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    Thanks for the advice, I'll try to apply it to my life. It makes me feel a little better knowing that I'm not alone in this. And I hope you feel better, because feeling this way is terrible.
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    In a small way I understand how taking a break feels unproductive and useless. The problem with this is that you eventually feel you have to work more and more and more and you start to burn out. Once you start to burn out you start to feel bad because you really want a break but you feel like it’s a waste of time. I really believe taking breaks now and then would really ease your mind if you let them. Allow yourself to have a bit of peace and quiet every now and then. It gives your mind a chance to think more rationally if it doesn’t have a million other thoughts swirling around.
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    You're just in a rut, don't worry, I've been through plenty of them. This has been a hard year for everyone, but we're all here for you!
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    Yo bro like you know dude when you in a pickle jar like you are man. There only one way out bro, you thinking your job is why or your education dude. Nah man it simple man you already know bro. Like bro when depressed you like don't feel interested or passionate dude. That's you know how it is bro. Pickle jar only one way out dude, got to open that path bro you see it you know it what you doing dude. What I recommend dude is you get yourself on the computer and do a little programming my dude. Yo like do that and get into it you know. Then like follow your heart bro I know you know dude. You already said it dude school for you man don't be like doing something you not passionate dude. Bro I feel you dude like bro that's how I felt too yo. Yet you have to do this dude don't let your depression take your dreams dude. If I give you one advide my advice be yo do what you want dude. Like this your life bro, you go on your computer dude and program I am sure doing so you'll love it my dude.
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    Update on this. Turns out he is already going forward with something against these sites. Hilarious how he did essentially nothing during this pandemic (and he sat around for months doing nothing while it made its way here) but Twitter calls him out on his lies and immediately he jumps forward to go against them. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-is-set-to-announce-an-executive-order-against-social-media-companies/ar-BB14GKRP?OCID=ansmsnnews11 Depending on how far he takes this, it will cause extreme backlash.
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    Yeah, there's no way he would shut down social media because he doesn't have the power to do that. If he did then there'd be a worldwide riot and a revolution combined.
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    If anybody thinks Trump is a president for the people at this point they have to be brainwashed.
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    This is true, but Trump lies all the time. That is also true. Him threatening regulation of social media because of this one thing is really what I find hilarious. That's the main point. Him threatening to do something so stupid that would result in extreme backlash from most people all because of something that one site does. It is comical.
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    In Trumps deluded mind, he still believes himself to be the all power overload of mankind, so I just say let him try. He's such an addict to Twitter that his Tweets have actually been categorized as Official White House Documents, so nothing will ever come of it. He's just blustering to try and get re-elected, because as we all know the only thing Trump cares about is himself.
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    I am the same as @Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥, in that I cannot understand the will to hurt myself. Mostly because I am too scared of doing so. And I have seen some scary things in my life, which might be out of scale to what we talk about on an emotional level. I remember hurting myself once to get a point across, but I regretted it badly. It hurt, and it didn't change anything for the better of for the worse. I have never felt more ashamed, not for myself, but for the people around me that I tried to reach in such a stupid way. I also understand you situation @ElectricEnergy⚡, as I read your topic in Life Advice, but I couldn't respond. The religious part of your life is very strong, and nothing I will say can change that. I can only say that you are with us for a reason. You are here with me, and the rest of the people at the forum, and we all enjoy your company! We want to keep seeing you here!
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    I really want to give advice, but I'm honestly going through similar problems right now. Sure I might seem all cheery on forums, but it's kinda of a front I put on to hide how depressed I really feel. I probably feel 80% of what you said in the blog too. Talentless, feeling like a waste-of-time, loneliness, demotivated. Maybe I might not feel them as deeply as you do, but I am in a similar boat to you. I know that this probably doesn;t make you feel better, but I'm just saying, you are not alone. There's many people out there. Most of all, don;t take your life or hurt yourself over this please. Like I feel terrible but I have never considered doing those things, since I'm more scared of being hurt than anything else.
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    Thanks, and it seems like I've been in a rut for a few years now. I just want to get out of it. I've been this way for about two and a half years now.
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    How long have you been this way? Because my Mom once told me that if you're alone with yourself too long, it's easy to get depressed. Like, literal depression like the one you're talking about.
