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    I also think the Beach Boys count nowadays; basically it's just Mike Love, Bruce Johnson, and a bunch of touring musicians.
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    I just read this, oh gosh my sides!
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    "No matter how much you shake and dance the last two drops go in your pants." -Stephen King
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    LOL. And I'm sure all those things would grind my gears, too!
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    Another question. As dumb as it might sound, but what's a harmony? I stumble with the word often, but I haven't really seen an explanation on what and how they are made that satisfies my curiosity.
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    Wow, never once in this article mention Plant Abuse and repetitive WINKs. Anyway, this ep is a nice conclusion of Starlight story arc but one more thing has to be done. Starlight vs Chrysalis need to be settled, it will be Starlight last bang before the show ends forever, I hope writers wont forget Chrysalis vowed her revenge to Starlight personally in S6 finale. Promised but never devivered is a sin.
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    Well, after some additional research, I found out you are correct. Shinobi is the correct term for male ninjas after all. Good thing their is an edit button! This kind of stuff was bound to happen eventually; never said I was an Ninja know-it-all. I'm only a samurai guy.
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    Are you sure? I thought it was the other way around...
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    That's not quite right. A male ninja is called a Shinobi.
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    The Happy Ending Override. Cheap, depressing anti-nostalgia just to hype your sequel ASAP. (Looking at you - Sequel Trilogy (Star Wars), Zamasu Saga (Dragon Ball Super), Terminator: Dark Fate, etc.)
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    It's a scary thing when honor is valued over a person's life. I would say just try to find a master who is more merciful, or a code of honor that doesn't endorse ritual suicide as a punishment, but I'm not sure if you'd still be considered a samurai at that point. Samurai are suppose to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their country, and I don't recall any stories about samurai following any other code of honor besides Bushido.
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    You're the good guy and I'm the bad guy, but we HAVE to team up to destroy the BIGGER bad guy, because plot.
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    My favorite line from one of my favorite movies.
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    Couldn't decide, so I chose all of the above.
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    This was great. Thanks for writing.
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    I am fine with my gender, it is not about identity for me but just preference. If someone has a feminine face...I am not going to stop my feelings just because there is a banana between the legs.
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking about too though what interests me is the experience of nothingness. Since there isn't any way to experience or process any experiences in nothingness it makes it kinda interesting since our brain can't comprehend thinking something like that and even if there is something there it is still something that our mind cannot grasp. Everything that is happening here is basically meaningless at that point and there won't be any time or anything like that everything is at once and one and same and everything is nothing. Whatever there is after death it is something that someone who is alive cannot comprehend even if someone told them straight what it is. It's just out of reach.
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    If this is About the controversy of loving your own gender and not trying to experience it because the world kinda told us that, then i already broke the norm because i thought About it. Theoretically i am Bisexual, so i wont Judge anyone anyway, but the thing is i am only Bisexual if we, theoretically speaking, would live in a Furry World. As for Humans, i only feel attracted to females. Otherwise im Bi, if that makes any sense.
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    Hmm, technically we could already recall what its like to be dead. Think About the time before you were Born, thats basically the same as being dead, because you wouldnt exist anymore if your dead, just like back then. I dont remember anything before i was Born and that will probably be exactly how it will be after i have died. So nobody should worry, it will just be Nothing and we would never notice or experience it anyway. Unless something like a soul does exist, but then there would only be 2 Options, either we get reborn or we will be unable to experience the world around us, since we dont have a Brain that calculates and analyzes the world, so we would be back at Nothing since we wouldnt have something that can perceive the world for us. It would basically be the same as in the time before we were Born. And what was before we were Born? Nothing. And that exact Nothing will happen again, we will not be able to experience or even notice it. At least thats what i think.
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    I wish I had a better explanation for a harmony. I was looking for a better word of it, but couldn't find any. Basically, you want the melody to be the main thing you hear. Like in a song, the part that is being sung should be the thing you listen to. In a song however, you usually have backup singers singing in harmony (very common). If the same singer sings both the melody part, and the harmony, it might be difficult to hear which part is the actual melody (what to follow). So the harmony must either be at a lower note, or much lower in volume. For music, guitar riffs, electric piano riffs, and organs are usually doing the harmony part. A secondary melody that needs to be there, but not too intrusive. While the melody has a more distinctive instrument, like any brass instrument for example. Without the harmony, you cannot hear the chord. Bass and melody alone will not make a full chord. Melody is usually hitting any of the triads (1st, 3rd or 5th) or that annoying 6th, and the bass should pretty much stay at the root of the chord. If you want to optimize your music and only have 3 instruments, I recommend the third instrument to pick up the dominant part of the music, the Dominant 7th note and the Maj/min 7th/9th note as those define the mood of the chord. That's what becomes the harmony.
