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    Yo, this is the first time I’ve gotten the highest rank in a forum.... EVAH
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    Hi there. I'm kind of lost in this forum, it's huge! My name is Chris. I work for a company called River Horse. We make the 'tails of equestria' RPG, it's all officialy licenced by Hasbro and we're VERY proud of what we've accomplished! it's been an honour to work so closely with Hasbro. Anyway, we are looking for volunteers to help us spread to word, and suggestions for youtubers who might be interested in unboxing/playing some free samples. Is there a place on this forum where I could put that out? Or do you guys have some kind of network we could put the message out on? that might be a bit cheeky :p Anyway, thanks. Chris.
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    Hmm.. but I don't really want to be mean.. this is what I'd do: Follow along! Hey, they may be great roleplayers!