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    Way too many people don't understand why people say "Black Lives Matter." Since the start of the slave trade, Black people have been treated as worse than second-class citizens. Today, lots of people, especially whites, see Black people as less of a human and more of a commodity. This is especially the case when it comes to policing. Some of the first policing were slave patrols. While slave patrols don't exist anymore, the mentality remains. Police brutality has been an ENORMOUS problem for centuries. Unfortunately, no real change takes place. Black Lives Matter was created in response and why it still has a massive force. When folks say "All lives matter," they literally warp and handwave why people say "Black Lives Matter." "Black Lives Matter" means "Black Lives Matter, too." "All lives matter" isn't grounded into reality and gaslights to people that Black people are on an equal level as white people. Black people are fucking tired of being ignored, pushed aside, tokenized, and treated as sub-human, and especially tired of an injustice system that systemically enjoys punishing people of color more than whites.
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    This has been a rough year for many of us. The pandemic, the political discourse, people are tense and often at each other's throat. I too have felt this a lot. There's many things that are bothering me to no end right now. All of this is making people here on edge and some are leaving because of it. I personally don't think this whole thing is worth leaving over. The whole world is basically in a distraught state so this is simply a case of the wind blowing in a certain direction. It isn't good but what can we do sometimes? I simply wanted to post this blog stating that I certainly won't be leaving. I've had many ups and downs here. The site itself has had ups and downs. Some people probably don't like me, that's fine. This site is simply like a second home to me. It is more important to me than many may realize. I have good friends here that cheer me up and it is basically the only community I feel as though I have truly contributed to. Contrulybuted. Yeah. A lot of you are my buddies, good buddies and I won't abandon those friendships. Regardless of what happens, aside from something like two black wholes devouring the solar system, I will be staying, never had any intention of leaving. I just wanted to clarify that.
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    Hello everypony and everycreature here on MLP Forums... I wanna make this blog to address something after giving it a little more thought. I decided that I will not leave here because I have made quite a bit of friends here since joining these forums 5 1/2 years ago. With that said, within the next few months there might be a chance or two... or three etc. of me being on a Hiatus. Just to cool off with everything going on. 2020 has been quite the year for me and not necessarily in a good matter either. I just been having these weird vibes with everything going on that people don't really like me or want me around because of the things that I like. Hopefully they are not true but we are very much in an unrest worldwide with everything going on. With that said, I would like to thank all of the friends that are still on my side and understand the way that I am. It really helps me go through day by day and even at times put a smile on my face. I know I said that I was strongly considering leaving but I am here to stay. Thanks for reading and stay awesome everyone.
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    I think I've made a few comments on the topic saying that "I don't necessarily blame people for leaving here, as there's been a lot of political extremism and divisiveness lately". I'll clarify something that sort of contradicts what I've said there: I likely won't leave here. Even if Pony Life seems like hot trash. There's really some nice people in this community and a few friends I've made on here that I would prefer to keep. Also, generally speaking, my experiences with this site have been positive, even if lately it's becoming more of a mixed bag. This really has been quite a great place for me to vent about things I don't generally talk about anywhere else, personally or online. Whether that be my gender identity (though my BF knows and is very much accepting of it, even if he prefers to think of me as a he which is fine), certain issues of mine, or whatever. MOST of the people here are very accepting... BUT, I will NOT ignore the facts: there's definitely a problem. I personally have seen a lot of divisive and extremist comments, from the far right and PC liberals alike. And frankly I will also say, there are people who I WISH would leave this site. And some of them have, in most cases complaining about the very thing they've perpetrated themselves. These people are a very harmful influence to what is otherwise a generally friendly site. The homophobia needs to stop, the racism needs to stop, but so do baseless accusations of either. The racism I've seen on this site has been staggering in recent weeks, and I've seen homophobic nonsense from even moderators (even an admin has demonstrated homophobia) on this site. This kind of behavior should NOT be okay to, let alone promoted by somebody who's SUPPOSED to be a role model for other members to follow, as well as somebody in charge of ensuring people behave themselves. I can tell you, though, this list only covers roughly 15 or so members that have been problematic and divisive in such a way. These are also very two-faced members which makes it even more troubling. They will put on a tolerant, loving face one moment and then the next spew blatant hate and divisive vitriol. All the while usually pretending other people who aren't, are. I have addressed the politics of recent events a good few times, and I must say both extremes are very deeply wrong about these issues, even if the far right is more wrong about it than the PC crowd is. But both of these groups on this site are becoming very, very divisive. And I will say if anybody claims I'm being divisive with this, it can be assured that it's them and not me being divisive. In fact, I'm just trying to be reasonable and trying to say we can't accept these sociopolitical fringe groups' divisive agendas if we want to keep our community friendly. I may be done with non-allied straight pride, people worshipping blatantly racist traitors to the US, and people calling others terrorists for no justifiable reason, but I'm also done with people being called racist for not supporting an extreme movement. I'm done with the misinformation that every protestor is violent (when actually the cops are more violent than the protestors), but also the misinformation that anything remotely close to disbanding the police force is anything but a bad idea. I'm seriously f***ing tired of this $#!+. Not this site, but the political, clearly agenda-driven bull$#!+ some people say on it. If you are one of these divisive people, which you likely know who you are, you are a bad influence, and yes you SHOULD leave. You are actively making this site worse for everyone. Otherwise, we should band together and try to remain a community of people who like or liked the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We should try not to stress these issues and make this site more about them, while in the process ignoring the REAL meaning of "love and tolerate" and the lessons the show has taught us. Just stop the divisiveness and bickering already. Both sides of the mainstream are wrong, now deal with it and move on. I just want a place where I can be without this nonsense, and I think the rest of us should too.
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    Religion is something as old as cave men, it wasn't as sophisticated but they still had beliefs. Today I will talk about wether religion is good or bad to humanity, taking into account human needs and the outcome of it. I will begin saying that Im 100% sure that there is no god nor luck or any kind of things like that and I still belief in some of them. The human being has two kinds of needs, physical (say food, water, you get me) and spiritual (knowledge sometimes, religion, etc). The human needs to believe in something, it just needs to, without a belief he would be pointless, since those beliefs forge the morale of each one and define who we want to be. Religions, like Catholicism, satisfy the need for a belief, they provide something in which to believe, giving certain morale to the human who beliefs in it, thus, a target in life: be as good as the god says to go to heaven. It's those things what moves us in life, for some people, being as good as how god says you have to be is the only way to achieve happiness, because then they will feel happy with themselves for doing what they have done. It's not all pink though, for the reasons mentioned before is why believers sometimes are agaisnt other groups of people like the LGTBQ comunity, they belief firmly in what god says and do as he says to be happy. Then we have the other bad thing, why are Catholics always trying to have more followers? They know that they can manipulate people with the religious needs so they use it to have control over them. So far we have seen bad and good things of religion, now we only have to weight. Is it ok to help some people in life with one of the basic needs at the cost of making other people's life a hell? While also controling the followers to do as you want? I don't think so. At the end you could harm all of them. But not all religions are bad, we have Buddhism, as Catholicism you would be trying to be as someone else to be happy with yourself, but it isn't trying to have more followers, thus, it's not trying to control people. It doesn't harm any other group either, so it is the perfect religion right? I would have to do a research on it but so far it seems that way. It has less reach though, that would be it's problem. What I do is belief in my own god and in other stuff, those make my morale, if I can everyone should be able to as well right? Perhaps, but when we are born we already are assigned a religion, that or we are pushed to one in the future. So back to the question: Religion, good or bad? It's an answer to one of humanity's necessities, the thing is that we have made it the wrong way and have taught people to hate instead of love, we have instructed the wrong morale in the biggest religions. Big mistake. Religion in itself is like the knife, it can hurt and it can help, it all depends in the person behind it.
