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    Goodnight all. The rooster is really tired and needs to go to bed. Farewell and see you all, next time.
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    Good morning everypony! I hope you're all having a good week so far. Mine's not had the best start, but that just means it can only get better from there, and gotten better it has.
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    oh, apparently it's my forumversary, i almost missed it, a year ago today i joined the fandom and this forum, and i can say it's been a great experience so far
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    Good evening everypony how is everypony doing on this beautiful Wednesday evening?
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    It's almost Best Disney Princess & Judy Hopps' headcanon birthdays...and the first day of Summer.
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    I finally got around to reorganizing my purse. I had a lot of stuff in there that I didn’t even need.
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    /give ambitions -unknown command /spawn hobbies -hobbies set to 0
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    I drove all the way to work this morning to find out that we're off for the day. HVAC is down again. I really should check my emails before leaving the house. He he How is everypony doing this morning?
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    I have an eye doctor appointment today. I will finally be getting a new pair of glasses. I have been without my most recent pair because I lost them so this is definitely welcome.
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    Good morning. I woke up early. *sigh*
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    So i leave home for 30 mins...we come back home to find a very wet cat....and water He found the new reef tank..... Hes fine...and thankfully the laptops he sat on after he jump out...seem to be fine as well So no harm done..so far......
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    Now with 32% more fluffiness!
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    *buys BronyCon passes* See y’all there.
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    Unpopular opinion: I'd never want to have a pet.
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    Oh man, what a day this has been. Nothing but work all day.
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    Well, isn't that a gorgeous avatar?
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    Sorry guys! I'm not going to be on for the rest of the week! Praise the Sun!
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    I would've used this song in the Sonic trailer.
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    Another compilation. Not as fancy as the first, but still amazing!
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    *I leave a plate of muffins*
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Oh sweet sweet Friday-Eve. Any of mine Friends out there Metroidvania genre fans outs there? I've been an on and off fan of the genre for a while, but this new Bloodstained Ritual of the Night has caught my interest. MLP getting bought by Disney?
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    Hey pone peeps. What's up? Seems we might have storms about to move in here and as always I welcome it.
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    Twilight is kind of my top favorite pony that I post
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    Twilight: I love being evil.
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    Wait what. Weird Al is 58?! I thought he as like 35 lol.
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    A part of me wants to play Widdershins as a Bard in something rather D&Dish. A bard with the inexplicable talent to speak every language, regardless of the monster. Proud of his songcraft... but oblivious to the fact that he's completely tone-deaf. Maybe he comes from a long line of famous sorcerers and only ever wanted to be a creative soul! Some vauge, undefined creativity, as he (and I!) doesn't really know what a bard is. Maybe he played around with one of his Pappy's spells and fried his brain a fair bit! "So your party is attacked by a raging T-" Widdershins: "LET'S SEDUCE IT!!" "...it's a Tar Beast. Sentient, boiling tar." "Yeah, and?"
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    Yet another cute Rarity avatar
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    Hey Taco, how have you been?!
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    Great news, everyone! I might've found out why my computer was taking forever to restart! It might've had to do with either me having my pagefile deleted on shutdown, or not having all settings in sync with different tweakers! My restart no longer takes forever!
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    Good morning everypony
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    I've been sitting here thinking and you know what? I don't think I have an episode of MLP that I hate or even dislike. Every episode has pretty much given me something that I've liked. Perhaps I'm just easy to please.
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    I have evolved into a blueberry buggo. Bring me your huggos.
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    Huzzah! I found my ocarina! I guess I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day.
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    Blue Bloods, the show where the cops are always right and the minorities are always the bad guys. Seriously, the show has a quite obvious far right agenda that panders to those who want some sort of fascist police state...
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    These should be new reaction faces on the Forums:
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    Here's an ominous and spooky, yet mysterious and fun EQG story that I wrote. I hope you guys enjoy it! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/442317/summer-fog
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    Every time I enter my SG base and see the "upgrade plot" button, I giggle inside.
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    Huh...I didn't know they had a bootleg / indian version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' This has to be THE funniest thing I've seen all day. It's SO bad, it's good X'D
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    Good morning everyone and how is everyone doing? I am doing okay.
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    Blood tests today. Waste of time in my opinion....that's life tho lol