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    I appreciate Smolder.
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    When is Chrysalis’ day?
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    Ah, Derpy. I saw art inspired by you before I even knew what the new MLP was - and I got into the show a handful of episodes into season 1! Amazing to think what a huge following something that small can have.
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    I think you mean, Happy Derp Day. But y'all got it wrong. Ditzy Doo is more than animation errors or fandom clinginess. She got left in for a bit out of sheer laziness. The effort for the backgrounds have always been repetitive & a make-do operation. Why bother fixing something that isn't supposed to be important?... until one specific group came along, assumed that it meant something & Hasbro, not wanting to hurt any feelings or jeopardize business tucked tail & tried to fix something they never meant to mean. ... then the fans caught wind. We rallied, we wanted the company & group that gave us happiness to not cower in fear for what they assumed others wanted. The voiceless majority sticking up for those that actually do have something to lose, lending a metaphorical hand to say that its already to portray what you will, to create for your own freedoms & not just to meet a paycheck. The world momentarily cried out that it was okay to be flawed. Okay to stick out or not amount to much. That's what she is. A creation of love. To Derp is to Love, my friends!
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    hmm..i thought we're going to get a trivia or something.
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    I bet the trivia will be a breeze. With a derpy kind of questions, what can go wrong?
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    So much event for this month, can't wait!
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    Awesome, it's about time we got a changeling day!
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    OMG! I am so there!
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    *Drawing Intensifies*
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    It was a heartwarming moment indeed.
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    Never played OoT before, actually. Does that make me a bad person? I played Majora's Mask, though. I think the OoT's soundtrack is one of the best in the whole series. And to believe only one guy wrote the entire thing.
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    But youuuu spellled CHAOS wrooong! *turns into a fish & commences flopping & flailing* (And to keep with the theme, Choas week/day/ hour should randomly change dates without warning.)
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    I might actually make it to this one! Color me interested.
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    Is that from Ponyvania?