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    More than twenty years after her death, ventriloquist and entertainer Shari Lewis was and remains a national treasure. This appearance by her with her famous sock puppet Lamb Chop really shows just how great she really was.
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    It's time for another weekly Samurai Fact! This week's fact... Code of Honor. I mentioned the major difference between Ninja and Samurai in my first weekly Samurai Fact post. The only other *major* difference between them is their code of honor. For the samurai class, it was a requirement to have a code of honor. Historically, the samurai's code of honor was known as "bushido", or "the way of the warrior". For the ninja class, there was no requirement to have a code of honor. Ninjas were often called to perform jobs of espionage, assassination, and other acts that would usually be seen as dishonorable under normal circumstances. Having a code of honor would get in the way of completing these jobs. Ninja still had their own ethics, so it was not impossible for a ninja to adopt a code of honor. It just wasn't a requirement. It mostly depended on what a ninja wanted to do with their life and the skills they've acquired. There were times when ninja armies would dedicate their loyalty to a samurai clan. And as I mentioned before, being a ninja is not a job title, so plenty of ninja could go on to become actual samurai themselves. Sorry this fact is a day late! The forum was having technical problems, and as they say in Japan, it couldn't be helped.
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    Digimon Adventure/02's American dubs infamously inserted jokes that aged so poorly that they soured before they aired on Fox Kids. But whenever it got serious, nine out of ten times did they not pull punches. When the partner of the former Digimon Emperor (Ken Ichijouji) disintegrated, it brought back horrifying memories of Ken watching his older brother getting fatally run over. Two episodes later, he got his own introspective, as he finally returned home after running away. Genesis of Evil was equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming. Despite getting the welcomed news that Wormmon and all other digimon don't technically die, the fact that Ken abused him and so many other Digimon over the years made him worry that Wormmon won't want him back or give him a second chance. His visit to the Primary Village is his first since abandoning his villainous alter ego. This is where it gets to my top moment of the whole season in the season's best episode: reminiscing the time where he visited the DigiWorld for the first time, he promises to be the kind and gentle Ken that Wormmon likes and wants back.
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    Yup, I'll say it again like I did on my status update. Don't be worried about me on my job, things are going great. Physically demanding as it is, I am nowhere near struggling right now. I am consistently getting in the top 3-5 for performance and finally was the top performer for the night last night. Now I just gotta do that for four 50-hour weeks in the season rush and I'm good to go.
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    Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? How they keep remodeling restaurants these days to be all bland and contemporary while taking out all of the theming and charm. I dunno if this is just a regional thing, and it's probably just a U.S. thing, so this won't be relevant to everyone. I'm gonna focus on three big chain restaurants as examples. I've been a regular customer of Black Angus steakhouse for almost 30 years, and I've always loved the atmosphere. It manages to upscale while keeping a rustic, wild west, cowboy motif. With the wood paneling and the thick, solid wood tables with the unfinished look, coated with a clear resin finish, the atmosphere made you feel like you were dining at a horse stable. It made you feel like you should tie up your horse at the hitching post before you sit down. It made you feel just a little bit like a cowboy cooking grits in your cast iron skillet over a campfire on the open range. It was brilliant. Yesterday, I went in there, and they had completely remodeled the interior since the last time I was there. As expected, every trace of cowboy western decor is gone. It's just plain, bland, ordinary, neutral, ultra-modern, contemporary crap. It just looks like Denny's now, albeit slightly fancier. The tables are just that fake wood laminate with the strip of black rubber around the edge. There's no western feel at all. It's just garbage. I'm really upset by it. I wouldn't be quite so upset if this wasn't a rampant trend. Every restaurant is doing this these days. For years I've been watching with disappointment and rage as restaurants remodel and strip away every shred of unique theming and charm. The Olive Garden used to look like a quaint Tuscan villa. Made you feel like your were eating in a wine vineyard. Now it looks like the waiting room at a dentist's office. Red Lobster used to look like you were dining on the deck of clipper ship. It had shiplap walls and fishing nets and rigging. Now it just looks like everything else--no theming at all. Why the f*ck are restaurants doing this?! Where in the hell are the getting this cockamamie idea that they have to gut all the theming and make it look like a doctor's waiting room in order to stay relevant?! Why are restaurants completely against theming and unique decor now?! Or is it that people actually want this?! If so, then what the f*ck is wrong with everybody?! Why can't we have themed restaurants?! Why can't we have unique atmospheres?! We should have more theming, not less! I want restaurants that look like castles and pirate ships and rustic cabins and wild west saloons and pagodas and futuristic space stations! Why does everything just have to be this boring, sterile, bland, contemporary crap?! What's wrong with themes?!! Why does everything have to look the same?! They've even stripped away almost all of the theming at places like Las Vegas, and even theme parks! THEME PARKS. There's no theming left at THEME PARKS!! Why has theming become so unpopular now? Themes are awesome! What's wrong with this world?! WHAT THE F*CK?! CELESTIA DAMMIT! I HATE IT!! AAAHHHHRRR!!!!!
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    Name: Infinigirl Civilian Identity: Josie Carter Species: Cloned Eloi Age: 14 Powers and Abilities: Much like Infinite, Infinigirl's reality warping powers manifest themselves as a standard Flying Brick powerset. Having the mind and emotional maturity of a 14 year old girl, however, means her powers are much more volatile and dangerous - a teenage temper tantrum could very well mean the apocalypse, hence why Infinite has taken her under his wing in the Victory Legion; working with others ensures better control of her godlike abilities. Appearance: In contrast to Infinite's flexible yet armorlike outfit, Infinigirl wears a much more comfortable silver and black blazer-and-skirt combination, almost resembling a magical girl in some aspects. Her hair a light brown, and she has blues eyes in contrast to Infinite's gray. Bio: Much like everything else related to him, Infinigirl's creation over a 21-year period is connected to Infinite's eventual peaceful anarchist society. Carefully cloned in the various Sanctuaries constructed by Infinite across the earth, Infinigirl has a twofold purpose - first, to act as Infinite's successor for when his work on Earth has been completed, and secondly to act as the daughter he could never truly have. Infinigirl, like any teenager however, wants something more out of life than just to be a successor to Infinite. She wants to be her own person. Weaknesses: As stated before, Infinigirl's powers are much more volatile due to her hormonal changes; much like Infinite, she needs to keep her emotions under control lest reality be torn asunder. Personality: Josie is (initially) rather self-centered and a drama queen, and tends to abuse her powers to aid her in everyday life or to fulfill whatever she desires at that particular moment. Deep down, however, she really is Infinite's (cloned) flesh and blood, sharing his rebellious spirit and desire to help others. Granted, she always tries to find the quick and easy solutions to problems (and more often than not they tend to only be temporary fixes at best; at worst they don't fix anything and do more harm than good). Between all the superhero stuff and studying for algebra, Josie Carter has a lot to learn.
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    It's time for another weekly Samurai Fact! This week's fact... The Class System. In the era of feudal Japan, there was a hierarchy of importance for different kinds of citizens. To put a very abridged spin on it (because sometimes the hierarchy could be more complex than this), peasants and commoners were at or near the bottom tier of the hierarchy. The next tier above them were warriors and elites; such as Samurai and Ninja. The upper tier consisted of regional lords (daimyo) and the battle generals/warlords (shogunate). And at the very top, though he was often more of a figure head than actual ruler, was the Emperor. In these times, it was easier to be promoted up the hierarchy. Going in reverse direction, or getting a demotion, was often shameful and frowned upon. Think of it like having a white-collar job one day, then homeless the next. In the earlier years, mostly the Edo period, it was a lot harder to go from one tier to the next. In fact, no commoners could become samurai themselves; you had to be born into a samurai family to become one. In later years however, like the Sengoku era, things were a bit more fluid. The Sengoku Era, best translated as the "Waring States" era, is when civil war in Japan was at its worst. So naturally, there was a higher demand for soldiers, thus the need to welcome more commoners into their ranks IF they pledged their loyalty.
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    Here is a compilation of Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee) on the Pipe Organ and Drawbar Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, please consider joining them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    It's time for another weekly Samurai Fact! This week's fact... Archery. Before they were famously known as skilled swordsmen, the samurai class started off as horse-mounted archers. The need for swords and other weaponry arrived when the samurai would be the first ones to charge into war and other battle situations. But we'll be covering the full gambit of their weapons arsenal in another, future samurai fact.
