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    Let's do this, GO! P.s. it's not a must to join but it helps to get a better mind set when positivity is spread that's why this post and the tags, also don't feel let down if you weren't tagged, i struggled tagging! Time to tag a bunch, hope you will join! @Sparklefan1234, @Lunarfur, @TomDaBombMLP, @Tacodidra, @RaraLover, @Arc Flash, @AppleBolt ⚡️, @Beauregard, @Bastian Bolts⚡, @Cash In, @Cl0udChaser, @Dark Horse, @LyraLover ⚡, @Deae Rising Shine~@TheRockARooster, @Totally Roseluck @Will Guide, @Yoshi89 , @Derpy Pon-3, @DivineStrike1000⚡️, @Dynamo Pad, @ElectricEnergy⚡, @Emerald Heart, @Eniac, @Fluttershyfan94, @Flutterstrike ⚡️⚡️⚡️, @Koncova, @Kujamih, @LegoDashie, @Lucky Bolt ⚡ , @Lulaypp, @Lord Valtasar, @Mellow Mane 🍀, @Midnight Danny, @Partialgeek514, @Pastel Heart, @Princess of Bolts ⚡🔥⚡ @Ragland Tiger, @Rainbow Cloud 🌈, @Regal Shadow, @Rikifive, @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥, @Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡, @StarrySkyDash, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna @Just Blivy⚡️, @Cagey,@Treeglow Flicker
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    *Looks at brohoof count* 99909!
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    think there is no quote more important than this
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    C'mon everypony we can do it ! Road to 11 000 !
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    It's amazing how when I first signed-up on MLPF I had no (real) forum experience whatsoever & now I have a bunch of AWESOME friends & I'm making my own sigs & avatars*. *That's just a bonus.
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    Kind of update that will get 5 brohoofs:
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    This is so perfect. My cousing called yesterday because it was his birthday. I would have called him instead but I was helping my father fix some stuff. The point is, that when he called, it wasn't to boast about his birthday or anything but simply to talk to me like he usually does! I have such a bond with him, its simply beautiful.
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    When it's doe time..!
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    Doe is going to call it a night soon! <3 this week I need all the rest I can get as we are extra busy, Tuesday I have a 6am shift but because there is so much to do I’m put on heaviest stuff so I might be in a lot of pain (back pain) and then be tired — I think I need more than a full package painkillers TwT <3
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    Day 9: Least relatable character: Why? Because I’m not a baby!
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    & result of stream: Artworks are for @Totally Roseluck's use only as it's their oc.
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    31 Day Disney Challenge! Day 1: Lady and the Tramp.
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    Good-morrow to you, forum friends! It's the start of a new month. Here's hoping it finds each of you well during these turbulent times. Still not much happening in my own life. Our lockdown remains in place and I'm just trying to keep motivated. Some days are easier than others. Trying to find ways to be more creative recently. Be that through writing, voice-overs or just simple projects. Sometimes it's difficult to set your mind on one specific thing. At the end of the day, though, the only one stopping you is yourself. So find that motivational spark within and don't let good ideas go to waste in these unique times. More importantly, though: How are you all?
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    Well, it's back to work tomorrow for me. Had fun spending a lot of time on here, but it's back to my old routine of late evening appearances. Good night, everypony!
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    Just noticed I'm nearly at 10k brohoofs after just over 2 months. Here's to hoping that its a forum record
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    Good morning, I hope you all have a great day today!
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    @Just Blivy⚡️ and @LyraLover ⚡, I noticed bolts in your usernames so I would like to welcome you aboard to the Bolt Army!
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    Oh my, I haven't said it. Happy mother's day!!!
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    The weather was so weird today. It was cool enough I had to wear a jacket and jeans. It’s only in the 50s right now and is going to drop down into the 40s as the night goes on. We never, ever see that in May here. Interesting. Anyways it’s about time for me to get some sleep. I’ll see y’all in the morning!
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    Pan and Hunter 💖 ((they are both my oc so please don’t save and upload elsewhere))
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    Day 8: Most relatable character! (Or these two):
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    I moved my subwoofer from the back of the truck cab to the front earlier today. A couple reasons why I did this but the main one being in order to make it easier for people to sit in the back seat (my family often asks me to take them all for a ride ). (That picture was taken a few hours ago by the way.) Aaaanywho, I’m gonna get some sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. Goodnight! <3
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    first one to comment in my art stream is getting a pixel icon of their OC done! https://picarto.tv/TheShadowDeer
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    stream result:
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    So I reached 8000 brohoofs?! Thanks everyone! Specially @Tacodidra who's also celebrating his birthday! Happy birthday once again!
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    I probably wouldn't have become a Rapunzel fan in 2013 if it weren't for FiM*. *More specifically, Twilight Sparkle.
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    This was the first signature I ever made back in January 2020. I had made little things before this but this is the first thing that actually looked like a signature.
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    Added a little chicken at the end of my username. ^^ Looks cute, IMO.
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    While I may not be a fan of Halloween, I just made a sig for the holiday that I'm pretty proud of.
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    I made another new sig. This time it's totally Disney themed.
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    Della: Welcome to my home away from home! It's a bit dark & dusty but I'm used to it.
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    This world's an ugly place but you're so beautiful to me.
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    Hmm, it's almost 4am, I'm tired but there's something I have to do before going to bed. I just don't know what it is... Maybe it's change up my name and pic for a while. Yeah, that's gotta be it. What? It wasn't? Well, it's done anyway. Goodnight everypony!
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    Good night, everypony! May your favorite pony keep you company tonight!
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    wow so close to 20,000k brohoofs lol <3 thanks friends
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    I'm never gonna stop loving Celestia and Luna!
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    This is what awesome looks like!
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    I can't be left behind! Happy Tempest day!
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    Today is my brother's birthday, which for some reason reminded me he was actually on this site a few years back. He isn't active on here anymore but I did find his profile haha! https://mlpforums.com/profile/40499-camo-bolt-jr/?tab=activity
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    Alright everypony thanks for this amazing forum day Thanks again for the birthday wishes you guys are awesome It's now time for that +1 year old pony to go to sleep since it's...1: am holly s*** I love you all ! Have a god night/day and I'll see you tomorrow !
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    Listening to retro synthwave music while drawing must be one of the best and most relaxing things on the planet.