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    Bro is a long text dude so like you know dude. Though yeah dude, I was like you bro didn't really follow my heart bro. Like if you don't dude like yeah other people may like that choice bro. Yet like will you dude.
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    That's a lot of 'bro' and 'dude' you just said! Anyways, thanks for the advice, I'll try to follow my heart.
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    I feel exactly the same way. Up top, bro. Incidentally, I feel kinda bad that I haven't been on the forums much lately. I've been very busy with projects, and I will be for the foreseeable future. In fact, the only reason I'm here now is that I'm procrastinating because I'm finding it really difficult to get to work. But you're always welcome to chat me up, even if I don't reply in a timely manner.
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    Thank you so much good buddy. ^-^ I realize that we haven't talked in a good while but I've always respected you a lot. You've always been a cool dude to me.
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    Its a simulation of a real plane. in this case a very specific real plane
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    Thank you. I enjoy being here on the forums, it's a very nice place!
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    I wouldn't be sad if Twitter got shut down because of this! Because: I don't like Twitter I don't like social media I don't like Trump I don't like Twitter because Trump lives there Twitter is Trump and Trump is Twitter Simple, he would only shoot himself in the foot by removing his only special ability, to use Twitter.
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    I agree with you that wanting to regulate twitter is really stupid and it is a stupid response and was mostly born out of the recent fact check. The most reasonable and justifiable thing that he could do would be to strip twitter of the protections of Section 230 as they've violated those sections. But Trump did say regulate, which is wholly different and just plain dangerous. No thank you Cheetos in Chief~
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    The fact check thing was really stupid. I checked it myself, there was no fact checking. Only "according to CNN" and a few other news outlets. That is not fact checking, that is not even asserting a fact, it is basically the same as saying "allegedly". Is it funny? Yes, it kinda is, it is basically Trump getting trolled. But does it hold any actual sway or is it long term feasible? Most likely not, especially if Twitter is too scared of asserting facts themselves and has to delicate responsibility to news outlets (which, btw, are not fact checkers)~
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    Well, the writers wanted to show that the Voyager crew has limited resources, not enough power for the replicators, but also wanted to have the holodeck episodes, so we get the stupid explanation that the ship uses a dedicated and incompatible power source for the holodeck. Probably the gun gets either replicated or uses forcefields to appear solid and fires a bullet that also appears solid. The safety would destroy the bullet when it comes within a safe distance of a human. At least it looks like that. Safety was an after thought and it shows. So, in-universe the holodeck design is stupid and unsafe. Out-of-universe it makes sense, otherwise the holodeck episodes would be pointless if they could just turn it off.
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    The original series episode where they got stuck on the pleasure planet at least made more sense.
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    Oh yeah. The holodeck safety protocols turning off at the slightest problem, but the program itself not turning off. I get it, holodeck technology is dangerous and the safety measures are probably "active" instead of "passive", that is, a holo-axe has the same properties as the real one, but the computer actively monitors ir and removes it if the blade gets too close to a human body. This, of course, means that it is possible for that monitoring to fail and you get hit with an axe. OK, let's say this is how the technology works and it is not possible to make the axe inherently safe (say, behaving like rubber) without destroying the immersion. So, why doesn't the program immediately turn off if the safety is compromised? Also, "shutting down the holodeck, we will lose the characters" - I guess games in the future will not have saves or backups. However, speaking out-of-universe, the holodeck episodes were a way for the creators to have different styles of episodes and safety being enabled all the time would make it boring to watch (well, the characters are not in any kind of real danger, they are just playing a game), so the safety has to fail in order for the holodeck episodes to count for something. Similar is how Voyager pretty much never had a backup of the EMH, except in one episode where the backup was stolen. I get it, the EMH can be considered a sentient being and there are moral issues with copying him, but then say so in the episode, you can even have characters debating whether they should or shouldn't keep a backup of the EMH when he goes somewhere dangerous.
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    Everything Trump does faces backlash. Don;t think it's gonna change anything tho
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    Highest form of Friendship, requires expensive rings!
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    Mind blowing, right? I started watching the show cold, not knowing anything about it. The first episode was amazing. I got to Princess Prom on Netflix and I saw the picture for it and thought, Catra in a tuxedo, I can't wait! Season 5 is amazing!
