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    I think you mean, Happy Derp Day. But y'all got it wrong. Ditzy Doo is more than animation errors or fandom clinginess. She got left in for a bit out of sheer laziness. The effort for the backgrounds have always been repetitive & a make-do operation. Why bother fixing something that isn't supposed to be important?... until one specific group came along, assumed that it meant something & Hasbro, not wanting to hurt any feelings or jeopardize business tucked tail & tried to fix something they never meant to mean. ... then the fans caught wind. We rallied, we wanted the company & group that gave us happiness to not cower in fear for what they assumed others wanted. The voiceless majority sticking up for those that actually do have something to lose, lending a metaphorical hand to say that its already to portray what you will, to create for your own freedoms & not just to meet a paycheck. The world momentarily cried out that it was okay to be flawed. Okay to stick out or not amount to much. That's what she is. A creation of love. To Derp is to Love, my friends!
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    hmm..i thought we're going to get a trivia or something.
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    I bet the trivia will be a breeze. With a derpy kind of questions, what can go wrong?
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    When is Chrysalis’ day?
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    i-i'm not the best artist, but i can work on my craft for this contest!
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    Because if it wasn't for the imagination, creativity, and persistence of the fandom, today would never had happened. The fans created Derpy and the animators were generous and kind enough to make her a legitimate character. Derpy is truly a fan-created character. One tiny animation derp (pun intended) evolved and exploded into a full-fledged character. Also I hope I don't live to the year 6099 Oh wait, I'm The Doctor. Of course I can live that long.
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