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    Time to get fabulous! Two great teams against each other (and both featuring a Rarity!)... But who could say no to this adorable and stylish pony?
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    You are right @Rikifive ! We should do our best to help that beautiful white unicorn! Let's defeat together Queen of Changelings once again!
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    Rarity versus Nightmare Rarity? Meaning I have to choose one of the other? This is like my parent's divorce all over again.
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    It looks like either way one of the Rarity's wins this round & that means @Jeric wins, too.
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    There's no other choice.
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    Pushing it out till Friday want to give myself some breathing space.
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    Im ready for this
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    I know that I'm supposed to be a dedicated and loyal Ponyville team member, but... Go... Team... 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓮𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓪𝓷!!! I put all my faith and encouragement unto your team, and I'll cheer you on through the whole tournament! Of course, I'll be back to supporting my own team once we get to compete against each other, but for the time being, you guys have my full support. GOOD LUCK!
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    And thus the occasion comes around again for another year.
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    Oy, the last Bronycon is also going to be my first. (Had to make it happen sometime...?) I'm really looking forward to the experience though and to finally meeting several people in person
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    When we meet I fully expect the most Aussie accent you can muster! You will likely see me at karaoke XD
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    Even I will make my travels to BC all the way from the land of kangaroos and drop bears.
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    Don’t forget to join the MLPF BronyCon Discord. Crazy that we are closing in on this quickly! Join the MLPF @ BRONYCON DISCORD Here
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    Oh dis gone be great.
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    Consider myself RSVP'd then.
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    *Drawing Intensifies*
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    I'll pick Rarity!
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    I hath been ordered by Alexshy to vote for thy great team, Manehattan and will do so. Plus Rarity is my fav Mane Six Pony!
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    How much time left to the match @Jeric ?
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    Somehow I feel like supporters of Manehattan will get banned for a day during the voting and Buffy wins by a landslide...
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    @Haunt-A-Brony I'm glad to hear that, my friend! And as a member of Team Manehattan, of course they're my #1 team, but there are two other teams that will have my support against others. Those two being either Cloudsdale or Ponyville (whichever qualifies) and Trottingham!
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    Friendship is Magic
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    A decade of a unforgettable show. Goodbye MLP FIM. And happy tenth anniversary.
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    Woww! You lucky October 3rd peeps . You guys have such an amazing birthdate, you got me jealous. Merry bornday, MLP Forums! Thanks for the wonderful time I had here!
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    Happy Fiendship day! \ (and no it's not a typo. )
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    2 more days till 2nd best pony has her day
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    Best. Day. Ever!
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    Just keep cool
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    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'M GOING TO BRONYCON although it is only for a day because hotels are too expensive for me 7 hours total worth of bus ride tho. So excited to see y'all there! I never met a brony in real life before (at least not one I'm aware of) and now I'm about to meet a couple thousand of them xD Hopefully my mom doesn't go on Google and see what is happening at Baltimore... I told her it was a "cartoon convention" which it technically is, but yeah xD
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    I will be attending
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    By fortunate turn of events I look forward to seeing many of you there!!
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    Best to see if anyone has any space in a room to share. I'd be surprised if most of the hotels aren't booked up by this stage, and it's cheaper to room share anyway.
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    I might be going, but I need to organise accommodation and stuff quickly, any advice?
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    I am for sure going.
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    official best day in the world
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    Never played OoT before, actually. Does that make me a bad person? I played Majora's Mask, though. I think the OoT's soundtrack is one of the best in the whole series. And to believe only one guy wrote the entire thing.
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    Don't know much about The Legend of Zelda, but the Rupee Hunt event sure is fun!
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    Love the event so far. Now I might even have to try to beat a zelda game lol
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    At least you still seem to know your own team, that's quite a plus if you ask me...
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    Glad that this is now resuming. I still have hopes for my team though I hear they are up against a strong opponent.
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    I hear what you're saying, but consider this: Jeric
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    Rooting for The Moon (Obviously) but good luck to the Wonderbolt Academy
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    im ready for this
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    I wonder what it will be about. Well, either way...