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    Aww, I love Apple Bloom! <3 Very cute!
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    No matter what happens, the show will never truly fade away from our hearts.
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    Apple Bloom!! Lovely drawing, Nyx
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    The Oscars itself isn't really the main point of this blog post though. The main point is how Trump mocks a film for winning best picture solely based on its country of origin. So I guess to Trump, any film that is not from "MuRiCa" isn't good enough to win best picture. The fact that Trump isn't guaranteed to lose this upcoming election should depress people due to how pathetic this country really is.
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    I don't really care about the Oscars, but I will say that Trump's comment on Parasite's win is quite obviously xenophobic. Also, the Irishman won no awards... At all... Yet they gave one to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Also, "Gone with the Wind?" Really? That movie is 80 years old... They're for movies made THAT year, and of course leave it to a moron like Trump not to realize that.
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    Sound very nice to have medication, and being able to get your life back again! I am currently following most of your steps taken on this forum, as you inspire me to post as well.
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    I somewhat empathize; I tend to have rather strange interests as well. You may not know this, but in spite of my recent fondness for My Little Pony, it is actually competing with Godzilla for my favorite franchise of all time. Even so, however... I virtually never mention the latter here. Perhaps I am too submissive, but I only mention things I believe others will care about in specific situations. For example, I also frequent Toho Kingdom alongside MLPF, and discuss Godzilla and other miscellaneous daikaiju there. It is all a matter of which audience you are speaking to, the overall community, or which individual you are speaking to, in my experience. Some people are more inclined to be more interested in certain things than others, so I do my best to cater towards them. Everyone socializes differently, however... and I am known to be rather obsequious. Either way, I do understand how it feels to have rather alienating differences; in most situations, it's as if you can ever truly unleash your passions. Fortunately, however, we live in an age where being "strange" is easier than ever, and it appears that it will only get easier as time goes on. I would hardly consider your interests limiting, when all is said and done; mutual interests may connect people, but they are hardly the basis for relationships, after all.
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    That's a familiar feeling to me... I've always had niche interests too. And it does feel quite frustrating that no one else seems to be interested in them (not talking about people here on the forums but offline). To be honest, it seems to me that most people aren't really interested in anything – even most of the things you mentioned you're not interested in would be considered niche interests where I'm from. As for the status updates, I've enjoyed the ones you've posted with music. I always try to listen to the songs, either immediately or sometimes saving them for later... But it's often difficult for me to think of any replies to those kinds of statuses (besides repeating "Good song" over and over, which would feel like spamming ), as interesting as the songs are. And that seems to be the case for a lot of people, I've noticed the music statuses don't usually get many replies (though I enjoy them, and I'm sure many others do too). With the other non-MLP related subjects, I'd guess a lot of people just feel they aren't familiar enough with the subject in question. I try to reply to those sometimes, but I feel trying to comment on a status about a movie or game (or anything else) I know literally nothing about might just prove annoying (which is just about the last thing I want to be). So in my case, at least, a lack of reply from me doesn't mean I'm disinterested in those things, just that I can't think of anything to say for the reasons I mentioned above. And by all means, continuing to post about things you care about is the right thing to do!
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    I understand what you mean about niche interests. Pokemon might be my absolute favourite thing ever, but a lot of other things I do like is not really known well by others. Or at worst, those other things I follow is considered a meme or not good. I'm honestly too afraid to say I like so-and-so these days because people are usually just so hard to relate to
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    I have to say, you're making progress really quickly! Keep it up!
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    Maybe so, but I know I can do better. I simply must! :3
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    Like I said, cutest art of Lucky I've seen so far! You did an especially good job on the hair, very detailed. I also find it flattering you dream of Lucky's hair now.
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    Old people complaining about young people is something that has always happened and will most likely keep happening. Let's make sure we don't do that when we're old ourselves!
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    Definintely not mine. It's a part of me now.
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    It seems like a rough time. Lockdown can be pretty bad, boredom is really annoying some times. There is a cure though, have you ever planned on doing something to the house like painting it but you never had time? If so, you can start now. If not, do some kind of exercise, the human body cannot stand still or the heart could be seriously damaged.
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    I have heard many of these names before. Thanks for putting them into context! Very nicely written as well!
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    @ShadOBabe TheRockATrice? I voted for The Beast King myself. Hard to say why, but it's the most Nightmare Night-esque one to me.
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    Great review and analysis! Very good point about "Lesson Zero" being more for Mane 5 than Twilight. About the humor the only jokes I really liked was the Applejack and Rainbow Dash jokes, and the one joke where Pinkie Pie swallows the plate along with the food especially since its been mentioned in other episodes like "Cutie Map" that Pinkie has inadvertently swallowed non food items in the past. Twilight was awful in this episode and deserved her karma.
