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    Disclaimer: Started drawing this before "Daring Doubt"... Just an FYI... Here's my blue boi on his own: And here's him with the whole team: I feel like mercy is a criminally underrated virture in our world. Had to go with it. X3
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    Pillar (Element) of Dark Arts. "He Who Must Not be Named" Power is Wisdom
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    The Element of Tyranny, Princess Celestia
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    The Element of Integrity, Cozy Glow.
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    The Element of Unity. The Sirens reformed. They now sing to people to soothe and unite ponies souls for a better tomorrow.
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    The element of Radiance, Nightmare Moon.
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    The Ellement of Tranquility, Iron Will Note that this will not be eligible to win as i am a judge for this contest
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    Hopefully i'm not too late for this! had to squeeze in at the last moment x-x As I draw my hand irl first, then scan / digitalize, i drew the actual painting too large, so it got cut off. Oh, and in-case you wanted to see the original drawing, I included that as well~
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    ponies any other race go wild TOPKEK QUALITY ARTWORKS™ PRESENTS THE WINDOW THAT ROCKS! Yeah, yeah, but this is all I came for