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    The melody is only single notes, but has an echo to it (a copy of the melody played a fraction of a second later, with lower volume, different pan, and different instrument). The delay makes a few notes overlap when you listen to it. I like to do manual echo effects as you can choose what notes to overlap. However, I didn't care about any mismatching notes this time because this melody doesn't care (it hits the same notes over and over anyways)
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    Yo splash, got a question 'ere. The melody is mostly composed of single notes? Or I'm misshearing?
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    Oh, I agree with you. However, I try to keep everything constant. A lot of times change is not actually forced on you, you force it on yourself. For example, I drive the same car as always. Now, others may think that because the car is old and they should get a newer one "because it is newer" I don't. I use a lot of old devices. Or the wish to get a new phone even though the old one still works. "It is newer" is never the reason I buy something. The newer thing may better suit my needs or something like that, but not just because it is newer. Also, Windows 7 will not stop working after the support ends. Windows XP still works, so do Windows 98 and Windows 3.10. What is going to happen is that gradually the newer software and hardware stops supporting the old OSs, so you have problems installing Windows XP (or 7) in a brand new PC. Then you are left with a choice of only using old software or finally changing the OS. The security issues exist, but their impact is overblown IMO, unless you connect the PC directly to internet without any router (with NAT) or firewall. I really dislike Windows 10 because of the spying and the constant updates (with forced reboots). So, the only way I am using Windows 10 is after disabling as much of the spying as I can and disabling updates (because updates enable the spying). So, I just created a "unsuported, no-updates" version of Windows 10, thats pretty much what Windows 7 is going to become. I absolutely despise UI changes in software (and the tablet-y modern UI in general, example is Windows 8 and 10). If something was done the same way for 10 years and now you are changing it, I can only think of one reason - to make me go look for how it is done now. Thankfully, some software is customizable, Firefox, for example, can be made to look almost like version 3 (well, not exactly, but good enough for me).
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    Almost all of the new writers in the last couple of seasons have done an amazing job already on their debut (and this episode was no exception to that)! Another great episode after a slow start to the second half of the season. I'll be surprised if "Phyllis, no!" doesn't become a meme in the fandom! @Sparklefan1234 It runs in the family.
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    "If I pop Twilight then, I will become the new Princess of Friendship!"
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    Great review and analysis! Very good point about "Lesson Zero" being more for Mane 5 than Twilight. About the humor the only jokes I really liked was the Applejack and Rainbow Dash jokes, and the one joke where Pinkie Pie swallows the plate along with the food especially since its been mentioned in other episodes like "Cutie Map" that Pinkie has inadvertently swallowed non food items in the past. Twilight was awful in this episode and deserved her karma.
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    No student abuse in this so it's fine. I'm glad that Starlight doesn't have to witness her mentor's most embrassing moment yet.
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    1. I was NOT a fan of Twilight Sparkle's behavior in this episode. This episode made Lesson Zero Twilight look sane. 2. "Winning isn't as important as having fun." felt like more of a Rainbow Dash lesson than a Twilight Sparkle lesson.* *That's just how I interpreted the lesson of the episode. 3. Applejack giving a similar look to this to Granny Smith when she brought up the apple question.
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    About early-aired episodes, So yeah, they are cool, i'm happy. Dash always get the short end of the stick out of the mane 6. She's supposed to be the coolest mane 6 character but she's always get the worst episodes, i'm glad i'm not Rainbow Dash fan...
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    That Silver Stream last line left a little of bitterness in my mouth. (It didnt ruin the episode or anything but it still bother me) The cockatrices outside the sister castle is dumb but not that dumb to be consider the flaw of the episode. The Trixie leads everyone montage in Act 3 should be the negative, it's too long and it's not funny. Sunburst is another problem. Remember this guy used to be one of the most important things of Starlight? That character is just there for exposition now. He didnt develop as a character, he's just there. Trixie and Maud, which are Starlight's friend have more development and chemistry than him. Cut him off and i will notice no difference. To think he used to be an important part of Starlight's life, a part of her 'controversial' backstory that people had to take 2 seasons to get used to it, not worth it. Trixie & Starlight friendship is still one of best things that the show has ever done for me in post-S5 era.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Tirek reunite with Scorpan in some way. It would be real nice to see the two together
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    Agreed. In my opinion, Lauren Faust is good at creating characters & worlds, but the episodes she wrote showed me she isn't very good when it comes to writing stories that bring said ideas to life. I deserved that. I do! / The castle is a nice idea but, I feel like Twilight's personality was better represented in the Golden Oak Library due to the feeling it gave off. I hope that made sense.
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    I'll give it a read, if you wish.
