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    Oooo oh ok. It would be nice to have more height variation in mlp. Most of the adult males and the females are the same size respectively in mlp
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    Thank you, Regal!
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    Changed Equestrian Empire Approved to Yes
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    That’s a really cool backstory
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    He looks so handsome and he seems to blend with the background ponies if he were to appear in the show (which of course will never happen since the show just ended this year).
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    Oh no not THAT small. I'm still developing her to be honest, so I'd have t figure that one out.
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    How small exactly? Filly size?
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    Finally! I have been waiting for this. I was going through all OCs trying to find her, but now she's here!
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    Changed Equestrian Empire Approved to Yes
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    You're welcome, Lucky. You have really developed your ponysona well.
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    Fantastic character! Great job.
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    Hey, I like the concept. Any hints on what her cutie mark is about?
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    @SpookyEmerald @ExplosionMare thank you! and yes, I do I think there's about 12 right now? hen had babies over the summer and I lost count hahaha
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    Made this characture to celebrate the release of DOOM eternal next month
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    *Noted The written work is done by @Randimaxis
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    Changed Equestrian Empire Approved to Yes