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    Kid Icarus Uprising is amazing and you all should play it! Viridi is Best Goddess
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    Note: Credits go to I_Am_Number_6 on EQD, @Jerica, and @gingerninja666 for this review. Starlight Glimmer had one of the biggest arcs of the whole series. Debuting in The Cutie Map as Season 5’s top villain, Twilight successful convinced her to reform and change her ways. Rather than condemn her to Tartarus or exile, Twi elected to proactively teach her the Magic of Friendship. Even though she learned all the lessons academically in between To Where and Celestial Advice, she realized she wasn’t ready to lead once more. Throughout Season 7, confidence exuded out of her, showing more comfort in her opinions and ideals once again; Shadow Play and its creative genius helped Starlight show her intellectual bravery at its best, leading to her next chapter of her journey that began in Season 8. With A Horse Shoe-In, today’s chapter continues to near its final destination, and SG has (once again) a fantastic appearance. At the very beginning, viewers are reminded that she will become the next head of the School of Friendship once Twilight moves to Canterlot and replaces the Royal Sisters. However, Twilight’s reminder carries more in-verse weight than in Beginning. Spike issued Starlight’s promotion to Headmare via Royal Decree. As Princess of Friendship, she has the authority to announce it, especially to those she’s close to. More importantly, Twilight exercised this decree with a clear head. Back in BotE, Twilight was in the middle of a massive meltdown, so when she told her the news, she wasn’t prepared for what came next. Now she is. By telling her with a clear conscience, she put in a lot more thought into who’ll succeed her and (like before) trusts Starlight into making the right decisions. Ain't this heartwarming and cute?! Her trust for Starlight is reaffirmed in two other moments. In Act 1, Trixie reminded her that Twilight never did anything alone, including running the School of Friendship. As one of six teachers, they all took care of the students together. Because she had close friends helping her, Starlight told Twilight about her new idea: hiring a Vice Headmare to help alleviate the work. What does Twilight say? After blowing up in Trixie’s face, she and Twilight share a heart to heart in her classroom. During the interviewing process, Starlight really wanted someone she knew well to be Vice Headmare, but because Trixie didn’t take it so seriously the first two tries and then took it so seriously the last that she accidentally put her students in danger, she let her frustrations take over, yelled at Trixie over it, and angrily told her that she would never be VH. Twilight reminded her that, yes, she has friends to help her, but not every friend is right for the job you offer, and that she has to tell them immediately before it gets out of control. Now, is Starlight right to be upset with Trixie? Absolutely. Is Trixie a capable VH? Not at all. But Starlight isn’t fully innocent, either, as she ignored the signs from earlier, insulted her, belittled her worth, and put her friendship with Trixie at risk. Apologizing to her was the right move. As for Trixie herself, she showed aplenty to prove she wasn’t qualified beyond a blind flash beehive transfer. In Twilight’s classroom, she skipped a completely important history lecture on friendship, napped with everyone (with helpful tips from Gallus ), and didn't feel ashamed of it. Afterwards, she shouted at Grandpa Gruff and expelled him from the School of Friendship. Both of these showed extreme opposites of what she looked for. On one hand, she didn't care for the subject the students are learning. On the other, when push comes to shove, she cared maybe a little too much, rightfully defending a student’s reputation to a surrogate who gave little about him and losing her own temper rather than constructively using her anger to maintain her rep as substitute. That said, despite her neglect for studies, extreme measures, and lack of thought, Trixie's certainty she'll be hired is merited. What inspired Starlight to create this permanent position? Trixie’s reminder of Twilight’s friends helping her run the school. Rather than go away and wait for lunch, she followed Starlight, overheard the whole conversation, and assumed that Starlight will hire friends to help them like Princess Twilight. As a result, this whole interviewing process felt like a game to test her meddle, and she won't bite. Read this exchange from Act 2: In Starlight's mind, she wanted Trixie to really show she can lead a school and help the students learn, but she was way behind compared to Hooves and Octavia. However, Trixie assumes Starlight just wants to test her with one final step before letting the rest of the "competition," and the language from both of them is loose enough so you see where they come from while being unable to break through that communication barrier. And it was that barrier that caused Trixie to not take Starlight's anger seriously the first time, followed by confusion, and then hurt once she realized what Starlight wanted and after SG made her feel worthless. In addition to helping complete another chapter to the overall arc of Season 9, the episode carries a message of how nepotism can cause a system to become corrupt if left unchecked. Because she did so poorly, SG almost DQ'd her once and then told her very softly in their second interview she wouldn't hire her. But as a result of Trixie setting the expectation of being hired (and thus placing herself above Octavia, Hooves, Big Mac, and Spoiled), Starlight was caught in a major dilemma. How can she tell Trixie she's not qualified for the job? Regardless of her own temperament, how well will Trixie handle the disappointment? What if she finds out through someone else that she will lose the opportunity? Conversing with "Phyllis" (and protecting her from Trixie) and holding off the truth only added to her dilemma and increased her frustration. Fortunately, when the problems became too big to ignore, she put her foot down, and Twilight's "motherly" advice helped her even more. In addition to how your friends may not always be the best fit for a job, a nice, subtle secondary moral floated in the background, which @Jerica caught and told me about in my Discord convo with her. Out of the five interviewees, Octavia Melody was easily the most qualified. During the substitution, she easily had the most fun while taking part in Laughter class. As she instructed her students to play their instruments, Pinkie Pie suddenly played the yovidaphone loudly behind them. Did anyone get upset? Nope. They continued playing and had a blast playing their favorite instruments no matter how good they were. And, yes, they all laughed. Hard. In her one-on-one interview with Ocellus's parents, she understood her knowledge of music, praised her student for quickly improving in her work, and got along incredibly well. While in the same Bridleway Theatre as the special playing of Hinny of the Hills back in Season 4, her students sat in their seats as Octavia prepared. Initially, Gallus was bored as hell. Then the lights went out. Out came Vinyl. And they began to play an exciting remix of classical music to everycreature's delight (great callback to their remix and friendship from Slice of Life ). Octavia understands that not everyone's tastes are the same, but she knew how to loosen her hair and create joy to those who wish for it. Yet at the end, she turned down the job. Why? Fear she'll lose her time for music. Even though she's so good in those interviews, music's her passion, and she doesn't want to give it up. Sadly, you sometimes have to choose, which isn't easy. Bittersweet it may be, watching her tell Starlight she would love to accept the offer but decline would add a major gut-punch to the episode and add some real, down-to-earth weight to this episode. What would also add weight would be to see Gallus tell Trixie how much he appreciated her passionate defense of him to Grandpa Gruff. Most ponies won't have the guts to tell off the temperamental griffon like that, including Starlight. No matter how narcissistic Trixie can be, she knows her limits and cares for at least her students' psychological health. Apathy for his guardian's growth and openly belittling him while he was already down were massive signs of disrespect towards her and her students, and she showed Gruff he hasn't earned her respect in return. If there's a scene showing Gallus thanking Trixie for defending him, it'll show both some chemistry between them and how her presence matters. Containing it off-screen softens the impact, but his off-screen gratitude meant she has some a place in the school after all. With the changing of the guard approaching, the School Counselor spot needed to be filled, and Trixie more than showed she qualifies. As clichéd as this sequence can be this season, adding a montage would really help Sunburst show his credentials. In the climax, she hired him after Trixie contacted him via scroll, a passionate interview, and admission of not having to take much care of Flurry Heart anymore. If we see him have a world of fun teaching his students in one of his classes, conversing pleasantly with the students' parents, and then go on a very fun field trip together (maybe to The Crystal Empire to greet Mistmane, Cadance, and Flurry Heart), then you can really sell his passion for teaching. Having her hire him in a quick, expository flash-forward makes the resolution feel a little rushed. Nothing close to ruining it, but makes his hiring as Vice Headmare tough to sell. To end this review on a high note: This episode does a fantastic job reintroducing the Vice Headmare occupation without contradicting continuity, a point brought up by I_Am_Number_6 on EQD. Back in A Matter of Principals, she hires Discord for the same position after she lost her temper and ruined the buckball field, but he loses his job instantly after the RM6 returned from their "friendship quest." Here, she went through the process with a lot more care and thought, especially since Twilight's soon leaving for Canterlot. In addition to in-episode growth, Starlight shows continual growth, too. Back in No Second Prances (her first self-contained episode post reformation), she forces Big Mac to talk against his will. Here, she understands not everyone's so comfortable to talk and won't force him to do a job he feels he can't. Thank @gingerninja666 and his friend for pointing it out. Also… BAD idea, Whooves! What a big, pleasant surprise to see a brand-new writer take on FIM this late in its running! Ariel Shepherd-Oppenhein did a splendid job in her Pony debut and executed a very solid, very good episode, one that may be Starlight's last once it's all finished.
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    In regards to what I consider particularly exceptional music, blink-182 likely won't appear very much. They have their place, of course, but when all is said and done, one would be hard-pressed to call them virtuosos. That said, they have written one song which I am particularly fond of, titled "Adam's Song." This song was written in memory of a fan who had sent a suicide letter to blink-182. They were so moved by it that they decided to write this song not only in memory of them, but also as one of blink-182's first truly "profound" songs, especially considering what other songs sat alongside it in its album. Needless to say, this song covers the subject of suicide and loneliness among teenagers and young adults, and considering how, say... zany blink-182 tends to be, I actually think this song is excellent. That said, let us begin. The song begins with a somber bass melody, which sets a very low, though not necessarily dreary tone well. This is one of the key strengths of the song, in my opinion; songs about suicide or impending death tend to be very harsh or melancholy in regards to their music, such as Hurt by Nine Inch Nails. While such songs are good in their own right, I think this approach fits the subject quite nicely as well, considering the fact that much of it reminisces on their earlier teenage years, rather than moping over how much pain they endure on a daily basis. It gives the song a sense of bitter nostalgia, rather than explicit pain. Shortly afterward, the first set of lyrics are sung: "I Never Thought I'd Die Alone" "I Laugh the Loudest, Whod've Known" "I Trace the Cord Back to the Wall" "No Wonder it Was Never Plugged in at All." If I am not mistaken, there is actually a story behind these lyrics. During the days when blink-182 was merely a band in a garage, there was a leak in their garage, which managed to get to their amp. Had it been plugged it, it very well might have electrocuted them, but alas, there was no electricity flowing into it. Not only does this crate a nice parallel with the singer directly recalling their own experiences, I find the lyrics quite good as well; they show a sort of... passiveness towards life. Would he truly care if it had been plugged in, thus, electrocuted him? No matter who you may be, when you are depressed, thoughts like these can be incredibly conflicting. "I Took My Time, I Hurried Up" "The Choice Was Mine, I Didn't think Enough." "I'm too Depressed to Go On" "You'll be Sorry When I'm Gone." In a way, I find that these lyrics explain perfectly why this song oddly works so well; they know how teenagers think and speak. The entire song has an overall vibe of adolescence and youth with its lyrics, instruments, and even the music video. At this stage of your life, there is so much going on in your mind; what career path should I chose? What classes should I chose? Should I bother dating yet? You have seemingly endless questions, with the answers only being drip-fed to you.This will inevitably lead to regrets and mistakes, so the fact that they do not clarify whether he took his time or hurried up works perfectly. The latter two verses also compliment the comment I made how they know just how teenagers think; humanity as a whole desires attention, but especially teenagers, so the lyrics "You'll be sorry when I'm gone" work with the theme very well. Perhaps in death, they will finally get the love and respect they deserve? Either way we then transition to the first chorus: "I Never Conquered, Rarely Came" "Sixteen Just Held Such Better Days" "Days When I Still Felt Alive" "We Couldn't Wait to Get Outside the World Was Wide, Too Late to Try" "The Tour was Over, We'd Survived" "I Couldn't Wait 'Til I got Home, to Pass the Time in My Room Alone" This first portion of the chorus plays off of the previously mentioned inevitable regret very well; the first verse shows an adolescent apprehension towards new or uncomfortable situations, but even with that said, he still had so much hope back then, thus, 16 just felt like such a better time to be alive. Ultimately, this leaves the singer feeling rather bitter towards his apparent missteps in life, thus, it is too late to try any longer. Why bother when so much time has been wasted? Nevertheless, he partially accepts it all, and looks forward to simply drowning the thoughts out at home, hoping not to think of it all too much. That said, we then return to a similar set of lyrics to the first: "I Never Though I'd Die Alone" "Another Six Months I'll be Unknown" "Give All My Things to All My Friends" "You'll Never step Foot in My Room Again" I have expressed many times thus far that this song puts teenage/adolescent thought processes and behaviors into lyrics very well, and this set is no exception. In a way, this set of lyrics shows a very... juvenile perspective on death, as if you can just get over it within a short period of time, or that you can simply get rid of belongings so nonchalantly. In a sort of way, it is as if the singer is trying not to think about this decision too hard; he ultimately knows it may not be for the best. This is further complimented by the following lyrics: "You'll Close it Off, Board it Up" "Remember the Time that I Spilled the Cup" "Of Apple Juice in the Hall" "Please Tell Mom this is not Her Fault." These lyrics reminisce to a very simple, but nevertheless pertinent memory he had of spilling apple juice, likely to be berated by his mother later. It is often said that the simplest moments make the sweetest memories, and I think this is a good example of that. Nevertheless, little things like that can utterly ruin a parent when they think back to it after their child commits suicide; every tiny thing you may have done wrong becomes your fault, and further screams to you how much you have failed at your job of being a parent, even if it truly wasn't your fault. That said, we then move onto the chorus once again, which is the same as the previous time. That said, there is a short period of build-up to the final chorus, with the bass getting slightly more lively, a few piano notes entering the song, and the drums getting more energetic towards the end. It paints the picture of redemption in a way... and for very good reason. In the end, the singer decides not to go through with their suicide, as expressed by the final chorus: "I Never Conquered, Rarely Came" "Tomorrow Holds Such Better Days" "Days when I can Still Feel Alive" "When I can't wait to Get Outside the World is Wide, the Time Goes By" "The Tour is Over, I'd Survive" "I Can't Wait 'Til I get Home, to Pass the Time in My Room Alone." Though simplistic, I think these lyrics express a suicide rejection very well. Sure, he may have made many missteps during his youth... but ultimately, there is no point is lamenting lost time. He still has a whole lifetime ahead of him, thus, many opportunities to finally live a worthwhile life That said, that is tomorrow's issue to confront; for the time being, it is time to get some rest at home. As I have stated previously; blink-182 are a far cry from profound virtuosos, and that is perfectly acceptable; they have always embraced a more comical, juvenile style of music to major success in their careers. That said, I think this song shines as one of their most sincere outings; it beautifully expresses a youthful, perhaps even naive soul's suicide contemplation and their thoughts throughout. In an odd sort of way, this was a perfect song for blink-182 to write, not only in spite of their juvenile antics, but because of them. My apologies if this essay isn't quite as thorough as the previous two; admittedly, I find that this song has much better lyrics than music, which is why I didn't have much to say about it this time around. That said, I hope you are enjoying this series thus far; it has been a lovely creative outlet for me in the past couple of weeks. Should you be interested, you will see more soon!
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    It looks like I never explained how I got into MLP, so with the show ending I figured now is a good time to do that. I will also explain what the show means to me and try to understand why it has become a phenomenon. I think the year was 2012. I know I had gone to BronyCan in 2013 after going to BronyCon, and I don’t remember how many BronyCons I had been to before that. But I guess the exact year doesn’t matter. I was visiting with a friend in Baltimore (of all places!). I had brought 2 other of our mutual friends with me. One guy wanted to show me something funny on YouTube. He started playing Friendship Is Witchcraft. I don’t know if I was even aware of FIM. I knew of the old My Little Pony. I might have been aware that there were still toys, and if I was aware of the new cartoon then I would have dismissed it as a show for little kids. Ironic, since I love cartoons of all kinds, but at any rate, the show was not on my radar. We were watching Friendship Is Witchcraft and I found it hilarious. It was well written and acted. We watched all of the episodes at that time and even were singing the songs. The next day, my friend sat me in front of the computer again and queued another video, this one from the real show. He had explained that the real show was good, so I was curious, but I still had no idea what to expect. The video he played was the Smile song. Pinkie Pie, who I had seen from the spoof show, started singing about smiling. About half way through I could feel something inside of me change. By the end of the song I was holding back tears. I had to sit for a minute to compose myself. I knew my life had changed but I didn’t want to talk about it at that time. I had to pretend like nothing was wrong. It was some time before I got a chance to actually see the show, and I don’t even remember that moment. But I’m sure I watched it on Netflix alone, the way I usually watch my shows. The rest is history. I fell in love with the show and everything about it. I had gone to every BronyCon since and every time I was there it felt like coming home. As I have mentioned before, it felt like the whole year didn’t matter and everything lead up to that weekend. I had never felt so happy. I felt like I belonged. But why? Why can a children’s cartoon have such an effect on such a diverse group of people? I would expect to see the usual con crowd: fans of anime, video games, pop culture, things like that. But I had seen a truck driver in his 60s, men in the military, grandmothers, you name it. It makes no sense. I have been thinking about this for years and I have a few theories. First, look at the common fans. Most Bronies seem to be fans of other “nerdy” things, like I have mentioned. So maybe that 60 year old truck driver is also a fan of anime, for example. There is no way to prove it one way or the other, but it just doesn’t seem likely to me. Then I thought about the “nerd culture” over the recent decades. Perhaps in the past there just wasn’t much of an outlet for those kinds of people. There were comics, and that’s about it until maybe the 1960s. I suppose a “nerd” personality can be born in any time period, but it is only recently that such people can feel comfortable about it. But does that hypothesis make sense? It assumes that these people would also be fans of other things. As I said, I have no way of proving it. But is there something special about MLP? I like other cartoons and hobbies, but nothing has the same magic that My Little Pony does. There are much bigger, non pony conventions, like Comic Con. But do people break down in tears when they have to leave? To this day I still cannot get through Smile without tearing up. I think being a Brony is the ultimate symbol of cultural freedom. It’s like you can say, “I love a show about magical ponies, and I am not ashamed. There is nothing you can say to me that can hurt me.” Deep down everyone wants to be happy. MLP allows people to embrace that innocence and joy that they might be afraid to face. Fear keeps them shackled. Fear about not being tough, manly, or grown up enough. It’s like a guilty pleasure that you are too embarrassed to admit. But MLP shows that you don’t have to be embarrassed about how you are. It teaches you to love yourself, which means you don’t have to be afraid any more. There will always be a place where you can be you, and nopony will judge for it. That’s what My Little Pony means to me.
