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    'Scootalove' was a popular fanon concept involving Rainbow Dash taking in Scootaloo as a sister figure during S1 and S2. On this day this beloved concept became canon, when Rainbow Dash not only took Scootaloo in as her surrogate sister, but as her protege, as well.
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    As a forum focused around ponies, most people tend to use avatars and signatures that revolve around MLP:FiM in some way. Not everyone, but most :3 On this day, you're encouraged to be a little creative; switch your profile around (avatar, signature, name, all of the above? ) to whatever you want; as long as it's not pony related. Have a favorite character from a video game or movie? Maybe another animated cartoon you really enjoy? Throw them up there for a day!
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    Let a pony know that you care today.
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    WARNING: Season 2, Episode 14 SPOILERS! https://mlpforums.com/calendar/event/23-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events In today's episode, Rainbow Dash called Derpy by name, rendering her previously fanon name official. Derpy then went on to have a full speaking role for a good minute or so in which she destroyed part of Ponyville's town hall, much to Rainbow Dash's frustration. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HT89b6lNOeg This event is significant because it proves, once and for all, that the show's creators are well aware of their fandom and listen to their viewers. Derpy originally began as a simple animation error in the show's pilot episode, but became a hit character among the fans.
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    THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS. NON-PONY IDENTITY DAY IS BACK! What is Non-Pony Identity Day? Ah, glad you asked! Well, my friends, Non-Pony Identity Day is an exciting day on which we change our avatars, signatures, and/or usernames (whatever you wish!) to something that isn't from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Whether it's wizards, robots, historical figures, GabeN, or even past generation MLP, you're free to use anything you want (within the rules, of course!). Check out the NPID from last year. Why non-pony? Isn't this a pony site? For fun! More than just a pony site, we're also a brony site! We're a community of people who just so happen to have ponies as a common interest. That means all of us are unique individuals, each with our own diverse range of interests. Think of this day as an opportunity to express yourself. Diversity, buck yeah! So with that, have fun!
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    FREE BALLOONS GUYS. FREE BALLOONS. All mods MUST give out Balloons for free.
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    Annoy Feld0 with your troubles. NOW WITH 20% MORE EXPLOSIONS!
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    On this day, you must make your avatar a viking or something with a viking hat. No exceptions.
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    To celebrate the release of Pokemon X and Y, pick a Pokemon avatar to use for today. It can be any Pokemon from any generation. Have fun!
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    Everyone loves a good villain, so why not take a day to dedicate to celebrating the characters that make everything a bit more fun and crazy? Change your username, avatar, signature, whatever you want . You can do antagonists too if you'd like, it's just that Antagonist Day doesn't sound as cool as Villain Day . Pay tribute to your favorite fictional evil person or jerk. Not restricted to just MLP characters, but feel free to do that too
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    Settled in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, this year's BronyCon is being looked forward to by many. With the fandom ever growing and expanding, this year's BronyCon should truly be an experience that as many people should consider going to as possible. I myself plan on attending ^^ If you plan on attending this year, click 'I'm Attending' on the right! MLP Forums/Poniverse will have a panel titled Poniverse: Building a Supercommunity on Saturday at 4:45 PM in the Hall of the Sun. Join us there, and visit us at table 214! The Baltimore Convention Center, the location for BronyCon this year: For more information regarding the event, be sure to check out the official website.
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    As declared by the United Nations on April 27th 2011, each July 30th is officially the International Day of Friendship. To stay true to the magic of friendship, this day should be mentioned as an event of symbolic importance. To show friendship between people and cultures.
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    fweldohhhh :3 All members must make their names cwoot :3 Oh, wes, mwods, yow must use cwoot nwanes too ♥ ... Wou dont knwo how two make cwoot names?
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    This day is tau Day, where we celebrate an even better number then Pi, Tau! http://tauday.com/
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    AKA 'New Years Day'. THIS DAY IN A NUTSHELL:
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    This event is actually very fun, and a great way to show your friends that you care! There are no rules that apply to this event, however, if you would like to participate in this event, the steps are very easy! Find a friend that you plan to send your candy gram to Candy grams can be personal or visual. (PM or status update) Just find a picture of a piece of candy, and send the delicious treat to your best forum buddy! If given a candy gram, don't forget to thank that person! If you are feeling generous, don't be shy to send one back! Hopefully, this event will be fun for both you and your best friend. Hey, you can even send one to your special somepony! May you have a sweet day!
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    So, just a thing I thought of, similar to Villain Day and Celebrity Day, this one you can change your username to that of your favorite album and have your avatar as said favorite album. I set it for next Saturday, the 15th, so you can have time to think of your favorite album. (I know it'll take me a while to pick lol) No album, artist, or genre is off limits. :3
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    Time to show some shipping spirit! MLP or not, change your avatar, signature, username, whatever to match your favorite pairing. Call dibs (if you feel you must) in the comments below! See you on October 5th!
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    Dress up as any fictional character to your liking. It can be from an anime, sitcom, television series, movie, etc. It'll be a gathering of sorts, with folks from every one of the fictional universes. Have fun, my love.
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    Grab some friends* and become your favorite super hero team! Justice League, Team Rocket, The Red Team, it doesn't matter! *yes friends are required
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    IT'S HARRY FREAKING JAMES POTTER's BIRTHDAY. The Boy Who Lived! The Boy Who Defeated Voldemort...I mean You-Know-Who. GO TO YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE AND BUY ALL OF THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS. And try reading them all in one night. Oh and yah it's also JK Rowlings birthday also but who cares? Expecto Patronum!
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    BronyCAN is Canada's first pony convention, to be held in Richmond, BC this year. Poniverse has teamed up with them to host their official forums and get the word out about each other. For more information, check out their official website. Will you be there?
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    On this day, change your avatar and/or username to your favorite celebrity such as an actor/actress, musician, singer, athlete, etc. It can be any famous person, really. I hope you guys participate, and have fun
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    No hands allowed. wtf am I doing