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    This week's fact... The main difference between a samurai and a ninja is one's an occupation, the other is not. If you are a samurai, you are a soldier employed by the emperor, a member of the shogunate, or a regional lord. You are usually paid in money, resources, education, and a greater status in life than the average commoner. If you are a ninja, you are a practitioner of ninjustu. It's a martial art, not a job. Shinobi are male ninja, kunoichi are female ninja. Which is exactly why ninja can also become samurai (or work for samurai), and why a samurai can learn ninja skills. Basically, whatever shows like Naruto teaches you, take it with a grain of salt. There is some truth in those shows, but also lots of fantasy. What do you think, my crowd? Should I keep this up every week? Silence, positive reactions, and positive comments will be taken as a yes. Only negative comments and negative reactions will be taken as a no.
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    Here is I'm The Friend You Need from My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Forward. I am expected to move forward. Regardless of whether or not I can handle it. Regardless of even if I'm going to make it through. Still, the forward momentum is expected. Alone and weary of my Life's lot, I'm apparently to blame for everything that's wrong. Statistically speaking, it can't all be me, right? Still, the forward momentum is expected. People I know are dying faster now. It feels like everything is winding up to fall down. So many faces that I once knew well are gone. Still, the forward momentum is expected. Is this the fate that Life has picked for me? If so, I want to make an executive choice, here; I don't have to take the abuse from anyone. I can move forward without being forced to. As long as I keep moving Forward.
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    I’ve been inactive for a long time until recently, only posting around five or so content each week, sometimes less than that. I kinda just posted one or two things occasionally on these forums during that time. This started sometime in the beginning of 2019 and has lasted up until a few days ago. The reason why that’s happened is because I’ve been experiencing a ton of difficulty with depression and anxiety. I had no motivation to post any content on the forums and I constantly felt depressed and anxious. That’s also why I’ve been having a tough time in life, even though I’ve been getting counseling and therapy for the past few months. Now that I’ve been taking a new medication though, I think it’s finally working and I have more motivation and energy to get out of this rut that I’ve been stuck in for a year or two now. I still have a long road to recovery, but at least things are looking better for me. Also, I wanted to say something else. Even though I’ve become very active on these forums again, I don’t intend to stay active for a very long time. I’m planning to get very busy with things in life soon, and that means less time for me to be active on these forums. I’ll still continue posting on these forums for the time being though, until I start getting very busy again.
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    Here is a Christmas Classic, Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Here is J.S. Bach's I Stand By Your Manger Here. As performed by Gert van Hoef on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/olcbarcelonamusic More information about them: http://www.mysheetmusictranscriptions.com Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    Name: Aquaria, Wrath of Hydra Civilian Name: N/A Species: Deep One  Age: Roughly 80,000 Powers and Abilities: Immense strength, inhuman agility, especially when underwater, the ability to commune with sea creatures, arcane spells powered by the Gods of the Deep, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra and the Great Dreamer Himself, Cthulhu.  Appearance: Aquaria stands at roughly 7 feet tall, with green, scaly skin, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth and fangs. Her rather scrawny form hides her true strength. She wears a set of sea blue armor covered by a hooded cloak made from the skin of a whale, the armor itself decorated with various bones. Biography: Born to the Deep One Queen Pth'thya-l'yi, the Lady of the Abyss, Aquaria has observed human civilization from afar for millennia. As such, she finds most human religions rather quaint, as her Gods are quite real, unlike those of man, who simply pray that they are real. Like many of her kind, she has bred with humans in the past, leaving behind many hybrid young, most of whom eventually returned to the sea. It wasn’t until recently, however, that she ventured onto the surface. The Second World War proved quite troublesome for the Deep Ones, with the naval battles taking place on the surface causing havoc down below. Aquaria was sent onto the surface to try and put a stop to it. Along the way towards the capital of Germany, where she intended to kill Adolf Hitler, she was reunited with an old paramour, Infinite. He had formed a team, which she joined until the war was over. Once that happened, she returned to the ocean, but not before giving Infinite a medallion that would, she said, call her if he squeezed it and said her name in a time of need. Now, nearly seventy years later, he has finally called. Personality: Aquaria is scholarly, zealous about her faith, rather slow to trust, and boisterous in combat. Outside of it, she spends much of her free time reading, drawing, meditating and practicing magic. She is fiercely loyal to her family and those she calls friends, and she considers Infinite to be her brother. The Deep One female is extremely intelligent, relying on brains just as much as brawn to win a fight. She finds most human religions to be rather quaint and ridiculous, and operates on an utterly inhuman set of morals, which is to be expected, as incest, cannibalism, slavery, ritual sacrifice and murder are commonplace among her people.
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    Today's post is a little different and it starts a slightly different series of posts. Today's post isn't a game, but it's still a big box. Anyhow, once upon a time, unofficial "addons" that were sold in stores were a thing, and it was common in the US, Europe and Russia. These "addons" were not authorized by the creators of the games they were for, except for some rare exceptions! The discs themselves usually contained things like utilities, maps, campaigns and, often times, cheats and trainers. They were popular before the days of constant Internet access so more people could enjoy fan-made content. Today's shovelware big box is Stellar Forces for Starcraft. Released in 1998, this particular addon was yanked mere weeks after Micro Star released it. Blizzard sued them and forced them to recall all unsold copies, which were subsequently destroyed. The reason Blizzard had this 'expansion' recalled was that Micro Star's previous expansion for Diablo was of very poor quality and they didn't want this poor quality product associated with their new title. Because the remaining copies were destroyed, copies of this particular Starcraft 'addon' are extremely hard to come by. Discs alone are uncommon, jewel cases with the artwork are even more rare but a complete boxed copy, like mine, is exceedingly rare. This fell into my lap and I didn't even have to pay inordinate amounts of money to get it.
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    #TaylorvilleStrong One year ago today, a massive EF-3 tornado swept through my hometown of Taylorville, IL damaging 700 buildings and destroying 30. The outpouring of support that we’ve gotten from not only each other, but from the surrounding cities and counties means a lot to not only me but to the entire populous of the city. I will never ever forget that day. I was watching supercell storms transverse the Illinois River valley in the few hours before the Taylorville tornado. I wasn’t really paying attention to the small storm that started to form just east of St. Louis at around 3 pm. None of us could possibly know what was going to come. The following morning, my dad and I did a quick survey of damage. I was extremely shocked at what I saw. The devastation was shocking but the fact that this happened in Taylorville was even more shocking. The damage I saw will be ingrained in my memory forever. It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year, and it’s great to see just how far we’ve come. But Taylorville is still coming back. So, here’s to Taylorville continuing to come back as well as it can.