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    I was originally gonna make a punk Rarity suit (from that one episode of MLP), but I couldn't find a purple leather jacket that looked quite right and I don't really feel comfortable making it from scratch. So instead, I'm opting to go the route of dealing with her normal, incredibly difficult to make mane since I'm fairly confident I can make that look at least decent. Also, if I make the mane magnetic I can make the punk Rarity suit in the future just by making the mane, tail, and clothing, which is much easier and more space efficient than having two separate suits for one character. So anyway, I made the bucket head, attached the muzzle, and figured out where the ears will be so I could add the removable fans (the fans and the switch are Velcro'd in so I can remove everything to wash the head, and also to make air travel less of an annoyance since it's a good idea to take heads as your carry-on item). I just finished doing all the soldering and stuff. I have four 30mm fans wired in parallel (two inlet fans in the muzzle, two outlet fans in front of the ears) running off of a regular battery bank for a phone. It's 24k mAh and can supply 5V 2A, so depending on how much I wear the suit, it should be able to run the fans for an entire convention without needing to recharge (the fans are 5V and draw 0.18A). It's also got a switch wired in to the back of the head, so that makes things easier. Man, I think my two and a half years of physics class are actually paying off. Ignore the exposed wire in that spot where the shrink tubing slipped off, I'm going to fix that. Also the botched left eye. I cut it wrong the first time and I need to add in some foam to fix it. I'll probably wait until I put the eyes in to fill the gaps. Another thing, fan #2 doesn't really have anywhere to draw air from yet, but I'm waiting to do that until I get the eyes in so I know how much space I have to work with. Surprisingly the fans in the muzzle don't touch my face, and the fans in the ears don't cause a problem as long as I wear the balaclava. I tested out the temperature (even though it's not really an accurate gauge yet since neither the mouth nor eyes are in) and even though the fans don't move a whole lot of air, it still makes a world of difference. Even so, I might go with 40 or 50mm fans next time around just to make things a bit cooler. At least these fans are nearly silent. I'll probably wait until I'm patterning the fur for my next WIP since heads always look like crap until they're furred. It's just a fact of suit making. Even professional suits look bad until they're finished, at which point they suddenly look incredible. Unlike mine, which just look less bad once they're done.
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    Note: Credits to @Cwanky and @OptimisticNeighsayer for this quickieview. After Dash had one of the most insufferable appearances of the series, A Trivial Pursuit is somewhat a return to form for Season 9. The best part, bar none, is Twilight's arc. While Lesson Zero slowly progressed Twilight into insanity, Twilight began to feel the pressure before the cold open; Spike's attempts to reassure himself and Twilight's obsessive grin and eyes give that away so quickly. When the episode conveniently puts her and Pinkie (who never played the game before)) together, things just went south. Now, Pinkie isn't trying to hurt Twilight in any way. She wants to have fun and help Twilight win. However, she was a poor teammate. She wasn't familiar with any of the rules [and apparently never opened the rule book ( )], had no idea that you needed to answer specifically to be awarded points, couldn't interject her own opinion into her answer (putting them both in the red for a bit), and got easily distracted. So the audience can see why Twilight panics and tries to use the rules to get back into the game. Of course, like 246G, ATP doesn't show a character at her best or most likeable. Twilight was completely antagonistic and not someone to root for, especially in a game designed for some friendly competition. When you look over the episode, she used the rules to do some really bad things. Get Cranky, who did nothing wrong, disqualified for taking a quick nap. Caught Fluttershy taking suggestions from Angel. Dock points from AJ and Dash for taunting each other. Tried to create a new rule in order to penalize Maud and Mud. But the worst thing she did was take advantage of both her knowledge of the rules and Pinkie's lack thereof to bait Pinkie into asking Maud for information within an active category and intentionally get her disqualified so Sunburst can replace her. So why does Twilight’s terrible behavior work much more than Rainbow Dash’s? In Greaaat, Dash was completely composed as she bullied her students. Despite an early panic attack, Twilight initially held out hope and tried to coach Pinkie. However, her sanity had already spiraled coming into this moment, especially when Granny read aloud the "Sticks & Stones" category, so she clearly was not in the right mind when she baited PP. DQ’ing Pinkie was the last possible outcome for her, whereas RD’s sour opinions of cheerleading never changed. Dash was supposed to teach her students how to cheerlead, but she wanted nothing to do with them and was being less than lazy throughout. From the get-go, she looked for whatever excuse to get out of her classroom, forced them to fend for themselves, and intentionally exacerbated the problem for those who looked forward to making the halftime show as memorable as the tournament itself. OTOH, this episode takes place inside the Hay Burger restaurant. Twilight never had fun the entire time there and became more and more insane as she fell behind. (Notice how her mane's and tail’s neatnesses changed in accordance to her sanity, a nice callback from Lesson Zero.) The stakes here are less weighty than the former. Even after her students screwed up, she still couldn’t care less and continued insulting the passion and those who enjoyed it after Yona and Ocellus ran away crying. She didn’t come to her epiphany until Smolder and Snips called her out for it, so her apology didn’t feel contrite until after they re-met and worked hard for the next twelve days. However, despite teaming up with Sunburst, Twilight never got what she wanted. With a goal of maintain a high correct percentage, Sunburst was obsessed to not answer incorrectly and was way more uncooperative than the more innocent Pinkie. All of the humor at her expense during montage #3 works because she completely deserves it. As the climax approached, she remained far behind and nearly got baited into being disqualified herself, only to realize her grave mistake just in time; her remorse is more impactful than Dash’s as a result. Also, this lesson applies much more personally to Twilight here than in Lesson Zero for one crucial reason. The moral of LZ is for the ReMane Five, not her. Here, Twilight is explicitly learning how her freakouts made things miserable to not only herself, but also her teammate and those around her. As for the rest: When there's an episode light in story as this, it's important to be entertaining throughout. Trivial Pursuit has a load of comedy, but not all of them succeed. Like Sparkle's Seven, the animators had a load of fun with facial expressions. Every one of them by Twilight worked very, very well. Probably TOO well. But one specific face failed massively: Pinkie's "TWI-PIE!" face! X__X Pinkie sounds excited and eager to team up with a Twilight. Her overly exaggerated face and how suddenly close up the camera got makes her look as crazy as TS, if not more so. This jump scare is less humorous and more nightmare fuel. Other joke-related comments. The aftermath of Bulk's brohoof was the funniest of the whole episode. I don't need to see a closeup of Pinkie's rumbling tummy along with its gross-sounding growl! X__X The audience doesn't need to see a pool of Cranky's drool as he sleeps. Bleh! D: Buffalo Man: *hands Twilight a cup of ice* Dash's characterization is much better, and her rivalry with Applejack here was funnier and more IC than Compete Crap Clause. Unlike that episode, their competition was contained to the nightclub without getting too insulting, and no one was under the threat of drowning. The best moment between them was AJ not answering the Zap Apple question on time (thanks to Dash's distraction), and on cue: @Cwanky makes a fair point about how the Trivia Trot rule book being Twilight's character "in hard copy form." Each rule either aided or hindered her three-peat obsession. These absurd rules are a written extension of both her character and episode arc. However, I share part of what @OptimisticNeighsayer wrote, that it may feel less contrived if other players aside from Twilight used the rules similar to Twi, just to show that using them is a part of the game. In Trivial Pursuit, only Twilight and Sunburst know the rules from front to back. The only rule everyone knows so well is probably the most severe: Asking another team for answer information from within an active category is cheating, and thus you're disqualified. As is, the rule book's way to difficult to take seriously in any way, shape, or form. While you have valid anti-cheating rules such as not being allowed to review source material, ones like "no help from pets," "no napping," "no taunting," and "DQ'd players can reassemble into their own team" are way too out there. The book is a blatant plot device. Stuck on the plot? Twilight knows a rule for that! Combined with a well-paced story, A Trivial Pursuit brought Season 9 back on track after 2, 4, 6, Greaaat derailed its streak. However, it's weaker than the worst episode of Season 9A, Going to Seed for a big reason: Average for most of the first half, the heartwarming older-younger sister bond between Apple Bloom and Applejack in the second half elevates it. But if the second-worst episode of the season is still good, I'll take it.
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    One of the most frustrating aspects of EQG for me is that Sunset Shimmer keeps either being in the right with characters and the movie treating her like she was in the wrong or getting unfairly accused of something by characters or the movie. In Rainbow Rocks, while the school's behavior and the Dazzling's behavior are reasonable, Vice Principal Luna made a really unfair assumption of Sunset at the beginning when the Dazzlings were still relatively weak, and the Rainbooms after "Awesome As I Wanna Be" were just unfair. Rainbow Dash: What was that?! Sunset Shimmer: You were showing them your magic, I, didn't know what else to do! Rarity: Ugh! Close the curtains, unplug her act, give us a chance to deal with the situation? Me watching the movie: You saw what was happening, I'm sure one of you could have done SOMETHING! You had time. Sunset at least tried, you ungrateful people. At least Spike had the decency to look her in the eye like, "Oh Sunset, I know you were trying to help, I'm sorry you have to go through this and I'm sorry how they are going to see it." Twilight couldn't even look her in the eye. In Forgotten Friendship, Sunset was absolutely justified in wanting to beat up Wallflower, especially since it's revealed that Wallflower caused her reason to go after Sunset herself, but apparently, because Sunset wasn't actively nice to Wallflower that means that Wallflower is totally justified in trying to ruin Sunset's life. Wait, what?! In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Sunset literally tells Sci-Twi the game is rigged, and she pulls Sunset into it anyway! And finally, in Sunset's Backstage Pass, Sunset's anger at Pinkie Pie was ABSOLUTELY justified. Pinkie Pie knew how much this meant to Sunset, yet she couldn't stay focused for five seconds which in Pinkie Pie language means I don't care too much for this thing or the person who really wants to see this thing, because otherwise she would do everything in her power to make sure Sunset saw the show. Also, Pinkie Pie Pie ran off to go get churros when Sunset was counting on her to warn her if the Dazzlings were coming, and even though the Dazzlings didn't do anything terrible, that could have turned out so much worse for Sunset, like while watching the movie I felt genuine fear for Sunset when Pinkie abandoned her job to go get churros. Yet for some reason SUNSET is the one who has to learn to accept that apparently PINKIE was in the right for some reason. Hey kids, even if your friend is ruining your day because they can't stay focused for ten seconds on your plans to go see something with them that you REALLY like, you're day is only perfect if you stick with your friend the whole day and never get mad at them because apparently that would make YOU the unreasonable bad person in this. Wait a minute, WHAT!?
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    A stable environment, unchanging landscape situations that happen in your home ground. It is comfortable and safe you know your surroundings and they remind you that it is alright. They calm your senses and be there when you need something to reflect yourself off of. You wake up and follow the path that is your favoured path you can almost feel the ground reinforcing you and your steps, you are on the right track. You lift your fork and start eating breakfast it is your usual breakfast but this time you have something extra. Last night when you were walking around your house, you saw it, an unfamiliar path. It has been there since the beginning but it's not like the others it feels different, you can almost see the difference radiating in the air. You need to break through your track to reach it but that doesn't happen. You start to wonder why is that. You look your left arm and for some reason it doesn't feel familiar at all. Something is not right, it must be the unfamiliar path, I shouldn't have fallen into its vile tricks. But going back is not an option anymore. Your body tenses up as you hack your way through this jungle, nothing was like it was before. You sense danger looming everywhere around you. You are lost you don't know where you are anymore this place was not like this last time you laid your eye on it. You look at your left arm again. You suddenly see arm and it appears to be moving. It doesn't feel natural it feels like it's supposed to be your arm but it isn't. Someone else must be out there. It must be. You don't really want to go any deeper into the forest so you want to trace back your steps and find solid ground under your feet again. But your body doesn't move. You look your left arm again but now you see it clearly it is completely unfamiliar it doesn't look like it belongs here. Suddenly you hear something who is it you think but before you realize it all goes black. You open your mouth and put the first bite of your breakfast in.
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    Although I may have already covered my favorite song of all time in the form of Last Goodbye, potentially limiting the potential of future analyses, I believe there are still a few songs worth praising... one of them being the one I will assess today: Already Gone, by Disturbed. Similar to Last Goodbye, this song is about grief as well, though this one takes quite a unique approach. While Last Goodbye is a song about one particular loved one's passing, Already Gone is about multiple deaths the singer has experienced. Last Goodbye was a love letter for their loved one, while Already Gone is about how utterly merciless grief can be as you age. With that said, let us dive deeper into this song. The opening lyrics set the tone perfectly: "How" "We have come" "Far too many times" "To celebrate this death" "That soon some will forget." While it may come across as a touch in-your-face, I actually appreciate how blunt the song is. At this point, the singer has endured far too much to add any idealistic spins, nuance, or any beautiful language to describe the pain that life has given them. Truly, at this stage in his life, that's all there is to say; it just hurts. It hurts badly. These lyrics alongside the melancholy, jaded guitar paint the picture of an aging man who is struggling to cope with the seemingly endless pain life is giving them beautifully and tragically. I believe special emphasis can even be placed on the final verse shown. The death of a loved one is already incredibly painful, and while you cannot truly blame anyone for moving on... it can feel unfair at times. They brought so much happiness to your life, and others will simply forget about them and leave them to rot in the void of time for the rest of eternity? The lyrics prior to the first chorus contrast from the first set of lyrics very well, however. "I'm not ready for this yet." Such a simple verse contains such a great amount of power. While the amount of grief he has experienced has left him cold and jaded... part of him still cares for the ones he loves in spite of it all. That said, the singer has reached a point in his life where no one is safe any longer. Then, we enter the first chorus: "Is she already gone?" "Can we call her back again?" "Is she already gone?" "Will she find me in the end?" As I have stated previously, I appreciate how blunt and succinct this song is; it allows the singer to express so much with a very small amount of words. We often contemplate what happens to us after we die once we reach adolescence; is there an afterlife? Do we reincarnate? Will there be anything at all? Who truly knows? As more and more people pass on, the singer begins to contemplate this question more and more; is everyone destined to just remain a memory to eventually be forgotten, or will we finally reunite in the end? The final verse shows an embittered desperation that summarizes this song perfectly. Onto the next lyrics, however; we then get a slightly revised version of the opening lyrics, and two new verses highlighting just how fast life seems to move along at later ages. "The words we never said" "Are the ones I most regret." In the moment, it is easy to take your loved ones for granted; though we subconsciously know they will pass away one day, it tends to remain in the back of our minds... until it is finally time for them depart. Many of the regrets dying patients and their loved ones have is just how much they should have done while they were alive and healthy. We had so much time together; why does it feel as though there is still so much to do? This is among the many reasons we should not take our time for granted, nor should we wish it away; it will catch up to us one day. That said, we then enter the second chorus, which puts a very subtle, but very significant twist on the first chorus; "Is he already gone?" "Can we call him back again?" "Is he already gone?" "Will he find me in the end?" As you see, male pronouns are used in place of female pronouns this time, which I believe is more clever than it initially seems. Sure, it is obvious they are referring to a different person now, but the fact that he uses these pronouns helps set the mood very well. Few love songs explicitly name the loved ones they are speaking of, but I believe it is especially pertinent here. Instead of naming these individuals, he now only recalls them through "he" and "she;" this implies that there may be more than one of each, and that this has occurred so many times that it may even be difficult to name them any longer. After the second chorus, there is a portion of the song dedicated to the lovely guitar work and subtle humming. Then, we move onto the final chorus, which I find to be the best and most clever of them all: "Are they already gone?" "Can we call them back again?" "Are they already gone?" "Will I find them in the end?" "Are they already gone?" "Are they already gone?" "Are they already gone?" "Will I find them in the end? "Will I find them in the... end?" Though many may find this a bit repetitious, I find that it actually works well with the message of the song; at this point, the singer had dealt with grief time and time again... but unfortunately, it doesn't get much easier, if at all. Now that "they" is used instead of he or she, it paints the picture of the singer looking back on his life, and how many losses have accumulated to this point; each one mercilessly taken away one by one. Are all of them truly gone? All of these people who have had a profound impact on my life... will I ever see them again? Unfortunately, when all is said and done, there is no way to know. Grief is likely the most difficult emotion we cope with as a species. Though love is arguably beyond any material or existential value, grief is the price we pay for such connections. Whether we like it or not, we all share the same fate, and we won't all meet it together. David Draiman, the vocalist of this band, is currently 46 years of age; he has dealt with many tragedies through the course of his life, and on top of this, he is starting to age alongside his loved ones. This song, in my opinion, beautifully expresses just how loss after loss feels; lonely, infuriating, and ultimately... exhausting. Bands that last as long as Disturbed tend to change a lot through their careers, and this song highlights that beautifully. Listen to any given song from the album The Sickness, and then this song... and you will see just how much they have evolved through the years. Though I do not hold this song in as high regard as Last Goodbye, I imagine it due to how one is a very heartfelt and sincere perspective on grief, while this song is more of a vent about how jading grief, and ultimately, aging can be. Truly, I can only take so much melancholy at once, no matter how heartfelt it is. Similar to my previous essay, this one was written on impulse as well; my apologies in advance if it comes across as repetitious or crude. That said, I enjoy writing these analyses, so you can likely anticipate more in the future, should you be interested.