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    ...And don't even get me started with the way the rest of the Mane 6 were written, acting like total goofballs who did next to nothing to advance the plot and such.
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    ... Damn, in retrospective, that's the most obvious flaw of the episodes' plot - why did it never strike me? For someone who's usually trying to do the best for her own people, Celestia seriously f*cked this one up. Then again, she did that before - but more out of simple imperfection than out of "semi-unintentional-evelish" plotting. The population of the Crystal Empire wasn't her people ... Wait, that thought is going into an even more awful direction ... @, As a Spike fan, I sadly have to admit that these thoughts never crossed my mind.
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    This episode was awful for all involved. Specifically, Twilight and Celestia's character's both took a nosedive, as well as Lunas and the Mane Six's for saying anything in the slightest about either party treating this like a game. But since we're talking about this episode, one scene really pisses me off. Yes, more than the potential death of an entire kingdom. Specifically, it's the scene under the castle, with Twilight and Spike. After being confronted with her worst fear for seemingly minutes on end, Spike disobeys her orders and comes running down the stairs because he's genuinely worried about him. At which point, she, having a pretty good idea of what the door's powers are... holds it open for him. What the hell? No, seriously, what the hell? Twilight... he's your assistant. Screw that, he's your first and possibly best friend, and you're using him as a bloody scientific experiment. A terrible experiment; you literally went through it seconds ago, and it had you in tears. You already know what it does, so what makes you think it's okay to do that to anyone? Especially Spike, who was scared out of his mind and only trying to help you! The bottom line is, the guy saved your life, and you willingly tortured him. No, I don't care that you comforted him afterward, that doesn't make it okay in the slightest. There's no rationalizing this; that one scene reeks of more evil than the entirety of the rest of this episode. I do give it points for making Owls' Well that Ends Well more heart wrenching than obnoxious for me, thought. It's hard not to sympathize with Spike when you realize his worst fear is playing out in front of him.
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    I'm with @Cwanky on "Games Ponies Play" being a terrible episode as well, but not because it "devolved into a Rainbow Dash episode", but rather its entire plot was a cliched, half-hearted comedy romp with no moral until the ending pulled one out of a minor subplot that wasn't even the focus of the episode. As for "The Crystal Empire", that episode could have been so much better. The episode and the new setting were visually amazing, as was the scene at the end where Twilight was showing how far she had progressed with her magic. However, I too hate that "test" as a plot device. It is the most unnecessary and forced plot device I've seen on this show, and they could have delivered a self-sacrifice moral without it. However, that's only one of the problems with this episode. In my opinion, this is where Twilight's character began to change from a relatable everypony into someone so special that the plot bends itself over backwards to take everyone else out of the equation in the two-parters in order to emphasize how great Twilight is. Every time someone else could have helped in every two-parter since then, they've been dispensed with so that only Twilight can make the choice or deliver the death blow to the villain. Here, the ReMane 5 are reduced to the old-fashioned "comedic distraction" role, which implies that they were useless to the episode's plot. This subplot ruins the flow and tone of the episode with haphazard jumpcutting, breaking the tension of Twilight's subplot with the comedic lightheartedness of the ReMane 5's subplot. Overall, this episode could have been better, but there were just too many mistakes made with the plot that not only broke the tension and tone, but also unnecessarily added a plot device that made the episode's plot seem more forced than it actually was.
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    I have a head canon that explains why Celestia acts so stupid in all of the two-parter episodes. See, now that she's old, she's looking for a successor to groom. She finds Twilot Sporkle and bam, problem solved. To groom her for the role of being a princess, the sociopathic celestial monarch does things like free Discord and let Nightmare Moon escape and using the lives of innocent ponies to test Twilight. In the end, it all works out, so I gotta hand it to Celestia. If only the public schools could groom their students with such care and foresight.
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    Come to think of it, Games that Ponies Play wasn't too impressive either. It just ended up devolving into an episode about Rainbow Dash and was overly convoluted. Although I do admit the episode did have the notable Harshwhinny and Peachbottom. Also on the original Season 3 opener, the 1 good thing was that Spike actually played a key role, even if the plot was wholly lacking.
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    I really liked this song. Shame it was only for one course. Good job!
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    Here we go again. A regular Justingate on our hands.
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    The passionate embrace, I'll give you... but no kisses; I'm contagious.
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    The Goddess is pleased; keep vibrating, and she shall come. *wiggles eyebrows*
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    @Randimaxis The bigger bad guy just stole candy from a baby and kicked a puppy but fortunately he has one glaring weakness that nobody else in existence has exploited yet because reasons!
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    Oh Garfield, I do hate Mondays.
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    You should get out more. See the world. There are a lot of things out there to write about.