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    I know a long time ago, I made a list of all 50 States ranked, but there's more than a few issues with it. First off, it was before I was more informed on the statistics. Second off, this is my opinion, take it with a grain of salt. And lastly, I will be finishing this fully later (explanations, and all), just publishing the list for now. 10. California. Oh Cali, the $#!+stain of the west coast. Why aren't you on more lists like this? Is it because people don't see you for the #3!!hole you really are? The economy here is among the worst in the states with the infamously HIGH cost of living (houses cost an average of $443,400 which is 129% higher than the national average and apartment rent goes for an average of $1358 which is 36% higher than the national average), for what amounts to an average at best living, from all indications... Smog is everywhere in the larger cities, you get blackouts from time to time to conserve power (because your state has WAY too many people in it), and oh, the wildfires. Half the state goes up in flame every year, because drought conditions keep allowing the conditions to be present for everything to just light up. The infrastructure is poorly maintained, being a ways below average in that department (US News and World Report ranked it 32nd), and it even has a poverty rate higher than the national average (Around 9% higher, not much) even with the inflation that comes with the neo-liberal policies. It's only this low though because there is some positive to the expensiveness of living there, and to dealing with the forest fires and all. The healthcare is actually really solid, and I do have to say that the drought really isn't as bad as some other states. 09. Kentucky. Only the first deep south state to make the list, Kentucky may have a few decent places to live in, oh but the backwoods are seriously backwoods. Just going by the whole state's numbers, 16.9% of the population lives below the poverty line, 43% higher than the national average, 23.2% of the population 25 and older has a bachelor's which, although it sounds high, actually is 25% lower than the national average. Also, the healthcare there is pretty much on par with most really backwoods states being ranked 44th on the US News and World Report's list and its education system is marginally better than the likes of its neighbors being ranked 38th on the same list. Oh and of course this is counting the good parts of Kentucky, too. We don't even want to get into the backwoods meth labs and ginseng harvesters. If I were you, I'd rather avoid being shot by a 16 gauge, and just not go on living there. I know after that last line, you may say "but Kentucky has one of the lowest crime rates in the country" and yes, it does. But that's what's REPORTED. I guarantee you, in the backwoods, there's a heck of a lot of murdering and theft going on that's left unreported. 08. Arizona. If you think the only issues with Arizona are the stupidly high temperatures, extreme dryness, and scorpions everywhere, well sorry to say, you're not exactly correct. The state has plenty of other problems that have nothing to do with pests and extreme weather. The state reports 474.9 people out of 100,000 there are the victims of violent crime, which is 103% higher than the national average, 14% of the state's residents live below the poverty line (which is 19% higher than the national average), and 12.7% of the population lives without health insurance, which is 27% higher than the national average. I think it seems there's more than enough desperation going on here to warrant its placement on this list. Not to mention the desert climate also really hurts it, because deserts, if you're somehow unaware, f***ing SUCK to live in. I'd rather avoid getting stung by a scorpion and shot by a .357 in the same night and just get out of there. Now from here, it's going to get much worse. The above three are a far cry from the rest of the list. I'm just going to say there's a massive gap between Arizona and the next entry on this list. 07. West Virginia. John Denver, I certainly hope you weren't talking about THIS West Virginia in "Take me Home, Country Roads" because oh it sucks here, and by sucks I mean it's like living in the worst parts of Rust Belt Ohio (which IS NOT ON THIS LIST) if you combined that with the just plain $#!+tiness of backwoods Kentucky. The infrastructure there is ranked dead last on the US News and World Report's list (and I'm sure abandoned mine shafts don't make good roads, right), 17.8% of the population of the state lives below the poverty line, which is 51% higher than the national average, the healthcare ranks 48th on the USNaWR list, and the median household income is 24% lower than the national average. It seems like the mines ran dry a long time ago here, and it really is looking bad for this state now, and it's about time to move out of this state because it sure as heck is not going to be QUITE like you remembered it. Just don't listen to the meme and actually move to this dump, move to Iowa or something instead, because that place is great unlike, well, West Virginia... Heck, go to EAST Virginia. 06. Mississippi. M-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i. Who even thought of that name for an actual state of the union? I certainly had no part in it, nor would I have. The name is silly, and the state is just as backwards as is to be expected from most states in the deep south. This was actually THIRD on the list, but then I realized all the other states above this are just that much worse. Mississippi has one of the worst poverty numbers in the country with 19.7% of the population not being able to cross the line (a staggering 67% higher than the national average), it has the worst healthcare in the country according to the USNaWR list, and oh the humidity. The humidity there is awful. I know because I have been there, once. And if you think Texas gets bad humidity, go a little ways east and you'll find it unbearable. I forgot to mention that the state is 46th in terms of education (or as the locals may say, "ed-u-ma-cay-shee-un"). Just, get out of there, before the redneck gets to you and you start pronouncing words like that. *I will stop here for now, will get to these entries later and likely publish it a second time when I do* 05. Arkansas. 04. New Mexico. 03. Alaska. 02. Louisiana. 01. Alabama. Oh and a dishonorable 11th and 12th place go to Tennessee and Michigan. There are parts of these states that aren't so bad, but they end up this low because both of them have a crime problem in their larger cities. Tennessee also has mediocre healthcare (compared to the other states, which isn't good considering healthcare in this country sucks in general), and Michigan has a rotting infrastructure and boasts two problem cities in Flint and Detroit, both of which have been badly left behind by the changing times. I also changed some rankings, after really reading through everything myself. Like Mississippi went up three whole spots in the making of this list. Also, not done with the top 5 yet. Sources: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rankings https://www.statista.com/statistics/200445/reported-violent-crime-rate-in-the-us-states/
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    Name: Eisheth, Collector of Souls (among other titles) Civilian Name: Elizabeth Chandler, Private Investigator Species: Succubus Age: Somewhere in the 1000s, last she checked. Powers and Abilities: Master of seduction, teleportation, illusions, superhuman strength and agility, and wish granting - all vital to her job as a "contractor" of Hell. Appearance: In her civilian identity, Eisheth appears to be a black-haired pale woman in her 20s or 30s, dressed in the stereotypical film noir garb of a grey trenchcoat and pork pie hat. She describes her human form as "if Morticia Addams went into adult films" - an hourglass figure, 36DD breasts...the whole shebang. Her eyes are a sharp emerald green (black in her succubus form), her lips ruby red. In short - she's every femme fatale from the classic potboilers. Her succubus form on the other hand, is an equally seductive red devil, with a white, razor-toothed grin, massive bat wings, and a n orange and black formfitting dress. Bio: Eisheth, as she would eventually be known as, was born sometime in the early Middle Ages, probably in the 6th or 7th century - her memories are foggy. What she remembers from her past life, though, was that she grew up in a life of prostitution. She was killed on her 21st birthday by a customer, and as per medieval beliefs, sentsnced into the circle of Lust for her "transgression" . However, Lilith took pity on the girl, and saw that she didn't deserve a fate such as hers. So, she made the girl a deal - she would bring her back to life, in exchange for giving the Queen of Hell her soul and working on Lucifer's behalf as a "contractor" - a tempter and collector of souls. The girl, seeing no other choice, accepted. Her first stop upon returning to Earth? A visit to her last customer. She slaughtered them all. Him and his entire family. And so, she adopted the name Eisheth, traveling the world for centuries as many things - a mercenary, a knight in the Crusades, an entertainer for soldiers in both World Wars (with spying on the side)...and now, she's decided to settle down in the backass of nowhere, Hell, Michigan. Not to worry, though - she's got her partner (in both senses) Necroia to help her investigate the strange goings on in the Putnam Township and surrounding areas. Personality: Eisheth is...well, a lust fiend, to put it bluntly. She loves nothing more than bedding various men and women, but outside of her "work", she is completely faithful to Necroia. But she is also crafty and sharp-witted, knowing just how to tempt her clients in exchange for their souls. That sharpness and quick-thinking comes in handy in her day job as a PI as well - and more often than not, her cases are tied to the supernatural occurrences in Michigan. Weaknesses: Sounds cliche, but holy objects. And objects related to abstinence.