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    What is a friend? That person who shares some of your qualities and which you love as family. You can discard everything else. What defines a friendship? I think a friendship is defined by pretty much what the above said, doing actions which you would normally do with family with your friends like cheering for something they achieved, crying with them for their pain and always trying to keep them happy, a sad friend isn't a nice thing to have. If you have lots of friends but some disagree with each other what would you do? With who would you stick to? Try to remain neutral even though some are against your ideals and the ones of your friends? What if those people who are against your ideals are very kind and good overall? I don't think they can be, they will be kind perhaps with you because you meet their standards but maybe not so much with others who you may even also consider your friends. I said I wanted to become friends with everyone regardless of their politic position or anything else, but I don't think that's what I want anymore. Because on top of everything I said above, a friend shares your morale. It's hard for me to say it but I stand tall and proud when I say that I won't stand anymore those who support the actual goverment of the US who is making MY life and the ones of more than TEN MILLION people harder, neither those who are against other human beings whith the pitiful excuse of god or any other at all. So yea, if you fit the description above, bye bye.
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    Height : 81 m / 262 ft Weight : 50 000 t Length : 180 m / 590 ft
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    OMG duckface, you can't be for real. The most racist POTUS calls for being the one having done the most for the blacks. RIIIIIIGHT. And given 40m unemployed, I have some SLIGHT doubts against the lowest black unemployment rate. I can assure you I replied the one above before reading this: Warning: Following pic shows violence against a child which did get hurt when cops fired at her (claimed). Contains also some blood. Na, sorry guys, I wont post it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! He succeeded.
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    I can't keep up with all his blame anymore either! Is Obama now a Chinese? HELP! At the very least, that should give Biden some bonus points for presenting himself as the better president, I suppose. BWAHAHA That dude is so right!! The Archbishop of the very church or museum Trump walked to by spraying gas on peaceful protestors condemns him You can read by cancelling loading with escape in-between. Things must be real going downhill for you when one of your core voting groups is speaking out against your actions.
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    Hey all. I honestly just wanted to touch upon what's been up for the past few years. I initially "left" this site around mid-2016, then came here off and on between 2017 and 2018, before ultimately getting restricted at the end of 2018. I'm not gonna lie, the past few years have been somewhat rough for me. I guess with the years of my life approaching adulthood, I was developing bad anxiety issues and my overall self-esteem has been declining. It got to the point where even very little things could cause me an anxiety attack, and I think along with all that I was also just losing motivation to do anything. I feel like my anxiety issues were starting to get worse around late 2015 and 2016 - the latter being the same year I "left" this site initially. I kind of feel like social anxiety has always been something I've struggled with, but I think over the past few years it's just gotten particularly worse for me and when I've started to really notice it. I kind of attribute this to the fact that before and even during my times on here, I was active on the ROBLOX forums, which generally weren't great about moderation, and there were definitely times when I would people would get angry at me or I would get straight up insulted for little to no reason. Not to mention, there were also numerous run-ins I had in the Youtube comments (in some cases on both the ROBLOX forums and YT comments people would tear me down simply because I enjoyed MLP), which I think everyone can agree have always been a cesspool, and I was starting to develop a rather negative worldview that leaked it's way onto here somewhat. There were numerous times on this site where I just felt self-cautious about what I posted because I always just had an inner-feeling that what I would say would piss somebody off. If you were here and ran into me in 2014 and 2015, you may remember that I used to do reviews of Friendship is Magic episodes along with some game and cartoon reviews here and there, but around 2016 I kind of just... stopped. I only reviewed three episodes of Season 6 - all of which were out of order, plus even before that I was a bit late when it came to reviewing the second half of Season 5. That I sort of blame on a mix of things - for one I just wasn't feeling as motivated as I used to and there were definitely certain episodes where I just didn't really know what to say, and sometimes I would start a review of any of those things and just get lost in my thoughts. But I think part of it was also my social anxiety - there were cases where I held off on reviewing a certain episode or whatever else I had planned simply because I had a feeling that other people would look down on me if I had a certain opinion, especially in cases where my opinion didn't exactly match the general consensus. On top of that, I couldn't but feel like any criticism or dissenting response to what I posted was a dig at me personally, and in some cases I admittedly even equated not getting any sort of reaction on my post - like a comment or a "Brohoof" - as people not being happy with me. And honestly, that's still something I kind of struggle with. I'm fully aware that these are irrational thoughts, yet I still constantly get those feelings in basically any community I get involved in. There were some cases where I would also feel like I took those feelings of anxiety that were getting worse out on this community. There were times I down talked this website and community, in some cases I feel like I was being an outright asshole here. And then I started "trolling" the website towards the end of 2018 and that's what led to my account getting restricted from posting. And to that, I kind of just wanted to say... I'm sorry. I know that this was an annoyance for the staff team here and I'm sure it was also an annoyance for the community. I'm not at all happy with some of my actions here in the past and I'm sure that others didn't like how I was acting at those times. Even if there are issues I have with this site, I think it's safe to say that what I did wasn't exactly the most mature thing to do, and honestly I am happy that those restrictions on my account were lifted. To be honest, after Friendship is Magic ended and with how the past couple years especially have been for me, I kind of just wanted to come back and see everyone. I made some good memories here, as well as some friends, and I believe that this website and community and part of my personal journey and I wanted to thank those friends I met through here along the way, and I'm sorry that I became so negative towards this site and everything. There's probably people on here that don't have a positive image of me especially with those recent actions, and I completely understand. But I am trying to change for the better. I'm not exactly sure if I'll be permanently returning or anything, that's honestly something only time will tell, but I just wanted to stress all that. This post honestly got longer and more rambly than I was intending, but... yeah.
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    Trump recently made some terrible comments at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kyle Kulinski covers this and describes it perfectly. After this, I hope MORE people burn that stupid flag. F**k Trump and his plain as day fake patriotism bullshit. What people are doing is protest which is protected by the goddamn constitution. Now we could argue back and forth about the stupid statues being torn down, whatever, but burning the flag is not against the law. You can have whatever opinion you want on flag burning, but it is free speech, a form of protest is being done when you burn the flag. This little section of this speech in the video is absolute PROOF that Trump is not for the people, he doesn't care about police corruption or any of that shit. He instead uses the most divisive period that the US has had in DECADES to further divide people, to further make people hate each other and to possibly pass authoritarian trash. Watch the video for direct proof of that. He straight up says that all of the civil unrest including the statues going down and all of that, is being done solely by "the democrats", he wants to LOCK PEOPLE UP for burning a stupid flag and that crowd of brainless dipshits cheers that on. Trump's presidency is on a never ending downward spiral and he knows it. That is why he is using such heinous tactics. That is why he is furthering the divide between the people of the US. This isn't the first time he has done that. He's been doing this kind of shit EVER SINCE HE GOT INTO OFFICE. If there are people you know that are not aware of this, share this video, get the word out. If they weren't aware of Trump's use of division for political gain and his opposition to free speech before, perhaps this will convince them now. Trump says in the video that he is all for free speech, yet he wants to PUT PEOPLE IN JAIL FOR A YEAR for burning some fabric. Can't make this shit up people. This is the Trump reality.
