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    With everything exists death. With every death exists rebirth. I recall GFK. I recall OS. I recall Zygen. I recall hundreds in the years 2014 and 2015. They don't live here anymore. People come and go. You make friends as you have opportunities. Salute as opportunities fade. Look to the horizon with hopeful focus knowing that with any parting exists a return. This month saw the slow return of two legends from old. The dynamic nature of the internet yields to no person. I don't look for days gone bye. With everything exists death. With every death exists rebirth. Live on regardless of whether your path takes you. Should you decide to return, you know at least one optimistic and inexhaustible Brony will be here to great you.
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    Show is actually approaching it's 8th anniversary actually. Either way, I intend to give G5 a fair chance without comparing it to G4 and I encourage others to do the same. Approach this as a new beginning, not as a stubborn child refusing to take off the nostalgia goggles and look at something new. I think you've made an excellent assessment of the situation and approached the subject realistically and not overly optimistic or overly pessimistic. A fine essay and a damn good perspective.
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    Yeah, I have every intention of checking out Generation 5 once it airs as well. I'll admit; it's going to be hard not to compare it to Generation 4, due to how strongly we associate Gen 4's elements with MLP... but as they say, even the most beautiful flower will wilt. With that in mind, I'll do everything I can to view them as separate entities; Generation 4 will have way too much of an edge otherwise. Oh, and thank you for the kind words, by the way~!
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    I respect your decision my friend. (Hopefully I'll get around to downloading Discord so I can add you and some other folks) I'll see you next time.
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    Why do they think so? Maybe because you are! And even though brohoofs aren't important, I'm sure you wouldn't have that many if people didn't like what you were posting! You're one of the most active members here these days – no one can deny that. And you're one of the friendliest people here – you always reply to everyone who comments on your posts, you comment on other people's posts. From what I've seen, I think you've also done a great job as a sectional – I believe people who volunteer for the staff in general deserve a lot more respect than they get (it's definitely not something everyone would be up to). Sure, some users deserve more recognition than they get – that's undeniable. But it's not your fault at all! You are appreciated by the community for a reason!
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    Well said. I agree with a lot of what you said. Like some people here, I got into MLP on the tailend of the fandom. I never got to experience it in its prime which I will always regret. The show isn't as advertised as it once was. Years ago, it used to be everywhere in stores because it was huge and fans couldn't get enough of it. Now, stores barely carry anything related to MLP. I was in Hot Topic the other day and they had zero MLP related shirts at all or any other merchandise. By the end of this year or sometime next year, we may have a better idea of what G5 will look like. My only hope is that Hasbro treats it with more respect than what was done with shows like Teen Titans Go which destroyed anything good about the original series for me. G5 will have to very good to keep G4 fans interested. Otherwise it will be dropped very quickly. Something else to keep in mind is that fans are getting older and thier interests are changing. I'll be interested to see what happens if the conventions stay around since the voice actors and writers will be moving on to other projects. Hopefully some of the same writers will be able to stay on for G5 but we'll see. Regardless of what happens, G4 will always have special memories for me.
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    It saddens me that I'll never be able to experience the brony community as it once was, but that is like anything else in life. Everything has its time and even if it doesn't completely die down in the future, it'll never go back to how it once was. Just comparing a thread created around 2014 and one that's created recently on these forums, the number of brohoofs the posts posted in that thread are significantly higher than most that are posted now. The community was really active until some moved on, some just got busy with their lives and some might have not felt interest as they did before. I think My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic certainly has made an impact in pop culture as we know it, it has its own Monopoly set, a clue on Jeopardy!, and was on the cover for the box of Trivial Pursuit 2000s. Those are some obscure examples, but it just goes to show how widely recognized the show was. There's a chance Gen 5 could attract new fans, but I think as seen over the years, more people are leaving the fandom rather than coming in. The community is still known, but it wouldn't flourish like it did before. The best we could do is just remember the good times we had with the show and the community, and accept whatever's coming for us. Who knows if this site will even still be running in a few years, so let's just make the most of it, font you think? Anyways, great blog~! I can see the astounding amount of effort that is being put into this. Really good job you did on your part for creating this, it was a good read.
