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  1. Full Name: Stardust Balance Gender: Male. Age: Twenty. Species: Earth Pony. Features: Eye colour: Blended blue and green. Mane: Colour: Dark brown. Length: Average for a male. Style: Scruffy. Body: Colour: Bright yellow. Length: Shorter than the average stallion. Weight: Thin. Cutie Mark: Heart with star in the center. Likes: Chocolate. Soda. Peace. Silence. Philosophy. Creativity. Reading. Twilight Sparkle. Dislikes: Any Equestrian food to do with plants. Loud noises. Idiocy. Time wasting. Arrogance. Celestia. Hobbies: Reading. Contemplating. Pacing. Writing.
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  2. Here I will be posting songs I like that most would classify as classic rock.. First up is "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Aireplane Followed up with "Barracuda" by Heart Up next is "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" by the Hollies And we'll end Part 1 with "The Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace
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