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    Height : 50 m / 164 ft Weight : 20 000 t Length : 100 m / 328 ft
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    Where to begin? I think I will just give my definition. Happiness, for me is a state of mind, achieved only when you already have everything you want. Once that is completed you can suffer pain in any form, wether it is physical or mental, you will still be happy. Hell! You could even die with a smile! My first conflict here would be the fact that Im poor, I lack of internet, food is not always the best and lots of other problems I have. So how did I achieve this state of mind with all of the before mentioned? That's easy to answer. I stopped wanting, or so I thought. I convinced myself that I didn't want anything else, I was happy how I was. I later discovered that I indeed wanted other stuff, I wish my economical situation was better for example. How was I happy if I didn't have everything I wanted? After thinking for some time I discovered that what I want are physical stuff, so perhaps happiness is achieved not by having everything you want, but to reach a certain state of mind. But which one? And how do you achieve it? I was 13 years old when I first became who I am today. Back then I thought that I had full control over my mind, so I just set the happy "on" But is it because I am special that I managed to have such control over my feelings? No, that can't be it. Something must have happened that allowed myself to do it. At that age was also when I truly discovered who I was, that mixture of likes and dislikes that defines us. Since then I embraced what I liked and got away from those things I didn't, regardless of public opinion, regardless of the opinions of my family and friends. I accepted myself, something I hadn't done as a kid. I think I have it, that state of mind I talked to you about is that one of self-acceptance. I now think that once you accept who you are and are proud to be yourself you can and will be happy. Sure, people may have made mistakes in the past but we all do, you just need to learn from them, that's no reason to look down on yourself. Regarding psychopaths and other criminals, they can be happy doing what they do as well, that's why they are criminals after all. What about those who had to commit a crime against their will? It isn't their fault, so they shouldn't include those actions that they made because they would have died otherwise when thinking of themselves as a person. All lives matter equally so if you took one to save your own you shouldn't look down on yourself either, it is our natural instinct to try to survive no matter the situation. I will repeat it, all lives matter equally, take a father and a random guy without family, if you were to decide who lives and who dies you can't take into account how would their deaths affect those who are alive but how it would affect the one who is going to die, after all, we all deserve to live happily ever after. This conversation is threading off topic now so I'll stop.
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    Blargen Fladibble No-Hip! Woohoo here with Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes. Wow, three entries this year already? I'm on a roll. Anyways, here's a entry that I promised earlier this year: my guilty pleasure songs. This may be the first of two or maybe even three entries since I have quite a few guilty pleasures and I don't want this entry to be too long. I think I've introduced this blog enough, let's break it down. I'll be starting off with the oldest song on my list. We're going back to the past for the third time this year. In fact, all four of these songs were made before 2000. The first guilty pleasure song comes from the year 1968 by one of, if not the greatest band of all time. If you haven't already guessed, I'm talking about The Beatles. Ohai Mark. However, even such a beloved band like them have quite a few songs that many detest. One song in particular is really despised by many and it really makes me wonder why. That song I'm talking about is from 1968, and it's "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" from The White Album. I've seen this song on countless "worst songs ever" lists and is hated by not only Beatles fans, but by John Lennon and George Harrison. Hell, Lennon referred to this song as "Paul's granny shit." Why do so many hate this song? Me personally, I cannot hate this song. It's a fun, upbeat, feel-good song that makes me, who mostly listens to metal, smile every time I hear it. Maybe for some people, the song is way too silly and saccharine for them, especially since it's late in The Beatles career, which they made some deep, meaningful, and often groundbreaking songs, especially on The White Album. I sort of understand the hate for this song. However, as one of the worst Beatles songs, or even the worst of all time? I don't think so. In my honest opinion, there is only one Beatles song that I consider to be the worst. Which song is that? You'll find out in my upcoming entry, Mini-Slaughters Vol. II. The next guilty pleasure of mine is a song I actually used to hate, but up until last year, I now enjoy. Much like the previous song, this song is often seen on "worst songs ever" lists, usually at or near the top tier. This comes from a band with a bit of a complicated history, even changing their name three times. This song I'm talking about is from the year of 1985, it's "We Built This City" by Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Starship. Like I said earlier, I used to hate this song, mostly because everyone else hated it. Also, I thought the lyrics were cheesy, the music was very overly-synthesized, and pretty much epitomized everything wrong with the 80s. Whenever I heard this song, I would sing "this song is shitty, it's cock and bull!" It wasn't until last year that I had the curiosity to actually listen to this song. So I did... and it dawned on me that this song isn't even that bad. In fact, compared to the crap coming out these days, this song is a helluva lot catchier and more enjoyable for me. A lot of the hatred for this song is understandable. The lyrics are very cheesy and has that over-processed 80s production that makes it sound very dated. Hell, even former Starship vocalist Grace Slick absolutely loathes that song. Hmm, what if someone walked up to her and said "We built this city." Alright, we're halfway there. This next guilty pleasure of mine is probably the song I've listened to the longest. I enjoyed the song as a kid and I still do as an adult. However, it wasn't until later in my life that I found out that a lot of people absolutely despise this song. This song comes from the year 1988 by a legendary group and was their first (and probably their final) really big hit since their heyday back in the 60s. If you made it this far after my rambling, I'm talking about "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys. I can safely say that this is probably the most polarizing song in The Beach Boys catalog. Either you love it or hate it and most Beach Boys fans absolutely hate it. Why do I not hate this song? Like I said earlier, I feel pretty nostalgic listening to it. I also find it very soothing and relaxing with its tropical atmosphere. Plus, I really love Carl Wilson's (the bearded one) vocal delivery during the chorus. Oh, and the Muppets did a pretty good cover of "Kokomo," adding even more nostalgic value. Now to talk about the hatred for this song as there's a lot of it. I frequently see "Kokomo" on numerous "worst songs ever" lists and most Beach Boys fans typically loathe it, calling it cheesy Mike Love drivel. Some fans don't even consider it a true Beach Boys song since Brian Wilson wasn't involved in the writing or recording of this song. That made me wonder what Brian's opinion was about this song. After some intensive research, I did find an interview with Brian stating that while he was initially surprised that it was a song by his band, he enjoyed the vocal harmonies and relaxing lyrics. Brian likes Kokomo. Your argument is invalid. Besides, as much as you or anyone dislikes "Kokomo," it's not the worst thing made by The Beach Boys. No, I'm not going to shred anything off of Summer in Paradise since ToddintheShadows already made a video on it earlier this year. Now for my final guilty pleasure and the most modern song on my list. I was really conflicted about including this particular song as it doesn't get that much hate compared the previous three songs. However, I do believe this song gets some hate for a certain... trend that most artists used and abused in the years to come. From the year of 1998, it's "Believe" by the one and only Cher. What can I say... it's fucking Cher! Anything this woman does, I love... Ok, almost anything. Anyways, who do people hate this song? This song is one of the first, if not the first song to implement the soon-to-be infamous audio effect known as Auto-Tune. Back in 2018, I ranted about Auto-Tune in my "10 Things I Hate About Music" entry, criticizing its misuse/abuse and overly processed sound. In this song, Cher uses Auto-Tune as a special effect, making her voice pretty futuristic, and I think greatly enhances the song in my opinion. Some of the hate for this song is understandable, but there are also people who even blame Cher for the rise (and misuses) of Auto-Tune. Seriously? Just because she was the first to use it doesn't mean it's her fault. Do these people also blame the Wright Brothers for 9/11? Fuckin' people... And those are my guilty pleasure songs. Some shocking, some not so much. What are you guilty pleasures? Also, should I make another guilty pleasures entry? Comment below. This is Woohoo signing off.
