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    I finally got to see my best friend for the first time since thanksgiving day. I gave her a gift card, and a t-rex pin because she loves dinosaurs. Kind of lame, but my mind wasn’t really in Christmas mode after international travel. Anyway she got me the coolest friggen Christmas gift ever. Or rather made it for me, and I love them. She made our OCs as miniatures. My OC is a unicorn, and hers is a pegasus, but it was so incredibly thoughtful that she bought the figures, and painted them, and had to ask my husband for a reference of my OC. I love them so much. Plus the eyes on hers are hilarious.
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    Some of you might know already I am in mental treatment in general. I started a Group Therapy this Tuesday. The focal point is social competence. We were introduced into the concept of self-verbalization. Basically, TLDR; Situation | v Self-Verbalization | v Feelings | v Acting Whenever we encounter a situation, we usually start to initially thinking stuff and saying it to ourselves. TBH, for myself, it is often stuff that is short-sighted and I got barriers to pronounce loudly, like Oh, that women looks hot!, You stupid careless car driving jerk ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS or less insulting but no less negative Things won't go well anyways, I can't get out of this, Why am I even trying? Feelings are related to this, and out of these we act on the situation. The point however, is we can also reverse this: Situation | v Self-Verbalization ^ | | v Feelings | v Acting In truth, what we tell ourselves about a given situation influence how we feel and act about it. If we all go with negative feelings, we will stay passive, skeptical or enraged. Recognizing which behavior we want to change, we have to change how we THINK about the situation first. Getting to self-verbal positivity results in more positive feelings! So, if there is something that blocking you from doing something, or you feel you are down: Force yourself to think positively. Believe in it, force yourself to happiness. This way, we can control our feelings are instead of getting pushed back to impulsiveness or negativity.
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    So now you’ve finished writing a chapter or a story. You’re tired, fried, you want to rest and let your mind wander. If you’re a hobbyist, you’re tempted to just upload what you made and be done with it. What about editing? Editing is a mostly lost art nowadays. Most people just assume their work is fine and they would have caught any errors while writing. I speak from experience when I say unedited material may seem okay from memory, but you can have a whole different animal in execution. I have re-read things I’ve written that I figured were close enough, only to gawk at the errors I’d made and wonder what in God’s name was wrong with me. I still wonder what is wrong with me, but I also edit now. So how do you edit? What are you looking for? How long does it take? What are your options? There are two main ways to edit a story: You can self-edit or you can get someone else to do it. If you get someone else to do it, you should still be self-editing as well. The other guy is there to give you a hand and help filter out mistakes you made. He/she is not there to rewrite your entire piece for you. So either way you have to read your own work. If you’re not willing to read your own work, then nobody else will be either. You should read your writing a minimum of 3 times: Once for its own sake so you can get the feel of what story points you covered. Twice to locate glaring mistakes. Three times to pick up the stragglers. I like to do my first read while I am writing what I am writing. This helps prevent plot holes and acquaints you with what you have left to talk about. If you’re really obsessive, you can take notes on your own work and what kinds of errors you found. Your goal is to eliminate as many errors before you send/publish as you can. Don’t just assume the editor (if you have one) will make everything better. You do NOT want to piss off an editor.
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Remastered 58% 38 of 54 (PS4)Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 45% 40 of 89 (PS4)Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 53% 45 of 91 (PS4)Call of Duty: Ghosts 40% 39 of 92 (PS4)Battlefield 1 64% 32 of 51(Platinum) (PS4)Rise of the Tomb Raider 40% 54 of 125 (PS4)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered 100% 51 of 51(Platinum) (PS3)F1 2013 40% 23 of 46 (PS4)Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 84% 56 of 68(Platinum) (PS4)Table Top Racing: World Tour 33% 16 of 37 (PS4)Bully 100% 38 of 38(Platinum) (PS4)Battlefield Hardline 62% 41 of 63(Platinum) (PS4)Battlefield 4 67% 43 of 68(Platinum) (PS4)Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition 55% 30 of 51 (PS4)Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 100% 43 of 43(Platinum) (PS4)Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 100% 15 of 15 (PS4)The Order: 1886 42% 9 of 22 (PS3)F1 2012 56% 34 of 50 (PS3)F1 2010 55% 36 of 50 (PS3)F1 2011 68% 29 of 39 (PS3)Dead Space 67% 41 of 49 (PS3)Dead Space 3 39% 24 of 59 (PS3)Dead Space 2 GER 49% 27 of 51 (PS3)Beyond: Two Souls 36% 21 of 46 (PS3)BioShock Infinite 31% 31 of 81 (PS3)BioShock 2 44% 33 of 69 (PS3)BioShock 56% 46 of 66 (PSVita)Killzone: Mercenary 60% 36 of 53 (PS3)Metro: Last Light 28% 19 of 71 (PS3)Red Dead Redemption 48% 39 of 91 (PS3)Grand Theft Auto IV 68% 43 of 66 (PS3)Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 100% 15 of 15 (PS3)Call of Duty: Black Ops II 45% 40 of 91 (PS3)Battlefield 1943 100% 12 of 12 (PSVita)Welcome Park 100% 13 of 13 (PS3)The Saboteur 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Grand Theft Auto V 56% 37 of 59 (PSVita)Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 91% 44 of 46 (PS3)Battlefield 3 61% 40 of 64 (PSVita)Uncharted: Golden Abyss 100% 56 of 56(Platinum) (PSVita)PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 97% 55 of 56(Platinum) (PS3)Batman: Arkham City 31% 23 of 71 (PS3)Batman: Arkham Asylum 57% 31 of 48 (PSVita)Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Need for Speed: Most Wanted 70% 42 of 61 (PS3)WipEout HD 24% 19 of 51 (PS3)LittleBigPlanet 27% 23 of 70 (PS3)Battlefield: Bad Company 2 71% 51 of 73(Platinum) (PS3)Killzone 100% 59 of 59(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 51% 55 of 105(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 73% 48 of 71(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 100% 48 of 48(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 100% 34 of 34(Platinum) (PS3)Battlefield: Bad Company 67% 38 of 51 (PS3)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 61% 49 of 77 (PS3)Killzone 2 66% 52 of 84(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 100% 50 of 50(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 88% 48 of 51 (PS3)Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 51% 41 of 73 (PS3)Killzone 3 64% 52 of 79(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: World at War 71% 45 of 65(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: Black Ops 68% 46 of 71 - = Got more rare += Got less rare Rarest Platinum: War Hero(Killzone 2)(--) 2.19%(-0.01%) Unrarest Platinum: Tier 1(Call of Duty Modern Warfare)(--) 24.27%(-1.80%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Platinum): 1.War Hero(Killzone 2)(--) 2.19%(-0.01%) 2.The Legendary Hero(Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)(--) 4.43%(-0.01%) 3.Extremely Solid(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 5.02%(-0.01%) 4.Legend(Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PS4)(--) 5.57%(-0.02%) 5.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield Hardline PS4)(--) 5.78%(-0.03%) 6.Vic Boss(Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD)(--) 6.65%(-0.02%) 7.Platinum(Call of Duty World at War)(--) 6.67%(-0.02%) 8.Bad Company Elite(Battlefield Bad Company 2)(--) 6.99%(-0.02%) 9.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PSVITA)(--) 7.29%(-0.01%) 10.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield 4 PS4)(--) 7.40%(-0.03%) 11.Platinum(Killzone 3)(--) 7.81%(-0.03%) 12.World War One Hero(Battlefield 1)(--) 8.14%(-0.05%) 13.Just another day at the office(Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered)(--) 10.16%(-0.06%) 14.Platinum(Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception)(--) 10.98%(-0.04%) 15.One Last Time(Uncharted 4 A Thief's End)(--) 11.40%(-0.05%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Platinum): 1.Tier 1(Call of Duty Modern Warfare)(--) 24.27%(-1.80%) 2.Valedictorian(Bully)(--) 23.93%(-0.04%) 3.Platinum(Uncharted Drake's Fortune)(--) 18.81%(-0.05%) 4.Platinum(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 16.66%(-0.06%) 5.Platinum(Killzone HD)(--) 15.70%(-0.07%) 6.Complete all other trophies(The Saboteur)(--) 14.78%(-0.02%) 7.All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 14.67%(-0.03%) 8.Platinum(Uncharted Golden Abyss)(--) 13.34%(-0.02%) 9.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PS3)(--) 13.11%(-0.04%) 10.One Last Time(Uncharted 4 A Thief's End)(--) 11.40%(-0.05%) 11.Platinum(Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception)(--) 10.98%(-0.04%) 12.Just another day at the office(Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered)(--) 10.16%(-0.06%) 13.World War One Hero(Battlefield 1)(--) 8.14%(-0.05%) 14.Platinum(Killzone 3)(--) 7.81%(-0.03%) 15.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield 4 PS4)(--) 7.40%(-0.03%) Rarest Gold: Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto IV)(--) 2.58%(-0.00%) Unrarest Gold: Collateral Damage(The Order 1886)(--) 80.40%(-0.05%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Gold): 1.Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto IV)(--) 2.58%(-0.00%) 2.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 2.73%(+0.01%) 3.Solid Gold, Baby!(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 2.79%(-0.00%) 4.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 3.18%(-0.01%) 5.Best in the West(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 3.79%(-0.03%) 6.Heroic Survivor(Killzone 2)(--) 3.82%(-0.02%) 7.Valor Grand Cross(Killzone 2)(--) 3.99%(-0.02%) 8.Amateur Radio Operator(Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)(--) 4.03%(-0.01%) 9.Notorious(Red Dead Redemption 2)(NEW) 4.50%(-0.00%) 10.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3)(-1) 4.52%(-0.01%) 11.Sounds of the Battlefield(Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)(-1) 4.53%(-0.02%) 12.Multiplayer Elite(Killzone Shadow Fall)(-1) 5.22%(-0.02%) 13.The Longest Day(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(-1) 5.31%(-0.03%) 14.Virtually Impossible(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(-1) 5.43%(-0.01%) 15.Complete Stealth(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(-1) 5.56%(-0.00%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Gold): 1.Collateral Damage(The Order 1886)(--) 80.40%(-0.05%) 2.Modern Marvels(The Order 1886)(--) 76.96%(-0.05%) 3.A Knight No More(The Order 1886)(--) 69.72%(-0.05%) 4.Bought a Slot(BioShock 2 PS4)(--) 69.54%(-0.02%) 5.Three for One(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 64.72%(-0.01%) 6.The Pacific Campaign(Battlefield 1943)(--) 62.56%(-0.02%) 7.Escape(BioShock 2 PS4)(--) 57.80%(-0.05%) 8.Charted! - Normal(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 57.77%(-0.05%) 9.Liberation(Wolfenstein The New Order GER)(--) 57.32%(-0.09%) 10.Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser(Killzone 3)(--) 56.11%(-0.05%) 11.The Fugitive(Dead Space 2 GER)(--) 53.29%(-0.10%) 12.Like a Boss(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PS3)(--) 51.91%(-0.03%) 13.Charted! - Normal(Uncharted Drake's Fortune)(+1) 50.01%(-0.07%) 14.A Cut Above(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(+1) 48.44%(-0.04%) 15.Escape(BioShock PS3)(NEW) 48.20%(-0.00%) Rarest Silver: Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.81%(-0.02%) Unrarest Silver: Bare-knuckle Slugger(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 85.02%(-0.03%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Silver): 1.Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.81%(-0.02%) 2.No One Will Believe You(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.97%(-0.01%) 3.Mission Complete(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 3.02%(-0.02%) 4.Shadows Cannot Be Killed(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.06%(-0.01%) 5.Endangered Species(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 3.20%(-0.00%) 6.The Knowledge(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.68%(-0.02%) 7.Fully Equipped(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 3.75%(-0.03%) 8.Dare Devil(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 3.84%(-0.01%) 9.Gun Nut(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 3.92%(-0.03%) 10.Tell Me a Tale(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 3.98%(-0.00%) 11.Outgunned(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 4.76%(-0.02%) 12.In It to Win It(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 4.83%(+0.01%) 13.Decorated(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 5.67%(-0.03%) 14.Executed(Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PS4)(--) 5.82%(-0.03%) 15.Untouchable(Killzone 2)(--) 5.91%(-0.02%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Silver): 1.Bare-knuckle Slugger(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 85.02%(-0.03%) 2.Out of the Frying Pan(The Saboteur)(--) 84.47%(+0.01%) 3.Into the Fire(The Saboteur)(--) 83.50%(+0.01%) 4.Stepping up(Formula 1 2018)(--) 83.44%(+0.02%) 5.Killer on the loose(Battlefield Bad Company)(--) 81.67%(-0.02%) 6.Two for One(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 81.26%(-0.01%) 7.Grim Reaper(Battlefield 5)(+1) 80.30%(-0.40%) 8.Top 3(Formula 1 2016)(+1) 79.17%(-0.16%) 9.Headshot Expert(Uncharted Drake's Fortune Remastered)(+1) 78.69%(-0.04%) 10.Baneful Payback(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(+1) 78.61%(-0.04%) 11.Victory!(Formula 1 2019)(-4) 78.15%(-3.06%) 12.Dress for Success(BioShock Infinite PS4)(--) 77.93%(+0.03%) 13.On the podium(Formula 1 2017)(--) 76.36%(-0.49%) 14.Master of your domain(Battlefield 1943)(--) 76.05%(-0.01%) 15.Arkham City Sirens(Batman Arkham City PS3 DLC)(--) 74.90%(-0.03%) Rarest Bronze: High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 2.72%(-0.01%) Unrarest Bronze: Delivering Is What I Do(Death Stranding)(NEW) 98.50%(-0.00%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Bronze): 1.High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 2.72%(-0.01%) 2.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 3.15%(-0.01%) 3.Rolling Heavy(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 3.32%(-0.01%) 4.St. Bernard(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 3.34%(-0.00%) 5.Scout(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.47%(-0.02%) 6.Horses for Courses(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 3.60%(+0.06%) 7.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3)(--) 4.05%(-0.01%) 8.Veteran Ribbon(Killzone 2)(+1) 4.19%(-0.02%) 9.Expert Ribbon(Killzone 2)(+1) 4.22%(-0.02%) 10.Non-Regulation(Red Dead Redemption 2)(-2) 4.25%(+0.10%) 11.Shiba Inu(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 4.25%(-0.01%) 12.Outmaneuvered(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 4.45%(-0.02%) 13.It's Art(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 4.50%(-0.03%) 14.Unlocked(Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes PS4)(--) 4.66%(-0.01%) 15.Genetically Superior(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 4.76%(-0.02%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Bronze): 1.Delivering Is What I Do(Death Stranding)(NEW) 98.50%(-0.00%) 2.A Rite Of Passage(Table Top Racing World Tour)(-1) 98.49%(-0.00%) 3.Good Samaritan(Death Stranding)(NEW) 98.23%(-0.00%) 4.Undercover(Wolfenstein The Old Blood GER)(-2) 97.65%(-0.01%) 5.Freeflow Combo 5(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(-2) 97.10%(-0.01%) 6.Followed Rost's teachings(Horizon Zero Dawn)(-2) 97.01%(-0.04%) 7.War Never Changes(Fallout 4)(-2) 96.89%(-0.03%) 8.2X Multiplier!(LittleBigPlanet)(-2) 96.88%(-0.00%) 9.Path of the Stars(Shadow of the Tomb Raider)(-2) 96.76%(-0.07%) 10.Deja-vu(Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus GER)(-2) 96.03%(-0.15%) 11.I'm Batman(Batman Arkham City PS3)(-2) 96.02%(-0.01%) 12.Artist(LittleBigPlanet)(-2) 95.92%(-0.01%) 13.Shocking Rescue(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(-2) 95.77%(-0.01%) 14.Fix Me Up(Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3)(-1) 95.72%(-0.00%) 15.Somebody Else?(Beyond Two Souls PS3)(-3) 95.69%(-0.03%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(ALL): 1.War Hero(Killzone 2)(Platinum)(--) 2.19%%(-0.01%) 2.Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto 4)(Gold)(--) 2.58%(-0.00%) 3.High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(Bronze)(+1) 2.72%(-0.01%) 4.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(Gold)(-1) 2.73%(+0.01%) 5.Solid Gold, Baby!(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Gold)(--) 2.79%(-0.00%) 6.Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Silver)(--) 2.81%(-0.02%) 7.No One Will Believe You(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Silver)(--) 2.97%(-0.01%) 8.Mission Complete(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(Silver)(--) 3.02%(-0.02%) 9.Shadows Cannot Be Killed(Killzone Shadow Fall)(Silver)(--) 3.06%(-0.01%) 10.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Bronze)(--) 3.15%(-0.01%) 11.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Gold)(--) 3.18%(-0.01%) 12.Endangered Species(Grand Theft Auto 4)(Silver)(--) 3.20%(-0.00%) 13.Rolling Heavy(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Bronze)(--) 3.32%(-0.01%) 14.St. Bernard(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(Bronze)(--) 3.34%(-0.00%) 15.Scout(Killzone Shadow Fall)(Bronze)(--) 3.47%(-0.02%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(ALL): 1.Delivering Is What I Do(Death Stranding)(Bronze)(NEW) 98.50%(-0.00%) 2.A Rite Of Passage(Table Top Racing World Tour)(Bronze)(-1) 98.49%(-0.00%) 3.Good Samaritan(Death Stranding)(Bronze)(NEW) 98.23%(-0.00%) 4.Undercover(Wolfenstein The Old Blood GER)(Bronze)(-2) 97.65%(-0.01%) 5.Freeflow Combo 5(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(Bronze)(-2) 97.10%(-0.01%) 6.Followed Rost's teachings(Horizon Zero Dawn)(Bronze)(-2) 97.01%(-0.04%) 7.War Never Changes(Fallout 4)(Bronze)(-2) 96.89%(-0.03%) 8.2X Multiplier!(LittleBigPlanet)(Bronze)(-2) 96.88%(-0.00%) 9.Path of the Stars(Shadow of the Tomb Raider)(Bronze)(-2) 96.76%(-0.07%) 10.Deja-vu(Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus GER)(Bronze)(-2) 96.03%(-0.15%) 11.I'm Batman(Batman Arkham City PS3)(Bronze)(-2) 96.02%(-0.01%) 12.Artist(LittleBigPlanet)(Bronze)(-2) 95.92%(-0.01%) 13.Shocking Rescue(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(Bronze)(-2) 95.77%(-0.01%) 14.Fix Me Up(Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3)(Bronze)(-1) 95.72%(-0.00%) 15.Somebody Else?(Beyond Two Souls PS3)(Bronze)(-3) 95.69%(-0.03%) Games Played: 99 Games(--) Completed Games(100% Trophies): 16 Games(--) Completion: 53.85%(+0.33%) Unearned Trophies: 2.510 Trophies(+9) Trophies per Day: 0.90(+0.01%) -=Losed positions +=Earned positions World Rank: 173.771(+1.102) Country Rank(Germany): 14.023(+83) MLP App Game Stats Friendship Code: 24c4d30 Name: RisingShine94 Characters: 414(+10) from 840(+22) Collections: 32(+0) from 157(-0) Costumes: 101(+2) from 102(+2) Shops: 114(+8) from 197(+4) Current Laughter Pieces: 971(+15) Current Generosity Pieces: 974 935(-41) Current Honesty Pieces: 999(+7) Current Kindness Pieces: 990(+9) Current Loyalty Pieces: 994(+8) Current Magic Pieces: 999(+0) Current Stars: 2070(+50) Current Friendships: 35(+0) Current Achievements: 10(--) from 25(--) -=Losed positions +=Earned positions Minelore Rank and record:10.768(-381) with 77.673 Points(--) Title Melody Rank and record: 6.730(-389) with 3.723 Points(--) This Strange New World Rank and record: 31.587(-2.215) with 6.020 Points(--) Time To Come Together Rank and record: 1.828(-67) with 20.113 Points(--) EG-Groove Rank and record: 2.238(-111) with 19.092 Points(--) Cafeteria-Song Rank and record: 48.423(-3.438) with 10.813 Points(--) Rank: 128(+1) VIP Rank: 0(Nicht mehr vorhanden) Current Bits: 22.177.978(+3.173.218) Current Gems: 236(+106) Areas Unlocked: 7 of 7(--) Hope you enjoyed those useless stats, see ya next month n.n
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    It's time for another weekly Samurai Fact! This week's fact... Boys VS Girls. While it is often used as an umbrella term, the word "samurai" is masculine, meant only for the male warriors of feudal Japan. However, there is such a thing as female samurai too. They are known as "Onna-bugeisha". It's similar yet different to ninja; because while "ninja" is the umbrella term, "shinobi" is meant for male ninjas and "kunoichi" is meant for females, but both words mean the same thing. The term "Onna-bugeisha" translates into female warrior/martial-artist. Back in the day, males and females often faced different tasks and missions, which is probably why they were categorized with different titles that mean the same thing. Samurai were meant to go out to different parts of Japan and fight on the front-lines. Onna-bugeisha were typically meant to stay behind and defend the homeland as well as their personal homes and families. They could also be employed if a region or community had a lack of male warriors. As such, there were also plenty of exceptions where Onna-bugeisha would also be used in front-line battles and would perform any duties that a Samurai would be expected to do.
