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    I think your posts are worth it because you give me your perspective of the topic and I respect that and I show my respect by brohoofing your post.
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    0/10 You people need to find new material.
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    I still think that the vast majority of what I post is not worth brohoofing at all. It isn't even worth acknowledging.
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    Heh, I will always remember your journey through fabulosity my friend. XD
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    @Nightfall Gloam I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving, My Friend. I'll miss you. *Hugs*
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    In all honesty, for a guy in your situation, you've probably been far too generous in the time and attention you've given to so many of us this past year. Not that doing so makes you a bad person or anything, but when I consider some of the advice you've managed to give to me alone in the past year, the time and attention you've given to anything going on in my own life, it just goes to show what a giving person you are. You are a truly generous spirit, and given that, along with the fact that you have felt compelled in the past year to be a rock for both your family and so many others, both here and in other areas of your life, it's easy to see how you could neglect or bury your own needs. Going forward, I want you to know that I and many of your other close friends here will do anything we can to not ask much of you as well as to offer you anything we can as you start paying more attention to your own health and well-being. We love you buddy, and want to give back to you as you've given back to us in so many ways, even at times where you didn't need to.
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    It's quite amazing how hard the road of life can be, but yet it can be an amazing teacher in its own way. The lessons we learn are often times very hard and we can become better people for it. Love yah Jeric; always remember that. My sympathies and condolences of course, but my hope and encouragement as well to the new dawn ahead of you. Be strong my friend!
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    Major respect for this courageous and heartfelt post. I can't begin to imagine what you have gone (and are going) through, but I do know you're as strong an individual as I've ever known and you will absolutely pull through.
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    Onion cutting ninjas always appear at the worst times. They seem to love your posts in general. Now my room smells like a gym bag. No wait. It's always been like that. In all seriousness though, props to you, for having the strength to remain strong, and having the greater strength to admit that couldn't remain that way forever. Many in your position would've been too proud, and gone down on their sword as it were. I don't know what I would've done. Still don't. I question how I'd react if I lost any of my family. I question if I would have the strength to continue, let alone ask for help when I don't. I question if I'd ever know where to start. But knowing that someone else endured even worse losses, and still came out the other side standing, may give me the hope I'll need. When and if that day comes, I'll definitely be on here. But today is not that day. The world is still turning. Life goes on. And we're all here to experience what's to come and all the good times that may come with it. Probably left this in my response to your previous post on the subject, but it bears repeating. Oh and pass my best to Madison and Faith. No matter how close the calls, they still made it through. That's something to be proud of. I know I am.
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    It's a good philosophy. To understand and see the whole truth, you must not limit yourself to a single point of view. I can get behind that.
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    >show sux because it won't conform to me Okay, then.
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    ...You do realize that that's what we said for S2 and S3, rightttt? So that means before Twilight met the Mane 6, they were awful, awful ponies. >implying Twilight should of brought her friends into the world, which would of created clones of the other mane 6, and thus, havoc. Then why did Twilight want to go home? Also, just because Twilight has 6 friends, dosen't mean she should have 5 new friends? I'll keep that in mind. No, sir, they won't. In MMC, they weren't disposable. In S3, they weren't disposable. They will still have episodes centered around them. They are BFF's to Twi. 'Too above petty concerns'? The reason she became princess was because she believed in friendship. If she doesn't believe so, then she is going against what she said. As such, that could actually prove to be an interesting plot for an episode, on how strong friendship is, and how you shouldn't abandon your friends. Also, you do realize EQG wasn't canon, right? So, yeahhhhh.
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    Gay Illuminati are going to descend upon you for revealing their secret gay code on MLP Forums. Or people at your school are dumb.
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    The fandom is in trouble, and it needs our help. Conventional problem-solving skills are not enough to solve this crisis. New plan: Save the fandom with crickets.
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    MY MOVE?!?!?!?! Okay...I'll move the pawn forward, and that way my knight can eat your queen. CRAP, I GAVE AWAY MY PLAN All joking aside, oh how sweet it is to see this Even though I already have on Skype. And yup, nice diamond ring picture you sent me. How very legit XD And of course, you were always there for me as well. I have HUGE life problems, such as dying in a game, forum drama, lack of avatar, et cetera. These life problems bother me hugely! And I'm glad you're there because I can always use you as my punching bag The FATEFUL day when the prince and the princess reunite together--Yours Truly bought us closer forevermore We must thank Thanqol for this lovely fiction. You were Like a Boss then, and I remember your Fluttershy party soft avatar. OH MAI GAWD TEH MEMORIES And remember our little memes? *COUGH* <---YOU BETTER REMEMBER IT! And the same can be said when I have (actual) life problems as well, whether it's my parents screaming at me and such, or anything else. You're always there to help. <3 Anyway, it's your turn. C'mon, you know my chess setup now D:<
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    "What is up with it?" I would think you would have enough experience to know that people are going to complain even if things are close to their perception of perfect. If the moderators take longer than the member expected them to reply to their ticket, they will complain that it took too long. However, if they respond too fast, the member will complain that their ticket was rushed and that the moderator didn't get enough time fully evaluate it. The person at fault in this situation is quite obviously, the member. This will not change though, people will always find something to complain about. Not trying to sound rude, just the truth. Also, happy holidays; I haven't had a visit here in a while.
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    One does not simply surpass Feld0.
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    I'm sorry to hear you're leaving. But if you don't feel participating in the fandom makes you happy anymore, it's probably the right choice. I hope you continue to find enjoyment in your new interests! Thank you for being my friend! I wish you all the best and hope you choose to visit sometimes!