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    Here's Act 1 Boss from Sonic & Knuckles on the Organ. A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor) [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Height : 118.5 m / 389 ft Weight : 92 000 t Length : 333 m / 1092.5 ft
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    Height : 100 m / 328 ft Weight : 60 000 t Length : 200 m / 656 ft
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    Approximately 5 billion years ago, there was a supernova. Supernovae occur often throughout the universe, and are believed to occur somewhere on the order of once every 50 years in our Milky Way. Supernovae help illustrate the stellar circle of life. When one star dies, it can bring about the birth of many more. It may be odd to think of such a violent death bringing forth life. Indeed, if a supernova occurred too close to the Solar System, it would be lights out for us Earthlings. And yet, it was thanks to a supernova occurring reasonably close by that our solar system exists at all. Our story begins at the end, with a star dying in a massive explosion. The explosion generates a shockwave, this shockwave slams into anything in its way... Like a cloud of dust and gas, for instance. This shockwave can result in the cloud "clumping" together in places, and these clumps begin to attract more gas and dust. This process continues until they begin to heat up. As time passes, a star is born. Like this one, for instance: This is our sun. Some call it Sol. It is from this name that we derive Solar System. It may look quite brilliant now, but the sun is actually a relatively dim star! Here is what it would look like from about 40 light years away: It's hard to believe that speck is responsible for life here. And yet without it we're nothing. There are 8 planets (that we know of) in our Solar System, all born from the same cloud as our sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. But that list says nothing of asteroids, comets, dwarf planets, ices, or moons. It gives no indication of the immensity and relativistic small size of the solar system. There is so much to talk about, but we must start somewhere. So why not start close to our Sun? Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, the smallest in the solar system, and as of this posting, the least explored planet in our stellar neighborhood. At approximately 46.6 million km (28 million miles), Mercury completes an orbit around our star once every 88 days. It boasts extreme temperature differences, little to no atmosphere, and an unusually strong magnetic field for its size and history. Did I mention its also quite toasty on the day side? The side facing the sun enjoys a warm 700K day. This works out to approximately 427 C, or 800 F. And yet, on the night side things are not so hot. In fact, they're quite cold! Bone chilling, even. The side not facing the sun is usually around 100K (-173C, -280F). The poles are always below 180K. (-93C, -136F). These temperature variances are the most extreme on any known planet in our solar system. So, quite hot in the sun! The hottest in the solar system for sure, right? Wrong. Mercury may be the closest to the sun, but the hottest planet in our solar system is this beauty: It's Earth's sister planet, and the second from the sun, Venus. Named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus is often considered Earth's sister planet. Before we got around to further studies of it, there was a popular theory that Venus' surface was a gorgeous and comfortable paradise of water, extraterrestrial grass, insects, animals and just life in general. It was, we supposed, a beauty both inside and out. Venus' surface is rendered above. Not a drop of water. The temperatures are a scathing 462 C (863 F, 735 K), atmospheric pressure at the surface is 92 times that of Earth, it rains sulfuric acid, and as of early 2020, evidence has emerged that Venus is volcanically active. Due to some type of uncertain event in its past, Venus is the only planet in the solar system to rotate clockwise, and it rotates so slowly that one day on Venus is longer than its year. With extremely hostile surface conditions, a remarkably slow rotation, and a toxic atmosphere, survival time at the surface of Venus unprotected would most likely be less than two minutes. There is a reason Carl Sagan referred to Venus as "the planet most like Hell." Our next stop is going to be a place you may have grown somewhat familiar with. Earth! (You are here) What is there to say about Earth? Well, do you have the whole day? No? You've got things to do? Well, in that case, let's just talk a little about it and a little friend of ours too. Spoilsport. The Earth is the veritable Goldilocks planet, in the Goldilocks zone. This basically means it's got just the right temperature for liquid water to exist, just the right magnetic field to help protect it from the solar wind, and just the right satellite to help stabilize it on its axis. Earth's official name is Terra, but its most used name is Earth. And nobody's quite sure who named Earth "Earth" for that matter. The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is a cozy 150 million km, or 93 million miles. Because distances in our solar system become quite vast, I will also include AU measurements from here on out. An AU is an Astronomical Unit. 1 AU is equal to 1 Earth-Sun distance. Our Earth is a beautiful place, and life is quite strong as our home is quite durable. But even our mighty Earth can be wounded or changed forever. Lest we regret it, it's in our best interest to do what we can to preserve its beauty, preserve its health, and protect its ecosystem. Except for mosquitoes. They can go. In the distance towards the bottom, we see Earth's most famous satellite: The Moon. It was given the name "Luna" by the Romans, and "Selene" by the Greeks. It is from the former that we derive the name "Lunar eclipse" or "Lunatic." The Moon is responsible for our tides and is also known to help stabilize the Earth's axis. If the moon was not present, Earth would wobble much more than it does now. It has been suggested that, the last time the Earth's axis altered a tenth of a degree, the Sahara Rainforest became the Sahara Desert. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. Bold claim! The moon is essentially tidally locked to its parent body. This means the moon rotates at just about the exact speed required to ensure the same side is always facing its parent body, save for the occasional libration. If it didn't rotate at all, we'd see the back on occasion! The moon's sunny side enjoys a toasty daytime temperature of 260 F, or 127 C (399 K). It's night side can dip to -280 F, or -173 C (This works out to about 100 K). The Far Side (not the comic) was first directly observed in c. 1959. The Moon's formation is likely to have been caused at least in part by the collision of a roughly Mars-sized planet with the Earth, known as Theia. We may cover Theia and the impact hypothesis in the future. For now, it's time to say farewell to our home and one of our best planetary friends, and say hello to our final inner planet... Mars. In the above picture we have the Martian family portrait- the planet itself, and its two moons: Phobos, and Deimos. Named after the Roman God of War and affectionately nicknamed "The Red Planet" Mars and Earth have a long history together. Mounting evidence suggests that, early in its existence, Mars hosted liquid water on its surface. But something happened to the planet, and it's now an inhospitable place. The mean temperature on Mars is around -80 F, -60 C, or 210 K. The poles can get down to -195 F, -125 C, or a little under 150 K. However, Mars has been known to get above freezing. Sometimes the temperature can be like that of a spring day on Earth! Mars averages approximately 142 million miles from the sun, or 228 million km. This works out to 1.5 AU, so 1.5 times the average Earth-Sun distance. We will cover its periapsis (closest point) and apoapsis (farthest) as well as go more in depth another time. In the meantime, there's more to this beauty we have to talk about! Did you know that Mars is home to the largest known volcano in the Solar System? This is Olympus Mons, an enormous shield volcano that makes Earth's own Mount Everest look like an anthill. At nearly 22 km (13.6 mi) in height, Olympus Mons is about two and a half times the height of Mount Everest at sea level. This is the volcano itself from a distance. Olympus Mons is a relatively young volcano, and it may still be active and have the potential to erupt in the future. This is the sky from the top of the volcano. I don't know about you but I spy Earth waving to us from the horizon! But we're not through yet! Did you know that Mars is also home to the largest known canyon system in our solar system? It puts the Grand Canyon to shame! This is Valles Marineris. It stretches more than 4,000 km long, 600 km wide in parts (average width is 200 km), and up to 7 km deep. For the imperial readers out there, that's almost 2,500 miles long, 372/124 miles wide, and almost 4.5 miles in depth. The Grand Canyon is around 277 miles long (446 km), 18 miles (29 km) wide, and its depth is a little over a mile (1.8 km). Valles Marineris positively dwarfs it! Finally, we have the moons. Phobos And Deimos There is an old myth that they were named such because their discoverer's wife threatened to keep supper from him if he didn't locate something interesting in the sky. So he named them after his wife: Phobos, meaning fear, and Deimos, meaning terror/panic. In reality, however, their names are derived from the chariot that the Roman God Mars was said to ride into battle. It was guided by two horses: Phobos (again, "Fear") and Deimos ("Panic"). Phobos and Deimos are two irregularly shaped objects whose origins remain controversial. Some think they accreted together, and others believe they are captured asteroids. Phobos has a radius of approximately 11 km, or 7 mi. It orbits very close to Mars at approximately 6,000 km, or 3,700 mi. Deimos is smaller and considerably more distant. Its radius is around 6.2 km (3.9 mi) and it orbits at an average distance of almost 23,500 km (approx. 14,500 mi) from the Martian surface. Both Phobos and Deimos are orbiting too close to Mars, and are expected to either collide with the Martian surface in the next 30-50 million years, or will be torn apart by tidal forces into a ring system. This whole thing has gone on for quite a while, wouldn't you say? I think it's time we call it for now. But above we see our first visit for the next entry. Some call it Earth's big brother... I hope to see you guys then! Until then, keep looking up!