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    Aww that was really sweet. I'm glad you like my silliness! *hits you with a soft fluffy pillow *
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    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling that way. You're not alone, I can say I've had very similar experiences myself. I was also diagnosed with Asperger's as a kid. I've also had problems with motor skills – tying shoes was also problematic to me, I think I was around 13 when I learned to do it... And I still have some similar struggles – for example, some plastic bottles have caps I can't open without using an opener, no matter how much I try. And the loneliness too – I had a couple of friends as a kid, mostly due to us having similar interests, but just a few years later nothing. For the latter, I guess it's about finding the right kinds of people – here on the forums, I feel I have friends for the first time in years, and I'd say better than the ones I used to have offline! And the same could happen offline too! Things can change... I really hope things get better for you soon! And like @TheTaZe said, you shouldn't change yourself for other people. The people that are worth knowing accept you for who you are!
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    I dont understan why people would leave. What else do you have going on in your life life? For me, I have my awesome hobbies. But this place is the only place where I interact with other life forms on this planet.
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    I understand where you're coming from with this. I've considered throwing in the towel myself. Twice actually. I know that you need to prioritise your own life over the forums, which I understand completely. I'm slowly sinking into the terrible whirlpool of depression and I need to fish myself out. Some aspects of the forums aren't quite what they used to be. I want to fix that, I really do, but I'm only one man. One man, can only do so much. I know it's your choice, but I would advise you on sticking around a little longer. You've made friends with at least half the site at this point, including myself. Hell, you were the first person to wish me happy birthday - And I didn't even know you at the time. Regardless, I respect your decision, whatever path you choose.
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    I disagree. "Fad" translates to something that was really popular before withering away. "Beanie baby" is the perfect example of a fad: once very popular, but now barely talked about anymore and without value. Bronydom isn't anywhere nearly as big as it once was, but bronydom also stubbornly won't going away. Not to mention that fandoms don't technically die. Even decades following cancellation, their fandoms don't dissipate; the Browncoats, for example. Secondly, I'm not a big fan of the "rose-tinted glasses" idiom, because it implicates nostalgia or missing of the old as inherently a bad thing in favor of the new. Nostalgia is a neutral concept that can be very good or very bad, depending on how you channel it. Aside from those two things that really bugged me, you makes some good points. As for G5, I don't know what will happen or how good it'll be. Of course, come later in time, we'll know more details as they officially come out, and I'll likely give it a chance if I'm interested. Who knows. Maybe it'll fix some of FIM's bigger follies. Not to mention, FIM didn't get off to a hot start, either: Took until Winter Wrap Up before it really began to roll.
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    I think this was a great essay with a lot of good points! Obviously also very topical in the fandom! I don't have much to say that wasn't already in the essay itself or the previous comments. But I liked the somewhat optimistic but realistic take on the future of the fandom. Mine is much more pessimistic, I'm afraid. The point on the shock value not being there anymore is the main reason I don't see G5 being as popular. A lot of people in the fandom started watching simply out of curiosity, in some cases even out of disbelief that the show would actually be good. I consider myself a part of this group, though it unfortunately took years (and a certain level of boredom) for me to finally give the show a chance. I can't see there being the same hype for G5 – while many remaining in the fandom at that point will probably give it a chance, with some former bronies possibly returning, I can only see the fandom further shrinking, as the show, regardless of how good it is, will never please everyone. There might be a new wave of bronies who were too young to experience G4 and its fandom – though fads rarely come back, unless for a short time...
