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    I'm looking to build a dedicated quality assurance (QA) team to be Pony.fm's alpha testers and shape the site's direction in its earliest stages. At this time, I'm looking for people who: create (or have created) MLP:FiM fan music are interested in uploading their fan music to Pony.fm will report bugs they run into will provide feedback on what's good, what isn't, and what's missing enjoy trying new things! QA staff will have access to a private forum where they can communicate directly with me and their fellow testers to share their experiences, request features, and directly influence the development of Pony.fm. If you're interested in joining the QA team, let me know in a comment on this blog entry, send me a private message, or email me at feld0@mlpforums.com, and I'll add you to it.
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    First off, I am deeply sorry for the drama this afternoon. I know it was annoying, really I do. Never meant for this to happen. I am depressed. Yes, I know that's weird to hear from me but it's true. I was just thinking I should leave, maybe that's the cause. But no, it is not. I'm gonna find out though. You guys helped me today. I was just having a bad day, but you guys got on skype and helped. You really did, and I cannot thank you enough. I'm gonna make it through this, thanks to you guys. I'm still depressed, but I promise I will not depress you along the way. That was one worry, that I would end up one of those people forcing my problems down your throat and making you help me. I am not gonna do that. Just wanted to give you details about what happend and say thanks. I'll stay here for awhile thanks to you guys. Happy New Years by the way, and thanks again.
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    Finally time to revive my blog, but unfortunately it won’t be something upbeat like last time. This is somewhat of a farewell letter to all of my friends here just in case I don’t come back. If you don’t know about my current situation you may be asking yourself why I’m leaving. Well to start things off you can check out my latest status updates to see how I’m dealing with it. Basically, my mother doesn’t want me to be on the forums, and coincidentally at the same time, my boyfriend here, Dsanders, is also being forced to leave the forums. It is a very tough time for the both of us since this is our home away from home, our internet family, and we love spending time on here talking to our friends and of course each other. However due to our current situations we may not even get to talk to each other as frequently anymore. If you want to learn more about what he’s going through, you can go here to read all about it. I warn you though, you might shed some tears. The reason why these forums are so special to me is because despite at first just being a place where I could socialize with lots of people and kill off my boredom, it became something very significant in my life. I found myself logging on when I had an argument with my mother and just wanted to cheer myself up. My friends here have always given me advice and helped me get through these past few months of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys, and I can’t thank you enough for all the support and friendship you have given me during my time here. These forums really do reflect the magic of friendship and what makes it so great, and I never thought I would think of internet friendships as real and close as my irl friendships. Sadly though I may not be able to cherish these friendships anymore for much longer. I have tried constantly to get on when my mom isn’t looking just to check up on my friends, and kill off my boredom, but eventually I was doomed to get caught. It’s happened before, but the supervision hasn’t been so tight, now however it will be. I have been writing this while she’s resting in bed because she’s not doing so well right now and I’m always praying for her health, but despite how much I love and respect her, I will always hate how she’s separating me from my friends and of course my one true love. Me and Dsanders met here when I was a member for about a month or two, we talked casually at first as regular friends do, but something about him made the conversations seem endless and amazing. I never got bored of them and I still don’t. I even stayed up till 4 in the morning sometimes talking to him when my mom was away. Sadly due to him starting senior year those late night conversations got cut off, but our bond kept strengthening until I realized I had a crush on him. This had never happened to me before and it felt strange to finally have feelings for a boy, especially online of all places. I didn’t know he felt the same way until he posted on a thread that he had a crush on me, and shortly after a month long separation from the forums on my part, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I accepted happily and ever since then our love for each other has just grown stronger. Our bond is truly unbreakable, and no amount of hardships has been able to tear us apart, not even this one at the moment. Since we are both leaving the forums (although I will still try to get on whenever my mom isn’t watching, but that may be rare and definitely less frequent than usual) our communication will definitely be at a limit. His parents are still letting him stay in contact with me thankfully and I will try my best to talk to him via another site or Skype. Since my mom is monitoring everything that may prove difficult but I will fight to keep this love alive, because I don’t want to lose the boy I love. So thank you Chris for making my life absolutely wonderful since we first started this relationship, and I know we will keep fighting so it can live on forever. Even if my situation may get harder and we may be forced to cease overall communication for a very long time, I will never forget you and I promise with all of my heart that I will never abandon you for another. You are the only boy I can love, and I won’t ever forget about the wonderful times we’ve had together. And as for all of my amazing friends on here, even if I never got to know a lot of you personally, you are all great people and I will never forget you either. You will always hold a special place in my heart and you will always be my friends. Goodbye until further notice. I’m not sure how much I can come on from now on, but I may randomly pop in every now and then if possible. Thank you everybody, keep calm and pony on. For Sanderspie:
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    So lately, popularity has been a subject here. These people are the coolest members, those people are wicked nice, et cetera et cetera. But you know what? Who cares if you're popular or not? Yeah, it's cool and all that you have a lot of friends or five or so girls hit on you every single day, but does this make you better than anyone else? No! Am I better than everyone who only began gaming recently because I've been at it since the mid-1990s? No! Are you better than everyone else because you like that Magica Madoka thing that everyone is talking about now? No! You are no better nor worse than anyone else regardless of how popular you are or because of certain things about you. Just my two cents. Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments below. The Internet should not be a popularity contest, imho.
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    * OH MY DEAR GOODNESS GRACIOUS, CANTERLOT 'WEDDING'? OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE TOYS ALREADY COMING OUT, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE END OF MLP AS WE KNOW IT, OH SOMEBODY HELP. > Oh wait. Holy crap that was...that was actually pretty good. * OH SWEET CELESTIA THEY GOT RID OF FIGHTING IS MAGIC, THOSE BASTARDS, THEY'RE GOING TO START REMOVING ALL SORTS OF FAN CONTENT NOW, AND THE FANDOM'S CREATIVITY WILL BE STIFLED BEYOND BELIEF. >Not really. * OH LORD; TWILICORN? THIS IS THE PONY APOCALYPSE IN THE VERY MAKING, FELLOW PONIES, WE BETTER MAKE IT TO THE BOMB SHELTERS NOW WHILE WE STILL CAN. > Pointless to freak out until S4 flushes the concept out in full and we get the full picture. * EEEEHHHH? EQUESTRIA GIRLS? A SPIN-OFF SHOW MADE BY HASBRO, A TOY COMPANY, TO TRY AND COMPETE AGAINST OTHERS TOYS? PREPOSTEROUS. R.I.P, FANDOM. > ??? See the pattern? I do. And I've kinda had it Tired of sitting here and feeling like one of the only cool-tempered/sane people in the room when any sort of news comes out, and everyone decides to pick up their battle axes from where they left off in the last Apocalyptic Fandom Event, and go right back it. This time, according to EQD, writers have actually received death threats in full (see comments), and it's discouraged quite a few of them to severe points. Here's an idea. Instead of throwing drama around and expecting the end like we always do, how about we stop the drama, relax, discuss things without getting at each others throats, being rude and blunt or outright slandering the concept itself or other people's opinions, and wait to see what happens. Being civilized shouldn't be too out of the fandom's grasp. Or maybe it is. Maybe I'm expecting too much, these days. -- Sincerely, A Sane Person
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    1. She's fabulous 2. She's such an individual 3. Her voice 4. Her singing 5. Her mane 6. Her mane is purple 7. Her eyes are best eye model 8. She's creative 9. Generous 10. She's got diamonds on her butt 11. Glasses Rarity is kawaii 12. Her sister is best filly 13. Art of the Dress is an amazing song 14. So is Becoming Popular 15. Heck, any song she's in is enhanced by her voice being in it 16. She knows Karate 17. She's clever 18. Personality is complex as hell 19. Best quotes ever 20. 'But I thought you wanted whining!' 21. 'I'll destroy her!' 22. Crystal pony design is the best thing ever 23. Made a hat out of 3 pieces of hay and a drinking straw work 24. Totally shined every moment she was in season 3 despite not having any dedicated episodes 25. Best EqG design 26. Can always tell when her friends need help 27. Has a cat 28. Was awesome as Princess Platinum 29. She's just gorgeous, okay? 30. She's a unicorn 31. The only remaining unicorn in the Mane 6, in fact 32. Her butt looks good with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on it 33. Best wet mane 34. Still looks good with her tail cut off 35. Element of Generosity is best Element of Harmony 36. Dat white coat 37. BFF with Fluttershy 38. Totally owns a douchey prince 39. She's girly but not overly so 40. Has the best VA on the show 41. Best facial expressions 42. She is the answer to the universe 43. Her relationship with her sister is amazing and realistic 44. Doesn't want to be anything like her parents 45. Owns and lives in a boutique 46. So beautiful she has a dragon fawning over her 47. Says fabulous a lot 48. Is friends with 5 other awesome ponies 49. Is just awesome whenever she's on screen for the most part 50. Her name is Rarity
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    Back when I came on here in July of last year, I saw a feeling of equalization among the members of the MLP Forums. People respected each other, and I rarely saw anyone being left out. And, if people were feeling left out, there would always be a person there who would get to know them, and be friends with them. From the way I see it, now, those days are gone. Not for me, because I try my hardest to be there and make new members feel welcome. But, for a majority of the forums, we've been conditioned to favortize popular members at the expense of excluding others, and it makes me sick. Granted, I understand people have their favorite members, and they have their best pals on here. But, frequently, I see threads popping up like "Who's your best friend on the forums?" or "Who's the nicest member?" I'm not just talking about a few members here. We've been conditioned to publicly favoritize. What makes me sick is that I've publicly addressed why I don't like threads like these. These threads hurt peoples' feelings, and most of the time, it's not even intentional. I keep saying "Who cares?" because, in the end, everyone should be treated with an equal amount of respect. Everyone should be the nicest members, because everyone here is nice. But, I'm tired of reiterating this, so I'm displaying it now for everyone to see. I don't care about popularity and favoritizing members, and you shouldn't either. I'm not directing this to certain members, I'm directing it to everyone. Because, let's face it; we've all favoritized on these threads at least once, and I think it's absolute garbage. This is suppose to be a social network, a place where people talk about topics. I didn't come here to win a popularity contest, and I certainly didn't come here to talk about people. I came here to be the best person I can be, whether people recognize me for it or not. And I think you should too.
