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    I'll stay Super as long as I have to, to keep safe from COVID-19. It is good to be invincible.
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    Goodnight everypony! I hope your Friday was a fantastic one. Carry on and keep on smiling.
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    Della was forced to participate in "social distancing" for 10 years and was still able to celebrate. You can, too.
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    Hey everyone, show your love and support for @Deerie! She's having a bit of a rough time and could use a little love and support.
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    Clematis flower in visible, UV, and Near IR light. Enjoy!
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    Pandur wubs you (Doe admin- ponysona)
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    A Woona Eclipse!
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    Bleh, I have a headache and am super tired. I think this filly is gonna log off early! Goodnight. I'll catch y'all in the AM
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    Nini friends πŸ’– ily all I’m sorry if I still have to get back to dm’s or status replies but I am sick atm and my legs hurt massively.. strange enough we found out another family member experienced the same and had to go to hospital so.. if I feel sick still tomorrow we check my temperature and take action based on that πŸ¦‹
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    Nini lovelies πŸ’– have a nice day/night
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    >i'm not fully back.. Just wanted to get to the last requests I still had to do, art requests that is. My drawing hand's been hurting massively the past few weeks< Lucky for me.. @Blivy is a good help in trying to keep me sane
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    I think I’m going to lie on my bed soon 🌸 my moods dropping so das better see you all tomorrow πŸ’– I’m still available on discord
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    Well fillies and gentecolts. I've thought long and hard about this, and she's been up and coming for a long time now. I've found my official new favorite character. Please welcome... *drum roll*... the most beautiful bird out there!
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    Goodmorning friends πŸ’– how are you?
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    I'm gonna call it a night soon, worked hard on art today! <3 time to relaaax
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    6000 Brohoofs! Lets celebrate mother*cough, cough* Oh no...
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    Goodnight cute little ponies~
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    Well, it’s time to go. Goodnight. *waves*
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    Goodmorning friends πŸ’–πŸ¦‹ how is your day / night?
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    Good morning friends <3 how are you?
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    Hello, everypony! I took a break yesterday but now I'm back! How are we all doing?
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    Well, I'm on paid leave since my work shut down for the Coronavirus. I knew it was a matter of time. Guess I can spend some more time with yall.
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    Practicing furry anatomy.
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    Think happy thoughts..
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    Hi friends πŸ’– how are you? <3 I read that our neighbor country went for full lockdown too.. come On, give us some happy news soon!
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    Hello ponies! I've been really busy, and tired, so I've been kinda offline past couple of days. I hope you all are doing well, and I already miss you! Please don't forget me. I won't forget you!
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    Good afternoon, everypony!
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    Guys... I think Im addicted to writing. This is merely my third day as a writer and I have three stories. A one-shot and two which are incompleted. I have added a chapter each day for the one I did yesterday and I have done another story in which I will do the same.
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    Since we had "Nyx Day" yesterday, Trixie thought she'd make up another random holiday. HAPPY "PHYLLIS DAY", EVERYPONY!
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    Goodmorning πŸ¦‹πŸ’– how are you?
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    Time for me to hit the hay. Good night everypony!
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    I'm exhausted! Goodnight you cute little pones!
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    Quote of the day β€œit’s just a bad day, not a bad life” πŸ’–
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    Even angels could be bad!~
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    Good mornin. I'm feeling a bit better this morning. I hope you all are doing well
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    How cute are these ?
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    I almost forgot to mention it, I have a couple hours left though. Happy Winter Wrap Up everyone!
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    so.. as of now, I've set up a discord channel for those who don't know.. I am active there but i don't add many people to my friends list. I' actually have social anxiety so for me things can lead to stress and i rather keep things on the low usually but here: https://discord.gg/D42qeb Please be sure to introduce yourself first so I know who's jumped into the chat Channel contains: Pokecord > a bot where you can catch pokemon with, play with each other Vent channel > If you need to let out your frustrations ( please only vent out things that do not harm others.) Art sharing Music Sharing Game talk etc.
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    Nini friends! <3 ily all
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    Pain be like: Now you wanna hate me! Cause hate, is all the world has ever seen lately!🎡 On another note, some cuban doctors arrived at Lombardy in Italy to help against the coronavirus.
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    That was a wonderful and delightful little read. Also... Also, also. Also! The name Nyx Sparkle is officially canon!!! *happy horse noises!*
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    Good morning everyone! Yesterday was a nice day off, but it's back to work for me today. Have a good one all of you!
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    Hi friends ❀ How are you? I am actually feeling really warm inside, like.. finally knowing how to really smile again, not just fake it and play pretend that everything's fine. Real smiles! Which I owe to all of you who keep in touch with me, even if it's rare for us to talk. I love every bit of it.. mental healthwise i'm improving slightly! Depression doesn't strike half as hard as it used to because I met some people who love me for me.. rather than hate me for what others tell them to hate about me! Thank you <3 People have told me irl I seem happier / more confident as I have to put up with anxiety a little less. Not having to deal with anxiety also means less stomachaches a day!
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    Venus is quite high in the sky around sunset. Hope I get chance to image the planet this week. It's been awhile since I've done any astronomy.
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    My "You're The Best" gifs are my favorites.