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    Music is an art form that has endured throughout the legacy of mankind, from the very first humans to begin civilization, up until the modern day, and it is easy to see why; music allows us to express things that words simply cannot. The human experience is very dynamic, be it intense euphoria or harrowing despair; music is an absolutely perfect outlet to express these emotions. Among the most powerful human emotions, however, is love and all emotions associated with it, such as platonic affection, romance, and grief. Due to this, there are countless love songs written through the ages, but I believe one of the greatest ever written is "Last Goodbye" by Circus Maximus. I have expressed my adoration for this song before, but I believe it deserves a thorough analysis. With that said, this is is my completely arbitrary essay about my favorite song of all time. The first thing you will likely notice is that this song is about 10 minutes long. While this may be a bit intimidating when you are used to 4 or 5 minute songs, I assure you that they make every second count. If it were any shorter, I don't believe the song would be done justice. Onto the song itself, however, the first two minutes actually do not have any lyrics at all; instead, the opening portion of the song is dedicated to a soft electronic melody and later, a guitar solo. This is one of the key strengths of this song; while most lyrical songs have music to set the tone of the story being told, this song allows the music to tell the story just as much as the lyrics do. The electronic melody that plays at the beginning gives a mild sense of nostalgia, as if it is reminiscing on the times that the singer shared with their loved one. Later, when the guitar solo begins, there is much more energy being brought into the song, showing just how much turmoil the singer's predicament is causing. While most songs about saying goodbye are often quite melancholy, this guitar solo sets the tone for the rest of the song... being very bittersweet. Once the lyrics begin, the signer tells the story of a loved one is is slowly approaching their death. The lyrics in tandem with the chaotic music playing further encapsulate the emotional turmoil that comes when you are faced with such a dire event; in the moment, you are not sure what exactly to feel. Sorrow? Anger? Acceptance? Regret? Somehow, you may even feel each one rapid-fire. Then, the song gets very soft for a brief moment... "I remember the walks we hand, the nights we never slept..." "I remember the time when you turned, said to me..." Then the chorus absolutely explodes into an emotional memory of the loved one confessing their feelings to the singer. This chorus is genius in so many ways, but to start, the soft precursor to it shows an emotional burnout from the previous chaos; at the end of the day, you are losing a dearly loved one, and that will be incredibly painful no matter what. The chorus itself also shows just how powerful that memory was, with a much more consistently bittersweet tone (leaning towards bitter), instead of emotionally all over the place as before. Also, the following lines compliment it perfectly as well. "I see the cloudless skies, inside my soul it cries." "Some say, it's like autumn breeze. Some say, it's just a game we play." "I believe it won't go away." "But until that day, I will be here is my own misery." "Misery!" In my eyes, there is a general timeline in this song; the beginning is just before the loved one's passing, the first set of lyrics and chorus is during their final moments, and the lyrics immediately afterward are soon after they pass. With that said, the above lyrics alongside the music end the first half of this song beautifully. In general, the first half of this song is dedicated to the emotional turmoil that the recent passing of a loved one causes. You don't know what to feel at first, but once it happens, you have no idea what you will do with yourself. They were such an integral part if your life; how on earth could you possibly let them go? Life will feel absolute cruel and unfair in those moments, and for a time, our entire existence may come crashing down. Once we reach the 5:10 mark, we enter the second half of the song, which in this moment becomes slightly... emptier, but not necessarily in a bad way. Once we reach the 5:36 mark, however; the song shows an epiphany of sorts. The music builds up, and these lyrics are sung: "When you went away that day, the world came down on me." "We've been best of friends forever, now it's time to let you go." "Your spirit carries on, as my life continues on alone." To be quite honest, these three verses are likely my favorite portion of this song for several reasons. It manages to summarize the entirety of the song up to this point and afterward, and the message of the song in general; the loss of a loved one is always excruciating... but at the same time, the amount of joy they brought to your life is something that you will always be grateful for. This set of lyrics also fit into the timeline I have previously mentioned, but these take place a while after the loved one has passed (likely several months or so). This loss has managed to affect the singer in so many profound ways... but now that their life is carrying on and the worst portions of the death are now over, the singer now enter a period of... acceptance, beautifully put in both these lyrics and the accompanying music. However, we are not quite finished with the song yet. We then transition to the second chorus, but the context is quite different this time. The singer has now moved on in his life, but he still holds the memories close to his heart. Now, the chorus is directly sung by the vocalist himself in a much more loving fashion, instead of a bittersweet memory as previously. Just before the chorus begins, however, there is a terribly brief portion of the electronic melody from the very beginning of the song, beautifully and subtly bringing it full circle. Either way, this time the final verse of the chorus is sung with much more finality, showing that the singer is finally ready to move forward into the future... but the song still has 2 more minutes,and it manages to take advantage of them in a very minimalistic, but nevertheless effective way. The final 2 minutes are a lingering melody of sorts, alongside a much more soft-spoken, sincere... "I see the cloudless skies, inside my soul it cries." Alongside a new verse: "The scent make me remember you." This makes for a beautiful contrast from the first time the lyrics are spoken, Initially, it was in a bitter, conflicted tone. Now that the vocalist has managed to move forward, however, it is is a mournful, but nevertheless sincere tone. The fond memories of this loved one have stayed with him Then, the final lyrics of the song are spoken, as the song slowly fades to silence; "This is our last goodbye, I'll never let you go." "This is out last goodbye, inside my soul it cries." Thus, the song is now over... and what a journey it was. I do know some are against the trope of ending a song with a fading away instead of a closing verse and notes, but in this instance, I think it is completely appropriate. The thing is, when someone is able to affect you in such a profound way... their passing is something you will never truly "get over." The fading away in this song implies that the grief will linger throughout the rest of the vocalist's life, and if it could, the lingering melody would go on perpetually, but alas, songs must end at some point. Either way, that was my incredibly messy analysis of Last Goodbye. As I said in the beginning of this essay of sorts, songs about love and grief have been written throughout the ages, and for good reason; love is among the most powerful emotions we as a species can express, and music has allowed us to do this ever since the dawn of civilization. This song, in my opinion, manages to express the utter wave of emotions that come with the loss of a loved one the best of any that I have heard thus far. The anger, the sorrow, the nostalgia, the lingering emptiness... and most importantly, the love. Either way, thank you for taking your time to read this messy and impulsively written essay. I have wanted to write it for some time, but never quite found the motivation to do so until now. My apologies in advance if it is terribly scattered and messy; I confess that I winged it, but it was something I wanted to get off of my chest nevertheless.
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    Today wasn't very productive, but I managed to get Twily's head done along with her front mane It was an experience, I'm starting to get an even better understanding on Ai Right now, I'm more able to control how the pen tool works than I used to Overall, the way I worked today is still far(like really, really far) from efficient, but I'm surely starting to get the hang of things Things to note from this progress: Here is the progress that I've done so far
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    Note: Review expanded from here, and credits to a comment by @BornAgainBrony. Back in Sonic Rainboom, Rarity showed her vanity, a big flaw to her character that hadn't been shown before. Was her behavior all that positive? Not at all. However, her position was completely believable. For the first time, we watched her gain recognition and attention outside of her comfort zone; it didn't matter if they were staring at her delicate wings or not. So it's easy to see why that vanity-dominant ego influenced her to join the competition as well. In Dragon Dropped, her envy for Gabby replaces her vanity. She enjoyed spending all her time with Spike and felt jealous of Gabby, fearing that she could lose not only it, but Spike's memories of her altogether. A combination of envy and fear of being forgotten drove her into assuming she must go to extreme lengths to retain contact with Spike. Like in SR, Rarity’s bad side here was thoroughly explored while not making her unlikeable or out of character, starting with the small and working hard as she could to retain the status quo. Several moments add up: Spike initially overhearing Rarity as he wrote his latest note to Gabby, immediately setting the tone of the entire story. The fact that he kept his newfound friendship with Gabby a secret out of fear himself. No one else doing his jobs as good as he, including collecting the gems from the cave without waking the bats. The first montage (which I'll get to in further detail later). Staring crazily at him! (Blink, and you'll miss it!) Not reacting at all after Gabby broke up with him. But Spike’s broadening horizons by becoming a close friend with Gabby meant he was growing, and his friendships around him were maturing. He spent a lot of time with her and helped her grow into a better pony. But with Gabby now in his life, he can further connect with other species. Like the Dragon Lands, Griffonstone’s reputation isn’t the best; to bring Gabby there helps him understand the decreasing prejudice against dragons and connect with someone on a deeper, more mature level. So why would Rarity feel jealous of Gabby anyway? Fearing a negative reaction, Spike kept his friendship with Gabby a secret ever since he started communicating with her and pretended it never happened. After Gallus began studying overseas in Ponyville, Gabby began to fly over to Equestria more often, which made it more difficult to keep it under wraps. Pay attention to the initial conversation, and from the visual and audio cues, it looks like it had been building for some time, but the open was the first time she grew really suspicious, because he didn't hear her and admitted to having other plans. Turning down invites was rare, but it looks like it was going to become more common. The montage contained are a few sequences: Spike tasting the best gems, carrying her bags as they leave the shop, and relaxing in the spa together. Throughout those three scenes, we see not only how much they enjoy each other's company, but help and adorn each other, too. Even though Spike carried all those bags, she rescued him as he nearly tripped over a step and waited for him until he could see. My favorite's the spa scene, as Spike enjoyed eating those cucumbers. Juxtaposing perfect scenes from the past with present-day struggles and boredom show us how much she misses Spike. Without his inherent wit and loyalty around, things weren't the same. Watching them enjoy their time while she struggled added extra salt into the wound, especially when Spike ate Gabby's maraschino cherry. In the past, there was implication that Rarity occasionally took advantage of him, and although I disagree strongly with the complaint, scenes like Rarity teasing Spike for wearing a cute, pink apron for the dragon migration witnessing meant they can't be dismissed. For most of the series, their friendship and his unrequited crush were in his point of view. For the first time, we see it in hers. By focusing their friendship on her, we connect to her beyond the surface and focus on how important his presence and friendship meant to HER. Going back on how she felt she took it for granted calls back those criticisms, and Haber very wisely and cleverly responds constructively to them, making her do things she wouldn’t do if it were someone else. Yet, their strong, series-long bond makes those decisions and actions believable, helping us understand where she’s coming from, even when when she does bad. And needless to say, she does some very selfish things. Take him along that two-day expedition that only occurs once a year, then a two-day vacation to a Power Ponies convention (Rarity, I've been to BronyCon four times; foot-aching comes with the territory ), and finally a day-long gameplay of O&O. All with complete intention to hogging all the time with Spike away from Gabby and make them forget about each other. She baited him, earned the outcome she wanted, but at the cost of a super-depressed Spike and a Gabby with enormous pain in her heart. This is why Twilight's presence in Act 3 matters. She's very close to Spike and never saw him like this before. Something was really wrong, and Rarity inadvertently outed herself as the perpetrator. Twilight's quick-thinking and stern disappointment gave her a major wake-up call, solidifying her own doubts of whether they will truly make up or not (suggested by her to start the third act), and making her realize what a massive jerk she was to them both. Friendships change, but it doesn’t mean the good times will end, and she has no business trying to put in effort to "steal" him away when he wanted to be with others. Yeah, like what @BornAgainBrony wrote, this episode is clearly playing on the love triangle plot and Rarity’s feelings for Spike without delving into the “romantic” part that loomed over the show for so long. Bringing in Gabby to the fold and establishing connections between them was a really great way to exploit how much she meant to him and vice-versa. However, unlike Tanks for the Memories’s death allegory, the stakes in this one and Rarity’s action match the predicament and tone Haber is conveying, whether it’s romanticism or friendship. Speaking of the connection, how Gabby and Spike began their friendship was a great payoff to a flaw from Fault in Our Cutie Mark. In the former, Twilight’s happy “discovery” of griffons getting cutie marks went unresolved. Haber takes advantage of it, using that hanging plot point to establish their “penpalsmanship.” In their time on screen, they show excellent chemistry. Rarity was at her most selfish here, and like Twilight in Trivial Pursuit and Fluttershy & Angel from She Talks, she needed to learn how her awful actions affected those around her. In Sonic Rainboom, her vanity nearly cost her her life, but Dash was the lead. In Sweet & Elite, her selfishness put her at risk of choosing her friends and the Canterlot Elite, only to realize what was right when she finally needed to choose. Here, she witnesses these consequences the hard way and was completely responsible for it. Now that she’s much more mature and developed, she can accept the anger from Gabby and disappointment from Twilight better. Swallowing her pride, apologizing to Gabby and Spike, and letting them go on their own after they make up shows her remorse felt genuine. Dragon Dropped is Rarity’s best episode of the show. If it’s her last, a phenomenal conclusion.
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    Note: This review has been edited to clean up and add more content, and credits go to comments by Sloppy Steve, The Dragon Warlock, and TwilightIsMagic for it. Yes, it's true. Real-life snakes can’t eat vegan; they're obligate carnivorous, so they can't digest vegetables in real life. Wolves are also primarily carnivorous, though do eat vegetation at times. If the animals behaved they do here, then yes, having carnivores eat vegan food here would be animal abuse. However, the episode makes a very clear distinction that puts the onus on the animals there, and does so in two ways.  No animal here behaves like those in real life. They may not talk and act animalistic at times, but they can communicate with those who can talk very well, think, and act sapient. This is especially the case when she talks to Antoine the Snake (as he's very recipient to Fluttershy's words and requests), Scout the Flamingo, and Zecora's "gecko." During the predator/prey support group, Fluttershy proposes an important rule in the sanctuary that everyone (including Antoine) agreed to: no eating other animals inside. From this support group, this isn't the first time carnivores or omnivores tried to eat other animals, and FS's gathering is to get everyone to cooperate and get along. The sanctuary is a safe space for ALL animals big or small. The surrounding ecosystem doesn't have this rule. Another controversy is regarding Zecora's use in the episode. After reading posts by The Dragon Warlock and TwilightIsMagic on EQD, I posted this in the episode discussion and then a followup after doubting some of the criticism from both them and I. From the following, these criticisms still hold up. Even though Zecora had no idea at the time that both Angel and Fluttershy swapped bodies or Angel caused massive problems at the sanctuary, it still doesn't excuse her leaving Angel out to run in the dangerous Everfree Forest alone. Understanding how Zecora once caught Swamp Fever and then got nearly eaten by a roc, she should've known better than to just leave "Angel" be. At least carry him back into the heart of Ponyville before letting "him" go. Zecora should've warned them what the potion would do. Yes, she can talk in riddles at times, and when you listen to them more and more carefully, you understand them, and she warned them to take it alone and at home. But by not telling them what would happen to them if they drank them, they get caught in a massive surprise. Alerting them of the consequences would lessen that surprise, make her less of a troll, and give them some input on how to fix it. Until the middle of the second act, Flutterbunny assumed Z erred, only to realize it wasn't the case after their meeting. If her wink says anything, her potion intended to swap their bodies until they figure out they each contributed to the conflict. The rest of the criticisms I had of her plan, both of its construction and implications? Hogwash. There is another here, too. Bunny!Fluttershy's inability to alert both Twilight and Spike that her body got swapped was supposed to indicate how hopeless it is for her to solve it with help. No one knows about the swap, and without a voice, she can't tell others. However, that helplessness could've been clearer to the audience and not relied on not wondering if using The Stare (which she used successfully on Angel earlier) would get others to notice. The rest of the episode, however, is character-driven gold, and their interactions with each other and their environments as both themselves and swapped bodies contributed to the plot, particularly in the humor and drama. Back in Putting Your Hoof Down, Angel had not only his worst appearance of the show by far, but also arguably the worst appearance of any character in the whole show. Yes, Angel isn't exactly the nicest and most patient, but it really took him to the next level, making him a massive, abusive, out-of-character brat in order to get what he wants. While this episode doesn't directly connect to that episode at all, his brattiness returns. Unlike the former (and his desire for a salad made exactly the way he wanted), the episode gets the audience to understand his position in a few ways. Fluttershy focused all her time on the animal sanctuary and classes that she spends no more quality time with him at all, and it shows in the open. As she stays focused on the task at hand, he wants her to give him some level of attention, but keeps getting ignored. During this exchange, Fluttershy utters a crucial line, which I'll further get to later. After Fluttershy gives Angel a little "carrot-based" idea, he decides to get her attention by disrupting the support group and starting a massive fight, disheveling both Fluttershy and himself. During the brawl, Dr. Fauna explains to Zecora that FS is able to keep the "chaos" under control despite Angel's shenanigans. Of course, Zecora believes things are worse than they look, observes how tension's boiling over, and believes the problem must be solved quickly before it becomes worse. After spotting Fluttershy messaging the "gecko's" sore back, he asks her to message his own in an attempting to get attention, only to be rejected in favor of her responsibilities, and this rejection happens at least twice (the latter one equipped with Fluttershy snapping back and Angel hopping away, upset). Why does Angel mock her in front of Zecora? Because he's frustrated with her spending all of her time with everything else. This culminates to his hasty decision to disobey Zecora and take the potion out in the open. Just prior, Fluttershy wanted to be with him and then immediately felt self-pressured to complete her task. Notice the change in Angel's face from celebratory to concerned to fed up as she showed more and more worry. This doesn't make Fluttershy innocent, though. Recall the "crucial line": …and said with a sly smirk. Thanks to that line, Fluttershy suggests she sees his actions as spoiled only. When he tries to get her attention, she yells at him, catching the attention of Dr. Fauna. Yes, she immediately regrets it, but it only restarts inside the storage closet. When he wants to taste the carrot concentrate, she's at her wit's end, accusing him of not taking her occupation seriously and wasting her time, culminating with equal growls towards each other. Right after they switch bodies, the first thing Flutterbunny instructs Angelshy is to "do her chores" while she hops to Zecora's hut, thinking this body swap was unintentional. Yes, Angelshy acted like a brat and used his newfound physique to poke fun at the Ponyvillagers, but Fluttershy getting her under her control only added to the tension between them. Grabbing his tail, stomping the ground, and applying The Stare only fueled his belief of her being "bossy" and animosity toward the other animals at sanctuary. Why does FS's small gesture matter? Because it symbolizes her core judgment to the conflict. Up to this point, she accused Angel of not taking her responsibilities seriously; by literally handwaving, she's suggesting Angel is being spoiled and lazy because he lived with her all her life, and by asking for attention, he's only caring for himself. And, yes, that's true. He doesn't take her job seriously. However, that literal handwave also admits hypocrisy by implicating that she doesn't take him seriously. Unlike PYHD, neither side is in the right from the very beginning. Both of them have streaks of not being nice to one another. Yes, they want to get along and be family, but neither believe they're being listened to, yet only worsen matters by not listening to each other. They oversimplify the opposite's conflict and treat their own as more important. This equal unpleasantness also helped fuel the comedy, especially Angelshy's reaction to the environment and FS's other relationships. Some examples include: Getting very giddy after smelling carrots from Berry Punch's basket. Having initial trouble running to the water fountain. And eventually giving up. Angel bossing Sandra around. Never piss off Angel! The best one, of course, is this: Angel's observant around his environments, FS's extended friendships (namely with the draconequus), and is mocking her for it. And for anyone barfing at the shipteasing, it's not like Confalone hasn't done it before. So why did Zecora come up with this body-swapping potion? Because she forethought the very source of the conflict and concluded that the only way everything will truly return to normal is to make them understand their own positions and see it themselves. Given how they treated each other throughout the first half, the lesson they were going to learn was gonna be tough, and Confalone really showed it. Thanks to not having a voice in Angel's body, FS can't properly communicate with anyone beside Angel himself. Her sign language to Twilight, Spike, and later Zecora becomes untranslatable. On her way into the Everfree, her breath begins to shorten, she starts losing her bounce, and barely escaped from a hungry bald eagle. Seeing as she doesn't take him seriously, Angel takes FS's sanctuary job less seriously, too. Rather than focus on the assigned job, he uses his newfound status to gain revenge on Sandra and become as lazy as Rainbow Dash from 246G, such as letting the storage keys stay lodged in Murial's sore trunk, not reminding Scout the Flamingo to shift his legs, and giving Zecora's "gecko" Antoine's cookies. Again, the fact that Angel's jerkish behavior is to be expected along with a grain of sympathy allows us to stomach his actions. Angel's neglect over taking care of her sanctuary led to massive chaos inside, made Dr. Fauna extremely upset over "Fluttershy" for being so ignorant of the animals' wellbeing (great voice-acting, BTW), and made all the animals distrust Angel after he found out he needed to get the keys out from Murial (who was now dissolving inside Antoine's stomach). (And on an unrelated note, Sloppy Steve from EQD made a great point about the "nuanced" storytelling here. The episode could've just let the biology of the predators go after Fluttershy satisfied Antoine's hunger. Instead, his predatory instincts kicked in after Angel took his treat away for the hungry "gecko" — or shall I say, fire lizard — and swallowed his prey whole, just like a real snake.) If Fluttershy was still a pegasus, she would've been able to fly back to the sanctuary without breaking a sweat. But because she's 1/10 the size, she spends a lot of energy hopping and becomes extremely exhausted and dehydrated once she returns. At this point, Angel realizes what he had done, regretted mistreating Fluttershy, and understood how hard it was for FS to work helping the animals in the sanctuary. It took getting the prey and predators to trust him, work together, and dislodge the keys just to take the carrot concentrate out, but carrying that heavy jar without spilling it zapped a lot of strength out from him. Once Flutterbunny wakes up and feels energetic, they share a magnificent heart to heart. No matter how tough the times may be toward each other, they care for each other, and we see it through their contrition, appreciation for what they do for each other, and around them. From now on, they won't take each other for granted. Beyond the lessons Angel and Fluttershy learned, there are a lot of really interesting bits. The episode further establishes not only the responsibilities Fluttershy has in the school, but also in the sanctuary. Between teaching, taking care of Angel, and running the sanctuary, it takes a lot of willpower to get through all of it. This is the very first episode since the School opened to deal with anyone juggling through very stressful jobs and how neglecting one causes a chain reaction. Often, bodyswap episodes will have the voices change along with the bodies, like Carpet Diem from Gravity Falls. That doesn't happen here; their bodies change, but not the mind or voices. By doing this, STtA must rely on the animation and voice acting to convince the audience Angel and Fluttershy swapped. Libman, DHX, and Top Draw did an outstanding job here, and you can tell they all had a world of fun. With Angel in Fluttershy's body, she doesn't talk all that mellowly. When Angel's in her body, Libman's tone's sharper, hoarse, rude, and louder to make it sound more youthful and "masculine." Thanks to his obsession for carrots, smelling them makes him sound excited and rebellious. From the animation point of view, Fluttershy as Angel might've been a little tougher to sell, since she can't speak. But she knew him ever since he was born, so she can utilize the very same language as Angel when he's a bunny. That communication works with Angel, but not anyone else. Plus, as mentioned before, she quickly fatigued from all the jumping, a limit Angel's more aware of than her. As always, Fluttershy has a way with animals, understanding the need to nurture them and remain patient. Grown out of her timid shell, she exudes authority while simultaneously earning respect and trust from the animals and Dr. Fauna. The episode establishes how impactful the animal sanctuary has been to Fauna since opening: Thanks to all the room for them to roam and heal, her job's not so stressful anymore. Of course, she lends lots of credit to Fluttershy, saying the sanctuary would be a "zoo" without her, foreshadowing the Freaky Friday-like swap to end Act 1. Since the second season, DHX toyed with pegasi/alicorn wings becoming secondary hands. She Talks to Angel doesn't go mad about it like Parental Glideance (and the winged hands were one of the best parts of the episode), but it did one key moment: Taking care of those animals was a big deal that Angel took for granted. Her matted hair and wrinkle under her eyes proved how much Angel's attitude pushed her close to breaking. Holding her right wing out and pointing at her list — which she held with the other — reminds him she is the authority figure and desperately wants him to listen to her. There's some to dislike, but a lot to like. She Talks to Angel resolves Angel's jerkiness from PYHD, intertwines the animal sanctuary quite well, and is the second-best Fluttershy episode of the show.