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    Well, Applejack Month is just about over with and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for my favorite pony, so I decided to put together a whopping 101 reasons why I love her so much! No, that's not a typo. I have 101 reasons! (Some are similar to one another, but that can't be helped!) I've broken down everything into categories and I tried to give a little bit of depth to each reasoning without going overboard scratch that, if you know me at all, you'll know I can write all day about Applejack, so expect this to be pretty huge! I've provided plenty of links to some fun screencaps from the show so you get precise examples as to what in the hay I'm talkin' about. I also posted a few videos for your enjoyment as well. I don't expect anyone to read every word, (free apple cider if you do) but next time someone asks me why I like AJ, I'm gonna point them straight to this. Applejack's personality traits and virtues that I admire: 1. She's honest. This is a no-brainer. Applejack represents the element of honesty, and she lives up to it very well. While she has lied occasionally, it is seldom for any reason other than to spare another pony's feelings. 2. She's dependable. Her friends can count on her to do her best whenever they need her, regrdless of the situation. 3. She's supportive. Whether it's her family or her closest friends, Applejack is always quick to encourage others into being the best that they can be. 4. She's mature. Applejack is very much a grownup. After all, she had to grow up quickly and take on a lot of responsibility once her parents moved on. 5. She's intelligent. Forget the "dumb farmer" stereotypes, Applejack is very intelligent. She's an expert at her craft and has plenty of worldly wisdom. 6. She's a workhorse. She nearly single-hoofedly does all of the hard labor involved in running her farm, after all Granny's too old an Apple Bloom has school. Big Mac is her only major assistance, but Applejack pulls her weight. 7. She's family-oriented. The other Mane characters hardly ever interact with family, but Applejack lives with and dedicates herself to her kin. 8. She's content. There's not one ounce of bitterness in her heart for any tragedy or hardship she has had to face in her life. She doesn't take anything for granted and she makes the most of what she has. 9. She's stable. She's the only pony of the M6 to never have a major meltdown. (Sleep deprivation doesn't count). It would take a lot to make a tough nut like Applejack crack. As AJ would say, don't sweat the small stuff! 10. She's down to earth. Applejack is very practical, realistic, and logical in her thoughts and feelings making her the go-to pony for almost any kind of advice. 11. She's loyal. Loyalty may not be her element, but when she says she's the "loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies," you better believe that she means it. Applejack knows that the best way to overcome an obstacle is to face it as a team. 12. She's self-confident. Applejack is very comfortable in her own skin and she believes in herself. 13. She's courageous. Whenever faced with danger, Applejack conquers her fears. Saving Spike from a pack of Timberwolves is one of many examples. 14. She's playful/sporty. Whether she's bobbing for apples with friends, going on a camping trip, or participating in the Sisterhooves Social, rodeo, or Iron Pony Competition, Applejack loves to have fun with others. 15. She's outgoing. Applejack was quick to give Twilight a very warm welcome and even consider her as being part of her family. She's very charming and charismatic, and she has most of Ponyville smitten with her. 16. She's sentimental. Despite her tomboyish tendencies and somewhat rougher exterior, AJ is not shy about initiating hugs or other means of affection. She even called out Spike for being "just like a boy" when it appeared as if he was sickened by the ponies' group hug. (Oh AJ, don't stereotype!) 17. She's empathetic. Whenever somepony is down and out, Applejack is always the first to notice and express concern. ie: Twilight worrying about her brother, and Scootaloo's nervous behavior. 18. She's bold. She wrote a letter to Princess Celestia saying she learned nothing. Celestia specifically asked her humble subjects to write only when they learn a new lesson - what Applejack did took some serious gall! 19. She's selfless. AJ believes in putting the interests of others above her own. She didn't want to go to the Gala just for her own gain - she wanted to help fix her family's farm and replace her Granny's bad hip. 20. She's modest. As confident as she is in herself, it's rare that AJ brags or boasts. She said she wasn't much for giving speeches in The Last Roundup. 21. She's traditional. Applejack does things the old-fashioned way. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 22. She's a good sport. When Dashie and Pinkie pulled a prank on her, Applejack laughed and smiled. And while she's competitive at times, she's never upset about losing (unless ya cheated!) 23. She's protective. If her friends are in any danger, AJ's quick to take action. When Pinkie Pie's Pinkie sense revealed that Fluttershy might be in danger at Froggy Bottom Bog, Applejack immediately went to go look for her. 24. She's not afraid to get dirty. After working on a farm for years, mud and dirt is second nature for this apple. She's perfectly fine with getting doused with grape juice just for fun. 25. She's kind. Applejack is docile, personable, warm, compassionate, and understanding. She's the get along'st pony yer ever gonna meet! After all, she's the apple of Ponyville's eye. 26. She's a problem solver. AJ has a can-do resolve and enough horse sense that can fix almost anything. She's a handy pony in a pinch. 27. She's a leader. She's the second pony in command after Twilight, as she has often called out orders to the others when Twilight is not around. 28. She's genuine. Applejack is 100% real. What you see is what you get. There's nothing fake or phony about her. She knows who she is, and she's sincere. 29. She's generous. Letting Rarity keep two apple fritters for free when she needed the money? Stuffing Twilight's belly with some of her signature baked goods? Wanting to use her prize money from the rodeo to fix Ponyville's Town Hall? AJ is very thoughtful and considerate of the wants and needs of others. 30. She's full of integrity. All in all, Applejack has great adherence to moral and ethical principles. Character is something that she takes pride in. Her interactions with other characters that I enjoy: 31. Rainbow Dash. Applejack and Rainbow Dash have always been a very dynamic friendship to watch. Applejack is the one who can best keep RD in line when she's acting up. The two butt heads every now and then, but they respect each other and care deeply for one another. I love the competitive spirit these two share. 32. Rarity. Rarity is perhaps the polar opposite to Applejack. These two have almost nothing in common, but they are still able to embrace their many differences, and the two play off of each other so well. It's adorable when they do get along. 33. Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie and Applejack make for a great comedic duo, with AJ being the straight mare, and Pinkie of course being the whack job. 34. Twilight. Twily and AJ are quick to confide in each other, and they usually seek out each others help first, making for a very powerful and deep friendship. 35. Fluttershy. Although these two have not interacted one-on-one a whole lot, they've still had their fair share of endearing moments. AJ volunteered to take Fluttershy around the mountain another way, and Fluttershy helped Applejack with the flood at Sweet Apple Acres, proving that the two lean on each other for help when needed. 36. Apple Bloom. Applejack is not only a wonderful older sister to Apple Bloom, but she's almost like a mother figure as well. These two have an extremely tight bond. While they enjoy playing and working together, they do have moments of friction as well. 37. The CMC. Even Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have had their fair share of interesting encounters with Applejack. AJ expressed a lot of care and concern when Scootaloo was acting strange during the camping trip. Sweetie Belle learned about the joys of having a big sister and was able to make amends with Rarity through AJ's help. AJ is usually the one to keep a watchful eye on the CMC like any good responsible adult. 38. Spike. Applejack understood Spike's delicate situation of having to honor his Dragon Code. Everypony else wanted to come up with schemes and ideas that would make Spike feel as though he had repaid his debt, but in the end, Applejack knew she had to be straight-shooting with Spike and tell him how she felt about the situation. AJ and Spike have had a number of other amusing interactions: (Spike's birthday blanket that AJ gave him, his reaction to being given a Gala ticket, and his nearly kissing Applejack!) 39. Big MacIntosh. Big Mac's quiet wisdom and gentle nature makes for a nice contrast to Applejack's headstrong and outgoing personality. 40. Granny Smith. Applejack is a helpful, responsible, and reliable member of the family, but there are still moments when Granny's pearls of wisdom and comfort do justice in guiding her, as seen in Apple Family Reunion. Applejack's character flaws and weaknesses that I find realistic, relate-able, and endearing: 41. Her stubborn pride. Applejack's pride is probably her greatest weakness, as it not only cripples her better judgment at times, but it's the root of her next great weakness - her stubbornness. Applejack is very headstrong and she does not like to be wrong. She will work really hard to prove she can do something so as to not feel like she is bringing shame upon herself or those she cares for. 42. Her blunt honesty: While Applejack has told fibs in order to avoid hurting another pony's feelings, she's also been known to be pretty frank, such as when she scolded Twilight for using magic on Winter Wrap Up Day, which left the purple pony running away in tears, or whenever she has called out Apple Bloom for disobeying her. 43. Her impatience. Applejack has been known to lose her patience, namely when the Cutie Mark Crusaders drive her crazy, or whenever Rainbow Dash toots her horn "louder than the brass section of a marching band." 44. Her rudeness. Applejack has no qualms about chewing on s'mores with her mouth open and then burping. You'd probably have to force a "pardon me" out of her. 45. Her messiness. Applejack is so used to getting herself dirty that she's bound to walk into someone's home with mud on her hooves. 46. Her perfectionism. Applejack detests the prospect of disappointing others. She tried too hard to make her family reunion the best one ever. Sometimes AJ needs to settle down and stop working herself to the bone when she can make a big impact without overdoing things. 