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    Note: Credits to @Cwanky and @OptimisticNeighsayer for this quickieview. After Dash had one of the most insufferable appearances of the series, A Trivial Pursuit is somewhat a return to form for Season 9. The best part, bar none, is Twilight's arc. While Lesson Zero slowly progressed Twilight into insanity, Twilight began to feel the pressure before the cold open; Spike's attempts to reassure himself and Twilight's obsessive grin and eyes give that away so quickly. When the episode conveniently puts her and Pinkie (who never played the game before)) together, things just went south. Now, Pinkie isn't trying to hurt Twilight in any way. She wants to have fun and help Twilight win. However, she was a poor teammate. She wasn't familiar with any of the rules [and apparently never opened the rule book ( )], had no idea that you needed to answer specifically to be awarded points, couldn't interject her own opinion into her answer (putting them both in the red for a bit), and got easily distracted. So the audience can see why Twilight panics and tries to use the rules to get back into the game. Of course, like 246G, ATP doesn't show a character at her best or most likeable. Twilight was completely antagonistic and not someone to root for, especially in a game designed for some friendly competition. When you look over the episode, she used the rules to do some really bad things. Get Cranky, who did nothing wrong, disqualified for taking a quick nap. Caught Fluttershy taking suggestions from Angel. Dock points from AJ and Dash for taunting each other. Tried to create a new rule in order to penalize Maud and Mud. But the worst thing she did was take advantage of both her knowledge of the rules and Pinkie's lack thereof to bait Pinkie into asking Maud for information within an active category and intentionally get her disqualified so Sunburst can replace her. So why does Twilight’s terrible behavior work much more than Rainbow Dash’s? In Greaaat, Dash was completely composed as she bullied her students. Despite an early panic attack, Twilight initially held out hope and tried to coach Pinkie. However, her sanity had already spiraled coming into this moment, especially when Granny read aloud the "Sticks & Stones" category, so she clearly was not in the right mind when she baited PP. DQ’ing Pinkie was the last possible outcome for her, whereas RD’s sour opinions of cheerleading never changed. Dash was supposed to teach her students how to cheerlead, but she wanted nothing to do with them and was being less than lazy throughout. From the get-go, she looked for whatever excuse to get out of her classroom, forced them to fend for themselves, and intentionally exacerbated the problem for those who looked forward to making the halftime show as memorable as the tournament itself. OTOH, this episode takes place inside the Hay Burger restaurant. Twilight never had fun the entire time there and became more and more insane as she fell behind. (Notice how her mane's and tail’s neatnesses changed in accordance to her sanity, a nice callback from Lesson Zero.) The stakes here are less weighty than the former. Even after her students screwed up, she still couldn’t care less and continued insulting the passion and those who enjoyed it after Yona and Ocellus ran away crying. She didn’t come to her epiphany until Smolder and Snips called her out for it, so her apology didn’t feel contrite until after they re-met and worked hard for the next twelve days. However, despite teaming up with Sunburst, Twilight never got what she wanted. With a goal of maintain a high correct percentage, Sunburst was obsessed to not answer incorrectly and was way more uncooperative than the more innocent Pinkie. All of the humor at her expense during montage #3 works because she completely deserves it. As the climax approached, she remained far behind and nearly got baited into being disqualified herself, only to realize her grave mistake just in time; her remorse is more impactful than Dash’s as a result. Also, this lesson applies much more personally to Twilight here than in Lesson Zero for one crucial reason. The moral of LZ is for the ReMane Five, not her. Here, Twilight is explicitly learning how her freakouts made things miserable to not only herself, but also her teammate and those around her. As for the rest: When there's an episode light in story as this, it's important to be entertaining throughout. Trivial Pursuit has a load of comedy, but not all of them succeed. Like Sparkle's Seven, the animators had a load of fun with facial expressions. Every one of them by Twilight worked very, very well. Probably TOO well. But one specific face failed massively: Pinkie's "TWI-PIE!" face! X__X Pinkie sounds excited and eager to team up with a Twilight. Her overly exaggerated face and how suddenly close up the camera got makes her look as crazy as TS, if not more so. This jump scare is less humorous and more nightmare fuel. Other joke-related comments. The aftermath of Bulk's brohoof was the funniest