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    It's Rarity's day... I'm really having mixed feelings lately... There are some good things to mention, and there are some ... the other ones... Oh everything didn't go as I planned... I wanted to make a game I mentioned a year ago for that day[ REFERENCE ], but looks like it will be delayed (if released at all), because something else took way longer than I expected. The Plan I had 2 weeks of vacations last month (5-18 August) and I wanted to use that time free from job to make two things: make a silly video for lols I was thinking of making something like this for a long time, just to see how it goes, have some fun and basically upload something to my YT channel after a long time of its inactivity. It was supposed to be just a silly small project, that I thought I'll get done within a week. start that game project and release it on Rarity's day This is something I planned a year ago. Rarity's day last year gave me an idea - the inspiration to make a game for her day and incorporate it with forum events for you all to (hopefully) enjoy. It was supposed to be a match-three puzzle game, that would involve dresses designed/drawn by you, members[ BASED ON THIS EVENT ]. I thought, that I'll have a full week without my job to focus on that and then half a month to polish and finish it. That seemed doable, so I was pretty optimistic about it. However... Nothing went as I planned. The Result the silly video That not only took the whole vacations, it also took an extra week, making it 3 weeks in total. 3 weeks of work to get a silly video with only almost 8 minutes of content. It felt really bad, but I didn't want to give up - I wanted to finish it at all costs to finally have something done. And though it took a lot of time, I got it done, so... at least that's something good, right? the game Now that's something, that didn't go well. When I realized I had only 2 weeks to make this a thing, I decided to give up and focus on other things instead. Buuuuuuut in the end, on 3rd September, I decided to at least give it a try to see how it goes. And with that, the project has been created at ‎Tuesday, ‎3 September ‎2019, ‏‎04:50:06 (24HR; GMT+2), but I went to sleep soon after that, as it was almost 5AM for me, so practically I started working on it the next day. Today, after 5 days of development I managed to program the basic mechanics. Well making the game work took me a day or two, the next ones went into polishing and fixing bugs. Heh, the amount of logic and predicting that has to be coded is mind-blowing. The game was playable, but there were some minor glitches here and there, like things not always being properly registered and stuff. Nothing serious, but it didn't really look well in the end. I kept adjusting things until it all started working perfectly. ... But does it actually work perfectly? I'm not sure, but for the first time, I've managed to hit 100.000 points mark during testing, without bumping into any weird things. Getting there gives few minutes of testing and everything seemed to work fine... unless I'm just lucky. Either way, even if there will be any glitches, I believe and hope, that there will be only tiny ones. So... Here's some early gameplay preview, though note, that the game currently has no goals and the gameplay is meh-ly simple. There will be bonuses and other fancy things in the future. Also, there aren't any sound effects yet. Also also, the numbers all over the place are there for debugging purposes, don't mind these. Wait 'till the end for an epic prank the game threw on me. A potential question you may ask - "Couldn't you start working on it earlier?" Yeah, yeah, I could. I had other things to work on though, plus, the home renovation I currently have (it's going so slow, but it should be finally over soon) doesn't make it any better. Literally, currently I have a mess, there's dust everywhere lul, so it's harder to focus. I was just doing random things like playing games. Now though, I'm sort of determined to do something productive. Though... the real reason why I wasn't working on it before is... That as some of you might know, months ago I decided to cancel this project, while it still was just an idea. The reason was me suspecting, that I won't be here anymore (a kinda long story, but in the end even that failed to some degree lol). Summarizing I'm afraid I won't be able to post the game in time and that itself is fine I suppose. But.. That time is kind of limited. The show's ending gets closer each day and once the English release will see the light of day, spoilers will start randomly appearing all over the place, because these won't be considered as spoilers anymore, after some time, that is. I already got spoiled soooooooooooooo many things about the show, but new characters, races/species, facts like some new buildings (if you get what I mean) aren't that destructive, so it's okay-ish to live with. - - - But the ending is one and only and I'd love to catch up with everything before seeing or hearing anything about it. For that reason I'm afraid I might leave the forums. I don't think it will be permanently of course, but I suppose it will take few months for me to catch up with that, if not longer. But ultimately... I absolutely don't know what to do and where to start, hence these mixed feelings of mine. I suppose I'll see how it goes and then I'll be thinking. For now I aim to release at least that puzzle game in this century, heh. So uh, yeah, if you managed to get though that wall of text, thanks for visiting!
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    Now that I got my paycheck this past week and I had the money to order the last of the materials and such (including a sewing machine), now I can continue work. Today I filled in any gaps around the eyes and made two sets of eyelids to change Rarity's expression a little bit. Now I just have to do final shaping to smooth it all out, tape it up to get the fur pattern, then wait for the fur and fleece to get here in the mail. After that I can move on to her horn and mane, then she'll be done (well, the head will be, anyway). Ignore the foam stuck in her eyes, I'll take care of that during the final cleaning. And I know they're a bit rough in the corners and the left iris shape isn't perfect; it was my first time using plastic instead of foam for the eyes. It's difficult to cut smoothly, but it's so much sturdier than craft foam.
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    So yeah, I wasn't happy with my progress. I cut quite a few corners thinking, "I'm not an experienced fursuit maker, it's fine if I don't put in all the effort I should." I'm just not satisfied with that line of thought, so I scrapped the head and I'm starting over. I want to do this as a profession one day, and that kind of thinking definitely won't be acceptable when I'm making stuff for other people. Luckily I had only put in around seven or eight hours of work, so it's not that much wasted time. The eyes especially were rushed and poorly made. This time around I took the extra few hours to make them properly (I even clear coated them), and they look so much better. Lesson learned; don't half-ass things. Maybe I'll actually learn from these lessons one day instead of forgetting about them a week later. Also, this time I'm going with dual 50mm fans in the head instead of the quad 30mm fans in the last one. The ones I ordered already have a USB plug attached, so that will make everything so much cleaner looking. It should improve airflow substantially, as well. This setup has 24 CFM compared to the previous 8 CFM, and they're still quiet and easy enough to hide. I'm also thinking about putting four 80mm USB fans in the body suit (roughly 100 CFM, which is a lot of airflow for 5v fans this size) since I'll be padding it out with a bunch of foam, which is super hot. It's just a matter of where I'm gonna hide the ventilation. I've got a couple of ideas for that, but we'll see what works.
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    The Hunchback of Notre Dame's one of Disney's most underrated and best animated musicals. Darker than normal, but wrought with plenty of humor, drama, and emotion. One of the most down-to-earth, emotional songs ever published by Disney comes from this movie: God Help the Outcasts.
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    Here is A City in the Stars from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Star Way from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Sabaton's The Last Stand on the Organ. A Patreon Request. Enjoy. Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 (Requestor Shout-out) [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Since there was a little bit of EA bashing going on in a couple of threads, I figured it was time to give them a bit of love with one of the games they published from a bygone era - Starflight. Originally released in 1986 for IBM and Tandy computers, it received several releases afterwards, finding its way to DOS, Macintosh, Amiga, C64 and even the Atari ST. And even managed a console release for the Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive for you non-US readers, in 1991. A sequel was released first in 1989. As the title indicates, the game is set in sci-fi space and is a completely non-linear exploration game that progresses through cryptic clues gathered from transmissions from the space port or from successful communications with other alien species. What sets it apart is that the galaxy is unknown and must be explored. There is no order in which this must be done and there is a great deal of freedom in completing the game's over-arcing story. In case anyone's wondering, yes, it is indeed in a vinyl album style cardboard folder. Up until the late 1990s, there wasn't a unified packaging type for PC games. The copy I have is an original IBM/Tandy release from 1986. However, unfortunately, I'm missing the star map that came with it. If you're interested in picking up this game, make sure it has the manual. It's less manual and more galactic guidebook.
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    So yesterday, my package of Japanese imported Kit Kat bars arrived in the mail after a whole month of "expedited" shipping. I have decided to type up a blog about it all so far and my opinions of the flavors that I have tried. 1) Green Tea Kit Kat: This one was an interesting flavor to me. As someone who has never tried green tea before (I only drink sweet tea), I had no idea what to expect from this one. It was not bad but I did taste a lot of the chocolate that was still in the bar itself so there wasn't a whole lot of distinct "green flavor" taste to me. However, it did leave a minor aftertaste but it wasn't so bad. I would try this one again but if someone offered it to be but it wasn't one that I'd be overly excited for. Overall rating: 7.5/10 2) Raspberry Kit Kat: This is one of the ones that I would love to see imported in the US. As soon as you bite into the Kit Kat bar, the Raspberry flavor rushes in. It was a very sweet raspberry flavor too and pretty right on with it too. Almost as if I was actually eating a raspberry (kudos to them for achieving that). Overall, this is a Kit Kat flavor I would buy again and one that I would recommend to others too. Overall rating: 9/10 3) Caramel Pudding Kit Kat: Okay, so I didn't know what to expect with this one really. After all, I've never heard of "caramel pudding" anyways (Is it in the US?). This has been the best one that I have tried so far. The caramel flavor is very sweet. In fact, it was so good that I wanted to have another bar (don't have any more ). This is definitely a flavor I would buy again and recommend to others. Hopefully down the road, it will be in US stores too (one can only hope). Overall Rating: 10/10 PERFECT! 4) Shinshu Apple Kit Kat: this was a flavor that was pretty mediocre to me (and I like apples too). At first It was pretty good, as if I was biting on a freshly ripe apple but then the flavor turned sour and it left a very bad after taste in my mouth that was nearly impossible to get rid of, even with soda. This is a flavor I can say that I don't recommend others to try all that much. It was a bit of a letdown flavor to me. Overall Rating: 5/10 I have not tried all of the flavors that I have just yet so I will be making a part 2 of this review. So far, it's been a very interesting experience to try all of these different Kit Kats. I never knew there could be sooo many different flavors of them and it's been very fun to try them all too.
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    The cold open was pretty good, featuring Rarity and Spike. AJ being the replacement in the gem cave was brilliant. The montage of things that she normally does with Spike with substitutes was interesting as well. The middle segment features Rarity's envy and jealousy coming out, keeping Spike from spending time with Gabby. It's the main 6 ponies relearning issues that they should have learned yet again. Rarity is the main antagonist here, letting her major jealousy and envy of Gabby come out. It was an okay episode, but Rarity's character here was not great. The main 6 taking turns with Rarity was probably the best part of the episode. Grade: B-
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    Here is El Salvador's National Anthem (Saludemos La Patria Orgullosos) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Freeze! from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Crystal Castle Crawl from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Over Shiver Mountain from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Oh the cold opening is absolutely brilliant. Angel is being his usual self, and that's what makes the episode that much better. Seeing Fluttershy interact with all the animals in the sanctuary is great. Loving the continuity between the earlier episodes pertaining to the Sanctuary. Love the bodyswapping aspect of the episode here. The cadence of Fluttershy (as Angel) is absolutely phenomenal. Love that they went this way on the episode. Angel is being just as cruel as he previously was as a bunny. Love the ending to this episode with the entire population of the sanctuary helping to swap them back. Overall, this was a very good episode exploiting the bodyswap trope that has been used in many cartoons. It was a great episode with a great ending. My grade: A
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    Here is Cold Reception in Shiver City from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, please consider joining them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    I read the latest MLP comic Feats Of Friendship. Warning Spoilers! It is a simple plot so far, but it made me think. First, a brief summary of the plot. The Young Six are going to participate in a series of games called the Feats Of Friendship. They need a 7th team member so Twilight introduces them to Swift Foot, a female earth pony. It turns out that she is evil (because of course she is) and wants to turn the characters against each other. She talks to each one privately. She tells Silverstream that Equestria didn’t save the Hippogriffs when Storm King invaded. She tells Gallus that the Griffons and ponies didn’t get along, and Gallus should be the leader of the group. She tells Yona that Yona learned to speak pony, but nobody learned Yak. She told Smolder that the school doesn’t serve gems for dragons to eat. She tells Ocellus that the ponies made the changelings change their way of life just to suit the ponies. And she tells Sandbar that he treats is friends better than they treat him. This makes all of the characters mad at each other. I will address each of these points from minor to major. Sandbar is upset because he feels unappreciated. I don’t see this as a major issue. He will get over it. It does not present a big personal problem, nor a problem with pony/non pony relationships. Gallus has a big ego and it is reasonable to believe that he should feel like he is the leader. But he needs to realize that their group has no leader. I don’t see this a as a big problem. He needs to learn how pony society works if he wants to live there, even if temporarily. This is a minor personal problem, and might reflect some issues for Griffon/pony relationships. The Hippogriffs. Why didn’t Equestria defend them? (Because plot.) We don’t know. I think Equestria should have, if they could have. But for whatever reason that didn’t happen. You can’t be mad at someone for not helping, or not helping enough, when you have problems. What do the Hippogriffs want? Reparations for something that Equestria wasn’t a part of? Do they want help rebuilding? That might be a good idea, but not because Equestria owes them anything. I think the Hippogriffs make good allies. It seems that they get along well with the ponies. The Hippogriffs should work to build an alliance, not feel bitter about what happened to them. Yona feels like she is making an effort to fit into pony society by learning the pony language. But what else does she expect? She is visiting Equestria, of course she should learn their language. You don’t go to a foreign land and expect everyone there to speak your language. I never liked the Yaks. They are violent and threatened war. I don’t think Equestria should appease that kind of behavior. Sure, they can make some effort for peace, but don’t compromise their values. Equestria should always be ready for war to defend its way of life. The Yaks make unstable allies. The only reason I would negotiate peace with them is that war is expensive. I would not have peace “at any cost.” I think that if the Yaks had a superior military then they would attack Equestria. Smolder’s problem is similar to Yona’s. Should she expect to eat gem stones in Equestria? I don’t know how hard it is to obtain dragon food. Presumably it shouldn’t be that hard. I think she has a valid complaint, but nothing worth getting mad about. A minor personal problem, but a reflection of a big dragon/pony problem. I see the dragons as worse than the Yaks. The only reason that the dragons have not invaded Equestria is that Ember doesn’t want to. What happens if she is replaced? Can the ponies really trust the dragons? Do they share any common values? I don’t think so. I would keep a strong military as a deterrent against dragon invasion. The Changelings. The ponies changed the Changelings’ way of life just to suit the ponies? Duh! The Changelings invaded Equestria. The ponies had every right to do anything, including wiping out every last Changeling, to save themselves. The Changelings should be thankful that they still exist. The ponies and Changelings could not live in the same world. Their existence was mutually exclusive. One might ask, “Where were the hippogriffs when the Changelings invaded Equestria?” Fortunately for Equestria, the Changelings are no longer a threat. I do think it is a good idea to have an alliance with them now that they are not a threat. But what happens when Thorax isn’t in charge anymore? Hopefully the change is permanent. I believe that Equestria represents the superior culture in the land. At the very least, they should take a stance that protects their way of life. We could get into cultural relativism, with an attitude of “well, everyone thinks they are the best.” Sure, when the unreformed Changeling is eating your energy, you can think that. Or when the dragon is roasting your village, or when a diamond dog has you in chains, you can talk about how every creature is equal. Taking a cultural relativistic philosophy is pointless at best, self-destructive at worst. It is significant that it is Equestria that has a school devoted to inclusiveness. It is Equestria that accepts all points of view. It is Equestria where creatures from other lands can be given a fair chance. Not Yakyakistan, not Dragonland (awesome band), not the Changeling Kingdom, not Griffonstone. Maybe the Hippogriff lands. It is cultural suicide to think that every other creature believes in freedom the same way the ponies do. Equestria should spread its beliefs and culture. I’m not saying it should invade other lands. I’m saying other lands should adopt the same concepts of freedom that Equestria has. If they don’t, then Equestria needs to have a strong defense. Being ready to defend yourself is not aggressive. Having strong values and beliefs means nothing without the firepower to ultimately back it up.