47. Her over-protection. Applejack can be downright bossy to Apple Bloom if she thinks her little sis is setting herself up for trouble. And when Spike's life was threatened by Timberwolves, AJ was willing to do anything to protect him, even though her life was at risk once she got stuck under a boulder. 48. Her dislike of fashion. Applejack refuses to wear anything that's too "froufrou-y" and she has zero interest in mud masks or keeping her hair nice. Fashion is not one of her top priorities, to say the least. Despite that, she has worn some pretty neat outfits. 49. She doesn't pay attention to detail. Applejack thinks she can get anything done, and often times she resorts to doing something without thinking about the consequences. THIS comes to mind. 50. She's rough and tumble. A little aggressive at times, Applejack is easily provoked if her pride is challenged in any way. Applejack is known to instigate others as well - she was the first to try to show up Trixie, and she was quick to challenge Rainbow to a "hoof wrassle" for the right to keep the ticket to the Gala. Applejack's quirks and charms that I love: 51. Her association with all things apples. Apples are a wonderful fruit, as they're both delicious and healthy! Not to mention you can make so many different things with them. 52. Her Southern accent. Having an accent gives her some uniqueness, and makes it easier to identify her upbringing and culture. 53. Her figures of speech. Applejack's Southern jargon has always been a popular subject of MLP related memes and fan fictions. Her colloquialisms stick like caramel on a candy apple! 54. Her terms of endearment. Does my username ring a bell? 55. Her hearty appetite. She has the appetite of a full-grown stallion and after a hard day of work, she's certainly not picky about what she eats, but it's usually something hoof-lickin' good! 56. Holding wheat in her mouth. It's a minor detail, but it adds just a touch more coolness to an already cool mare. 57. Her winking. It's another trademark of hers that she does quite frequently, and it's adorable. 58. Crossing her legs. From as early the very first scene of her in the first episode, we see her "cross her legs," and she's been doing it ever since. 59. Her hat gestures. It's adorable whenever Applejack covers her face with her hat in times of distress, worry, and shame. She has also been known to take it off and hold it over her chest when sharing her thoughts and experiences, and she's also thrown it on the ground a time or two, proving that her hat is truly an important part of her. 60. Her association with all things country. I'm not the type of person who sits around blaring depressing country songs on my radio or music device, (I do like some country music) but I have always had a fascination with the cowboys/girls of the Wild West and all of the stories and attributes that go along with them, and AJ has always alluded to those kinds of themes. The music that plays whenever Applejack shows up on-screen, her rodeo participation, the Western theme present in a few episodes, and all of her country gal quirks in general are just really enjoyable and intriguing. Things I love about Applejack's design: 61. Her hat. AJ's signature stetson cowgirl hat that is notoriously missing from all of her main merchandise is just another feature that helps her stand out. (Hasbro, what do you have against making any toys with an accurate hat? *Rage*) 62. Her freckles. Another feature that she doesn't share with too many other characters is her freckles, which is a definite cuteness booster. 63. Her mane. AJ is a pony who wears her mane like a ponytail! Plus it's yellow, which makes her easy to envision as a blonde female human. (The fanart of Applejack as a human is always my favorite). 64. She's an Earth Pony (and proud!) The contents of a pony's character are more important than their race. It's AJ's philosophy, and it's a good one! 65. Her green eyes. Those beautiful emerald eyes. Okay, so they're a moderate sap green, but they're lovely all the same and deserve my appreciation. xP 66. Her orange coat. This apple loving pony probably doesn't care much for oranges, especially since her Aunt and Uncle Orange left a bad impression, but the color of her coat is as orange as Big Mac's mane, and I love it. Seeing as some horses actually do sport coats that look somewhat orange, I appreciate AJ's more realistic colors, for whatever it's worth. 67. Filly Applejack. Dem freckles. She's just adorable. Enough said. 68. Foal Applejack. Her little apple hair clips, that messy face, those button eyes, that itty bitty diaper, and above all, that sweet little voice that's enough to make Pikachu blush! *Insulin shots are recommended. Applejack's abilities, hobbies, and interests that I find appealing: 69. She's athletic. She's a ten time rodeo "champeen" with more blue ribbons than anypony in Ponyville! Even Rainbow Dash thinks her athleticism is "So. Awesome!" 70. She's excellent at cooking/baking. She can bake anything from fritters to pies in the blink of an eye. Pinkie Pie has called Applejack the "best baker ever!" 71. She's skilled with musical instruments. Applejack loaned Pinkie Pie her harmonica once. She's also skilled with the fiddle and banjo. 72. Her herding and animal skills. Cows stampeding towards Ponyville? Got a problem with Parasprites? Pinkie Pie cloned herself again? Just give Applejack a holler and she'll round up these critters before you can say "lickety split!" 73. She's amazing with her lasso. Applejack's lasso can certainly come in handy at times. After all, how else would the ponies have ever caught Rainbow Dash when she was discorded? Plus, she can do some seriously flashy stuff with that rope. 74. She's a farmer. In a way, it's Applejack and her hard work and effort that feeds Ponyville. Apples are important to any pony's diet, and the citizens of Ponyville can't get enough of the iconic fruit. Applejack's job is not fun, glamorous, or even totally healthy. It's back-breaking work. And it deserves recognition and appreciation. 75. She's physically strong. Well, all of that hard work does have its benefits. Applejack is the powerhouse of the Mane Six. Years of applebucking have given this mare a pair of hind legs that hit harder than a train. 76. She loves dogs. Winona is one adorable little border collie. Not only that, but she's a helpful and loving member of the Apple Family. Now if only she had some breath mints! 77. She enjoys reading. A very minor point, but Applejack enjoys a "bang-up tale" from time to time. 78. She's artistic. In addition to her many musical, athletic, and physical talents, AJ even has a bit of a knack for art. Namely, she can ice sculpt really well. She's even a budding writer if Rainbow Dash's comments about an "unfinished novel" are accurate. 79. She's simplistic. Straightforward and easy to figure out, Applejack is not one for complications and she is definitely a bit more on the unsophisticated side. Other random things I enjoy about Applejack's character: 80. Her name. Applejack. It doesn't sound very feminine, but it fits the cowpony all too well. Consider the hard alcoholic beverage of the same name. Both the pony and the drink are very strong. However, most kids won't think of the alcoholic beverage, they'll think of a certain cereal they ate for breakfast that for whatever reason never tasted a thing like apples. Applejack is also the name of a few other things, including a kind of cheese and a making for a fun name in general. Shortening it to AJ only adds to Applejack's adorability (is that word yet?)81. She can silly. When she's not rolling around in a barrel of grapes with her little sis, she might be found reading bedtime stories to her prized apple trees. I think an is surprisingly fitting at times.82. She can be witty/sarcastic. Applejack has a dry sense of humor and she is known to be very sarcastic and witty, even towards her friends. Recall one classic quote: Rarity: How in Equestria can she think that tiny patch of clouds is Cloudsdale? Applejack: The same way he got you to think that cheap rock was a bona fide diamond. Rarity: I thought we agreed never to speak of that again. 83. She's a business pony. Applejack, being a farmer, is constantly in pursuit of making some good sales. Applejack is very smart about her business. She knows how important cider sales are during the winter. She even used Fluttershy's popularity as a model to help boost apple sales. 84. She has no use for math. Fancy mathematics are always muddying up issues. I share the same weakness (and hatred) for math as my partner AJ. Did you know AJ actually had to do a mental head count of her friends in Suited For Success? :/ 85. Her barn is constantly getting destroyed. The major running gag of the series is that Applejack's barn is almost constantly getting destroyed or taken down in some way. This is a minor thing, but I enjoy a good because Applejack has had some very different reactions to seeing her beloved barn getting totaled, ranging from grief, to anger, to sheer disbelief.86. Her speaking/singing voice. Her accent is one thing, but her actual voice is another thing altogether. Ashleigh Ball gives so much life to Applejack's character. I've never found AJ to sound forced, but rather very natural. And anytime she sings I am one happy pony. is one of my favorite songs for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of AJ's singing.87. Her poor fashion sense. Applejack wanted to wear galoshes and a pair of overalls at a fashion show. How cute! 88. Her home. I've always had a fascination with the country life, and Sweet Apple Acres has always been one of my favorite settings in the show due to the color and detail of it. Anytime an episode takes place on the farm for any period of time, it's always a lot of fun. 89. Her deadpan acting skills. Oh no! I seem to have got my hoof caught in between two rocks! I cannot run away! I am a damsel in distress! Her inability to act is due to the fact that she's too genuine and honest to be able to to put on a convincing act which is unsurprising, because we know Applejack is a bad liar as well! 90. Her facial expressions. This show is full of lively character expressions, and even Applejack has had her fair share of funny and adorable facial gestures. 91. Her parents are deceased. The confirmation of her parents being dead adds a lot of intrigue to Applejack's backstory, and opens up a lot of potential for her character. And it makes sense that Applejack is so mature, responsible, and motherly. She had an awful lot of growing up to do in order to hold her family together. From a character critiquing point of view, I love Applejack because: 92. She's well-rounded. Applejack is probably the most balanced character in the show. She doesn't suffer from a lot of extremities in her character, but she is as multifaceted as you can hope for in a character. 93. She's a great supporting character. Being that Applejack is the most grownup and experienced of the Mane Six, she is in a comfortable position of being able to shed some wisdom on her friends. She brings out the best in others and is more than capable of conveying important messages to the audience in her informal but warm way. 94. Her episodes make for quality entertainment. I find her episodes of focus to be excellent entertainment. 