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    This is good enough for James Rolf to use! ...I hope he does!
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    Maybe a comma splice would've fixed that. *Makes the edit.*
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    You're welcome. And oh, I know. Once in a while, I still stop by to watch something new from him like his Sonic 06 review and the Chronologically Confused of Kingdom Hearts time to time or one of his videos with Mike.
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    Oh yes, I loved AVGN growing up as a teen and this is totally the kind of thing I could imagine being featured in the opening to an episode. Great job!
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    Does it really matter whether this is just head-canon or not? It is not a theory but a confirmed fact that Fluttershy is ten times the Jedi that Jake Skywalker will ever be.
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    Veggietales is a bit after my time (it was Psalty the Singing Songbook for me when I was a kid), but...man, this is making me think I really missed out!
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    Then flutterbat is her Darth shy form i guess
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    Over-attachment is the problem, not attachment itself. Possessiveness is the problem, not friendship. She, in fact, proves that she is able to master her attachment by letting go of the animals she loves when its time for them to return to the wild or if she needs to turn them over to more experienced help. So she, in fact, does not fear loss or at least not often. She accepts that loss is natural and allows it to happen when it is time. Thank you for asking this because it was a perfect item to cover that I had not thought of.
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    Yup, the comma splice definitely made it more understood. Thanks.
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    Ok, good. It's because of the way you worded it before really confused me, so thank you for clarifying.
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    Likewise. He still makes new episodes tho, lol. Thanks. I'm rather confused about what you meant. I know the lyric part, but after it is what confuses me. Are you saying you didn't enjoy it or something? Cuz I made sure there wasn't anything wrong with it before it went public. So can you please clarify if you enjoyed it or not? Thank you.
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    I'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear, than claim this isn't well done.
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    If I were to compared what kind of Jedi Fluttershy is to the other Jedi, it would be Yoda. They both don't value using violent in order to gain victory.
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    One thing you must remember is that I solely create Organ solo arrangements. Percussion is only added to the audio track and music video whenever it is really necessary (Bowser's Theme from Super Mario 64 being the biggest example of that). So no, I cannot guarantee percussion to be added to an Organ solo arrangement for that track. Understood?
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    I will stay tuned! ...You know what I'm going to ask next: will you be mixing in any percussion? I remember OOYE had a lot of percussion in it, giving it a kind of a march-flavor to it.
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    Yea but some people take things so literally, I had to put in that disclaimer. Do you think there would be interest in Jedi or Sith traits of other MLP characters?
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    A pipe organ in Equestria existed in the old castle as featured in Season 4, lol. Thanks though.
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    So, now we need to found a Church of Equestria - Our Princess Celestia, who doth watch over us....
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    I'm going to listen to this when I get home
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    If some kind of a ponified church existed, this would be played. Nice one.
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    Understood. I personally liked the film, especially since it was a first in a while to be a solely 2D animated film like the classic ones. "I guess I live and learn..." Yup.
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    I was not expecting to find something like this here on mlpforums. I hope it doesn't get removed because it doesn't say anything about ponies. And what everyone needs to keep in mind is how this is also talking about Brony movement
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    What about attatchment?( All those animals and her friends). It leads to the fear of loss and its a path to the dark side