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Thieves 73% 48 of 71(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 100% 48 of 48(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 100% 34 of 34(Platinum) (PS3)Battlefield: Bad Company 67% 38 of 51 (PS3)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 61% 49 of 77 (PS3)Killzone 2 66% 52 of 84(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 100% 50 of 50(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 88% 48 of 51 (PS3)Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 51% 41 of 73 (PS3)Killzone 3 64% 52 of 79(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: World at War 71% 45 of 65(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: Black Ops 68% 46 of 71 - = Got more rare += Got less rare Rarest Platinum: War Hero(Killzone 2)(--) 2.22%(-0.01%) Unrarest Platinum: Valedictorian(Bully)(--) 24.16%(-0.02%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Platinum): 1.War Hero(Killzone 2)(--) 2.22%(-0.01%) 2.The Legendary Hero(Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)(--) 4.45%(-0.00%) 3.Extremely Solid(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 5.03%(-0.00%) 4.Legend(Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PS4)(--) 5.65%(-0.02%) 5.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield Hardline PS4)(--) 5.88%(-0.03%) 6.Vic Boss(Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD)(--) 6.70%(-0.01%) 7.Platinum(Call of Duty World at War)(--) 6.73%(-0.02%) 8.Bad Company Elite(Battlefield Bad Company 2)(--) 7.06%(-0.02%) 9.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PSVITA)(--) 7.30%(-0.02%) 10.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield 4 PS4)(--) 7.52%(-0.03%) 11.Platinum(Killzone 3)(--) 7.91%(-0.02%) 12.World War One Hero(Battlefield 1)(--) 8.30%(-0.04%) 13.Just another day at the office(Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered)(--) 10.35%(-0.02%) 14.Platinum(Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception)(--) 11.09%(-0.03%) 15.One Last Time(Uncharted 4 A Thief's End)(--) 11.59%(-0.04%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Platinum): 1.Valedictorian(Bully)(--) 24.16%(-0.02%) 2.Platinum(Uncharted Drake's Fortune)(--) 18.96%(-0.03%) 3.Platinum(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 16.82%(-0.03%) 4.Platinum(Killzone HD)(--) 15.96%(-0.04%) 5.Complete all other trophies(The Saboteur)(--) 14.88%(-0.02%) 6.All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 14.80%(-0.03%) 7.Platinum(Uncharted Golden Abyss)(--) 13.41%(-0.02%) 8.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PS3)(--) 13.20%(-0.01%) 9.One Last Time(Uncharted 4 A Thief's End)(--) 11.59%(-0.04%) 10.Platinum(Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception)(--) 11.09%(-0.03%) 11.Just another day at the office(Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered)(--) 10.35%(-0.02%) 12.World War One Hero(Battlefield 1)(--) 8.30%(-0.04%) 13.Platinum(Killzone 3)(--) 7.91%(-0.02%) 14.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield 4 PS4)(--) 7.52%(-0.03%) 15.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PSVITA)(--) 7.30%(-0.02%) Rarest Gold: Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto IV)(--) 2.59%(-0.01%) Unrarest Gold: Collateral Damage(The Order 1886)(--) 80.53%(-0.02%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Gold): 1.Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto IV)(--) 2.59%(-0.01%) 2.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 2.71%(-0.02%) 3.Solid Gold, Baby!(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 2.81%(-0.01%) 4.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 3.22%(-0.01%) 5.Best in the West(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 3.76%(+0.04%) 6.Heroic Survivor(Killzone 2)(--) 3.87%(-0.01%) 7.Valor Grand Cross(Killzone 2)(+1) 4.05%(-0.01%) 8.Amateur Radio Operator(Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)(-1) 4.05%(-0.00%) 9.Sounds of the Battlefield(Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)(--) 4.55%(-0.01%) 10.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3)(--) 4.55%(-0.01%) 11.Multiplayer Elite(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 5.29%(-0.02%) 12.The Longest Day(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(+1) 5.43%(-0.03%) 13.Virtually Impossible(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(-1) 5.44%(-0.00%) 14.Complete Stealth(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 5.58%(-0.02%) 15.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 6.19%(-0.00%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Gold): 1.Collateral Damage(The Order 1886)(--) 80.53%(-0.02%) 2.Modern Marvels(The Order 1886)(--) 77.10%(-0.02%) 3.A Knight No More(The Order 1886)(--) 69.90%(-0.02%) 4.Three for One(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 64.76%(-0.02%) 5.The Pacific Campaign(Battlefield 1943)(--) 62.57%(-0.00%) 6.Charted! - Normal(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 57.94%(-0.04%) 7.Liberation(Wolfenstein The New Order GER)(--) 57.58%(-0.04%) 8.Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser(Killzone 3)(--) 56.29%(-0.05%) 9.The Fugitive(Dead Space 2 GER)(--) 53.25%(-0.08%) 10.Like a Boss(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PS3)(--) 52.02%(-0.02%) 11.Charted! - Normal(Uncharted Drake's Fortune)(--) 50.23%(-0.04%) 12.A Cut Above(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 48.56%(-0.00%) 13.Medic Enlistment(Battlefield 1)(--) 48.41%(-0.10%) 14.Welcome to the Penthouse(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 48.28%(-0.04%) 15.Escape(BioShock 2 PS3)(--) 48.25%(-0.02%) Rarest Silver: Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.88%(-0.04%) Unrarest Silver: Bare-knuckle Slugger(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 85.10%(-0.02%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Silver): 1.Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.88%(-0.04%) 2.Mission Complete(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 3.02%(-0.00%) 3.No One Will Believe You(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 3.04%(-0.02%) 4.Shadows Cannot Be Killed(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.10%(-0.02%) 5.Endangered Species(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 3.22%(-0.00%) 6.The Knowledge(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.74%(-0.01%) 7.Fully Equipped(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 3.84%(-0.02%) 8.Dare Devil(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 3.87%(-0.01%) 9.Tell Me a Tale(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 3.99%(-0.02%) 10.Gun Nut(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 4.00%(-0.02%) 11.In It to Win It(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 4.82%(-0.01%) 12.Outgunned(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 4.83%(-0.02%) 13.Decorated(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 5.75%(-0.02%) 14.Executed(Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PS4)(--) 5.91%(-0.02%) 15.Untouchable(Killzone 2)(--) 5.97%(-0.02%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Silver): 1.Bare-knuckle Slugger(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 85.10%(-0.02%) 2.Out of the Frying Pan(The Saboteur)(--) 84.50%(-0.01%) 3.Into the Fire(The Saboteur)(--) 83.53%(-0.01%) 4.Stepping up(Formula 1 2018)(--) 83.49%(+0.17%) 5.Grim Reaper(Battlefield 5)(--) 82.10%(-1.15%) 6.Killer on the loose(Battlefield Bad Company)(--) 81.73%(-0.03%) 7.Two for One(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 81.28%(-0.01%) 8.Top 3(Formula 1 2016)(--) 79.69%(-0.09%) 9.Victory!(Formula 1 2019)(NEW) 79.03%(-0.00%) 10.Headshot Expert(Uncharted Drake's Fortune Remastered)(-1) 78.78%(-0.03%) 11.Baneful Payback(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(-1) 78.72%(-0.03%) 12.On the podium(Formula 1 2017)(-1) 77.84%(-0.27%) 13.Master of your domain(Battlefield 1943)(-1) 76.05%(+0.01%) 14.Arkham City Sirens(Batman Arkham City PS3 DLC)(-1) 74.98%(-0.02%) 15.Carlson's Raiders(Call of Duty World at War)(-1) 74.39%(-0.02%) Rarest Bronze: High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 2.72%(-0.00%) Unrarest Bronze: A Rite of Passage(Table Top Racing: World Tour)(--) 98.50%(-0.00%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Bronze): 1.High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 2.72%(-0.00%) 2.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(+1) 3.19%(-0.01%) 3.Horses for Courses(Red Dead Redemption 2)(-1) 3.22%(+0.09%) 4.St. Bernard(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 3.33%(-0.02%) 5.Rolling Heavy(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 3.38%(-0.02%) 6.Scout(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.52%(-0.01%) 7.Non-Regulation(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 3.70%(+0.13%) 8.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3)(--) 4.08%(-0.01%) 9.Veteran Ribbon(Killzone 2)(+1) 4.24%(-0.02%) 10.Expert Ribbon(Killzone 2)(+1) 4.27%(-0.01%) 11.Shiba Inu(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(+1) 4.27%(-0.03%) 12.Home Comforts(Red Dead Redemption 2)(-3) 4.25%(+0.08%) 13.Outmaneuvered(Killzone Shadow Fall)(+1) 4.52%(-0.01%) 14.It's Art(Red Dead Redemption 2)(-1) 4.53%(+0.05%) 15.Unlocked(Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes PS4)(--) 4.69%(-0.01%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Bronze): 1.A Rite Of Passage(Table Top Racing World Tour)(--) 98.50%(-0.00%) 2.Undercover(Wolfenstein The Old Blood GER)(--) 97.58%(-0.03%) 3.Freeflow Combo 5(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(--) 97.13%(-0.00%) 4.Followed Rost's teachings(Horizon Zero Dawn)(--) 97.08%(-0.01%) 5.War Never Changes(Fallout 4)(--) 97.00%(-0.02%) 6.Path of the Stars(Shadow of the Tomb Raider)(--) 96.95%(-0.01%) 7.2X Multiplier!(LittleBigPlanet)(--) 96.89%(-0.00%) 8.Deja-vu(Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus GER)(--) 96.11%(-0.08%) 9.I'm Batman(Batman Arkham City PS3)(--) 96.05%(-0.01%) 10.Artist(LittleBigPlanet)(--) 95.94%(-0.00%) 11.Shocking Rescue(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(--) 95.81%(-0.01%) 12.Somebody Else?(Beyond Two Souls PS3)(--) 95.74%(-0.00%) 13.Fix Me Up(Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3)(--) 95.73%(-0.01%) 14.Come In(Killzone Mercenary)(+1) 95.42%(-0.01%) 15.Production(Metal Gear Survive)(-1) 95.39%(-0.20%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(ALL): 1.War Hero(Killzone 2)(Platinum)(--) 2.22%%(-0.01%) 2.Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto 4)(Gold)(--) 2.59%(-0.01%) 3.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(Gold)(+1) 2.71%(-0.02%) 4.High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(Bronze)(-1) 2.72%(-0.00%) 5.Solid Gold, Baby!(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Gold)(--) 2.81%(-0.01%) 6.Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Silver)(--) 2.88%(-0.01%) 7.Mission Complete(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(Silver)(--) 3.02%(-0.00%) 8.No One Will Believe You(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Silver)(--) 3.04%(-0.02%) 9.Shadows Cannot Be Killed(Killzone Shadow Fall)(Silver)(--) 3.10%(-0.02%) 10.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Bronze)(+1) 3.19%(-0.01%) 11.Endangered Species(Grand Theft Auto 4)(Silver)(+1) 3.22%(-0.00%) 12.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Gold)(+1) 3.22%(-0.01%) 13.Horses for Courses(Red Dead Redemption 2)(Bronze)(-3) 3.22%(+0.09%) 14.St. Bernard(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(Bronze)(--) 3.33%(-0.02%) 15.Rolling Heavy(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Bronze)(--) 3.38%(-0.02%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(ALL): 1.A Rite Of Passage(Table Top Racing World Tour)(Bronze)(--) 98.50%(-0.00%) 2.Undercover(Wolfenstein The Old Blood GER)(Bronze)(--) 97.58%(-0.03%) 3.Freeflow Combo 5(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(Bronze)(--) 97.13%(-0.00%) 4.Followed Rost's teachings(Horizon Zero Dawn)(Bronze)(--) 97.08%(-0.01%) 5.War Never Changes(Fallout 4)(Bronze)(--) 97.00%(-0.02%) 6.Path of the Stars(Shadow of the Tomb Raider)(Bronze)(--) 96.95%(-0.01%) 7.2X Multiplier!(LittleBigPlanet)(Bronze)(--) 96.89%(-0.00%) 8.Deja-vu(Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus GER)(Bronze)(--) 96.11%(-0.08%) 9.I'm Batman(Batman Arkham City PS3)(Bronze)(--) 96.05%(-0.01%) 10.Artist(LittleBigPlanet)(Bronze)(--) 95.94%(-0.00%) 11.Shocking Rescue(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.81%(-0.01%) 12.Somebody Else?(Beyond Two Souls PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.74%(-0.00%) 13.Fix Me Up(Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.73%(-0.01%) 14.Come In(Killzone Mercenary)(Bronze)(+1) 95.42%(-0.01%) 15.Production(Metal Gear Survive)(Bronze)(-1) 95.39%(-0.20%) Games Played: 97 Games(+3) Completed Games(100% Trophies): 16 Games(--) Completion: 53.00%(-0.46%) Unearned Trophies: 2.450 Trophies(+58) Trophies per Day: 0.88(-0.01%) -=Losed positions +=Earned positions World Rank: 181.241(-1.178) Country Rank(Germany): 14.489(-70) MLP App Game Stats Friendship Code: 24c4d30 Name: RisingShine94 Characters: 363(+15) from 777(+0) Collections: 26(+3) from 155(+0) Costumes: 94(+5) from 96(+0) Shops: 99(+2) from 188(+0) Current Laughter Pieces: 999(+0) Current Generosity Pieces: 999(+0) Current Honesty Pieces: 992(-7) Current Kindness Pieces: 999(+3) Current Loyalty Pieces: 992(-2) Current Magic Pieces: 991(-8) Current Stars: 1815(+75) Current Friendships: 33(+2) Current Achievements: 10(--) from 25(--) -=Losed positions +=Earned positions Minelore Rank and record: 9.299(-369) with 77.673 Points(--) Title Melody Rank and record: 5.375(-412) with 3.723 Points(--) This Strange New World Rank and record: 24.031(-2.281) with 6.020 Points(--) Time To Come Together Rank and record: 1.570(-94) with 20.113 Points(--) EG-Groove Rank and record: 1.875(-114) with 19.092 Points(--) Cafeteria-Song Rank and record: 36.743(-3.567) with 10.813 Points(--) Rank: 123(+2) VIP Rank: 0(--) Current Bits: 20.636.425(+2.924.408) Current Gems: 134(+21) Areas Unlocked: 7 of 7(--) Hope you enjoyed those useless stats, see ya next month n.n
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    This episode shows just how much Twilight has matured over this season with the lack of a typical twilight freakout. It did a good job to build up the story for the remainder of the season as well. Discord could have been a bit better utilized in the episode, but really is just a nitpick. Overall, I think this episode did a good job of building up the suspense for the remaining episodes on the schedule. My grade: B+
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    == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == Seriously, Celestia, "My defeat of Luna"? Could you maybe at least have said "Nightmare Moon"? (I don't know whether it is a good or a bad sign that Luna is even smiling.) "Who are you?" - Apparently the enemy-of-the-state information service isn't working that well. One would assume newspapers reporting on when the world has been saved once again and who to be careful about, hah. (Then again, that weather planner didn't exist before this episode, so he may be forgiven. ) And here Chrysalis is re-using an old deception form. Same point. (Cynically speaking, why is she even using a disguise? ) Discord says character development is so boring, and then we see that the opposite is true, when we get yet another re-heating of the story where they keep the truth from each other - yaaawn. Superficial action does not create inspiring depth. Not to mention Twi merely has to look out the window to see something is wrong (or hear the thunder of the lightning strikes), and one could reasonably assume that sunrising practice sessions might happen outside. (In fact it's an oversight that they heard the first strike but Twi didn't.) Pinkie Pie probably just remembers the old pattern and playfully, knowingly, goes along with it by reciting past foaly and set the stage. Compulsory frame capture: DIVINECORD "Even if I was an ACTUAL doctor I would have no idea what's wrong." - Ponder that statement for a moment. Yeah, tell Twilight what exactly happened. And don't leave out the part where ponies were mysteriously succumbing to sudden severe weakness or where an anonymous weather planner took over. She amusedly rolls her eyes. ... If she knew where Discord put that cloud, heh. Compulsory frame capture: WHEEEEEEEEEE Screw the "This is not a pipe" painting. P.S.: With that cutie mark, I nickname her Rookie. In the end as in the beginning - More biased night-dissing by saying night is actually bad/scary but the next day brings hope. Imagine if there was only day. That wouldn't work either. Profound lesson not learned. Praise the neight!