20 years from now I can imagine myself looking back at episodes like Applebuck Season, The Last Roundup, and Apple Family Reunion as timeless classics. 95. Her journey of self-discovery. Applejack wasn't always the content cowgirl who never complained about her routine life. There was a time where she wanted to be a sophisticated pony, which was something she just wasn't meant to be. When she realized that the demanding lifestyle of a high-class pony wasn't for her, she made a stunning realization about the life she had and was quick to resort back to the life she took for granted, learning an important lesson about herself along the way. AJ's cutie mark story is by far my favorite. Applejack basically wanted to be Rarity when she was little. How crazy is that? 96. She's best background pony. Applejack packs quite a bit of depth as far as her upbringing, culture, and family are concerned. Best background pony? Darn tootin'! 97. She challenges gender norms/stereotypes. Applejack is a woman who is strong, self-confident, sporty, loud, and she does hard, dirty work as opposed to being the traditional homemaker. Unlike the stereotypical female, Applejack does not care about physical appearance and looking pretty. She has a lot of technical skill and is capable of fixing things. On top of that, she's no damsel in distress. She can handle herself in almost any situation and she knows how to take charge. 98. She is a more realistic and lifelike character. Despite the fact that AJ is often censured as being the boring character of the main cast, she is perhaps the most authentic. While the other five all have well-pronounced character quirks that can seem over-the-top and cartoonish at times, Applejack stands out as being a character with a consistent and vivid sense of realness. I've met enough people who remind me of Applejack in one way or another (as you'll see). The others, not as much. 99. She challenges conventional storytelling structures. Applejack isn't a pony who follows a path of destiny, nor does she have any major ambitions or dreams. She doesn't need these things to be an interesting and entertaining character. Applejack presents both the joys and blunders of an everyday life which is why she is perfectly fit for this slice of life show. And finally, two personal reasons: 100. She reminds me of my father. This sounds silly, and perhaps it is, but Applejack somehow makes me think of my father who passed away when I was 14. My dad wasn't perfect, but he believed that people should be people and live honestly. He was the type who'd give the shirt off of his back to someone in need. He grew up on a farm in the Midwest and had a bit of an accent in his voice. He dressed like your typical "redneck" and he enjoyed watching shows like bull riding and old Western movies (usually to my chagrin) and listening to the same 10 country songs that the radio would play everyday. I used to watch cartoons with my father, and while he detested most of the stuff I grew up with back in the 90's and early 2000's, I can safely say that if he were with me to view an episode of MLP, he would appreciate the show for its retro humor and enjoyable stories and characters. Heck, I'm sure he'd love 'old Applejack, just not as much as me. :3 And the #1 reason I love AJ: 101. She inspires me. I probably identify with Fluttershy's personality the most, but Applejack is the pony who I look at as someone I would want to be like. She's always putting others above herself and she has such a confident and healthy personality. She's a a hard worker, a wonderful sister, and simply the best friend anyone could hope to ask for. Since I started watching MLP, I've taken a lot of Applejack's virtues to heart. Sometimes, it's not about what character you can connect with on a personal level, it's about which one leaves an impact on you. Simply put, Applejack is a role model to me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whew! I think I just earned my cutie mark in Applejack obsession! *Looks at flank* Heh... that's totally not a picture of Applejack on my flank right there.... Nope, nothing to see here! ^-^; Well, I think I just about covered everything! If I forgot anything, consider it listed, because I would feel bad if I forgot something about AJ. I hope everyone had a great Applejacktober! Have a safe and fun Nightmare Night y'all! As always, thanks for reading!
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    Well, you might have heard, you might not have heard that I was planning on leaving the forums. These plans however, have changed. At the urging of several friends I have decided to stay on the forums for the time being. Their kindness and understanding was the driving force behind my decision to remain here, and I owe them my gratitude. Why did I say I was leaving? At the time of writing that blog post I did in fact legitimately want to and had been in the process of doing so, however, once I had actually stopped using the forums, it took no more than the support of our fellow users for me to see how much I would be losing by leaving. Coming back was no easy decision, I had to spend plenty of time thinking about it. But I was hard pressed to leave with so many users who legitimately cared about me and the things I do and say. This of course means I've reversed my prior decision to cancel all my current writing projects, and I shall resume working on them immediately, so that's good news, is it not? That should be wonderful news for those who are waiting for me to finish Harmonic's Equestrian Adventures 2, this should come as a sigh of relief for you to know that this project has not been abandoned. I'm going to go ahead and give a shout-out here to some of the awesome people who helped me out, although this by no means encompasses everybody who helped: -SCS -Dawn Rider -Nascarfan160 -Red -Artemis -Those who commented on my status about leaving, your kind words really helped. -Anybody else who contacted me by Skype There were many more who's kind words have swayed me, but overall I'd just like to thank everybody on the forums for being there for me. You've all been very kind. On the subject of the death threats, I have for the most part taken care of this issue, which I couldn't have done alone, so I'd like to thank everybody for their assistance on this personal matter. I don't think I would have decided to come back were the issue not solved in a professional and reasonable manner. For those who helped me resolve this issue, you know who you are, and you have my thanks. Resolving this issue largely put away a lot of the stress that was compelling me to leave, and that has definitely helped me This forum's community is strong and overwhelmingly I felt like I am truly cared about by it's members, and I don't think that's a bond that should be broken. I love you guys. We're like a family, there are bonds in this community that simply cannot be broken, by way of disinterest, death threats, or otherwise, I have decided that standing my ground and staying here is both the right thing to do and the ultimate way to spite those who have been threatening and demeaning me. While many people have called me out for having flaws, I would like to say that many have opened my eyes to the fact that we all do, and that not letting these flaws define us or hold us back is the right way to go about things. Just know that if you legitimately cared about me leaving, you are part of the reason I decided to stay. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. /)
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    In 1998, Vermont had a nasty ice storm that slammed much of the state. I was five, and had just recently dealt through my parents' rather bumpy divorce. My mom had been planning to get a cat for a while; she grew up with them in her own house, and now, living alone with me, she wanted to get her own. By a run of chance, we happened to stumble upon a lady who was giving her young cat away, since she was moving away due to complications regarding the ice storm, to a place that didn't allow cats. By luck, we became the new happy owners of Millie. At that point, Millie was already four or five in human years, as she was born in 1994. Today, that makes her nearly nineteen years old, nearly as old as me, as I was born in 1993. Millie has been a consistent part of my entire life, from rigorous and often confusing childhood, through middle and high school. It became increasingly clear through the later years of 2008 through 2011 that Millie's health, along with her age, was deteriorating. I can happily say she was fine with the help of some meds, and for a long time, you wouldn't know she was an old woman, with the way she hunted socks to try and show us humans how to properly catch food and then meow for you to come and fetch it, or how she would leap several feet up onto the kitchen counter and demand fuss from you. Like many cats contract in later years, Millie has had failing kidneys for a while now. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where her weak kidneys cannot keep up with her bodies' demand for water. Clumps of fur, weak limping, dry heaving, the list goes on. While she was still relatively healthy in eating and drinking, it had gotten to a point where my mom was almost afraid to bring her in, for she had a dreadful feeling she knew what the doctor was going to say. Last night, she came into my room and had a talk with me about how she was almost certain it was time to say good-bye, and that she'd make a call the next day, and we'd decide on what to do regarding the doctor's diagnosis. The day after, this afternoon, I sat with a life long friend and watched them die peacefully, as I, my mother and my sister couldn't help but cry uncontrollably, in putting her to sleep. Millie was a beautiful white and greyish Siamese/short hair. She had the most angelic chirping sound a cat could possess to let you know she loved you when you fussed her and gave her your undivided attention. I haven't stopped periodically crying and standing besides myself at the cold reality that after fifteen years of having her chirping at me from her purple bean bag, she's actually gone. To be honest, it felt so very wrong and alien to leave her there at the vets', even though I knew she had already passed away. We're going to have her cremated, and place her ashes above the TV entertainment center, though I'd love to find a special shelf to place where her beanbag used to always be. The 'grieving over a loved one' is a new concept to me, for better or worse. This isn't some big dramatic 'I'm taking time off' sort of deal, as I can't really shift a routine that easily. It will mean that I'm not all too sure how good my mood is going to be for a few days, to a week, maybe more. I've dreaded, and even teared up in the past over this day, and now that its' finally here, I've found I have no more energy to cry here at 10 PM, having started since 4 PM. I only hope she's in a better place. Thanks for reading.