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    Content Count: 3.034 Posts made, that counted.(+8) Day's Won: 7 Days having the most brohoofed content.(--) Last day having most brohoofed content: 30th December 2014 Ammount of Brohoofs: 30.144 Brohoofs received(+439) Followers: 407 Users following me.(+2) Forum Rank: Yak(--) Profile Views: 455.615 times User watched my profile.(+5.879) Last 6 Visitors: @Samurai Equine @RaraLover @Bas @vivishy @Sparklefan1234 @Dark Horse Ammount of Blogs: 5(+0) Ammount of Entries in my Blogs: 210 Entries(+1) Ammount of Comments in my Blogs: 230 Comments(+1) Ammount of Views in my Blogs: 29.060 Views(+132) Ammount of Content: 3.183 Pages(+16) Ammount of Status Updates: 360 Pages(+4) Ammount of Status Replies: 616 Pages(+2) Topics Posted by Me: 36 Topics(+0) Posts in "Count to a million" = 58.426(--)(To be continued!)(But theres no way to check how many posts i have now, so until theres a way, it just keeps like this) Days Won Counter: 3rd on 6th May 2019 with 35 Brohoofs 3rd on 1st April 2019 with 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8th April 2014 with 131 Brohoofs 2nd on 1st April 2014 with 77 Brohoofs 2nd on 31st March 2014 with 114 Brohoofs 2nd on 30th March 2014 with 90 Brohoofs 1st on 29th March 2014 with 96 Brohoofs 1st on 27th March 2014 with 73 Brohoofs 1st on 26th March 2014 with 78 Brohoofs 2nd on 18th March 2014 with 29 Brohoofs 3rd on 17th March 2014 with 28 Brohoofs 1st on 9th March 2014 with 78 Brohoofs 3rd on 28th February 2014 with 27 Brohoofs 3rd on 24th February 2014 with 25 Brohoofs Ranking most Brohoofs received: 5th(--) Ranking most Content: Not included(--) Ranking most Status Updates: 2nd(+1) Ranking most Articles: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Ranking most Characters: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Ranking most Answers: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Ranking most EQE Characters: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Most Submissions: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Most Banners: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Most Readings: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Most Records: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Ranking most Calendar Events: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Ranking most Applications: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Ranking most Blog Entries: 8th(--) Ranking most Posts(All): 1st(--) Ranking most Product Reviews: Not included(Doesn't exist anymore) Awards received: 55(+2) Award Ranking: Not included(--) Fics: 4 completed(+0), 0 uncompleted(-0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) PlayStation Trophies: 3.182 Trophies(+19) 24 Platinum(+1) 125 Gold(+5) 507 Silver(+28) 2.526 Bronze(+7)(I messed something up here, because all trophies wont fit with the different trophies, oh dear) Games with Trophies: (NEW)(PS4)Death Stranding 0% 0 of 63(+0% 0 Trophies) (PS4)BioShock Infinite 12% 11 of 81(+5% 5 Trophies) (PS4)Call of Duty Modern Warfare 98% 27 of 28(+64% 14 Trophies)(Platinum) (PS4)BioShock 2 67% 37 of 54 (PS4)BioShock 59% 48 of 66 (PS4)Wolfenstein Youngblood 7% 5 of 61 (PS4)F1 2019 32% 21 of 51 (PS4)Red Dead Redemption 2 84% 46 of 52 (PS4)Battlefield V 40% 13 of 22 (PS4)Spyro the Dragon 4% 3 of 37 (PS4)Spyro 2: Rypto's Rage! 0% 0 of 30 (PS4)Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon 0% 0 of 41 (PS4)Metal Gear Survive 11% 8 of 52 (PS4)Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 1% 2 of 103 (PS4)Horizon Zero Dawn 14% 14 of 79 (PS4)Shadow of the Tomb Raider 31% 46 of 100 (PS4)F1 2015 26% 15 of 46 (PS4)F1 2018 13% 7 of 50 (PS4)Call of Duty: WWII 21% 21 of 91 (PS4)F1 2017 4% 2 of 51 (PS4)Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition 32% 23 of 61 (PS4)Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 35% 21 of 50 (PS4)Wolffenstein II: The New Colossus GER 33% 29 of 81 (PS4)Wolfenstein: The Old Blood GER 47% 30 of 51 (PS4)Wolfenstein: The New Order GER 67% 36 of 51 (PS4)Grand Theft Auto V 50% 41 of 78 (PS3)F1 2014 60% 34 of 50 (PS4)The Last of Us Remastered 29% 13 of 50 (PS3)Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 48% 43 of 61 (PS4)Killzone Shadow Fall 53% 28 of 47 (PS4)F1 2016 14% 8 of 50 (PS4)Fallout 4 15% 15 of 85 (PS4)Call of Duty: Black Ops III 38% 35 of 99 (PS4)Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered 56% 39 of 59 (PS4)Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered 62% 39 of 53 (PS4)Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered 58% 38 of 54 (PS4)Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 45% 40 of 89 (PS4)Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 53% 45 of 91 (PS4)Call of Duty: Ghosts 40% 39 of 92 (PS4)Battlefield 1 64% 32 of 51(Platinum) (PS4)Rise of the Tomb Raider 40% 54 of 125 (PS4)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered 100% 51 of 51(Platinum) (PS3)F1 2013 40% 23 of 46 (PS4)Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 84% 56 of 68(Platinum) (PS4)Table Top Racing: World Tour 33% 16 of 37 (PS4)Bully 100% 38 of 38(Platinum) (PS4)Battlefield Hardline 62% 41 of 63(Platinum) (PS4)Battlefield 4 67% 43 of 68(Platinum) (PS4)Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition 55% 30 of 51 (PS4)Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 100% 43 of 43(Platinum) (PS4)Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 100% 15 of 15 (PS4)The Order: 1886 42% 9 of 22 (PS3)F1 2012 56% 34 of 50 (PS3)F1 2010 55% 36 of 50 (PS3)F1 2011 68% 29 of 39 (PS3)Dead Space 67% 41 of 49 (PS3)Dead Space 3 39% 24 of 59 (PS3)Dead Space 2 GER 49% 27 of 51 (PS3)Beyond: Two Souls 36% 21 of 46 (PS3)BioShock Infinite 31% 31 of 81 (PS3)BioShock 2 44% 33 of 69 (PS3)BioShock 56% 46 of 66 (PSVita)Killzone: Mercenary 60% 36 of 53 (PS3)Metro: Last Light 28% 19 of 71 (PS3)Red Dead Redemption 48% 39 of 91 (PS3)Grand Theft Auto IV 68% 43 of 66 (PS3)Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 100% 15 of 15 (PS3)Call of Duty: Black Ops II 45% 40 of 91 (PS3)Battlefield 1943 100% 12 of 12 (PSVita)Welcome Park 100% 13 of 13 (PS3)The Saboteur 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Grand Theft Auto V 56% 37 of 59 (PSVita)Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 91% 44 of 46 (PS3)Battlefield 3 61% 40 of 64 (PSVita)Uncharted: Golden Abyss 100% 56 of 56(Platinum) (PSVita)PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 97% 55 of 56(Platinum) (PS3)Batman: Arkham City 31% 23 of 71 (PS3)Batman: Arkham Asylum 57% 31 of 48 (PSVita)Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Need for Speed: Most Wanted 70% 42 of 61 (PS3)WipEout HD 24% 19 of 51 (PS3)LittleBigPlanet 27% 23 of 70 (PS3)Battlefield: Bad Company 2 71% 51 of 73(Platinum) (PS3)Killzone 100% 59 of 59(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 51% 55 of 105(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 73% 48 of 71(Platinum) (PS3)Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 100% 48 of 48(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 100% 34 of 34(Platinum) (PS3)Battlefield: Bad Company 67% 38 of 51 (PS3)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 61% 49 of 77 (PS3)Killzone 2 66% 52 of 84(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 100% 50 of 50(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 100% 46 of 46(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 88% 48 of 51 (PS3)Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 51% 41 of 73 (PS3)Killzone 3 64% 52 of 79(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: World at War 71% 45 of 65(Platinum) (PS3)Call of Duty: Black Ops 68% 46 of 71 - = Got more rare += Got less rare Rarest Platinum: War Hero(Killzone 2)(--) 2.20%(-0.01%) Unrarest Platinum: Tier 1(Call of Duty Modern Warfare)(NEW) 26.07%(-0.00%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Platinum): 1.War Hero(Killzone 2)(--) 2.20%(-0.01%) 2.The Legendary Hero(Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)(--) 4.44%(-0.00%) 3.Extremely Solid(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 5.03%(-0.01%) 4.Legend(Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PS4)(--) 5.59%(-0.02%) 5.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield Hardline PS4)(--) 5.81%(-0.03%) 6.Vic Boss(Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD)(--) 6.67%(-0.00%) 7.Platinum(Call of Duty World at War)(--) 6.69%(-0.02%) 8.Bad Company Elite(Battlefield Bad Company 2)(--) 7.01%(-0.02%) 9.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PSVITA)(--) 7.30%(+0.01%) 10.