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    I still feel bad even after the dog moved away. After i was tortured by my own mother for years, i just hate her. That means i still feel bad where i live currently, i still dont have a life but can go to work for no Money, only for a Little Tiny bit of hope, that i might get a job afterwards. What is the Point of Keeping me alive if im not allowed to live? My whole life is just " wait your life away, until your so old that you will start to decline in Health anyway". Why? Why would anybody want to have Kids in a world like this? What is the Point of Living if you cant live? What is the Point in not commiting suicide? My life is garbage. I want to go out, have a life, keeping care of a home, go outside, meet People, find a girlfriend, go normally to work and just being happy, but im not allowed to, so... It s a joke, a Nightmare. Nowadays it s not a Question of whether you want to go to work or not, it s a Question of if someone lets you. I start to get the feel that i understand why some People just run Amok...this life...this whole Concept...why? What did i do? Why cant i live? I dont get it. If i wouldnt be such a Coward, i would commit suicide. I guess i post the next update whenever someting changes, which will be never. Sorry that i wrote this, but i have to do something this endless waiting is horrible.
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    There are few even among scholars of Trojan history that have come to understand the true depth of the relationship between Canterlot and Troy. Many are simply content to label them as rivals, given their respective nations were such, and thus lose the more basic nature of their relationship. As many forget, Canterlot was not always the capital of Equestria. It only became the capital a few years after Nightmare Moon, when Princess Celestia decided to abandon the old capital in the wake of the then expanding Everfree Forest. Before it was the Capital of Equestria, Canterlot was a mining village, and before that just a mine witch fed a town at the base of the mountain. At this point many may wonder what this has to do with the history of Troy, the fact of the matter is that both Canterlot and Troy were surveyed and plotted by Trojan Horse. In that way, they are two sister cities and their subsequent rivalry of a more familial nature... Castle of the Two Sisters, 101 BNNM Trojan Horse and Mare Grace stood together before the grand doors of the audience chamber, one uncharacteristically anxious, the other as calm as ever. Mare Grace put a comforting hoof on her trembling husband's withers. "Calm my love, you'll do fine." Her words seemed to work as he ceased trembling with a few steadying breaths. "We both went over the proposal countless times, they just have a few questions for you." "I wish you could be in there with me... you always know just the words to say." She smiled at that, "You know they explicitly asked for you, you'll be famous after this when they discover all that crystal you found in the survey." He sighed, "I never wanted to be famous..." "You lost that when you married the most sought after mare in Stalliongrad, but you'll need pull with the royalty if we're going to make that dream of yours a reality." He nodded, steeling himself up for what was coming. It was a few minutes later when the doors parted, and a snobbish stallion stepped out. He had to raise his muzzle nearly to the ceiling in order to look down it at the taller Trojan, and the yet taller Mare. "Ze Princess vil see zhu now." Mare grace offered a parting nuzzle, which seemed to give the stallion a boost of confidence as he walked into the audience chamber. ... Two hours later he emerged, the slight worry on Mare's face vanishing the moment he walked out with a tired, yet positive, though a bit confused, smile on his face. They didn't talk of the even until they had returned to their lodging. "She wants to build a castle there." Mare looked surprised, "Up there? There's hardly any room for a town around it." He nodded, "Indeed, but she had quite the plan for it once I told her of the crystal deposits she seemed quite adamant that a fortress be built there. The plans she pulled out... I think she was waiting for someone to propose it. It all works, the mine will clear out more of the ledge we had suggested to make more space, but then she intends to build supports out in a platform to further expand the build-able space, in time nearly half the city would sit off the side of the mountain!" Mare shook her head with a laugh, "It sounds crazy, but so long as she approved it that's all that matters to our plans. In a few years time we'll be able to move forward."
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    This episode had a very good start. Twilight is being so Twilight in this episode, it's absolutely fantastic... at first. Pinkie is, of course being totally Pinkie. I love the fact that AJ and Rainbow Dash are being over the top as usual when it comes to being competitive. Twilight continues totally over the top by using the dumbest rules ever. Twilight continues to be a jerk to Pinkie throughout the episode however, getting Pinkie disqualified from the game purposefully. This entire episode basically went from being totally over the top to being one of the bottom of the barrel episodes. Luckily, Sunburst gets Twilight to come to her senses. It's the same lesson that Twilight has learned more than once in the series. Overall, it was a good episode, but was a rehash of lessons that Twilight has learned over and over again. My grade: B-
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    As a kid, I designed a vehicle, driver and power for the M.A.S.K. line of toys (concept on paper, in pencil AND crayon, because I was a creative kiddo), and sent it in to the Kenner Corporation. I received a letter back from them, stating that they would keep it on file, and they appreciated my interest - a stock 'thanks' letter, in other words. Several months later, they released a new toy in the line that was, essentially, my design - right down to the mask's power. The vehicle was named the Iguana (not my name for it, but time has taken the original name from me), and the Mask was Mudslinger. I didn't want any money or anything... but it would have been nice to make at least a passing mention, right? *shrug* Eh, it was a thing, and it's kinda cool to know I made something that a company actually liked enough to build & put out there. I don't want compensation at all - the fact I know I did it is enough for me. I am actually on the cover of a famous magazine. Check out the December 2006 issue of Thrasher Magazine, the one with the collage of pictures towards the bottom. Among them, there is a dillhole grinning like a lunatic wearing a Security shirt... that dillhole is yours truly, at my security job when the Toy Machine company came through during one of their King Of The Road challenges. The parking lot of the offices I guarded had what they called the 'perfect sweet rail', and they were getting pics for the magazine. Being a long time fan of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, I let 'em do their thing; they were harming no one (except themselves on occasion, when a trick bailed), and they gave me some cool stuff... including a pair of skater socks. Those socks were the most exquisite pieces of footwear I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. I wore them 'til they simply fell apart on me, eighteen years later. My father was a Folk Musician - more 'Kingston Trio', less 'Bob Dylan'. My mother was... heh... *sigh* she was a topless waitress at a burlesque club in Atlanta, back in the late 60's. She insisted they have a topless wedding - NO SHIT. How did I discover this fact? They told me, right? HELL no; my parents were so straight-laced, I didn't get to spend a night at a friend's house until I was 13 years old. A relative, mayhaps? Uh-uh; all of 'em, so tight-assed, they'd swallow a dollar and shit pennies. Nope - I found an old newspaper article from the Atlanta Journal about it, hidden among my mother's clippings and scrapbook stuff, discovered while I was being nosy as a tweenager does. She had already had my half-brothers and sisters, and two of them had children as well (she had me, her last, at 45)... which is why the article about my mother's topless wedding was titled, and I quote: "GEE Grandma - What Big BOOBS You Have!" *chuckling facepalm* During my fourth grade Arts class, our teacher had brought in a batch of paste buckets; Elmer's School Paste. There were about eight little pails in all (I think, this was a loooooooooong time back... like, the 80's), and he was so pleased he was finally able to let us glue things, like construction paper projects. As I grabbed one before everyone else did, I noticed a very light, minty smell coming from it when I opened it up. Natch, I decided that tasting was believing, so I tried it. It was... strangely delicious. So, as a conniving little bastard, I hid my bucket behind the supply cabinet at the back of the classroom. Over the course of that whole school year, I ate that entire bucket of paste... sneaking back for a quick dip from it, hiding it under my chair during art lectures to snack on, such and so forth. Consider that for a moment: an ENTIRE. QUART. PAIL. Of PASTE. *chuckleblush* Eeyup... I was the weird kid. Hands down. I had a bicycle accident at the age of fifteen that ruined my teeth permanently, ground flesh off of both knees and opened a hole in my own chin that was deep enough to see my own jawbone. The first thing I heard when I came to was the guffawing laughter of the neighborhood bully, who was riding passenger with his mom and just happened to be stopped at the red light. I dragged the bike (bent front wheel) and my own sorry carcass to the pool supply store owned by a friend of the family (Dad's church friends); the guy took one look at me and blanched. I told him I wanted to see how bad it was, and he said that was a bad, BAD idea. I insisted (being a teenager), and so he led me to the bathroom. He stood behind me to make sure I didn't just faint out from the sight. I looked... turned my head to both sides... stared at the hole in my chin and carefully, oh so carefully, I opened and closed my mouth, making it move around the bone itself. It actually didn't hurt at all, honestly. While the family friend was waiting for me to faint, I simply moved my jaw around a bit and said, "cool". He looked at me like he thought I was now concussed. (I wasn't; the doctor confirmed it later.) Eight stitches - to date of this writing, the only time I have ever required poly-thread inside my flesh. ... there's more, sure... but I wanna save something to talk about later, y'know? Still, thanks for your time - I very much appreciate it. - R.
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    Here is the Main Title from the 1939 classic film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz on the Organ (The 80th Anniversary of the film is this year (2019)! Neat, eh?). A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor Shout-out) & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, please consider joining them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    One of the most refreshing things I’ve found as a writer is the ability to add in references to outside media, current events, etc. A well placed reference is fun to toss in, rewarding when found by the reader, and can give your ego a good pat when it’s recognized by the reader. Most of the time trivia and references are just added for extra “flavor,” though building a plot using a simple reference is not unheard of. However, as with everything else, it’s possible to overdo or ham up a reference. If you make it really in your face, then it fails because it becomes too obvious and self serving. Its an amateur mistake that I make far too often. It’s not the end of the world if something goes unnoticed. If they want to get the reference, they will. With the exception of inside jokes, there aren’t often reasons to repeat references throughout the story. If the reference is important to the plot, repetition can be important. Otherwise, repetition has roughly the same effect as making the reference too obvious. All in all, it’s a fairly simple balance to meet, but can pack a lot of extra flavor for the story, which is nice. Just remember that less is more in most cases. Side note: I hid one in here somewhere.
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    Here is Raphael the Raven from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, please consider joining them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Alabama. Poor spike. Then again, this law specifies men, not dragons! Arizona, Tuscon Gender equality?! Arizona, Tombstone Arkansas Florida
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    Do you have a voice you can use?! Do you have a microphone of any kind whatsoever?! Do you love, or at least tolerate fanfiction?! Can you imagine combining all three?! Then do I have an offer for you!! ...okay, toning it down some. In short, I'm looking for volunteers to help with the Golden Oaks fanfiction reading project. At this point I'm mostly looking for folks to lend additional voices to the fics I'm reading, but I imagine the whole project should also be able to grow on its own given interested contributors. So, if you are interested, drop a line here. I don't care about the quality of hardware you have to work with, and if you're worried you're not good enough, I care even less. The only question I care about is whether you think you'd enjoy it. Everything else is insignificant. I hope to hear from you, in more ways than one. Quinch
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    I did this in the form of a tier list a few months ago, and I've decided that format really doesn't befit rating episodes of this series (at least the first 3 seasons... 4 was alright, but quite a few post-S5 episodes will be in my nightmares). I am redoing it. First off, because I've watched more SpongeBob since and secondly, I was again inspired to do so, this time by a Cosmodore video counting down all the episodes from worst to best (that he posted all the way back in 2017). I will rate these (every episode in the first three season) all in sort of categories, but they are also ranked with short comments on them, or referencing a particular gag or joke in the episode I really enjoyed... Anyways, off to the countdown tier list hybrid... Thing... Horrible 117. I'm With Stupid: Not only is the episode unfunny, it's the origin of the idea of Patrick being a total jerk to SpongeBob. Bad 116. SpongeBob's House Party: Probably the most downright boring episode of SpongeBob there is. 115. Fools in April: I've come to realize just how bad of an episode this is... 114. I Wish I Was a Teenage Gary: Probably the most disturbing episode of SpongeBob's run before Season 4 or 5. 113. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy II: Another extremely boring episode where nothing really happens. Mediocre 112. Suds: Didn't really do a whole lot with the concept of SpongeBob being sick. Also, very ugly. 111. Pickles: Let's be honest, all of us are at least a little like Bubble Bass. 110. Pressure: Forgettable episode where everyone is mean to each other for no good reason. 109. Squirrel Jokes: The only thing saving this episode from being bad was the ending. 108. Doing Time: Why are they so mean to Mrs. Puff? 107. The Sponge Who Could Fly?: Ehh, it was kind of boring. 106. My Pretty Seahorse: Other than the one visual gag with Mr. Krabs, it's forgettable. 105. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy I: Probably the weakest introduction in the series. 104. Dumped: Gary is a total B!+c#. All that over A COOKIE? 103. Pranks-A-Lot: Ghosts! GHOSTS! ...Toast... 102. Plankton's Army: Yeah it's mean to rednecks, but it was a little funny... Sort of... 101. Bossy Boots: I really hated Pearl in this episode. 100. Jellyifshing: Overall, I don't know how better to describe this than mediocre. 099. Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs in this episode is definitely like Todd Howard. 098. Valentine's Day: Spongebob x Patrick is such a cringy bromance ship. 097. The Bully: How some forum moderators handle trolls in a nutshell. 096. Krusty Love: Mrs. Puff would come to realize that he's just a possessive greedy crustacean after all. Decent 095. No Free Rides: I don't think the makers of this episode ever watched a good documentary. 094. Pre-Hibernation Week: I'd rate it lower if the gag with the guy on the bicycle didn't get me every time. 093. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Validating everyone's worst fears of technology since 2002. 092. Born Again Krabs: *SpongeBob talking Dutchman's ear off* Me: *in Penn* SHUT THE F*** UP. 091. Jellyfish Jam: Yeah thanks for trashing my house guys, now f*** off. 090. MuscleBob Buffpants: SpongeBob really looks weird and sort of ugly with muscles. 089. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: The visual gag with the watermelon really made this episode. 088. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Would be a good 10-15 spots higher if it didn't have the part with the cleats. 087. Bubble Buddy: They had every right to want to pop that bubble... Still liked the humor somewhat. 086. Grandma's Kisses: The more I watch this episode, the more I simultaneously want to like it but don't. 085. Boating School: A rather weak introduction to Mrs. Puff, but props because it was the My Leg guy's debut. 084. Home Sweet Pineapple: D@mn nematodes. 083. Ripped Pants: The more I think about it, the more I think this episode is really overrated. 082. The Paper: Not like they could have made this episode better with the boring premise it has. 081. Scaredy Pants: Decent special, but it's nowhere near as good as the Christmas special. 080. I Had An Accident: Yeah, Bob, how CAN a gorilla exist underwater? Writers have some 'splaining to do. 079. Sandy's Rocket: I think the people raiding Area 51 would really like some of that Alien Repellent. 078. Dying for Pie: It would be higher, if the premise weren't turned into an excuse for fan service. 077. Nature Pants: I like how Squidward is just celebrating SpongeBob's disappearance. 076. Jellyfish Hunter: Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs did not really learn his lesson. 075. Karate Choppers: Pursuing a hobby is a horrible reason for firing somebody. 074. Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: IT WAS BIG, SCARY, AND PINK! 073. Hooky: This episode has great humor, but the muddled moral prevents it from being the great episode it could be. 072. The Smoking Peanut: Patrick would be the worst detective ever known to man. 071. SpongeGuard on Duty: Larry is rarely ever NOT entirely one-dimensional is he? 070. Bubblestand: The Bubble Dance reminds me a lot of faked cheats for some reason. 069. As Seen on TV: Old Man Jenkins apparently has a really bad case of Dementia. 068. Texas: Aside from Sandy's singing, this is a sort of okay episode. 067. Gary Takes A Bath: Most Creative Episode Title Ever. 066. Walking Small: Yeah Plankton's NEVER going to get that second Chum Bucket finished. 065. Squid's Day Off: Also known as Squidward goes insane for bad reasons. 064. Employee of the Month: It has a lot of great references. 063. Naughty Nautical Neighbors: That fork must have really hurt going in. 062. Something Smells: Even SpongeBob should be smart enough to realize a dead plant should never be food. 061. Imitation Krabs: I catch myself singing the Bikini Bottom Anthem from time to time. 060. Wormy: This episode had an amazing musical number, but the episode was otherwise alright. 059. Opposite Day: Patrick is REALLY bad at imitating people. 058. Survival of the Idiots: Who you callin' Pinhead? 057. Reef Blower: Proof that you don't need dialogue to make a great cartoon episode. Great 056. Neptune's Spatula: BEHOLD! ...Okay, if you say so, Neptune. 055. No Weenies Allowed: Patrick has powers beyond our comprehension. 054. Krab Borg: Basically a slightly better Imitation Krabs. 053. Squilliam Returns: That will teach you not to take people so literally... Me... 052. The Chaperone: If my class' prom were like that, I would have laughed in their faces. 051. The Great Snail Race: That sounds like it would be a VERY boring event. 050. Mid-Life Crustacean: Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Shulk: I'M REALLY FEELING IT! 049. Missing Identity: This episode has some cool Film Noir vibes. 048. New Student Starfish: What's the need for lockers in a boating school? 047. Plankton!: Plankton fared really well when it came to character introductions. 046. Can You Spare a Dime: I really liked how SpongeBob legitimately became upset with Squidward. 045. Your Shoe's Untied: I can relate to that one, brother. 044. Life of Crime: Patrick would make a TERRIBLE fugitive. 043. Just One Bite: My fat already goes straight to my thighs... 042. Club SpongeBob: Me: Oh, Magic Conch, will Bernie be elected President? 041. Squid on Strike: I say "EHH SQUIDWARD?" all the time. 040. Hall Monitor: This episode is absurdly quotable. 039. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: I was the target of "Hi Kevin." If you didn't know, my real life name is Kevin. 038. Clams: Who knew giant clams had such sophisticated tastes in music? 037. Patty Hype: My first thought now when I think of this episode is "Pride patties." 036. Big Pink Loser: This episode is even more quotable than Hall Monitor. 035. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve: Patrick is the emotionally neglectful husband in a nutshell. 034. The Algae's Always Greener: Cool concept, but d@mn is Mr. Krabs being naked so wrong. 033. Tea at the Treedome: I use "I NEED WATER" on an almost daily basis. 032. FUN: It really is a great song that I won't tire of hearing any time soon. 031. Squeaky Boots: I think this is one of the most underrated SpongeBob episodes ever. 030. Sailor Mouth: I cuss about as bad as Mr. Krabs did when he stubbed his leg in real life. 029. Snowball Effect: How long did it take Squidward to build that snow tower at the end? 028. Rock Bottom: If this weren't SpongeBob, an episode like this would be top 10 easy. 027. Procrastination: SpongeBob is me here 100%. 026. Artist Unknown: This episode is a work of art. 025. Ugh!: Probably among SpongeBob's greatest specials. 024. Sleepy Time: Very cool concept with lots of potential for character development. It was also done right. 023. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man IV: We need a petition to make Wumbo a real word. Amazing 022. The Secret Box: SpongeBob sneaking to get the box is 100% what I feel like when I'm going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 021. One Krab's Trash: TF2 hat economy in a nutshell. 020. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man III: I'm much further from socially acceptable than Man-Ray is to be honest. 019. Help Wanted: The first best episode, that still remains one of the series' best to date, even with it's dated visuals. 018. Culture Shock: The audience needs to diversify their tastes. 017. Shanghaied!: Squidward, you're falling through spaghetti! I FAIL TO SEE WHAT IS WRONG HERE! 016. Christmas Who?: Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but Squidward's a wee bit OoC here. 015. SB-129: I absolutely love the concept of time travel and this episode does an amazing job at poking fun at it. 014. The Camping Episode: I've still yet to sing the Campfire Song Song at the speed they sing it in the show. 013. Squidville: Huh, weird. I know this episode as CANNED BREAD but I guess that's the name? 012. Arrgh!: Patrick is TERRIBLE at reading a compass. 011. Mermaid Man and Barnacle MAN V: Wait, he's Barnacle Boy you say? He deserves more respect than that! 010. Graveyard Shift: This is why you don't read Creepypastas late at night with the lights off. 009. The Fry Cook Games: The visual gags were absolutely on point here. 008. Nasty Patty: YOU JUST GOT... PRANKED BRO! 007. Idiot Box: The box puns are some of the best puns in the show to date. 006. FrankenDoodle: This is probably the most quotable episode in the series. 005. Pizza Delivery: I sing "Krusty Krab Pizza" all the time. 004. Krusty Krab Training Video: This episode was as clever as it was funny. 003. Chocolate with Nuts: I am literally the Chocolate Guy when it comes to chocolate. 002. Wet Painters: The writing and the animation in this episode pair to make it on a whole other level. 001. Band Geeks: Not saying this is the best episode is blasphemous on so many levels.