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    No student abuse in this so it's fine. I'm glad that Starlight doesn't have to witness her mentor's most embrassing moment yet.
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    1. I was NOT a fan of Twilight Sparkle's behavior in this episode. This episode made Lesson Zero Twilight look sane. 2. "Winning isn't as important as having fun." felt like more of a Rainbow Dash lesson than a Twilight Sparkle lesson.* *That's just how I interpreted the lesson of the episode. 3. Applejack giving a similar look to this to Granny Smith when she brought up the apple question.
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    I proudly admit 246G and Dash’s shitty behavior pissed me off. That said, I don’t hate the episode, only dislike. Also, people like myself dislike the episode in large part because Dash is written poorly. Bashed the idea of synchronized cheering even though she taught Fluttershy how to spontaneously cheer. Bashed the concept of cheerleading in front of five students who not only looked forward to it, but believed it was interesting. In their eyes, Rainbow Dash was the best teacher for the job. And she bashed their desire to their faces. Two students ran off crying because Dash’s insult hurt them, and she remained remorseless for it. The episode exaggerated her obliviousness and made her out of character by treating her cheerleading class and students as inferior to the buckball team itself. She actively showed to them that being at the buckball field, scheming her way out, and being less than lazy mattered more, and that they have to fend for themselves. Snips, despite Bit signs in his eyes, showed more patience and competence than her! By whining about being “demoted,” she took what was supposed to be a fun class, embarrassed them, and sucked the energy out in 48 hours. Only a teacher this callous and selfish could do that. Dash may not have the smoothest personality and doesn’t always need to be a sweetheart, but she is also supposed to be likeable and a role model. Common Ground and The Washouts are two recent examples of great Dash episodes; in the latter, Dash wasn’t exactly at her best with her ego accentuating the conflict, but her heart was in the right place. What she’s doing here isn’t role-modelish, endearing, or sympathetic. This would be a role I would rather see antagonists or hate sinks do, not one of the biggest protagonists.
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    The way you take inspiration (like watching that art stream), and improve from that, shows in your art! You are such an artist! Lovely art piece!
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    Very nice, she looks great!
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    Roughly five minutes after:
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    You mention that Yona works as the main character for this episode for two reasons: Her being the most “emotional and vulnerable” and the “least ladylike” of the Student Six. I think a third aspect, as I mentioned in my EQD review, makes her struggle especially deep and revealing: Yak culture, as we’ve seen in “Party Pooped” and elsewhere, doesn’t place a high value on imitation or accept the “When in Rome” principle fully. For even a yak to feel pressured into “fitting in” not only heightens her struggle, but shows how pervasive a tendency toward imitation (or as you might put it, assimilation) is in pony culture. The fact that this is the first time the School (eventually) had a real cultural exchange is indeed one of the episode’s great innovations over episodes prior. While some may dismiss an episode like this as filler, I suspect that the experiences the Mane Six have here will be very informative as they prepare to take over Equestria, starting the cultural reform that sees friendship not in terms of similarities (as the pervasiveness of the “assimilation” idea shows), but respect that transcends differences.
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    I *totally* get it. That's why I try to find things I do have in common with people & work from there.
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    Nice artwork. I can see a progress in quality.
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    @Rikifive @Dark Horse I think all the support I've been getting is a big factor in my progress. Still, I'll do what I can to keep improving. Thank you both!
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    Stunning work, Lyra. Especially given that you haven't been at this for too long. This is a fine attempt! Lucky looks pleased. Motivation to keep at it!
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    Thanks @Sparklefan1234! I'll do my best.
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    You did an awesome job! And it's always great to see a banner with ponies who rarely appear in them (I wonder if this is the first one with Roseluck in it)!
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    Good evening, my friend! I'm glad to hear your first year here has been amazing – I hope the next one is every bit as good, or even better! Thanks for being an awesome friend! A day wouldn't be complete without your status updates – even on a not-so-good day, it always cheers me (and I'm sure a lot of others too) up to read them, see the cute ponies you post and of course have a little chat! And no matter what kind of day you have, you're always friendly to everyone (even on Tuesdays)! Happy forumversary to you, and may there be many more to come!
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    One year? It feels like it was longer than that. Really nice story you have there, I've never met a brony irl. I'm happy that you had a great time here and I hope, that the next years will be even better! Happy anniversary~!
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    here's to many more years, and all the naan and the mochi ! i had quite the oposite problem when i first joined the fandom which is even less than a year ago, i was on when activity was the lowest, but everyone still managed to find my posts and the games even if a bit late, this comunity sure has it's way of making you feel included
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    Thanks for the support everyone. It means more than you know.
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    That's a beautiful Roseluck! Very good progress so far!
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    @CosmicSpark @Rikifive Thank you so much.
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    One should never be afraid to live the life they desire. You're way of life does not harm other people or creatures, so I see or have never seen any issues with you. I still think you are as adorable as ever!
