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    First of all @Sparklefan1234 You're not supposed to brohoof the opposing team's content. Remember which side you're on. And most importantly, remember what they did during the draft... You think we've all forgotten? I see who's on your team. 2nd best princess, her angsty teenage counterpart and a Rorschach painting. A rather moody and sombre bunch. But you know who I don't see, bringing her ray of sunshine? Do you hear anypony laughing? We don't. Nopony does. And nopony will, thanks to you. All of us here at Team SCU reminded of the tale of Ragnarok, how it all started, with the beloved Norse god Baldur. Cheerfull, gracious, and beloved by all who knew him. Except for the bitter Loki. Jealousy drove him to orchestrate the death of Baldur, using a game the gods and goddesses played as the backdrop of an assassination. And with that gods death, came a climactic battle that resulted in the end of all things. And look at us here. A massive war is now underway after you sent your beloved player into oblivion. Our own little Ragnarok is upon us now. There is no turning back from the apocalyptic confrontation now. But all battles must have a winner. The winner of Ragnarok may have been lost, but no one will forget who wins this climactic game. And no one will forget who will be left standing when we make you repent for your past sins. This is no longer just a game for us Team Moon. This is personal. This is retribution. This is justice! We will now never know what the element of laughter would have brought to this tournament. We will never have the glory of besting an element of harmony. You took that away from us, and you took her chance to secure glory, to know what it is like to stand atop of the mountain in victory alongside her team mates. But as they say, Your enemies aren't the ones who stab you in the back... No Team Moon, this match isn't just to survive the tournament. This match will be fought to honor a fallen sister. This match will be fought in honor of the one who taught us to smile. This match will be fought for the one who would've thrown the grandest of victory parties! We here at Sin City United dedicate our victory, to the late great Pinkemina Diane "Pinkie" Pie! For the honor of Pinkie Pie, you are the ones who shall be crushed!
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    I know that I'm supposed to be a dedicated and loyal Ponyville team member, but... Go... Team... 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓮𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓪𝓷!!! I put all my faith and encouragement unto your team, and I'll cheer you on through the whole tournament! Of course, I'll be back to supporting my own team once we get to compete against each other, but for the time being, you guys have my full support. GOOD LUCK!
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    May the best team win!
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    The battle of the century?
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    I wonder what it will be about. Well, either way...
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    I'm in
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    Friendship is Magic
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    @Haunt-A-Brony I'm glad to hear that, my friend! And as a member of Team Manehattan, of course they're my #1 team, but there are two other teams that will have my support against others. Those two being either Cloudsdale or Ponyville (whichever qualifies) and Trottingham!
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    Yes. Best of luck to your team... You'll need it. I'm just joking around, good luck! I'll see you on the dueling ground! It is pretty sad that one of us here eliminated, I actually like Cloudsdale... But hey, that's the game, ain't it? Oh, and I really like Manehatten as well, you guys definitely have my vote. Pick us! And hey @Rhythm Red, I actually didn't notice we were rivals until just now! Well, good luck to your team, I'll see you on the battlefield tomorrow.
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    Hey Dashie, just wanted to tell that you and your sorry team are going DOOWWNN !!!
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    It is already the 21st in my timezone happy shimmering equinox.
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    It. Is. ON!
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    Sorry. Ok. I barely remember the draft, TBH. I have.
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    But youuuu spellled CHAOS wrooong! *turns into a fish & commences flopping & flailing* (And to keep with the theme, Choas week/day/ hour should randomly change dates without warning.)
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    come manehattan, you can beat that generic oc cutie mark pretty easy
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    @Haunt-A-Brony Then may the best pone win...
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    It's never too late to change team and became a proud supporter of Ponyville We are at least 30 % cooler!
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    im ready for this
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    Rainbow Dash doesn't lose!
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    Good Luck to you, too, BFFFF!
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    I should've known better than to expect you to get the jist. Those were in reference to the lyrics of the song that was posted. That is if you heard it at all. Though given your age I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. Hearing tends to be one of the first things to go along with ones sanity. Do motion if you need us to use our royal Canterlot voices, will you? What good is truth in the face of the cold, hard, facts? Even games have basis in reality. And yes, do walk away. Save your strength. Don't insult my team by making excuses or taking us lightly when the fated hour approaches. We give no quarter and we ask for none in return. Regardless of who wins this, the real victor will be whomever survives the end of war within a dream. And we have our sights on who we want to face next. A team I admire for their kindred traditions. A team captain my raven winged friend wishes to have a rematch with. And a certain other princess whom our captain needs to prove herself against..." Do you look forward to the battles ahead? Who have you longed to face int he glory of battle? Was it us? Just us? Well, I'll make sure not to disappoint. See you at o nine hundred, Captain Luna.
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