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    I believe the ones you don't recognise are Utena, Bulma and Ranma in that order
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    Such an adventure deserved a happy ending! Sounds like mother nature was excited to see you on that particular walk
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    You shouldav phosed # lord of the bugs
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    I hate insects. Yes, I know that some are important to our environment but that doesn’t mean I can’t hate them. They are absolutely terrifying creatures and if I have the opportunity to smash one, I will.
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    Back in the day, when I self loathed myself a whole lot, I used to have an earth pony because I used to think I was an uninteresting piece of shit. Literally, I felt so worthless and lacking of anything that made me special that I represented myself within the fandom as a blank flank earth pony. Lately I recovered from feeling that way, and a year ago I decided to make a new avatar. Haven't finished it, mainly because I can't pick the right colors. Originally, it was intended to be a pegasus, because I feel unicorns are unfairly overpowered and they don't use their potential. Pegasi on the other hoof are capable of bending many physical and chemical phenomena within the fim universe bounds, and that's cool but still not OP. They have far more freedom and they seem to be the closest to have an industrialized life style (they run factories, for instance). Besides, they seem to be the ones with a longer militar history between the 3 races. However, I changed my pick for a batpony, not because I wanted to be "different", but because several friends suggested me to pick it due my nocturnal habits and the photophobia. I also like better the fangs on bat ponies, and canonically we know so little batponies can work as a wildcard for writing them out. We've seen them so barely almost anything can be said about them without breaking canon. So, am I happy witha pegasus variant avatar? Yes. Quite happy with it.
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    I know. Bugs like @Lucky Bolt must be squished
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    Not sure if it helps, but I'm most happy with no ponysona at all. I tried everything, drawing myself as a furry, as pony - I never liked it. I like myself as who I am and even the slightest change feels wrong to me. Was thinking about becoming an earth pony, because it seems like the closest thing to a real human with no superpowers. Another possibility for me was being a unicorn or even a (Spoiler for ya): I always liked the idea of having psychic powers and maybe I could experience this more this way. But it is "becoming" nonetheless. In the end I'm most happy with the plain ol' reality.