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield 4 PS4)(--) 7.43%(-0.03%) 11.Platinum(Killzone 3)(--) 7.84%(-0.02%) 12.World War One Hero(Battlefield 1)(--) 8.19%(-0.04%) 13.Just another day at the office(Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered)(--) 10.22%(-0.04%) 14.Platinum(Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception)(--) 11.02%(-0.03%) 15.One Last Time(Uncharted 4 A Thief's End)(--) 11.45%(-0.05%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Platinum): 1.Tier 1(Call of Duty Modern Warfare)(NEW) 26.07%(-0.00%) 2.Valedictorian(Bully)(-1) 23.97%(-0.05%) 3.Platinum(Uncharted Drake's Fortune)(-1) 18.86%(-0.04%) 4.Platinum(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(-1) 16.72%(-0.04%) 5.Platinum(Killzone HD)(-1) 15.77%(-0.05%) 6.Complete all other trophies(The Saboteur)(-1) 14.80%(-0.04%) 7.All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(-1) 14.70%(-0.02%) 8.Platinum(Uncharted Golden Abyss)(-1) 13.36%(-0.03%) 9.Snake Eaten(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PS3)(-1) 13.15%(-0.02%) 10.One Last Time(Uncharted 4 A Thief's End)(-1) 11.45%(-0.05%) 11.Platinum(Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception)(-1) 11.02%(-0.03%) 12.Just another day at the office(Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered)(-1) 10.22%(-0.04%) 13.World War One Hero(Battlefield 1)(-1) 8.19%(-0.04%) 14.Platinum(Killzone 3)(-1) 7.84%(-0.02%) 15.Platinum Trophy(Battlefield 4 PS4)(-1) 7.43%(-0.03%) Rarest Gold: Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto IV)(--) 2.58%(-0.00%) Unrarest Gold: Collateral Damage(The Order 1886)(--) 80.45%(-0.02%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Gold): 1.Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto IV)(--) 2.58%(-0.00%) 2.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 2.72%(-0.01%) 3.Solid Gold, Baby!(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 2.79%(-0.01%) 4.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 3.19%(-0.01%) 5.Best in the West(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 3.82%(+0.02%) 6.Heroic Survivor(Killzone 2)(--) 3.84%(-0.01%) 7.Valor Grand Cross(Killzone 2)(--) 4.01%(-0.01%) 8.Amateur Radio Operator(Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)(--) 4.04%(-0.00%) 9.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3)(--) 4.53%(-0.00%) 10.Sounds of the Battlefield(Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)(--) 4.55%(-0.00%) 11.Multiplayer Elite(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 5.24%(-0.02%) 12.The Longest Day(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 5.34%(-0.03%) 13.Virtually Impossible(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 5.44%(-0.01%) 14.Complete Stealth(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 5.56%(-0.01%) 15.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 6.18%(-0.01%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Gold): 1.Collateral Damage(The Order 1886)(--) 80.45%(-0.02%) 2.Modern Marvels(The Order 1886)(--) 77.01%(-0.03%) 3.A Knight No More(The Order 1886)(--) 69.77%(-0.05%) 4.Bought a Slot(BioShock 2 PS4)(--) 69.56%(+0.03%) 5.Three for One(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(--) 64.73%(-0.01%) 6.The Pacific Campaign(Battlefield 1943)(--) 62.58%(+0.00%) 7.Escape(BioShock 2 PS4)(+1) 57.85%(-0.01%) 8.Charted! - Normal(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(-1) 57.82%(-0.05%) 9.Liberation(Wolfenstein The New Order GER)(--) 57.41%(-0.03%) 10.Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser(Killzone 3)(--) 56.16%(-0.05%) 11.The Fugitive(Dead Space 2 GER)(--) 53.39%(-0.01%) 12.Like a Boss(Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD PS3)(--) 51.94%(-0.03%) 13.Trigger Discipline(Call of Duty Modern Warfare)(NEW) 50.37%(-0.00%) 14.Charted! - Normal(Uncharted Drake's Fortune)(-1) 50.08%(-0.06%) 15.A Cut Above(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PS3)(--) 48.48%(-0.01%) Rarest Silver: Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.83%(-0.01%) Unrarest Silver: Bare-knuckle Slugger(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 85.05%(-0.01%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Silver): 1.Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.83%(-0.01%) 2.No One Will Believe You(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(--) 2.98%(-0.02%) 3.Mission Complete(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 3.04%(+0.00%) 4.Shadows Cannot Be Killed(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.07%(-0.01%) 5.Endangered Species(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 3.20%(-0.01%) 6.The Knowledge(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 3.70%(-0.01%) 7.Fully Equipped(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 3.78%(-0.01%) 8.Dare Devil(Grand Theft Auto 4)(--) 3.85%(-0.01%) 9.Gun Nut(Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)(--) 3.95%(-0.01%) 10.Tell Me a Tale(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 3.98%(-0.00%) 11.Outgunned(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 4.78%(-0.02%) 12.In It to Win It(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 4.82%(-0.00%) 13.Decorated(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 5.70%(-0.02%) 14.Executed(Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PS4)(--) 5.85%(-0.02%) 15.Untouchable(Killzone 2)(--) 5.93%(-0.02%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Silver): 1.Bare-knuckle Slugger(Uncharted 2 Among Thieves)(--) 85.05%(-0.01%) 2.Out of the Frying Pan(The Saboteur)(--) 84.46%(-0.02%) 3.Into the Fire(The Saboteur)(--) 83.49%(-0.01%) 4.Stepping up(Formula 1 2018)(--) 83.42%(+0.02%) 5.Killer on the loose(Battlefield Bad Company)(--) 81.69%(-0.01%) 6.Two for One(PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVITA)(+1) 81.27%(-0.00%) 7.Victory!(Formula 1 2019)(-1) 81.21%(-0.43%) 8.Grim Reaper(Battlefield 5)(--) 80.70%(-0.35%) 9.Top 3(Formula 1 2016)(--) 79.33%(-0.10%) 10.Headshot Expert(Uncharted Drake's Fortune Remastered)(--) 78.73%(-0.01%) 11.Baneful Payback(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(--) 78.65%(-0.02%) 12.Dress for Success(BioShock Infinite PS4)(--) 77.90%(+0.05%) 13.On the podium(Formula 1 2017)(--) 76.85%(-0.40%) 14.Master of your domain(Battlefield 1943)(--) 76.06%(-0.01%) 15.Arkham City Sirens(Batman Arkham City PS3 DLC)(--) 74.93%(-0.02%) Rarest Bronze: High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 2.73%(+0.00%) Unrarest Bronze: A Rite of Passage(Table Top Racing: World Tour)(--) 98.49%(-0.00%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(Bronze): 1.High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(--) 2.73%(+0.00%) 2.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(--) 3.16%(-0.01%) 3.Rolling Heavy(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(+1) 3.33%(-0.01%) 4.St. Bernard(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(-1) 3.34%(-0.00%) 5.Scout(Killzone Shadow Fall)(+1) 3.49%(-0.01%) 6.Horses for Courses(Red Dead Redemption 2)(-1) 3.54%(+0.09%) 7.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3)(+1) 4.06%(-0.00%) 8.Non-Regulation(Red Dead Redemption 2)(-1) 4.15%(+0.13%) 9.Veteran Ribbon(Killzone 2)(--) 4.21%(-0.01%) 10.Expert Ribbon(Killzone 2)(--) 4.24%(-0.01%) 11.Shiba Inu(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(--) 4.26%(-0.00%) 12.Outmaneuvered(Killzone Shadow Fall)(--) 4.47%(-0.01%) 13.It's Art(Red Dead Redemption 2)(--) 4.53%(-0.00%) 14.Unlocked(Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes PS4)(--) 4.67%(-0.00%) 15.Genetically Superior(Grand Theft Auto 4)(NEW) 4.78%(+0.00%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(Bronze): 1.A Rite Of Passage(Table Top Racing World Tour)(--) 98.49%(-0.00%) 2.Undercover(Wolfenstein The Old Blood GER)(--) 97.66%(+0.10%) 3.Freeflow Combo 5(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(--) 97.11%(-0.01%) 4.Followed Rost's teachings(Horizon Zero Dawn)(--) 97.05%(-0.01%) 5.War Never Changes(Fallout 4)(--) 96.92%(-0.03%) 6.2X Multiplier!(LittleBigPlanet)(+1) 96.88%(-0.01%) 7.Path of the Stars(Shadow of the Tomb Raider)(-1) 96.83%(-0.11%) 8.Deja-vu(Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus GER)(+1) 96.18%(+0.21%) 9.I'm Batman(Batman Arkham City PS3)(-1) 96.03%(-0.01%) 10.Artist(LittleBigPlanet)(--) 95.93%(-0.00%) 11.Shocking Rescue(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(--) 95.78%(-0.01%) 12.Somebody Else?(Beyond Two Souls PS3)(--) 95.72%(-0.01%) 13.Fix Me Up(Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3)(--) 95.72%(-0.00%) 14.Come In(Killzone Mercenary)(--) 95.41%(-0.00%) 15.Written in the Clouds(BioShock Infinite PS3)(--) 95.25%(-0.00%) Top 15 Rarest Trophys(ALL): 1.War Hero(Killzone 2)(Platinum)(--) 2.20%%(-0.01%) 2.Key To The City(Grand Theft Auto 4)(Gold)(--) 2.58%(-0.00%) 3.Great Dane(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(Gold)(--) 2.72%(-0.01%) 4.High IQ(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(Bronze)(--) 2.73%(+0.00%) 5.Solid Gold, Baby!(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Gold)(--) 2.79%(-0.01%) 6.Curator(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Silver)(--) 2.83%(-0.01%) 7.No One Will Believe You(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Silver)(--) 2.98%(-0.02%) 8.Mission Complete(Call of Duty Black Ops 2)(Silver)(--) 3.04%(+0.00%) 9.Shadows Cannot Be Killed(Killzone Shadow Fall)(Silver)(--) 3.07%(-0.01%) 10.Close Shave(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Bronze)(--) 3.16%(-0.01%) 11.Career Criminal(Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4)(Gold)(--) 3.19%(-0.01%) 12.Endangered Species(Grand Theft Auto 4)(Silver)(--) 3.20%(-0.01%) 13.Rolling Heavy(Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4)(Bronze)(--) 3.33%(-0.01%) 14.St. Bernard(Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty HD PSVITA)(Bronze)(--) 3.34%(-0.00%) 15.Scout(Killzone Shadow Fall)(Bronze)(NEW) 3.49%(+0.00%) Top 15 Unrarest Trophys(ALL): 1.A Rite Of Passage(Table Top Racing World Tour)(Bronze)(--) 98.49%(-0.00%) 2.Undercover(Wolfenstein The Old Blood GER)(Bronze)(--) 97.66%(+0.10%) 3.Freeflow Combo 5(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(Bronze)(--) 97.11%(-0.01%) 4.Followed Rost's teachings(Horizon Zero Dawn)(Bronze)(--) 97.05%(-0.01%) 5.War Never Changes(Fallout 4)(Bronze)(--) 96.92%(-0.03%) 6.2X Multiplier!