of the whole episode. I don't need to see a closeup of Pinkie's rumbling tummy along with its gross-sounding growl! X__X The audience doesn't need to see a pool of Cranky's drool as he sleeps. Bleh! D: Buffalo Man: *hands Twilight a cup of ice* Dash's characterization is much better, and her rivalry with Applejack here was funnier and more IC than Compete Crap Clause. Unlike that episode, their competition was contained to the nightclub without getting too insulting, and no one was under the threat of drowning. The best moment between them was AJ not answering the Zap Apple question on time (thanks to Dash's distraction), and on cue: @Cwanky makes a fair point about how the Trivia Trot rule book being Twilight's character "in hard copy form." Each rule either aided or hindered her three-peat obsession. These absurd rules are a written extension of both her character and episode arc. However, I share part of what @OptimisticNeighsayer wrote, that it may feel less contrived if other players aside from Twilight used the rules similar to Twi, just to show that using them is a part of the game. In Trivial Pursuit, only Twilight and Sunburst know the rules from front to back. The only rule everyone knows so well is probably the most severe: Asking another team for answer information from within an active category is cheating, and thus you're disqualified. As is, the rule book's way to difficult to take seriously in any way, shape, or form. While you have valid anti-cheating rules such as not being allowed to review source material, ones like "no help from pets," "no napping," "no taunting," and "DQ'd players can reassemble into their own team" are way too out there. The book is a blatant plot device. Stuck on the plot? Twilight knows a rule for that! Combined with a well-paced story, A Trivial Pursuit brought Season 9 back on track after 2, 4, 6, Greaaat derailed its streak. However, it's weaker than the worst episode of Season 9A, Going to Seed for a big reason: Average for most of the first half, the heartwarming older-younger sister bond between Apple Bloom and Applejack in the second half elevates it. But if the second-worst episode of the season is still good, I'll take it.
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    One of the most frustrating aspects of EQG for me is that Sunset Shimmer keeps either being in the right with characters and the movie treating her like she was in the wrong or getting unfairly accused of something by characters or the movie. In Rainbow Rocks, while the school's behavior and the Dazzling's behavior are reasonable, Vice Principal Luna made a really unfair assumption of Sunset at the beginning when the Dazzlings were still relatively weak, and the Rainbooms after "Awesome As I Wanna Be" were just unfair. Rainbow Dash: What was that?! Sunset Shimmer: You were showing them your magic, I, didn't know what else to do! Rarity: Ugh! Close the curtains, unplug her act, give us a chance to deal with the situation? Me watching the movie: You saw what was happening, I'm sure one of you could have done SOMETHING! You had time. Sunset at least tried, you ungrateful people. At least Spike had the decency to look her in the eye like, "Oh Sunset, I know you were trying to help, I'm sorry you have to go through this and I'm sorry how they are going to see it." Twilight couldn't even look her in the eye. In Forgotten Friendship, Sunset was absolutely justified in wanting to beat up Wallflower, especially since it's revealed that Wallflower caused her reason to go after Sunset herself, but apparently, because Sunset wasn't actively nice to Wallflower that means that Wallflower is totally justified in trying to ruin Sunset's life. Wait, what?! In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Sunset literally tells Sci-Twi the game is rigged, and she pulls Sunset into it anyway! And finally, in Sunset's Backstage Pass, Sunset's anger at Pinkie Pie was ABSOLUTELY justified. Pinkie Pie knew how much this meant to Sunset, yet she couldn't stay focused for five seconds which in Pinkie Pie language means I don't care too much for this thing or the person who really wants to see this thing, because otherwise she would do everything in her power to make sure Sunset saw the show. Also, Pinkie Pie Pie ran off to go get churros when Sunset was counting on her to warn her if the Dazzlings were coming, and even though the Dazzlings didn't do anything terrible, that could have turned out so much worse for Sunset, like while watching the movie I felt genuine fear for Sunset when Pinkie abandoned her job to go get churros. Yet for some reason SUNSET is the one who has to learn to accept that apparently PINKIE was in the right for some reason. Hey kids, even if your friend is ruining your day because they can't stay focused for ten seconds on your plans to go see something with them that you REALLY like, you're day is only perfect if you stick with your friend the whole day and never get mad at them because apparently that would make YOU the unreasonable bad person in this. Wait a minute, WHAT!?
