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    False. 12/21/12 is commonly heard as the "Apocalypse" but is actually "Alpacalypse" the day when the Alpacas launch their master plan to take over the earth.
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    Because if it wasn't for the imagination, creativity, and persistence of the fandom, today would never had happened. The fans created Derpy and the animators were generous and kind enough to make her a legitimate character. Derpy is truly a fan-created character. One tiny animation derp (pun intended) evolved and exploded into a full-fledged character. Also I hope I don't live to the year 6099 Oh wait, I'm The Doctor. Of course I can live that long.
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    To: Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch From: Imagine ♥
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    I was like HOLY SHIT SOMEONE ADDED THIS and then realized it was me, I am so awesome.
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    Hold on for a second. That sums up my excitement.
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    I approve of this
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    How I'll spend the day...
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    On the day this happens: Fluttershy shall be hugged.
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    The only disaster on that day will be a lack of common sense and rationality.
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    This sounds fu- >friends are required well shit.
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    >friends are required ....Oh.
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    why only hug when you can SNUGGLE?
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    My favorite day is here YAY!!!!
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    Just during my week where Pinkie Pie is my best pony. Clever, Jeric. You are very clever.
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    I think you made a typo. You said "Valentine's Day" instead of "Reminder You Will Never Be In A Relationship Day"
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    I annoy Feld0 every day.
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    So does it have to be restricted to hero teams?
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    >annoy Feld0 day >not a daily event
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    This was one of the greatest days of my life as a member of the fandom. :,D Thank you so much for marking it on the calendar.
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    This is the first of a series of these year round ... keep an eye out
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    Lizards are very cost-effective.
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    what do i do then?
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    To: Pwincess Woona From: Me :3 (I know that i suck at drawing...don't crush mah dreams!!!1 >:U)
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    To: Twilight Sparkle
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    For the greater good!
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    Friendship is Magic
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    OMG ITS ALMOST HERE IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)
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    Jeric, command your children! Lead them into battle! Ahhh, Rarifans. Fashionpone with hard-to-draw hair.
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    Pinkie Pie hype!
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    That's a pentagram. This post supports lizard people. MLPforums is Illuminati confirmed.
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    Chigens is best serpony. Like,what the ass? Every mod gets lots of love from many users,but I never heard of Chigens-love.Just for today,let's give everyone's favourite serpony some love! I heard from another user() that Chigens even created the KFC line.You know,Kentucky Fried Chigens... So why not give Chigens some love? She really deserves it,especially fir being here since the beginning,and creating the Snake Ponies <3
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    Do they have to be superheroes?
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    I don't like where this is going. I better bring in the Canadian Cavalry in case it gets out of hand.
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    This event needs more explosions.
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    Any balloons you get from me will be twisted into freakish shapes that will haunt your nightmares.
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    Time to get fabulous! Two great teams against each other (and both featuring a Rarity!)... But who could say no to this adorable and stylish pony?
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    ._. I actually forgot about this xD
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    Pink Pony Day? I must now create a Pinkie Overload! (My Desktop right now, minus the icons. ) I have more, but I think I should cut myself off there... gotta save some Pink Pony Opportunity for everypony else after all!
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    Oh, this is going to be so totally rad.
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    >implying not doing that already What kind of pleb do you take me for?
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    Ok Rarity, come here.
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    YES. I'd hug AJ so hard and so long she'd squeak like a cute filly. <3
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    i thought it was the tau empire....peh, who needs math XP