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    Not really. This is just a statement about how people put a bigass spoiler in a topic title and then put [spoiler ALERT] in there which instantly makes it okay and not annoying.
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    Let's be honest with ourselves: 24-hour days suck. So, now that I'm off of school for spring break, I've moved onto a highly productive 31-hour schedule. Booyeah! Progress on Pony.fm has been lightning-fast as a result, and the main reason you haven't seen me blogging much about it lately is because I've been so focused on pushing out all the code I can. Today, I'd like to take some time between the coding to talk about a fundamental Pony.fm feature you'll run into a lot: the user profile. First things first: where do you physically live on Pony.fm? It couldn't be simpler: How much better does it get? Keeping the URL's so short and simple makes them stupidly easy to remember and share. Meeting with a friend and want to tell him where to find your pony tunes? He'll probably remember "pony dot eff emm slash your name here" a lot better than "pony dot eff emm slash user slash four six nine seven two four one" or something else with an account ID in it. You're a human, not a number, and Pony.fm's profiles reflect that. Pony.fm's profiles are divided into three sections: you, your content, and your social circle. You The header is all about showing people who you are, at a quick glance. With a huge avatar, your name front and centre, and a 250-character blurb to express yourself, it's truly your space on Pony.fm. Here are a few headers from the alpha testing team: Your Content The cutest avatar means little for an artist's profile page if there's no content for potential listeners to enjoy. So, Pony.fm profiles put the stuff you've made on the left half of the page, in full view. Albums are up top. As they're larger and rarer than single releases, they receive a large, unmissable tile. Beneath them, you'll find a complete set of a user's tracks, in reverse chronological order and ready to listen to without even leaving the page. Your Social Circle One misconception I've observed as that Pony.fm is only for artists. Nothing could be further from the truth. With a central commenting framework, a meticulously designed notification system (it's better than the one here on MLP Forums), user-curated playlists, and more, Pony.fm comes battery-loaded for social interaction, and future development will only increase the richness of the experience. To that end, the right half of every profile is dedicated to your social presence on Pony.fm. The users you follow and that you are followed by are shown in tabbed grids. Simple name/avatar blocks save space on your screen, and a paginated wall of profile comments appears below (currently, a page is created every 10 comments). Leaving a comment on someone's profile sends them a notification, but you won't receive one for leaving a comment on your own profile. The Future Web applications are never truly "complete", so there comes a point when I have to put the keyboard down and publish something for the world to see. However, that doesn't mean I can't keep making things better afterward; as a developer, I just need to set some priorities for what needs to make it into the MVP, and what I can procrastinate on while I hope it magically drops out of existence leave in the task tracker for later. So, here are a few ways in which I intend to improve profiles in the hopefully not-too-distant future: Ability to upload a background image for your profile header. Limit the number of tracks and albums shown straight-up on the profile, and push the full discography onto a dedicated page or two (ie. https://pony.fm/feld0/tracks). Make tracks on profiles a little less "samey" by displaying their cover art (if they have any) beside their inline players. Please remember that, as this is software development, intentions are not and cannot be treated as promises or guarantees that something will be implemented. However, all development begins with some form of intention, and these are three features I feel pretty sure about at this point.
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    So, I have finally fulfilled all of those countdowns, and have moved. Where to? Portland, Oregon. This nice not so sunny city has been doing nothing but miserable cold rain ever since I got here. The plane flights all day weren't so fun either--one jet nearly crashed into the terminal twice, the other was super cramped and loud as hell--and delayed at that. Still, it's been pretty exciting. The worst thing about it all? My new roommate. First off, this guy is bald. Like, really really bald. Baldy McBaldBald might be a good nickname for him. Plus he's rude and more than a little angry seeming. I mean, just look at this guy! He's also weird. I mean, c'mon: Fuzzy pink bearclaw slippers? How tacky. At least he's a pony fan. The weirdest thing is, I'd swear this guy is really freaking familiar for some reason. Like i know him somehow, from somewhere. He seem familiar to anyone else?
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    I am a human. No, I am a male going through highschool. I am a sentient creature. I like to consider myself a revolutionary. Someone who fights the norm. (Wait isn't that a rebel)Someone that tries to encourage and motivate different behavior or action. As a student suffering from multiple different kinds of disorders that screw with the way I behave, I have an extremely strong sense of justice and ambition. These disorders include Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, ADHD and anxiety. Are these a curse? Nope, just a part of who I am. I'm just giving you the background information so you can understand where I'm coming from. Because I believe as humans we should aim to understand one another before accusing, lashing out or sentencing to any form of judgement. I cannot take it anymore. Over the past few months, this last month especially, I have watched brilliant people, friendly people that love to help others, with their own enjoyments and passions, get treated like total and utter garbage. As if they were all rats and scoundrels. I recently wrote an essay for English class about Lord of the Flies. (OOOH YES EVERYONE LOVES THAT BOOK.) We were asked to write about human nature. I've always known something about humans and that is that we have the potential to be absolutely savage to each other regardless of what we would have others do to us. Something has happened to a place that used to be my home. It is no longer a bright place where opinions are respected and used correctly. It is no longer a world where I look forward to going to after school. I now fear opening my "Private Message" list to see what hate mail awaits me next. I now fear visiting the moderator skype groups to see what links to horrid posts by members directed at us have been made available. Most of us are introverts. Introverts by not our own will, but for our own mental safety. By us, I think it should be fairly obvious I mean the moderators and I. At school I am one of the most extroverted and outspoken students in my grade of 120 people. Before I became a staff member or moderator I was frequently involved and loved to talk to people. I no longer enjoy this because just about anything I say can be taken and used against me. Everything I do someone or some people will hate me for it. The MLP Forums has developed a subtle form of cyber-bullying that I never dreamed possible in a community like this. You are bronies. You watch a show initially aimed at children, but found a passion and concept behind it you loved because many of you have been through experiences in the past that made you appreciate the morals and themes MLP:FiM has brought to its audience. This kind of thing brings people together, and causes us to relearn things we should have learned when we were younger. It unites us into a group of people who have things to share and things to relate to. Hahaha, no. None of us have "learned" anything. All we've learned is how to abuse "freedom of speech" and "opinion" into weapons of absolute desecration against other human beings. Let me explain to you about one of my favorite elements of harmony since obviously it wasn't clear enough in the show. Honesty: Free of deceit; truthful and sincere. Honesty is the act of telling the truth. Applejack demonstrates this well, especially in the recent Season 4 Premier. (SPOILERS) When Applejack tells Twilight she should leave the forest, she was being honest. She didn't say "Twilight get the hell out of here. Me and all the rest of your friends think you should go and that we don't need you for this." She instead explained her reasoning and said things nicely because she values Twilight's feelings. She's not going to stomp on them. Sugarcoating? Pardon my french but that's total BS. This is called compassion and care. If you think a certain person "should go die in a hole" then you're not displaying a single piece of compassion. (orly?) This brings us to our next element. Kindness: Don't tell me your favorite pony is Fluttershy because your actions say otherwise. Kindness is the act of simply being nice, displaying care for someone and going out of your way for them. True kindness is doing this regardless of who it is. "How do I show kindness to someone I absolutely despise?" This is called forgiveness. Which brings me to... Generosity: Rarity is fabulous and there's no denying that. She adores her own fabulous-ness and doesn't deny that herself. Then why would she cut off her own tail and give it to a sea serpent she knew nothing about until 15 seconds earlier? This is true generosity. Giving something someone may not even deserve, regardless of who they are. That takes heart. Oh hey, I just discovered why the 6th element of harmony is magic. Because in this world, it takes true magic for the traits of the other five elements to truly shine. I have never met a single person with all 5 traits. I've never met someone who is completely honest, kind, generous, loyal and has humor (laughter.) Never to such an extent as FiM displays. I dream of meeting people like the mane 6. I have not ever found a place with many people like this. Not even here on the MLP Forums. It's unfortunate that the MLP Forums has stooped to the point of using opinions as weapons, and bullying people that are trying to help. It's unfortunate being a moderator is a hate-sentence now. It's unfortunate I accepted my position in the first place. I am here now to ask everyone just a few questions. If your closest friend was being mistreated, would you stick up for them? Could you bear to see someone being tortured right before your eyes? Why do you really like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? When was the last time you apologized for hurting someone in any way? Some of you may be surprised by your own answers. If you answer, answer honestly. Not for your image. Not to make yourself look good. If you take anything away from this rant, may it be this. Stop being hypocrites and start acting like the lovable ponies we love so much Take action before you lose the opportunity to have something beautiful here, because you may never get the chance again. MLP Forums is approaching 20,000 members. Stop complaining about how bad the forums are and do something about it. Something honest. Something kind. Something generous. "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not." ~ Dr Seuss P.S. The only reason I am still a moderator here, is for two reasons. 1. I would like to try my hardest to restore the MLP Forums I knew as much as possible, and 2. I am the project manager of Canterlot Arcade and need the presence for the forum section that will follow it.