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    I really can't believe how ignorant some people are. Are you a tiny bit too stupid to see he is trying to create a tyranny right now? Honestly, that tweet is so utmost stupid I cannot believe it is not a troll post Didn't fact check. Look who is actually talking to people! Hint: Not the current president. BWHAAHAHA Unless that's a troll, I told you there are people believing disgusting conspiracy theories. I am going to be honest here: I absolutely despise Republican views and politics. But you? You have shown you still got humanity within you. Donald Trump in a nutshell.
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    I am atm like 10h on the machine, and mostly like a zombie, distracting myself over and over again for hours while playing f2p games. I restore the firefox session each time, get my 50 notifications on MLPF and then....well, being busy for some hours. It feels I lack awareness to many things, or motivation. I want to test out something. I will disable new SU notifications for people I follow. I will still get these if you tag me or put a quote of me, or I have replied to it or have posted the SU myself. Also, I will remove the restore session on Firefox of each new start - Heh, I will save the current just in case, and still leave some commonly used tabs pinned. Let's see how it goes. I want to be more aware of what I do, and do it on purpose instead of just...dragging by.
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    I'm so proud to show off my new fursona, Sugarblood! She's a chubby werewolf and not afraid to show it off :3 Someone already drew her on a discord server I'm on and I love it
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    Here's Fountain of Dreams from Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Enthusiast Fan] Mareldmon590 [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Welcome to a new installment of "Makes Sense and Doesn't" On this picture we have a ponified Starfire, and I am having a polarized opinion on her ponification. Why it makes sense for Star to be an alicorn? Well, because she is a princess of Tamaran, that's why Why it doesn't? My logic dictates: "In Equestria, if you are a pony with a functioning horn, you can do all kinds of magic with it." When it comes to Star, it only makes sense for her to sport a horn to ...and that's pretty much it. In her world she can only do that (apart from any other physical stuff). In Equestria she would have to be able to do more as an alicorn: move objects, cast spells, etc. That isn't really her thing now, is it? I believe there's somepony else whose schtick that would be: a certain friend of Star's. Which is why I personally see her more like a pegasus. She would still be able to throw starbolts with her hooves. It would just be an unusual (for Equestrian standards) magic, but much more plausible. Disclaimer: alicorn Star still looks cute :3
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    Discord's song was the best part of this episode with all the great visual gags. But he was just being a jerk. It would have been better if he planned it as an adventure where they could bond without them realizing it.
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    Since former vice president Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee for this year's presidential election after Senator Bernie Sanders was the last one to be dropped out, I'll set up a poll here on my blog. I will vote for Joe Biden for this one. I wish Bernie Sanders should have been the nominee when he ran for president for the second time after 2016, which Biden ran for president for the third time and he really wants to lead the nation. I know what President Trump has done during his presidency, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I want Biden to fix everything for what Trump has done, and sure President Biden will fix it to make everyone feel better and pleased. If Biden wins, then a two-term presidential streak since Bill Clinton's presidency will be broken. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I want the vaccines be developed as quickly as possible within this year or by the end of this year, and go into distribution to all COVID-infected people for free! Oxford in England are well at the second phase of developing a COVID-19 vaccine right now; the vaccine candidate will be AZD1222.
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    Here's Brinstar from Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Those were some weird looking clothes. Coco is cute.
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    Red should be orange. Name: Solar Silver [Soldier n.308] Gender: Male Species: Pegasus with artificial horn. Talent: Painting/art Personality and morals: Though kind and caring pony underneath, his duties under the Solar Empire has made him obedient and merciless soldier who does what his superiors tell him to without question, even if it contradicts his personal morals. Skills outside talent: fighting/combat related skills. the countless sensors in his cyborg body allow him to 'sense' things normal ponies can't. in his own world, he has access to a database with all knowledge in the empire, but he also has a extensive database built-in, so even without that connection his knowledge surpasses that of an average pony. His enchanted body gives him many advantages over normal creatures, and he can take on most creatures known to Equestria. Source of income: Military/??? Backstory in short: In his world, Nightmare Moon was never defeated, and instead, in the first clash between Celestia and her sister, Daybreaker was born. The exact details are unknown, as both sides kept the information from the public, but that day started a war that to this day, over thousand years later, is still going. In the war there's 4 sides. The Solar Empire, ruled by Daybreaker, it contains the eastern part of Equestria that has now mostly turned into a desert due to the never ending day. The Realm of the Night, or in short, The Night-Realm, ruled by Nightmare Moon, it is covered in dark forest and has eternal night, it contains the western part of Equestria. The Crystal North, what once was the Crystal Empire is now area protected by dark magic and crystals, it is believed to be ruled by Sombra, but nobody knows for sure as no one has found a way in. The United, not ruled by anyone specific, it consist everyone outside Equestria who have made an alliance to defend against the forces of Equestria. Because of the war, technology in Equestria has advanced at great speed. Solar Silver, or as he's known by his superiors, 308, is a soldier in Daybreaker's army, he was aspiring artist, and his talent and cutiemark showcase that, but because it wasn't something he could feed himself with, he was forced to join the army. He was relatively lucky though, as his father was respected general, and due to that he was chosen in one of the special units. These units had different missions, but they all shared one thing, the soldiers in them were 'given' (forced to have) certain body modifications (eyes, torso, the horn), making them super soldiers so to speak, and every time they got injured, the injured part was replaced with artificial, superior parts (the rest). 308 never learned to like it, but he followed orders as the other option was death, and he was forced to do lot of things he regrets. Nothing too special happened during his missions, but as time passed, he started more and more dislike his ruler, not that it changed anything, as her rule was ruthless, and any opposition would lead to death, this included trying to escape, because no creature had ever managed to leave Equestria unnoticed. One day something odd happened, 308 was on a solo mission when suddenly his connection to the Solar Empire's database was disrupted, something that should have been impossible, and a mysterious creature came talk to him, this creature hid their identity, and they talked about things nobody should have known, before saying Solar was needed elsewhere and disappearing the moment they left his vision. After this the connection returned, and apparently it hadn't been only the database that had disconnected, as his superiors asked him why he had gone offline. 308 quickly forgot this event, as there was lot of things happening in the war, but about month later when 308 was on a mission at the front lines, he got hit by an explosion that knocked him out, but when he woke back up, he was somewhere else.... (I wrote this around midnight, so it's not a literary masterpiece) OCs who he has met but aren't in backstory: Depends on timeline
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    1. The German Supreme Court did validate a conviction of a racer on street that resulted in a death of a footperson as murder. The case of the second person in the race is giving back the the lower court. 2. Germany has an issue with right extremism prevention. Structures, such as external and foreign secret services, that are used against Islamic terrorism attacks doesn't work on right terrorism. Related to the murder of the mayor of Kassel. 3. A Russian-critic was shot dead in Berlin some time ago, and the suspected murderer, which was seen by witnesses, has ties to the FSB, such as getting faxes from them based of the phone number, and the visa and/or counterfeited ID was issued by them. Given that Russia is already rumored to have their ties on that failed assassination in the UK as well as Russians fighting against the Ukraine, even on the Krim, despite both have been demented, there are voices that point out that Russia is weighing a secret war against the west, while avoiding an open conflict.
