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    It's been a couple weeks since my last entry, but that's because it took almost two weeks to finish my latest drawing. 13 days from start to finish to be exact. I don't know if I'm getting all that much better or if it's just the sheer amount of time I spent on it, but I'm pretty happy with how this piece came out. I'm glad I'm making progress, but I still have a looooong way to go. Anyway, enough of my rambling. You came here for art after all, so here it is. (full version, not the reduced one used for the site banner)
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    First of all, it was a brilliant move to have the voice actors pitch ideas for this episode. I loved much of the episode, and twilight twilighting like she always does. It was overall a great episode for the 200th episode, and at the same time very funny. I loved every second of it. My grade: A+