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    Author's Note: This essay has been revised April 10, 2013. ——— The third season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is over, and the passionate brony community is out there displaying their dedication to the show, characters, worldbuilding, and so on. Artwork, music, customs, and plushies are being published a lot over the past several months since The Crystal Empire, and it bloomed further with several dedications to the Babs Seed song; A True, True Friend; and What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me. In late March, two highly popular fan-animations, Double Rainboom and Snowdrop, were published. The creativity and dedication help thrive the brony community, and so many news outlets take notice consequentially. Ironically, this community almost never happened…because the franchise was struggling mightily between MLP Tales and FIM. Long ago, MLP began production in 1982 with help from Hasbro and founder Bonnie Zacherle. The first TV series ran from 1982 to 1987. A standalone series of G1, MLP Tales, was produced in the early 1990s. Altogether, G1 ran until 1995. When the original G1 was developed, it targeted girls and boys, both the toys and animation. Despite using ponies, it never discriminated its audience and actually did quite a bit right, mainly the plot and animation. Although the animation and characterization haven't aged that well (back then, episodic animation had a rather limited budget, and that's currently evident in its production and graphics), it's still nostalgic enough to nonetheless carry weight. But it's this little tidbit: the original purpose — the roots — of My Little Pony. The background, origin, original concept, and initial execution (and a successful one at that). G1's My Little Pony Tales, G2 (exclusively a toyline series that ran for three short years because it flopped), G3, and G3.5 targeted towards girls only (and for G3.5, female toddlers). However, G1's original series targeted girls AND boys. It wasn't supposed to be an anthropomorphic competitor of Barbie, where the characters used the stereotypical female tropes, had personalities flatter than matzah, and contained overall lazy writing. In contrast of Tales/G2/3/3.5, My Little Pony was supposed to be both gender-friendly and family-friendly. Not toddler-girl-friendly. Combined with its extremely poor effort, My Little Pony suffered as a product on the whole, eventually becoming a gigantic laughingstock in the media. Then Friendship Is Magic, led by Lauren Faust, debuted. It started off slow, with only 4chan watching it in response to a relatively negative article. But as the weeks progressed, people got hooked, specifically teenage and adult males. Promotion spread via word of mouth, and the fanbase began to erupt into the passionate, crazy, controversial, and creative fandom it is today. When it gained popularity, the fandom dubbed themselves as "bronies," which encompasses the fanbase regardless of gender, age, and passion. And for one good reason: the show never disrespects its audience, which is family-friendly and gender-friendly. It teaches the morals so kids can understand, but adds depth of character, worldbuilding, older references, and overall clever writing so adults can enjoy it, too. Is it a coincidence? No, it isn't. Lauren Faust worked as a storyboard artist with her eventual husband, Craig McCracken, on The Powerpuff Girls, a 1990s superhero parody cartoon that utilizes nearly the same bright, zany, simplistic art style and great characterization. Despite being "girly" in impression, it doesn't alienate one specific gender and/or age group, resulting in pop culture success. But the big similarity is how they're family-friendly. Great for both kids and adults of all ages, and they each follow the same schtick. They weren't "kids shows." But one difference between The Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony is TPPG was a completely new franchise started by Craig McCracken. MLP:FIM is the fourth generation of a once proud franchise, "fourth generation" and "once proud franchise" being key phrases. This is where MLP:FIM gets the respect it so deserves. If it weren't for MLP:FIM and its eventual success, this franchise would have been DEAD! Not dying. DEAD! Discontinued. Ceased to exist. Officially jumped the shark and devoured by it! Prior to Friendship Is Magic, I always occasionally visited several toy stores just because, both the mom-and-pop shops and the big commercial chains, like Toys R Us, FAO Schwartz, etc. These kids' shelves would be packed with toys. Barely anything had My Little Pony on them, sometimes none at all. That was how obscure these products were back then. Despite a dedicated collector base at that point, you can't successfully run a franchise by having collectors (and parents of little girls) buy them alone. You need an even bigger range of people buying them so the product has a chance to thrive. My Little Pony had absolutely no leverage because the finance wasn't there, especially when several other franchises like many of the board games (i.e., Life, Monopoly), G.I. Joe, and Transformers being so popular. But now it isn't dead — nor close to it — because Friendship Is Magic returns the product back to where it belongs: its roots. Its origins. And it does a great job showing it in its overall execution. Unless there's an extremely great reason, one should never ditch the origins of the franchise. For a great example, Thomas & Friends had that family-friendly origin surrounding realistic laws of the railway. The Railway Series (initially written by Reverend W. Audry and later his son, Christopher Audry) and the first seven season of Thomas & Friends (the TV series) were family-friendly, intelligently written, and didn't insult the audience's intelligence, be they young or old. When HiT Entertainment bought the TV series prior to the eighth season (The Railway series has no influence from HiT), they changed the storytelling, laws of the railway, audience, and overall premise (from a character/adventure hybrid to a three-strikes-style character moral format) to target very young kids. Combined with its lazy writing, the series spiraled downhill, with the fifteenth season being considered the worst in writing, characterization/development, potential, realism, creativity, and storytelling. The horrible writing and plot-development of the episodes are why the older fans hate the newer seasons so much. And even if they wrote better, the roots of the show (the realism of the railway) tied everything together and gave the show developers the background and motivation. Without the respect of the railway laws, it shows a complete lack of respect for Reverend W. Audry and his family, who were responsible for The Railway Series in the first place. This applies to My Little Pony. Zacherle intended it to be its own gender-neutral creation and have it suited for families. The original G1 show, movie, and toyline showed heart, care, and passion from themselves and the audience it seeks. But under MLP Tales, G2's toyline, G3, and G3.5, its quality suffered, and the roots of the franchise were alienated so Hasbro can cash with the very young girls, female toddlers, and their parents. G2 flopped, but G3/3.5 barely succeeded enough for the product to stay afloat. Yet, it still disrespected the founder, and older fans noticed this. This is the reason why Tales, G3, and G3.5 get no respect from me and don't deserve it whatsoever: They take Zacherle's bold vision and ransack it. MLP Tales shows little respect for her and the original G1 tales because its sexist, stereotypical characterization is intellectually insulting. G2 I'm neutral with despite its narrow audience and poor financial success, because it was advertised poorly and never fully got off the ground. G3 and G3.5 gets none because of its lazy production regardless of budget flexibility. The original G1 series, however, gave Zacherle that respect, and I give it that respect in return. This is what FIM is doing. It's giving Zacherle the respect she deserves. FIM treats its audience with respect, so the audience treats FIM respect in return. And it isn't merely noticed by bronies who became fans merely from FIM alone. There are plenty of bronies who were fans of G1 initially. And there's one big reason why: FIM shows G1 that identical respect. Lauren Faust herself adored G1 and used it as motivation to develop FIM, which basically takes the qualities of G1 and improves it in the form G4/FIM. The fans notice this respect in the writing and overall development, and this is one of the biggest why FIM is raved by the fandom so much. Bronies (male and female, young and old) catch this respect and are now attached to Friendship Is Magic as a result. Although Faust no longer works on the show, we still see this exact respect from the writers, voice actors, rise in social media, and the close relationship the bronies have with the professional staff (current and former). With FIM, Zacherle's vision finally comes in full circle. MLP:FIM returns the franchise where it belongs: back to its roots. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    - When MLP Forums raised $400 and a copy of Sonic Colors for the BC Children's Hospital the first Christmas since the site's inception - When MLP Forums had it's own image gallery users can upload their art onto that no one ever really used or saw, thus being terminated in favor of the DeviantART group - When MLP Forums had a chatroom - When MLP Forums had a 20 user limit for the chatroom - When MLP Forums took a nuclear missile to the chatroom for endless spam and messy flame wars - When MLP Forums was overly excited for user #300 which was Nico - When MLP Forums named Zoop as its first moderator - When MLP Forums had its first user reach "Brony" status which was FinestHour - When MLP Forums suffered and had minimal usage for three weeks due to a DDoS attack - When MLP Forums saw its other co-founder Kurtiss leave - When MLP Forums became the best pony forum site with great members, great staff, and a great leader in Doctor XFizzle.....oh and that Feld0 guy too Pepperidge Farm remembers *pelvic thrust*