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    Here's Rainbow Castle from Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    The beginning of this is so disorienting! I thought the disk was messed up and restarted it several times. That mare got a nice vacation out of the deal.
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    I actually had two pretty mediocre days at work this week. One day, I had this guy come over to me, pestering me with this uncomfortable talk about relationships and asking me if I was into "f'ing girls" when I clearly wanted him to stop. Of course, the next day, work abruptly throws me into prep for the whole day...where they had me folding and packing ladies' underwear. God has a perverse sense of humor. Thankfully, I finally got a paid day off approved from my work in the next two weeks, so there's my silver lining. It didn't even have to be paid, since I'm not concerned about money at the moment. With all the games I could ever ask for right now, I only buy fun stuff online when I see a good deal. Speaking of which... ...I got a copy of Pokemon Emerald for just 13 dollars off of eBay recently. While it's possibly a reproduction cart, it looks brand new, works perfectly, the save battery isn't dry, and sellers on Amazon are now scalping it for well over 90 dollars (even reproduction carts are at least 30 dollars). I got my old copy of Pokemon Sapphire that my little brother lost for 21 dollars at a trade store back in the day. I am dead serious, I got a flea market deal, the kind of thing you should get on an old game like that. I used to be stuck in a shell of only buying things off Amazon back when I had this misconception of eBay as "just an auction site", thank God I know better now.
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    Better late than never, made popular recently from the Coffin Dance meme and as many others covering this song, here is Astronomia by Vicetone and Tony Igy on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    First time we heard the word "alicorn" on the show. I wonder if it's actually made from alicorn(the stuff unicorn horn is made of). I really like this episode because it actually surprised me. It was really clever how they used illusion.
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    Height : 318 m / 1043 ft Weight : 100 000 t Length : 550 m / 1804 ft
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    Height : 100 m / 328 ft Weight : 55 000 t Length : 140 m / 459 ft
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    Height : 60 m / 196 ft Weight : 30 000 t Length : 85 m / 278 ft
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    Height : 55 m / 180 ft Weight : 25 000 t Length : 115 m / 378 ft
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    Height : 55 m / 180 ft Weight : 25 000 t Length : 122.5 m / 401 ft
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    Height : 50 m / 164 ft Weight : 20 000 t Length : 105 m / 344 ft
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    Height : 108 m / 355 ft Weight : 90 000 t Length : 274 m / 899 ft
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    A country united? Make America Great again. At the very least - I can give Trump credit for not wanting to be there. There is a tweet showcasing a bunch of masked people showing a swastika. Could be even real. I won't show it here as it could put me into legal trouble with showing forbidden signs. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/02/politics/barr-protests-white-house/index.html?utm_source=twCNN&utm_content=2020-06-02T20%3A53%3A25&utm_term=image&utm_medium=social Freedom of speech and peaceful protesting my ass I can't believe I am agreeing with Bush Source: NYT WH correspondent twitter acc His credo. Regarding Bush's message:
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    Here's Staff Credits from Luigi's Mansion on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Heey jerkface, these anarchists on the video are totally bringing chaos to the world! Don't you see how violent they are? Jerkface, let's make a deal: Leave in all radical left and anarchist and jail in every single racist One way to get rid of a racist US president. Intended date for establishing the tyranny. Trump jerkface distraction number 56734, let's talk about something random instead of racism that is happening. Riiiiiight. AND THIS IS ANTIFA BECAUSE I SAY SO AND I GOT US HISTORIES LARGEST WIENER Occupy wall street. Black lives matter. The same mindset. I don't see any indication of jerkface having a brain at all. Declaring his critics as fake news without any proof is just in line with North Korea, Russia, China (likely) and Turkey, I suppose. Jerkface you are a freaking walking fake news yourself jerkface correct horse battery staple apples And we all know, fake news and the Democrats are the next on the list. RACISM & POLICE MURDER & CAPSLOCK WRONG YOU STUPID JERKFACE Come up with sources or it isn't happening Evidence is pointing to the very opposite of your saying Better sue twitter for correct your facts I am fed up, I will create a twitter acc right now and reply this stuff to these.
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    As a request from a member of this forum, that shall go unnamed, I have been assign to teach how to compose music. So why not create a blog entry for that? I am a music composer, whatever that means? It means I am an artist, but with music instead of art, because those are kinda similar, but not. If you are a music composer yourself, or someone who can play music from reading sheet music, you won't be impressed. If you have never before heard music, you might be a little impressed, but most likely, you won't be. So where do I start? Where does the music come from? Usually, nothing comes from the void, but is rather pieces of other things I have heard under a very long time, that somehow got merged together and became something new (like when you dream). Usually it is a melody stuck in my head, that I try (emphasis on try) to remember so that I can do something with it in the future. If you can whistle, then you pretty much know what a melody is, because it is that part you usually sing to (when it is a song), or whistle. Let's start with a simple melody (an annoying one): So where do we go from here? Well, usually we want the roots of the chords, so we will know where the melody is heading (or staying at, or whatever). That will lead to creating the bass line. However, for the fun of it, I am waiting with the roots, and giving you the harmony instead. That is because the harmony has its own roots, kinda, to be confusing. When composing music, try to be as confusing as possible to the ear. But also, when we add the bass, we want it to have its own melody (eh, confusing, that's what we are aiming for!). So here are the harmonies: If you can count to 4 within the first Major 7th chord, then, be prepared when the bass has been added, as 2 of those beats will be its own chord, and the other 2 will be a sus chord. That stands for suspended. There are many kinds of suspended chords, and some of them are nameless. While many of you know of the sus2 and sus4 chords (which are blah), most pop songs uses the bass + 1 for the suspended effect, and we will too! By playing a Major chord and move the bass from the root by + 1 (not semitones, but on the major scale), the chord's harmony changes into a Dominant sus. You have the Dominant 7th and 9th as part of the previous chord, but the bass which must be the root forces the 9th and the broken 11th into a sus chord, which melts most people's ears (including mine). Any 11th chord are broken, and shouldn't be used. So here are the chords you here in the harmony, in the order you hear them (I only care about the harmony, not the base chord because this music is transposed by a few seminotes): Maj7 Maj7 Maj7 Major Min7#5 Min7 Major Dominant9sus sus4 sus4 Major6 Min7#5 Min7 Major9 Major Dominant13add2 I could go on about these chords forever. Though, even if they have a meaning by themselves, they will not mean the same when we add the bass to the mix. Time for the bass. Well, just have a listen: So with the highest part of the music being defined to be the melody, and the lowest part of the music being the bass, let's listen to them together (the rhythm between them might be the thing you have to be born with to be a truly good composer. Sadly, I am not): Now, to combine the bass and the harmony, to create those sus chords and complex ear bleeding stuff. There is one thing I haven't talked about, and it is the horrible Major 6th chords in there. The melody might force this to be music in mostly Major 6th, but any Major 6th chords should be banned because they are manipulative. Thankfully I only have a split second of the music actually playing the Major 6th. I could make a whole blog post just about why Major 6th is evil, but for now, let's concentrate on this d*mn thing: And to complete the different variations, here is the melody and harmony together (the music is pretty much completed when the drums kicks in): And to finalize this thing, the final music (all combined, good riddance!): Now if I managed to be a good teacher, all of you will compose great music in the future. But from experience, I am not a good teacher. Also, I will take questions if there are any?