(LittleBigPlanet)(Bronze)(+1) 96.88%(-0.01%) 7.Path of the Stars(Shadow of the Tomb Raider)(Bronze)(-1) 96.83%(-0.11%) 8.Deja-vu(Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus GER)(Bronze)(+1) 96.18%(+0.21%) 9.I'm Batman(Batman Arkham City PS3)(Bronze)(-1) 96.03%(-0.01%) 10.Artist(LittleBigPlanet)(Bronze)(--) 95.93%(-0.00%) 11.Shocking Rescue(Batman Arkham Asylum PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.78%(-0.01%) 12.Somebody Else?(Beyond Two Souls PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.72%(-0.01%) 13.Fix Me Up(Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.72%(-0.00%) 14.Come In(Killzone Mercenary)(Bronze)(--) 95.41%(-0.00%) 15.Written in the Clouds(BioShock Infinite PS3)(Bronze)(--) 95.25%(-0.00%) Games Played: 99 Games(+1) Completed Games(100% Trophies): 16 Games(--) Completion: 53.52%(+0.61%) Unearned Trophies: 2.501 Trophies(-19) Trophies per Day: 0.89(+0.00%) -=Losed positions +=Earned positions World Rank: 174.873(+1.391) Country Rank(Germany): 14.106(+105) MLP App Game Stats Friendship Code: 24c4d30 Name: RisingShine94 Characters: 404(+13) from 818(+6) Collections: 32(+4) from 157(-0) Costumes: 99(+1) from 100(+1) Shops: 106(+0) from 193(-0) Current Laughter Pieces: 999 956(-43) Current Generosity Pieces: 974(-12) Current Honesty Pieces: 992(-7) Current Kindness Pieces: 981(-18) Current Loyalty Pieces: 986(-0) Current Magic Pieces: 999(+0) Current Stars: 2020(+70) Current Friendships: 35(+0) Current Achievements: 10(--) from 25(--) -=Losed positions +=Earned positions Minelore Rank and record:10.387(-213) with 77.673 Points(--) Title Melody Rank and record: 6.341(-275) with 3.723 Points(--) This Strange New World Rank and record: 29.372(-1.433) with 6.020 Points(--) Time To Come Together Rank and record: 1.761(-55) with 20.113 Points(--) EG-Groove Rank and record: 2.127(-62) with 19.092 Points(--) Cafeteria-Song Rank and record: 44.985(-2.134) with 10.813 Points(--) Rank: 127(+1) VIP Rank: 0(Nicht mehr vorhanden) Current Bits: 17.518.179 19.004.760(+1.486.581) Current Gems: 130(-74) Areas Unlocked: 7 of 7(--) Hope you enjoyed those useless stats, see ya next month n.n
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    Well it took me like 3 days to become champion. Granted there were some people that beat the game in a couple days. I thought I want to share my final team as I became champion. Coalossal actually turn out be really the most use member on my team. I mean I'm not a big fan of Rock type Pokemon, but I do like Fire Pokemon and well it was pretty much very useful for the game. Maybe not so much in it's first two forms, but the final form is where it shined. Though I don't think Modest nature is the most ideal nature for it. Though it could serve as a Physical or Special sweeper if built right. While Alcremie isn't exactly that useful in terms of single Pokemon as it is suppose to serve more as a Support Pokemon. However it did have some use and was like my third most used member. Basically all it was use to fight Fighting, Dragon, and Dark type Pokemon on my team with Dazzling Gleam. Though Modest nature is actually a pretty good nature for it, though it may not be ideal if you want it to be support, but still can work as a special attack sweeper especially with Acid Armor with this nature. So Modest still is pretty good nature for it. Obstagoon was actually a Pokemon line that I was surprised that to keep on my team . I mean it actually good or useful, but it kept some sort of balance and basically used against Ghost Pokemon. It isn't all that useful against Psychic Pokemon as most of them seem to be Psychic type with something that can counter Dark Pokemon. Though not sure if Hardy is the best nature for it, then again it might not be worth really building competitively unlike my first two Pokemon. Toxicity is like my second most used member on the team. Now I kind of ended up taking away its Poison attack moves that made it a bit more useless to some Fairy Pokemon, but then again most Fairy Pokemon I battled had Psychic typing, so... However it was still useful against Corvikinight . Jolly is certainly a terrible nature for it, so I wouldn't bother raising it competitively with Jolly. Or take away its Poison attack moves . Not going to lie, but not really a big fan of this thing. I mean is by far least used member on my team. I added it to create some sort of balance, but it just sat their during major fights and was just used on random trainers if I needed to use a water move, but then again I had a Rock and Grass Pokemon that can do better job of taking care on what I need Water for. Heck I had a Fairy for Dragon. Maybe I should have gone with Galarian Meowth or Yamask over this. And I had Galarian Meowth for a bit...or even a Galarian Mr. Mime would have been better, but the time I got Galarian Mr. Mime, my team was pretty much set. Originally I was going to start off with with Scorbunny, but something changed that . So I ended up with my traditional first start being Grass Pokemon. Now it wasn't useless, but it wasn't useful towards mid-game, but did come around to some degree late game. I mean unlike Dracovish it at least had a bit more more chance to make it through what it had an advantage to. Though Lonely nature again might not really be ideal for it.... So that is my final and really all I can say I did have fun with the game! Now I'm going to rank my team. 1. Coalossal- Loved it 2. Alcremie- Loved it 3. Toxicity- Like it 4. Rillaboom- Like it 5. Obstagoon- Indifferent 6. Dracovish- Didn't care for it
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    Here is a compilation of Coldplay's Viva La Vida on the Pipe Organ and Drawbar Organ. As performed by Benedikt Müller. Enjoy. Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/olcbarcelonamusic More information about them: http://www.mysheetmusictranscriptions.com Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, please consider joining them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PROFILE CONTAINS RATHER STRONG LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Name: Marvelous Civilian Name: Austin Oliver Species: Human Age: 12 Powers and Abilities: Heigtened perception, superhuman strength and speed, nigh-invincibility, deadly marksmanship with any weapon Appearance: Austin Oliver is a fairly typical-looking tween, if a bit of an early bloomer (as evidenced by the peach fuzz growing on his upper lip, mild acne, and bit of facial hair on his cheeks and chin). He has slightly long, dirty blonde hair, light green eyes, and appears rather light-skinned, almost pale. When transformed into Marvelous, he appears to be of adult height, dressed in an armor resembling a Heisei era Kamen Rider, colored primarily in red and gold. His symbol, that of a lightning bolt, appears around his waist, resembling a belt buckle. Bio: Austin Oliver is Pennsylvanian, born and raised. Most would call him a foul-mouthed, arrogant little shit, and he wouldn't argue otherwise. He's always had to look out for himself; his home life certainly isn't unpleasant, but it's rife with problems - his mom came out as lesbian recently, and this hasn't sat well with anyone, especially not Austin himself. Oh no, he isn't homophobic by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a lot to take in even with a town with such a prominent gay community like New Hope's. Doesn't help that his dad ran off afterwards, almost like he blames Austin for "making" his ex-wife gay. Add to that Austin having been recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and you'll start to understand why Austin's been acting out so much recently - he's got a lot of new things entering his world, and he has no idea how to deal with them. But there's at least someone Austin knows will listen - the old dude in the park. He and Austin get along pretty good; the old fart's a World War II veteran, probably the oldest person the boy knows, and he seems to have lived a fulfilling life. So what made an old fart like him decide to settle in a place like New Hope? "That," the old man answers, will be told in due time. " So weeks and weeks pass by until Austin, impatient, asks him, " OK, what's the big fucking holdup!? " The old man glares at him. "Is that any way to speak with your elders?" " If they'rd not telling me jack shit, yeah, I think it is! " Pinching the bridge of his nose, the old man sighs. "Alright, then, follow me. I have to show you something." Immediately Austin is skeptical . Is this guy some kinda pedo, wanting to get into a 12 year old's pants? The old man seems abhorred by the very concept, and he truthfully denies it. Before Austin can get another word in, the old fellow seems to mutter something, and all around them the park seems to dissolve into nothingness. They're in some kind of cave, the old man now holding a staff with a lightning bolt at the end of it. "Austin," he says. " i've been searching for someone like you for decades. Someone to carry on my legacy. " "Legacy? The hell are you on about, dude?" " You see, Austin, I have not had the easiest life either. My parents were killed when I was a baby, and I was raised by my evil uncle. It sounds cliche, yes, but everything I have said to you up to this point is true. Do you believe that? " Austin only nods. Good. Now, I was approached by an old man-much like myself nowadays-one night, and he was looking to pass on a lsgacy of his own. The legacy of a champion, pure of heart and selfless no matter how much life got them down. And that is the legacy I want to pass onto you." The old man, the former Champion of Earth, raises his staff. " Austin Oliver, I bequeath unto you the powers of the mighty wizard. The wisdom of Sia, the speed of Horus, the invincibility of Achilles, the spirit of Zelos, the prowess of Artume, and the valor of Malwort! Say the name that, together, these gods will grant you the powers of the Champion! Say the name...SHAZAM!" Weaknesses: On the surface, Marvelous is able to withstand anything and everything thrown at him. That only extends to his hero form, however. In his regular child form, however...all bets are off. Marvelous' rogues gallery, like those of "the Champion" before him, can and will use every opportunity to try and kill Austin, his age be damned.I
