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    Artwork by pridark // Artwork edited by Rikifive Hey, did you know, that you can disable your messenger? If for personal reasons you'd like to avoid receiving messages, we're offering a special service, where we can come to your property and take your mailbox away from you, quite literally! If you'll decide to get rid of it, we'll be notifying others, that you cannot receive any messages if they'd be trying to contact you. Oh and don't worry! We will return your mailbox whenever you'd like to have it back, just say a word and it will be there! I promise! Disabling Messenger You can disable your messenger at the bottom of the inbox. Note, that disabling messenger WILL NOT delete the conversations you have. Everything will still be there if you decide to enable it back. You can disable/enable it whenever you want without losing anything, except the new messages, that will be blocked while having it deactivated. You won't receive any notifications, that someone tried to send you a message while you had the messenger deactivated. Disabling messenger removes it from your userbar: - and whenever someone will try to send you a message, they'll receive an error telling, that you cannot receive any messages at the moment: Note, that you cannot compose, nor view messages while it is deactivated. Enabling Messenger You can enable your messenger back at any time. While the messenger is disabled, a new option, "Messages", is added to your account menu. This option will ask if you want to enable it back: After selecting [ OK ], it will take you to your messenger just like it was before disabling it. No hard feelings, if you decide to get rid of your mailbox, we won't be seeing each other as often afterwards, but I hope we'll still be friends!