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    I hope you are ready for the awesomeness
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    Well how the hay else am I supposed to know somepony needs attention? Im a busy pony but I always make time for my fans
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    should be called Best pony day
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    And thus the occasion comes around again for another year.
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    Oy, the last Bronycon is also going to be my first. (Had to make it happen sometime...?) I'm really looking forward to the experience though and to finally meeting several people in person
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    When we meet I fully expect the most Aussie accent you can muster! You will likely see me at karaoke XD
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    Even I will make my travels to BC all the way from the land of kangaroos and drop bears.
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    Don’t forget to join the MLPF BronyCon Discord. Crazy that we are closing in on this quickly! Join the MLPF @ BRONYCON DISCORD Here
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    Oh dis gone be great.
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    Consider myself RSVP'd then.
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    Yes Princess cadence and Shining armor day!
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    Friendship is Magic
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    Yes, ma’am
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    Happy Rainbow Dash Day 
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    Darn! Rainbow Dash has green in her tail. #Noponypinches
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    Princess Celestia and Luna are my special someponies!
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    Saying goodbye to a show I loved for a long time really is hard for me Rainbowdash why ? Because the rainboom tears I cry will be all in the friendship is magic when it ends and then the sadness will build when your favorite pony you love dies in front of you and knowing the love you had for all these years for the show will always be a memory in my heart ! Also wanna to thank the staff and brony friends that supported me as a true loyal friend on this site itself it was a wonderful ride MLPFIM so goodbye !!!
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    A decade of a unforgettable show. Goodbye MLP FIM. And happy tenth anniversary.
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    Woww! You lucky October 3rd peeps . You guys have such an amazing birthdate, you got me jealous. Merry bornday, MLP Forums! Thanks for the wonderful time I had here!
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    Happy friendship day to you too. What in the hay is a tardis?
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    Thats a really nice picture of me. How did you get to Equestria?
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    Happy Fiendship day! \ (and no it's not a typo. )
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    It says this event repeats every year forever. I'm going to hold you to it.
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    Happy Friendship day!!!!
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    Yay. Twilight Day.
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    Obligatory @Derplight Sperklefor playing her in EqE, even though it still has yet to reopen So is the forum actually doing something cool on the 7th or what? 🤔
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    2 more days till 2nd best pony has her day
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    Best. Day. Ever!
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    Just keep cool
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    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'M GOING TO BRONYCON although it is only for a day because hotels are too expensive for me 7 hours total worth of bus ride tho. So excited to see y'all there! I never met a brony in real life before (at least not one I'm aware of) and now I'm about to meet a couple thousand of them xD Hopefully my mom doesn't go on Google and see what is happening at Baltimore... I told her it was a "cartoon convention" which it technically is, but yeah xD
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    I wish I could be there to meet you all, TheRockARooster is upset at himself. But I wanted to come here and give you all a special gift. These are my plushies and she’ll think of you all when I hold them. I really wish I could be there but I will be in spirit. Much love from me, TheRockARooster.
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    Cool idea. I'm up for it
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    How much? It’s tempting to do that instead of driving into the city every day, pay tolls both ways, and pay parking.
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    I will be attending
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    By fortunate turn of events I look forward to seeing many of you there!!
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    Best to see if anyone has any space in a room to share. I'd be surprised if most of the hotels aren't booked up by this stage, and it's cheaper to room share anyway.
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    I might be going, but I need to organise accommodation and stuff quickly, any advice?
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    Im all set to go got my tickets hotel etc etc I am trying to get a game night set so let me know if you are interested
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    I am for sure going.
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    I wonder what it will be about. Well, either way...
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    Only a little more than two weeks left, until we celebrate our favourite adorkable purple pone princess's day! I can't wait to spam Twi pictures on that day, though my supply of Twilight images is limited... I better start stocking up! Oh, and Rarity, you'll get a day someday as well, hang in there.
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    Sounds like the happiest day for me (even if it isn't the anniversary me meeting Twilight)
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    Should have delayed it to the 17th since that's my birthday :p