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    It's time for another weekly Samurai Fact! (WARNING! WARNING! This week's fact is VERY gruesome. It is not for the faint of heart. Reader discretion is advised.) This week's fact... Seppuku. Also known as "Harakiri", seppuku is a form of ritual suicide committed by samurai for reasons that are often complex and confusing. The major reason any samurai would ever commit to this is to prevent defeat or to preserve honor. If an enemy was moments away from defeating or killing a samurai, especially after breaking their will to carry on, a samurai might commit seppuku. Basically, they would defeat themselves before an enemy had the pleasure of defeating them. In this way, the samurai might not have won, but he didn't lose either. Seppuku can also be used a means of punishment, if a samurai has done something dishonorable enough to disgrace himself, his family, and/or the samurai title he represents. Committing heinous crimes or defying the way of bushido are examples of offenses punishable by seppuku. Another reason why a samurai might commit seppuku is if they disagree with the orders of their masters/lords; doing so is usually disgraceful for a samurai, but seppuku allows them to protest and retain their honor at the same time. The act of seppuku itself is not as easy as just killing yourself in any way you like. There is a reason why it's called a "ritual" suicide; and that's because there is a ritual to performing it correctly. Typically using a short sword such as a tanto, the samurai must pierce his belly/bowels, and then proceed to make a precise serious of cuts to disembowel himself. This act is usually performed in front of spectators, and when it has been ruled that the disemboweling has been done correctly, another samurai (an executioner) finishes the job by decapitating/slicing the throat of the one committing suicide (and if the cuts were not done correctly, the samurai would either have to try again or would be left alone to die from blood loss). There are variations of this ritual; one where the samurai kill himself after performing the ritual if an executioner cannot be present, one where a samurai gets a final drink or a final meal before committing the ritual, and one where the samurai recites a death poem before ending his own life. By modern standards, the idea of suicide for any reason is considered horrible and a waste of precious life. However, in that feudal era when the samurai class was most prevalent, seppuku was proof of their dedication to loyalty, honor, and the way of the warrior (bushido).
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    It's time for another weekly Samurai Fact! This week's fact... Samurai Armor. The image of a samurai has been made iconic thanks to the signature suit of armor they typically wear. This suit often includes floating shoulder armor, a helmet with horns, and the occasional scary face mask. While there have been plenty of moments where a samurai might go into battle with little to no armor, the full suit is preferred for large-scale battle conditions. Some pieces of the armor might be used for other classes of warrior, but the horned helmet is typically reserved for samurai only. The armor is usually light weight to allow for as much mobility as possible. The optional armored mask is used to scare easily-frightened foes; the fear and moment's hesitation provides an opening for an attack. Samurai helmets are often (but not always) designed after animals and monsters. Samurai armor can differ from the period it was made in, as well as how many pieces of protection it provides. (More on that in a future fact.) While it's not a hard tradition, your rank and position would often decide how nice your armor is. Members of the shogunate (the war lords/battle generals) would often get the fanciest or most regal of samurai armor; they also got first dibs on the newest armor designs. A rookie samurai stepping into battle for the first time, or one that is limited to providing defense, might get a very basic suit of armor, often without any kind of decorative horns or fancy side wings.
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    Introduction by Renegade the Unicorn, Holy Pope Whatchoo Lookin' At, Lord of the Dancin' Fools, Self-proclaimed Idiot, And Many Other Titles You. Yeah, you. Lookin' at the words on this screen. Have you ever felt...lonely in your life? Like nothing really just doesn't work out for you? Like there's more than just this mundane existence? Like there's a pack of rabid wolverines in your pants gnawing vigorously at your lower half? (I am not sorry about that, by the way; I put them there to get your attention.) Well, boy howdy, do I have the solution to all your problems except the rabid wolverines, you might want to call animal control right about now. Oh, and get your rabies shots as soon as possible. And that answer is...drumroll p!ease... DISCORDIANISM! HAIL LADY ERIS! FNORD! Sorry about that. But yes. Discordianism is (and also is not) the solution to all your problems. But what is Discordianism? To put it in terms your unenlightened mind can understand, think of it as Zen Buddhism infused with the counterculture of the 1960s (the primary holy text, the Principia Discordia, was first published in 1965), conspiracy theories that may or may not be true (or both at once), and humor. After all, humanity takes itself far too seriously; we need a faith that allows us to reject dogma and see the sheer insanity of the world around us. And that is where I come in - having recently embraced Lady Eris as my Goddess, I intend to use this blog to dissect the Erisian faith as a whole (alive if need be), how to apply Discordianism to oneself (make sure you use nonstick cooking spray), and ultimately encourage discussion about the world stage as it is now. As was said by Malaclypse the Younger in his interview with the Greater Poop: And with that, I take my leave. I hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as I will, and don't forget to tip your waitresses. Fnord.
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    Here is Mario Party 3's Ending Theme on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Eh, I wonder in which kind of content people ponies are interested in the most that I post and whether I should post more of that, some offers. - Ethical, political and historical education, insight, opinions (and being wrong about the latter) - MLP video games - Silly stuff, inclduing exposing myself with my voice or looks. - Daily life of a German and an American in the same flat - Weird laws (still got that one book) - Magic cards modern board games - Mental illnesses and diseases, in conjunction with self-revelations on how I fight them - tech advice, incl. on how to pimp up your forums experence mostly by some organization and firefox addons.
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    Oh, we all know this, you have written a 800 words post, cut it out with ctrl + x to post somewhere, but then you see this randomly cute youtube animal videos and have to share them in your status, only to have your anger followed shortly after. However, in Windows 10 you can enable an option for multiple clipboards/clipboard history.. Instead of reading that article you can simply press win + v and enable it this way. Use this hotkey to inserts clipboards after. If there is interest in that, I could also look up for tools for previous windows versions or other OS, I am pretty sure I have read about them before, so they exist in general.
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    How does it feel after you die? You might say nothing if you're not religious but what exactly is that nothing? It certainly is not something that You can experience in life so what is it? Closest might be when you are sleeping but when you think about it it's not really close at all. So how it feels when there is nothing that can be felt or nothing that can feel. Is everything just wiped out? Is there anything beyond the flesh in what makes humans humans? If so what happens when you remove it? I thirst for knowledge but it is not possible for you to obtain it before you die yourself. That is where religion comes into play. It creates a belief based scenario where there isn't anything solid evudence wheter it is true or not. It is the reason why people often don't see death for what it really is. As it really isn't anything. Death doesn't have any meaning in it. People have created some random meanings and attached them to it but truth is you can't really say anything about death because no one knows anything about it. It really is interesting trying to wrap your head around the concept because the nature of the concept itself is incomprehensible.
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    McFlurryHeart's Original Character Advice Welcome to my OC Advice blog entry! I'll share some of my knowledge regarding authoring/designing an outstanding OC so that EVERYONE can make good OCs! ----------------------------- Before all, let's get to know WHAT is an OC. (But I'm sure ya'll already know it) (click the spoiler) Now that you know what an OC is, let's move onto the first part of creating a good character: designing a good character. (click the spoiler)
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    I'd like to say how much these forums have really helped me out. All of you, all my friends, whether I actually have you friended on here or not, you give me something to look forward to each day. And it's not only that, but when I get on here, whatever mood I'm in, I only show my happier side. When I talk as if I'm smiling, that actually makes me smile and brightens my mood almost all the way up to what I'm showing. I'm not actually as happy and carefree as I like to appear on here. Everyone has problems in their life and I'm no different. I'm over a month out of college and still unemployed. I've got some serious confidence issues sometimes, I feel like I'm not really good at anything and that no one would want to have someone without any skills like me work for them. But I've made a promise to myself that on here, on these forums, I'm not gonna show that side of myself, the sad side, the helpless side. When I'm here I don't want to be seen without a smile on my face or enthusiasm in my eyes. Until now I haven't broken that promise to myself. This is both the first and the last time it will happen. I'm not really sure why I'm saying this or choosing now to say it, perhaps I'm doing it so I don't feel like I'm lieing to all of you. I don't intend to pretend this side doesn't exist, I just don't want to let it bring anyone down. I don't want anyone to ever be sadder because of talking to me. I'm not the only one that's like this though. No I don't mean here on the forums, I mean in the world. There will always be people that seem sad or angry, but there are happy ones too. It's not that they have a better life or have any more reason to be happy than others. They choose to not let the sad parts of life get to them, they choose to smile. So don't let life get you down. When days seem hard, make yourself smile. When it's tough and you just want to cry, laugh, because you're stronger than that. Life can't keep you down if you don't let it. And most importantly, remember that you're never on your own. There's always someone there to help you out if you let them. Sorry this turned out long. I think I'm rambling and don't remember where I was going with this, if anywhere. But anyway, there it is.
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    Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? How every single controversy or problem has to be called "something-gate". Y'know, after Watergate. Y'know, like Derpygate, or Elsagate, or... um... uh... well, there's tons of others, but they're escaping me at the moment. You know what I'm talkin' about. It's gets really old. You can't call every single Celestia-dammed thing "something-gate". Knock it off already. Geeeeze.
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    Here is Sunset Wilds from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Sky Garden from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    This was a top 10 list with lengthy explanations for each choice, but then I realized that it would be way too much of a hassle to get through the rest of it, so have this tier list instead. I'd rather not deal with just having a perpetually unfinished list and not really being able to do what I had otherwise planned to without it weighing me down. Not to mention, I'd pretty much just be repeating myself with different statistics and a different dumb line at the end so it isn't a wall of facts, and I'd have to rearrange the list to keep up with certain things. Also your welcome Mr. Nitpick (that grammatical error is there on purpose). This list is primarily based on statistics, though there is a little bit of personal bias here and there. S+: None S-: Washington, New Hampshire, Vermont A+: Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Virginia, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho A-: Minnesota, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin B+: Florida, South Dakota, Delaware, Oregon, North Dakota, Rhode Island B-: North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming, New Jersey C+: Indiana, Illinois, New York, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina C-: Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Kentucky D+: Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alaska D-: Louisiana, Alabama Washington D.C.: D+ (It's not a state, I know, why it's not on the actual list) Changes: Utah (-1): I didn't entirely take into account the bias this state has for Mormons. Hawaii (-2): Tulsi's beginning to make her state look a lot worse with how she keeps cozying up to the right for no real reason... Starting to think she should have ran as a moderate Republican, because at times she actually sounds like one... She's definitely not a progressive like she pretends to be sometimes. Also Washington has moved down a tier, because I'm really losing faith in the country as a whole.
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    Here is Boo Lake/Broken Pier from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Shy Guy Beach/Cheep-Cheep Island from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is Bowser Castle from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    *blows away dust* Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these. Anyways, I'm Woohoo and this Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell slaughter without laughter and these songs are jokes. So, it's been a few many months since I've made an entry for MMS or even a blog at all. My last entry was in March where I lobotomized Taylor Swift's cover lobotomy of Earth Wind & Fire's "September." Lately I've been feeling pretty uninspired to do these, or any blogs at all. Now I finally gained some inspiration. Before you ask, no, I'm not shredding a song this time, but I am discussing something music related. In fact, I've been thinking about using MMS to discuss anything music related. Hell, I already did last year when I did my "10 Things I Hate About Music" list. Alright, enough rambling, onto the discussion. Lately, a question has been burning in my head for a long time... and that question is... I don't know how long this question has been in my head, but it's gotten the point where I feel the need to discuss it. Why has this particular question been burning in my head? Often times, I hear or read about music fans complaining about bands, specifically older ones, that have just two, or even only one original member, or even no original members at all, while the rest of the band are a bunch of no name "hired guns." *sigh* Before I can even try to attempt this damn question, I need to answer another question that coincides with it: What is an "original member?" Unfortunately, the question of "what's an original member" generates even more questions than answers. Frankly, I don't really like the term "original member." Its definition is way too loose. *Well, after a hell of a lot of thinking, I think I managed to break down the types of band members. Without further ado, let's break it down. I'm just gonna get right to the point. I've broken down the types of band members and their criteria into four categories: Founding Members Longtime Members New Members Touring Members So a while back, I've had the honorary privilege to see one of the all time greatest rock bands of all time in concert, none other than The Rolling Stones. If you're wondering how I felt during that show, let me show ya... Yes, this what I look like With the concert still relatively fresh in my mind, I'll be using them as an example. Enough juckin' and shivin', let's break it down... again. Founding Members This type of band member and its criteria for it is pretty self-explanatory. These are the members that have been with a band since the very beginning. In the case of the Stones, it's obvious who the founding members are. Lead vocalist Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards started and have been with The Rolling Stones since its inception in 1962. Usually, when people think of "original members" of a band, they often refer to the founding members most time. Other times, they're referring to the "longtime members." Speaking of which... Longtime Members This one was a little hard to define as well as the criteria (which is why I've had a hard time finishing this blog), but I think I've figured it out. "Longtime Members" are the members that, although they weren't there from the beginning, have played with a band for a very long time. My criteria for this category would be this: Served in the band for at least 20 years and/or played on at least three studio albums. In the case of the Rolling Stones, drummer Charlie Watts (since 1963, although some consider him a founding member) and guitarist Ronnie Wood (since 1975) definitely fall into this category. New Members This category and its criteria is essentially the reverse of "longtime members," which would be this: Served in the band for less than 20 years and/or played on less than three studio albums. However, with the case of the Rolling Stones, there haven't been any new members since Ronnie Wood joined in 1975... at least no new "official" members, not touring members. Speaking of that... Touring Members Sometimes called "unofficial members," these are additional musicians that an artist or band brings on tour to help boost their sound, which frankly is more authentic than using backing tracks. With the Stones, they have a bunch of touring members, such as horn players and keyboardists, but the most notable is bassist Darryl Jones. He has toured and recorded with the Stones since 1993, replacing founding bassist Bill Wyman. That pretty much covers every type of band member and its criteria. Now back to the original question... What was the original question again? Oh, right. "What do you call a band with no original members?" To be honest, I have no definitive answer. How would you answer this question? I even asked other people in real life and on the forums this question and I got different answers, such as a cover band, a tribute band, a cash grab, and my favorite response, a disband. Now I leave you all with yet another question, "Do you care who's in your favorite band(s)?" This question I actually have a definitive answer: Yes, whether they be founding or new or touring, I actually care who's in the band. Frankly, it annoys me to see bands go through members like toilet paper. However, for most people, they just don't care. Most fans when they see their favorite bands in concert, they don't care so long as they hear their favorite songs live. Same with concert promoters, they don't care so long as they make money by selling the logo and putting butts in the seats. I should also note that very few bands retain the same lineup for most. if not all of their career. The only bands I can think of are The Beatles (1963 until they broke up in 1970), Rush (from 1974 until their disbandment in 2018), U2 (since 1976), Aerosmith (since 1973, aside from 1979-83), and ZZ Top (since 1969.) Do you care who's in your favorite bands? Let me know in the comments below. And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. Out of all the entries I wrote, this one was the hardest... and I mean it this time. Sorry if I haven't posted much but don't worry, next year I'll try to be much more active. This is Woohoo signing off. Happy New Year!
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    Here is Circuit Theme from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    (Unless you positively nail it) Skaters Misunderstood edgy characters Bleeding heart overly sad characters “It was only a dream.” Perfect fighters Everything must end in romance Dark and stormy nights Villainous parents The Chosen One Gods who cannot defeat non-God related villains Plot armor (parenthetical rants) Misunderstood fighters/heroes/musicians who instantly have a huge fan base Immediate love, platonic or otherwise Immediately good at everything characters Overly large rarely words used in a narrative (when there’s a common, smaller alternative) Blood fucking everywhere Deus ex machina Mary Sues in general Characters in horror stories lack common sense Gasoline explodes if you so much as think of fire The good guy can do no wrong The bad guy can do no good Censoring curse words Amnesia Too much TLC Characters who have suffered over the top abuse from friends, family, guardians, etc. *using asterisks to denote an action like we're role playing* Amnesia A character is dead and gone permanently as decided by the story, only to come back through some unforseen loop hole three episodes later (I'm looking at you, Dragonball) The bad guy is bad because he's bad. The good guy is good because we're supposed to root for him. Amnesia The Happy Ending Override (see 90% of sequels) Alarm clock wake-ups “Screw our orders! Those are our men out there!” Self sacrifice, doubly so when it is the thing that destroys plot armor If I can figure out how to quickly find my blog then I will add more to this with time. Do you have anything I can add?