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    wow,that took a while to read,i personaly never knew the "golden age"but i feel that if the world is deep and the writing decent,people will be drawn to it,i really hope they won't purposely try to appeal to older audiences since the older fans like it for its innocence and lighthearted tone(while still deep),anyway a nice analysis on the topic,lets just hope for the best and who knows,maybe with Gen5 comming they'll let some more fan projects for Gen4 see the light of day
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    happy 4th anniversary! ^-^ thank you for you kinda words *hugs*
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    Very well spoken and meaningful- I share many of the same feelings about how the community has made an impact on my life. If I wouldn'tve had this place, Im sure there's large pillars of myself that I never would've discovered. I don't think I'd know myself as much as I do now. The best people I've met have been bronies, The most meaningful friendships have been bronies, the best trips I've ever made have been brony related, the best relationship I've had has been meeting them through this site. I'm right there with you @Nightfall Gloam
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    I don't really watch MLP these days either but I still feel that the community here is something that is quite hard to replace. Yeah people are leaving sometimes, but new people are also joining and some of the older members are sometimes returning. Change is constant in an environment like this and new waves are always coming and the old ones settle down. Sometimes it can be good to take a break and reclaim yourself if that is necessary. One good thing is that all the good time here you've spent was real and the connections and bonds can last a long time even after everyone has left memories and bonds I think are the most important things you can have in your hand in a place like this
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    To be truthful... who else is there? Even assuming you're not terribly influential (which is certainly debatable), who do you personally feel is doing a better job at being a positive influence for the community as of recently? I apologize if this comes across as snarky, but I'm being completely genuine here. While it's hard to deny that some folks view the leaderboard through a tinted lens... one landing on it is never due to sheer coincidence. Does it determine the value of a member? Not at all, but being on the leaderboard isn't merely a shiny badge. One ends up there due to others liking their content, and how active they are. Should you vehemently monitor the leaderboard, and always assure that you hold your position? Of course not; it's truly not worth worrying about... but you shouldn't degrade it either. Are you the greatest, most influential brony the fandom has ever known? Most likely not... but you shouldn't degrade yourself either. You're one of the somewhat scarce members who has kept quite a few people interested in the Forums at large, so trust me: you matter.
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    I hope you decide to stay, my friend! I would give you the same advice that I've given others before. If you don't enjoy the forums right now, why not just take a break? Or alternatively become less active but still visit (I had to do this myself to some extent for a couple of days, though I'm not sure if anyone really noticed ). Leaving permanently isn't something you need to do. I can understand where you're coming from – the forum is about a subject you're not interested in anymore. But there is so much more to the forums than that. Even as a brony, I probably talk more about other stuff here than MLP (or at least as much)... It's natural, most people will leave at some point – but I don't think it's something that needs to be done. I don't think I've ever left a forum myself – in practice I have done it but not formally. Even with forums that I no longer go to, I occasionally visit and if I find something interesting, I might even post once in a while. Though to be honest, even if you were to leave, nothing would really stop you from coming back later if you felt like doing so!
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    I think the important thing is to find your own path in your life that you are comfortable with. I don't think it really matters what other people think or say because it doesn't bear any meaning in the longer run. I think it all starts from accepting yourself and with that as a starting point I think moving forward is easier. I had similar issues myself and I'm still having them but after I pretty much reestablished myself and how I view life it has been bit easier for me to move forward
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    You are not at all wrong. Don't change for anyone, don't stop for anyone. You are yourself and you should be proud that you are yourself. I myself had a stuttering issue for most of my life though I have gotten over that. Much of my early life was defined by anger because of that, I couldn't express my emotions and thoughts in the way I wanted. But my point is, don't stop for anybody. Don't let anybody drag you down, since they are below you.
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    I am exactly like you in that way, I can get addicted to a sort of thing. This has been my addiction if you could call it that. It's not exactly as much as an addiction as you have had but it's uhh... led me to not study on my schooling. I completely understand where you are coming from and I think doing so will help rejuvenate your love in this place. You have been one of the people who have made my stay here pretty enjoyable to say the least.
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    I agree that one shouldn't compare it too much to G4. However, comparisons are inevitable to some extent...
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    Don't compare this fandom to Sweden. Ever. Regardless, this was a very good essay. I completely agree with what you said about us not having a healthy mindset in clinging to nostalgia, that's a point I've been trying to get across to people in this fandom since like, 2013. And even though I stick to what I've been saying for a decent while about the fandom not dying, I completely agree that Generation 5 is really our only hope for the next wave of pony hype right now. My optimism for it will be cautious. However, even if it were to completely fail, it wouldn't shake my faith that we'd be able to move along.
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    I seriously don't give a fuck. Equestria and the very world this show was build around is very idealistic, since the very beginning of the show. The fact that since yesterday people are doing left vs. right arguments is stupid as hell and just causes conflict for no reason.