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    It was hard to read this without getting all teary-eyed. It hit closer to home than I would normally like to admit. I took a brief hiatus from the forums in late November and never really elaborated on why. I think in my status update I just said there was a family issue that came up. Nothing too specific. Turns out, I almost lost my younger brother to suicide twice in November. I tried to cover it up. Tried to put on lots of fake smiles, both here and in real life. Tried to smile and wave when in fact I was feeling the worst pain I had felt. I was beginning to break under the surface. Didn't have a clue about what the future would hold. I had some of the worst anxiety attacks of my life, after about a year and a half of being very much anxiety-free thanks to a combination of therapy and medication. It was difficult being away at college, knowing that all hell could break lose at home at any moment. Things have improved. My brother had multiple hospital stays and his condition has now improved to the point where he can finally attend school again. @Jeric, your strength through your own trials is inspiring. Wish I could be that courageous. I wish you, Faith, and Madison all the best.
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    Beautifully said, Jeric. I think I got something in my eye...
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    I could sit here for hours and still not know what to say, I have heard about some of this before but what I knew then seems to have merely been the tip of the iceberg. To know more of the hardships that you have had to face, well, I am without words. God bless you Jeric, I wish you every success and happiness.
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    You're an incredible person. I can't even begin to imagine the sheer stress and grief this must have caused you and your family, but the fact that you're still alive here today, being strong for your children, is so amazing. I hope you find the happiness you've been looking for- but even if you don't, as I'm sure you know, it's okay. It's fine not to be alright. I'm so glad things are finally starting to look up for you. You're a legend, my friend, and I hope to one day be as wonderful a person as you.
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    That's why the block button exists.
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    Why not both? Two Chigens Appreciation Days! Come on guys!
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    Oh no, the entire fight scene sucks because it reminds me of something I don't like and it shows that Twilight thinks her friends are disposable! Never mind the fact that she determined that they were more important than safeguarding the power of three additional alicorns on top of her own power. They don't matter to her, at all, and she would never risk losing all of Equestria to Tirek for them. Except when she did. gg no re
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    Let it be said that everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Let it also be said that both moderators and users have things to improve on. I am not accusing one group specifically. We are all guilty of what I spoke of in the above post. In fact I believe all people are guilty of it at some point. Comments have been disabled for the sake of avoiding drama and for my own safety.
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    You don't have to care about fandom shout outs. You don't have to care about Derpy or Fluttershy either. In fact, Fluttershy is one of my least favorite characters. You don't have to like dubstep either. So what ? I didn't mind alicorn Twilight either. Cons aren't for everyone. Simple as that. 'Nor does the show have to change you at all. In other words, you don't have to be like everyone else in the fandom.
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    Wait, I finally think I figured out what you're saying. You're some kind of prophesized Biblical figure that had their third strand of DNA activated by a Chinese Princess and cryptic messages and symbolism hidden in not only MLP, but the forums. Which in and of itself would take quite the impressive amount of effort on all those involved, and as well all know, humans are lazy. Something about the eternal fight between God and Satan and whatever else, I don't know, I'm going to say it's a fight between God, Satan, and Dr. Phil, it really doesn't matter. You mentioned something about a Katy Perry song having something to do with it so I'mma roll with it. You said you can give some kind of gift to us, perhaps activating the third strand of DNA in us as well? There is also a lot of you mentioning that these fictional ponies have opinions on the LGBT laws, which is quite fascinating. You also start this whole tin-foil hat-esque conspiracy about the whole big phamacies because why the hell not, I mean, once you've already dived into crazy you might as well go the whole way, right? What is this scripture you mention? I'm either going to assume that you wrote it or that it doesn't exist because those are the only two things that make the least bit of sense. You then go on to say that the only reason we don't believe you is that we're closed-minded. Which isn't true, the reason we don't believe that is because it's batshit insane.
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    I totally wanted to leave this place. For reasons I can hardly even explain. However I totally missed this place after about, what... 10 days at most? Maybe not even that. I forgot how... horrible... everywhere else is. There's so many stupid, arrogant, ignorant, dummy faces out there, and this place has virtually none of that. I love this place and the people as well.
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    Fuck you and your clickbait ;( I actually thought you were leaving forever. Have fun!
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    Well that is pretty nice of you. I brohoof for one of three reasons 1. Your post was thought provoking 2. You made me laugh 3. A combo of both.
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    I give up. The only thing that's bullshit here is the whole "I don't like it, therefore it's stupid" attitude of yours. I mean if other people liked the fight scene, why try to stop them?
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    Wealth distribution isn't very fair in 99% of the world, dude. HUGE overreaction.
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    *makes checklist* ... Hummmm, i actually did nothing of that... Im not annoying! Weeeeee!
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    I like how everyone claims they know the story, and that they've got it all figured out. So let me get this straight. Your Artemis-Hate skype group, has collectively shared the story and decided that you all are in the right and know the full correct story, ultimately ending in Artemis deserving to be demoted. Bias is a wonderful thing isn't it? You can tug and pull and fight and flail all you want, but the ones clinging to their decisions don't budge. Both sides, for and against, are guilty of this, including myself. Earlier I was downright pissed off and angry with how the 'userbase' was reacting. Therefore I got angry with others around. But let me ask you something; When you've made a mistake, when is it easier to admit to it? When everyone is freaking out at you and screaming bloody murder, or when they calmly respond and ask for a little more info and explanation? Put yourself in Artemis's shoes. I for one agree with the final decision of banning this user. He was causing unnecessary trouble, abuse, and was crying about his warnings to people. (Including flaming and insulting Artemis.) Sure, perhaps allowing the Skype related part to be included in the ban reason shouldn't have happened, but I'm going to scream this to the heavens if I have to. If it still doesn't get through the deaf ears that pervert this fandom at times I will be very displeased. The Skype trouble was not the only reason for Gary Oaks banning.
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    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!
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