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    Here is Menu from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Note: A chunk of this analysis is credited to a YouTube comment from Plume from the featured video. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most nostalgic and memorable live-action musical films in the Americas. The wonders (and frights) of the chocolate factory, the songs, the large array of characters, and sets are fantastic. But one set that resonates so well is the climax. Early in the film, Grandpa Joe and he snuck a sip of fizzy-lifting drinks, which caused them to fly above the ground, almost causing them to get maimed by the ceiling fan. Because of this mistake, Willy Wonka (who smoked a cigar as they walked into his office) disqualified Charlie in the angriest, most heartwrenching way imaginable. Yelled at to the point of tears, where Grandpa Joe (who lived in the same poor household as Charlie) and who so wanted his grandson to grow into a man away from poverty grew angry and vengeful, vowing to give Slugworth that everlasting gobstopper. Immediately, Charlie Bucket is hit with a moral dilemma. Out of all the children, he's the kindest, most selfless, and humblest. In his years of poverty, he grew into someone who cared less for himself and more for those around him. He has his mother's kindness, grandpa's selflessness, and family's humble (yet ragged) life. Willy Wonka has the life that he doesn't: a great factory with a marvelous population of Oompa-Loopas that were free from a gluttonous life. His reputation is spotless and will remain so once the tour ends. Throughout the whole tour, he cared for their well-beings despite not seeing them for a long time, such as Augustus. Once he steps out of Wonka's office, he and his family will successfully leave their cabin and poverty behind. And with how Wonka shut them out, who can blame him? Instead, he does something much more worthy than money: not stick to revenge or a selfish sense of justice. He walks back to the bitter man and gives him back his gobstopper, sacrificing every bit of fortune he could've had seconds ago. He lost his lifetime supply of chocolate and fortune, but didn't cave to something greater: his kindness. He didn't want to earn a fortune bitter and angry and hoped Mr. Wonka wouldn't feel the same back to Charlie. The end result? Wonka revealing the whole yelling exchange to be a setup for one last test: whether Charlie will be bitter and vengeful once he leaves the factory or not. "Slugworth" was a close Wonka confidant. Not just the chocolate, but the whole factory. The factory is his new home. Willy Wonka looked for the "perfect" child to trust once he retires. Charlie Bucket succeeded every test, including the ones that looked easy on the surface yet difficult to solve. This line is extraordinarily powerful. *gives crowd a box of tissues* This was the line that changed the movie's whole direction and tone, but also signifies what Wonka was looking for. He lived and worked in his factory throughout his entire life. As great as it is to make a chocolate empire, he can't live such a life forever. Someone will have to succeed, and who better than, in his words, a very honest, loving child who he can trust once he leaves. The golden tickets were an invitation to see who can pass his tests, and if you observe, every room and artifact is a test for each kid. The chocolate room, edible from the top on down. Augustus's gluttony caused him to fail his test. The three-course gum that was still in development. Violet's obsession with gum caused her to have an emergency operation. The golden-egg room, home of the finest geese and eggs around the world. Veruca's lust for an exclusive animal and spoiled behavior when Wonka rejected Mr. Salt's offer caused her to fail hers. The Wonkavision room is the home of new TV-to-product technology. Mike's greed for fame meant needing to be stretched. Everything in Wonka's office is cut in half, closely relating to Charlie's half-empty, incomplete life. Charlie passed his test, the only one to do so. For how dark the world can be, sparkles of joy live throughout the world. Charlie represents that joy.
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    Here is OST Collection: In-Game Themes for Mario Party 3 on the Organ (Disclaimer: This is Version 1. Future updates to this will be made in the future). Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is OST Collection: Maps for Mario Party 3 on the Organ (Disclaimer: This is Version 1. Future updates to this will be made in the future). Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Hey guys, Silvermoon here, its been a long time hasn't it, so here is a quick status update. I have had alot change in my life that has kept me constantly busy, only doing certain things on here or working on my FIMFiction stories every now and then (I have been more active on there recently than on anything else) but I am doing fine for the most part, just struggling with life a little bit...otherwise I'm fine, but that's my update, now onto another topic. FIMFiction- as of right now I am proud to say that my story Stressful Nights (a Sweetiemash story) has broken 10 likes and is about halfway done (this is a big milestone for me as I have never been an outstanding writer) my other stories aren't even close to getting done although my brain has been working on The Children of the Six story that I revised and have continued with for a while now...my other two stories The Everfree Files and A World Like No Other are on hiatus for now as I want to build their worlds more on my own time and create something great. YouTube- nothing to report here as I havent done anything and dont plan to for a little while. Otherwise I am going to leave this quote here from The Children of the Six that will be in a future chapter...if you are a loyal reader of mine, I suggest looking into this quote and trying to figure out who said it to who. Otherwise here is the quote and I will hopefully have a new post soon. "I may be a monster in your eyes, but if they decide to stay with me, that will be their choice!" "Then I guess I will have to put an end to this, [name redacted]. You will leave us as I do not trust you in the slightest!" This is a work in progress and may change over the course of my story.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2: -Multiplayer -Singleplayer --Trophy Earned: Non-Regulation( Red Dead Online: Craft 25 pieces of ammunition. )(Bronze)(Ultra Rare 4.23%) --Trophy Earned: Pony Up( Spend $5000 across all shops. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 24.56%) --Trophy Earned: Bountiful( Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states. )(Bronze)(Very Rare 7.18%) --Trophy Earned: Collector's Item( Complete one of the Collectable strands. )(Silver)(Rare 13.39%) --Trophy Earned: It's Art( Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue. )(Bronze)(Ultra Rare 4.50%) --Trophy Earned: Best in the West( Attain 100% completion. )(Gold)(Ultra Rare 3.80%) Formula 1 2019: -Multiplayer -Events --Trophy Earned: Nice Threads( Change your driver's appearance )(Bronze)(Common 76.38%) --Trophy Earned: Personal Touch( Choose a player badge )(Bronze)(Common 71.74%) --Trophy Earned: Car Geek( Read information on a car in the showroom )(Bronze)(Common 57.54%) --Trophy Earned: League Joined( Join a league )(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.04%) --Trophy Earned: Perfectly Executed( Activate DRS perfectly on all zones of any track )(Bronze)(Common 83.56%) --Trophy Earned: Memories( Play a captured highlight )(Bronze)(Common 52.24%) --Trophy Earned: Sit Back and Relax( Spectate an online race )(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.06%) --Trophy Earned: Reach Level 5( Reach Level 5 XP )(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.69%) --Trophy Earned: Perfect Start( Get pole position )(Bronze)(Common 79.29%) --Trophy Earned: Not Again, Jeff!( Tell Jeff to be quiet )(Bronze)(Common 50.12%) --Trophy Earned: Love the Look!( Obtain a livery for your multiplayer car )(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.14%) --Trophy Earned: Safe Mode( Achieve a safety rating of A in multiplayer mode )(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.68%) --Trophy Earned: The Whole Weekend( Complete all events in a Weekly Grand Prix )(Silver)(Uncommon 20.87%) --Trophy Earned: I Like This One( Set a favourite trophy )(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.05%) --Trophy Earned: Reach Level 10( Reach Level 10 XP )(Bronze)(Uncommon 33.21%) --Trophy Earned: Ice Cool( Complete a clean race )(Bronze)(Common 59.21%) --Trophy Earned: Weekend Warrior( Complete a Weekly Grand Prix )(Bronze)(Rare 18.98%) --Trophy Earned: First Ten Down( Complete 10 races online )(Bronze)(Uncommon 27.89%) Red Dead Redemption 2: -Multiplayer --Trophy Earned: Strength in Numbers( Red Dead Online: Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.48%) Wolfenstein Youngblood: -Story --Trophy Earned: Airship down( Defeat Winkler. )(Bronze)(Common 91.84%) Formula 1 2019: -Event --Trophy Earned: Second Chance( Activate a Flashback during a race )(Bronze)(Common 84.74%) --Trophy Earned: Victory!( Get on the F1 podium for the first time )(Silver)(Common 78.58%) --Trophy Earned: Featured Event( Complete a Featured Event )(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.01%) Wolfenstein Youngblood: -Story --Trophy Earned: A better you( Obtain 5 abilities. )(Bronze)(Common 83.51%) --Trophy Earned: Kitted out( Obtain 10 weapon upgrades. )(Bronze)(Common 75.48%) --Trophy Earned: Among friends( Link up with the resistance. )(Bronze)(Common 86.69%) --Trophy Earned: Prepper( Pick up 250 loot supplies. )(Bronze)(Common 85.94%) BioShock PS4: -Story --Trophy Earned: Toaster in the Tub( The player has shocked an enemy in the water )(Bronze)(Common 92.08%) --Trophy Earned: Completed Welcome( The player has successfully completed the Welcome To Rapture Level )(Bronze)(Common 90.25%) --Trophy Earned: Hacked a Security Bot( The player has successfully hacked a security bot )(Bronze)(Common 89.19%) --Trophy Earned: One Successfull Hack( The player has performed at least one successful hack )(Bronze)(Common 89.24%) --Trophy Earned: Hacked a Vending Machine( The player has successfully hacked a vending machine )(Bronze)(Common 80.20%) --Trophy Earned: Hacked a Turret( The player has successfully hacked a turret )(Bronze)(Common 75.89%) --Trophy Earned: Hacked a Security Camera( The player has successfully hacked a security camera )(Bronze)(Common 68.31%) --Trophy Earned: Hacked a Safe( The player has successfully hacked a safe )(Bronze)(Common 77.58%) --Trophy Earned: Defeated Dr. Steinman( The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman )(Bronze)(Common 78.02%) --Trophy Earned: Bought One Slot( The player has purchased one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track )(Bronze)(Common 69.11%) --Trophy Earned: Researched a Splicer( The player has taken at least one Research Photo of a Splicer )(Bronze)(Common 67.73%) --Trophy Earned: Quality Research Photo( The player has taken a Research Photo of the highest grade )(Bronze)(Common 65.49%) --Trophy Earned: Skilled Hacker( The player has successfully completed 50 hacks )(Bronze)(Common 50.37%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Gun Splicer( The player has fully researched the Leadhead Splicer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.21%) --Trophy Earned: Defeated Peach Wilkins( The player has defeated Peach Wilkins )(Bronze)(Common 63.80%) --Trophy Earned: Upgraded a Weapon( The player has acquired at least one weapon upgrade )(Bronze)(Common 63.63%) --Trophy Earned: Basic Investor( The player has successfully invented at least one item )(Bronze)(Common 60.73%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Thug Splicer( The player has fully researched the Thuggish Splicer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.02%) --Trophy Earned: One Fully Upgraded Weapon( The player has fully upgraded one weapon )(Bronze)(Common 54.35%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Houdini Splicer( Fully research the Houdini Splicer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 30.56%) --Trophy Earned: Restored the Forest( The player has restored the forests of Arcadia )(Bronze)(Common 56.13%) --Trophy Earned: Ammo Inventor( The player has successfully invented all possible ammo types )(Bronze)(Uncommon 37.00%) --Trophy Earned: Lucky Winner( Hit the jackpot at a slot machine )(Bronze)(Uncommon 26.22%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Spider Splicer( The player has fully researched the Spider Splicer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.79%) --Trophy Earned: Two Fully Upgraded Weapons( The player has fully upgraded two weapons )(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.20%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Nitro Splicer( Fully research the Nitro Splicer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 27.55%) --Trophy Earned: Prolific Photographer( Take at least one photo in every research group )(Bronze)(Uncommon 33.47%) --Trophy Earned: Completed Cohen's Masterpiece( The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece )(Bronze)(Common 51.97%) --Trophy Earned: Maxed One Track( The player has purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks )(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.64%) --Trophy Earned: Three Fully Upgraded Weapons( The player has fully upgraded three weapons )(Bronze)(Uncommon 44.57%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Bouncer( Fully research the Bouncer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.40%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Little Sister( Fully research the Little Sister )(Bronze)(Uncommon 27.70%) --Trophy Earned: Tonic Collector( Collect or Invent 58 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks )(Bronze)(Uncommon 35.10%) --Trophy Earned: Defeated Andrew Ryan( The player has defeated Andrew Ryan )(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.96%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Researched Rosie( Fully research the Rosie )(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.63%) --Trophy Earned: Research PhD( Max out all possible research )(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.94%) --Trophy Earned: Four Fully Upgraded Weapons( Fully upgrade four weapons )(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.10%) --Trophy Earned: Irony( The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse )(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.88%) --Trophy Earned: Found Cohen's Room( The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters )(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.49%) --Trophy Earned: Avid Inventor( Successfully invent at least 100 items )(Bronze)(Uncommon 21.35%) --Trophy Earned: Five Fully Upgraded Weapons( Fully upgrade five weapons )(Bronze)(Uncommon 30.14%) --Trophy Earned: Broke Fontaine's Mind Control( The player has broken Fontaine's mind control )(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.39%) --Trophy Earned: Maxed All Tracks( Purchased every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks )(Bronze)(Uncommon 35.28%) --Trophy Earned: Weapon Specialist( Acquire all upgrades for all weapons )(Bronze)(Uncommon 21.94%) --Trophy Earned: Dealt with every Little Sister( The player has either Harvested or Rescued every possible Little Sister )(Bronze)(Uncommon 37.14%) --Trophy Earned: Became a Big Daddy( The player has become a Big Daddy )(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.39%) --Trophy Earned: Defeated Atlas( The player has defeated Atlas )(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.75%) --Trophy Earned: Little Sister Savior( The player has completed the game without harvesting any Little Sisters )(Silver)(Uncommon 40.78%) BioShock 2 PS4: -Story --Trophy Earned: Daddy's Home( Found your way back into the ruins of Rapture. )(Bronze)(Common 88.70%) --Trophy Earned: Distance Hacker( Used the Hack Tool to hack an object at a distance. )(Bronze)(Common 86.71%) --Trophy Earned: Protector( Defended yourself against Lamb's Assault in the train station. )(Bronze)(Common 79.68%) --Trophy Earned: Upgraded a Weapon( Upgraded a weapon at a Power to the People Station. )(Bronze)(Common 77.66%) --Trophy Earned: Prolific Hacker( Hacked one of each kind of machine. )(Bronze)(Common 68.91%) --Trophy Earned: Adopted a Little Sister( Adopted a new Little Sister for the very first time. )(Bronze)(Common 77.54%) --Trophy Earned: Master Protector( Got through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.56%) --Trophy Earned: Trap Master( Killed 30 enemies using only Traps. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.73%) --Trophy Earned: 9-Irony( Paid your respects to the founder of Rapture. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 30.32%) --Trophy Earned: Master Hacker( Hacked 30 machines at a distance with the Hack Tool. )(Bronze)(Common 51.69%) --Trophy Earned: Unbreakable( Defended yourself against the Big Sister without dying. )(Bronze)(Common 69.04%) --Trophy Earned: Sinclair's Solution( Joined forces with Sinclair in Ryan Amusements. )(Silver)(Common 73.08%) --Trophy Earned: Big Spender( Spent 2000 dollars at Vending Machines. )(Bronze)(Common 65.43%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Upgraded a Weapon( Installed the third upgrade to a weapon. )(Bronze)(Common 64.57%) --Trophy Earned: First Research( Researched a Splicer with the Research Camera. )(Bronze)(Common 69.61%) --Trophy Earned: Bought a Slot( Bought one Plasmid or Tonic Slot at a Gatherer's Garden. )(Gold)(Common 69.53%) --Trophy Earned: Grand Daddy( Defeated 3 Big Daddies without dying during the fight. )(Silver)(Common 62.54%) --Trophy Earned: One Research Track( Maxed out one Research Track. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.74%) --Trophy Earned: Confronted Grace( Confronted Lamb's lieutenant in Pauper's Drop. )(Bronze)(Common 67.42%) --Trophy Earned: Counterattack( Killed an enemy with its own projectile. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.70%) --Trophy Earned: Defeated the Preacher( Defeated the Preacher. )(Bronze)(Common 62.94%) --Trophy Earned: Master Gatherer( Gathered 600 ADAM with Little Sisters. )(Silver)(Common 54.64%) --Trophy Earned: Look at You, Hacker( Killed 50 enemies using only hacked Security. )(Bronze)(Common 50.80%) --Trophy Earned: Nose for News( Uncovered the secret of Dionysus Park. )(Silver)(Common 60.40%) --Trophy Earned: Rapture Historian( Found 100 audio diaries. )(Silver)(Uncommon 40.58%) --Trophy Earned: Dealt with Every Little Sister( Dealt with every Little Sister. )(Silver)(Common 54.36%) --Trophy Earned: Fully Upgraded a Plasmid( Fully upgraded one Plasmid to the Level 3 version. )(Bronze)(Common 58.20%) --Trophy Earned: Found Lamb's Hideout( Gained access to Lamb's stronghold. )(Bronze)(Common 58.53%) --Trophy Earned: Savior( Saved every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley and Gil. )(Silver)(Uncommon 38.90%) --Trophy Earned: Reunion( Reunited with your original Little Sister. )(Silver)(Common 58.35%) --Trophy Earned: Max Plasmid Slots( Fully upgraded to the maximum number of Plasmid Slots. )(Bronze)(Common 53.30%) --Trophy Earned: All Plasmids( Found or purchased all 11 basic Plasmid types. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.86%) --Trophy Earned: Research Master( Completed all research on every subject in Rapture. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 26.57%) --Trophy Earned: All Weapon Upgrades( Found every Power to the People weapon upgrade in the game. )(Silver)(Uncommon 31.31%) --Trophy Earned: Heading to the Surface( Headed to the surface on the side of Sinclair's escape pod. )(Bronze)(Common 57.81%) --Trophy Earned: Escape( Escaped Rapture. )(Gold)(Common 57.80%) --Trophy Earned: Big Brass Balls( Finished the game without using Vita-Chambers. )(Gold)(Uncommon 33.45%) BioShock Infinite PS4: -Story --Trophy Earned: Written in the Clouds( In the Main Campaign, completed Lighthouse. )(Bronze)(Common 85.69%) --Trophy Earned: Dress for Success( In the Main Campaign, equipped a piece of Gear in all four slots. )(Silver)(Common 77.91%) --Trophy Earned: Industrial Accident( In the Main Campaign, killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Hook Execution. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.61%) --Trophy Earned: A Real Pistol( In the Main Campaign, killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol. )(Bronze)(Common 68.96%) --Trophy Earned: Welcome to Monument Island( Reached Monument Island. )(Bronze)(Common 72.65%) --Trophy Earned: Coins in the Cushion( In the Main Campaign, looted 200 containers. )(Silver)(Common 57.14%) Call of Duty Modern Warfare -Story --Trophy Earned: Nothing but Net( Neutralize the 'Fog of War' machine gun with a frag grenade. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.61%) --Trophy Earned: Companion Block( Only use one cinder block and bring it to the end of 'Embedded'. )(Silver)(Uncommon 31.82%) --Trophy Earned: Ashes to Ashes( Burn 4 enemies with a single molotov. )(Silver)(Uncommon 34.98%) --Trophy Earned: Long Way Down( Crash a helicopter by shooting the pilot. )(Silver)(Uncommon 41.28%) --Trophy Earned: Press (BOOM) to Defuse( Blow up 3 tripwires with explosives. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.16%) --Trophy Earned: Love from Above( Destroy 4 trucks with 4 drone strikes before they reach the end of their path in 'The Embassy'. )(Silver)(Common 54.71%) --Trophy Earned: Driver's Ed( Shoot the driver of the suicide truck. )(Silver)(Uncommon 48.50%) --Trophy Earned: Tunnel Rat( Complete 'The Wolf's Den' tunnels using only the 1911. )(Silver)(Uncommon 28.70%) --Trophy Earned: Dodged a Bullet( Never get hit by the sniper while escaping captivity. )(Silver)(Uncommon 30.16%) --Trophy Earned: Hot Swap( Get at least one kill with eight different weapons when completing 'Old Comrades'. )(Silver)(Uncommon 29.70%) --Trophy Earned: Lights Out( Shut off the power to 4 buildings in 'Going Dark'. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.88%) --Trophy Earned: Warheads on Foreheads( Reach Barkov's lab entrance using only drone strikes. )(Silver)(Uncommon 28.89%) --Trophy Earned: Tea Time( Complete the single player Campaign on any difficulty. )(Silver)(Common 53.71%) --Trophy Earned: Trigger Discipline( Do not injure any civilians in 'Piccadilly'. )(Gold)(Uncommon 47.99%) --Trophy Earned: Play Dead( Kill all the enemies in the 'Embedded' field of dead bodies. )(Silver)(Uncommon 32.67%) --Trophy Earned: Wild Fire( Take down a flying Helicopter with a molotov. )(Gold)(Uncommon 31.56%) --Trophy Earned: Wall Hax( Save Alpha 3-2 from being downed. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.09%) --Trophy Earned: Good Effect on Enemy( Kill an enemy with a direct hit from a smoke grenade. )(Silver)(Uncommon 29.08%) --Trophy Earned: Two Birds( Kill both soldiers with one shot in 'Hometown'. )(Silver)(Uncommon 32.73%) --Trophy Earned: Hang Time( Kill 3 Enemies while you are on a ladder. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.86%) --Trophy Earned: Got Something on Your Face( Spit on Barkov. )(Silver)(Uncommon 31.57%) --Trophy Earned: We Own the Night( Kill all enemies at the Church, Clocktower, and Pool without anyone calling for backup. )(Gold)(Uncommon 26.23%) --Trophy Earned: Out of the Fire( Complete every single player mission on Veteran or Realism difficulty. )(Gold)(Uncommon 29.41%) --Trophy Earned: Circus Tour( Kill at least one enemy while inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic and both Subway undergrounds. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.92%) --Trophy Earned: Golden Path( Complete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat. )(Gold)(Uncommon 28.36%) --Trophy Earned: Pit Stop( Stop three APCs with Hadir's sniper rifle. )(Silver)(Uncommon 45.60%) --Trophy Earned: Tier 1( Unlock all Trophies )(Platinum)(Uncommon 24.30%) BioShock Infinite PS4: -Story --Trophy Earned: Vigorous Opposition( In the Main Campaign, killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects of a Vigor. )(Bronze)(Common 58.49%) --Trophy Earned: Raising the Bar( In the Main Campaign, upgraded one attribute (Health, Shield, or Salts) to its maximum level. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.53%) --Trophy Earned: Shock Tactics( Retrieved Shock Jockey. )(Bronze)(Common 64.74%) --Trophy Earned: Bolt From the Blue( In the Main Campaign, killed 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a Sky-Line. )(Silver)(Uncommon 24.11%) --Trophy Earned: First Class Ticket( In the Main Campaign, boarded The First Lady. )(Bronze)(Common 62.74%) --Trophy Earned: Passionately Reciprocated( In the Main Campaign, killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun or Vox Repeater. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.41%) --Trophy Earned: Grand Largesse( In the Main Campaign, spent $10,000 at the vending machines of Columbia. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 44.49%) --Trophy Earned: Aerial Assasin( In the Main Campaign, killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.21%) --Trophy Earned: Tear 'em a New One( In the Main Campaign, opened 30 Tears. )(Bronze)(Common 55.68%) --Trophy Earned: David & Goliath( In the Main Campaign, killed 20 "Heavy Hitter" enemies. )(Bronze)(Common 57.79%) --Trophy Earned: Armed Revolt( Assisted the gunsmith. )(Bronze)(Common 57.47%) --Trophy Earned: Kitted Out( In the Main Campaign, fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.37%) --Trophy Earned: Street Sweeper( In the Main Campaign, killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun or Vox Heater. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.91%) --Trophy Earned: Working Class Hero( In the Main Campaign, completed the Factory. )(Bronze)(Common 56.48%) --Trophy Earned: On a Clear Day...( In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.21%) --Trophy Earned: The Roguish Type( In the Main Campaign, used Elizabeth to pick 30 locks. )(Silver)(Common 52.30%) --Trophy Earned: Infused with Greatness( In the Main Campaign, collected every Infusion upgrade in a single game. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 30.55%) --Trophy Earned: Well Rounded( In the Main Campaign, used all 8 Vigors against enemies. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.40%) --Trophy Earned: Combination Shock( In the Main Campaign, performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations. )(Silver)(Rare 19.92%) --Trophy Earned: More for Your Money( In the Main Campaign, lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times. )(Silver)(Uncommon 32.10%) --Trophy Earned: Big Game Hunter( In the Main Campaign, killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or Vox Burstgun. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.43%) --Trophy Earned: Here Little Piggy( In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox Hail Fire. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 35.39%) --Trophy Earned: Blood in the Streets( Completed Emporia. )(Bronze)(Common 52.64%) --Trophy Earned: Loose Cannon( In the Main Campaign, killed 25 enemies with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 43.09%) --Trophy Earned: Higher Learning( Completed Comstock House. )(Bronze)(Common 52.08%) --Trophy Earned: Master of Pyrotechnics( In the Main Campaign, killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.74%) --Trophy Earned: On the Fly( In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies while riding a Sky-Line. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.10%) --Trophy Earned: Bon Voyage( In the Main Campaign, killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia. )(Silver)(Uncommon 23.00%) --Trophy Earned: Seasoned to Taste( In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.65%) --Trophy Earned: The Bird or The Cage( Completed The Hand of the Prophet. )(Bronze)(Common 50.50%) --Trophy Earned: Tin Soldier( Completed the Main Campaign on Easy difficulty or above. )(Bronze)(Common 50.46%) --Trophy Earned: Should Auld Acquaintance...( Unlocked 1999 Mode. )(Bronze)(Common 52.52%) Death Stranding: -Story --Trophy Earned: Delivering Is What I Do( Complete the prologue: Porter. )(Bronze)(Common 98.53%) --Trophy Earned: Snooze 'n' Soothe( Heal by sleeping for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 76.74%) --Trophy Earned: Like and Be Liked( Give your first Like. )(Bronze)(Common 95.12%) --Trophy Earned: Rebuilding America( Complete Episode 1: Bridget. )(Bronze)(Common 94.81%) --Trophy Earned: Soothing Sounds( Use the music player for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 77.14%) --Trophy Earned: Apprentice Builder( Build your first structure (signs, ladders, and climbing anchors also count.) )(Bronze)(Common 91.41%) --Trophy Earned: Good Samaritan( Deliver your first piece of lost cargo. )(Bronze)(Common 98.30%) --Trophy Earned: I Couldn't Hold it In!( Pee outside for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 81.56%) --Trophy Earned: Well Connected( Reach connection level three with a facility. )(Bronze)(Common 86.48%) --Trophy Earned: Prominent Porter( Reach Grade 10 in any delivery evaluation category. )(Bronze)(Common 88.23%) --Trophy Earned: The Custom Kid( Acquire your first piece of customization data. )(Bronze)(Common 85.48%) --Trophy Earned: A Baby Blessing( Get a Like from BB. )(Bronze)(Common 89.04%) --Trophy Earned: A New Day for the UCA( Connect your first new affiliate to the UCA. )(Bronze)(Common 91.08%) --Trophy Earned: Giver of Gifts( Make your first donation of weapons, equipment, etc. )(Bronze)(Common 75.41%) --Trophy Earned: A Shout in the Dark( Send a shout out and have it returned for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 84.76%) --Trophy Earned: Boots Are a Porter's Best Friend( Change footwear for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 84.11%) --Trophy Earned: Building Bridges( Reach Bridge Link Grade 1. )(Bronze)(Common 86.80%) --Trophy Earned: The People's Porter( Reach a total of 2,400 Likes on the Results Screen. )(Bronze)(Common 83.34%) --Trophy Earned: A Thirst for Knowledge( Restore your first memory chip. )(Bronze)(Common 72.75%) --Trophy Earned: Chiral Crafter( Recycle chiral crystals for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 84.42%) --Trophy Earned: A Helping Hand( Issue your first supply request. )(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.29%) --Trophy Earned: Everyday Delivery( Complete a standard order. )(Bronze)(Common 78.65%) --Trophy Earned: Sleep Tight, Little BB( Soothe a crying BB and stop the crying for the first time. )(Bronze)(Common 78.19%) --Trophy Earned: Catcher Crusher( Defeat a Catcher. )(Bronze)(Common 74.63%) --Trophy Earned: We Need You( Complete Episode 2: Amelie. )(Bronze)(Common 74.11%) --Trophy Earned: All Roads Lead to the UCA( Complete your first road. )(Bronze)(Common 66.43%) Red Dead Redemption 2: -Multiplayer
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    Unlike Canterlot, Troy's founding was not surrounded by pomp nor circumstance, but rather dust and tents. A humble beginning to a reserved nation. There is much doubt and debate as to the official date that Troy changed from a Camel owned oasis to an Equestrian territory, and some would argue that it is still, at least in part, a camel owned oasis. Nonetheless, the date of Troys founding was close enough to the date of the revolution that the celebration has since been a combined remembrance of the two events. Those present at the signing of the charter include Trojan horse and Mare Grace, a pair of camel representatives... The Trojan Oasis, 99 BNMM The oasis stood still under the night sky, the pool reflecting the many stars of the sky. While Trojan had objected, the camels and buffalo had insisted that, for the treaty to have any worth, it be signed under the full moon, one which Princess Luna had so graciously provided this night. Surrounding the oasis were three groupings of tents, those with Trojan were unofficially the Equestrian delegation, across stood those of the camels and the buffalo. Surrounding all was a temporary fence of wooden posts and cloth that served to keep most of the wind and sand out of the oasis and tents. Distant lights showed that a trade caravan was coming from the east, more likely than not from Northport. They, combined with the Equestrian caravan he had brought with him, would be the first of many large scale trades to occur at the oasis under Equestrian rule. Mare nuzzled Trojan affectionately as the camels and buffalo emerged from their tents, and began their way across opposing ends of the oasis to where Trojan sat at the negotiating table. Trojan straightened out the garb he had been given as an Equestrian ambassador, and was silently jealous of the far more comfortable garb of the camels. Once all were sat at the table, the negotiations would begin, and Troy would be founded.
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    While the concept of public rule existed in many nations before the founding of Troy, democracy as we know it now has its roots in the dealings that took place for the approval of the Trojan province. While Princess Celestia is credited with officially proposing it, recent findings corroborate Trojan tradition that the governmental system was Princess Luna's idea from the beginning. The proposed form of government served as a combination of tribal leadership such as found among Thestrals and the Camels, and the hierarchical leadership of the Griffon Kingdoms and Equestria itself. Then as today the populous rules both directly and indirectly... Castle of the Two Sisters, 99 BNMM Trojan bowed his head in dismay before the princess, "I... I accept thy wisdom, thy highness." He respectfully gathered his proposal and began the long trek out of the audience chamber. "Wait." Princess Celestia held a small roll of parchment in her magic, she had been reading it throughout Trojan's proposal. Trojan stopped immediately, but did not turn as he had not been instructed to. "A new development graces our mind. Perchance thy plan containeth some merit yet. Return." Trojan dutifully turned himself back towards the throne, halting to bow a respectable distance away. Princess Celestia passed the paper she had been reading to him, he recognized the writing as Princess Luna's. "We will approve thy plan, on the condition that it be organized at set forth here." She allowed him to hold the document. Trojan bowed deeper in gratitude. "We are ever in thy debt Princess Celestia. I assure thee, this plan will not disappoint." Celestia had an enigmatic smile on her face as she dismissed him with a wave. "We shall see."
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    Hi! I posted this before as a status update, but I figure it might not get the attention it deserves, plus it would be a pitty if it would disappear and getting forgotten too soon. Here it is hopefully more...persistent. If you don't care about that sexual discovery of mine and everything bound to it, you will find a short piece from this text in a spoiler which concerns our own values and where they origin from.
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    On 12/14/2019 at 5:28 PM, Bas said: Board games count too, right? Because I say so! Put into a spoiler because kind dark horror board game.
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    Black Clover Opening #2 Song: PAiNT it BLACK Artist: BiSH
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    After I failed Fake It 'Til You Make It, I decided to put all 28 failed episodes in order from worst F- minus to least worst F+. That list eventually expanded into a complete list of episodes I graded, from the best letter-plus episode to the worst letter-minus, . The statuses can be found here: A episodes, B episodes, C episodes, D episodes, and F episodes. With each list compiled, I'm taking every episode in the show and arranged it in order from the best to the worst. The list is always subject to change; episodes could be upgraded or downgraded at anytime. S9 episodes are in bold underline. Those aired early are under "spoiler" tags. To see every piece of FIM media I graded (and how I graded each episode for each season), click here. That gets updated during each season and possibly in between or during the offseason, if I changed one. And for readability purposes, I sectioned each list with "— — —" in between. Let's begin! The Perfect Pear: A+ The Best Night Ever: A+ Crusaders of the Lost Mark: A+ Amending Fences: A+ Shadow Play: A+ The Big Mac Question: A+ The Last Crusade: A+ Sparkle's Seven: A+ Sisterhooves Social: A+ The Cutie Map: A+ A Rockhoof and a Hard Place: A+ Parental Glideance: A+ The Break Up Break Down: A+ Party of One: A+ — — — The Last Problem: A Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: A Pinkie Pride: A The Hearth's Warming Club: A Slice of Life: A Dragon Dropped: A Suited for Success: A Road to Friendship: A The Summer Sun Setback: A The Washouts: A Lesson Zero: A Sleepless in Ponyville: A Hurricane Fluttershy: A Between Dark and Dawn: A The Times They Are A Changeling: A Flight to the Finish: A The Mean 6: A Common Ground: A Frenemies: A A Hearth's Warming Tail: A The Saddle Row Review: A Surf and/or Turf: A Marks and Recreation: A Grannies Gone Wild: A Cutie Re-Mark: A — — — Castle Sweet Castle: A- The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A- Once Upon a Zeppelin: A- The Fault in Our Cutie Marks: A- Sounds of Silence: A- Discordant Harmony: A- Wonderbolts Academy: A- She's All Yak: A- The Mane Attraction: A- Uncommon Bond: A- The Return of Harmony: A- Horse Play: A- For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: A- Gauntlet of Fire: A- Bloom & Gloom: A- Molt Down: A- What Lies Beneath: A- The Last Laugh: A- It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: A- All Bottled Up: A- The Point of No Return: A- Winter Wrap Up: A- — — — A Flurry of Emotions: B+ The Beginning of the End: B+ Rarity Takes Manehattan: B+ She Talks to Angel: B+ Luna Eclipsed: B+ Scare Master: B+ Friendship University: B+ A Horse Shoe-In: B+ Call of the Cutie: B+ Student Counsel: B+ Marks for Effort: B+ Magic Duel: B+ Pinkie Apple Pie: B+ Viva Las Pegasus: B+ The Parent Map: B+ Uprooted: B+ To Change a Changeling: B+ On Your Marks: B+ — — — Daring Doubt: B Apple Family Reunion: B Family Appreciation Day: B The Crystalling: B Green Isn't Your Color: B Hearth's Warming Eve: B Secret of My Excess: B Top Bolt: B Rainbow Roadtrip: B The Last Roundup: B The End in Friend: B Inspiration Manifestation: B A Health of Information: B Sweet and Smoky: B Fall Weather Friends: B School Raze: B Look Before You Sleep: B Twilight Time: B Rarity Investigates!: B The Maud Couple: B Dungeons & Discords: B Sonic Rainboom: B A Friend in Deed: B — — — Sweet and Elite: B- Triple Threat: B- School Daze: B- Applebuck Season: B- Read It and Weep: B- It's About Time: B- Castle Mane-ia: B- Celestial Advice: B- Going to Seed: B- Canterlot Boutique: B- Stranger Than Fan Fiction: B- Yakity-Sax: B- Hearthbreakers: B- Twilight's Kingdom: B- A Trivial Pursuit: B- Dragonshy: B- Swarm of the Century: B- Not Asking for Trouble: B- Father Knows Beast: B- Where the Apple Lies: B- — — — Forever Filly: C+ Campfire Tales: C+ Rock Solid Friendship: C+ Maud Pie: C+ Made in Manehattan: C+ Too Many Pinkie Pies: C+ The Best Gift Ever: C+ Make New Friends but Keep Discord: C+ Daring Done?: C+ The Gift of Maud Pie: C+ Three's a Crowd: C+ Baby Cakes: C+ — — — Power Ponies: C A Dog and Pony Show: C The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: C Friendship Is Magic: C Leap of Faith: C Applejack's "Day" Off: C The One Where Pinkie Knows: C The Cutie Pox: C The Ending of the End: C Fluttershy Leans In: C — — — Buckball Season: C- Magical Mystery Cure: C- Princess Twilight Sparkle: C- Simple Ways: C- Stare Master: C- Party Pooped: C- Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: C- A Canterlot Wedding: C- Spice Up Your Life: C- Growing Up Is Hard to Do: C- The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: C- A Royal Problem: C- The Ticket Master: C- A Matter of Principals: C- — — — Over a Barrel: D+ Equestria Games: D+ Griffon the Brush Off: D+ Brotherhooves Social: D+ Tanks for the Memories: D+ The Hooffields and McColts: D+ Keep Calm and Flutter On: D+ — — — Filly Vanilli: D A Bird in the Hoof: D Hearts and Hooves Day: D 2, 4, 6, Greaaat: D Just for Sidekicks: D Every Little Thing She Does: D Daring Don't: D Secrets and Pies: D — — — Feeling Pinkie Keen: D- Spike at Your Service: D- Ponyville Confidential: D- MMMystery on the Friendship Express: D- Non-Compete Clause: D- It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: D- — — — Flutter Brutter: F+ Games Ponies Play: F+ Bats!: F+ The Crystal Empire: F+ — — — No Second Prances: F Honest Apple: F May the Best Pet Win!: F What About Discord?: F Fake It 'Til You Make It: F To Where and Back Again: F Hard to Say Anything: F The Cart Before the Ponies: F Trade Ya!: F Appleoosa's Most Wanted: F The Show Stoppers: F Putting Your Hoof Down: F Somepony to Watch Over Me: F Boast Busters: F P.P.O.V.: F The Mysterious Mare Do Well: F Owl's Well That Ends Well: F Princess Spike: F — — — 28 Pranks Later: F- Rainbow Falls: F- Dragon Quest: F- Bridle Gossip: F- Fame and Misfortune: F- Newbie Dash: F- One Bad Apple: F-
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    Heya guys. It's been a while since I made a blog post, and I figured that now is a good time to make another one... and it's about the show ending. Frankly, I'm not as devastated as I was whenever I first found out about it, but I'm still pretty bummed out. I know that the story of the show is gonna continue in the comics, and that's great, but people are just making their goodbyes now that the show is over, and it's bumming me out. In all honesty, I wish people would quit saying: "Don't be sad it's over, smile because it happened!" I'm sorry, but... no. Maybe I can do that for other things, but there's no way I can do that for MLP: FiM. This show is definitely what I'd call "too good". You know something is too good when you'd rather just not exist than to have it end. I'm not kidding when I say that I'd probably rather just have the show just not exist than for it to exist and end... but I mean, to be honest... I probably wouldn't care so much if I had experienced this show to the fullest, which I sadly didn't. I didn't become a fan until 2013, and even when I did, I never got to watch most of the episodes when they first aired on The Hub/Discovery Family. I did get to watch some... but... not the vast majority. I also didn't get to go to any of the conventions, but I did attend a few panels at my local anime cons. Not to mention that now that the show's over, it's only a matter of time before they stop selling G4 related merchandise, which is... not good. On the bright side, though, I think people are still gonna upload pictures to Derpibooru and DeviantArt, and I would say that people are gonna keep making fan videos, but I heard that Flash is going to get support dropped next year, so RIP. All I can say is... I need to buy the rights to Hasbro, if I can, and create a reboot of FiM. Otherwise, I'll probably never be truly happy again in my life.
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    While the Noble family of Rose did not feature prominently into the history of Troy, their descendants include none other than the Bearer of Vengeance, as such I thought it proper to include their rise to power in this brief story centered on the prominent matriarch of the family. Red Red Rose was born in the city of Everfree, which surrounded the Castle of the Two Sisters until it was overtaken by the forest of the same name. Similar to Trojan Horse records are incomplete for the time period and she did not mention the names of her parents in any of her journals… En Route to Canterlot from Everfree, 100 BNMM I’m not theirs’, and they aren’t mine. Red Red Rose blew lightly on the page to dry it before closing the journal. Dark splotches of ink stained the cream color of her hooves. It had taken quite the effort considering the bumpy ride of the carriage, but she had blotted out every instance of her parents from the journal. She idly rubbed her hooves together in a vain attempt of removing the ink as she stared out the window, it had been quite the trip up the mountain, but already she could see the construction that was being put forth on the new city. Ludicrous, truly she’s daft! She remembered her father’s reaction to the news of Princess Celestia’s decision to build a city on the side of a mountain. Although he was certain to never voice his opinion in public, he had never had much faith in their rulers. Rose on the other hoof thought it was a wonderful plan, and made the unfortunate decision to voice said opinion. This among other things her father considered distasteful to their family name resulted in her being sent away. Why don’t you go live there if you love it so much! Because I certainly won’t have you living here to disrespect me! It wasn’t all terrible though, she for one thought it a wonderful way to gain the freedom she had so long desired, the freedom especially to be with the one she had so secretly loved for some time now. Thorny Rose was the one pulling the carriage, a secret gift from her mother, with their scant belongings on top. They would build a new family together in this new town as founding members, their fame and fortune would depend on the town’s success.