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    I spent my time around 11-12PM yesterday to make the base And did the finishing stuff today for like less than 2 hours. Drawn in Ms. Paint, Colored in GIMP Seriously, there's nothing else i can draw besides of my OC. I still ain't sure whether I wasted my time or not, doing this (I might regret putting this here later in the future) (Re-did the eyes a bit, not sure whether that makes it looks even worse or not) (Changed the mane a bit)
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    Well, as thou can probably tell, the two-parter after Top Bolt I am not particularly satisfied with. So much so that I'm not going to bother looking up what its actual name is. But, hopefully, going over the episode before that, Top Bolt, shall cool me off a little. That's sort of the funny thing there. Admittedly, I've not touched the show in a good long while. Perhaps I'm a bit unused to it, rushing into perception maybe. I can't completely remember the other combinations the Cute Map has given the Main Six. But, as I look back with fuzzy memories as I watched Top Bolt, I thought to myself. Have the two sent mares always made the problem worse by interfering like they did in this episode? I mean, think about it. It was, indeed, mentioned that there would be solo tryouts for the new cadets for Wonderbolt academy. Does indeed make sense, that's something any school or training facility like this would do. Test every aspect just for cases like this where one pony is helping another. You know, something any competent teacher would likely catch. Raininator certainly caught on at what was happening because she'd been going through the same drills and exercises herself. Really don't think any actual organization would just let some random princess and employee just waltz in and loudly claim that they'll be taking over for the already preassigned teachers. But I can let that go, kids' show rules of reality, I suppose. Even if T.Sparks herself only learned to fly less then a year ago and would be a massive fault to put her in charge of those born with wings. But i'm just being pithy now. (Oh, and yes. From now until the end of my attention span... those two main mares shalt always be known... *drumroll* As T-Sparks & the Raininator!) My point there was, is that at some point, it would only be natural that Sky Stinger would have to preform on his own and back up his own claims. Really, likely far before this point... like in foalhood. Like... how in the name of logic did he even make it up to Wonderbolt Academy if the stallion can't even fly higher then twelve feet of his own strength? Really, it was shown that Vapor Trail was flying backwards in order to compensate for her partner in order to help him. Putting aside the scientific fact that most wings tend not to be biologically designed to rotate both ways, or indeed even the implied natural magic for such things. Putting aside even the fact that that effectively doubles Vapor's workload to the point where that should make her the single best natural flyer, by dint of practice. How does nopony notice that she's been doing this for almost a decade now? ESPECIALLY THE TARGET OF THESE EFFORTS?!!? Sorry... sorry, two-parter rage kinda spilling over there. Admitedly, I must say that Skyscourge is how you do an overconfident character. I mean, he does have results he can point to to back up his claims. Even that "Yeah, I know." was just so summarily put that it doesn't make you want to maul him like we often want to do with Rainosity Clash here. I mean... Raininator! Why, even in that training session he did with T.Sparks looked like he was truly buckling down once he noticed that he did seem to be having troubles doing it on his own. And, we certainly know T well enough to know she wouldn't just let a student immediately give up and go trotting to the teacher he does think befits his talents. If her neuroticism had anything to say about it anyway. But, the easiest solution to this whole episode would have just been them being the best friends those two ponies said they were. Vapor could had easily just said that she wasn't confident on doing on her own (which was clearly already a voiced concern by Sky) and indirectly suggest Sky do the same, and have the issue come up naturally, if she didn't want to just come out and admit that he'd been leaning on her this entire time. This whole episode didn't really need our two Main Mares. This whole episode boiled down to "Helping Helpers help the other Helpers they're already helping." But that arises a bigger issue, I feel. This episode debuted Vapor Trail, which apparently caught on in the fandom pretty well. I don't get it. She's a horrible character. Now, hear me out. She's a sweet & kind mare, I cannot argue that point! But, putting aside the fact that (Huh... I keep saying that... it's almost as if I'm being incredibly passive-aggressive manipulative here or something.) she and her foalhood coltfriend are clearly bait for us fandom shippers, she doesn't really exist on her own will. Almost everything about her exists by its relation to another character, Sky Stinger. She's helping him out... for almost her entire life, without any a word about it or acknowledgement, to even her own detriment. This seems strongly of an unhealthy relationship. At that, even a horrible ideal to tell your audience to live up to. ...Sigh. Of course, I'm over reacting there. ...I have... a bit of a history with helping others who never cared enough to ever acknowledge my contributions. It is most likely entirely my own opinion that its unhealthy to have your only driving force be helping others. I had a very, very strong feeling that Vapor only ever attended Wonderbolt Academy because Sky wanted to, and she had no other plans or will to do anything else of her own other then to keep propping up Sky to avoid having to deal with herself. In turn, Sky probably only came to the Wonderbolts because of the one mare that had believed in him. Maybe its just my own weird mind putting a dark tinge to things, but... I can only think of one catalyst that would make Vapor's parents be as protective & child-centeric, as was the excuse why she looked to concern herself with Sky's lot, ...past trauma. Oh, and one last thing. That little line of T-Sparks? Regarding the admonishment of Sky for, quote: being "...so content to take a backseat." That almost felt hurtful. That scene of him getting passed up in a family game of catch seemed awfully indicative of him always being the Sixth Wheel, being forever forced to be in the backseat. Like something like that kind of upbringing would lead a stallion to constantly think that he has to speak up and self-advertise... because nopony else will ever care enough to be on his side. Other then the one that has chosen to be by his side, for years even. Who just basically told him that their entire relationship up until now has been one big lie. Kinda expected a little more drama from that in that episode. ... Which. Ironically enough, runs contrary to what I happen to think about the Two-Parter.... *sound of grinding teeth* Well! Start off with the good parts, maybe! I loved that part about Luna coming in to mentor Starlight Glimmer! "I see much of myself in you, Starlight Glimmer..." Aye! You mean constant regret and depression that you can't live on without remembering? The nagging thoughts of having once been a major threat to the entirety of the free world, knowing full well you harmed other ponies and living on despite your dark past? Having a constant self-doubt into how you could relate to other ponies and get on with your life, knowing full well of what prior consequences had led to? A pretty much dark coat color scheme, a somewhat sparkly mane and, I'm pretty sure, stars in your cutie marks? HOO! SOME FODDER FOR THE FANDOM THEORISTS THERE! (Specifically, that this new generation of alicorns are being trained to replace Luna & Celestia someday.) But, onto the negative I suppose. ...Yes. That was pretty much only one solid, positive moment. Namely, in the field of questions I want answered is just one simple thing I feel ought be addressed. That... of... ... HOOOOOOWWWWW?!!? GOOD GRAVY! THE WRITING ON THIS WAS ATROCIOUS! Darkstone? Some randomly, just introduced element that has only just now came up? This mega powerful artifact that can somehow blanket wipe the all the power in a several mile radius (INCLUDING CHAOS MAGIC, WHICH BY DEFINITION SHOULD WORK WITHOUT BEING CONTROLLED!) has never been managed or been a concern to the Leaders of The Free World before now? This MacGuffin can somehow effect literally every being, likely assisted in the takedown of the entire world, was still somehow managed to be carved into a giant gothic throne and never left the pit it was wedged into. That can somehow manage to nullify a draconequus lord that has very likely outlived even the planet itself, has never been noticed before? What, did nopony ever lead a reconnaissance mission into this territory before, notice that the species that has proven to be hostile before somehow has a huge anti-magic field effect around their hideout and not think "Gee, maybe I ought report this back to Celestia & Luna..." Just... so much of this episode seemed focused around blatantly transparent