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    @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @PartialShriek514 @TheTaZe @R.D.Dash @Spooky Emerald @Meemayfox @Treeglow Flicker @Sparklefan1234 @Arc Flash @Dynamo Pad @Flutterstep @CloudMistDragon @Totally Nyx @Lucky Bolt @SolarFlare13 @Splashee @Muffinnz @The Demon @Kiryu-Chan @Deae Rising Shine~ @Samurai Equine @FFF @Nightmare Recherche @Trix or Treat @Lord Midnight Madness @Sondash Studios @Cash In @Prince Doopliss @BornAgainBrony @CypherHoof @EpicEnergy @Batoloratura @Dawn-Sunlight @J.T. No words can say how I love and care for each and every of you... so I put it into song form!
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    So I have to take it easy for a little bit. Doctors orders. I’ll be working on the background on RP mostly until the end of the month when tradition will require that I surface.
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    Big announcement! “Lucky Bolt” is no more. Introducing Sunny Skies! Her cutie mark is a sunflower in case you were curious)
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    I swear that there's magic in those eyes!
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    I just won my 100th day!
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    You are too kind, letting me win both November 2nd and November 3rd most brohoofed! Thank you guys/gals from the bottom of my heart! /Splashee
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    Best costumes ever!
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    I love all of my amazing friends! You all are the best!
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    I don't know what I did to deserve all of my awesome friends, but I'm very happy that I got to know you all!
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    When Luna tells you that it's time for bed... you obey!
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    Those big beautiful eyes make my heart melt!
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    Some night sky pics I took over the weekend. Nothing is more relaxing than a small camp fire and stars
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    Hello again my wonderful flowers Sooo... heh... I promised pictures of my friday night escapades... LAST friday I genuinely am sorry about that. This past week has been a bit hectic- So much so, I can't recall it all right now I'm going to be completely honest friends, I"m not feeling my tip top best these days. In regards to several aspects of my life right now, I feel as though a storm cloud has parked itself neatly above my head-a mere sixteen inches away from me. This entire week I've just been going through the motions-work, other personal work, vegging out then sleep. Is it the time of year? maybe but It usually doesn't affect me this severely The best way to explain how this sensation feels would be to visualize putting on a heavy backpack backwards so the pack is hanging off of my chest. It makes me sluggish and overall uncomfortable. I'm having issue making organic conversation with people I've known for years Well, there's not much to do on that front right now, I still want to share the fun stuff about last weekend. It may help to even out my nerves at bit h-heh.... Last weekend I went to this lovely little area the city has been working for years to make the hub of dining and entertainment downtown. Here's a couple street shots from an enclosed walkway (my camera isn't the best, but I'm planning on putting a new iPhone on payments soon- better pictures of things to come!) I caught a bit of the outside seating area for a place called "the market" It's a large building with several little shops and restaurants with an open floor plan- very modern contemporary ) It was raining, hence the lack of people Okay my lovely pones, here comes the real meat 'n potatas of this evening. One of the more recent additions to the cultural affair downtown would be a wonderful little place called Quicksilver, and I absolutely love it! It's a 90's themed barcade! everything from the drink names, to the music they were blaring from the speakers hearkened back to the last decade of the last millennium (for those of you who haven't already noticed, even the font the business utilize is borrowed from a 90's daft punk album! They have a hug selection of classic arcade games- from the early beginnings like donkey kong, or more action oriented games like Time Crisis 2, theres everything in between. There's no filler to be found at this Arcade bar, and they're all on free play! Not only do they offer arcade games, they offer console games in the back! Although you have to trade your ID for a controller Something they had added since I had been there previously was the sale of hot dogs The biggest complaint about Quicksilver had been that if you were hungry you had to eat somewhere else beforehand. But now with their wide selection of fascinating toppings and specialty dogs, the place has become the sleeper best hot dog restaurant in town, and all for very reasonable prices! (jeez, the more I read back what I've written, the more I realize this post sounds like an add for the place its just really cool okay?? I'm not weird ) Yes I am, but I love it also hot dog pics! I can't stand jalapenos, hence why my dog is on the right my SO @Jasmine on the other hand loves the things and can't ever seem to get enough of em Overall It was a pretty nice way to spend a Friday night. I plan to try and make this place a regular haunt hopefully! Okay, its almost five in the morning, I think it's time to call it for the night (morning?) I love you all dearly, and I hope that you're having a beautiful time of day/night wherever you are on this amazing blue marble thanks for being here, it means more than you know
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    Chryssie Chryssie! Beautiful and amazing!
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    Time for me to retire for the night. Good night everypony.
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    Well, I do believe my princesses are calling me to bed! Good night all!
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    Morning in Ponyville shimmers Morning in Ponyville shines And I know for absolute certain That everything is certainly...
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    Whoa. It's literally so foggy out right now I can't even see my truck in the driveway from out my window. This fog be thiccc. Good morning though!
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    Here's a beautiful Sunset for everyone!
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    This is why you should never let Twilight do your hair!
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    *Awkward sibling hug*
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    Oh how wonderful and beautiful they both are!
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    Oh my Celestia, this looks SOOOO much better!
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    It's time for me to disappear for a few days. Hopefully, I get to share some pics of Mercury's transit when I return. Forecast is still iffy. *squeeze hugs
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    Well, I spent most of this morning redrawing Lucky’s mane to imitate my appearance irl even more. Introducing the new and improved, Lucky Bolt!
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    Eternal beauty and grace!
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    The forecast for next Monday keeps flip flopping. Come on Rainbow Dash! I need clear skies so I don't miss Mercury pass in front of the Sun
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    I am now Kirin! All kirins, let's unite!
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    Celestia is such a beautiful mare and nopony else (except Luna) can compare!
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    Princess Celestia for Smash Bros.!
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    What a night! This Halloween will definitely go down in the history books as one to remember. All in all though, I had a fun time. (Even though I was sick ) And with that, Lucky Bolt has returned.
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    I just tried on my Halloween costume to get everything ready for tomorrow and not to toot my own horn here but...I look cute af in it. Don’t worry I’ll post pics tomorrow
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    We all have... our demons!
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    Hello my lovely princess! You look absolutely gorgeous today!
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    Sorry if I haven't been on that much today, everypony!
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    I’ve been cuddling with my Celestia plushie for the last 30 minutes... She just fell asleep in my arms and I was petting her mane!
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    There's a Lotta Little Things you gotta do in this world!
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    The Night wishes it could be as beautiful and amazing as Princess Luna!
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    Only 8 brohoofs away from the 25000 milestone! I didn't think it would be even possible to make it that far! Thank you all for always being so awesome and friendly and kind! Nothing is better than having all of these amazing friends!
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    Bath time for the princesses!
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    The user Sunset Shimmer is red colored on this forum, that means she is banned, yes? Good night everypony! You made my Saturday perfect! Have a wonderful Saturday night or Sunday morning depending on your time zone!
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    Rain, rain, rain, lots of rain! Guess I'll hang out here til the weather blocks my sat signal How is everypony?
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    I stayed the night at my new property in hopes of doing some stargazing. Not only did I fall asleep early, but when I woke up after midnight, the sky was greyish and much brighter than normal. I forgot about the Moon! Also, high, thin Cirrus clouds are so sneaky at night.
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    I just can't help myself! I need more Tempest Shadow... stat!