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    Note: Credits go to I_Am_Number_6 on EQD, @Jerica, and @gingerninja666 for this review. Starlight Glimmer had one of the biggest arcs of the whole series. Debuting in The Cutie Map as Season 5’s top villain, Twilight successful convinced her to reform and change her ways. Rather than condemn her to Tartarus or exile, Twi elected to proactively teach her the Magic of Friendship. Even though she learned all the lessons academically in between To Where and Celestial Advice, she realized she wasn’t ready to lead once more. Throughout Season 7, confidence exuded out of her, showing more comfort in her opinions and ideals once again; Shadow Play and its creative genius helped Starlight show her intellectual bravery at its best, leading to her next chapter of her journey that began in Season 8. With A Horse Shoe-In, today’s chapter continues to near its final destination, and SG has (once again) a fantastic appearance. At the very beginning, viewers are reminded that she will become the next head of the School of Friendship once Twilight moves to Canterlot and replaces the Royal Sisters. However, Twilight’s reminder carries more in-verse weight than in Beginning. Spike issued Starlight’s promotion to Headmare via Royal Decree. As Princess of Friendship, she has the authority to announce it, especially to those she’s close to. More importantly, Twilight exercised this decree with a clear head. Back in BotE, Twilight was in the middle of a massive meltdown, so when she told her the news, she wasn’t prepared for what came next. Now she is. By telling her with a clear conscience, she put in a lot more thought into who’ll succeed her and (like before) trusts Starlight into making the right decisions. Ain't this heartwarming and cute?! Her trust for Starlight is reaffirmed in two other moments. In Act 1, Trixie reminded her that Twilight never did anything alone, including running the School of Friendship. As one of six teachers, they all took care of the students together. Because she had close friends helping her, Starlight told Twilight about her new idea: hiring a Vice Headmare to help alleviate the work. What does Twilight say? After blowing up in Trixie’s face, she and Twilight share a heart to heart in her classroom. During the interviewing process, Starlight really wanted someone she knew well to be Vice Headmare, but because Trixie didn’t take it so seriously the first two tries and then took it so seriously the last that she accidentally put her students in danger, she let her frustrations take over, yelled at Trixie over it, and angrily told her that she would never be VH. Twilight reminded her that, yes, she has friends to help her, but not every friend is right for the job you offer, and that she has to tell them immediately before it gets out of control. Now, is Starlight right to be upset with Trixie? Absolutely. Is Trixie a capable VH? Not at all. But Starlight isn’t fully innocent, either, as she ignored the signs from earlier, insulted her, belittled her worth, and put her friendship with Trixie at risk. Apologizing to her was the right move. As for Trixie herself, she showed aplenty to prove she wasn’t qualified beyond a blind flash beehive transfer. In Twilight’s classroom, she skipped a completely important history lecture on friendship, napped with everyone (with helpful tips from Gallus ), and didn't feel ashamed of it. Afterwards, she shouted at Grandpa Gruff and expelled him from the School of Friendship. Both of these showed extreme opposites of what she looked for. On one hand, she didn't care for the subject the students are learning. On the other, when push comes to shove, she cared maybe a little too much, rightfully defending a student’s reputation to a surrogate who gave little about him and losing her own temper rather than constructively using her anger to maintain her rep as substitute. That said, despite her neglect for studies, extreme measures, and lack of thought, Trixie's certainty she'll be hired is merited. What inspired Starlight to create this permanent position? Trixie’s reminder of Twilight’s friends helping her run the school. Rather than go away and wait for lunch, she followed Starlight, overheard the whole conversation, and assumed that Starlight will hire friends to help them like Princess Twilight. As a result, this whole interviewing process felt like a game to test her meddle, and she won't bite. Read this exchange from Act 2: In Starlight's mind, she wanted Trixie to really show she can lead a school and help the students learn, but she was way behind compared to Hooves and Octavia. However, Trixie assumes Starlight just wants to test her with one final step before letting the rest of the "competition," and the language from both of them is loose enough so you see where they come from while being unable to break through that communication barrier. And it was that barrier that caused Trixie to not take Starlight's anger seriously the first time, followed by confusion, and then hurt once she realized what Starlight wanted and after SG made her feel worthless. In addition to helping complete another chapter to the overall arc of Season 9, the episode carries a message of how nepotism can cause a system to become corrupt if left unchecked. Because she did so poorly, SG almost DQ'd her once and then told her very softly in their second interview she wouldn't hire her. But as a result of Trixie setting the expectation of being hired (and thus placing herself above Octavia, Hooves, Big Mac, and Spoiled), Starlight was caught in a major dilemma. How can she tell Trixie she's not qualified for the job? Regardless of her own temperament, how well will Trixie handle the disappointment? What if she finds out through someone else that she will lose the opportunity? Conversing with "Phyllis" (and protecting her from Trixie) and holding off the truth only added to her dilemma and increased her frustration. Fortunately, when the problems became too big to ignore, she put her foot down, and Twilight's "motherly" advice helped her even more. In addition to how your friends may not always be the best fit for a job, a nice, subtle secondary moral floated in the background, which @Jerica caught and told me about in my Discord convo with her. Out of the five interviewees, Octavia Melody was easily the most qualified. During the substitution, she easily had the most fun while taking part in Laughter class. As she instructed her students to play their instruments, Pinkie Pie suddenly played the yovidaphone loudly behind them. Did anyone get upset? Nope. They continued playing and had a blast playing their favorite instruments no matter how good they were. And, yes, they all laughed. Hard. In her one-on-one interview with Ocellus's parents, she understood her knowledge of music, praised her student for quickly improving in her work, and got along incredibly well. While in the same Bridleway Theatre as the special playing of Hinny of the Hills back in Season 4, her students sat in their seats as Octavia prepared. Initially, Gallus was bored as hell. Then the lights went out. Out came Vinyl. And they began to play an exciting remix of classical music to everycreature's delight (great callback to their remix and friendship from Slice of Life ). Octavia understands that not everyone's tastes are the same, but she knew how to loosen her hair and create joy to those who wish for it. Yet at the end, she turned down the job. Why? Fear she'll lose her time for music. Even though she's so good in those interviews, music's her passion, and she doesn't want to give it up. Sadly, you sometimes have to choose, which isn't easy. Bittersweet it may be, watching her tell Starlight she would love to accept the offer but decline would add a major gut-punch to the episode and add some real, down-to-earth weight to this episode. What would also add weight would be to see Gallus tell Trixie how much he appreciated her passionate defense of him to Grandpa Gruff. Most ponies won't have the guts to tell off the temperamental griffon like that, including Starlight. No matter how narcissistic Trixie can be, she knows her limits and cares for at least her students' psychological health. Apathy for his guardian's growth and openly belittling him while he was already down were massive signs of disrespect towards her and her students, and she showed Gruff he hasn't earned her respect in return. If there's a scene showing Gallus thanking Trixie for defending him, it'll show both some chemistry between them and how her presence matters. Containing it off-screen softens the impact, but his off-screen gratitude meant she has some a place in the school after all. With the changing of the guard approaching, the School Counselor spot needed to be filled, and Trixie more than showed she qualifies. As clichéd as this sequence can be this season, adding a montage would really help Sunburst show his credentials. In the climax, she hired him after Trixie contacted him via scroll, a passionate interview, and admission of not having to take much care of Flurry Heart anymore. If we see him have a world of fun teaching his students in one of his classes, conversing pleasantly with the students' parents, and then go on a very fun field trip together (maybe to The Crystal Empire to greet Mistmane, Cadance, and Flurry Heart), then you can really sell his passion for teaching. Having her hire him in a quick, expository flash-forward makes the resolution feel a little rushed. Nothing close to ruining it, but makes his hiring as Vice Headmare tough to sell. To end this review on a high note: This episode does a fantastic job reintroducing the Vice Headmare occupation without contradicting continuity, a point brought up by I_Am_Number_6 on EQD. Back in A Matter of Principals, she hires Discord for the same position after she lost her temper and ruined the buckball field, but he loses his job instantly after the RM6 returned from their "friendship quest." Here, she went through the process with a lot more care and thought, especially since Twilight's soon leaving for Canterlot. In addition to in-episode growth, Starlight shows continual growth, too. Back in No Second Prances (her first self-contained episode post reformation), she forces Big Mac to talk against his will. Here, she understands not everyone's so comfortable to talk and won't force him to do a job he feels he can't. Thank @gingerninja666 and his friend for pointing it out. Also… BAD idea, Whooves! What a big, pleasant surprise to see a brand-new writer take on FIM this late in its running! Ariel Shepherd-Oppenhein did a splendid job in her Pony debut and executed a very solid, very good episode, one that may be Starlight's last once it's all finished.
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    Since the start of Season 2, Rainbow Dash traditionally has the worst episodes of the season and show at large. After a swarm of some great and excellent outings, Season 9 releases its first clunker. Smolder had one of her best outings of the season. Representing the student body who wanted the cheerleading to work, she put up with all of Dash's crap and gave her the calling-out she so rightfully deserved. After Dash gives an apology that didn't sound so contrite, she actually proved she meant it by helping her students practice. And if you look at the montage, you'll see how much effort Dash put into coaching them to be the best they can be and the students placing their trust back into her. Snips continues his capitalist streak, trying to sell as much as possible to buckball fans and goers. And he inadvertently made Dash see the errors of her ways. Celestia going all fanatical remains the episode's funniest moment. And the buckball scene as a whole (minus one moment, which I'll get to) holds up well enough. That's all the positives. The rest of this episode was just a colossal train wreck. There's one piece of dialogue, where after it all ends, that really spoils the mood. And attached with a snarky, conceited face and tone. So why is Twilight going all Trollight the worst moment of the season so far? It calls back memories of what the RM5 did in Mare Do Well and 28PL, the former one of the most infamous of the entire series. Rather than tell Dash upfront, they go behind their backs just to make her get it, and the tone attached to them is cruel and unbecoming of not only anyone who truly cares for a friend, but also the show. For those two, it took until being confronted by them at the very end with them actually telling her to her face. 28 Pranks Later has the worst atmosphere of the two, because rather than fix the problem, they exacerbated MDW's worst problems and made a worse version of that episode. Here, Dash learns her lesson well before the climax, and Twilight doesn't see the transformation taking place, but imagine if she didn’t. What if Twi told her at the end? Can you imagine just how dirtier that would feel to the audience? Just to teach Dash a contrived lesson, Twilight intentionally put the whole tournament at risk. Had Twilight decided not to make Dash the cheerleader coach beforehand, none of what happened would've existed. Dash would be at home teaching buckball and not feel demoted and deflated. She started a conflict that should never have existed in the first place. But what does making that snide, passive-aggressive line admission also mean? Twilight knew well in advance that Dash would not take this “demotion” very well, do less than minimum effort to help the students prepare for the halftime show, try to sneak away and get involved with it, potentially ruin all hope they have for it, and make them quit cheerleading practice. Like the Ponyvillagers in MDW, she used both Dash and her students as guinea pigs just to make Dash learn a lesson. This is one of her most out-of-character moments of the whole series, as it shows no trust with Dash and the student body. That final exchange is an admission of no confidence, yet the episode paints her in the right for pulling such a disgraceful stunt. Trollestia was the worst part of both Ticket Master and Bird in a Hoof, as she treated the Mane 6 (and for the latter, her sick phoenix) as a means to an end. Trollight adopting that same "quality" doesn't make it any better or more humorous. Because this episode's Mare Do Well 2.5, it's easy to see why many don't take it very well. Mare Do Well is factually terrible, and its infamy means it should've been put in the background and not to be reminded of again. This episode and the ending feel a lot like a multi-down and an admission by DHX of having continuous difficulties writing/editing her well. Those reactions also remind me of my own following Princess Spike's ending. After a mess of an episode and conflict, Spike was given a bouquet of Dragon Sneeze trees, restarting his allergies and forcing him to sneeze at the rebuilt statue. What made that moment so atrocious is how it solidifies a very sexist position within the show. Spike had been the show’s buttmonkey from the beginning, and several episodes either neglected him despite being an important part of Twi’s life (like not being at Twi’s birthday) or made him the butt of very unfunny slapstick (Owl’s Well, the Spikeabuse from Fall Weather Friends and Castle Mane-ia). Additionally to being the only non-pony of the Mane cast, he was the only male. Beating down the only male lead in a pro-feminist show is as misandrist and anti-feminist as it comes. Now, is Twilight’s line as bad as that atrocious, sorry excuse for a "joke"? Not even close. PS's "joke" made me wonder whether FIM jumped the shark, a dose of irony after Slice of Life subtly satirized it. Twilight's admission, as awful as it is, isn't nearly that low. To this day, I still don't regret my tirade over it. Thankfully, Spike had more than half a season, several more from that point forward to recover. From that day forward, he hasn’t had an episode close to this level of quality since. Unfortunately for Dash, we’re now in the last season, and if you look at the synopses of what’s to come, Also, Kaita Mpambara is one of the best new writers, so for him to write such a stinker is massively disappointing. However, just because Twilight intentionally placed Dash in an unfavorable position doesn't mean Dash is entitled to take her disappointment out on the students. With RD being the focus, we see how she feels and reacts to her surrounding. What we got here is Rainbow Dash's Honest Apple. In Honest Apple, Applejack wasn't initially sure she would be the right pony to judge on practicality, but after Apple Bloom (inexplicably) had trouble with her hat. So even though Applejack became Applejackass, it didn't start out that way. She went into this process without ill intentions. However, Rainbow Dash never got on the right foot with Ocellus, Smolder, Yona, or the two cheerleading valley mares (Shimmy Shake & Lighthoof). What was her reaction to Twi over its importance? …Nice support for your students, Ms. Cools-a-little. From the get-go, Rainbow Dash not only showed absolutely zero interest in teaching the students how to cheerlead, but made less-than-minimal effort. Let's go over her sins one by one, shall we? Shimmy Shake and Lighthoof were apparently students at the school. But Dash apparently doesn't recognize them very well and passively dissed their cheerleading routine by rolling her eyes at them. However, even if Shimmy and LH may not interest her, she could've been inspired by Ocellus's desire for respect, Smolder's subtle feminine curiosity, and Yona's eagerness to fuel her in helping all five practice. Instead, what does she do? Remain completely apathetic towards cheerleading as a whole, ignore Snips's (bit-centric) reminder that Twilight put her faith in her, and put her focus completely on the constructing buckball field over her own classroom. Their first practice in front of her was loaded with problems, including Yona's inability to not cause a classroom earthquake, Ocellus's timidity, and Smolder's poor smoke direction. But Dash pays no attention, her focus out at the window. She doesn't see one second of it. As far as she's concerned, as long as they just perform in front of her, it's all she and the buckball audience would give a shit about. As long as someone else with more passion than her can teach them, then she can watch ponies practice and build the field. Even though Snips's focus is bit-centric, he showed to be no fool these days. However, his vague wording of needing a coach so he can "make any bits" led her to her scheme, which was a disaster. … … Seriously, Dash? You really think everything will be A-OK? You think that they will rather have Snips, who's completely unqualified to teach or tutor in any form of athletics, over you? Yet, she uses that "come-up-with-something" idea to blindfold her students and try to sneak out, and would've succeeded had Yona not peaked. "Come up with something" isn't an excuse to be damn LAZY and do NOTHING under a cheap guise. After being suggested to "turn to her friends for help," she did just that and spent the rest of the first day of practice asking her friends. But she gets only the equipment. She literally is doing "what she needs" just to get stuff. No tips on how to work with them safely, arrange them properly so the practice and the dance routine improve, etc. In layman's terms: Lo and behold, they practice for the rest of the day and fuck everything up in the worst "comedy" routine of the season! What does Dash do? Completely ignore it and act like it never existed. When she turned around to see them all glum and upset, her only reaction was a disinterested "What?" Hmmmmmmmmmm… …now what does that remind me of? Oh, yeah, this little shit!! AJ's act of shaking all those feathers off Lily Lace's hat after uniquely stitching them one by one overnight is by far the cruelest act between the two episodes, but Dash's words were much worse. In HA, AJ stereotyped fashion at a boiling point (though her following words while much more composed doesn't help her at all) and at least gave it a chance. Here, Dash maintained a negative, narrow, stereotypical viewpoint of cheerleading before Twilight assigned her, maintained it throughout, and then remorselessly showed her disgust for it and those willing to perform and make it good in spite of her laziness! Even worse, despite being visibly upset, she still didn't see the big deal in how hurtful her actions were! *facehoof* Sweet Celestia! Look, I get it. Being assigned to a job you don't like sucks. No one likes it. But this isn't about you. It's them. THEY agreed to take part in the School of Friendship's cheer squad, because THEY were interested and knew Dash was the most athletic and best one to properly rally! Dash, you're a TEACHER. It's your job as a TEACHER to HELP THEM! It's one thing to be so oblivious towards their screwups. It's another to severely flanderize her ignorance, pretend they don't exist, act so disinterested when they badly mess up, directly insult them, and STILL don't care! I read one comment somewhere, and I can't find it, but that brony's right. Dash, why are you a teacher? This is the second time you were a selfish piece of shit. What you did with AJ on that boat is way, way worse than this, but that doesn't make your despicable, out-of-character actions here any better. If you truly needed help like you claimed, you coulda, I don't know, look in the library yourself and work with the students to hone their craft! Neighsay bashed the school in part because the teachers are professionally unqualified. Congratu-pony-lations for proving him right again! *AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!* Ain't it odd that Dash suddenly bashed the idea of cheering? IIRC, she had no problem teaching someone how to cheer eight seasons ago! Sure, teaching someone how to cheer from in the stands is much more different than cheerleading, which is pre-planned and organized. That doesn't mean she can't use those lessons here, but that would've been a leeeeeeeetle too helpful for her students, wouldn't it? Needless to say, this episode sucks. Today, it's the worst of the season and yet another Dash-centric flop. However, despite bashing Dash's characterization and discontinuity, it's not close to the worst of the show or her worst appearance ever. Several episodes prior handled her way worse than this. May the Best Pet Win, Tanks for the Memories: Abusive to animals. The former by being cruel to those who want to be her pet and dismissive toward Tank. The latter for treating her company with Tank to be more important than keeping her alive. Sorry not sorry, Dash DOESN'T deserve pity over having to wait three months during the winter! Rainbow Falls: Gaining an ego and then actually thinking about abandoning the relay team representing her town in favor of the “cooler” Wonderbolts squad. Mare Do Well: No explanation required. 28 Pranks Later: Jumpstarted the MDW ripoff by scaring the daylights out of FS while knowing she hates being pranked, and then the whole town, including SCOOTALOO, decided to get her back. Newbie Dash: What supposed to be her milestone episode turned out to be the biggest torture porn of the entire show. Three years later, it remains FIM’s biggest black mark. Compete Crap Clause: Lusting to win Teacher of the Month, she and AJ focus more on winning than the Young Six’s safety, causing a Yona to nearly drown! Rather than learn their lesson, they act passive-aggressive toward each other and nearly became bite-a-cuda dinner!  When Rainbow Dash wised up, she was remorseful, apologized, and worked hard to help the students make the cheerleading become the go-to moment of the tournament. Despite her terrible behavior, she put in the effort to make up for it, a commendable act by her. Yeah, it’s the worst episode this season, but compared to almost the rest I listed, it’s not terrible. Lastly, it's understandable that some may feel DHX, particularly the crew from S6 onward, hates Rainbow Dash. But if they do, then we wouldn't have the following: Stranger Than Fan Fiction: OK, this episode isn't as good as what many say, but only due to Quibble suddenly acting like an idiot while in the jungle (thinking it's all a game). OTOH, Dash was fantastic as a fantastic foil. Top Bolt: A better climax could've really helped this episode. But Twi and Dash worked hard to help out Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail and were able to fix their friendships. Their portrayals were among the best of S6. Glideance: Dash’s Putting Your Hoof Down, and done right. Grannies Gone Wild: An episode that has no business being great, but it is. Initially wanting no part in it and trying to skip out, she immediately sees the error of her ways and works tirelessly to keep the Golden Mares safe. Despite all of the comedy at its expense, Berrow's episode reminds us to sympathize with her, not think she had it coming. She rightfully earned her way to the roller coaster. The End In Friend: NCC and Mare Do Well done right. Their argument was very believable and had every right to defend their own interests when the other didn't take theirs seriously. But they used their interests and strengths to realize how much they still mean to each other. The Washouts: An excellent sequel to Wonderbolts Academy, and Dash’s best episode. Like its predecessor, it balances her strengths and flaws very well, transitions between Dash's insecurity and worries for Scoot's safety flawlessly, and doesn't demonize her for any of it. Common Ground: An amazing followup of STFF with a personal touch, and Dash's best outing of the season. Tries her best to help Quibble learn buckball to bond with his stepdaughter, accidentally messes up, and steps back up to continue helping him until she found the right resolution. Most importantly, as disappointing as 246G is, this is Season 9's only folly. Many more episodes remain. If you wish, you can open the spoiler box beneath for brief commentary on the early-aired episodes: So, yeah, it's a bad episode, but not the worst, and whenever the show ends, she still has many good episodes.
