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    "No I don't believe being harmless is good, I think being good is being ferocious, but able to keep it under control...until the wicked test it."
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    What's the word I'm looking for when you drop something just out of reach, and when you try to grab it you bump it even further out of the way...
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this typical Monday morning?
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    Well I just got done eating Easter dinner and it was so good however I think I overdid it a little I had thirds of everything and we haven’t even had desert yet and I’m stuffed. I think I might wait a couple hours for desert. And yes there are tons of leftovers looks like we’re gonna be making Eggs and ham all next week.
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    I have now fully vinylfied my profile. Why? Because I wanted to.
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    Doctor appointment went perfect!! Now we start once a week until see is born Hope you all are enjoying this awesome day!
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    Well sadly the end of Easter is near . But the good news is I had a great Easter and I hope you all did to. Farewell Easter I’ll see you next year. I will keep Easter dash until it officially reaches midnight.
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    Well to today has been a awesome day!! I then look in Aquastria reef and see that my OG bounce mushroom has split!!! Finally after much research and testing and trial and error...I have found a way to make then split at will
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    When you find out That you share a favorite Rarity moment with Tabitha St. Germain. 2. That Kazumi Evans is a Disney fan. Thanks to my BFFFF @ChB for these special additions to my Rarity headcanon!
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    Alas, even Easter has to come to an end. Goodnight everypony! I hope you all had a great weekend.
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    So, Rainbow Dash likes romance novels.
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    Well, the rooster must leave now for a trip to the café. Take care all and thank you for making me feel better. <3 Check out this.
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    *Looks up at the search bar area* What are "Clubs", does that mean fan club threads?
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? What day is it again? My days are starting to blend. Oh yeah, Tuesday Distractions! Have a Kirin!
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    Important Announcement!
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    From another website, I got a PM written in Chinese. I went and taken it to r/translator, and basically found out that the message was.... ...A bunch of insults. And the comment I made on their original post was super harmless too, lol
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    Good morning cloudsdale and to all of ponyville! A tip for Monday.. You all are awesome and I am very thankful to you guys! Now off to take the wife to the doctor for the 2 week check up
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    I bet Twilight misses her old blanket with the crescent moons & stars on it.
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    Time so say Goodbye to Easter Rainbow as she has now been replaced by Fluttertastic 16.
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    Enjoy some more UV flower pics . Hope everypony had a wonderful Easter
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    The rooster is home from his appointment. Can’t believe it didn’t take an extremely longer time. Good morning all, now time to relax. ^^
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    Wow, I finally got my commission done from Hoodie. I am more than ecstatic!
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    My My Hero Academia Funko Pop figures arrived! I have all of the available characters aside from Iida. His figure was discontinued and is vaulted. Prices range from $100-$600 for his figure. I’ll have to do some research and find the best deal possible for one.
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    Ah now that schools finally over I can go home and relax. .
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    Hey every-pony ^^ how are we all doing today? :3
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    Good morning everypony! How are you all today? Nothing quite like leftover Easter candy for breakfast am I right? Also, this is my last week of school! Not as in, just for the summer, but as in, graduation finished! (I’m homeschooled, which is why I’m done in April rather than the typical June graduation. We do things a bit differently.) Anywho, hellooo Graduation Class of 2019
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    @Totally Lyra I just noticed that the ponies are looking for Easter eggs in the banner. Awesome detail!
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    That moment when you spend 2-3 hours of your Easter evening watching tutorials on drawing hair.
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    "May the Best Pet Win" is a *long* song like, the Flim Flam Brothers numbers.
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    Saw an old black guy with a full ginger beard earlier today. Everything I've ever known was a lie.
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    New episode thread is up. You can give me suggestions here for me to update the OP with.
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    Sparkle's Seven Episode Spoilers
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    The memes are strong with "Sparkle's Seven":
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    Fixfics are as valid a sub-genre of fanfiction as any other. If you hate the concept, yet bitch at a user's fixfic because you can, you validate the "don't like, don't read" mantra and should visit the "get-a-life" aisle in your local library.
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    Spider-Man but without spiders.
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    Hooray! My "followers" list is back to normal!
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    I love in this scene how Starlight tries to calm fluttershy down and pats her head it’s shows how much she cares for her. These two definitely need to interact more often.
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    Those blue eyes ❤️
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    Here's another one that's creepy in a... different way. https://youtu.be/LzKi3BoLZ0A Just some background information to why I'm posting these... I'm on an Anime America binge watch. Because why not. Check her channel out if you like anime, though. (Not sponsored)