. All while they sit in their little bubble of patriotic arrogance. Trump has been leading that charge for over two years now.
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    To be honest 99% of the political figures in this country are either moronic or downright evil. Trump is definitely an idiot and Pence is definitely evil. At least that's what I think.