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    Omgosh, Jonny is so good! *claps*
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    The holodeck episodes are usually an excuse to have a change of setting. But it seemed cheap to me. You should do a list of episodes and a deeper analysis. It never made sense to me that you can't just shut the power off or open the damn door. And from what I remember in Voyager, they said they couldn't use the holodeck power grid for other things. They were rationing replicators, but they had plenty of power for a holodeck. One of the early holodeck episdoes on TNG had the characters in a gangster holo program, and someone got shot because the holodeck safeties shut off and things became real. But that makes no sense. How did that holo gun become real? When a holodeck makes an object, I imagine that it only makes a shell. It uses forcefields to make things feel solid. But I think also the holodeck uses replicator technology to make some objects. For example, you can eat food there. Probably small objects get replicated, and dereplicated when the program is done. But what about the gun? Would the holo program actually replicate a gun with all the working parts? How do the safeties work in that case? Would it make a working gun but only shoot blanks, or make a loud noise but not fire a bullet? I would think that the program would only make a hollow shell for a gun. Turning the safeties off would not then cause the program to turn that hollow fake gun into a real working gun. I think a lot of that has to do with who programmed it. Maybe older programs were poorly designed. Maybe people figured it was easier to just make things real and solid. Then people figured out that they needed safeties, so maybe better made, newer programs aren't as inherently dangerous. Imagine a holo program where there is a poison. Would the holodeck actually replicate a poison, or harmless water? Imagine how difficult it would be to think of all possible dangerous things that can happen, and trying to create safe guards.
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    *hugs* I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now, my friend! I hope your family accepts you eventually, that's what they should do.
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    Where's the facepalm emote? Why is there no facepalm emote? /\ - this will have to suffice.... ...y'know, I'll add it a few more times for good measure. ... ... ...
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    YAY! Hugs! I love hugs! We love you for who you are =3
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    Oof, Im late, very late, sorry. But I really like it! A work of art indeed! And your words when you posted this were amazing as well, I really enjoy seeing you like this, accepting who you are and loving yourself can be tough for some people and nothing makes me smile more than when someone gets to smile after tough times like you did here. The reason I delayed was very similar to yours, I was unsure of what would you think of whatever I'd say, I hope you understand.
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    Thank you. :3 Yeah, he is my Ponysona so he is a representation of myself. I love that kind of expression through a ponysona. <3 I am happy that you like it and are so understanding. ^-^
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    Soo cute! and a cool concept that he represents you!
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    @Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️ Thank you. ^-^ I agree and honestly that's where the silver lining is to my mental issues. Yeah, they make life rather...well, difficult for me, but I feel that I am quite unique because of them. Sometimes things like that can have their positives. I feel that people should embrace themselves and not think lowly of themselves because of their "quirks". It is part of who we are.
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    Awww he looks adorable And also I feel that it's better to be different to everyone else. It expresses your individuality, and it makes you a more interesting person than the generic person.
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    Not too much to add here I didnt write on discord already. It is great you found this way for yourself! ❤️ Also, many of us have...some weird quirks, as society views us, starting from liking ponies meant for 7yo girls. Apart from being a hoarding dragon in general myself....I think my 60k magic cards lying around in my room waiting to get sorted and sorted over and over again...would quite scare some people.
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    Well done for being braver than I could ever be... Also, excellent picture and I'm glad you've accepted this side of yourself
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    I will always remember you no matter where you go. You’ll always be CB to me. I’m sure I’ll see you on Twitter Take care!
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    I never knew her, but that's awful. My condolences as well, I'm sure she was a nice person.
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    I didn't know her at all really, yet, to see this still made me very upset. I know she was a good soul with good intentions. I hope she rests peacefully. And my condolences to her family as well.
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    I don't what to say. I don't anyone's beliefs so I can only speak based on my own. I don't recall ever conversing with her but it's always sad to see something like this happen. All I can say is even though it's horrible things had to happen like this, at least what ever pain she must have been in is gone and she's at peace somewhere under a loving creator's watchful eyes and protection.
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    It is sad when such happens, if you know the person well or not. Life is too short already, it is a tragedy when someone ends it early. I still remember that awesome signature, she was soo happy by the positive responses. Rest in peace Natasha.
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    I feel so sorry for her and her family. I hope that those who are grieving about this will recover fully.