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    Black Clover Ending #8 Song: against the gods Artist: m-flo
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    Borderlands 1 v Borderlands 2 v Borderlands 3 Category [Max Possible] Borderlands 1 (RM) Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3 Aesthetic [20] [18] [16] X [19] NPCs [50] [42] X [48] [33] Playable Characters [30] [24] X [26] [24] Story [50] [38] X [49] [37] Gun “Feel” [30] [28] [27] X [30] Weapon Variety [70] [58] [62] X [66] Skill Tree Design [70] [57] [63] X [64] Weapon-Based [30] X [30] [20] [23] Farming [50] [41] [30] X [45] Skill Design [50] [42] [43] X [44] General Fun Factor [50] [44] [46] X [48] Total [500] 422 430 [X] 428 Aesthetic- Really the graphics don't matter all too much, but Borderlands 3 is the game that takes it here for sure. The guns particularly probably have the best design of all three games quite easily. Borderlands 2 ends up the worst of the three because it's visuals now are starting to seem dated in comparison to the new visuals with quite a few noticeable differences. But this is no biggie. NPCs- Anybody who's played these games should really be easily able to see how Borderlands 2 takes the cake here. Handsome Jack is quite easily one of the best, well-written, video game villains of all time who's hilarious in his own right even in a game series devoted to a violent sense of humor that leaves the audience maniacally laughing. This is unfortunately where Borderlands 3 falters most though. Ava is straight up terrible, and the lack of many favorites from Borderlands 2 leaves there more to be desired, even among more humorous NPCs and Bosses like Captain Traunt. Playable Characters- Anybody who knows a little about my preferences will know the answer to this one. Axton single-handedly allows Borderlands 2 a victory in this category, even if I also really liked Krieg (because I do like OG Mordecai and Zane). The other two just don't have anything like the handsome, gorgeous husbando that is Axton... Seriously, he's quite something. No wonder he appears semi-naked in adult magazines inside of Moze's mech... Story- Borderlands 2 hits this category out of the park. The story of the second game is not only a masterpiece, but a demonstration of the potential of a Borderlands story arc. Roland's death hits the player HARD and really impacts them in a way they won't soon forget. Also the motivations of Jack are VERY well put out there. As for the other two games, Borderlands 1 has a very barebones story... It works, but it's nothing spectacular. Just an adventure to the Vault. Borderlands 3 on the other hand is a bit disappointing here, but I actually won't spoil it, thus the lack of spoiler tags. Gun Feel- Borderlands 3 simply takes this category and RUNS with it. The guns feel powerful and impactful like you're really firing a gun. The other two simply don't have this, and 2's in fact just feels like you're just using a bullet hose instead of a real gun in comparison. Weapon Variety- Borderlands 3 also easily takes this category with it's ABSURDLY high number of legendaries. You've got stuff as simple in design as the Crossroads that's essentially an SMG version of the old Conference Call, and then you have really unique weapons like the Duc that's essentially what happens when a Jakobs revolver meets a Torgue gun. Borderlands 1 is a clear loser here because there's so many far too similar legendaries that don't differentiate themselves (Looking at you, Tediores). Skill Tree Design- This is a close one, but Borderlands 3 takes it for its level 2 Action Skills, even if I have some gripes when it comes particularly to Fl4k's skill trees, because he's just overtuned and there's also some bad design with his ability to make weapons that should never crit able to. Borderlands 2 is a VERY close second particularly with the design of Krieg's skill trees. I absolutely adore the care they took to design a character that just rampages into battle, damaging himself but absolutely destroying everyone in his wake. Borderlands 1 is a distant third, thanks to Roland's skill trees being $#!+. Weapon-Based- This category was made specifically to tell you the thing I miss most about Borderlands 1 that ISN'T in 2 or 3. GUN PROFICIENCIES. I totally loved this mechanic, and instead of refining it further what do they do other than introduce one of the worst design choices in Borderlands history, the Badass Ranks (not censoring because that's just what they're called). Small buffs you get for seemingly no reason that apply to EVERY character... Guardian Ranks in 3 are better designed, but just please give us back our gun proficiencies (and our broken BL1 Shotguns). Farming- Borderlands 3 easily takes this category as it allows you to choose how you want to farm your legendaries. Whether you like farming one boss or you like Borderlands 2's style (which is the inferior way by the way, just saying), you can farm them up how you like. Now for BL2's way of farming, I HATE IT. It's tedious, long, and just ridiculous for some legendaries, and that's not even MENTIONING pearls. That's easily my LEAST favorite part of BL2 and it's biggest problem. Skill Design- Nothing really to say here except they just got progressively better at what they already were doing since the start, and that is to create interesting and diverse playstyles for each character. Still missing the Truxican Wrestler class mod though, and also the greatness that was Pistol Mordecai. General Fun Factor- Really just a category for anything I left out, and Borderlands 3 does it all the best of the three. Overall Winner- Borderlands 2, but barely. The problems with 3's story and NPCs are just too difficult to ignore, even if the gameplay is an improvement in every possible way. Also, republishing so everyone can see this. Shame on me.
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    I don't I will ever come to this in good for the simple reason that I always complete the 'important' jobs first such as school work. Anyway, I get into to it pretty easily because it just my thoughts as I go along. Well I will need to pull together the plot points and narrative from the previous two points for a look into how chapter 1 will be structured. Synopsis: Eniac arrives at night when no other pony is awake just the landlord. Landlord passes the news of the stranger to a friend and the chain continues. Eventually we reach Sugar Plum and she decides in that moment to find out more. Here the reader also learns about Sugar Plum from her own perspective. The landlord is tired so won't be paying close attention to his surroundings. He will mainly be in his own thoughts: the weather is quite cold, well winter is coming and the sky is clear. That's the weather ponies. Maybe they could cover it up a bit for tomorrow. But it shouldn't be too miserable I need to get on with some gardening. I should get a gardening pony would be cheaper, maybe I can get this pony to garden, maybe...maybe he does not pitch...it is late etc. It will be more fluid than that but yea, there is no context just straight in. Then Eniac arrives in the distance walking straight to the landlord who gives his opinion of Eniac as he arrives. Eniac just acknowledges what the landlord is saying. He enters the house and closes the door as the landlord is talking. the landlord becomes a bit flustered, anyway unnecessary detail. The landlord then tells a friend the next day about this strange and rude new comer who wouldn't talk to him and is dressed completely in rags. The story slowly changes as the message is passed through the ponies with the dialogue becoming more snatched as the message gets closer to Sugar Plum. It hits Sugar Plum. The first remark is a random remark from Sugar before settling into the idea of this new pony. Here there is a different image of Eniac with Sugar adding exaggerated characteristics and thinking about how best to approach him. She also thinks about all the meetings with friends and plans for the village she needs to carry out. She also notices things around her on other ponies. The reader gets the feeling that she is very mentally active and very concerned about other ponies in terms of how they see her. The voice of the other pony she is talking to starts to slip into her thoughts. She finally says something to the other pony; along the lines of: 'That's fantastic [so and so] but I need to see this new pony!' and then random remarks about future plans and anything that was talked about previously. The first chapter will be pretty short just an introduction to Sugar Plum and the arrival of Eniac as well as setting up the narrative for the rest of the story. I may revisit this adding more detail, but I think there is enough here to start making drafts after I have analysed the other chapters.