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    The Duck Knight Returns is my favorite episode of the DuckTales series so far. Gotta love how they brought about Negaduck back~
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    You're welcome! Thank you for being an amazing friend too! You really deserved all the brohoofs and love you received over the past 9 moths! I hope you will stay enjoying the forums like this for many more moons to come! *hug*
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    I think I do, actually. I remember we became friends quite soon after that. And I was a bit surprised when you won your first day so soon (it takes longer for most people – for me, more than a year).
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    Little Things; Huge Progress That's how I see it. Fantastic work; At this rate I'm curious what you'll come up with after a year or something. Keep it up!
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    I like how in every screenshot you posted Twilight is in a prone position.
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    Short answer: With the current design, at this very moment it does not. Long answer: It's still debatable. Read further if interested. Now that, is a good question. Personally I love when the bar length changes along with maximum value. It gives that nice feeling, that you actually can see how your max HP is increasing, rather than just numbers getting bigger. However, with the current design I planned to give up on that feature, taking the breath meter next to it into consideration. That itself is not a problem though, I could move it somewhere else or re-design it. The problem is that HP really changes, from like 6-8 points at the beginning to more than 50 near the end (it's still subject to change, as it may be balanced in later stages of development). The gap is rather big, so if I'd plan the segments to represent a specific amount of HP, I'd have to keep in mind, that the bar's length would be multiplied by 6 - 7 during the playthrough. For example, in this image: The HP bar's length is 50 pixels regardless of the amount of MAX HP. It has 10 segments, each having 5 pixels. At the moment it simply helps to determine the % of the HP. 4 segments would mean 40%, whether that would be 4/10 or 20/50 HP. It's pretty long already, so if I wanted to make the length change, then assigning 1 pixel for each HP would be pretty reasonable. Then, HP 27 / 60 would look like this: --which is fine, but--- at first it would look like this, for example, HP 7 / 13 --which is now kind of funny and hardly readable. Well 13 is almost fine as seen above, but 6-8 not really. So I'd have to to do something like I had initially, for example give it around 25 pixels by default (to make it readable in small scales) and then increase its length by 1 pixel for every point or something. That however, would make the segments appear weirdly - misleading, pretty much meaningless, so it would be better to switch into a normal bar, something like: At first ~ HP 7 / 7 Bar Length: 25 + 7 = 32 And later stages ~ HP 27 / 50 Bar Length: 25 + 50 = 75 To be honest everything sounds nice and is doable, but I really, really cannot decide, so I'm open for any feedback regarding this. Having opinions or ideas? Please feel free to share these with me! The whole HUD can always be changed, so I could even start over if that would be for the better. Additionally, if you're having something in mind, such as designs from other games or some references, feel free to mention these as well! I'm always looking for some inspiration! The question is, which one do you have in mind? I was referring to the detailed designs. For example, if Nightmare Moon would be a boss, the bar would be somewhat Nightmare-Moon-Themed, like I did science there: It's cool and stuff, but I kinda went too far there. Boss bar is a must, I want it to be there. I always prefer to see how effective things are and how long the fight might be. By distracting I meant the fancy design mentioned above, not the bar itself. I can always make it simpler / smaller. Visual changes in sprites would be really nice, but yeah, it would be some extra work. I might consider adding such feature anyway, but that's after I'll be done with the game or at least close to fully releasing it. There will be always some time for polishing later if needed. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!
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    I do like how you've managed to compress all that information into the corner without a loss of information. The only question I have relating to it is what happens regarding increasing health; does the bar get longer, or does it segment more? The boss bar does look rather good, but if it's distracting then the question is why does there need to be a boss bar? So long as there is a visual cue that damage is being done (flashing white with an audio cue or whatever) the player doesn't need to know the health. Visual changes to the boss to indicate damage would be rather good, although I assume there would be significantly more work to animate the boss in the various wound states.
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    What can I say? This was really moving. I’m so happy that you discovered this website. It’s people like you that keep me coming back here despite not having watched MLP in years - I really need to catch up someday. Thank you for mentioning me! I may not have much to offer in conversation, but have always enjoyed reading your statuses and nice comments. I hope you stick around and enjoy your time here for as long as it lasts.
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    Well that was very kind of you! It's good to know you've had so many positive experiences here. And I'm always ready for a dance party.
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    Happy One Year Anniversary, Dusk! It is my utmost pleasure to have been at your side for the majority of your current run. No matter what may come next, I wish you good fortune in your future endeavors! I believe a special one year anniversary coffee is in order, no?
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    I am, I suppose. Take into account that I am always very honest. As the first drawing it is good. As the first drawing is good. Generally (in my opinion) hind part of Lyra is (legs, tail, flank with cutie mark) look better. Practice makes perfect. So good luck in the next sketches!
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    Well done, keep it up!