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    Thank You for all of the new emotes, MLPF Staff!
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    We're getting close to the 2000 brohoofs! Thank you everypony!
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    "Meh~" The fawn sticks out her tongue, looking awkwardly. // Commissioned work of Deerie, love it. //
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    I am rarely drawing nowadays, but @ExplosionMare's fanfic and original characters inspired me: Copyright © 2016-2020 ExplosionMare. All Rights Reserved!
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    Callin it a night, thank you for today!! Hope we talk again Tomorrow and your day/night goes well
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    Look out my friends. I finally have an emoji that shows who I truly am
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    Hello, my friends! My apologies for my lack of activity on the forums lately. I've been super busy for the past few days. Best I could do was log on, but haven't had a chance to reply to any messages or check my notifications (200+ right now ), and I won't be able to until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. On New Years Eve, I went to the city all day. We also watched the fireworks at midnight so I got home late and therefore didn't have the chance to go on the forums. On New Years Day, I went to the zoo (the animals were so adorable! ), but I was too tired to do anything once I arrived home in the evening, and I slept pretty early that day. Today, I had to do some stuff for my university enrolment, which ate up a lot of my free time. I could only spare a few minutes on the forums, writing this status update. Tomorrow is going to be more fun with some bowling, laser tag and a movie to end the day. I just want to take this opportunity to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR, to y'all out there! 2019 was an amazing year (despite school )! It was really fun and I made many more great memories here on MLPF. To everypony out there, here's to a wonderful 2020!!!
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    I'm not strong enough to resist such beauty and elegance!
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    Rarity learned to play guitar from her BPFF, Rapunzel.
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    I won on January 11th!! Just wanted to thank everyone who supported me! So thanks!
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    Baby bleat & Twilight.. I hope tomorrow will be better, ugh.. Thanks for today<3 goodnight
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    I am literally 90 brohoofs away from reaching the 30000 milestone! Let me just say that I am grateful and thankful of all the amazing friends that I've made on here! I am so honored that all of you are my friends!
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    It's nice to see so many active new users on here. Really keeps this place going strong Alright pones. My long holiday break is coming to an end and this week's work schedule is set for full throttle. See ya next time!
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    Almost 1200 notifications. Yikes! I wasn't gone that long, I think... Ah, anyway, hope everypony had a wonderful Christmas and start to the new year. It's been a while since I looked at anything with a telescope. I was lucky to get an image of Venus earlier today considering how stirred up the atmosphere is at the moment. Enjoy!
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    I'm always blivying around!
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    I just arrived home from a Birthday party of a friend of mine! I had a great time there and his father gifted him a cellphone!
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    Today I found out my IRL best friend loves MLP too??? We spent like twenty minutes talking about it, I had no idea she liked it too.
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    How badly do you want this last piece of cake, sister?
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    *Yawns* Ugh. I feel suddenly overtaken by an urge to fall into bed. Guess my body's telling me I should sleep. G'night forum folk! Pleasant dreams, and see you all in the morn'.
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    Clear nights are in the forecast for next week, which means it's time for me to disappear again. See ya next time, ponies Oh, I also bought a new pair of binoculars for stargazing. Can't wait to try them out tomorrow night!
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    I have to "hand" it to Lyra. She came up with a brilliant space-saving solution for my "Best Pony" sig.
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    I'm watching the fourth season and I can't wait to see the battle between Twilight and Tirek! Its epic ain't it?
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    You wanna share some popcorn with me?
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    Happy Starlight Day everypony!
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    Do you prefer Applejack with or without her hat?
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    The feeling when you've edited "three pages" of Rapunzel reaction images*: *I think there is an "images per page" limit.
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    20,000 brohoofs?? Thanks everyone.
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    I DID IT!! I made to 30000 brohoofs! I honestly can’t believe that I’ve made it this far! Thank you, all of my amazing friends!
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    Welp, I've been struggling with this the whole weekend... While things were working fine all the time, I've implemented .. let's say, "limitations", to make it more accurate to the pixel environment and stuff. So, first things first, Twilight's position (x and y coordinates) are no longer float numbers. They always are integers now, so Twilight won't be able to stand between pixels anymore. These integers are used for collision calculations, so that should be pixel perfect now as well (and maybe make stuff easier for the engine? idk). For that I had to make the code a bit more messy by adding more variables and calculations (because just flooring/rounding her coords would be asking for troubles)... There are variables that store fractions and once they'll gather 1 or more, the integers are deducted and added to the distance the character is about to move. Soooo, if you'll press a key for a liiiiiiiiittle moment, Twilight won't move, but that tiny speed will bump the fraction. If you'll keep doing this, the fraction will eventually gather an integer, passing it into the distance variable, making Twilight move by that one pixel, if there won't be a wall, that is. Making her pixel perfect wasn't hard. What I had problem with is the camera movement. If I'd stick the camera to her (like in Terraria, for example), everything looks perfect even when she moves that 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 pixels per frame. However, the camera in my game moves smoothly (but its position is also all in integers ofc), following Twi and the direction she is facing. The longer the distance, the faster the camera moves (like in Cave Story, for example). That generates problems in such tiny pixel environment, because 1 pixel is rather big, so when Twilight moves between pixels and the camera follows her with a bit of delay and not fully static speed, then at certain speeds the camera isn't synced well with her, making Twilight shake between frames, if I could name it that way. Camera doesn't have collisions, so I was just flooring/rounding the coordinates to full pixels, but that made its movement less accurate, so I decided to do the same thing as I did with Twi. The camera also has separate variables for fractions, so that its movement is pixel based, thus more accurate to the one Twi has. This... Partially solved the issue, at least she's not shattering at full speed anymore and that was the worst case, so that's kinda a win. When she's just starting to move and her speed changes, there may be occasional desyncs, but I think it's acceptable and I guess that's something I'll have to deal with if I want that camera to be smoother. I recall Cave Story being a bit choppy as well. Welp, that's what I could do for now I guess. I wonder if there's a trick to sync that camera to her, but I was trying and trying and every approach resulted in the same thing. That smooth following is what clashes with the pixel environment, but at this very moment with what I have it's not that bad. In the end things work, so that'll do for now.
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    Ah...I need to check this more....im so behind.... I did get all the printing done!! Next will be sanding, and maybe painting....maybe...
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    Randi has been busy on the moon after his banishment
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    *Points to gif* She said "Sure."* *That might have been the disorientation talking but I'll take it!
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    Ohhh nice graphics!
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm outta here and gonna have some more beers, take care and see you sometime in 2020.
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    If I had the money, I'd host my own fandom con! For all fandoms!
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    Alright guys I'm off now, goodnight to you all!
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    It just occurred to me tonight that I've been a part of this community for 5 years now. 5 years spent building some truly wonderful friendships. Time moved along fast. I never expected it to have the impact on my life that it did. But I wouldn't trade these 5 years for anything. Love you guys.
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    WELP, I'm actually applying for college right now!
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    It's late and been a long (but great) day. Time for this little pony to get some sleep. Yep. Pony. Why would you think anything else? Goodnight everyone!
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    @Totally Lyra @Dark Qiviut I made something Dellightful.
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