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    I'm a little bit sad right now, so I thought I'd cheer myself up by sharing a story from my high school days. It was about autumn during my senior year of high school, and me and my best friend were talking about stuff we could do after school. My friend suggested: "Hey! Our school has an anime club! We should go!" and then I said: "Okay, cool! I love anime!" the next day right after school, we went to the room that they were hosting the club in, (which if you must know was the art room) and the first sign that I was gonna have an un-enjoyable time was that other than me, my best friend, and the boy and girl that were running it (And the teacher that was supervising), nobody there was older than 15. The second sign was that everyone was wearing costumes of their favorite characters. (Which was all just characters from Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and whatever else was popular at the time.) The third sign was that nobody would shut up. Once it was the scheduled time for the club to begin, it took the girl who was running it about 2-3 minutes to get everyone to be quiet. (And what was even worse was that everyone was saying super cringey stuff like "KAWAII DESU!!", "MEWWW!!", and all kinds of other irritating weeaboo phrases.) Then, the girl who was running the club said we were gonna watch "Ghost in the Shell", (A classic!) and then everyone bar me, my best friend, and the two kids running the club were EXTREMELY confused. You'd hear stuff like: "'Ghost in the Shell'? What's that?", and "When did that air? 2012?" And I just rolled my eyes because I couldn't believe that these kids that claim to be die hard anime fans had NEVER heard of Ghost in the Shell. (Though to be fair, most of the were barely 14, so they likely didn't remember a time when classics like these were on TV.) I was excited at first, because I LOVE Ghost in the Shell, but once they started playing it, everything went downhill. Once again, nobody would shut their dang mouths. They only paid attention for like, 5 minutes, and then they just started talking about other things. Some of them watched for a little longer, but they'd make obnoxious comments, like whenever something violent happened, some of the girls would say: "Ewwwwww!!" in the most high pitched and irritating voice possible, and some of the guys would snicker during certain parts of it. I tried really hard to enjoy it, but I just couldn't because of how annoying everyone was being. Once it was over, the girl running it said: "So? What did you guys think?" And everyone except for me, my best friend, and the girl and the guy running the club were very negative. But instead of being valid criticisms, they were stupid things like: "Why are the graphics so bad?" and "Why is the way the characters look so weird?" I just groaned in annoyance, because these kids were too dumb to know that this anime was nearly 20 years old, so it's obviously going to look kinda dated compared to now. Then the girl decided to take a vote on what we should watch next. Everyone except me and my best friend (And the two club leaders) wanted to watch Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online. They couldn't decide which one, so they just went with Sword Art Online. I was hoping it would at least be quiet because everyone bar me and my best friend was watching an anime that they liked, but I couldn't be more wrong. It was actually WORSE. Nobody would stop talking while they were showing it, and the comments they made were even MORE obnoxious! Every time Kirito appeared on screen, the girls would say in a high pitched annoying voice: "Kirito-kun!!", and every time Asuna appeared on screen, the guys would say: "Asuna is so hot!" and whenever something violent happened, all the girls would go like: "Eeeeeeeek!!" (In the high pitched annoying voice, of course) and if something even remotely sexual happened, all the guys would go crazy. At this point, I couldn't take it anymore, and neither could my best friend, so we just left, and I said to my best friend: "This isn't an anime club, dude. This is a f***ing WEEABOO CLUB!!" and then me and my best friend never went back. And every day after school, you'd sometimes hear their screams of joy/fear from the window, and it was EXTREMELY annoying. And that is my terrible experience with an anime club.
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    Hoo, boy, do I have a lot to say. If you didn't know, I'm working on a fanfiction for MLP: FiM. It's gonna be a human in Equestria fanfic. Right now, chapter 2 is about halfway done. I'm gonna write up to Chapter 10, and then I'll need some people to read it. So please can a few of you guys read it? I'll pay you if I have to! Anyway, I'm really hyped for this fanfic. After I've fixed up the first 10 chapters, I'm gonna publish them to fanfiction.net or fimfiction.net or something. I'm also gonna make official artwork and an official wiki for it. And if it's successful enough, I'll make a web manga, and if it's REALLY successful, then I'll make a web anime series. (Though that probably won't happen.) As for how long it's gonna be, it's gonna be VERY long. I'm talking longer than Fallout: Equestria long. Probably even longer than the entire Lord of the Rings series. If you wanna hear more, leave a comment or send me a message. Cheers!
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    Since I saw another user do this, I figure I'll do it as well. Abortion: I am 100% pro choice. Mainly because I'm my life philosophy, and scientifically, at least in my opinion, a fertilized egg cell isn't a person. Not to mention I support the right to choose in general. Death Penalty: I'm not against it, but I'm not for it, either. Although I do consider it cruel and unusual punishment for crimes that aren't murder, I can sympathize with people who support in cases of murder, because if some bastard murdered my wife, I'd make them pay. Economy: I'm less familiar with economics than I am with social issues, but I support Democratic Socialism. (I know, I'm a friggin' communist. ) Freedom of Speech: I fully support it, as most people should. People should be allowed to make certain speeches even if it upsets people. And if those upset people try to use violence against people who are expressing their freedom of speech, put them in jail. (I'm talking to you, anti-flag burners.) Guns: I love guns. A lot. Though I am very supportive of gun control. (There's a difference between gun control and gun bans.) I think there should be some form of background check, because I think it's a REALLY bad idea to just let any butt-wipe with money have a gun. Gay marriage: I 100% support gay rights. Immigration: I might get a lot of flak for this, but I think that we should allow Mexicans who cross the border illegally to stay in America, because I'm sure they wouldn't do it illegally unless they had a good reason. Mexico is a dangerous place, and when the pressure's on, the luxury of choice tends to disappear. As for banning Muslims, I am highly against that. Even though I despise Islam, I think it's unfair to condemn an entire group of people just because there are some radicals and extremists. I will admit that if you look at opinion polls about the Muslim world, there are a concerning number of Muslims who are a BIT more comfortable with violence than they should be. But that doesn't mean that they themselves are terrorists, and there are millions of Muslims who COMPLETELY condemn terrorism and violence. Religious Liberty: I fully support religious liberty, even though I'm very anti-religion. But if you start imposing your religious beliefs on other people, I'm gonna have a problem with you. (That's not religious liberty, by the way.) Transgenderism: I think that people who get sex-change surgery deserve rights just as much as anyone else. I personally don't believe in that "unlimited genders" Tumblr nonsense. But if other people do, who cares? They aren't hurting anyone! I might edit this in the future to include some other political beliefs I have but forgot about. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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    Note: Credit goes to @ChB, @King Clark, @AlexanderThrond, @Jeric, WaterPulse, and Razgriz for this review. FIM (and by extension, bronydom) is close to seven years old. Over the years, the characters grew into lovable role models and inspirations. Each has their own reasons for watching, loving, and sticking with the show. Through thick and thin, FIM's overcome turbulent times, yet succeeded. How long it'll last is to be determined. By extension, the brony fandom grew, underwent a whole bunch of drama, and grew some more. While Slice of Life was a love letter to the fanbase, Fame and Misfortune takes their own frustrations and responds in a really lazy, broken way. It's the Rainbow Falls of Season 7. Strengths: Glimhorse = Awesomehorse! All season, Starlight's been the best-written Mane character. In every episode she's been in, her roles make sense. She continues to grow into her own and is more and more one of the Mane cast. Even when the episode isn't as good as it should be, she's usually the best part. This episode is her best post-reformed appearance. Everything about her role fits perfectly. While the RM6 wrote in the journal, she was absent and had no knowledge about it. So the journal is new to her, and she can look at what's going on with a fresh mind. Simultaneously, she's treated like an actual, genuine part of the gang, not an ancillary member that the writers can plug in when the episode calls for it. Her best moments occur in two places: At the restaurant after Rarity ran away wailing after two patrons denigrated her behind her back. She took Rarity's reaction and what they said about her really hard. The chilling part is her bitter tone as she replied to Twilight: Combine that with her nasty glare, it's perhaps the angriest the audience has seen her. As Twilight went off to Sweet Apple Acres with AJ, she stayed behind. Her mannerisms and worried expressions show how much Rarity means to her and doesn't want her to get hurt. Moments like these implicate to the audience how much she values her as a friend. When I first began writing this review, I read a comment offsite accusing her of acting like a Deus Ex Machina, a criticism that makes no sense at all. If she's like one here, then she wouldn't be established until the climax or resolution and pops open an idea that wasn't established at any point in the series. Starlight was an important secondary character since the opener and had a major impact in all four acts. Just before she temporarily departed in Act 3, she told the ReMane 6 (and by extension, us) that she'll be back with something important. Coconut Cream & Toola Roola. These two fillies, based on their G3/G3.5 depictions under the same names, are good characters. What makes them strong is, yes, they argue petulantly, but they argue like children. When Twilight stops them, she shows them an important moral to learn from and decide to try. Even with the little screentime, they grow in each successive appearance. Whether they'll appear or not anytime soon I don't know. Personally, I hope they do. This may depend on the VAs (who are kids) themselves. Strong melody. The melody for We're a Work in Progress is really good. It's positive, uplifting, and inspirational. All the qualities that help hone the welcoming backdrop and make FIM's world so endearing. Weaknesses: Handwaved continuity. There are at least four continuity errors, two of them major. Like my RF review, instead of a brief summary, here's a fuller list: They learned that lesson from Return of Harmony. The season 2 premiere. The journal didn't debut until season four. Unless they stated to add them in later (which they didn't directly), it should be only S4 lessons, not a mesh of all four together. The fact that everyone suddenly wanted to know about what they learned. Once they published it, they became popular and unpopular. Why does this not make sense from a continuity perspective? Ever since they defeated Nightmare Moon, Ponyville and Canterlot revered them as celebrities. Sure, other episodes within the earlier seasons had this type of occurrence before, ala 'Shy from Green Isn't Your Color. But Green is from season one, when the characters and world still grew. At the time, it was mostly Canterlot, Ponyville, and the Everfree Forest, So the writers could get away with that. Nowadays, the Forest has no more plot utilization, and the world has expanded beyond not just Ponyville and Canterlot, but Equestria altogether. In RoH, Celestia rewarded their victory with a celebration and stained-glass window. They saved The Crystal Empire from Sombra. Twilight became a princess. After defeating Tirek and saving all of Equestria, they and Spike became responsible for spreading the Magic of Friendship across the world. You get the point. If this was a early-season episode (seasons one through two), then their sudden popularity would be believable. This is season seven. They're international celebrities. If they were interested in the journal and lessons, they would've done so long ago. Particularly the ponies from Ponyville. More about this later. The CMCs' sudden popularity makes no sense, either. They dipped into popularity contests twice (Confidential, Twilight Time). In Flight to the Finish, they were awarded the spot representing Ponyville for the opening ceremony. After Lost Mark, they became permanent celebrities and are sought for advice whenever they wonder where to either find their Mark or reconnect with it. Hell, they remark about their history of success during Forever Filly: So, why would they suddenly become really popular again now? And why would they conveniently skip over Twilight Time's lesson, which SB wrote in that same journal? In the Equestrian world, Daring Do is nothing but a figment of A.K. Yearling's and the Daring fandom's imagination. The RM6 know she's real, yet they respect Daring's/A.K.'s boundaries. She wants nothing but to be remembered as a quality children's storybook series. The entire Daring Do con is commemorated specifically for Daring the character, her world, and overall cast. The ending of both Don't and Stranger imply they (both the ReMane Six and Quibble) keep her identity and privacy a secret. But the RM6 out her in their journal. Not one of the seven, especially Dash nor Twilight, pause for one second to reconsider the consequences of unsolicitedly revealing Daring's secret identity — how big it'll be in the Daring fandom after reading something that should never have been revealed. They just go, "Screw common sense!! We'll publish it, anyway!" The continuity error's even worse when Dash directly references Don't after SG magically published several clean, refurbished copies. Dialogue, you disappoint me. A good chunk of the story's believability lowers considerably when the dialogue is often forced, and that's what happens here. Even though the RM7 and CMCs act in character and the two new fillies are portrayed like kids, sometimes the lines are mechanical, turning fully-dimensional and relatable characters into robots. It happened in many episodes prior, including Rainbow Falls, Trade Ya, Newbie Dash, and Buckball Season. Same thing here. Starlight, Toola, and Coconut spoke the most natural here. The most annoying points come after they remind the audience of the lessons they learned and, in particular, after Rarity ran off: Thanks, Twilight, for reminding us everything we all just saw seconds before. And loud enough so the snobby couple a few feet away could hear (yet didn't react due to plot contrivance). It gets worse when the ponies exposit, and there's a lot of it here. What's the golden principle in entertainment? Show, don't tell. In "children's" entertainment, even more crucial. By expositing so much, much of the seriousness and humor are sucked out, leaving behind an arid story. The tone will be mentioned later. But a repeated flaw in this show (and episode in general) isn't: A Whole Cruel World. The entire setting is really, really cruel. One or two days ago, the Mane Eight were among Equestria's biggest celebrities. Once they published the journals, they became pariahs. A group of leaders that (in the townsfolk's POV) deserve nothing except abuse. Wherever the script went, the RM6 felt miserable. And the more Twilight witnessed their pain, the more and more pain she felt, too. And how did all of Ponyville (or Canterlot) react? Selfishly. Rarity (the diner): Two background ponies talked shit behind her back. Neither of them clearly understand anything what the journals were supposed to say and went off on nothing except baseless assumptions. After she ran away, they feel oh so proud of themselves and pretend like it's no big deal. Not even Starlight's scolding through their thick heads worked. It's really unclear what they're supposed to portray. Is it supposed to be a jab at people for criticizing the writing within the episodes, missing the point in an episode, or hating Rarity's character? Any of the above, all, or none? Whatever the case is, it fails for five reasons. The lack of clarity already explained. The "stuck-up rich bitch" stereotype is enforced. Rarity underwent major trials that completely transformed her as a character. We as an audience saw that ride…but all they read is the result. To echo @Jeric in a chat with me, both RTM and Simple Ways showed her at really low lows. When all they read is how shitty you behaved, then they may have an awful impression of you regardless of outcome. Daisy, a well-known background pony from season one with a sweet (yet overly-dramatic) personality, bashed Rarity. For her to act like a snob is very out of character of her! The newspaper. Observe the 1.5/5 score in the shot linked above. The pony who read it really disliked it, and the couple's dissing only piled everything on. That one shot further muddles the point. Pinkie: It's one thing if they're tourists meeting Pinkie for the first time and wanting to get acquainted with her. All five — Carrot Top, Cherry Berry, Sassaflash, Berry Punch, and Coco Crusoe — are long-established background ponies dating back to season one. We've seen them help each other out so everyone's lives improve. They were seen at one point or another during The Smile Song; all but Coco and Sassaflash not only have very dedicated fanbases, but also actively followed, smiled, sang, and danced with her. Pinkie's presence was more than enough to make them all happy. Glad you said this, Pinkie, 'cause that doesn't make this scene okay! In fact, it makes it worse. Them knowing her for years and suddenly laugh AT her like complete jackasses does nothing but implicate that their happiness before and after Pinkie brightened their days is a façade. In fact, hold that quote. Dash: Bratty pegasi continue to pressure Dash and refuse to leave her alone. It's one thing if they truly were eager to hear more about her stories and adventures. It's another to rip out Twilight's lessons gleefully, pretend Twilight isn't even there, and act all smug about it. Dash wasn't happy with how poorly they treated her friend, but was forced to put up with it, since her "fanclub" is too stubborn to listen. Fluttershy: Several big problems: Like every other pony before them, all four adults are assholes. Or to be accurate, worse than just assholes. They're abusive, gang up on Fluttershy, and then put up a shoddy, lazy excuse just to be awful people. "Entitled to know"? "Why can't I be in the book"?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! There's NO excuse to gang up on her, period! One of the ponies here is Lemon Chiffon, who debuted in Mare Do Well. Previously, she had two hearts as her cutie mark. Here, a half-full glass of water mark along with a snooty, "masculine-sounding" voice. She resembles a lot like Lily Peet, a MTF brony "pundit" with a history of bashing bronies. I don't know or care if she laughed from that or not. If it's intentional, that's a line you never cross. Why? When you parody specific fans, it comes off as tacky at best and self-indulgent at worst. It tells the audience you have a very hostile opinion on not only specific members of your audience, but also the people you're trying to reach out to. Personally, if I'm parodied like this, I'd be really offended, because I'm treated like a caricature rather than a real person. If it's unintentional, then while the line ain't crossed, her attitude, voice, and mark are supposed to mock the "entitled fan" stereotype when FS stands up to them, three qualities Chiffon can't control. Sometimes intent doesn't equate result, yet the possible transphobic implications remain. This "gang" resembles PYHD's market scene, one of the worst of the series. Unlike the former, all of them debuted previously. These four characters and their so-called "personalities" are designed for this episode only. Good chance some or all of them will either never make an important appearance again or (hopefully) change to a more likeable personality. @AlexanderThrond brought up a great point in his review, and I'll expand on that. Fluttershy is used as a vessel to respond to the "criticism" (read: abuse in the episode's context) of their struggle to develop her, completely contradicting their intentions several seasons ago. From Luna Eclipsed until right around Rainbow Falls, her character stagnated, and her shyness was often reduced to comic relief. It looks even worse following an episode where she learns a very valuable lesson. When you flanderize a character like her after she underwent significant development in season one, you reduce her from three-dimensional to one-dimensional. Any long-time brony understands how this valid criticism of her didn't come out of thin air. During season four, DHX attempted to write better stories surrounding her, even when they aren't quite up to snuff: Bats!, Breezies, and Filli Vanilli. The following season, that criticism blossomed, and the flanderized Fluttershy has been absent ever since. The one episode showing Scaredyshy in S5 wasn't written as a daft joke: It expands a pointless scene from LE and explains why she hated Nightmare Night so much: She hates being pranked, and NMN without the pranks isn't fun. Without reading the valid criticisms, understanding them, and putting forth solid effort to fix this flaw, the Fluttershy we see today won't exist. Season five was great for her. Seasons six and seven are her best to date. It conveniently ignores It Ain't Easy Being Breezies. She had to assert herself through a very difficult action that she hated to make: kick out the breezies so they can continue their journey home. In her journal entry, she marks down how she had to learn that tough message. It's her very last journal entry that we witnessed, and it'd make sense if it were her last one in the journal, too. Not one time is it referenced, and it's ignored in order to continue using that journal as a forced plot device to dissuade. To handwave one of the most important episodes and subsequent lessons in her entire saga just to drive a point home makes the meta reference and payoff very deceitful. Rarity (boutique): The context behind the jump scare pile onto the torture. But why would Lemon Hearts (one of Twilight's friends from Canterlot) even be a part of the anti-Rarity hate mob in the first place? She'd know how much Rarity (and the rest of her friends back in Ponyville) mean to her, and she'd respect that. If