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    Just somewhat of a continuation of my last entry, back in June. For those who care. My prediction held true - I ended up trying to do the unspeakable act, again, with very near success. I can't say I'm particularly surprised, but I suppose it's a metaphor of my life as whole. It all seems to crash and burn in the end. You can keep telling me it will all get better, but that little hope I get granted, always seems to end in disappointment. There's only so much suffering one individual can take and the damage is complete. My self hatred is incomprehensible. I wake up every morning resenting everything I stand for and eventually sinking into my own pity. I can blame my disability all I want, but in the end, I'm always the problem. I try to be a good person, I try finding my talents, I try being happy. None of it ever works and only ends with me being in great pain. I'm so sick of pouring my heart and soul in something, only to be left with absolutely nothing. It really makes me ponder whether I truly belong in this world, or if I am just completely useless.
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    Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When I'm at my gym, and people turn on the spa jets without askin' me. Okay, hold on, there, chief. Just cool yer jets, mm'kay? Lemmie 'splain. So, I go to my gym at night to swim when it's uncrowded, and I soak in the spa when I'm done. Now, unlike most, I prefer the jets off. Just don't like em. I prefer the calm. I find it much more relaxing. Now, I'm perfectly okay with jet people having precedence. So, if someone else wants the jets, I'll concede that they should take priority over me, because I can always sit in between the jets and not having them blowing on me. But what really burns me is when I'm in the spa alone, all by myself, with the jets off, and then some joker walks by and hits the jet button without asking, and just walks away! They weren't planning on getting in! They just saw me sitting in there with the jets off and figured that the only reason I didn't turn them on is because I didn't want to get out and walk two steps, so they hit the button for me. And it's on a timer, so I can't turn 'em back off. People do this to me all the time, and I can never stop them in time, because I don't know that they're gonna do it until they do it. They all think they're being nice and just doing me a favor, but it's really annoying. Drives me nuts. Don't do stuff like this. Think before you do stuff. Ask first.
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    BREASTS!! Now that I have your attention... This piece is sort of a culmination of a trilogy on why I hate being male. I recommend reading my previous entry, "Are Men Funnier?" as a prerequisite, as well as Can Men Be Beautiful? There are other entries would good as well, if you're interested; Sex: Nice Not Naughty would be good, as well as Living on Team Villain, and my more philosophical piece, Shallow, would definitely bring more of the picture into focus, but the first two are the most important lead-ins to this one. For those of you who have some variety of life, and don't have the time or desire to read a gajillion walls of text on some nobody guber's blog, here's the tl;dr--I am a cisgendered male who greatly despises my birth sex for many reasons. I don't have gender dysphoria, but I wish I had been born female. I feel like it would suit my personality better, and I would be more at home in the feminine gender role(s). I love fashion, and, despite the fact that it makes me sound shallow, I've always wanted to be beautiful, but I feel like that's impossible because society seems to perpetuate this image that men cannot be attractive. So, continuing from approximately where the last piece left off... I have always been a very sexually-oriented person, and a very physical and beauty-oriented person. It's not my fault that I'm this way; I didn't create my brain. I appreciate and celebrate physical beauty, and I desire to be beautiful myself. It's important to me. Unfortunately, that tends to make me sound like a shallow piece of garbage in this culture (or just about any culture, really.) All I can do is plead innocence and say that I really don't think I'm a horrible, shallow person. (This is where that Shallow blog post would come in.) I would sincerely hope that any regular readers of my blog (all one of you ) would be able to ascertain from my writing that I have a lot of passionate opinions about important issues, and a lot of deep values and ethics. It should, I hope, be fairly apparent by now that I value personality and intellect far more than physical appearance. Of course it's what's inside that counts the most. Whaddya think--I'm some kinda monster? But the fact remains that beauty and sexuality are very important to me. I believe that the cash value of the universe, the only reason for any conscious life to exist, is to experience happiness. I'm not advocating hedonism; I mean, you gotta get some work done sometime or life would really suck. But the feeling of joy is the purpose to it all, and beauty and sexuality is what brings me the most joy. (Well, to be fair, I guess it's the fantasy of those things that brings me joy... and simultaneous despair. I'm what you'd call the "forever alone" type. ) I love wearing unusual, bold, and provocative outfits. I make a lot of my own clothes. I wear a lot of feminine things. I don't use the term "crossdresser" because I argue that there's really no such thing, that clothes are just arbitrary shapes of fabric, and that any type can be for any person if it fits, but I also wouldn't deny the term. That's what I am--I'm a crossdresser. I started down this road because I love female fashions, I really think they look good one me, I think men should be able to wear anything they want, and I resent that male fashion is so much more limited. Historically, women have been the ones that had less freedoms and had to fight for them, but the world of apparel is an anomalous exception: it's inarguably one area where women have way more freedom. They can basically wear anything, from the women's or men's side, and it isn't really considered crossdressing. That's why there's only two varieties of clothing: women's and unisex. Crossdressing is a one-way street. I want to tear down the double standard so that one day it will be acceptable for men to wear anything, just as it is for women. I've always been jealous of women's fashion options, but I'm jealous of them for another reason. And now you're like, "FINALLY! Was he ever going to get to the breasts, or was this f*ckin' clickbait?" Yeah, my point exactly! Heh... that'll make sense in just a bit. So, I've always been greatly envious of women's "feminine assets"--their breasts, their boobs, their tits, their knockers, their jugs, their racks, their hooters. Use whatever slang term you like. I never personally cared for any of them. Now, as I said, I don't have gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia or anything like that. I don't feel like I'm "supposed" to have breasts. (Although, that doesn't sound like a half bad idea at that. ) But no, seriously, I'm not supposed to have them. What I'm jealous of is the fact that women have this bonus, additional asset that drives the opposite sex wild, and men have nothing of the sort. Think about it: think about how effective breasts are for sex appeal, and the complete lack of anything like that on the male side. I don't seem to be very effective at attracting a mate. I don't have many weapons in this fight. I think I have a very nice body, but women are reputedly not very "visual" when it comes to sexuality and romance, and they can't see my intelligence or personality at a glance, so where does that leave me? This goes back to my previous entry, "Are Men Funnier," but it seems like women can attract men easily, simply by being female, but men have a much harder time getting women excited. To be blunt, when it comes to appearance, women literally have more to work with in order to attract the opposite sex. You girls have an extra part that we don't. If you actually break this down mathematically, you could theorize that when it comes to actual private or sexual parts, men have two and women have three. We all have butts and front genitals, but then women have the top assets as well. They have an extra weapon in this fight. Yeah, real fair. One could theorize that women are literally 33% more effective in this area. Now, I'm not suggesting that human sexuality is actually reducible to percentages. That would be downright silly. That point was more for sh*ts and grins. But I believe that it's an undeniable fact that women have a decided physical advantage by having this extra, sexualized part. Breasts can be used to absolutely devastating effect for sex appeal. There's just nothing analogous for men. Sure, some women might say that they're really attracted to muscular arms, or shoulders, or facial hair or some other such thing, but c'mon... I mean, come on, dude. We all know it's not the same. I can sum up the asymmetry with one word: clickbait. All guys know about this. You put breasts in swimsuits on a video thumbnail, and every guy who sees that thing will click so fast it will set his mouse on fire. (And you may well have proved my point when you clicked on this post. That was the whole point of the feature photo, and the opening gag. And don't beat yourself up if you clicked for that; I do it all the friggin' time! That's the point!!) There is nothing even remotely analogous for men. There is no part of the male body that can be used as clickbait. Not even remotely to the same effect. In a world where women constantly complain that they wish people would compliment something other than their appearance, or listen to their words, or take their ideas seriously, it may surprise you gals to learn that there is at least one man (yours truly), who wishes that men got noticed for their appearance more. I'd trade places with ya'll if I could. Maybe the grass wouldn't be any greener (yeah, I know--I'm the one who said it's dead on both sides of the fence in a past essay), but I'd gladly give it a try if I could. I value beauty, I want to be beautiful, but I feel like men are never looked at that way, and I can't go five minutes without being reminded of just how devastating of a sex symbol the female form is. Here's a great little example of what I'm talkin' about: awhile back, I was chatting with a male friend as we played games online, and I mentioned how I've always wanted to have a little gaming youtube channel of my own, but it's something I'll probably never do. He then suggested I try streaming on Twitch, but then made the joke that I'd have to compete with all the bikini streamers, and I wouldn't stand a chance. And it's true! If a woman puts on a swimsuit for the camera, the guys just fly to her channel like moths to the flame. But if a guy (even a hot, ripped guy) takes his shirt off for videos?? ... Eyup. That's about the size of it. That just says it all, right there, doesn't it? Oh, I know I'm painting with a broad brush, and I know there's probably exceptions, but there is absolutely no comparison. You know it, and I know it. I want that power that women have. I know it's pathetic and shallow, but I want it. Hands down, the biggest thing I'm jealous of is women's ability to prominently feature and accentuate the breasts through the use of fashion. Outfits that call attention to the breasts are just to die for. Breasts are like a fashion accessory. They're like hot fudge and chocolate sprinkles on ice cream. Being a fashonista myself, I wish so much that I could have something like that. Men just have nothing of the sort. Like I said, even if women say they like biceps or facial hair or something, it is not the same, and you f*ckin' know it. To make it even more unfair, men can't even accentuate the sexual asset we do have. Like, even I wanted to emphasize my "male package", (which I wouldn't) it is unattractive, vulgar, and downright offensive to do so. It's like White Goodman in Dodgeball. And even if you did that, women wouldn't like it! It would be off-putting! Not only do we blokes have fewer assets to work with, society often seems to tell us that the one we do have is ugly and undesirable. At least... in certain contexts. I dunno--I get mixed messages on that one, but it's clear that we can't accentuate the male package with outfits. I mean, obviously. I'd give anything to have that sexual fashion power that women do. I wouldn't be so upset if men just had an analogous body part that women didn't have, that could be displayed in fashion, and would excite women to no end. Let's try a thought experiment: imagine that human males, for whatever inexplicable reason, evolved tails, and females didn't. I know--it makes no sense, but just go with me on this. Imagine that, in this world, the male tail was considered a beautiful, sexual part. Women would go nuts for it, and have all these preferences for shape and length and such. Imagine that whole outfits could be built around the tail, and it could be featured and accentuated through fashion. Imagine that there was a multi-billion dollar industry devoted to intimate tail apparel specifically designed to excite women in the bedroom. Imagine that there was a store devoted to such apparel called "Victor's Secret" that would cause women to blush if they walked into it. Imagine that if someone put a male tail on a youtube thumbnail, it would cause every woman to click so fast it would set their mouses on fire, and then the comments section would be filled with timestamps of where the tail appears, followed by "you'll thank me later," or "this is why you came." And if the tail in the thumbnail picture wasn't in the video, then the comments section would be filled with, "f*ckin' clickbait. Dammit, I fell for it again." If that was the world we lived in, then I'd be happy as clam. Well... provided that I was well-endowed in that department, I guess. Yes, I'm aware of the plights and perils of the other side. So, that's why I'm envious of breasts. But there's more to the story. I'm frustrated by the gender double standard that men can never be as appealing as women in general. Uhh... here, let me illustrate what I mean with an example: let's say it's a man's birthday. His girlfriend could give him the gift of "herself", and he'd be ecstatic. If she had her boyfriend sit on the bed, and the she walked out in fancy, sexy lingerie, said, "hope you like your present", and gave him an enticing dance, he'd just be on cloud nine. But imagine the reverse: if a man treated his girlfriend to a dance in skimpy underwear on her birthday, it would just look ridiculous. In fact, she'd probably laugh because it would literally look like a joke. Alternatively, she may even be grumpy that he didn't buy her a present, and he may end up in the doghouse. A woman can give sex as a gift. A man cannot. That's an illustration of what frustrates me. I want to be desirable in the way women are. I want to be desirable to women the way they are to me. I want it to be 50/50, really. I think the underlying reason for this is that, for better or worse, my brain is simply wired to love and appreciate physical beauty and sexuality to an extremely high degree (perhaps that makes me a bad person, but again, it's not my fault), and I see women as being so impossibly gorgeous that it's simply magical. It fills me with a sense of incomprehensible and indescribable wonder and ecstasy. To me, they're spectacular, radiant miracles of nature--so special that it's as if their very molecules are made of something better, something magical and divine. I often marvel incredulously at how it's even possible for nature to create something that magnificent. Of course, it's actually no mystery at all, and I understand the biology of sexuality and evolution perfectly well, but that does nothing to diminish the awe-inspiring profundity that I experience from looking at the beauty of the female form. That's just how I feel. The point is, I would want my partner to feel that same way when looking at me, but it feels like that is impossible because I am but a simian, utilitarian male who wasn't evolved to be very attractive to the opposite sex. That depresses me greatly, and I suspect that I would always feel resentful towards my partner if she didn't find me beautiful in the way I find her. I always feel like I'm striving to be something I cannot. I'll never be looked at that way. For me, this is an obsession, and a black hole at the center of my life that sucks everything else into it. I like to call this feeling "the tiger and the toad". It feels as though women are tigers (the most beautiful animal on Earth, in my opinion), and I am just a toad. I could be the most handsome and sexiest toad in the world, but I'm still just a f*ckin' toad. I don't want to be a toad. I want to be a f*ckin' tiger. Every day, everywhere I go and everywhere I look, it's the tiger and the toad. Story of my life. It doesn't end there, either. There's other reasons why I wish I was female. I think I'd find the female gender role in the romantic relationship more appealing, including in the bedroom. I won't go into any graphic detail, there; your imagination should be sufficient. But it's not just romance and sexuality--there's platonic friendship reasons, too. I've always been envious of how women (not all, but many), tend to be more physically affectionate with platonic friends. They hold hands sometimes, they hug more, etc. I wish I could have those sorts of relationships and experiences. But the funny thing is, there's nothing really stopping me from doing that with my friends. The thing of it is, I don't want to... It would feel awkward. It's not appealing. I don't actually want to hug my male friends, but I want to want to. I resent having this stupid male brain that finds platonic male-male physical affection off-putting. It's not how I want to be, but it's how I am. A perfect illustration for this is food: I hate Asian food. I've tried it many times. Just don't like it. Don't care for the whole flavor palette. But I really wish I liked it. It looks and smells so appealing, and it would give my rather mundane diet some much needed variety. I want to like it, but I just don't. I want to be the kind of person who is more physically affectionate with my friends, but I'm just not. And neither are my friends for that matter. I get depressed every time I watch Equestria Girls because of how huggy and physically affectionate they are. That's the kind of life I want. That's the pony I want to be. Every day, I am reminded of how much I wish I had been born female. It just looks like such a more appealing existence. It's like looking through a window into a better world. But I know, I know--I'm sure it's exactly like I said: the grass isn't greener. It's dead on both sides of the fence. I reckon most people are fairly content with themselves and their personalities, but I also know that there's a lot of people out there who don't like who and what they are. It's a paradoxical thing--to be a certain way, to have a certain personality, but to hate it and wish you could have another. Most days, I wish I could just wake up and be someone else. Perhaps that's a fairly common feeling. Why must we suffer that way? We're the only species on Earth that is cursed with the ability to look at ourselves and think, "I don't like this." So ends the tales of my sexual saga... at least for the time being. I'm intending this piece to be the conclusion of these rants, at least for a good while. I've said enough. Thanks for reading.