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    So this is the story of how I got a lot of exercise. I'm a bit numb, so this is not going to be the Shakespearean writing you've become accustomed to. The night before, when I was getting a bit drowsy, I decided to make a couple fake mustaches to wear to the con because Spike But my dad was all like, "Don't do that, you'll look stupid and ridiculous" or something like that, but I put it on anyway because he doesn't own me and I am a young adult. So we woke up early an set out to beat the long lines for registration (we managed to do so before it got bad). Met Shining Armor in line, got caught in a group discussing the awesomeness of the Captain America movie, got some compliments on the stache (shut up, Dad). The opening ceremony was pretty sweet, what with the Octavia and the Vinyl. If DHX ever gets around to throwing those characters a line or two and these people are not the official voices, I will be sad. After that, me and my friend wandered around for several hours, taking in the sights and sounds of the largest recorded gathering of men who enjoyed My Little Pony in history. It was glorious to behold, but not nearly as glorious as shaking the forum staff's hands and meeting ~Chaotic Discord~'s facial hair. Ponies were met... Wish you were here, Champion RD92! ...as well as a Lovecraftian nightmare... ...and some actual people. Pixelkitties is a super-cool person IRL, and I'm not just saying that because she gave a couple free buttons for wearing her T-shirt design. Bumped into Dustykatt, he complimented my mustache, and I happened to bump into Solrac when I was Subway getting the only food I ate that day. But not even that could match the earth-shattering intensity of meeting Cathy Weseluck, aka one of favorite voice actresses on the show and voice of Spike, aka my second favorite character after Rarity, complimenting my mustache and talking about Rarity also being Spike's favorite character. In Spike's voice, without provocation. So after that chapter of my life ended, things got weird. At first, there was a rule that you couldn't get into Bronypalooza with your bags of stuff (it can get a little hectic in there), so I took me and my friend's crap and darted across the convention and the skybridge to the hotel, where the registration area was, in hopes of finding a lost and found that I could hopefully keep my valuables during the show. They sent me to the vendor area (which is as far away as you can get from the hotel), but it had closed. So I was running back to the registration area (yes, they sent me back), but my path was cut into by a march that looked like it was ripped right out of The Dark Knight Rises, complete with fists risen into the air and chanting. The difference, besides the fact that that movie was kinda stupid and this was awesome, was that it was being led by dudes in pony suits instead of a dork with a cyborg jock strap stuck to his face, and the word being chanted was "fun". Yeah, that's another thing: whenever someone mentioned the word "fun", whatever crowd was nearby erupted into a chant, Pinkie-Pie-Clone style. All this accomplished was reminding me how disturbing all that actually was within the context of the episode. Oh, and the registration wasn't any help either, but they decided we could take our bags in anyway, so there was no point to anything that just transpired. Anyway, the rest of the night was spent at Bronypalooza. I was able to get a seat up front directly in front of the speakers, hence the numbness. While there was a few technical difficulties, that didn't get in the way of the bitchin' laser light show, Michelle Creber & Blackgryphon, dBPony, BronyMike, DannyBrony, The Red Wooden Colts, Cyril the Wolf, and HeyLasFas!, which included covers of Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and Black Sabbath, which had Dustykatt peforming the vocals, which caused everyone in the audience to become a man. Even the women. Also, that special feeling when the musician on stage takes your song suggestion. Yeah, that guy who said "Suited for Success" for the Randy Newman spoof? That was me, because Rarity. I have witnesses. But of course, the best part of the whole thing was the onstage proposal, which was absolutely lovely. Good luck to those guys. We had to leave early, and I had only gotten a ticket for Friday (shut up, Dad). This was the funnest time I've had in awhile, and I hope to do the whole three days next year. I must remember to bring Advil. My haul (which for some reason will not show in the blog, so click the links): Only had $90, so no plushies. I got a print by CSImadmax... http://i.imgur.com/oIo9mTh.png ...some Pixelkitties stuff... http://i.imgur.com/mYK7XNp.png Oh hai, REFERENCE TO THE BEST MOVIE EVER. ...a prnit by--actually, I've forgotten who made this fabulous piece of art, if anybody know's who made this, that'd be swell... http://i.imgur.com/hX60FsZ.png ...this frigging masterpiece... http://i.imgur.com/yAWWwUR.png ...and art by Katie Cook and Andy Price, the team behind the official IDW comic book. http://i.imgur.com/DalkpL8.png I had to ask them about that scene in issue #3 where Chrysalis (apparently) murders a kitten, specifically what was suppose to be happening. They said it was up to me. Head canon is that she curb-stomped it. THE END. P.S. LAWL http://i.imgur.com/6z8blkq.png
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    Introduction: We here at MLP Forums work tirelessly to make this the best site we possibly can. It is often a thankless job; we bust our asses dealing with abusive comments, NSFW posts, and countless heaps of character minimum violations. In return, we get donor perks and a few pats on the back every now and then. We also get abused, insulted, and torn down by people who disagree with us. I especially know about this, because I myself used to be quite the anti-mod, and wasn't afraid to let anybody, including the staff, know it (just ask Arylett or Feld0). I've since comae around, and apparently the staff thought my evilness could be put to use killing trolls making the forum a better place. And now that I've been on the side of the staff, I've seen what we have to deal with, and we don't deserve any of it. The Problem: First, let's set the mood: We are a closely knit oligarchy that selects its own members, and only the best are selected. Simply put, we're all better than you; the fact that we are mods proves it. It isn't right for people as important as us are denigrated by people who are clearly inferior. We have tried to address this issue in the past, by making it a violation to publicly complain about warnings, but it still happens, and mods are still resented and the targets of abuse by some members. The staff unanimously agrees that this needs to stop. The song you are probably playing right now is how we feel about most of you. Losers. The Solution: A solution has presented itself, int he form of a forum initiative started by me, Evilshy. The Staff Ego Protection Initiative, or SEPI, will give mods the ultimate power to hide and warn anything on grounds that it might harm their ego. While this may seem harsh, it was designed to give maximum coverage over all kinds of abuse that may be directed at staff. We are aware that this may result in some difficult positions for members; for example, if Twiliscael asked a question, and I had an answer, I might post it. But say Lady Rarity Pony had answered the question before me, that could damage my ego. Under SEPI, I'd be allowed to delete his answer and post my own. Things like this will obviously cause quite a bit of unrest, but SEPI will also allow us to deal with all of the backlash it causes, making it extremely efficient. I am confident that the rest of the staff will agree with this and enact it once we iron out all the details. In case it isn't obvious enough, this is a joke.
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    So, as I have returned only a week ago, I have come to see something brewing within the community. I have seen many members making status updates and posts on threads commenting about "How bad the mod staff is", and "How lazy they are." Who exactly do you guys think you are doing this to the staff? Have you forgotten that the members of the staff aren't robots. They are men and women (If there are still women, I have forgotten), with lives and things to do. They ARE here to help the community, but now bow to our every whim. Sure, they may not respond to support tickets as soon as you want. But do YOU get things done for others in seconds when you're busy? Or do you do things that are important to you first. The mod staff are people, and you guys are taking advantage of them. They want to help, yet so many of you guys insist on calling them such awful names, and making them seem less than reputable people. Honestly, it shames me a little bit. No matter where you go, mod staff's will never be perfect. But they ARE trying. So lay off of them, and let them do their JOB. If you have problems, submit your tickets, and just be patient. It's not that difficult.
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    Have you ever seen a half-assed excuse used so much, it drives you crazy? Way too many drive me nuts, and one of them is "it's for kids" — specifically "it's for little girls" in and out of the fandom — as an excuse for shortcomings. As far as FIM (and this message board) is concerned, when making an in-depth analysis or review of something, the most common response I get and see is the "FIM is for kids/little girls" excuse. Friendship Is Magic's show and IDW comics are for all ages, enjoyable by anyone. But even if it was simply "for kids," it doesn't change the fact how that STUPID argument should forever be quelled. Why should it never be used again? A few reasons: It goes against the foundation of Friendship Is Magic. Back when Lauren Faust helped lead the show, she wanted to create a feminine-looking television product with brand new archetypical standards. Instead of school, the mane ponies are adults, some of them with full-time jobs. (The first part of the pilot — Twilight being transported to Ponyville from Canterlot — is a response to this cliché.) Rather than focusing on crushes all the time, every single mane character is independent and free-willing with more important things to do. Faust tells its audience there are many ways to be a girl in media besides the stereotypes. For the most part (outside of A Canterlot Wedding, Twilicorn, and EQG), it succeeds in subverting those archetypes and create new, feminist rules of intelligent, hardworking, independent females in media. By using the "it's for little girls" excuse, you're spitting on those foundations. You're telling everyone these foundations have no merit; they're pointless. It talks down to Faust and any single person who actually comprehends the standards they — DHX and Faust — instilled on the product as well as the standards they (the people behind the scenes) are responsible for helping build and raise. It's very ageist. By throwing around the "it's for kids" excuse, you're saying kids are inherently stupid and will eat up any shit they see. This mindset is dangerous, because kids are like magnets. They observe their surroundings and respond accordingly, sometimes acting like their idols. Yes, including fictional characters. Quality family-friendly television is important because you want high-quality protagonists to be well-written and suitable for kids to love and idolize. Three-dimensional characters who stay in character, mature along the way, and properly learn their morals through the right context are vital in family-friendly entertainment. If adding to that, intelligent conflicts, intelligent humor with multi-layered referencing to appeal to a wide audience, intelligent graphic design, great music scoring, and so on. Writing that respects multi-demographical audiences regardless of age, sex, or culture. The excuse patronizes kids. By patronizing kids, you're embracing mediocrity. Even if you claim you don't, dishing out the "it's for kids" excuse shows otherwise. Do you know the basis of why this fandom grew and sustained it? Because the quality of the storytelling reaches out to people young and old. Objectively good writing doesn't segregate demographics. The embrace of mediocrity does. Whenever you use "it's just a kids'/little girls' show/*whoever audience*," then you're passively calling Friendship Is Magic — and every single product with an audience in mind — inherently weak. Any product worth our time and money respects demographics across the board. Including periphery demographics! Products that do use this excuse are often to be complete garbage. You want examples of the latter? Fine. a. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. You already know how much how I hate this overrated, idiotic, antifeminist piece of shit (along with its sexist toyline), so I'll move on. (But some don't know this, and I'm not joking, either. I actually respect Tales, G3, and G3.5 more than Equestria Girls. While they're all garbage, EQG tries and fails to mask its bold-faced lie that it's FIM-related [when it genuinely isn't]; but the other three actually show it's MLP, minus the audiences they're pandering to.) b. My Little Pony Tales, G3, G3.5. Just like Equestria Girls, obnoxious toyetic pandering to little girls at its worst. Tales also deserves the scorn for making the characters unlikeable, stupid, and overly cynical for the sake of "realism." c. Modern Spongebob. Watch A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, Are You Happy Now?, The Splinter, Pet Sitter Pat, any modern episode that tortures Squidward, and so on. The writers for Spongebob today don't know nor care what made classic Spongebob successful, and Nickelodeon itself doesn't care. d. Nickelodeon's Breadwinners. There are reviews (both video and otherwise) bashing the show apart on sites like YouTube or TV.com. Or at the very least, you can read my rant. How the FUCK did this insulting piece of trash become the #1 cartoon on Nickelodeon for a bit? I don't get how anyone can enjoy it unless they want kids to enjoy quality equivalent to JERSEY SHORE! (And, yes, I compared that "reality" monstrosity to a Nick cartoon "for kids." I won't take it back.) e. Series 8-16 of Thomas & Friends. The stories are far too generic. Several of the newer characters show up once and never again (something that's been rectified with the CGI era). A bunch of trains and other vehicles to pander to young kids and third-party companies that produce their toys. Massive flanderization and derailment of the characters with complete disregard for the Laws of the Railway. Fortunately, the new team from Series 17, KotR, and 18 are apparently pushing the series in the right direction; and I suggest you watch them. f. Approximately every single anime 4Kids dubbed and mangled. One Piece, I'm looking at you! g. Many of the Disney animated movies in the late-1990s through mid-2000s like Chicken Little, Pocahontas II, Belle's Magical World, Home on the Range, Hunchback of Notre Dame II, and Cinderella II. h. Star Wars's prequels, especially The Phantom Menace and Battle of the Clones. Jar Jar Binks, a character with the purpose of pandering to children, was slammed for this along with being a racial stereotype. (There's a reason why he's basically nonexistent nowadays.) i. As a big Gargoyles fan, The Goliath Chronicles is full of flanderization, lapses of logic, poor animation, and also out of characterization. This product spits on those who watched the first two seasons along with the newcomers. And this is only the shit marketed "to kids." I can go out and bash horrific entertainment aimed at adults, too. It's an outrageous double standard that demeans the fandom, its growth, and its sustainment. Since points go through one ear and out the other, I'll repeat it: Do you know or remember why the fandom sustained in its size? Because the show has a quality that bridges demographics together. The characters are relatable. Several high-quality episodes emotionally connect with people on a very deep level, like Suited for Success; Hurricane Fluttershy; Testing Testing 1, 2, 3; Pinkie Pride; Winter Wrap Up; and Sleepless in Ponyville. You can't say plenty of the content bridges beyond the base demographic, yet simultaneously claim this is a product "for five-year-olds" and that the older voices don't matter one bit. Like what Tommy Oliver lambasted in his Equestria Girls review, these statements are incongruent, and "it's for kids" is inherently hypocritical. It's either for all ages (which it is, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying) or "for little girls" (who, by the excuse, you imply that they deserve the pandering schlock that nearly killed the franchise in the first place). The people you're talking to doesn't determine the quality of the product. The execution of the content determines the overall quality of your product. The audiences you're trying to attract only determines the content rating — what is allowed or not by law. Friendship Is Magic, for example, is rated TV-Y in the US, by far the strictest rating. Hasbro and DHX can't afford to put in more graphic content in hopes of not having the FCC or standard-and-practices lawyers being sicced on. A few decades ago (notably the 1990s), several cartoons weren't afraid to step across the boundaries and deliver quality entertainment. Sure, some of them were misses (Powerpuff Girls's Mime for a Change for its out-of-character ending; Collect Her for its mean-spirited commentary towards older fans), but plenty were hits. Hey Arnold! (not one of my favorites) is a great cartoon that took its audience seriously and portrayed many city and child problems tactfully, thus expanding the characters' dimensions. Courage the Cowardly Dog is unbelievably creepy with plenty of great slapstick, but it wasn't afraid to tackle real problems and portray them seriously; check out The Mask for its commentary on domestic abuse, sexism, and homosexuality. Or another Hasbro product: Beast Wars's "Code of Hero." Heck, even pre-movie Spongebob is still remembered because most of the time, it didn't fall into the traps that factually bad animations make. Then again, if Nickelodeon can get away with close-up shots of ripped toenails, portraying suicide realistically to mock it (twice), blatant animal cruelty, racist stereotypes, and rape jokes in cartoons rated TV-Y7, then— I don't wanna think about that idea anymore! NEXT! Kids are never a target audience. A target audience is the idea of selling a product to someone. Do you think kids are going to be buying those products? No. So how do they get? By their guardian's approval. The guardians (particularly ones with common sense) decide if the product is suitable in both content and quality for his or her kid(s), not the kids themselves. And what "children's" television works best? Ones where kids and adults are treated with equal respect. MLP:FIM, in terms of the comics and animation, is suitable for all ages. Young kids, teens, parents, and any adult who enjoys quality animation. It's the same audience as the Disney classics, Pixar, several classic children's books, and other current products of today that know what they're doing. If people love and enjoy factually bad shows as kids, there's a chance they'll enjoy factually bad shows as adults, too; that's intolerable. Kids should be directed to quality family entertainment so they can create sets of standards. Because kids are easily influenced by the voices and sights surrounding them, family entertainment should be enforced with STRICTER and HIGHER standards, not lower. If the quality is good, it should be recommended. On the other hand, if it's bad, it should be called out and criticized sternly — if it's abominable, very harshly. "It's for kids" is no excuse for bad concepts, bad executions, bad animation, bad writing, and bad products in general. The more various sections of the brony fandom and people in general use it to bypass quality flaws that make or break the story; episode; comic; or movie, the more they'll accept any kind of quality, including the really bad kind that Spongebob's going through now and Thomas until last year. The less the lazy "it's for kids" handwave is used and the more the excuse is called out, the better.
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    This is a bit of an interesting story, and It's going to start a bit back before I joined the forums. I used to be a user of a little forum I won't name now, it has built quite a legacy but is dying off. However, I stayed around, and amassed almost 10,000 posts. Somehow, my life remained empty and meaningless, I was constantly tormented by an array of insults delivered both online and off, and I was just generally failing at life in every conceivable way. At this point, I had been a brony for a while already, but I had not engaged the community at all. That is when I started searching for an MLP forum, and an MLP forum there was, it was THE MLP forum. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, from the bottom of my heart, that joining this forum is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I had become depressed to the point where I had attempted suicide several times, and life as a whole just seemed pointless to me at the time, but I decided that I may as well try talking to a new group of people, that is likely one of the best decisions I ever made. Almost immediately after I joined the forums, my depression dissipated. It just kind of vanished, not unlike Rob Schneider's career as a director. And I am glad for it, not only did the forums lift my depression, it inspired me to do so much more. The community here inspired me not only to get back into writing, but to embrace comedy once more. Without you, forums, I don't know where I would be. You guys are the best.
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    Oh no, not another leaving post! Yes, another leaving post. But believe me. When I make a leaving post, I mean it. This will probably be the last time you will ever see me on here again. As a mod, and as a regular poster. I'm leaving my post as head of RP World and global moderator. I'm leaving MLP Forums. The reasons are a relatively complicated affair that involve my absolute frustration at the management here, and the overall heightened stupidity since I joined. Yes, it is because the forums have changed. You've seen this reason before. But it isn't because I dislike change (though I do, but this particular instance isn't). Once accustomed to it, I can adapt and come to like it though it takes a while. It's because I dislike the actual changes themselves that have happened. They have made this place far less interesting to post in. Frankly, outside of my roleplays, I'm not really interested in much of anything here. Moderation especially of RP World is one of the most frustrating and hopeless affairs I've ever taken part in. Since I've started, I've met with not only a lack of progress (a downhill spiral into worse and smaller quality with markedly little improvement), but overall disrespect of my section, and lack of interest. The amount of roleplayers on here is about 3% of the 5,000 members. And overall, I feel it's pointless to continue. It's like fighting the tides. In my opinion, there was far too much concern with quantity over quality, and this place got too big too fast. It's no longer a place I wish to be associated with. My life is starting brand new by next year. It's moving in all sorts of different directions, I'm going to college in January, and I've got some great things ahead of me. It's time to leave the things that cause me nothing but unnecessary stress and pain behind, and to proceed into the future. I'll be creating my own RP forums (though not for a very long time) based on my original concepts of Arylettopia. Nothing to do with ponies. (I'm kind of tired of being around the pony fandom anyway. It's just full of things that irritate me to hell and back.) It was fun, and I got to learn a lot of things about leadership, management, and gain confidence in myself at having power. I got to meet some great people. (Two new best friends) And learn things from them. I got to experience actually being noticed, and having my stuff looked at. But the fact of the matter is, I no longer feel anything but negative emotions and stress, and lack of motivation to moderate or post. This is supposed to be a place I come to for stress relief and to forget about my troubles, not make new ones. So... it's been fun, guys, but everything must come to an end. Time to end the chapter of MLP Forums in my story, and start anew. In a new era. A new year. And maybe find another forum to bum about on whilst I create mine. (Not going to lie, I know the likelihood of making a successful forum is nill. Not naive, but I'll try anyway.) You can contact me in the places on my profile. See you all if I see you. Goodbye.