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    Sound very nice to have medication, and being able to get your life back again! I am currently following most of your steps taken on this forum, as you inspire me to post as well.
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    Now I know even more! I'll be looking forward for next week! More facts needed!
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    @Splashee Thanks! I'm glad to hear that!
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    Hahha ahhahahaaaaaaa! This was done on purpose for sure, you can hear some specific errors that are practiced. Anyways, very funny!
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    At least TOR can protect you from one of the hops trying to spy on you. A regular VPN service does not and is much easier to trace.
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    And then some customers complain that the employee didn't ask the questions. Whatever the employee does is going to annoy somebody. I agree with you though - sometimes I just want to browse to kill time and the employee asking me questions makes me feel like I am wasting his time since I do not intend to buy anything. I do not see a problem here - I can say "this is a bit too small, please bring me one size up" or something so I don't have to leave the dressing room. This is especially true for smaller shops where I would need to ask the employee to get a different size anyway and is probably even more applicable in my country where it seems that clothing sizes are not consistent so it's very likely that the first attempt will not fit, unless the employee has a good eye and can select the right size. Some times maybe I'll even ask the employee how it looks on me.
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    @Spoopy Horse Thanks! I really am proud of this one, it came out way better than I was expecting. Hail!
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    Great job! That fits in perfectly with the original piece. You have every right to be proud of this one. All hail the element of radiance!
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    Pretty. Very cool.
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    Not even an 6/10, you really enjoy almost everything about this season. There are some story arcs, some answers that I found underwhelming this season so I hope the comics will fill the void(Starlight for example).
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    Volle Kraft voraus!
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    not to be a douche, but how about that the samurais where as hypocritical to their bushido way as well as a knight was to the code of chivalry?
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    And I had two great friends who showed me how to do blogs. Thanks for the assist and the support!
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    Absolutely awesome fact! Now I know the difference between ninja and samurai (though I had a similar guess)
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    It doesn't have to be a full story for this project.
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    I remember getting that rank deliberately, around ten years back. This definitely made it worthwhile.
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    LOL! I feel like this is the most appropriate response.
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    I ate at McDonald's today.
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    the sexpieirince of a single cons4wireconece ses, is very great. it is of monumentla levels. sory, I am tdruikn, bit the indiviudala nature of hijmans is very iuniqeu. lice uor life to fullest, dont live in negativtiy mean~ <3
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    Hi. I don't know what any of this is or why I was mentioned, but thanks!
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    Thanks. This soundtrack is meant to express outer space though.
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    Nice and ominous...! Hearing this song with an organ makes me think of a vast lava-filled area, and you need to hop from moving rock to moving rock over it...!
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    And in the end, she sealed her fate.
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    The high notes during the most famous part of this song don't always sound quite right, but maybe that's what the songwriter was going for. I still liked it overall, and it worked surprisingly well on organ! And I'm glad I finally know the name of that famous song that they put in the Chips Ahoy commercials when I was younger...! Thanks for sharing!
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    I read about that some VPNs are still vulnerable to something called DNS leak. I don't know any specifics, but it was called a security issue. Also, that every hardware in-between could be logging critical pieces in order to retrace you. If anything, it rather looked and sounded it isn't about TOTAL anonymity, but rather being unattractive enough in order to get tracked for reasonable resources spent. If you are a target big enough, you might still get caught because IMMENSE resources can be spent to find you, that's what I got from it. I can't believe your technical and customer information got forwarded without actual proof. That's though.
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    Our family was attacked by a law firm in another country for illegal downloading of movies off the internet, with the proof taken from logs off our ISP. It was a new law in Europe a few years back to force ISP to release information, like IP and home addresses for their customers (something that was protected before). Of course the demands of this attack were a scam as equivalent to any email spamming of the past (and future), only going directly into our real mail instead. Our ISP was too afraid to keep their customers safe. Nothing happened of course after all of this, but many people tried to get VPNs so they wouldn't be attacked again. I was looking into a VPN for myself, but all evidence pointed to the VPN providers being the actual people who were framing us in the first place. What a twist, huh?