she got upset, chances are she'd write or talk to Twilight. Applejack: No, they didn't bash her, pretend she didn't exist, laugh at her, or gang up on her. These are huge AJ fans. They're still assholes. Every single one of them show up at Sweet Apple Acres unannounced, immediately declare themselves to be part of her family without any consent, and force them to accommodate them, whether they like it or not. Big Mac, AJ, AB, and Granny not only moped as they slaved away for trespassers, but were actively distressed. Obviously, they want nothing to do with them, yet can't do anything about it since they're so outnumbered by this mob. All of them are terrible, but since she's my favorite character, the FS scene is my least-favorite. Oh, and Twilight? She's her own section. "Comedy." What this show does well often is the comedy. The jokes, timing, and corresponding tone can really make an episode funny. But when the jokes make no sense, forget it. The jokes suck for varying reasons, ranging from missing the point to the story's tone to hypocrisy of the meta "humor." The biggest offenses are the following (in airing order): Fluttershy writing her journal entry minuscule and nervously using the excuse of leaving room for others. This joke is very vague. Is it to reference her Timidshy past, or something? The mashed, rotten apple used to indicate AJ's lesson. Why the hell would she even smash an apple in there to begin with? She may not be the tidiest pony, but c'mon, man. Lemon Chiffon's voice and attitude so the audience can laugh at the "entitled fan" stereotype from all four who brigaded FS. This jump scare: By far the worst joke in the episode and second-worst grossout face of the season to this: If it's a jump scare, it's supposed to be a surprise. Rarity has a history of exaggerated faces, and both Twilight's and Starlight's distress/grimaces clue the audience that they'll hate what they'll see from her. Credit to @ChB for pointing this out. It takes up a good amount of the frame, and is drawn in exaggerated detail. The slowly-dripping mascara and level of intricacy for her mouth are no accident. It's done to be disgusting. The context surrounding it. The couple bashing her behind her back, reading the bad review in the newspaper as they dissed her, and Canterlot boycotting her in front of her boutique took a toll. Of the six who were tortured, Rarity had it the most devastated reaction. The entire scene with AJ is supposed to be a meta reference to her lack of popularity in the fandom and how little she appears in merch compared to the others. Unfortunately, what's supposed to be a gold mine for excellent meta jokes (including parodying the short end of the stick she received by the showrunners since Mane Attraction) is turned into a major missed opportunity. Just about every character who invaded SAA is established as far back as S1, including Cherry Berry (again) and Dinky Doo. This scene reinforces one of the episode's fatal flaws: the sudden treatment of the RM6 as celebrities. Context is key. If this was the first or early joke in order and rewritten a bit to make it seem like it's tens and eventually hundreds of happy tourists from abroad flocking in line at the entrance to meet her, then it's possible to make it work. Instead, every pony other than a specific few leading up to this scene live in town and trespass because of plot convenience. These ponies reinforce that context. AJ's statement of not liking the newfound popularity understates the chaos from SAA and their insufferable behavior. That line (and who it represents) is an imbecilic straw man. People complained about Twilight in season 4, because her characterization was boring, and rising her into princesshood put her on a much higher pedestal compared to the rest. Turning her into a princess means she takes part in ruling the kingdom and making sure none of her actions hurt Equestria. The Twilight of old appeared in Castle Mane-ia, yet what made her so lovable and her status played hooky until Twilight Time. Later episodes, Twilight's castle forming a round table (thus equalizing the Mane Six and Spike), and season five since rectified that, and the criticism has since dwindled considerably. So, how many jokes were successful? Two. Pinkie's party favors popping out of the journal once Dash opened her journal page. Twilight's face becoming flat as a pancake after AJ accidentally smashed her into the wall. Her exaggerated scowl and glare made it funny. Best joke of F&M. *closes "Twilight"* Even though this is an ensemble episode, Twilight receives the most focus. Each time she witnesses a caricature of fans attack/stalk her friends or is completely ignored herself, Twilight's confidence gets beaten down more and more. Like the others, she's tortured by the townsponies just to create a payoff (whether it's the punchline to a joke or otherwise), but the torture pornography helps ruin it, among other things. "Among other things" being the littler details. Recall how I called the dialogue a flaw: There's more to this problem generally. On two specific instances, the dialogue helped ruin the story. Here, Twilight both affirms and doubles down on an absolute viewpoint of what the journal and results should be: If you don't take the friendship lessons to heart, you're not to be listened to, even if you enjoy it. There's no homogenous way to enjoy a product. If there are ponies out there who enjoy the journal, but isn't fully invested in absorbing the lesson, so what? There's no one right way to enjoy it. I'll return to this point soon. … … … Where do I even start with this shit? F&M is FIM's third meta episode of the series. Only this time, the characters are portrayed as the showrunners' avatar, and those who are abusing the ReMane Seven represent the fans they're retorting. It's self-referential and doesn't hide it. When we as an audience criticize the Mane Eight, we don't usually do so because we hate the characters or expect the worst. We criticize because we know that this show is very good and has done great, yet can do better. As an audience, we relate to them in some way or another. It can be a mane pony, secondary, or background. Everyone has a preference of who they like and dislike. Nobody looks at a character exactly the same way. Guess what? That's okay. At the end of the day, we still love the characters as a whole and appreciate the show and staff for what they do. This "parody" is completely inaccurate in message, conflict, and theme. This exchange is the worst dialogue in the entire episode and causes the whole conflict to fall apart. They're characters, not real people. They exist only on screen, on paper, or within our own imaginations. It's the creators' job to flesh them out and make that character become high-quality and memorable. Neither the avatars nor antagonists are real. But in the universe, the characters ARE real and conquer major trials. Each time they wrote in the journal, they changed for the better, even after the episode sometimes doesn't work. Fluttershy after Breezies, Dash in Equestria Games following Rainbow Falls, Rarity after Simple Ways, etc. In canon, the characters aren't dictated by a writer's pencil or keyboard, because there, they don't exist. On the other hand, the antagonists see the autobiographical lessons as fiction and those who wrote them as fictional characters. Neither the antagonists nor protagonists are on equal conflict ground. The ponies questioning, bashing, stalking, and abusing the RM6 are treating them not as real people, but as either characters that we as readers want to replicate on paper and recreate or property that we can recycle. How the hell can the reporter — probably the one who released the 1.5/5-star rating, though that's just a guess — honestly believe the RM6 are fictional characters when he's talking to them directly? Once more, why do ponies from within their inner circles suddenly begin to see them as celebrities when they've known them for so long, anyway? This small exchange does nothing except tell the audience that all of these "antagonists" are straw men. Characters written to be proven wrong in order for the main characters to have the upper hand. What makes them so bad is that you're taking what could be valid points and eliminating them so the protagonists have the upper hand in everything they do. You're making what should be a complex conflict completely one-sided, thus telling parents that the episode — and show, if they watch it for the first time — is trying to emotionally manipulate children into viewing the plot through a black-and-white mentality. F&M uses real talking points from within the fandom, checks them off, and morphs them into abusive caricatures of fans rather than taking the good, bad, and recreating them into what fans as a whole truly are — people. In layman's terms, what could be a good lesson is morphed into a bad one. Straw characters helped ruin the Fluttershy Micro, Root of the Problem, Spice Up Your Life, AND here. NEVER use straw men to teach a lesson! Good melody, poor lyrics. While the musical melody for Work in Progress is good, the lyrics make the song the worst of the season. (Yes, worse than the duel between Big Mac and Stereo Pop.) The song (and by extension, the "we're not flawless" moral) is a loaded statement. Everyone knows the characters are flawed and how important the combination of both strengths and weaknesses makes the characters appealing, relatable, and memorable. Sometimes, the characters make really terrible mistakes, but what makes them work or not is whether these mistakes make sense or not. Sometimes the showrunners make sloppy, careless, or lazy mistakes, and people criticize the execution of the characters and story, because they love the show and know the writers can do much better, hope they learn from their mistakes, and hope these mistakes don't happen again. The "It's flawed" excuse is as stupid as "It's a kids' show." Flawed characters don't make up for poor characterization, worldbuilding, or writing overall. When you're a moral-driven cartoon with huge focus on likeable characters like this one, your reasons for characters (especially ones designed to be role models to children) to act like jerks must make sense. "In character" and "flawed" don't justify bad behavior. Think through your implications! Time and time again, the show has a history of not thinking through the unfortunate implications. Sometimes they're small and don't affect the story so drastically. Other times, they completely affect the entire story and moral. See DQ, Mare Do Well, OBA, and Hard to Say Anything. Here, the implications (in story and out, small and big) are abundant. The RM6 out Daring Do as real, invading her privacy. Pinkie's laughed at by ponies who's known her since at least season one, implying that their appreciation for her and friendships together are lies. The implications surrounding Lemon Chiffon. The fact that ponies from Canterlot and Ponyville suddenly become enamored at the idea of the RM6 publishing the journals. I wrote it earlier, and I repeat it. Place this episode in season one, adjust the story to remove the implications, and write better jokes, this is passable. Why? Because we still haven't fully acquainted with the Mane Six and Ponyville. But have Ponyville and Canterlot act like they never knew them from the beginning in a season-seven episode? A time when where they're celebrities and help spread the Magic of Friendship abroad? Nonsense! Do they genuinely care about the ReMane Six, or was their appreciation for them prior to F&M a waste of time? This moment, when White Lightning walks away, hurt by Lemon's insults of FS: This is supposed to represent how sometimes very vocal negativity can drive a wedge in discussion and may make people fear to express themselves. It becomes even worse when the person is brigaded by many like-minded negative people, creating a very toxic atmosphere. Toxicity goes both ways. "Toxic positivity" is as true as "toxic negativity." As far as the scene itself's concerned, the characters' fans and haters both attempted to trespass on Twilight's property, and it's assumed WL's part of that crowd. It's very difficult for me to pity her when she behaves as poorly as everyone else. The moral is really clunky. It's supposed to be about how despite a whole bunch of people trashing the work, as long as some enjoy it, the effort's worth it. But there's a difference in what you're trying to say and what you're saying. After the song and friendship speech, both sides resumed their bickering and feuding. The lesson paints all of the abuse as merely an obstacle of their next friendship quest. However, this isn't merely an obstacle. These fan clubs and haters are willingly or accidentally ruining their livelihoods. Rarity's boutiques remain boycotted; AJ still can't figure out how to eject her freeloading fanclub; Dash will still be nagged by brats in the sky; haters will still stalk and verbally abuse Fluttershy; and old friends will continue to treat Pinkie like an automatic laugh track. Only Twilight can deal with her problems post-credits. What happened here is not okay and shouldn't be handwaved for the sake of a cheap gag. Coconut Cream and Toola Roola are (apparently) a metaphor of the show's assumed primary demographic: young girls. Because of how self-referential Fame is, how those two fillies are the only ones not the ReMane Seven who are sympathetic, and how they're the only ones who actually the lessons to heart, it sends an unintended message that little girls who take the morals to heart are the only people who matter. What makes this toxic? Let's go back to Twilight's quote from before: Parallel this to the brony fandom and FIM. Would anyone want to take the lessons to heart if they're not entertained first and foremost? FIM's educational entertainment, the emphasis intentional. Everyone wants to be entertained when watching the show. But answering the question as this is a generalization. Critically think why you like the show. Why are you entertained when watching it? What entertains you about it? For some, it's easy, not so much for others. Bronydom is a fanbase of millions. Like human fingerprints, each reason why each brony — yes, little boys and girls count as bronies, too — watch the show and what they value most in the show is very individual. Could be the stories they tell for one, the colorful cast another. One may like the Mane Eight equally, some more than others, or have a dislike of at least one of them completely to the point where they can't stand 'em. For others, could be varying degrees of heart, humor, storytelling, and so forth. For another, how both kids and adults alike can watch it without shame. Hell, the morals of friendship they teach may be the primary reason a few watch it. How much they personally emphasize depends on their preference. Earlier this season, A Flurry of Emotions hinted this moral in the background; whether it's intentional or not doesn't matter. Spearhead creates abstract pieces of art with intent of witnessing other ponies' reactions and emotional experiences once they see them. He understands how each one reminds Cadance and SA of Flurry Heart and dearly missing her and that someone else will react really differently. He's explicitly open with this fact. No one watches the show the same way, either. To echo, Twilight and the entire premise affirm that if the ponies don't learn the friendship lessons and grow from them, then whether you like the journal or not, you're not worthy of being listened to. The moral in itself implicates this by using two fillies as tokens. Combine that thought to bronydom, and it implicates that you're only a fan if you take the friendship lessons and morals to heart; if you don't, you don't qualify for a fan. I doubt that's supposed to be that way. But from how the story's themes were presented and what the characters believed, it makes sense why many take it that way. Because that ideal, accidental or vice-versa, is dishonest in every facet. Some may love aspects of the journal, some may hate it. Others may have equal or less sharp reactions. You can control the content you put in, but not how they feel when they view it. How you, the ones who publish it, respond to it is up to you. Likewise, to repeat from before, no one will react to any FIM episode, comic, short, or EQG film/special the same. No professional material (episode, movie, comic, short, etc.) is free from questioning. Do they miss the point sometimes? Absolutely. All of us have done that, myself including. But when the characters behave out of character, you paint an uplifting and likeable world as cynical and mean-spirited for the sake of the story, and/or teach dishonest and hurtful messages, then criticizing and bashing the story's integrity is fair game. For that matter, and this is a message to everyone reading this review, people regardless of age are entitled to like and love the show how they see fit. People are entitled to dislike and even hate episodes. People are entitled to criticize episodes if they suck. People are entitled to take NO lessons to heart! Does any of this make them lesser of a fan than others? If your answer is yes, exit the page now. Aside from the mane characters, CMCs, and the other two fillies, everyone is a quarter-dimensional, abusive caricature of specific groups of fans. Each set Twilight encounters includes the entitled fan, collector, hate mob, brat, and freeloader. Swap lines within their groups, and their personalities are exactly the same regardless of who's speaking. There's no redeeming quality in anyone here. But what makes this really sad? a. Both kids and adults combined represent these stereotypes, including ALL adult fans. The fact that all of them are false representations of who fans are regardless of age talks down to not only adults who watch the show, but also little kids. The episode paints a broad brush on every antagonist by turning them all into one-note bullies. Every adult (both the lovers and haters) acting so petulant hurts the episode's themes, messages, and reinforces awful geek-centric stereotypes. On their own, the stereotypes are bad enough; it's even worse when using them to try to teach a moral to children. b. F&M doesn't isolate the criticism from the abuse and reacts very defensively to valid (and dated) talking points. Fans (including big Fluttershy fans, like myself) criticized her, because we know they can write her better. (We're seeing this now with AJ and her flanderization.) Ironically, the past three seasons are among her best of the series, thanks to the criticism. Even though he wasn't in the episode, Spike wouldn't have his best season last year had the fanbase not hammer them for their poor treatment of him for so long. c. As written before, these caricatures are straw men. d. Recall the quote: It applies to everyone, not only Pinkie. Most of the characters have been present since the pilot, a large chunk (i.e, Lyra, Bon Bon, Daisy, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, Rose, Amethyst Star) with canonical characterizations prior. The background characters became beloved from their antics, spawning ideas, theories, and other creative forms of imagination. When characters do something with the mane characters, like help, sing, or dance, they tell us how much these ponies care for one another. Slice of Life works in so many ways, one of which is how much they care for each other and see others as part of Ponyville's soul. They actively helped Matilda and Cranky prepare an impromptu wedding and fussed little. The moral and animation presentation make it feel like they accomplished something. So, what do they accomplish here? Becoming ungrateful bastards. That's not what the show stands for. It's so out of character of the show's welcoming atmosphere and progressive morale. Rebuttals to some/common/eventual defenses for this episode. When all we see is everyone from Ponyville or Canterlot behave like assholes, you're telling us to assume that everyone from both towns behaves like this. The same logic applies to bronydom. When 99% of all the audience sees is badly-behaved fans, you paint an impression that this is not only the norm within the brony fandom, but that almost everyone who's a brony is some kind of "manchild." You're guilting people by association. If you're trying to suggest that it's only a portion, either SHOW a portion or clearly dictate that that these jerkasses, while very loud, don't represent the whole. Don't use real talking points. Consolidate the assholes to a spare few, while making the characters recognize throughout that kids and adults — not just two kids — do care about the journal and their well-being. Two episodes apply your defense much better than Fame: Spike's Search from G1. Stranger Than FF. Yes, Quibble can be an elitist and sometimes a bit of a jerk. But he's also a fan of Daring Do like the rest in the con, and the ep never lets you forget it. Just a fan of the first three books. It's very clear to the audience that he was only one bad apple within that entire con, yet the episode treats him as a genuinely good person who just got caught up. On top of that, he learns his lesson at the end. This entire episode is very laid back in tone, so the writers are able to get away with cartoony shenanigans, the satire, and a bunch of the humor. The Daring Do con is a satire of fandom conventions and their quirky charm. It shows us how dedicated many Do fans are, but the con is written in a way so the audience knows it's in good fun. We as people see ourselves in that con, but its accuracy and good-nature comedy make it funny. We laugh at ourselves by simultaneously laughing with the writers. BTW, thanks to Fame, I respect and appreciate Stranger now. Though I stand by on Quibble being OOC in the second half, I was wrong to call him a stereotype, and I was really unfair towards the episode the entire time. Self-deprecation comes primarily not at the audience's expense, but at their own. We're not laughing at ourselves, but at the situation the comedians are in. Rodney Dangerfield was amazing at it: He always never took himself seriously, knew that the audience and he were going to have a great time together, and was just an all-around good guy. You know who was great at making the audience laugh at themself? A hint: he just passed away. Don Rickles. He could deliver any type of insult at you. There was no line he couldn't cross. So why was he funny? Again, Rickles never took himself seriously. The lighthearted tone in his routines loosens the atmosphere and makes the audience more receptive to the jokes. Rickles knew how to insult you without getting personal. He put in the effort to make you laugh through his performance. If they laughed, then he succeeded. He roasted everyone and made them laugh so hard that they couldn't breathe. Despite his act on stage, he was an excellent person behind the scenes. The stories people tell about him show how good he was as a person. When he has that good of a reputation, the audience knows his insult routine is all in good fun. Some of his best roasts were to people he respected or were close friends with, like Sinatra and Reagan. In short, guilt-trip someone who's insulted to laugh at themself, the joke is neither good nor funny. It failed. To double-down and accuse them of being part of the problem is hypocritical. Like "SJW," "fanbrat," "fanboy/girl," and "alt-left," this pejorative jumped the shark. In fact, I hated it ever since I heard it. Why? Because it mocks people