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    Finally I found it! Mommy Cadance in for the wammy! Shout out to @Lunar Echo who was a huge fan of Cadance, and helped me out a lot when I first joined the forum. Your kindness won't be forgotten.
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    I worked hard on this edit of my profile picture. How did I do?
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    It was just pointed out to me by @Sondash Studios that I have now hit over 5000 brohoofs!! Thanks to you all!! You guys rock!!
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    So .... I’m here. Both of my kids are officially 18. I usually have a lot to say ... but now I’m just sitting here realizing that the next phase of parenthood is the wise helper. Happy birthday @Salty Sweetness You’re in charge now!
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    Well, the rooster is gonna be going offline for the rest of the day. Take care all and stay safe. *hugs* Thank you all for being my friends and I love you all. <3 <3 <3
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    Your mane 6 have been replaced by an adorable cute Easter Rainbow Dash.
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    Good morning ponyville! After a rough day yesterday with the weather, today is a beautiful day! Hope you all are doing well!
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    So, I ended up buying an old nokia to be able to play old phone games, the one I got was the Nokia 6303i from 2009, locked on my network of EE (T-Mobile)
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    Go Starlight uh huh you know it.
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    Ok so, I just finished with the new premiere of MLP ...I have so much to say about this episode....(*WARNING!! THIS POST CONTAINS SEASON 9 SPOILERS! OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!*).... All in all though, another great episode!
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    Luna taking cues from Jim Carrey...
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    Who’s everyone’s favorite dragon I’ll give you a hint It starts with an S.