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    Here is the Main Title from the 1939 classic film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz on the Organ (The 80th Anniversary of the film is this year (2019)! Neat, eh?). A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor Shout-out) & Mareldmon590 [Enthusiast Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, please consider joining them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    As a kid, I designed a vehicle, driver and power for the M.A.S.K. line of toys (concept on paper, in pencil AND crayon, because I was a creative kiddo), and sent it in to the Kenner Corporation. I received a letter back from them, stating that they would keep it on file, and they appreciated my interest - a stock 'thanks' letter, in other words. Several months later, they released a new toy in the line that was, essentially, my design - right down to the mask's power. The vehicle was named the Iguana (not my name for it, but time has taken the original name from me), and the Mask was Mudslinger. I didn't want any money or anything... but it would have been nice to make at least a passing mention, right? *shrug* Eh, it was a thing, and it's kinda cool to know I made something that a company actually liked enough to build & put out there. I don't want compensation at all - the fact I know I did it is enough for me. I am actually on the cover of a famous magazine. Check out the December 2006 issue of Thrasher Magazine, the one with the collage of pictures towards the bottom. Among them, there is a dillhole grinning like a lunatic wearing a Security shirt... that dillhole is yours truly, at my security job when the Toy Machine company came through during one of their King Of The Road challenges. The parking lot of the offices I guarded had what they called the 'perfect sweet rail', and they were getting pics for the magazine. Being a long time fan of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, I let 'em do their thing; they were harming no one (except themselves on occasion, when a trick bailed), and they gave me some cool stuff... including a pair of skater socks. Those socks were the most exquisite pieces of footwear I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. I wore them 'til they simply fell apart on me, eighteen years later. My father was a Folk Musician - more 'Kingston Trio', less 'Bob Dylan'. My mother was... heh... *sigh* she was a topless waitress at a burlesque club in Atlanta, back in the late 60's. She insisted they have a topless wedding - NO SHIT. How did I discover this fact? They told me, right? HELL no; my parents were so straight-laced, I didn't get to spend a night at a friend's house until I was 13 years old. A relative, mayhaps? Uh-uh; all of 'em, so tight-assed, they'd swallow a dollar and shit pennies. Nope - I found an old newspaper article from the Atlanta Journal about it, hidden among my mother's clippings and scrapbook stuff, discovered while I was being nosy as a tweenager does. She had already had my half-brothers and sisters, and two of them had children as well (she had me, her last, at 45)... which is why the article about my mother's topless wedding was titled, and I quote: "GEE Grandma - What Big BOOBS You Have!" *chuckling facepalm* During my fourth grade Arts class, our teacher had brought in a batch of paste buckets; Elmer's School Paste. There were about eight little pails in all (I think, this was a loooooooooong time back... like, the 80's), and he was so pleased he was finally able to let us glue things, like construction paper projects. As I grabbed one before everyone else did, I noticed a very light, minty smell coming from it when I opened it up. Natch, I decided that tasting was believing, so I tried it. It was... strangely delicious. So, as a conniving little bastard, I hid my bucket behind the supply cabinet at the back of the classroom. Over the course of that whole school year, I ate that entire bucket of paste... sneaking back for a quick dip from it, hiding it under my chair during art lectures to snack on, such and so forth. Consider that for a moment: an ENTIRE. QUART. PAIL. Of PASTE. *chuckleblush* Eeyup... I was the weird kid. Hands down. I had a bicycle accident at the age of fifteen that ruined my teeth permanently, ground flesh off of both knees and opened a hole in my own chin that was deep enough to see my own jawbone. The first thing I heard when I came to was the guffawing laughter of the neighborhood bully, who was riding passenger with his mom and just happened to be stopped at the red light. I dragged the bike (bent front wheel) and my own sorry carcass to the pool supply store owned by a friend of the family (Dad's church friends); the guy took one look at me and blanched. I told him I wanted to see how bad it was, and he said that was a bad, BAD idea. I insisted (being a teenager), and so he led me to the bathroom. He stood behind me to make sure I didn't just faint out from the sight. I looked... turned my head to both sides... stared at the hole in my chin and carefully, oh so carefully, I opened and closed my mouth, making it move around the bone itself. It actually didn't hurt at all, honestly. While the family friend was waiting for me to faint, I simply moved my jaw around a bit and said, "cool". He looked at me like he thought I was now concussed. (I wasn't; the doctor confirmed it later.) Eight stitches - to date of this writing, the only time I have ever required poly-thread inside my flesh. ... there's more, sure... but I wanna save something to talk about later, y'know? Still, thanks for your time - I very much appreciate it. - R.