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    The problem with VPNs is that it all comes down to trust. Is there any way to know that the VPN provider does not sniff your traffic? No. They may do it for fun or the server may be hacked or someone may force them to sniff the traffic, you will never know. Using your own VPN works great for the public Wi-Fi (I do this when I need to use public Wi-Fi for something more than just watching a Youtube video), but obviously your home ISP will still see the traffic. OK, so maybe I can rent a VDS, pay for it with anonymous cryptocurrency and run my own VPN there? Well, the hosting company can still sniff my traffic and grab my keys (just dump the memory of the virtual machine). Renting a physical server would be better, but is expensive and the provider can still sniff part of the traffic (and now you do not have the advantage of sharing the same external IP with other clients of the VPN service). On the other hand, VPN services may be more tempting targets for people who might want to sniff your traffic (as hacking one server gives you access to the data of many people).
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    It should be possible to replay cutscenes - a few times I accidentally skipped them (or somebody called me at the wrong time etc) and then had no way of replaying them. Bonus points if the game has a checkpoint system and the checkpoint is right after the cutscene.
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    In that case I agree with you. Though the employee is in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation - they may continue to hover around you after you told them to go away because somebody explicitly told them to go away and then complained that they did just that. And who is more likely to complain to a manager - someone who wanted to interact with the employee (or changed their mind, or just stupid and don't know what they want) or someone like you who (from your posts) does not enjoy interacting with people and tries to avoid them?
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    For a while, I thought this wasn't an actual thing---that you'd invented the name and invented your own theme for it, kind of like the "Atomic Clock Galaxy" or the "Humongous Fungus Galaxy" from several years ago. Then I checked, and it actually existed in SMK64! Honestly, your mix is a little bit better; there's (as I keep saying) no percussion, but your organ going up and down so quickly (is that called an arpeggio?) is a lot more noticeable and urgent-sounding than the original!
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    @Kaneki @Tacodidra Thanks so much!
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    Amazing work, my friend! Honestly, when I first looked at the picture (before I had seen the text), I didn't even realize Nightmare Moon wasn't part of the original picture. Very well done!
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    LOL! In all seriousness, how did you enjoy it?
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    What I dislike are the really thin cases, essentially folded paper sleeves that open or like record sleeves. Not only they are too thin to have legible writing on the spine, putting the disc in may scratch it and bending the sleeve may break the disc. And the sleeve may be too tight to easily get the disc out. Record sleeves are OK because the record usually is in an inner sleeve which protects it from dust and scratches and the record is heavier so it can be made to fall out of the sleeve into my hand as opposed to grabbing the cd and pulling.
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    @Spooky Emerald Since I don't have any Halloween experience, you can choose anything that fits my character. You know, put fangs in for easy vampire, or eye-patch + hat for easy pirate? Or anything I can't think of!
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    I looked up the cover. I saw you make that same face many a time. <3
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    The story about the paste, rofl! Really cool stories! The first one, I have had experiences with, but I have only influenced something that was made publicly, not actually designed anything.
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    Thank you all so much! @Sparklefan1234 Definitely similar looking to Elsa, though this particular pony is meant to be Weiss from RWBY.
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    The way you take inspiration (like watching that art stream), and improve from that, shows in your art! You are such an artist! Lovely art piece!
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    Good work here! It's nice to see you have made it!
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    Awww, but Sam, everyone knows you run faster if you let your arms flap behind you! XD
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    Ack. Sounds like something out of a horror movie. We had a couple of rats in our attic a couple of years ago. We could hear them scurrying and scratching and scrabbling around above our heads. It was so much louder that I imagined for something that small. I thought it was like a fuckin' wolverine or something. It was nightmarish. We hired one exterminator who turned out to be a total bust. All he did was put some poison bait in the attic and hoped they'd take it. He didn't bother figuring out how they got in or anything. They just came and went as they pleased and ignored the bait. We finally found a great exterminator that began by systematically inspecting and sealing every possible entry point with a fine-toothed comb before proceeding to trap the rats. The process took some time, but he got 'em, and we've never had a problem since. It sounds to me like yours is a job best left for the pros. I don't know who handles larger animals like cats and dogs. Animal Control?
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    So upper body and core strength? Ok then I'd imagine push-ups would be great for keeping that upper body strength along with pull ups. As to core strength one of the best exercises for that would be the plank. Obviously you're going to want more variety than that both to keep it interesting and to not get your body overly used to a certain type of exercise. These exercises however, should be good for at least starting your conditioning. I'm kind of cautious about recommending to much else since I'm not really a fitness expert or anything and I also have no real idea as to what you have available to you in terms of exercising resources so I think I'll pretty much leave it there for now with the add-on that maybe doing some cardio or running would be beneficial as well.
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    Wow, good theory, my friend!