just for being able to feel. You're directly trolling people for sharing an emotional response. You mandate that people should act like robots or live in some kind of hive mind. Humanity doesn't work that way. Diversity helps shape up our world. You can't control people's emotions. Ironically, calling people "snowflakes" or "sensitive" is hypocritical, too, 'cause you're emotionally reacting to their emotion. "But why do you love Cutie Map, when it's one of the most cynical settings of the show?" Glad you asked, my imaginary questionnaire. This setting is completely confined into that town only, and both its presentation and Mane Six's reactions make it clear that what they see around them is not normal. Everyone's happiness is completely controlled. Starlight continually brainwashes Our Town's inhabitants into sticking to her ways, or else. Starlight was a ruthless, calculated control freak. Not to mention she was the villain. Something folks like her should do. If she wasn't so evil, then it won't make any sense. It was also very well written. DHX very carefully planned everything about that episode from beginning to end, and the Mane Six figured out how to solve a life-threatening friendship problem very cleverly. In short, TCM's about celebrating diversity and free will, not the opposite. It's cynicism done right. Congratulations for answering your own question. There's no place to treat real people and groups of real people like stereotypes in any show, especially one with intent to educate to children. The fact that we teach kids that (ageist) stereotypes are A-OK in entertainment makes me take it very seriously. This show is way better than this pandering schlock. The better the show, the more it respects kids. And, yes, kids DO care about lore/worldbuilding. If they don't, then why is magical thinking so important in children's development, and why do psychologists and high-quality children's educational shows (i.e., Arthur, Mister Rogers', Sesame Street, Shining Time Station, Magic School Bus, Dragon Tales) value it so much? In a June 2017 interview from The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner admitted that boys make up 30% of FIM's TV audience, and they no longer allegedly aim toys to a specific gender. Observe the recent trend of FIM being marketed to boys AND girls over the past year-plus. With Let Toys Be Toys campaigning for the desegregation of toys, Audi's Spanish branch publishing a car commercial satirizing gender roles, and companies like Target, Toys R Us, and TJ Maxx (for clothes) de-sexing aisles, this trend is only (hopefully) continuing. Focus that back to MLP. Zacherle founded the franchise as a unisex toyline, and MLP & Friends was for all ages regardless of gender. Faust and crew published FIM as an all-ages, gender-neutral show, too, and it's been that way since. The family-friendly approach and refusal to apply gender and age barriers onto their stories and world are two background reasons why the fandom became so enormous and boisterous. The point? "It's for kids" is a stupid excuse. Being for children shouldn't affect the quality of your product. To use it regardless of circumstance talks down to kids and treats them like idiots. Apply this to "it's for little girls," as well. Labeling FIM as for (little) girls shoves gender roles upon our children, segregates genders into categories, applies different standards of quality to girls when it should be universal, and treats girls as tokens to excuse misogyny and misandry. Being a "good girls' show" shouldn't matter. Be a good show, period. It's odd how no one has come forward to claim credit for the aired product. Larson repeatedly disassociated himself from this episode, both in ToonKritic's podcast and on Twitter. Big Jim was unaware, too: I don't know what happened behind the scenes, but given the visual and audio evidence, the theory of it being a lighthearted poke either originally or after submission to Hasbro deserves the benefit of the doubt. However, for the aired product, it's ridiculous to claim it's lighthearted when Ponyville and Canterlot treat them like crap and the characters become emotionally distressed and scared as a result. Unlike Best Night Ever, Slice of Life, and Stranger, the meta conflict and character reactions are supposed to be taken seriously. The tone and mood are played straight; both sides treat the matter as a really big deal. Laughing and grimacing at the stereotypes don't a satire make. That's why The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies isn't a parody (despite its intentions), and the same applies here. Razgriz made an excellent point last month when criticizing Fame, and I echo my reply on Discord to here with changes: You can't have a show without an audience. People watch and follow the show out of interest, admiration, and so on. They don't watch to get called out. It's a bad move to taunt any portion of the fanbase, because it can come across as an attack on the people you're not attacking. "Lighthearted fun" or "a portion" makes no difference. If you're going to respond to any group of fans, you BETTER know what you're doing. Rickles knew what he was doing when roasting people. Whoever ghostwrote this script didn't. If you have that thought, erase it. There's no excuse for anyone to abuse the showrunners, and I never condone it. I'm on record of being against it, sometimes replying to users angrily when they do. No matter how angry we get at episodes from time to time, these showrunners, animators, and editors are people. They earn as much respect as everyone else here. The criticism, even the harsh ones, are aimed at the product. If I criticize the company or showrunners, it's for their lack of effort if applicable because I know they do better, releasing something with stereotypes or harmful morals (since kids are impressionable), or their behavior if they cross a line (which I've done to no one but IDW's Ted Anderson for his sexism). But I don't get personal; that's a no-no under any circumstance. At the end of the day, DHX is an entity full of people like you and I. That "argument" is the most obvious self-fulfilling prophecy I've heard within fandom in quite some time. One thing the show does very well is it creates and enforces a very uplifting, inviting atmosphere. The pastel colors, likeable mane characters, likeable background ponies, idealistic solutions to friendship, and proactive approach to solving friendship problems tell the audience this isn't supposed to be that type of world where "realistic" doesn't translate into stereotypical cynicism. This was one of the themes when the show started, and it's shown by how Ponyville and Pinkie actively welcomed Twilight in the Golden Oak Library. Sometimes even when the episodes don't do as well, it stays true to its tone. Think about this. When were the episodes at their best? When it shoots up. Hurricane FS, Winter Wrap Up, Perfect Pear, Lost Frickin' Mark! Even when it doesn't do as well as it should, like A Friend in Deed, it still capitalizes on that welcoming, confident setting. OTOH, what are some of the biggest flaws in Mare Do Well, PYHD, Ponyville Confidential, Bats!, Filli Vanilli, 28PL, Newbie Dash, and Owl's Well? The mean-spirited tone. Everything about it is not only completely cynical, but also done in a way that completely beats down on the mane character and makes it act like the entire world is out to get them. When the setting dials up the mean-spirited tone, it makes the world they're living in very unpleasant to watch. Do so with an idealistic, uplifting world like FIM's, then it's done for no other reason than to serve the plot. If you're gonna present something mean, make it feel organic. Each time the series turned up this level of contrived cynicism, the quality of the atmosphere and overall story degrades. You're piling on cruelty again and again just because. Fame, to repeat it, has that same flaw. Ironically, it's similar to one of season 2's worst, which Larson wrote and took credit for: (Link to poster.) Replace the gossiping theme and CMCs with fandom and the ReMane Six, respectively, and you get the same episode. Remove the fandom allegories; all you have left is a town deciding to suddenly declare the ReMane Six famous and treat them like dirt just because they can. So, here's a question, and think about it long and hard. If Fame and Misfortune didn't include fandom allegories, would you grin viciously at this episode? Would you act like white supremacists following Trump's election victory and publish the vitriol in the first place? For a good chunk of you, chances are it's gonna be "no." That alone means Fame is a failure. This "bravery" is cowardice and a self-centered desire to air your dirty laundry as well as support the idea that kids should embrace lazy shortcuts of entertainment. Excusing this lowbrow shit is bad enough. To do so through this doesn't make this episode any better. In fact, you only make it worse. One final note. A few self-contained scenes completely contradict continuity…but I held out one more: the whole premise itself. There's no care in backstory, worldbuilding, and contextual logic in any way, shape, or form. Echoing WaterPulse offsite, it feels like the one(s) who ghostwrote it didn't give a damn about the Equestrian world or threw it all away just to drive home a point. If the story doesn't care about the rich, ever-growing world, why should your audience? Conclusion: Wow. Just…wow. Now, to give Fame some credit, it has a lot of potential. The material to create an excellent satire is there. We as a fandom have its strengths and flaws. A good, effective satire can allow the fandom to actually poke fun at itself: acknowledge the problems, yet do it that makes it funny and not anger-inducing. Stranger pulls it off rather effectively, particularly within that con and treatment of Quibble as a nice albeit stubborn guy. And apparently, this was supposed to be lighthearted, too. So, what the hell happened? Where's that traditional love and care for the audience? How did the show (which aired The Perfect Pear one episode prior) manage to publish an episode that was so wrapped up in trying to send a message to its audience that it forgot to write a story, much less a good one? Larson makes it known that plenty of it was ghostwritten during development, and the fact that nobody claimed responsibility for it is troublesome. That doesn't mean DHX doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Far from it. They're a reputable company, and the people within care about their craft and the quality they publish. I feel very sorry for Larson. Even though many of his ideas weren't his, laws require him to be credited for it. This episode as is feels out of character of him. Out of everyone who worked for the show, he's closest to the fandom. He may've screwed up on one satire, but that was due to story oversights, not spite. Additionally, in every episode he writes, he focuses a lot on sticking to the continuity and not contradict it; neither episode that keeps it in mind (this and MMC) were his fault. I originally skipped this one, because I believed it was going to be bad. After watching it the first go around (and then skimmed through a second time), it blew me away. Was it as bad as I thought? No. It's twenty times worse. Fundamentally, it's broken. It doesn't understand what a parody is supposed to be; it tries to parody obnoxious fans, yet the characters play everything so straight that it's treated as a serious plot instead of a satire. Continuity is ignored for the sake of the story, both in sections and throughout. Jokes are rammed in without focus on having them make sense. The premise used the idea that the ReMane Six would finally be recognized as a result of their journal, even though their celebrityhood dates back to the pilot in Ponyville and Canterlot and expanded following MMC. Fanatics are painted with a broad brush by having everyone sans two fillies portrayed as abusive caricatures. Yet, by combining valid criticism with the abuse, reducing existing characters into less-than-flat caricatures and ageist stereotypes of fans, and painting the antagonists as seeing the RM6 as only fictional characters, the antagonists become straw men, damaging the story and morals. The beginning is stupid, and it only worsens with each passing minute. Starlight's appearance, her best since reformation, is wasted here. Fame & Misfortune panders to the lowest common denominator. Lazy, dishonest, and intellectually offensive. This garbage exists as is to check off common talking points within the fandom, whether it makes canonical sense or not. Whoever decided to warp the script into a callous attitude should be ashamed of themself. It overtakes 28 Pranks Later as the most mean-spirited take of Equestria in the entire show and is fundamentally worse than Rainbow Falls and EQG1. Unlike Fame, those two tried to tell a story. Add the unfortunate implications (the ageism, enforcement of tired geek-based stereotypes, and treatment of Coconut and Toola as tokens), it's even worse. It's both my most hated and (so far) worst episode of season seven. At the start of the review, my bottom-13 was like this: One Bad Apple Bridle Gossip Newbie Dash Dragon Quest The Crystal Empire Rainbow Falls 28 Pranks Later Princess Spike P.P.O.V. The Mysterious Mare Do Well Owl’s Well That Ends Well The Show Stoppers Putting Your Hoof Down Now, after talking about another awful episode (Newbie Dash) with King Clark, it's now this: One Bad Apple Newbie Dash Fame and Misfortune Bridle Gossip Dragon Quest The Crystal Empire Rainbow Falls 28 Pranks Later Princess Spike P.P.O.V. The Mysterious Mare Do Well Owl’s Well That Ends Well The Show Stoppers
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    Now we're delving into the really confusing stuff! So I'm pretty sure that anyone who's been watching Equestria Girls has looked at the timeline its given and has been utterly confused by how it works. From the look of things it doesn't make any sense. Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's Student before Twilight Sparkle and fled through the mirror after she became too ambitious and has been gone for a long time. The odd thing is when you listen to Princess Celestia's story in Equestria Girls, look at Sunset's backstory in the comic and then look at the Human world, things just don't seem to match up, leaving many FiM fans stumped. Well hold on to your seats folks because I have an explanation for this! You also might want to get an ice pack or bag of Frozen peas as explanations on time/dimensional travel tend to give people massive headaches. As I've mentioned the timeline in Equestria and the Timeline in Pedestria doesn't match. If you look at Sunset Shimmer's back story in the comics and listen to Celestia's story, Sunset Shimmer was Princess Celestia's student before Twilight Sparkle was. She was being groomed to be an Alicorn princess much like Twilight was as the comics have left plenty of hints. In the Fiendship is Magic: King Sombra issue it was explained by Radiant Hope, when she got the letter calling for her to come to Canterlot so she could be a personal student to one the Princesses, that a Princess only takes on a student if they have to potential to be a princess. This was one of the triggers that sent Sombra down the path he took and may be one of the reasons this became a secret 1000 years in the future. In the "Fall of Sunset Shimmer" Origin Comic when Sunset Shimmer looked into the mirror and Celestia asked what she saw, Sunset saw herself as an Alicorn Princess (Similar to her Friendship Games appearance) and said in her own words she sees somepony powerful enough to rule Equestria. And when Sunset Shimmer demanded that Celestia make a princess, Celestia said in her own words "No, being a Princess must be earned...I have been trying teaching you everything you need to know, but you've turned from it. Every time you say you "deserve" something without the effort just proves to me that you're not ready." There's also the possibility that she was being groomed to be a potential Element of Magic as Celestia has also been trying to hint that Sunset should make some friends as she's been trying to tell Sunset how valuable Friendship is. However as we all know Celestia's plans fell through and Sunset fled through the mirror. The same comic also pinpoints the time she left as when you look in the background you will see a filly Twilight Sparkle being babysit by Cadence who was 17-18 at the time according to the Neigh Anything comic where it indicated that Cadence and Shining Armor where High School seniors. And when you look at Sunset Shimmer you can also see that she's the same age as Cadence as she has the appearance of a young adult mare and is still attending the School for Gifted Unicorns. Now this is where we get into the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. As many fans have noticed the time frame doesn't match up as in the human world, judging by the photos in Principal Celesta's office at CHS, Sunset has been in the Human World for a total of four years but in Equestria many more have passed. Let's take a look at Twilight Sparkle for a second. When Sunset left, Twilight was a filly at the Age 5, maybe even 4 as the comic indicates that Sunset left a few days after she passed her midterm, being babysat by a 17-18 year old Cadence. Fast Forward to the events of Friendship is Magic where Twilight Sparkle was sent to Ponyville as a young adult, this would put Twilight around the age of 18-24 years of age however I assume it's somewhere around the minimum. This means that while time passed in four years in the human world, time passed in Equestria at a minimum of 13 years (3 years and 3 months in Equestria per year in Pedestria) or a maximum of 19 years (4 years, 9 months Equestria per Pedestrian Year). At this point it's fair to make the conclusion that time isn't synced between the two worlds. Now going back to Sunset. As we all know, the Humans are either aged up or aged down in comparison to their Equestrian counterparts and the Mirror also has that effect on those who use it. While Sunset did leave Equestria as an 17-18 year old mare the mirror aged her down to a Human with the physical age of 14 years when she entered the Human World. As of EQG: FG she has now has the physical age of 17-18 Year Old human. But that's not all, the mirror also seems to have the effect of freezing a pony's physical age in Equestria as Sunset has returned to Equestria in Equestria Girls and it looks like she hasn't aged a bit. With that said, while she may still have the appearance and physical age of a young adult mare officially in Equestria is a total of 30-31 years old minimum, 36-37 years maximum. That's just going by the time that's passed in since she was born in Equestria. Her actual age is 21-22 years old (17-18 years of life in Equestria, 4 years of life in the human world) In other words, she's going to need some new ID because that's not going to fly!
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    Thank this thread's topic for giving me the muster to be angry. For a while, Just for Sidekicks was my most hated S3 episode. Two reasons: Spike Torture Porn (and a bastardization to boot) and royal disappointment. I could barely think about JfS without feeling bitter despite Spike at Your Service being much worse. Today, the bitterness is gone, and I only dislike it. Now I have one S3 that I now truly hate(and this is more recent): The Crystal Empire. My friends know why, but I'll again explain it: It's the test. With the Empire revived and hanging in the balance, Celestia assigns Twilight to a test to protect and save the Empire. Think about it. A test to save the Empire from Sombra. Why? To prove to Celestia that Twilight is ready to ascend to princesshood. … WHY THE FUCK SHOULD PROVING THE ABILITY TO LEAD HAVE TO REVOLVE AROUND PLAYING GAMES WITH INNOCENT LIVES?!! An entire empire was revived, and thousands of lives are at stake. Twilight, her friends, SA, Cadance, and the kingdom's inhabitants. Sombra is pure evil; he will kill just to achieve his goals. Rather than immediately flying to protect it, Celestia puts Twilight, who has no knowledge about leading a kingdom, in charge of something that could've gotten her and everyone else killed. Rather than pointing it out, the entire two-parter puts little emphasis on everyone's safety. Instead, Twilight passing the test is the primary goal. Surely, Twilight would care more about sving the kingdom. No, she doesn't. Her entire focus was on passing the test. When she couldn't do it on her own, she gave up passing it and told Spike to return the Crystal Heart. But once it was over? Twilight sulked about not being able to do it herself. … Seriously?! Spike helped save thousands of lives, and you're more disappointed about not passing your test?! Rather than tell the audience about how innocent lives shouldn't be treated as a means to an end, the narrative tells the audience the test is more important. Lives aren't supposed to be treated as a means to an end! To make it worse, TCE treats this game as okay even AFTER this episode: In Keep Calm, Celestia nonsensically assigned Fluttershy to "reform" Discord, and she later put Twilight under another test to complete Star Swirl's incomplete, canonically contradictory spell. Like Rainbow Falls with the Games, TCE caused the Twilicorn evolution arc to jump the shark. However, unlike the Games, her ascension's expectations were ruined before it even began. The test was evil. The moral was evil. The whole episode was evil. Celestia was evil. A lot of bronies really dislike Tyrantlestia. Unfortunately for them, The Crystal Empire paints her as a tyrant thanks to this garbage. Until this series ever addresses this and actually stops excusing her actions (FF #3, I'm looking at you!), it will continue. If I knew about these implications back when they aired, I would've blown such a gigantic gasket. My anger towards the Holiday Special comic here would've paled in comparison. It may not be the worst FIM episode of all-time, but it violates my morale so much, I can't look at it without my blood boiling. I — HATE — this episode!
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    I happy to say that I am back online after about a week! Hope to chat with ya'll again soon!
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    Today was my first day of school, and my final year of High School. The first day was alright, I guess. My favorite part about today was that there was this freshman girl who sounded a lot like Sweetie Belle!
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    Why does everyone have to insult me? I mean they're aren't exactly insulting me, but if you insult my favorite next-gen console (Xbox One), then you're basically insulting me. It just makes me really sad that everyone hates me. It seems that everyone hating me is a running theme in my life. My life sucks.
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    Well, I guess it'll come as a complete shock to many of you that I have ABSOLUTELY BUCKING NOTHING in common with Flutters. I know, right? How could that possibly be?! </sarcasm> ...Anyway, it says I'm most like AJ, but really, it looks like Dashie's a very, very, very, veryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery[repeat infinitely] close second. As in, probably tied in all actuality, but the test could only choose one so it had to flip a coin. Whatever the case, surprisingly spot-on.