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    Picture taken from the Club Penguin Wiki. Name: Lettuce Civilian Name: John S. Manchot Species: Toon Penguih Age: Unknown, but claims to be 19; considering he's from the "Tooniverse", that's actually very vague. Powers and abilities: Limited reality warping and harnessing of physics - only affects immediate area - advanced healing factor, limited omniscience (i.e. fourth wall breaking) Appearance: Small green penguin, about 3 1/2 feet tall, white sclera and black irises, stomach area also white, with orange beak and rounded rectangular feet (note lack of visible toes) Bio: Lettuce claims to be from an alternate reality known as the "Tooniverse", which seems to primarily based upon cartoons from the Golden and Dark (particularly in regards to Hanna-Barbera) Ages of Animation, living alongside existing characters and expies of such. Through the aftereffects of the dimension-crossing incident elaborated on in Jyger85's crossover between Starslip and Ms. Amazing, Lettuce is pulled from his home dimension and dropped into the Renegadeverse's version of Earth. With no way to return home, Lettuce settles in San Francisco, where he lives with his human girlfriend Lynn and the nonbinary alien Ziggy, working as a performer on a local children's television show - hey, if people just think you're a short person in a costume, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Personality: While Lettuce might partially be based on Howard the Duck in terms of his origin story, he's the opposite of said character in terms of personality - overly idealistic and naive to a fault. In fact, his world doesn't seem to have any ideas of real-world concepts such as serious violence, swearing, or the ramifications of alcohol and smoking. It's this childlike wonder and curiosity, mixed with Lettuce's often zany schemes to satisfy base desires like food or making a quick buck, that generally drag him into his adventures in heroics. Weaknesses: If Lettuce has any major weakness, it's that he is just as susceptible to real world laws of physics just as others are to his. Adding onto that, his healing factor works similar to Deadpool's: he might be able to heal from any injury, but as a result of the sudden dimension-crossing, it not only takes a while, but is...rather painful and gruesome, depending on the injury.
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    The Infinite, as depicted via Hero Maker 3 by Jyger85. Used with permission. Name: (The) Infinite Civilian Name: Joe Carter Species: Extradimensional Being, an "Eloi", as they are named Age: 1,938 Powers and Abilities: On the surface, The Infinite 's powerset appears to be the standard Flying Brick/Superman Substitute set - flight, X-ray vision, godlike strength, etc. But it goes beyond that - his true powers lie in the ability to bend reality to his will, do anything he'd like. But due to his nature as a Chaotic Good being, he chooses not to exploit these powers (See "Weaknesses" for the more important and real reasons). Appearance: Joe Carter is a tall man at around 6 feet or so, his skin tone a dark tan and his eyes a low silver; both of these are deliberate on his part, as he identifies not with any race or nation, but with humanity as a whole. He wears an armor made of flexible yet strong material, in blue and gold. Bio: Joe Carter has not had an easy life, mostly because he's lived for almost two millennia, adopted many names and forms, and experienced many things than one man does in his own lifetime...he isn't sure who he really is anymore. But he remembers the important things. He was "born" in 81 AD, somewhere in the Roman Empire. Raised among the early Christians, it was from them that he learned things such as morality and self-control - which especially came in handy when he started discovering his powers. Interpreted by his community as neither angel nor demon, the man who would become Joe Carter was sent away on his own so that he could escape both persecution from the Romans and possibly a violent reaction from other followers of Christ. At 25, he stopped aging physically. At 30, he took on his first persona - a missionary who would teach in secret. At 50, he became a Roman soldier and witnessed the true horrors authority could sink to. Things get muddled from there on out, but what this man took away from his centuries of experience is that humanity needed to unite as one. Not through force, or through forming mutually beneficial relationships of power that would eventually rot from within. But through the examples of goodwill and inspiring others to do the same. He would become a hero. And through becoming a hero, hopefully humanity would feel the need to unite as an anarchist society. Personality: As stated before, Infinite is a benevolent anarchist Superman, taking more inspiration from the Man of Steel's Golden Age incarnation more than any other. He is willing to help those in need, but makes a point to ensure his actions are more good than chaotic a lot of the time. This ties into his biggest fear - the very real danger of his message becoming corrupted and used by more...violent anarchists supposedly in his name, but whose real motivations are more self-interested in causing chaos for the sake of it. Weaknesses: Since (unlike Superman) his powers are not determined by any of our physical laws, Infinite's logical weakness lies in his willpower and emotions - much like a Green Lantern. Hence why he's only tapping into the surface levels of his powers. He's fully aware that he can become a god like so many people can claim, he deliberately chooses not to for fear of not only becoming corrupted by the potential, but also because he might end up tearing reality to shreds in the process.
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    In honour of Armistice, Remembrance and Veterans Day on November 11, here is Opening Titles from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD: MW2) on the Organ. A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor Shout-out) [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power season 2 is starting soon. I like that cartoons in recent years have story arcs that go for an entire season. For shows in the past each episode would be a stand alone story and there was little or no development. The new She Ra has interesting characters and a story line that keeps you coming back. This means there must be an ultimate end and wrap up of the story. How long that can go on is the question. Here are my thoughts on how the show could go for the next few seasons. We saw at the end of season 1 that Catra has been promoted to second in command under Hordak. I think we should see a major offensive by The Horde. They could win a major victory by the end of season 2, leaving a cliff hanger. We learn more about the First Ones. Maybe they fought The Horde in the past. Season 3 shows the Rebellion fighting back, gaining ground, and defeating The Horde. Catra quits or is kicked out of The Horde. She blames Shadow Weaver. The rebellion uses First Ones technology to gain an edge. Season 4, Catra bums around the Fright Zone and mopes. She visits seedy bars and gets into fights. Eventually she forms her own group of pirates who are not allied with any group. They steal from targets of opportunity. All the while Catra and Adora cross paths and we see character development. This is the season where Catra tells Adora "I love you." But Adora tells Catra that she, Adora, only loves Catra as a friend. This pushes Catra deeper into depression. Meanwhile the war between The Horde and the Rebellion continues. Season 5 can be the final season. The Horde is finally defeated. Catra loses any desire for power or vengeance. She just wants an end to her emotional turmoil. Her hatred for Shadow Weaver increases, culminating in a confrontation where she kills Shadow Weaver. Catra makes peace with Adora but realizes that she still can't fit in with the Rebellion. She embarks on a quest of self-discovery. This could spin off into more seasons or a second show. This is what I think so far.
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    I finally finished, and I'm fairly proud of the final product. There are definitely a few things that I now see I could have done better, but I'm still happy with it. EDIT: Here's the new pictures. It's definitely a lot easier to make sure the camera is focused when there's actually a person behind it. So anyway, this was a lot more difficult to make than it should have been. There are next to no ponysuit tutorials online, and the ones I could find looked terrible, were extremely vague, or both. In most cases, both. A good chunk of this suit was made through a lot of experimentation because of that, and now I know what to do and what to change next time. Let's start with a list of features and stuff, cause I don't feel like writing a bunch right now. -two sets of magnetic eyelids -magnetic mane (separated into front and rear pieces) -magnetic horn -magnetic cutie mark -the tail is replaceable since it's just attached to a belt and pulled through a hole in the bodysuit -swappable indoor and outdoor hooves -hidden zipper down the front of the suit -hidden zippers for each hand -removable Poly-fil stuffing in both arms and legs -two 40mm fans in the head plugged into a 3,000mAh battery that can power them for close to eight hours So yeah, that's pretty much it. Since everything's removable I could easily use the bodysuit and head as a base for any white pony I want, provided they have blue eyes (like my ponysona). I feel like there's a bunch of other stuff I could say, but I just can't think of anything else I want to say (which is weird), so I think I'll just leave it here.
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    Can my rental house be haunted by a cat? Several months ago I heard a cat screaming and it was either just outside or under the house. I went outside and did not find it. The yard is fenced. Sure, a cat can jump, but I heard it multiple times and never found it. It sounded like it was under the house. I opened the crawl space and looked in with a flashlight. It was raining and I didn't see anything. I left it open and opened the gate, thinking it would escape. Then I placed some ham outside to lure him out. At one point the screaming was so bad that I half crawled in through a puddle of water. The next day I looked in and saw dog's legs. It was creepy because I only saw the legs because the rest of it was hidden by the wooden beam. I left the crawl space open the rest of the day then closed it. I figured if there was anything still inside then it was going to starve. I was done messing with it. Then last night I heard a cat scream and I swear to God it ran across the floor, under the house. A different part, under the living room. I don't know how it would have gotten under there.