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    The late, great Christopher Hitchens is one of my all time favorite writers, speakers, and thinkers. Simply one of my all time heroes. There's scarcely a word he's ever spoken that I disagree with. However, there is one video of him that stumbled across that I found rather disappointing. Before continuing, I highly recommend reading Can Men Be Beautiful? as a prerequisite. If you choose not to, you may find yourself rather lost. So, assuming you just came from that other blog, you know how frustrated I am with being male, the sexual double standards, and this ubiquitous meme that only women are pretty or sexually attractive. I don't like the male gender role, and I've always felt like I'd be happier and more well suited to the female gender role. So, I'll cut to the chase, now. Here's the Hitch video: Is this really true? Are most men spectacularly unattractive? Is humor an evolutionary trait for men to be able to "win" women over with? This is an extremely depressing thought to me, and sadly, there seems to be a lot of evidence to support it. Now, before going any further, I just want to back a up a little bit and say that this debate over which sex is funnier seems to be a bigger thing than I realized, giving rise to lots of talks, videos, research, and the like. Naturally, there doesn't seem to be any research that you'd call real science--nothing concrete or conclusive. I don't really see how there could be. This seems to me to just be opinion-based stuff, and I'm sure we'd all be wise to take it with a grain of salt. I certainly take this Hitch video with a grain of salt, for sure. I think he's being genuine, here, and I believe he stood by his arguments, but I also believe that it's just a bit foolish to take a subject like this too seriously. That said, when I look at the world around me, from where I'm sitting, the majority of it seems to support Hitch's hypothesis. It seems an undeniable fact that, for the most part, women are the attractive ones, they do the attracting, and men have to "win them over" in some fashion. Women are desirable, and men to the desiring. The female sex seems to have evolved to attract the male sex, and the male sex evolved to battle each other in order to win a chance with a woman. It's been said countless times and countless ways that women don't need to do or be anything in particular for men to get excited by them--all they have to do is just show up. After all, we're guys, we're easy, we're simple. Just be female, and that's more than enough to get our simplistic, simian, cave-man motors running. A beautiful woman can simply stand there and do nothing, and men with throw themselves helplessly at her, compete with each other, and do anything they can for a chance to be with her. Women, on the other hand, seem somewhat aloof, as if they can take us or leave us. They need to be impressed and wooed. It's a common joke that women don't really find men all that attractive (see that Seinfeld bit in the other blog). Women simply get to wait for the guys to line up for them, and then they can choose based on who puts on the best display. (This, of course, is literally how much of the animal kingdom works.) Men need no help at all being attracted to women, but women apparently require something extra, because they apparently don't find men very pleasing to look at. Is it truly mysterious what women see in us, as Hitch suggests? Now, this is all over-simplified and unfair, of course. And I'm not supporting, defending, nor advocating anything, here, and the last thing I'd want is to sound sexist or rude in any way.. I'm simply pointing out what the stereotypes have always seemed to be in my corner of the universe. With few exceptions, this is how dating and sexuality seem to work. Women are attractive. That's their game. They draw males to them. The males then compete for a chance to impress her. Each young man hopes that one day, a woman will choose him. That's how the game seems to be played. Naturally, there are players on both sides who feel they don't stand a chance, but it seems to be for different reasons. The women who aren't physically attractive enough to get noticed are the ones that suffer on that side, and in the case of men, the ones cast aside are those lacking the confidence, skills, humor, and charisma to charm a woman and capture her attention. Ladies, I know that many of you undoubtedly feel very frustrated at being overlooked for evidently not being pretty enough, but I can assure you that it's no picnic to be a "beta male" who doesn't have the confidence to "play the game", like yours truly. We feel that we'll never be able to compete or win your affections. But the outcasts are not really the point of the piece, and that's neither here nor there. Let's get straight to the humor thing. Are men really funnier? I'd would say so, yes. I've thought about everyone I find funny, and there aren't many women in there. I think about the shows I find funny, and the males characters are always the funniest ones. Let's run through some examples (keeping in mind that these are only my opinions). One of my favorite comedians of all time is Victor Borge. Male. I love Seinfeld. The funniest character is George, followed by Kramer, then Jerry, and Elaine last. Actually, there's about twenty odd supporting male cast members who are still funnier than Elaine. I also love Frasier. The funniest one? Niles. Followed by Frasier. Both men. The Office: Michael is by far the funniest. He made the whole show (And David if you're talking about the British.) I grew up with a lot of Home Improvement. The funny ones? Tim and Al. The King of Queens: Doug was the star. Everybody Loves Raymond? Now, that one doesn't do much for me, but obviously it wasn't "Everybody Loves Debra". The Big Bang Theory? Sheldon, obviously, then Rai, then Howard, then Leonard. Will and Grace? Jack's the funniest one. (But Karen is second, I'll admit.) Going older, we've got Andy Griffith. Don Knotts as Barney Fife was the comedic genius, there, obviously. I didn't watch them much, but Bob Newhart, The Odd Couple, and Dick Van Dyke were great, funny shows. Sure, there's a few counter examples: Mary Tyler Moore was a good show, but it didn't do much for me personally. I grew up on I Love Lucy, and Lucille Ball was definitely a comedic genius, but I think that Desi Arnaz was the funniest one on the show, by far. Animated sitcoms: Simpsons: Homer and Bart are the funny ones. Futurama: Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth are the funny ones. King of the Hill: Hank, Dale, Bill, Boomhauer, and Bobby were the funniest ones. Family Guy: Peter, Stewie, and Brian. Rick and Morty? Duh. Get the picture, yet? How about movies? When I think of the funniest movies, it's always male stars. O, Brother Where Art Thou? (My favorite funny movie. Male cast.) Countless Robin Williams movies, Mrs. Doubtfire being my favorite. (Of course, how could I not mention him when listing great comedians?) Austin Powers--now there's a great classic. Mike Myers dominates both of the funny roles in that movie. Wayne's World--another Mike Myers, and another of my favorite classics. Then there's the more low-brow, college humor movies. You've got your Will Farrells, your Adam Sandlers, your Vince Vahns, your Owen and Luke Wilsons, your Ben Stillers. I always liked Happy Gilmore and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. It's just testosterone across the board. But what I usually find funnier than the big Hollywood stuff is the more genuine internet stuff--the youtubers and such. I'm a huge fan of James Rolfe the Angry Video Game Nerd (and of course is partner is crime, Motherf*cker Mike, and occasionally Bad Luck Bootsy.) Another of my favorite youtubers is Jack Douglass, better known as Jacksfilms. Grade A Under A--another good one. I'm also nuts for Ryan's Pitch Meetings over at Screen Rant. Even the Honest Trailer announcer guy is male. And who could forget those greats kings of comedy, Rhett and Link? Oh, and I'm not big on stand-up, when I do listen to that, I always liked Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall the best. The list of males just goes on, and on, and on. Now, I know what you're thinking--"but you're just focusing on the males specifically! There's lots of women, but you're just no mentioning them!" Yeah, true, but the point is that I don't find them funny. And I've tried. Believe me. It's not by design that all the funny people I watch are male. That's not how I'd prefer it. I'd prefer a more even spread. I'm always in the market to find a good female comedian, but I just never seem to. Female stand-up comedians don't appeal to me. I've tried sitcoms with female leads, and I typically never like them. Never cared for Rosanne. I actually tried watching Carol Burnette at my parent's recommendation. Didn't do it for me. I gave 2 Broke Girls a shot. Total meh. I'm always on the lookout for a female youtuber, and almost none of them do much for me. One of the only ones that did appeal to me was the fandom voice of Vinyl Scratch, the great Jesse Nowack... who came out as a trans man!! OH! That's just too perfect! Lol. Rhett and Link actually spearheaded a project awhile back to start a female version of Good Mythical Morning called "The Hey Hey Show". I gave it a shot. I really wanted to like it. Total bust. Rhett and Link hooked me instantaneously, but Hey Hey was a flop. Trust me: this isn't intentional. I want to find women to watch, but they just don't jump out and hook me like the men. I don't go looking for funny men, but every time I accidentally stumble onto something new and funny, it's inevitably a man, such as Screen Rant's Pitch Meetings that I only recently discovered. Now, I realize that a lot of this is personal preference, as well as a bit of searching bias or echo-chamber type stuff. Admittedly, I don't actively search out female personalities or female dominated shows as much. But again, it's usually because something about them just doesn't draw me in. This goes way beyond comedy, I might add. It just seems like, by and large, men are more captivating when it comes to on-screen entertainment. I think about all of my favorite actors and on-screen personalities, and they're almost all male. I certainly don't mean any offense by that, and it's absolutely not by design. It's just how it worked out. And it's true for my mom as well, so it's not just some kind of testosterone-based bias. There are certainly counter examples, of course. Yeah, no doubt. There's some great actresses out there, for sure. My favorite would be Charlize Theron. But it just seems like too big of a trend to be a coincidence to me. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why I love Pony so much--because it's such a powerful and great female cast in a landscape where that's hard to find. And they pulled me in from the very first episode. So, is Hitch right? Sure seems that way to me, and it also seems like humor definitely is a key trait for men to be able to win over women. I've heard of so many women saying that one of the things they look for most in a man is a sense of humor. The ladies want a man who can make 'em laugh. You don't really hear that from guys. Could it really be true that a man who can't make 'em laugh doesn't stand a chance at finding a mate? Was Hitch onto something? It wouldn't surprise me. It sounds reasonable. That's bad news for me, I suppose, as I'm no comedian. However, this all upsets me much more so for reasons I've been dancing around and not yet addressing. As you know if you read the other blog, I'm a man who doesn't like being male. I would prefer to be in the female gender role. I just feel like it suits me personality better. I love fashion, and I love dressing up in beautiful, sexy, provocative outfits. I'd prefer to be the one who is desired, rather than the one who does the desiring. Wait... no... that's not quite right. I still enjoy desiring the opposite sex. I don't really want to change that. I just want to be desired as well. I want it to be an equal 50/50 give and take. But I want to experience that female gender role of being the one who seduces my partner. However, I feel like that isn't really possible, and that men didn't evolve to be attractive. We evolved to have other traits to impress women instead, traits which I sorely lack, I guess, leaving me to feel undesirable and unwanted. This ended up being longer than I expected, and this continues down a rabbit hole that is better suited for another blog post, so I'm going to stop there and leave this one as sort of a "to be continued" in the next post. So what do you think? Are men funnier? Did we evolve this way to win women over? Are we really that unattractive?
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    Nothing would please me more than to reach a point where I don't feel the need to talk about religion anymore. Every time I write about it, I tell myself that it will be my final word, and that I will move on to other things. And yet, I cannot resist coming back to it given the kind of insanity I see on an almost daily basis. The other day, in the newspaper, I read an opinion piece by a local resident saying how America will always be a Christian nation, no matter how long time goes on for, and anyone who's anyone will turn to Jesus, the only path to salvation, and all others will be punished for all eternity. Although I personally don't believe in the idea of any sentient creator, I really have no objections to people believing that there is some sort of god, and some sort of afterlife. Simply believing that there is something, without presuming to know for sure what, seems relatively harmless. However, claiming to be 100% certain that it is your god, and your holy book, and that all others will be tortured for all eternity in hell is ludicrous. I'm not going to rehash why it makes no sense to believe literally in any one particular faith. I've done that to death. Instead, today I am going to argue why the character of the biblical god is not worthy of your worship in the first place, and why the entire concept of hell is monstrously unethical. First, let's recap what god's basic shtick is, shall we? He commands that we believe in him on no evidence. Clearly, if he wanted to, it would be trivially easy for him to give us proof of his existence, but he doesn't care to. It seems that having faith with no evidence is part of his test. He apparently values blind faith without critical thinking, questioning, or reasoning. He demands that we worship him, have complete faith in him, believe in one particular book, above all others, with no evidence, and surrender to him in totality. Compliance is rewarded with an eternity in heaven. Failure to comply results in eternal torture in hell. Yeah, so, that's the deal, apparently. Great guy! Now, it's extremely important to note that this picture of the afterlife isn't even what's depicted in the bible, and yet, this is the idea that most people seem to be walking around with. Most people don't even know what it is they believe in or why. The Hebrew bible and old testament don't even mention hell, and descriptions of it in other versions are incredibly vague, and do not speak of a realm of eternal fire and torment. The "lake of fire" that so many Christians refer to doesn't come up until the book of revelations. The modern, stereotypical concept of the fiery hell was cobbled together from pagan religions, Greek mythology, and various other scraps. The modern concept of heaven isn't really what's in the bible, either. Most people have this idea in their heads that when they die, their soul will be transported to some ethereal, blissful paradise where they will be reunited with loved ones and live in joy with god for all eternity. The bible doesn't actually describe anything like this, however. According to the bible, at some point in the future, the end times will arrive, at which point there will then be a final judgement, and the sinners will then be annihilated, and the believers will be reborn on Earth, which is to be restored into the idyllic paradise it allegedly was in the time of Adam and Eve. That's what the book actually says, but the vast majority of believers still walk around with these cartoonish images of heaven and hell in their minds. I'm not even going to get into how and why this version of the afterlife was made up, or why it persists, but let's just run with it for the moment. Most devout believers tell others that they will face eternal torment if they do not accept the biblical god and Jesus. This paints an image of a god who cares more about being worshiped than about how people treat each other, and who tortures and punishes people for simply not being convinced of the legitimacy of a particular book. They might be the nicest, most honest, decent, compassionate, altruistic, selfless people in the world, but because they weren't convinced that the bible is true, they face an eternity of agonizing torment. There is absolutely no getting away from it: such a god is a cruel, immoral, selfish, vindictive, petty, vain, narcissistic, manipulative, evil, barbaric, tyrannical monster. That's the truth, plain and simple. Only such a monster could torture and punish good, honest, kind people for simply thinking critically, and not being convinced of a particular religion. Moreover, there is no moral justification for hell in the first place. I submit that no finite crime, no matter how egregious and heinous, is deserving of infinite punishment. No matter how horrible a person's action in the mortal world, there would come a point when the torture in hell would exceed it. There would come a point when they had gotten what they "deserve". I'll be the first to admit that when I hear of evil being committed, I often wish an eternity of suffering on the perpetrator, but a few moments spent imagining what eternity really means should be sufficient to reach the conclusion that no mortal being, no matter how evil, is deserving of eternal suffering. Once again, finite crime is not deserving of infinite punishment. But even if hell were real, it should be reserved only for truly evil people, but so many would have us believe that the Christian god is one that inflicts infinite suffering on good, kind people just for not complying with his unreasonable demand to worship him with no evidence. Why would such a monster even be deserving of worship in the first place? Most devout Christians claim that morality comes from god. So... the ultimate arbiter of morality, justice, and wisdom in the universe is a vengeful monster who punishes all who even so much as question him by throwing them into fire and brimstone for all eternity? I could throw a rock and hit a far better role model than that. Which brings me to my next point: throughout all of history, without exception, when civilizations become more enlightened, they become less violent. Torture and casual murder as forms of justice are customs that are left behind as people grow more civilized. I already explained why I remain agnostic on capital punishment in a previous piece, but it's absolutely clear that as societies grow more enlightened, they begin to question and decrease the death penalty. I have no doubt that a futuristic, utopian society would have a restorative justice system, and capital punishment would be a distant memory. As we've evolved, we've learned that hurting and killing those who have hurt you, tempting though it may be, is wrong, and doesn't help anyone. Revenge never leads anywhere worth going, and every utopian picture of the future is one where humankind has outgrown the need for it. We mere mortals have figured this out, and yet the biblical god apparently tortures and punishes people simply because he thinks they deserve it. This supposedly omniscient, infinitely wise being is, I would argue, less morally evolved and enlightened than we are. There is nothing moral or wise about eternal punishment. I submit that an infinitely wise being would be beyond petty retribution. This vengeful version of the biblical god is a monster undeserving of worship or admiration, and yet it's the image that so many Christians have in their heads. The real kicker is that, as I said, these modern concepts of heaven and hell aren't even in the bible. They were made up, and this pernicious and ubiquitous idea of hell is used daily to poison and terrify young, underdeveloped minds. Teaching kids this nonsense often scars them for life. It's child abuse, plain and simple. A massive amount of religious people continue to preach the image of a monstrous god and a horrible torture realm, and they don't even know how, where, when, or why these ideas came about. I reckon that many Christians don't subscribe to the idea of the vengeful god, but instead believe that god is a nice, compassionate, and all around decent dude who rewards honesty, kindness, and compassion, regardless of spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, and only punishes actual cruelty. Although I will always argue that adherence to any organized religion makes no sense, a belief in this type of god seems relatively benign by comparison. If you think that simply being a kind, decent person is the only requirement for admittance to heaven, then you're unlikely to cause much problems for anyone. What I want to see an end to is the idea that eternal suffering awaits any who don't follow one specific book to the letter. I wrote this piece to discourage the hell meme. Stop spreading it. This is one meme that desperately needs to die. The idea of hell and eternal punishment for worshiping the wrong deity is probably the most insidious thing ever created by humankind, and I'm f*ckin sick of it. I'm sick of the fear mongering, threats, hatred, and child abuse, and I'm sick of opening my paper and seeing letters from my neighbors telling me that I'm going to burn for eternity. If you still believe in hell and a god who would condemn people to it, then ask yourself why, and where these ideas actually come from. Ask yourself if such a god is actually moral and worthy of worship in the first place. I'd wager that you're probably wiser and more ethical than your god is.
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    Well, I've done it, I've hit rock bottom. This is literally the worst state I've ever been in and it only seems to keep getting nastier in time. I'm so sick and tired of everything and I've really reached the point where I'm starting to crack. It was all starting to go well too. My first majorly depressed phase was way back in September and while it never truly vanished, it was slowly getting better and better. Then, things just started to happen and then it all went to the dogs. It really has gotten bad. I'm going to word this with caution - I tried to do "something" to myself yesterday. If my parents had not intervened when they did, I probably wouldn't be here right now. The thing is, I don't know if this will happen again. I will crack again, but it could happen at any time. It doesn't help I'm always thinking of very disturbing things and I can't seem to shake these thoughts off me. They just satisfy me in some ways. Do I need help? I do clearly. I do see people, but I often hesitate when talking about these things. Even when I do talk and manage to acquire useful information, I always forget it in the heat of the moment. This madness seems to be messing with my behavior. Not only am I almost always sour, but now I deliberately avoid people. I've always been an introverted and withdrawn individual, but never to this extent. I really am uncertain on what to do, at this point. I don't know what will happen with me anymore.