ploys to cripple the forced protagonists and create drama. This is exactly why I don't watch live action shows, or indeed, pretty much only My Little Pony. Needless Drama. You can practically hear the writers go "Uhh... wait, we can't just have the Changelings literally take over everypony everywhere. There would be instantly nopony to oppose them, and no reason to make an episode about it." "Well, there's Discord. He's not a pony." "Yeah, but he could just snap a finger & blow them all up into confetti or something." "Oh! I know! Have all magic be useless!" They neutered Discord for this. Or, at least, completely forgot his character was already a solve-all. Magic doesn't work within two miles of the place? Oh, I dunno, Keep dropping stuff on them from miles away until they give up? Or, maybe... I dunno. Actually know your friends will enough to notice when they're acting strange? Good grief, the changelings that took over the places of the Main Six were horrible actors. That's kind of why you don't ever see the "Shapeshifters replacing everybody you know" trope. Because it can't possibly work. You know how The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers did it? Because they gave their victims only a minute to react. "Oh, dude, you sure are acting strange today..." "IT IS BECAUSE HOUSE MESS IS. PLEASE DO LOOK INSIDE TO SEE WHY PROBLEM IS." "Well... sure... I suppose just a quick poke of my head inside won-" *instantly grabbed by alien tentacle. You know what the problem with trying to impersonate somepony, especially those well known is? No one being could ever know every intricacy of the personality & mind of those they're replacing. Such as Pinkie Pie ever... ever, forgetting someponies name. You don't think Pinkie, at the least of them has contacts with every single member of this town? You don't think any one of these victims won't scream for bloody murder, causing the neighbors to become alarmed? These Changelings barely even bothered to not raise suspicious. Heck! At one point, they KNEW nopony else was around, and were just fooling around in a chamber disguised when they didn't need to! SOMEBODY! PLEASE! EXPLAIN TO ME HOW! How in Equestria, did one tribe of Changelings, who have been shown already failing spectacularly to claim just ONE city before, SOMEHOW managed, in the span of barely, at most, three days, to completely overpower THREE ENTIRE KINGDOMS, AND FOUR LEADERS OF GREAT MAGICAL POWER?! Really, how? How do you claim one, without alerting the others when Canterlot was already so hard as to require spy tactics and ambushing & mind controlling the leaders. We won't ever get an answer for that, will we? Just a "Well, they already won, so here's all the drama in how they got taken down. Drama." We keep having that happen in this show. Just wave away any other solution that might solve the problem, so we have a main character to deal with it. Celestia & Luna have held responsibility over this realm for over a thousand years, but these days they just hand down threats? We have the Crystal Kingdom, a Two Leader matriarchy in Canterlot, and SIX competent protectors in Ponyville. If ANY of those pieces fall, it brings down the hammer of the other two, equally important pieces on this board! The only way the Changelings plan could have worked, is if they somehow simultaneously infiltrated all six strongholds, with each their own personalized strategies, all at the same time. Gosh, I don't know much about past wars and military tactics, but what does history say about attempting to simultaneously taking on all of the rest of the world on all at once when they have the higher population numbers? And how did they deal with Chrysalis? You know, after she got done monologuing & spouting threats like the flanderized villainess she is now? The same way we always do. Talk about how its wrong, and spew friendship speeches again. I still remember that scene. Thorax has stumbled on the fact that he has found a better way to feed, Queenie doesn't believe him, so she threatens him. Starlight's plan... is to give her all the love while she's in the process of already draining his love. Oh, btw. Appearently Changelings can feed off other Changelings. One would think biology doesn't work that way, or would point towards a possibility of them just sorta feeding themselves, but no. Guess "drain love" is just a stock threat we can use now that has no bearing on what the magic involved does. Despite this entire race being formed around that feeding magic. This, of course, is another thing I want explained to me. Does that not boil down to: "I'M GOING TO SHOOT HIM UNTIL HE BLEEDS!" "AGH! NO! QUICK THORAX! BLEED ALL OVER HER BEFORE SHE MAKES YOU BLEED ANYMORE!" I don't get it. So too, was that line about the hive constantly shifting, that only changelings could navigate what seemed chaotic. Yeah. Neat. Sure is useful in expediting yet more drama. Nor do I understand how then, does his body decide to reform itself. Or why a cocoon is relevant to that. Because, you know, the point of a cocoon in nature is to protect the defenseless creature inside. Which, making yourself vulnerable mid-battle & mid-climax, is kind of a stupid thing to do, even if you've blown your enemy back a few steps. Oh, and apparently... despite this "sharing of love" effects having shown a slow build in Thorax, having affected his hunger and his wings slowly enough for him to only passingly know of the effects and those same effects still, as yet, being minor enough... now, suddenly every single other changeling that does the same action INSTANTLY transform. Oh, and the one guy that did it first gets a bigger, showier after affect that marks him as being special. Oh... wait... I forgot. It's magic. WE DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT. The whole thing wrapped up so quickly. Like, seriously, somebrony time that. There's no repairs to make after the world domination, nopony wants to immediately hunt down the Queen that just claimed revenge and has clearly shown herself capable of being a threat, there wasn't one single changeling that resisted the regime change and thought about it a bit more like any other sentient being would. Just a brushing off of the hands, because jobs done and we don't have to think about it anymore. I hated 28 Pranks Later for how it warped a character to fit what the story needed. Warped even the environment and personality of background characters just so everything could center around what it wanted to accomplish. A Mary Sue/Gary Stu is the term for a character that forces everything else to how it relates to them. So what then is a story that defies everything else to force it to do what the story wants it to do? This was all Prefabricated Drama. The worst thing any story or show can do, In my opinion... nay, any idea or concept... is to be Predictable. Oh, something happens, who's left has to fufill the role of being the hero now, they get there, what they had previously depended on is proved to not be as reliable anymore, they confront villain, say they're holier... I mean "Gooder" which makes them win. Everybody involved laughs about it. More episodes like this two-parter... and I'll have to leave the fandom entirely. If only because it would become something I can no longer enjoy. I can't care if there isn't any unpredictability. Characters that are foremost themselves & their own living, growing experiences instead of just being what the current story dictates they be. Well... I suppose that still shows up. Trixie showing herself as more of a coward when she has to actually combat a threat and admitting she isn't really anything special. Discord getting them in trouble for shouting about himself at the wrong time & being too readily dismissable of threat when he usually has too much power to be concerned about anything. Starlight's usual troubles with her social anxiety & depression. Thorax being even less of a useful figure & spineless as he was pretty much raised to be. There's still depth... but still that notion that the writers don't want to try for what amounts to a Kids' Show... Yeah... while it had more good points then 28 Pranks later, which I can only ever see as hateful & stupid, To Where & Back Again is certifiably the worst episode ever in my book. (Oh... Oh, I see what you did there Hasbro. Equated the title to a well known book that became a well-known movie recently. Despite the stories having nothing but a mountain in common & unlikely heros. Almost as if you were grasping for attention.) Bleh. I've got a bad taste in my mouth now. I need me a pancake. ...maybe I can bake some Sake into one...
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    I feel much better and Happier that I'm the real me and now i'll have to get clothes that are for the real me and i have been feeling this way as long as i can remember and my family will not accept the real me and they will disown me for being different and put the bible in my face.
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    I'm still not comfortable around my family and they still treat me like a kid even though i'm trying to talk to them like an adult and my gender dysphoria is acting up more then normal and I just want to be the real me and it feels wrong that i have to hide the real me from my family.